Is this chili recipe okay to eat during phase 1 on the Medifast Diet?

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My first question is Is this chili recipe okay to eat during phase 1 on the Medifast Diet? Thanks for any answer. Another quick question... Date: ..................12/03 ... 12/10 ... 12/17 ... 12/24 ...

01 NTLWnow ...... 195.0 ... 192.0 ... 192.0 ... 188.0 ... 189.5.

02 LodgeMom ..... 212.2 ... 209.1 ... 205.1 ... 202.1 ... 201.0.

03 Greyflower ..... 212.8 ... 210.3 ... 207.9 ... 205.5 ... 202.8.

04 Angelica ......... 214.8 ... 211.0 ... 210.4 ... 208.0 ... 208.0.

05 PDinTN .......... 216.2 ... 211.4 ... 209.6 ... 208.8.

06 butterfly53 ..... 217.0 ... 215.0 ... 212.0 ... 210.8 ... 210.8.

07 Elaine ............ 220.4 ... 217.0 ... 215.2 ... 213.6 ... 211.6.

08 Mommuse ...... 244.9 ... 239.6 ... 238.1 ... 234.3 ... 230.1.

09 Racergal22 ..... 254.8 ... 254.4 ... 252.8 ... 252.2 ... 255.0.

10 Mom2georgie265.0 ... 265.0 ... 265.0 ... 259.0.

11 mrsbdowell ........................................... 261.0.

12 Cinderelly132278.2 ... 276.0 ... 273.6 ... 271.0 ... 267.2.

Kim, my friend, I totally agree with you, our special congratulations to Joanne ... she was indeed the "Biggest Loser" of our last week last year!!!.

Kim, I can only relax for a day or two, because I have 2 "Baby-showers" for this week (One, I am throwing for a friend here in my house a week from today). The other one is this coming Wednesday and I have to cook and I am making the favors too.. Then I'll have 5 family members arriving from Brazil on the 20th and a very "Formal Dinner Party" for 12 people here in my house on the 22nd. More cooking, more work and more entertaining. But I like to cook and entertain ... if I didn't do it out of pleasure, I wouldn't do it at all ...

Janine, I guess you read the above ... no resting for me yet ... this month is a very busy for me. And my Friend had the baby earlier ... he was supposed to be born Jan 23 ....

Joanne, my sweetheart, I was very much like that ... but with age, I'm getting better and more mature spiritually. Today I face things in a different way ... so, we just need to make up our minds, and tell ourselves what is best for us and resist temptation. Stay strong and in control of our bodies and minds ....

Karan, I hate running ... but I like walking ... so, I would never run a marathon ... LOL Hey, my girl why don't you add your name to your signature ... I guess a lot of people have forgotten it by now.

Vilma, are you still thinking to order it!?! Go ahead, my girl, and just order it ... what are you waiting for ... LOL ....

Elaine, sorry I don't have it!!! But I have Wii and I like Zumba ....

I'm starting a new Thread, so we don't have so many pages in the other Thread ....

Barbara and Pam, where are you girls!?! If we don't hear from you until Friday, we'll have to remove your names from our list, Ok!?! So, are you girls in or out!?!.

So here we go, "NEW YEAR, NEW ME ~ Angie's Angels January 2011!!!.

And here is our current Weekly Report:.

Date: ..................12/31 ... 01/07 ... 01/14 ... 01/21 ... 12/28.

01 NTLWnow ...... 189.5.

02 LodgeMom ..... 201.0.

03 Greyflower ..... 202.8.

04 Angelica ......... 208.0.

05 PDinTN ...........

06 butterfly53 ..... 210.8.

07 Elaine ............ 211.6.

08 Mommuse ...... 230.1.

09 Racergal22 ..... 255.0.

10 Mom2georgie259.0.

11 mrsbdowell .....

12 Cinderelly132267.2..

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Ye, but you might wanna make sure and wait for another person here to confirm my answer as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you contact the Medifast guys because they can give you an answer better...

Comment #1

Love the new name of our thread!! Great job Angelica..

Elaine- If you already have the PS3, than go ahead and invest in the dance game... if it's around $60, than it's the same as all the other popular games out there... Just think about all the money you've spent on games that you'll NEVER play! At least this is a game that brings a healthy habit for everyone!! I just bought a used EA sports/training game that has boxing and jogging and all that fun stuff... the kids love it and I've made my avatar so I can start up with my "personal trainer".... lol.

Joanne- I.


I was that organized... my house is always messy & I'm always behind in my paperwork... it's just that when something really interests me I get so focused that it's crazy! That's one of the reasons I hired an employee to help me... she helps to keep me focused. If I know she's coming over every Monday, than I can't afford to just let everything wait until Monday... I need to stay on task so that things are set up for her when she gets here.


- My NY resolution(s) is to change my mind set or habits to include more physical activities in my everyday life. Starting with an exercise routine this Monday! (Just walking right now) If I finish this "diet" only to go back and be a couch potato or on my leisure time sip tea, read, and eat crumpets... I'll end up in the same place I am now! This is really going to be a lifestyle change! I'm also going to apply anything I learn in the Beck diet books to other areas in my life, other habits that may not be healthy for me- as a Christian and as a person..


