Is there any iPage web host review site only for INDIA ?

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First question I got is Is there any iPage web host review site only for INDIA ? Thanks for any comment. Second question of mine... My banners huge....way to to make it smaller,.

Also my text went away,why? Heres the link,thanks!!.


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Of course! however you might want to make sure and wait for another member here to confirm my answer as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the iPage guys because they can help better...

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That iPage site doesn't even have the banner anymore??.

Theother problem you had was since teh banner was so big and you didn't have it in a table row all by itself is why it was pushing the text to the side. you need to make the banner have it's own row and the text below it..



<td>banner here</td>.



<td>text and the rest of the page here</td>.



Something in that fashion. this is what you had.



<td>banner here</td>.

<td>text and the rest of the page here</td>.



Notice they are on the same row and the banner was so big it was pushing the text to the right because the table cell it was in was small...

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Just a tip. I had an image I wanted replacing with a new one on my website. I struggled with this for an hour because it was not showing the new image. I still ahve no idea where it was getting the old image from. I uploaded the whole iPage site fresh, deleted all the temp files, history and cookies. Then I tried Ctrl+Refresh and it showed the new image. That gets the code from the server and not from the cache, but still I have no idea where it got the olde image from!..

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I know..its so weird...I mean I resize the banner jpg.

Then save it to disk,then deleate my old jpg banner file,.

Then upload the new one and it still comes up on the iPage site as the same image. :/..

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Computers are like that sometimes!.

Just go to your page, press Ctrl then refresh on the toolbar. Thats for IE...

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The problems with the table are not fixed. This is a list of the errors on that page:.


Work through it methodically. This is going to take an hour or two..

For now, ignore all errors of type:.

Error: there is no attribute "foo" for this element (in this HTML version).

But fix everything else listed there..

Add type="text/javascript" on every script tag..

Add type="text/css" on every style tag..

Add alt="some text" on every img tag, make the text describe the image. For images that are bullet points, spacers, etc use alt="*" only..

Attributes must be quoted so WIDTH=100% should be WIDTH="100%"Go through and quote all attributes..

Why is there another <head> and <title> on line 296 of the code?:.


<a href=products.womens health="1"> Eh? WTF?.

<b4> a typo?.

This really is in the wrong order:.





Check nesting. Things like this are blatently wrong:.

...... claw <b>FREE!</p></b>.

You must end the bold before you end the paragraph..

You need to add some META tags for Content-Type, Content-Language, Keywords, and Description - also a !DOCTYPE declaration if you intend browsers to recognise the page as using HTML 4.01 tags..

All that Javascript code ought to be within the head methinks, but unfortunately there is some HTML in front of it, so not easy to do. Leave this until you are much more proficient...

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Good Lawd!!!!.

I knew it was messy...but jeeze...this is gonna take a while, I may be back with more seemingly ignorant questions..

Do you close tags in the same order they were opened?..

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You close tags in reverse order of opening so that they are.



Example: <P><FONT="blarg"><B><I>Some Text</I></B></FONT><P>.

You can open and close tags multiple times within a "higher level" tag, as long as the tag inside is an Inline Element type tag and not a Block Level tag..

Example: <P><B>In bold</B>Not in Bold<B>In Bold Again</B></P> is fine..

You cannot put Block Level elements inside Inline elements:.

This example is wrong:.

<B><P>A Paragraph</P><P>Another Paragraph</P></B>.

You have to do it this way:.

<P><B>A Paragraph</B></P> <P><B>Another Paragraph</B></P>..

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Ok....Im going through it is this supposed to be closed?.

This really is in the wrong order:.





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>> How is this supposed to be closed? <<.

Well, since the very first line of the file is <HTML> then the very last line should be </HTML>. Before that should be </BODY>, beacause <BODY> is inside <HTML>..

You have to finish a Table Row, <TR>, before you can finish the </TABLE>..

Tip for getting the type="text/javascript" inside script tags: Search for.


And Replace with.

<script type="text/javascript".



Click Replace All, otherwise any existing entries like.

Script type="text/javascript".

Will become.

Script type="text/javascript" type="text/javascript".


Apply similar methods for other errors that occur in multiple places..

After correcting a block of code, save the file, and upload it to the web site. Redo the validator link and watch the number of errors reduce each time...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.