Is there any free webhosting sites, which provide the exact Godaddy domain name like, www.mydomain.c
My question is Is there any free webhosting sites, which provide the exact Godaddy domain name like, www.mydomain.c Thanks in advance for any answer. My 2nd question... I found his new auction:.


Lots of people were asking about it so I decided to post it..


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Of course! but you might want to make sure and wait for another member here to confirm my answer as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you call the Godaddy guys because they can answer you better...

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Mmm, yes def re:this guy knows how to sell a name because I posted it originally lol. Why was it taken down in the first place?..

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Welcome to the marketing world..... lol.


Great traffic on this auction again.

The song will soon be played everywhere ....

If this happens before the auction ends it will soar bids..

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That thread does not say ebay took it down or not or what happened, armstrong. if you go to the last auction link, it is invalid anymore. So ebay must haveended the auction the first time..

I wonder why ebay's letting it stay this time?..

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The auction was closed last time and he made a new auction...

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This auction is a great publicity for Ebay, as there is nothing wrong with the song, or the HostGator ? Both perfect for Ebay..

I wouln't wonder if 1st time Ebay auction was expressly taken off to gain some time.

And here goes the first typo - lol.


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Yer would be nice to know why ebay stopped this auction once and now is letting it be.... any ideas..


Tom Dahne..

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So has ebay decided that there is no TM violation in that domain?..

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Hey, It's Brian, the Creator of this Auction (also known as EZas123) on eBay..

The Reason the original was taken down was because people were reporting that we were keyword spamming. It's too bad, because the original was headed toward a record # of Watchers (bookmarkers) 1,800 in 4 days. We didn't specify originally these were solely lyrics to the song and the items were not for sale. So, we now have all ITEMS mentioned in lyrics flash-based..

We also had links to other ebay members pages, which we now know are not allowed, and have been removed..

Check out the New and BETTER Auction for.


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Well I wish you luck this time around, I know I am watching...

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Hi Brian (EZas123),.

Welcome to Namepros, and respect for this auction.

If you once want to design my auctions, just drop me a mail..

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It took some serious amount of planning and hardwork putting this thing together. The girls from Oklahoma saw my work from previous auctions and emailed me if I could help them bring the HostGator to life. The rest is history! And It's all just about the viral marketing and understanding the 'end-looker'..

Actually, I'm auctioning off my 'auction design services' for people that feel they have a unique idea that could get HUGE. From inception to end of auction completion, with marketing ideas, unlimited bandwidth, all that good stuff..

Go to my 'me' page on ebay to see my other auctions:.

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Seems, that the auction again was taken off Ebay ?!?!?!?!..

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It sure would appear that the auction is down..

What was being auctioned?..

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Kimberly, you missed it ? . > with incredible marketing by EZas123.

(On of the best Ebay auctions I have ever seen),.

But seems Ebay does not like him and his marketing songs & lyrics.

,allthough he tries hard to comply with Ebay rules.

Last time I watched it was arround 5000 hits, 212$ high bidder and for shure several hundred watchers !.

Maybe he will be up with it a 3rd time soon.


EZas123 tell us what happend...

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It seems to me that maybe ebay is letting the auctions go for a while just to get some publicity and more traffic then ending the auctions when they've had enough and before the auction can end naturally..

It seems to me that it was only logicla that they stop the auction whether they lik eit or not. If they let you or any other "ebay" HostGator marketer market a HostGator with "ebay" in it, then they will have a hard time not letting others..

I 'm actually surprised that they have not sued you yet, to be prefectly hoonest with you, for something like trying to rebrand their business and therefore interfering with their own branding efforts. Not to be rude to you (but maybe to ebay...not that they care)...

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I suggested the same some weeks ago when he had his first auction running, and Ebay cut it of right in front of the auction end..

Maybe EZas123 can tell us more at his next visit at NP...

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Also, I have a question for you, EZas123. I noticed on one of your current auctions (.


), you have copyrighted music playing, like the Jackson Five. How do you get away with that? Do you actually pay royalties for the use of the songs? If so, what can one expect to pay for the rights to play a copyrighted, popular song for a one time auction? Also, where does one go and who does one contact in order to acquire such rights?..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.