Comment #2

I think I'll get the Zumba. Am still a bit hesitant b/c it comes with a "belt" to hook the controllers onto so the TV can pick up your movements the fear, of course, is that the belt won't fit me!!!.

I'll just have to get over it I guess b/c I can't find any other exercise games for the PS3....would really love an old fashioned step routine....those do really good things for the legs and behind! But maybe Zumba will be good for my waist and abs..

Comment #3

Morning Angels!.

New Year new me!!! I love it! Great Angelica! I am sorry you are still so busy but in reality if you are busy you are less likely to eat off program! Right??? At least that is the way for me..

Lisa, I am going to be your new employee!! Ha. I would love to work for someone like you who wants to be organized and strives for it. I am watching a new show on the OWN network about organizing with Peter Walsh and I love it!!!! I redid our house yesterday and changed all the furniture around and I love it. It is so fun to me to wake up and see everything new and different. And Clean! We had to fire our house cleaner so you are looking at the new one!!!! Ha! I love it and it will keep me busy. I too am going to start exercising again.

I have a gym membership and will be doing that again also. I like the gym because I can go in the jacuzzi! I am a water girl. So Lisa you are going to walk and do the game too? I hear you on the Beck book. I am hoping it helps with all aspects of our lives..

I have not read the previous threads but will go back and read soon. I am off now to the Getty Villa in Malibu. It is the original museum and I am excited to go as I have heard that it is amazing..

Have a wonderful day girls!.


Comment #4

Elaine- Zumba will do wonders for your figure!!! All salsa type dancing (& this is salsa type) will help .... trust me, you'll feel it!! and about the remotes being connected to something around your waist. Even the Wii games that have to do with exercise have a band that goes around one of your thighs.... I'm sure it will fit. Let me know how you like it...

Comment #5

Kim- I'd hire you, but it might be too long of a drive for you... lol.

I used to go to a gym and had a personal trainer years ago... I kept all the walking programs she made up for me. They're 60 min. long and I'll do them 3 times a week. After a month of doing this, I plan to slowly add in some of my EA Sports Training days, starting with once a week at the beginning of Feb. and working my way up to an additional 3 times a week by the time I hit my 3rd goal (size 14 & 175lbs.).

I'll always take one day a week off (usually Sundays).... that's as far as I've planned ahead with my exercise.... told you- compulsive planner... lol.

I'll have to look up that show you're talking about! I would really like it..


Comment #6

Love the thread name!.

Angelica- I am not sure I ever had my name in my signature. Now my cover is blown. lol Time to let the real me out of this fat suit. Maybe time to be someone else besides a mom too. Thanks.

Lisa- Let me know how it goes with the organizer. I am big planner and multi-tasker but I can't seem to keep my house in order. ugh!.

Hopefully I will get out to get my Beck's today!.


Comment #7

Hey, ladies! I'M BACK!!.

I'm not even going to post my weight. :-(..

Comment #8

Welcome back Angel!!! It's a new year and a fresh start-don't look back just ahead and upward. You know that you can do this because your results have proven that. No guilt needed, just be proud that you took the steps to get back on path. Glad your here, we've missed you!!!!..

Comment #9

Welcome back Angel!! We missed you....

Karen- We call that "domestically challenged".

Well, at least that's what my husband and I call it... if you look it up in the dictionary, you'll find a picture of me.... LOL.


Comment #10

Hey Angel! I'm starting over with the New Year too!.

Welcome back!..

Comment #11

Angelica...LOVE THE NEW NAME!! Great choice!! Rooting for you my dear to hit Onderland soon!!.

Welcome back Angel...I'm glad you took the step to recommit and are back...that is half the battle there!!.

Kelly...New Year..New Beginnings...Not sure if you plan on the Beck book with us or not..but in just the first couple chapters it deals with if we slip..we get right back up continue on...glad you are..

Hello cdemaio!!.

Kim...I used to rearrange my furniture quite often too...but not as much in the last few years. Hope you enjoyed the Museum today!!!.


Comment #12

Good evening Angels~ What a beautiful day it's been here in the Pacific Northwest.. cold, cold, cold but so beautiful. #2 DS left today to drive back to college and the #1DS leaves tomorrow.. it's going to be so quiet. We're jumping right into inventory on Monday, so it'll keep me busy and my mind off how much I miss them.

Had a great OP weekend.. I just realized that this is my.

100th OP day.



~ What exercise will you be doing.. want a accountability buddy? I always do better if I tell someone what I'll do, then I'll do it! I too am looking forward to applying lessons learned in the Beck books to all aspects of my life. Just read your later post and it looks like you plan on starting the C25K program.. me too. Ad there's absolutely nothing wrong with being a compulsive planner.


~ love Zumba and am thinking of ordering it for my WII as well. Zumba is good for your entire body, it really gets you sweating..


~ Looks like you're cleaning up more than hour house! Tell me all about the Getty museum.. ah the pleasures of living in the city!.


~ it was good to see you in the chat room last night.. I wasn't very focused.. we're a football household.. hope to see you there again..


Is back!!! Jumping up and down waving!! Welcome home.


