Is there a place to make a free website that I can host on 123

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My question is Is there a place to make a free website that I can host on 123 Hoping for any answer or 2. Another quick question... I am seeing a lot of NP members with the DNOA seal..

So it look likes the new DNOA site is now up and accepting new applications..

I clicked one of these seal and was very frustrated by the page I got..

Just a page saying the member ID-GHGJGJHGHJGH never got any complaints..


Now who is ID-GHGJGJHGHJGH ? .

How many transactions ID-GHGJGJHGHJGH have done?.

I can myself say that I am ID-GHGJGJHGHJGH because there is no way for the public to check the identity?.

Can you explain.....

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Ye, although you might want to make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm this as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you email the 123 reg guys because they can help better...

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It's an automatic thing, once the program is on it's feet again...

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Im waiting for them to resolve this issue too. I feel so naked without it.....

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Can someone explain what is the benefits of being a DNOA member & what does it give us?..

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Imagine if.


Image was used as the logo...

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Thanks for catching this. Was the seal you clicked on somebodys profile or did you find it on someones site?.

Please link me to the exact seal you clicked ASAP, and we'll look into this right now..


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Can someone give me a heads up as to what DNOA is? Is this some club created by the namepro staff? who is in the group? what type of credentials do you need to join? is it public joining or invite only?.

A little information would be great.. I hear a lot of talk about it..


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I agree that the system needs to grow some more. It would be nice if someone could verify that the persons information they are looking at is indeed the person advertising the seal/link..

Other info such as previous sale/ feedback would be GREAT..

I imagine it will grow and become more indepth...

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I agree with GreenGambler and it would be nice to see actual names or at least company names if they exist as well. Links to their company websites would also be a nice touch..


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As ~ Cyberian ~ says thank you for pointing out that you only see the users id. I will get that sorted asap. Not sure why it was done that way in the first place to be honest...

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This part scares me as I hate to be involved in any group that claims to have my best interests in mind.

I already belong to a group like that, it's called the US government, though looking at my current living conditions, I can't say I agree with their methods....

$20 is a decent price. I'd probably get much more benefit from this than a year's subscription to Afternic. Also I noticed at the bottom of the benefits page, it lists a seperate section for Business Members.. Are there varying degrees of membership for individuals vs. businesses?..

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We dont see that in the data base..

Show me the link where you found that I.D..

Thank you for your cooperation..



Hello.. you can visit.


And check site for most questions and if not answered there ask your specific questions here..


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It still annoys me that the seal is not showing up for new members...I would be glad to help you program this if you so require, because it is just burning on my mind.


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The reason the seal has not been implemented as of yet is because the renewal system has been in development by myself. I am currently the only programmer for DNOA..

The renewal system has been a priority. The seal issue is going to be the next thing as far as I am concerned that will be implemented. I will be creating an API so that namepros can query DNOA to see the status of a user (this API will also be available to other partners if they wish (of course only upon approval and adhering to any privacy issues)...

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The seal is the main and possibly only benefit to being a member of DNOA. Without the seal people dont even know you are a member. Nobody will actually look you up on the 123 reg website to see if you are a member, they just look on the forum for the seal. I feel like I paid my membership dues for nothing and my membership will come up for renewal and then I still might not have the seal. I would think fixing the seal problem would be the #1 priority for sure...

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The Seal is being addressed as we speak..

This could/ should be worked out in a matter of days..

I want to thank everyone for thier patience and understanding in our getting this issue resolved..


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.