Is there a way to get the old Medifast Diet plan back?

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First question I have is Is there a way to get the old Medifast Diet plan back? Hoping for any answer. Another question I got... I have created this thread so that one can express once a day what they are thankful about this Thanksgiving. But here is the catch, you have to write about something you are thankful for about yourself or your journey on MF. (Medifast) for those not in the abbreviations loop!.

So for my first entry.....

I am thankfull for no longer weighing 347 lbs and being able to walk a flight of stairs with ease!..

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You betcha! although you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm this as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you ask the Medifast guys because they can answer you better...

Comment #1

I hope that I may join in. I am thankful that I have made this choice of a Medifast life for as long as it takes to be and stay healthy. I am thankful that I have the many inspirations of your stories and struggles on these boards. I am thankful that THIS year at Tgiving dinner, I won't have to choose between Pumpkin and Pecan pie. LOL!! Frankly, neither sounds good to me right now...

Comment #2

Mama what a wonderful thread! I am thankful for so much but mostly that I am learning how to make good healthy lifestyle choices so that I can teach my daughter by example how to live life to the fullest and hopefully she will never have to struggle with her weight like me...

Comment #3

I am thankful for finding MF, and making it this far!..

Comment #4

I am thankful for having this wonderful online community for support as I move along in this difficult journey and I am thankful for medifast...

Comment #5

I am thankful for my little white medifast packets of LOVE...and I am thankful for all the strong and beautiful friends I have made on my journey here thus far. For you encourage me to fight the hardest and strongest to win this battle of me against the FAT CELLS, and alas I am coming out victorious, ounce by ounce, I will claim my Light Weight Title Belt!..

Comment #6

I am thankful for my treadmill that my honey bought me...

Comment #7

OOH I am thankful for all the water I consume, clearier skin and more weight loss!!!..

Comment #8

I am thankful for Chunky and the wonderful friends and support system I have met through the Hefty Hunnies group!!.

I am thankful that because of the great support I have been 100% OP for my whole 5 weeks on MF..

I am thankful for finding the recipe for oatmeal cookies as I love them and want to get the oatmeal in me..

I am thankful that my husband has been so supportive and helps me plan what to eat if we need to go out to dinner...

Comment #9

Monday 11/8/2010.

I am thankful that I have found the will and strength within to remain 100% OP, for my entire time thus far on MF, resulting in a 62.8 lbs loss.....

Never knew I truely had the strength and courage to truly win the battle of the muffin top, *PATS* self on back!..

Comment #10

I am thankful for remaining OP for the last 5 months as of today!..

Comment #11

I am thankful for the newspaper man (Ralphy) who compliments me every morning even when I was 200lbs by greeting me with "Good Morning Beautiful" or " Hello there pretty lady".

He will never know how much that meant to me the first time he said it...

Comment #12

I am thankful for my order I am going to make right now that will allow me to stay OP another month!!.

I am thankful for the last pair of jeans in my closet fitting perfect.

I am thankful for all the ladies here that are such an encouragement to me!.

Thanks girles!!..

Comment #13

Battle of the muffin top. Yep. No doubt about that one...

Comment #14

I am thankful that I am able to drink 100 oz of water a day and that my bladder has figured out a way to process it without my having to pee every five minutes like it use too. Now I can wait a whole 30 minutes instead! I am truly thankful for getting in this hydration, my body is very thankful...

Comment #15

Amen Sista, to that one, I am way thankful for that too!!..

Comment #16

I am thankful for being in Ketosis and not having to fight myself from being hungry. Nothing sucks more than a diet that your always hungry, and cant eat. I am always satisfied and never freaking out over needing more food. THANK YOU KETOSIS!!..

Comment #17

I am thankful that I have dropped almost 4 sizes since July 13th, 2010...

Comment #18

I am thankful for the Medifast hot cocoa because it's my new favorite. Yum yum..

Comment #19

I am thankful for my shrinking waistline which is getting smaller all of the time. One of these days it is going to look normal and oh how thankful I will be then!..