~ Hi!!!.


~ The new year is a great place to start over... the past is gone and we have a clean slate in front of us..


~ is it as cold there as here? 5 degrees... burrrrr.


~ thanks for starting a new January thread... we're going to rock it this year !..

Comment #13

Just started pouring (as in rain) a few minutes ago. Big time cell moving through Huntington Beach, CA. It feels like we live in Oregon this winter!.

Things settling down after the wonderful busy-ness of Christmas and New Year's. It was a wonderful season and so glad that I didn't gain over the last week (though I had my first week staying the same). Now my weight is moving down again so glad to get back into the routine..

I can't wait for our angels who are about to "fly" into onederland - isn't that what angels do? So excited for those about to take off and those of us who are coming along behind. We are all exercising our wings!! Actually, I finally got on the exercise bike the last two days and did some really gentle riding for about 20 minutes. REady to add exercise but want to do it gradually and work up to more activity since I haven't been doing regular exercise for a long time - or ever? Seriously thinking about adding zumba but wondering if I should take a class first. There is one about a mile from my house across from my son's high school and could take it once a week on my Monday day off. Sounds do-able. No excuse that I don't have time.

It is good to do the journey no matter when we start....

By the way, I changed my goal weight - moved it up to 165. I had set 150 as a goal (just choosing a number within the high bmi) but I think at my age (mearing 58) that is just too agressive for me. I am predicting that my new number will still be about a size 10 or so and that would be absolutely amazing for me. That number is also more doable by the time of my daughter's wedding in May and makes me almost halfway there right now which I need for motivation. When I get closer I may lower my goal once again. Since I have never seen myself even close to a normal adult weight it is harder for me to judge than some of you where I want to be.

The total weight loss will actually be 100 pounds since I had lost 15 pounds from my highest weight a while before I started medifast. Hope that all makes sense..

Hope everyone is feeling better. Kim and Angel - so glad you are back with us! Missed you both! Off to pick up son at church youth group! Bye...

Comment #14

My dear Janine...we must have been posting at the same time.....anyways...glad to hear you had a totally OP weekend...Doesn't that feel great?? Congratulations on your 100th day on program too!!! And it IS cold up here....-14 Celcius with the wind chill...BRRRRR is right!!!.

And Jan too..I just saw your post now as well...Staying the same at this time of year is a great accomplishment as well.. be proud!! It's hard to pick a goal weight at the start...and good for you for recognizing what you need for motivation...and doing it!! And yes when we get there... we always have the option to lower it!..Congrats on your total weight loss...if I understand it right it is 54 lbs (adding the previous 15 in) Way to go!!!..

Comment #15

Janine- I used to have a trainer and she had me walking at different inclines for 60 min. on my treadmill, focusing on my heart rate and getting into 'zones' (Z1= easy warm up, Z2= good moderately fast walk, Z3= Intense fast walk/run). I'm going to start with the easier one, since I haven't exercised in YEARS. But I won't start the C25K program until I get closer to 175 lbs... I would LOVE to have an accountability partner!! Otherwise it's too easy to say the famous, "I'll do it tomorrow.".

I'll be back in the morning to say hi again... going to do my 1st work out before I go to bed..


Comment #16

At a girl, Lisa, I'm with you!!!.

Elaine, you'll love Zumba ... don't be afraid, just get it!.

Thanks, Kim! I have never been to The Paul Getty's Villa in Malibu! Need to go therewith my sister ... she loves arts ... and crafts. If you know of anything like that, please let me know! Thank you! Kim, have you gained some weight or haven't you updated your ticker yet!?! I thought you were 259.0.

I hate running, and exercising ugh ... I wish I liked them ... but I don't. I like Yoga, Pilates and walking and that's all I'll ever do. I have a membership at the 24 hours Fitness Center, but I never go ... once, I was using the weight machines and a guy was using one of them and when he left, he was wearing jell in his hair and the bench was all wet and gluey with his sweat and jell ...

Karan, you're so funny, girl! LOL.

Angel, welcome back, girl! We've missed you!!! Hey, there is no hiding in here, come on, let's have it ... what was the damage?!?.

LOL Lisa, you're hilarious, girlfriend! LOL.

Thanks Joanne, it looks like you are already reading the book! I'm so happy you are in our team!.

Janine, I know how sad it is when family leaves home ... it gets so empty ... glad you'll be very busy ... Hey my friend, we are already rocking the boat ... LOL.

Hey Jan, I'm with you ... I also started at 265 and will have lost 100 lbs at 165But for my height I think I should be at 150s ... Hey, I have a real bike, but it's too cold to ride it now ... LOL.

Lisa, you're so good!..

Comment #17

Jan- LOL.... no I don't think you're being "snarky"... lol We shouldn't wait until Jan 1st to do what needs to be done. Where would we be today if we all decided to wait until the NY to start MF? If you want to take it easy, you should definitely take a class of Zumba first... it's not that easy. But fun..

