Is there dirt cheap but still pretty good iPage web hosting in the US (or elsewhere)?

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First question I have is Is there dirt cheap but still pretty good iPage web hosting in the US (or elsewhere)? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another quick question... Thanks guys for all of your help.... I am sometimes retarded in my coding things... and I just have to ask.... I know that is what you are here for....

My current question is.... on.,.

I have a link at the bottom of the screen that links to a friends website. I figured out how to make it open in a new window.... is there a way to make sure that it always opens in a new window that is also a "full screen" window?????..

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You betcha! but you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm this as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you ask the iPage guys because they can give you help better...

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If you do as suggested by INCH, then you need to add a 'return false' statement:.

<a href="javascript.'page.html','newwin','fullscreen=yes');.

Return false;.


This is because the command returns a value (a window object reference to the new window), and the return value will often result in blank screen...

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Has to work.....

Between java and script there has to be NO space..

And the code has to be on ONE line, without keyboard enters in it..

Is wordWrap out in your editor?.

Then you can see if the code is on ONE line...

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Should it matter that the link I am trying to have open as a full window is a banner?..

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However, make sure you close up the space between "java" and "script" in Kenneth's code so that you get javascript..

The forum's software splits it apart, you need to close it back up again for it to work..

Hope that helps.


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Ok maybe I am just being a complete retard..

Here is the code that I am trying to use.....

<a href="javascript.'','newwin','fullscreen=yes'); return false; target="_blank" onMouseOver="window.status='Look What The Kitty Dragged In'; return true;" onMouseOut="self.status=''" onclick="window.focus()""><IMG SRC="" Alt="Look What The Kitty Dragged In" border="0"></A></p>.

I dont know what is wrong with it now.... I got it to open in a new, big window (but it didnt load the link.... buy having a space between the java and script.) now that there is no space there, it says that there is an error... and I dont get it at all.... ugh.....

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Maybe I am asking the wrong question?.

Is there a way to maximize the window when a web page opens...... ?

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There are a few typos " iso ''.

Here is the code, it is opening the iPage site in a big window:.


<a A HREF="javascript.

:void(0)" ONCLICK="'','newwin','fullscreen=yes'); return false;" onMouseOver="window.status='Look_What_The_Kitty_Dragged_In'; return true;" onMouseOut="self.status='yep'"><IMG SRC="" Alt="Look What The Kitty Dragged In" border="0"></A>.


If it is all ok to you I don't know but it is working..

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Hey, what's the code for all the options... like taking off the.

Status bar.







It, etc.? I can't find that anywhere. all I can find are stupid fancy schmancy scripts that make things blink and jump around on the screen and do a bunch of dumb teenybopper crap like that. i've got one script, but it requires a section of code in the <head>, and I thought you could do it like the example, with all the necessary code right there in the link. spank me if i'm wrong....


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I just wanted to let you know what I did in order to get it to work..

I found code that no matter the page you were loading, it would make the window big..

So I linked the banner to a page called new.html.

On that page, I just put the code to maximize the window, and a redirection code..... so now everything works... and you can hardly tell what I did. thank you for all of your help and ideas..

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