Is there a Godaddy promo code for biz domains?
My first question is Is there a Godaddy promo code for biz domains? Thanks in advance for any response. Another question on my mind: What html code should I put for the GoDaddy site to be able to viewed by search engines such as google hopefully close to the top hits, or at least there at all based on keywords entered?..

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There are tons of Godaddy online promotional codes available. Great way to save mola on Godaddy now. I recommend you to register for their email list so you can receive their most up-to-date online specials. They typically email once a week or 2..

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Good advice Bushie..

The search engines do look for the trick with "hidden" key words in the footer that match the background color, and when you say "totally banned" some actually blacklist your GoDaddy site meaning not only do you not make it into their directory, your GoDaddy domain is placed on a list and they will never come back..

Your comment "DON'T design your GoDaddy site for search engines, design it for users" is probably the best advice in your entire post. SEO should be included in the planning stage. but you have about 3 seconds to convince a visitor to stay once they arrive, so put some effort into graphics to stand out above the crowd...

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