Is this a good reason?

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My question is Is this a good reason? Looking forward for any answer. Another question on my mind: Changing the new products max value does not change the products listed in my store. Has anyone had this problem? I searched the forum but came up empty..

Thanks, rohrl77..

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You betcha! but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another person here to confirm this as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the iPage guys because they can assist you better...

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That's what I meant. it does not change the number of new products being shown in the new product box in my store...

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Lucas I to am having issues with the new products page. I still have over 2000 "NEW PRODUCTS" and I have not added anything new in 45 days..

The new product box you are referring to, is that the 1 on the left OR is it the products_new.php and how many items are listed in this section..

Personally I am trying to find a way to limit the number of products on the products_new.php page or alter the expire time for a "NEW PRODUCT" in the products_new.php page...

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Hi x1tech,.

I'm talking about products_new.php thankfully the number of new products I get is only 9 (which seems to be the default). the one on the side I have been able to successfully configure..

If you find an answer for this in another comment, would you be so kind as to reposte or link to it here? I have been searching, but have not found an answer..

Regards, lukas (rohrl77)..

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Actually there is a new products box for the month in each category and on the main page ...that is the "New Products For saidmonth".

I get ours to 12 and it worked fine..


I set it in the maximum values section of the admin setting for New Products Module. updated the number to 12 and it works fine..

Let me know what you get when you update that number...

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I am looking for the same help..

I can limit the number in the box on the front page or on the "category" pages, however, if you follow the arrow for "New Products" in the new products box in the left column it lists EVERY product EVER added to the store. Right now the products_new.php page has 13 pages of "new" products dating back more than a year..

I would like a way to limit the "new" items to things added within a certain time frame, say within the last 30 days or the last two weeks. Does anyone know how to do that? I don't want to be limited to just 12 as on the index page but I don't want them "all" showing on the index or category pages either..

Thank you!.


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I just moved a store from 1 server to another and now all the products show as new. changing the number of products in the admin from 10 to 12 didn't do anything. was anyone able to resolve this?..

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