Is there a place with a free iPage web hosting and free domain?

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Got a quick question: Is there a place with a free iPage web hosting and free domain? Thanks for any answer. My 2nd question... I made some changes to my admin files, and I am now unable to log in (states that the password/username cannot be found) or add products to my cart. (It simply takes me to View Cart, instead of adding the product.).

There are no error messages. I reverted all my admin changes. (I tried to install the login admin page contribution.).

I'm new at this. My inital thought is that something is wrong with the database. (Perhaps the calls aren't working???) I really have no clue, has anyone experienced this problem?.

(I did upload a SQL code to the database. But that doesn't SEEM related.)..

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Yes sir! but you might want to make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm this as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the iPage guys because they can give you help better...

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I have the same problem but only for the products with attributes for instance the products needed to be downloaded, the products with color option etc. I have modified files in the admin I don't know if it's what causes troubles?!.

What did you changed exactly?.

Me, I've installed an adminstrator contribution and a featured contribution which I've uninstalled by deleting entries in the sql base... not clever!.

Sorry for my bad english.



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: 20 October 2004, 15:42..

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I tried to install an Admin contribution. (Log In page.).

I deleted all the new uploaded php files and reverted back to the original php files that I overwrote with the contribution..

The only other things I did were upload an SQL text file (to database, which I do not know how/where to remove, because I cannot find it) and change my admin config file. (Simply changed a URL, as my photographs were not showing up in the admin section due to typo.)..

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I can't explain it but I guess that we have both deleted or modified entries in the sql database that prevent us from putting products in the cart. Have you try to replace it with the core sql database ? .

I'm trying to compare the current base I use with the older. Thus I've installed the core oscommerce in catalog 2 with a new datadase called basetest..

You can manage your database on local here : then select your database in the left column.

To find the basetest reinstalled, check in your easyphp files : easyphp/mysql/data/.

Hope you understand my poor english.

If anybody knows which entries in database could prevent customers from putting products in the cart please help!..

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Maybe there's some conflicts in thefile shopping_cart.php.....

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: 20 October 2004, 21:29..

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I will try looking at the database. I could revert to an original copy of the database, I would only lose a few products. I haven't made any other mods to it, anyway..

I really don't believe it is shopping_cart.php since I have not modified it in any way recently..

Thanks so much for your suggestions, I will post my results...

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Well, no changes were needed. It is working fine today! It must have been some type of error at the server end. I can't imagine what caused the errors, but EVERYTHING is working perfectly, so no complaints here!!!.

Thank you very much for taking the time out to assist me, I really appriciate it!..

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If you're still having problems, check out this post:.


I found it the most helpful!.

This one may be a help too:.


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I'm happy that everything works well!!!!.

Thanks for the links you've posted... my problem isn't solved and it's a real mytery. I've changed a lot a things from the core version. Now, I'm working on the core version to identify the bug... hope i'll succeed!..

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