Angelica- YUCK!! The guys was supposed to wipe off the equipment before he left!... The gym I used to go to had wipes every where incase we forgot a towel. I used to hate running, but my trainer had gotten me on a program and I was just starting to jog in small little 3-7min. intervals. It felt so good! You ever hear about the runners high? It's no lie! I was around 205 lbs at that point (around 4 yrs. ago?) and than I started having problems with my back...

Told me I shouldn't run until I was at least 175... that's why I'm waiting... As long as you're getting healthy and active, that's all that matters..


Comment #18

Happy New Year everyone!! Didn't even have computer on all weekend so trying to get posts read since 30th. The Beck schedule sounds good to me. Received book last week and hopefully get workbook today..

I will also get weight to you end of this week since new scale on the way and will start with that weight..

Started back OP today since off about 3 weeks. Goal is to stay OP for a week. Haven't been able to do that since started so starting small and building from there..

My college age kids are still at home. Love having a house full again but makes for long days at work because of lack of sleep with extra noise. I'm thinking next year going to take off the entire time between and really enjoy time with them since next one will be going to college in fall...

Comment #19

Good morning ladies!!!.


~ so happy that you rode your bike today.. 20 minutes is great!!!! looks like many of us want to add exercise to our program in 2011 and we're getting a great start! I'm thinking you would enjoy Zumba.. it can be a little intimidating, I tried to get in the middle row behind someone who was experienced at the 'moves', just have a sense on humor.. cause you laugh at yourself.. alot.

Snarky, you? NO. Good for you for moving your goal weight, you can move that little ticker up/down all you want.


~ With the body being in ketosis and this cold weather.. my hands constantly feel like they are frozen ice cubes.. I've been taking a HOT shower every evening to warm up before getting into bed. This coming from the 'hot flash queen' is un-real! What are your plans this week Joanne?.


~ How did your first day on plan go? Can't wait to hear about all your parties and holiday gatherings. Did you have a fabulous time?.


~ how did your workout go? And how did you sleep last night?.


~ Ewwww, that sounds gross. Have a great day!!.


~ Yea, you got the Beck book too!!! We're behind you girl... one OP day at a time. How long are your kids home? My last leaves this afternoon.. enjoy those kids while they're home, everything else can wait!!!! Good to have you back with us DeAnna!.

Beck Solution.

Week 1 day 1- pages 9-13.

Wk1d2- chapter 1.

Wk1d3- chapter 2.

Wk1d4- chapter 3.

Wk1d5- chapter 4..

Comment #20

Hello all!!! Had a superb morning. Up early - boys on the bus at 7:00 made banana bread for the hubby and daughter - made a fresh pitcher of iced tea (it's Texas - we drink iced tea year 'round!) Folded laundry, unloaded dishwasher, fed dogs, cats - had breakfast, read a bit, got dressed for the gym and then woke daughter - fed her bfast, got her dressed and off we went....

Dropped stuff at donation center, ran by offic max, went to gym for a good first workout....then to wal-mart - got zumba and all other items on list back home, unloaded car, put everything away, fed daughter - fed self - and then loaded zumba.....

Don't know about other versions - but on PS3 this thing is killer!! I could barely breathe after the warm-up on beginner level....made it through three short routines and now am posting..

WowI could cancel my gym membership and just do this! Of course, I don't recommend it immediately following the big meal of the dayslightly queasy as I sit here recovering!!!.

Going to read another chapter in my trashy romance while daughter watches Swan Princess and then off to dismantle the Christmas tree before the kids get home from school!!!.

Great day to everyone!..

Comment #21

Good Afternoon Angels....

Looks like a start to a GREAT NEW YEAR.. I managed to get to my 50lb goal for the end of the year.. So very exciting.. I lost the last 2 lbs last week. The holidays didn't even seem to be difficult. Today when I came back to work I found a gift from a co-worker (CANDY).

I opened the box and placed it in front of my desk for all to enjoy. It's there right in front of me and I'm not even tempted. NOW thats success...

I took my month end pics. 3 months in a row now.. I finally see what a difference 50 lbs can make. Also did my measurements. another 5 overall inches lost.. I think thats about 20 so far...

Here's to all Angies Angels and a very Successful New Year!!!!!..

Comment #22

Barbara- Hi!! That's so wonderful!! 50 lbs. is such a difference! It's amazing how much more control we have over our lives...

Elaine- Yippee!! So glad you bought the Zumba... it really is an intense work out. I love it when my days are that busy... although I'd prefer not EVERY day be like that....

Janine- I was pleasantly surprised... I thought I'd be winded and having a hard time, but I've been so much more active in everyday life that, with the exception of just being tired, the workout wasn't that difficult. I'll do this easier workout the rest of the week and if I still feel this way, I'll up it next week..

DeAnna- Welcome back to the boards! I'm glad you holidays were full of love and time spent with family. My boys aren't gone yet, but I'm so glad school is in session now... quiet during my days...

Comment #23

Welcome home Angel! I am so glad that you are joining us again.

To my veterans: how long before one typically experiences a stall? I wasn't 100% OP for the past two weeks (there were days that I barely ate-didn't get all of my foods in) and I'm scared that I may have thrown my body into a crazy cycle. I so want to break 188.......

