Is there a way to remove the 123 reg ads from the top of my webpage?

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First of all Is there a way to remove the 123 reg ads from the top of my webpage? Many thanks for any answer. Second question of mine... is one of my better performing parked names. It generates 3$-4$ a month in parking revenue and gets 2-4 hits a day. Not a huge amount of traffic or revenue but enough that I think it is worth developing..

What would you do with this name? Make a digg type site out of it? I just don't know what to do with this one. I don't know if people are typing in What's At or What SAT for one thing. I have it optimized for "satellite television" and it has a CTR of 24.59%.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated..

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Ye, however you might wanna make sure and wait for another person here to confirm this as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the 123 reg guys because they can answer your 123 reg question better...

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It's funny, but in cases like this, the best way to find out why people are visiting your site is actually... by asking them. Yep, thats right, put up a little note or page or something and ask "what were you looking for?". That'll give you an idea of parking keywords and what development ideas are worth looking into. Of course, analyzing refferal pages/keywords helps too...

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Awesome suggestion and I actually did that last year and someone mentioned Satellite dishes. I didn't even think about that angle until someone mentioned it so that is why I optimized it the way I did and the CTR seems decent enough that I might be on the right track but I really don't want to put up a site about satellite dishes because I have no interest in the subject so it won't be fun to dev..

Thanks for taking the time to offer up some good advcie Rep added...

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Yeah, well I understand that too - I wouldn't develop anything I'm not interested in. But really, in my opinion, you can develop any HostGator into what you want it to be. It has to relate somehow, of course; brandables are easier..

Also, I have to point out something else. Many people look to develop for the revenue it provides; so "digg-like" sites and image uploaders, proxies, etc are ok and quite fine for those purposes. But as I have stated in my other posts, I am a huge advocate of experimenting with the web. We're considered into now what is known as web 2.0... we're no longer afraid or curious about what the internet may promise. We better know it's potential now.

Be unique. Offer a service, idea, community that no other site offers. That'll bring users comeing back... and also have other people talk about you. I'm personally sick of uploading sites.

I want development that is new and exciting.. and it doesn't just benifit the web user. I can say that everyone could agree with me here. And it's worth it if you sit down and think about it... you could have a really good idea..

So, experiment is really what I'm trying to say. Develop something interesting.. give it some thought. Offer something to the visitor that will keep 'em coming back..

Here's one of my posts that I've made in the past:..

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Thank you again for the input since I can't add more Rep I will just have to donate some NP..

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Make it like a showcase site for best websites or domains or homepages etc. maybe like coolhomepages but with important sites..

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It is potentially a.


Powerful social networking brand name..

Forget about satellites..

Use it as a portal (throw up some links) to loads of other social networking websites under a few sub-headings..

Chuck in a little advertising..

....and someone will come calling with 4 figures min...

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How about linking to live webcams that are at places? They are getting more and more popular. When I think "whats at" I think about a place and seeing it. Just an idea..

Here are a couple examples..



You get the idea. You can either do this as a blog or maybe a directory for them. Heck do both..

And yes..I believe I am giving you a good idea that maybe I should do myself now...

Comment #8 - Whats worth seeing or doing in the world....

Select a city, and it will list the cool things about that city or town or state or country. Unique locations, historical events, funny facts - ect..

Type in San Diego, CA and it lists off all the great sites and events that happened there...

Type in China and it talks about the Great Wall, ect....

I think this would be a great site for this name....

If I'm traveling and going to a city - I could type it in, and it could give me suggestions on things to check out or do..


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Wow, a couple great ideas here. I'm going to go with one of the last two I think. I will sleep on it for a few days before I decide. Thanks so much for the input and rep is on it's way...

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Very good idea too. I think my idea is simpler but Justins idea might have more potential if are you willing to do the work. Travel PPC is also pretty good. I am not sure what kind of ads would display for live cams..but if you can get adults ads you might do very well. Time to toss a coin?..

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Ahhhh Shux.... I just blew my good idea for the year on someone else's HostGator name... Damn....

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LOL, yes you did as I have decided to use your idea for development..

Jesse, I think your idea was easier and a great idea for sure but the travel thing seems to make the most sense with this name and as you said the PPC is always good. Also, I love to travel and have lots of content I can add overtime about the countries and places I have been to..

If you don't mind giving me some feedback on my very early start:.


Am I going the right way with this in you opinions?.

Oh, and Domainspade, NP is on the way since I choose your idea. Thanks!..

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No problem. I was just teasing about the idea, but thanks for the NP. Good luck with your site and I do like the HostGator name!.


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