Is there any cheaper weight loss programs like Nutrisystem or Nutris System?

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My 1st question is: Is there any cheaper weight loss programs like Nutrisystem or Nutris System? Thanks in advance for any response. My 2nd question... Hello,.

I just ordered my food on auto delivery with the Nutri System D program. This site seems to have alot of tools, can anyone give me suggestions as to what to do first on the site for assistance...

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You betcha! but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another member here to confirm my answer as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you email the Nutrisystem guys because they can answer your Nutrisystem question better...

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Great advice Haggis.....

Jaybugg, don't forget to hang around the mens room a lot. It really helps to listen to the others ideas as you get accustomed to the plan. Oh, and don't get too over whelmed when your box comes in. Just unload the box one item at a time...... you'll see what I mean......

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Welcome to Nutrisystem Jaybugg!!.

You'll find all the support here that you need! You may want to check out some support groups within the General Forum or in the Age group forums too. Good luck with the program and have a great day!..

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Also, daily participation in the Men's Room is a proven weight loss tool. The right tool for the right job..

Btw...Welcome! Hang on to your testicles, it's a helluva ride...

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Welcome, Jaybug!.

I notice you're on the D program. My wife is too. The impact of this program on blood sugar control is nothing short of miraculous! I honestly beleive it should be prescribed for any new diabetic before meds. If you're an experienced diabetic, you will be amazed at it's effect. My wife's morning FBS immediately fell to normal and stayed there. Follow the plan.

Ask lotsa questions and let us know how you make out!.


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Thank you guys I appreciate the feedback; Gordon how long was it before your wife noticed a difference in her blood sugar levels?..

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New member myself, so not a lot of advice..

Clear a whole shelf in the pantry, you will need it. The breakfast and snack items do better in bins, not really stackable..

Print out what haggis told you to look at, as well as the list of what is under each category and serving sizes (fruits, veggies, proteins) of the add-ons..

Plan ahead for the day, otherwise you might be stuck with a lot of food to eat at the end of the day..


Like I said I am a newb, yet already 13lbs down in 2 weeks just by following the meal plans. Adding the workouts next week. So far I have only been "starving" once in 2 weeks..


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She saw it right away! Less than a week for her morning FBS to drop below 100. It's stayed there ever since. She's down 30 lbs now and has just started lifing with me at the gym (she was doing cardio, but has bought into the strength training benefits to fitness). Her latest morning FBS was 85. Her Dr. does not really believe it, so he's taking the conservative approach and keeping her on her meds of Byetta and Avandamet until she has "symptomatic lows".

She has had.


Of the freightening sugar lows she used to get, even though her BS is now in the normal range. I think when she starts turning in consecutive low A1C's, he'll begin to believe it's real. Turns out that almost NO patients actually turn it around, so a conservative Dr. will not jump to reduce meds..

She will soon show him that with NS-D, YOU CAN!! It's nothing short of an actual cure IMHO..

This is more important to us than any ticker number or studly pictures of myself that I put up..


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Welcome to the room! Listen to the veterans in here and learn from them. Make sure to follow the plan 100% and drink all of your water and when thats gone drink some more!.


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