Comment #20

Wed Nov 10, 2010.

I am thankful there has not been on white packet of Medifast love, that I have not enjoyed & I am thankful I have not cheated one day on my plan!..

Comment #21

I am thankful I that I can fight temptation and sitting down for dinner with the family isnt hard anymore. I can resist the "normal foods"..

Comment #22

I am thankful for the fact that my new (used) jeans are starting to feel quite loose...

Comment #23

Thursday 11/11/2010 I am thankful that all my friends here in Medifast are having such wonderful results and that they have allowed me the opportunity to accompany them on this beautiful journey..

Comment #24

I am thankful that I can climb stairs without getting winded and red faced...

Comment #25

I am thankful for the Medifast hot cocca on a cold winter morning...and the PB soft serve on a hot summer day..I am also thankful for ground flax seed and it's ability to help me go #2...

Comment #26

I am Thankful for the -1.6lbs I lost this week with a visit fromTOM. I am thankful for hitting the teens this week!..

Comment #27

11/12/2010 - Friday.

Today I am thankful for all the wonderful notes I get from you fellow ladies and men here on MF, Your telling me how I impact your life for the positive is one of the most GREATEST gifts I have ever recieved in my life. I am truely humbled to know you all, and share in the joys and dispare as we each travel on our journey!.

So thank you all.....

Comment #28

I am thankful for my belts because without them my nalgas would be hanging out for the world to see haha (that would not be good)..

Comment #29

Saturday 11/13/2010 - I am thankful for the small things this plan has given me back. The ability to just simply say no thank you and NOT feel guilty that I have insulted someone over a gift of food. I am also thankful that even though I face the same issues I did before I know have to mental capacity to fight the temptations and win!..

Comment #30

Hey Chickie! I am thankful that I was able to find this program. I saw a friend succeed (-50 lbs) and I have tried to follow in her footsteps. I am down 40 lbs but struggling with the last 15. I will do it!..

Comment #31

I am so thankful for finding this and getting a great start to my morning; gracias chica!!! LOL..

Comment #32

This is a GREAT IDEA!.

1. I am thankful for all the wonderful people I have met thru this site, and for all the love and support from each individual..

2. I am thankful that unlike previous attempts, this time when I had a slip, I got back on the horse and started losing weight again, instead of giving up (thanks to all of you)..

3. I am thankful I have lost the regained weight from aforementioned slip, plus some..

4. I am thankful yesterday I wore a size smaller pair of pants than the day before..

5. I am thankful for the new found pride I feel knowing that I am having success..

6. I am thankful for the extra dollars in my wallet due to not eating out anymore..

7. I am thankful for the excitement I feel at what the future will bring..

8. I am thankful that that new eating habits gave me the energy to finish ALL my Christmas shopping by November 1st!.

9. I am thankful that I have found this program..

10. I am thankful I've begun exercising again..

11. I am thankful that I was able to learn from the one week I came off the program, instead of beating myself up for it..

12. I am thankful that there is a strong possibility I will be under 300 lbs by christmas..

And today:.

13. I am thankful for the tools I have discovered thus far, and will continue to discover, that will help me succeed for the rest of my life...

Comment #33

I am thankful for my little dog Biggie and all of the joy she has brought me the last 10 3/4 years she has lived with me. I am saddened that her heart murmur is progressing at a quick rate but am thankful to have her for at least a little while longer. Hopefully longer than I think I will..

Unsure if this one counts since it's not technically abut me or the program?..

Comment #34

I will do second one today incase the other doesn't count-.

I am thankful I was able to go on a nice walk today without too much back pain, I am thankful for the wonderful sunshine that was out and the warm fall temperature for a mid november day...

Comment #35

It doesnt count toward the thread but I am glad you put it here, so we can all say a small prayer for your pooch!.

We love ya marmar..

Comment #36

Sunday 11/14/2010 1:24am.