Comment #24

Two and 1/2 months in Vilma - and I've been more or less stalled for two weeks but I've been low on water and high on splenda during that this week, my goal is to keep it cleaner and see if I can break through. I also added exercise beginning today - so we'll see if that pushes me over..

Last thing - I've added two packs of calorie burn flavor infusers to my next order which will ship on Jan 12. I'll see what happens between now and the arrival of my order - and then see if there is a difference when I start using the calorie burn infusers..

I can be our lab rat and see what happens..

Comment #25

Thanks Elaine! I thought it was just me. And for someone who drinks 1/2 her weight in water, the last few weeks I haven't had as much due to the frigid temps here (it's so hard to drink up when I'm freezing!). I'll see what happens this week. I'm really trying to lose 30 pounds by April 1. Wish me luck.


Comment #26

Elaine & Vilma...the last week and ahalf to 2 wks I increased my water intake to half my weight in water and this past week had the best week ever since wk 1. Also I know what you mean about drinking cold water when it's so cold I put my glass (16 oz) in the mic for 15 sec..and that works for me....

Janine...How far into Beck's book are you? I've done the first 3 chapters and find it fantastic! Wish I had more time to read...always seems something needs doing..

Well back to work it is for me tomorrow.....

Will post more next time.......Night ladies.


Comment #27

Oh....just a question I've been meaning to ask for a while now...Has anyone used or signed up with one of the health coaches on site? Just curious about some of the details and pros and cons..



Comment #28


~ OK, OK... after reading what your day looked like I'm going to bed.. as you say that's your exercise girly!.


~ Congratulations on hitting your 50 pound goal.. you're doing so well. And kudos for handling the temptation of the non-stop candy train. I'll have to check out your pics on your site.. isn't it amazing how the visual is so shocking!!!.


~ You're also 40 pounds lighter too. Have you picked up 40 pounds of flour to see what we were carrying day in and day out.. when we exercise it's like we're floating on air. DH is assembling the treadmill tonight, all my whining paid off and the treadmill was moved this afternoon. Yea!!!.


~ I've been in a stall for 10 days now and was totally OP.. just wait it out, when I questioned the 'wise' ones about this they said that it'll happen several times during the journey.. don't sweat it, keep OP and drink plenty of water. Hey, thanks for being the lab rat.


~ I've read the intro and up to pg 30.. good reading don't you think? It's really hitting home for me and I can't wait to dive into the lessons!! I have a health coach and have gone thru' 2.. be very picky, email them and ask specifically what they will offer you (I just switched because all I got was a bulk email once a week if I was lucky), to tell you the truth I get so much more off the boards (x50) and support from you girls then both of my coaches put together..

OP day for me... long day too, started taking inventory today and was on my feet for 9 hours.. whine, whine, whine!!.

Have a good one girls!!!..

Comment #29

Lisa, my girl, yuck is right, I called a personal trainer and told him to ask the guy to clean up his mess, but he didn't do a thing ... so I left and never went back ... I'd much rather exercise at home..

Barbara, welcome back and Happy New Year to you!! Congratulations on the 50 lbs. loss!!! It's such an accomplishment! When we are clean, it's so much easier to resist temptation and we have more control in all areas of our lives!.

Elaine, good job, I'm so glad you bought the Zumba ... it's so much fun and it's really an intense work out. Boy, oh boy, you were busy today ... got tired just reading about it ... LOL.

Janine, you also had a busy day today, huh!?! When are we going to start discussing the book!?! Any questions on the subject so far, anybody!?! I love the fact we can tell our brains what to think or what to say with regards to foods. I usually say that I can eat anything I want to, I just choose not to eat certain foods that will make me sick. It's just a matter of choices ....

DeAnna, welcome back and Happy New Year to you too! We've missed you, girl!!! Glad to hear you had a great time with your family!.

Vilma, just drink your water, eat all your meal and things will start moving again!.

Hey Joanne, I couldn't have said it any better ... you had a great week, my girl!!! Keep it up!.

Going to bed now and read some more ... I'm loving the Beck book ... most of it we already know, but it's good to be aware of it ... and make conscious choices ....

We are all doing this together, and I agree with Janine, we are our best coaches in here. We are already experts on this subject ... we can teach others how to do this, HUH!?! LOL.

Good night ladies .....

Comment #30

Elaine, Vilma, & Joanne- I'm going to have to remember what you've all done for your stalls... I'm sure it will happen to me eventually. I keep expecting it to creep up on me... with the exception of a couple weigh-ins that were just not that great, I have been staying steady. I'm sure you'll break through Vilma!.

Joanne- I haven't signed up with a coach yet, but was thinking about it. There is one that seems really nice and contacted me through MF-message just to encourage me... how great is that? Her user name is.


I think you might like her... find her on the boards and send her a message or I can write her for you and she'll contact you..

Janine- Whining to my DH works for me... well, most of the time it does...

I'm glad that you got your treadmill set up! When are you going to start the walking? I'm going to get on again today and work it in somehow... I'm helping a friend move, billing and shopping today so it might have to wait until this evening. Sure helped me sleep Sunday when I did the exercise late!.

