Is there any weight loss program that truly helps (ie.: Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, etc.)?

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First of all Is there any weight loss program that truly helps (ie.: Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, etc.)? Looking forward for any comment. Second question of mine... I'm a long time computer geek, but I'm stumped on something right now..

Some of my old Mechwarrior 2 / Mechwarrior 2 : Mercenaries (DOS) clan-mates are getting back into it because we've all come to the same conclusion.... none of the new stuff, not even WoW (where I have several 80s in uber guild which has WotLK content on farm), is as much fun as MW2 multiplayer was..

Especially league play. I was a Star Colonel, Jade Falcon league clan, and I remember many times boarding the drop ship with my Summoner OmniMech and sibko-mates. We'd land on a contested planet, with exactly the force size and content we'd bid in the batchall, and bring a world of pain to those Inner Sphere surats..

Anyway, I need to find either an AGP or PCI video card that will run in pure DOS and provide excellant 2D/3D performance for the plain, normal version of Mechwarrior 2 / Netmech and Mercenaries 2 / Mercnet..

Any suggestions? Anyone crazy like me, lol ? .

Btw, I'm using DOS because it is ultra-reliable whereas the Win95/Win98 versions have a nasty habit of crashing or freezing for a few seconds. Which as you might surmise, is a disaster when you are in a tight circle of death trying to leg a big old Atlas which given the slightest chance could kill me with an alpha strike if I moved in a straight line or worse, quit moving...

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The answer is Yes, however you might wanna make sure and wait for another member here to confirm my answer as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you email the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you an answer better...

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I'm an on again/off again Wow'er. Some months I play alot - others I don't even login......

I never got into Mech Warrior - but there are a few old games I'm still not allowed to install due to major time sinks - and am not a hardware geek by any stretch - but I'll forward you're info to my hubby (who is a hardware uber geek and probably still has MW installed somewhere I'm sure LOL)..


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Hubby's response is below. Good luck!.

One easy one to try is below I ran Descent 1 and 2 in it for fun... worked really well with the OpenGL ports of the games and lets you run a more up to date OS and hardware. If that doesn't float his boat I have some "high end PCI cards" that would due the trick prob..





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Not going to use DosBox because I need the Thrustmaster ACM Game Card (ISA) to tune the Thrustmaster FLCS-16, TQS, RCS chain properly. Best, most linear and accurate and smooth control set for MW2 ever..

So it's pure DOS all the way, just like I did back in the day. Guys would say "why you dropping to DOS, Star Colonel?" and I'd say "So I do not crash in the middle of a jump-jetting urban firefight, you mangy surats!"..

Still open to suggests and thanks anyway, I already have DosBox and have fire up and run MW2 on it. If I could get my beloved controls hooked in we might get somewhere. Heh..

Am interested in those "high-end PCI cards" !.

I found a steal on an old Diamond Viper v770u which is essentially an nVidia TNT2 core oc-ed a little. You can't do 3d with it (DirectX) unless you run Win95 OSR2 or higher, but for the DOS MW2 which is just 2D it should fly...

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Incredible. Do you still use an abacus and slate board as well?..

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Heh you need to read the whole thread.....

The issue came up because a bunch of us are going to start playing Mechwarrior 2 : Mercenaries multiplayer again, and I'm rebuilding a DOS system like I used when we were first playing it, since the DOS version never crashes and burns like the Win9x version does..

Also, I have a full Thrustmaster FLCS, TQS, RCS controller chain, and the only way to run it is through a Thrustmaster ACM game card, which goes in an ISA slot. The benefit under DOS with this is the torso twist (very important with a battletech mech) is truly linear, accurate, full range, and responsive, which only an old time DOS analog system can provide..

The new digital stuff is jerky, loses calibration all the time, and basically is a waste of money..

Anyway, it's just a trip down memory lane, but like I said earlier, many of us find MW2 DOS more fun than the state-of-the-art stuff we have these days..

My World of Warcraft machine is 3.2Ghz Ext. Quad Core, 4GB 1600Mhz memory, 2TB Raid0, with a pair of BFG Geforce C295s in SLI and a Blue-Ray DVD with a 42" flat panel display. Plus some other bells and whistles. I just sometimes don't find WoW as much fun as some old tech battle robots clunking around in early Direct3D clothing...

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I've got a Kaypro IV that I'm taking to the dump today. CPM, 5.25 discs. 64K. Man, it was all that in it's day. After 20 years in the attic, I guess it's time to put 'er down. Sniff......


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It should almost go in a museum, G-man !.

Lets see..... I had a Lisa in my house for a week, a loan from Apple because I was doing some work for them. What I'd do to still have it today!.

I had a PCs Unlimited XT, which was the first major IBM PC XT DOS clone. PCs Unlimited had horrible production and shipping problems, and at one point were threatened with criminal charges by the States Attorney of State of Texas. Not long after they (3 guys in a dorm room at a Texas university) convinced the States Attorney they were just not able to keep up with demand and showed him they had new funding, they changed the company name to Dell, Incorporated...

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