Today I am thankful, I can reach each of you no matter how far away you are daily and leave you a tid bit of a smile *CHUNKSTER STYLE*, so that you can smile and have a positive part of your day!.

**I have been told I am a Medifast SUPER HERO< Given the name "Chunk Master Flash", But I also have another hat...MF CHEERLEADER-Here to boost your TEAM SELF SPIRIT! SO GO YOU!!**.

I am so happy and thankful I can do that for all of you!..

Comment #37

I am thankful for this website because it's really been the main tool that keeps me motivated and OP...

Comment #38

I am thankful for the walk I just took and the fact that it seems to be getting a little easier, which means my back is healing. I am very thankful for a healing back...

Comment #39

I am thankful for Medifast being mobile. I can go where ever I want and not freak out about eating. I am thankful I can go out to eat and enjoy myself without stuffing my face with junk to fit in! I survived eating out unexpectedly. WOOHOOO yah me!..

Comment #40

I am thankful to be back "home" with Medifast staring all over again today. This website gives me back my clarity, and sense of self. I am thankful for the witty funny blogs and comments and messages. I am thankful for the success of others which keeps me focused. Your successes are my goals. Yankee..

Comment #41

11/15/2010 - I am thankful that my mom kinda insulted me today and it's only 5am....She said "Honey, don't wear those jeans it's looks like you have a load on ShYit in your pants! Every step the fabric bunches, try a smaller pair, you got any?".

So 5am, NSV - complete, Needing smaller size jeans, will pick up one or two today! Thanks medifast for making my MOM insult me!! Best insult ever!..

Comment #42

My first post so I'm thankful that I came back to MF, and after 3 full days on the program, I feel so GOOD and confident!..

Comment #43

Welcome back basesballturtle..

I am thankful for the 2 lbs I have lost during toms visit and I am extra thankful for the fact that I am 2.8 lbs from being overweight! Exciting stuff!!..

Comment #44

I'm thankful that since being on Medifast my skin has been sooooo clear (even during TOM). Love it. I just wish my darn hair would stop falling out.

But I am thankful that I have very thick hair so you cant tell at all but my hair is every where and it's driving my family nutts...

Comment #45

Monday - 11/16-2010.

Today I am thankful for how much Medifast has allowed me more control in my life. I have lost weight, lowered my cholesterol, and in general just made my life easier as a result!..

Comment #46

I am thankful for H20 and it's cleansing assistance...

Comment #47

Okay not sure if I can just post or if I need to join first..Here goes anyway.

I'm Thankful that I've returned to MF. In 2008 I lost 94 pounds and I have gained back 60+ pounds. I did a short plan at Lindora right before my return to Medifast (returned Nov. 8th) and Lindora ISN"T MF. So I'm THANKFUL for Medifast and So very THANKFUL for the GREAT SUPPORT from all my MFers and Chunky, Girl Your Awesome..

Comment #48

I am thankful for my matcha green in the morning and it's wide range of amazing health properties..

I am thankful for my clearier skin on this program...

Comment #49

I am thankful for sticking it out on Medifast for two months today. I am thankful for all the results I have had in two months!!..

Comment #50

I'm thankful that my pants are getting loose instead of tight and I'm thankful that my blood sugar level is going down and not up..


Comment #51

Wednesday - 11/17/2010.

I am thankful I have not had the issues of others not being able to poop on MF, I'm a pooping Machine!..

Comment #52

The Poop issue has been a problem for me before on Medifast and I'm THANKFUL that it's not an issue for me This time on MF. Thankful for the Essential Digestive Health..

Comment #53

Right to the wire....

Thursday 11/18/2010.

I am thankful for the fact that I have enough Medifast packets of love on hand to hold me over until summer 2012!.

YES 2012 Summer!.

Anyone want to trade any let me know..

Comment #54

(Thursday) a little late.... but better than never I guess....

I am thankful for having made it through this week of teaching and for the next week I will have off to relax and re-coop before the grand ending of this semester!!..

