Is there a web iPage hosting service similar to GeoCities?

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Quick question: Is there a web iPage hosting service similar to GeoCities? Thanks for any response. My other question... I was adding new products, we had over 3100 items. I selected top by accident instead of the category I wanted to delete and deleted ALL categories and items. My last database backup was 8/2 but have added about 500 items since then..

Is there ANY way to undo what I have just done??????.

Please help....DESPERATE....


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You betcha! however you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm my answer as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the iPage guys because they can answer you better...

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After the accident, I simply went into the iPage site and changed the index.html file to reflect that we are doing a "database maintenance" <gulp>.

And will be back online shortly..

Have done nothing else..



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What programme are you using to work on the site? I use Notepad and CuteFTP, for example...

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I use CuteFTP as well. I can access myphpadmin if needed, just not real familiar with it..


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Okay, I'm not certain about this, but there may be cached versions of everything you deleted, for offline work. I'll try to find it, to see if there is...

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Just in case, you might like to check this out. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools, then Internet Options. Under the Temporary Internet Files section, hit Settings, then View Files. That should open the cached files at C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files. If you arrange the files there by date, you MIGHT find all the deleted stuff, including the important pages. Maybe...

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Since this information is contained in the database, you will need to restore from backup. you do have a backup right?..

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I use firefox and could not locate those dirs. anyway to restore database that we backed up on 8/3?.


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Yes, I backed up the info on 8/3, less concerned about the recently lost data as this is backed up in excel and can import again..

I did a backup in osc but cannot get it to restore, any special tricks to do this? It does not seem to work using the osc 2.2 admin panel restore..


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Want to restore the PRODUCT/CATEGORY DATA from 8/2 backup but not the customer data as we have had many sales since that date..

If anyone is interested in helping, email me..



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Well.... I personally don't backup using Osc....I prefer to do an export within Phpmyadmin.... since you have probably made sells since your last backup, you probably don't want to restore everything as you would lose your recent sales and could get ugly. you just want to restore the tables that are impacted (i.e. categories & products)...

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Would like to preserve all that data if possible and just restore the categories/products as you mentioned..

Any pointers on how to do that with myphpadmin?.

Anyone up for a challenge tonight?.


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Take the backup you have and open it with a text editor. depending on the size of your database, notepad may not cut it..

You will see different sections within the file which reference each table. there will probably be an "insert" line for each record within that table. what I would suggest is locating the tables you need and do a cut & paste into phpmyadmin (sql tab). this will essentially perform a mass "insert" of all records that are in your backup. just make sure you are only copying the insert lines..

You probably need to restore the following tables: categories, categories description and most of the tables that start with products..

I would also suggest you open each of those tables and browse them before you do anything and make sure they are indeed empty. only insert from the backup into tables that are empty (or almost empty). if not you could make things worse..

Just take your time and keep good backups...

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If you haven't done it already, Backup your current database, before doing anything else!..

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Thank you both! Will give it a cautious, backed up go.....


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This happened to me, but fortunately for me, I had only about 20 products in... I would like to know your results for a fix in case it happens to me again.....

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