Angelica- I must have too much New York Jewish blood in me (lol)... I would have went to the management, turned in the trainer for not taking care of what needed to be done and made sure that EVERYONE I knew would avoid the gym. I'd make sure the gym would know why too... of course I'm not a get in your face kind of person (cheerleader personality, remember?) So I would have done this all with a polite disposition and friendly smile....

Oh-no I'm not from NY, but my entire family is so I've grown up with some of the most upfront, in your face, don't hold nothin back, kind of people with a side of 'Oy Vey'!.

Beck books.

- I wanted so much to read more last night, but became so busy... I will finish reading chapter one today and some of my workbook... I really like it and I'm so glad that I decided to participate with all of you... Thanks Angels!.


Comment #31

Morning Angels,.

Great to be here on my own computer. It works well but sometimes I loose the signal. That makes me mad!.

So the renter has asked for 13 more days. I don't know what she is trying to do but I certainly don't trust her. I am serving her a three day notice today and if she is not out by the 13th I will hire a lawyer. Or not. I am running out of money..

Speaking of money I finally got a temp job thru my company!!!!! Can we all jump up and down, clap, cheer, and SCREAM!!!! Hey some of that will burn calories so join in!.

This is a long term temp assignment three days a week for as long as it lasts. Thurs, Fri, and Sat. is the schedule. I am over the moon. The homes are located in San Juan Capistrano and are called Blue Harbor. They are in the 800,000 range and are built by a very good builder so it will be great! I hope! Now I am only making 11 dollars an hour but remember this is great training and could lead to a regular full time job that pays great and would include insurance!!!! Yea! Ok that is it I am pretty excited..

I am on a huge budget but I did get my beck workbook. I still don't have the real one when are we starting??.

Good to read what you are all up to. Busy busy busy. I am so glad to be back OP all the way and am feeling great. Hope you all have a wonderful day....drink your water!!!.


Comment #32

Hey Lisa We posted at the same time! Good for you moving more and getting on the bandwagon! That is our goal to move more because we can!.

Joanne, I have a health coach. I like him he lost lots of weight and has called me several times but I don't need him much. I feel like Lisa and Angelica You all are my health coaches! I could not ask for better mentors and friends!.

Have a great day girls..


Comment #33

Kim!- I'm so glad you have your computer back!!! I've missed your daily posts... I'm so hyped up abut your job! That is sooo great... there is nothing worse than financial stress! UGH!! We almost closed our business in 2009... thanks God we pulled through! Let us know how you enjoy it. Must be fun decorating those beautiful homes.....


Comment #34

Janine... No pics on site yet.. my before and after(during) are in a bathing suit.. dont think i'm comfortable with posting them.. I will have to find pics more appropriate for online....

As you may know.. I shyed away from the camera most of the time... so very few pics, and non at my heavest.. (now I wish I had some at my heavest) oh well....

Comment #35

Kim, my girl, I'm so happy for you, I'm jumping up and down here for you ... when do you start!?! I would love to see those homes ... just to get new ideas!!! And of course would love to see you again, my friend!?! Now that you have your computer back, you need to update your ticker, OK!?! It still shows you at 264 ....

I think we really don't need any coach ... we just have to do the program as it is written and get our water in (half our weight) and get enough sleep. For those of you who will start exercising, be careful, just keep in mind that if it gets to be too intense, will need to add another Medifast Meal (6/1). But you would need to be exercising every single day for more than 2 or 3 hours a day..

Janine, I thought we would start this past Monday (yesterday) ... when are you planing to start the book!?!.

Have a great day OP ladies!!!..

Comment #36

Angelica- Janine mentioned last week about starting the books, just reading the intro and beginning chapters this week and we would start the actual 6 wks the Beck book talks about NEXT Monday... so we did start the book, just not the weeks... does that make sense? We were all kind of following that plan since there was a few that hadn't received their books yet..

Barbara- I understand about the pics... it took me forever to find a before pic (3months) and when I was at a wedding recently, I planned on doing an updated pic, but my camera had pics of EVERYONE but me... lol I wouldn't post my pics in a bathing suit either! I would never feel comfortable showing that much of myself... even when I was at a family swimming party, I would always wear a wrap or something till I was ready to get into the water! The idea of posting a pic of me is terrifying!.

I'm going to bed early... very tired tonight. I think it's my body adjusting to the exercises... I'll see you all tomorrow. Good night!!.


Comment #37

Kim - so excited about your job. I am clapping with my feet on the floor while I type! That is terrific news and I am so excited for you! Just wanted to do a quick shout out before a meeting!!..

Comment #38

Evening Angels! So much to be excited about..

Congrats Kim!.

Way to Go MrsB - That's a great achievement! Can't wait to join you..

I completed my first tri workout last night. 24 minutes on the bike and a 12 minute swim. The bike is new to me and I used the spin bike my buttock bones hurt. I know TMI. I hope that gets better with time..

I will try to get my Beck's book this week and get caught up I behind the curve..

Stay fabulous ladies.


Comment #39


Let us know how it you start this week? I hope the tenant situation clears up for the positive..not an easy situation at all..

Sleep well Lisa...hopefully you are not coming down with anything...again!.

Karan congrats on the tri workout!!!.