Comment #55

(friday) I am thankful for the little tiny discoveries I am finding on my body. A bone here, a muscle there. Things that were all once hidden due to the large amount of fat that was on my body...

Comment #56

Friday - 11/19/2010 - Thankful FOR!.

I am thankful today for the fact that my nephews never called me fat before, just squishy auntie to hug. But almost -68lbs, my nephews who are very young can hug me far easier and as the youngest said, Auntie your not as squishy as before!!.


Comment #57

I feel like Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail, You know where she can't wait to turn on the computer and here those little words "You've Got Mail" Only I can't wait to see what everyone has to say. The discussion boards have become the beginning of my day and I'm Thankful to you all for your positive thoughts and inspiration..



Comment #58

I am thankful for having the chance to live life again in a thinner body due to finding this program and working my shrinking azz off!!! I am thankful for this thread and it is ability to remind me on a daily basis why I am here and that it is important to be thankful and to acknowledge such thanks...

Comment #59

I am thankful for the ability to go into the italian bakery that I love place an order for individual mini cakes for every one for thanksgiving dinner at my house, not order one for me as well and be GLAD!!!! AND THERE WILL BE NO LEFT OVERS NOR PREP/POSSIBLY LICK BY ME!..

Comment #60

I am thankful for the variety that we get op. It keeps me satisfied and it is simple and easy. I am thankful for not having to worry about what I am going too eat, all I have to do is go to the shoe organizer and grab a packet and mix it up, drink it and be on my way. It doesn't get any better than that!..

Comment #61

I am thankful for the ability to sneakly spit out regular food! I was here at work and my peers kept saying Mecca, you have to have just a spoonful, *DAMN BIRTHDAY CAKE*(no not my b day) So I took the plastic teaspoon took a little piece with a smidge of frosting, put it in my mouth every one clapped and one said man look at her face it must be bad cake!.

Yes I grimmiced, it was foul, so sweet I wanted to puke, so thankfully my name was paged to go to a unit....I walked out immediately passing a trash barrel bt the elevator I spit out the cake that was still sitting on my tongue, vial aZs crapppp!.


Comment #62

I'm THANKFUL for this plan! No other works as well and I've tried just about all of them..

Last night I made some brownies and got a little on my finger I wiped it off instead of licking it like I would have done before. I also was givin a taco from a co-worker as I was leaving work on Thursday (I Love Tacos) I took it, with a big Thank You, wraped it up in a napkin and brought it home to DH. Didn't have offend anyone and stayed OP for this I'm Very THANKFUL!!!.

Take Care 100%.


Comment #63

I am thankful for the 1.2 lbs I lost this week. I am thankful for a smaller waist line and the size 14s that fit yesterday!..

Comment #64

I'm Thankful for my weigh-in today 3.9 gone! woooohoooo!..

Comment #65

I am thankful for the feeling of pride I have when I walk by a mirror these days. I realize I still have a way to go, but I am feeling much better about my appearance than I have in years!!! I am very thankful for that...

Comment #66

I am thankful that I was able to go my last 7 days of work/school straight through without faultering...Despite being strong and working the program like there is no tomorrow, I DO FACE TEMPTATIONS, and I am thankful I have successfully navegated my way through this last week!..

Comment #67

I am thankful for these days off from work so I can relax and focus on what is important, health and vitality. I am thankful for my drive to remain OP regardless of what is going on in my life. I am thankful that this holiday will be easy because I do not have any real plans. Making through thanksgiving with ease will give me the strength to get through Christmas (much more eventful) as well...

Comment #68

I am thankful to be overweight today and not obese anymore!!!!..

Comment #69

I'm Thankful I made it through Thanksgiving without eating something I shouldn't!..

Comment #70

I am thankful for making it through thanksgiving without cheating on my plan!..

Comment #71

I know Thanksgiving is over now but I am thankful for staying 100% op for thanksgiving..

I am thankful for hitting the halfway point in my loss this week!!.

I am thankful for all the hard work I am doing with Medifast and feeling great about it!!..

Comment #72

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.