Is there any difference between Nutrisystem, Nutra System, & weight watchers?

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First off, Is there any difference between Nutrisystem, Nutra System, & weight watchers? Thanks in advance for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is so week.......

Well, I've fallen off the wagon boys.... Last week end, I attended a re-enactors competition with the old west group I am a member of. I packed my Nutrisystem food, stuck to the plan like glue, and was really proud of my self!!!!! Even lost a pound during the weekend. Last night, I had to baby sit three of my grandsons, I had a very busy and hectic day, and had not had time to eat properly all day long, eating while driving down the road and on the run......... When I served up the pizza for the kids last night..... well, you know the rest of the story.

I even capped it off with 1 or 2 whiskeys... or was it 3 or 4????? I can't remember.......

I know I just have to kick my butt, get back on the plan and go on down the road. My question for discussion is.....

What causes a person to binge eat when they know, in advance, they will regrett it later, it will take two or three days to undo what they are doing, and guilt will eat them alive for doing it?..

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Yep, however you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm my answer as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you contact the Nutrisystem guys because they can answer you better...

Comment #1

You answered your question in your subject line. "Sin" is so enticing that even when you know better, you still want to do it. Not trying to get too philosophical, but you (we) need to redefine ourselves so that we do not want those foods(sins). Don't ask me how, I am struggling just like you. Ask for forgiveness and move on!.

Can I get an Amen!..

Comment #2

Being a wuss causes that. You're supposed to be a cowboy right? Then man up and get it done and quit acting like a greenhorn pansy! No excuses!..

Comment #3

Your key here is to get right back on. Don't let your guilt get in the way of your goals..

It's done...move on...

Comment #4

I'm a big advocate of giving yourself a day a month to fall off the wagon, guilt-free and no looking back, but usually not until you're further along in your progress..

All you did is prove you're human. Welcome to the club!..

Comment #5

You're a cowboy. You fell off the horse..

You know what to do next....

Last two weeks, I was in China. Impossible to follow the plan. Gained 12 pounds. But I'm back on plan, and 6 of those nasty pounds are already a bad memory.....

Comment #6

I'm right there with you cowboy. I was good all last weekend until my DH and I went to the angels game Monday night. There I binged on nachos, a soft pretzel, a hotdog, a burger, cracker jacks, peanuts and too much soda. I felt sick and guilty. But Tuesday I got back on track and am starting again. This screw up will not ruin my long term plan...

Comment #7

Let's face it once and for all - we're not thin people! Nutrisystem is a temporary cure we can practice for the rest of our lives: Fall off wagon, wagon stops, get on wagon... repeat, repeat repeat... One thing I'm beginning to have success with is: Tell myself I can indulge in 15 minutes - drink a bottle of water during the 15 minutes and if necessary have a sugar free Jello with cool whip free - so far at the end of the 15 minutes I have enough will power to over come the impulse..

In addition, you failed to plan. If when you gave the guys their pizza, you had made a large spinach salad for yourself and served it with an Nutrisystem pizza, a serving of fruit (I top it with the cool whip free), a bag of steamed vegetables, and a piece of ww toast with a dipping sauce made from olive oil a dollop of sherry, garlic powder and basil (heated in the MW for 10 seconds) - don't you think you would have been ok? What about having some club soda with lime or some other non water drink you like in place of the whisky?.

Note: I'm basically regurgitating stuff from the mindset makeover, my own experience and what I've learned from guys like Mobay and the above posters. Welcome to the real world - we have to use every trick in the book to keep from failing and when (not if) we fall off the wagon learn some means of getting stronger next time..

And very importantly - do what you did - acknowledge the failure, look for solutions and keep on keeping on!.

Thanks for sharing it's helping me as I continue to climb back on the wagon every day!..

Comment #8

I agree with Tom. There is a reason that we all got here in the first place. Every friggin day I am battling the constant urge to derail myself. I wish that I knew where that comes from, but I don't have the thousands of dollars or time to sit down in therapy and figure it out!! Instead, I have have just admitted what it addiction. I know that every single day I will fight that battle. Some days are easier than others.

Hope this helps. Wish that I could tell you it all is dandy in maintenance, but it is hard!!..

Comment #9

Hey EX! You're doing GREAT! Below goal and maintaining for 5 Months! WTG! Are you still using Nutrisystem stuff or have you managed to transition to doing it yourself?.


Comment #10

I did the same thing this last weekend. I kind of got very emotional one day and ended up ordering an extra large six cheese tuscan pizza with pepperoni from papa johns.... and I ate all of it.... myself.... in less then one hour.... >.< I felt bad about it right after but it was something I needed at the time sadly.

The pounds that I got from that pizza is already gone and done with...

Comment #11

Dang Tom, nice suggestions! Seriously man, good advice!!! **gets out his note pad and takes notes**..

Comment #12

The really neat thing about this forum is a person can realize they are not alone and everyone has suffered the same or similar situations. All we have to do is admit our screw ups and everyone else will chime right in. You all have been a great help to me..

Tom, you have a great suggestion. Just reading your reply makes me want to go have Nutrisystem pizza and spinach salad for supper tonight. Think I will... Thanks..

Comment #13

Just got back from Orlando with the kids on a trip to Disney. Gained 4 lbs. It happens...move on. Get to the gym...go for a walk...hell, write a song about it!! Just do whatever you do to exercise and get back to the plan..


Comment #14

Write a song...... now that's and idea, I'll have to give that some thought.......

Comment #15

I am noticing two themes here:.

1) It happens, suck it up, and move on..

2) Don't give yourself an opportunity to fail (idle hands are the hunger pains workshop). Plan and find an alternative that is better than 1/2 or a whole pizza..

Without both of these: you will be on Nutrisystem your whole life...

Comment #16

I also just realized the biggest potential problem I have is not taking the time to eat properly throughout the day. This can lead to great hunger pains (lust) which leads to eating anything that comes along (sin). If you eat on plan during the day, it is a lot easier to stay on plan in the evening...

Comment #17

You saying that and your picture is just EPIC! lolol..

Comment #18

LMAO. So far, this is the most entertaining board I've seen..

My plan includes:.

1) Fall of horse because it temporarily feels amazing.

2) Realize I'm an ass.

3) Hate myself, promise not to do it again.

...wait a few days. Repeat process..

Eventually lose 140 lbs...

Comment #19

We know..

Shhhhh! Don't let it get around or a bunch of women will invade the Men's Room...

Comment #20

Oh ****, I'm sorry! Had no idea this was men's only. No wonder it's the most entertaining board I've seen..

I saw the link on hottie-Mc-Kool-Aid's page...

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