Barbara..look at you 50 lbs already!! Congrats!.

Janine..I find the beck very interesting indeed! And like yourself, I can relate to it so much! In just the first few chapters it already leaves me with a feeling of hope. Weird I know...but it is like there is almost a quiet sense of relief. It is concreting the "I'm gonna do it this time" thought..

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and responses regarding the health coach question..

Well going to see if I can get in a chapter or two more of beck....

Have a great night's rest ladies..when you get there..

Waving a hello to Angelica.



Comment #40

Waving a hello back to you too, Joanne!!!.

Lisa, thanks for letting me know we are not discussing anything up to Day 1 of Week 1 ... but there is so much to discuss already ... I just love it ... it's almost like the "Secret" book! Can't wait to start the discussions!.

Karan Congratulations!!!.

Kim, where are you!?! Listen, where are these new homes!?! Who is the builder!?! How big are they!?!.

OMG is almost 2:30, gotta go to bed now ... Had company for dinner and they left after midnight ... I'm exhausted .....

Comment #41

Karan I'm totally laughing about your aching behind.....that's why I use the recumbent bike at the gym!!! Can't stand those little bitty seats on the spin bikes they are not sized correctly for rather "oversized" behinds!!!.

I suppose some of those padded bike shorts could be helpful but really who wants to ADD padding on those areas!!!.

Have fun and be proud of your workoutI'm hitting the gym today at lunch - after MOPS (running the daycare again today - wish me luck).

Best to all rushing about until this evening!..

Comment #42

Morning Angels,.

I went to my new job yesterday to check it out and it seems that I may only be there for three weeks. There is only one house to sell! And not models! Sorry Angelica. It is in San Juan Capistrano. Well it is not the best but it is a job! I am looking for anything right now to keep afloat and be able to pay for my lawyer! I served papers yesterday but my tenant was in the hospital! Again! I am so sick about this and I really wanted to give in yesterday to my feelings and eat something anything off program but instead read my book (got it yesterday I guess God knew I needed it!) and it is REALLY good! I am looking forward to our discussions..

Ok so today I am making some candle holders to sell in a shop that I know will take them on consignment. I will make 10 dollars for each one I make and then finally sell. This is what I will be doing in my spare time. Tomorrow I start my job. I will also be working on getting some design jobs. So I must be positive and stay that way! Oh and I have to go to the dentist at some point as a few of my teeth and one of my crowns is gone.

Hey Joanne if I move to Canada could I get my teeth fixed???? How do you like your country and the heath care? I have always thought it sounded good but I don't know much about it. Have you decided what you are going to do about a health coach? My coach told me I should become one because you can pay for your food that way! I have seen people on craigs list advertising to be health coaches for people..

Karen and Elaine, I have never been on a spin bike! It looks like I would fall off! But as I loose more weight I want to try different things! That is something I will try. I also want to ride a real bike around town too!.

Hey Jan, thanks for clapping for me! How are you doing??? It seems like you are staying the course and meeting all of your obligations, Superwoman!!!.

Angelica and Lisa don't you guys love the book? It seems like we will be having some really good information to lean on to keep this weight off..

Hey Janine How are you doing? I bet you miss your kids! And you are probably as busy as ever right?.

Ok Girls have a wonderful and Op day, drinking lots of water and shedding weight. I will change my ticker on Friday when I weigh in!.


Comment #43

Normalcy is finally about back to my life. Loved having college kids home and good for the high school age two to have a break from the constant on the go but YAY for back to school and having a schedule again. High School started today and college kids back this weekend..

Elaine I used to attend MOPS when my kids were young and was lucky enough to be a stay at home mom ... great fellowship with other moms and kids really enjoyed the time. Your posts bring back many memories with the constant on the go and scheduling things around naps and kids..

Enjoying reading Beck book and have to say there are already many things I can relate with and looking so forward to working through the workbook. So ready to retrain the way my brain thinks and reacts!!.

We were also talking about bike seats in general here at work yesterday for working out and how they just aren't shaped comfortably. There is a spinning class that gets over when I am working out at the local YMCA. There must be some type of portable seat to place over the bike seats as I have seen people carrying out a seat..

Back to work here. Have a great day!!.


Comment #44

Good evening girls....

It's been a long day.. I'm super tired but want to respond to all my friends. If I don't make sense you'll understand why.


~ I hope to start the treadmill in the morning before work.. so excited. I'm sure it will help us to sleep..


~ look forward to seeing some pics. And isn't it true about not liking the camera.. all the pics of me I could burn and not be too sad.


~ Hope all is well for you this week and that we all have an opportunity to read the section before Day 1 of the Becks..


~ Quick shout back.


~ you rock.. understand about the biking.. I did spin class a couple years ago and it took forever to build up the butt callus, haha.


~ Beck does present hope to us who are addicted to food.. the digging into the reasons why may be difficult but necessary..


~ good for you... getting your exercise in after chasing kiddos around MOPS..


~ What exactly is normal.


~ Keep on reading your book Kim.. your life is filled with ups and downs and will be for a lifetime.. what are some of the things that you read in Becks right now that speak to you? Share girlfriend..


