Is there a Godaddy promo code list for 2011?
First question I have is Is there a Godaddy promo code list for 2011? Hoping for any comment. Another quick question... Hello all!.

Let me say this before I post anything else: I am German, so my English is shurely poor. I'm sorry for this..

I have got a Problem with a Page, I am building right now. ->

You should see a space between the banner and the right menu. This space is black. And that is the main problem..

If you look at this page with the Internet Explorer, you shouldnt see any space between it.

I am trying to find the mistake for hours, but couldn't find a solution for it..

Do you know, why there is space between the image and the the bottom of the table, the image is in? And why this is just a problem of firefox?.

Thanks for every reply!.

Edit: I should say, that the page is my first written in php. when I take the important code und use it only in html there is no problem.....

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Yep, there are some Godaddy online discounts available. Great chance to save dough on Godaddy now. I suggest you to sign-up for their weekly newsletter so you can receive notification of their most up-to-date coupons. They usually send them out once a week or so..

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Wheeeh! *cheer*.


You found the solvation for the problem, I was looking for since more than 3 hours! Thank you so much!.

< see my smiling face? This is you fault!.

How did you know that? I allways try to use a board as a very last try. Where could I find an information like this without taking your time? I tried so many things and read so many information, but non of them lead me to the goal.

I still can't beleave you found the solution so fast. Simply impressive!.



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It has something to do with the Xhtml doctype. if you were to use regular html 4.0 than it wouldn't happen. I found it by trial an error...

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The validation page does work Xaxas. Here is the link which lists the problems with your page..



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Sorry, I was to noob to get the answers, your page gave me. Now I get it, and will use the page for my further work. thanks bushie!..

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It is embarassing, but with the new solution, my problem switched absolutely. Now the IE causes the Problem, previously Firefox had.

Now there is a 3 pixes space between the upper Image and the rest. And I don't know why.

I tried to solve it with using the line-height option, but it didn't help me here.

Does anyone know, what I am doing wrong?.

Edit: This is the link to the page, I am talking about:

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Well, first of all congratulations!! If it's displaying properly in Firefox and not in IE, then your code is right. I would say that you are having these problems because of your closing </td> tags. They all appear to be on separate lines and IE hates this and adds space. Fix up all your closing tags so they immediately follow the content of the cell. <td>Here is the content</td>. The quickest way of doing this is using HTML Tidy. If you download the Web Developer Extension for Firefox, it comes with this feature where you can clean up your page...

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Tidy is more than usefull. Thanks alot for this tip. I used it to clear all my code. And some of the problems disappeared. But the main one is still alive: the 3 Pixels under the main banner.

Do you have any other idea how to get rid of it?.

Thanks for your help!..

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Sorry Xaxas, but I can't find the exact issue here. The problem is actually not with the right hand menu however in itself. If you reduce the size of your image in the main content area, you will see that the space you refer to is above that as well. It's just because it's black in colour that you don't see it otherwise. You should always leave table borders on until you have your page displaying exactly as you want it..

I appreciate your are using php includes in the web page, but with so many tables it makes it very difficult to debug the code. It may well have to do with the nesting. You are going quite deep with it. Sorry I couldn't be of more help..

There are still errors being reported on your page too. One in particular I noted was an open <td> tag. It would seem from the source code that you have obviously done some programming because you are naming your attributes cellSpacing and cellPadding etc. In html, there is no need for the capitalisaton of the second word. In many of the attributes too, you have no inverted commas around the values. It is worth getting these issues fixed...

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Thanks for the reply again, bushie!.

I am still searching for the problem, that leads to the 3 pixels under the main banner. I tried many things, but don't have any idea what to do now. I quoted most parts of the code to make it more easy to find the wrong code. Perhaps someone could have a look at it with IE an tell me what I am doing wrong.

Http:// -> you should just see the main-table with the to large raw for the banner. Anyone any idea how to fix this?.

Thank you!.


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You don't seem to be listening to our responses to your question. We have told you that you need to get rid of whitespace. Change this.

To this.

Problem solved...

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You are right, Aerospace_Eng, this code solved my Problem. I just stopped using php-include for the bannercode.

Sorry, if I don't get it fast enough. I cleaned the code with Tidy, but it didn't clean it like you did it.

Thanks for all your time, guys. You make me really happy. I will link this forum in my website.



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