Is there a Godaddy promo code for backorder?
Got a question... Is there a Godaddy promo code for backorder? Thanks for any answer or 2. My other question... Howdy, I'm wondering how long it takes search engines to pick up on your meta names after you've uploaded the page (or site) to the web..

Or, is the meta names even what I need to be setting up to get things to work...

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Sure, there are many Godaddy promo deals out there. Good chance to save cash on Godaddy now. I urge you to you to sign up for their weekly newsletter so you can get emails of their newest promo deals. They typically release them once a week or 2..

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Certainly. Do you have a headset with microphone on your PC ?? We can talk instead of type using a free internet telephony service called Skype. You could be installed and online talking to me in 15 minutes or less. I had a mate from Australia up and running in 10 minutes..

Here are instructions on how to get it and set it up on your system. PM me with your ID and the day and time you will be online and we can talk real time, for free..

Chatting? Don't Type...Skype! FAQ's.

Many of my buddies are now online using a fantastic FREE service from Skype. It works best if you have a high speed connection. On dial up it works okay, yet struggles, so you may have problems with disconnects. I talk with people across the US, Canada, and as far away as Australia. It's worldwide (and FREE)..

What Is It?.

Skype is a FREE telephony service that operates over the Intenet. You can TALK (not type) with your mates anywhere in the world for free. As many as 5 can be connected in 1 conference call at the same time..

What Do I Need?.

You need a headset with microphone and Skype software. The software is free, so download it at In the US, a stereo headset with microphone is less than $20..

Will a Desktop Microphone Work?.

Yes. However, the sound quality may not be as good as the headset. Some people may object to linking up if they hear background noise, or other static compared to a headset..

How Do I Get Started?.

Install the software and follow instructions to create an ID. You do NOT need to fill in all the personal information in your profile. First name or nickname is more than enough. Plug in your headset and start Skype, and you're ready to link up..

How Do I Link Up to My Skype Mates?.

You need their Skype ID or they need yours. Give them yours, or if you have theirs go under "Tools" select "Add a Contact" and you're good to go once they accept..

How Do I Get More Information?.

Read the HELP files or visit for more information if you have any questions...

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PM or email me when your ready to Skype, Chris. Had a buddy in the Bahamas get set up, only didn't have a mic or headset... lol. We connected when he called me the next day and he said, "My Mom won't let me spend the money, and I just wanted to hear your voice, and I'll type." LOL. You want his ID ?

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