: hope you've all had an opportunity to read this week.. if not, try to carve some time out of your day. We can certainly discuss our thoughts on this book... I'm going to re-read from the beginning and will join in the conversation this evening..

Still working on inventory, on my feet for 10 hrs.... very stressed and very tired.. and like Kim would have t.

Aken this opportunity to do feel that "I owe it to myself to eat what ever I darn well pleased because I deserve it". What I deserve is to respect myself and realize that food is not the all knowing answer to each hick-up and bump in the road.. food only adds to the problem...

Comment #45

I'm glad we're all slowly getting back to a normal day... well except our Janine who seems to be even more active will all that inventory! Hope it's almost over....

Just dropping in really quick to say hi and.


The posts... I hate it when I get so busy that I can't write immediately cuz tonight I'm gonna forget someone when I say hi to you all... *sigh* Oh well....

Anyway... going grocery shopping and than putting away the remaining Christmas decorations, have church tonight- So I'll be in here later tonight to post!.


Comment #46

Can't wait to get into Beck discussions...I agree Angelica..lots to discuss..

KIM..I'm proud of you for not giving in to your cravings yesterday!! What changes you have made gf!! Be proud of these NSV. Onle little step at a time...and yes..I will hold your hand when you need it...and ask you to do the same for me when I need it. Hugs.

I'm afraid that dental coverage is not included in the health care that we have. Unforunate for sure as I don't have coverage either..

Deanna...glad you are enjoying the Beck book and looking forward to it..

Janine I hope your inventory taking is soon done...when do you get to go buying for your new shops? That must be exciting and a nice high.

Hello to Lisa! Onderland is right there for you...fingers crossed for you for this weigh in!.

Hello to all our other Angels!!.


Comment #47

Joanne- I've been peeking.. I'm literally on the threshold! Maybe tomorrow morning will show that illusive 1....

Karen- I have a triathlon on my list of "eventually".... I'm so envious that you are able to do it now and sooooo proud of you! It truly will be an amazing accomplishment!.

Hi Elaine!!.

Angelica- Slow down my friend!! What you need is a trip to a day spa.... just you and no obligations for at least a few hours..

Kim- that's such a bummer about your job! Maybe more opportunities will come your way through the same company. I hate to say it, but I haven't picked up my book since Monday! Very frustrated about that... it's right there by my bed and it was getting so good... I'll get to it soon and be ready for this Monday..

DeAnna- Great idea about the seats for the bikes.. I'll have to look it up and see where someone might be able to purchase it.... not riding a bike yet- but I will be eventually..

Janine- I'm tired just thinking about you week.... hopefully you'll be able to slow down a little next week..

Have a great night everyone! C-ya tomorrow..


Comment #48

Evening ladies~.


~ We'll all be here.... can't wait to hear about your day!!.


~ shopping in Atlanta this next week, then to Las Vegas, then to LA, then to LV, then to Seattle... wish I was heading back east we could meet up!!!! How was your day Joanne?.

Hope you all had a great OP day... are you all enjoying the.



Comment #49

Just a quick hello to say I've been OP and reading the book!.

Missing you all!!! Kim I'm glad the book is already helping you! Eating would only make things worse!.

Janine, I'm with you 100% girlfriend! Loving the book!.

I'm so glad and feel so Blessed that food no longer controls me or how I feel about it! I used to live to eat, now I just eat to live! If I don't set my iPhone to ring in order to remind me to eat every 2 hours, I totally forget to eat! I am so focused and so present now! I'm never hungry anymore! I just love this program ... Before I used to fantasize about food, I would even make noises while eating as if I were having an or you know what I mean!?! Man, I loved to eat ... While eating lunch I was already thinking of a snack or even dinner! That's all I thought about. The whole time .... Food, food, food and more food!..

Comment #50

Ooops, I was writing on my iPhone and sent it before I was done ... no time to reply to each one individually, but just want to say, I've read all the posts and see that you are all very busy, but well!.

I was so obsessed with food most of my life ... but now I have to confess that I even forget to eat, can you guys believe that, moi forgetting to eat!?! Unheard of ... LOL.

Now I can serve my guests at dinner, seat with them and just watch them eat, hear and enjoy all the "compliments" they make about my cooking, while I'm sitting there eating my fish and salad, and nobody is paying any attention if I'm eating all the carbs or not. Then I serve the dessert to them and I eat my protein bar and nobody even notices that either ... I just love my life ... LOL.

Anyway, I feel so free ... I also feel I'm more in control of my thoughts, feelings/emotions and my life in general!.

My last guest left at 12:30 a.m. last night and I went to bed at 2:30 a.m. I need to catch up tonight!!! Going to read a little more and going to bed earlier tonight ... ah, got my work book today!!! Yeah! Yeah!!!.

Good night ladies!!!..

Comment #51

Okay just had to share. I had my first totally and completely OP day yesterday since I started back in November. All of you inspired me so much, thought it was about time I give it a "serious" try. Before I would consider a day OP but would have bites here and there of food I was preparing for the kids. Yesterday NO extra food and even passed candy dish at work all day which had one of my favorites in it - Bit O Honey..

Janine, normal day for me is actually pretty simple most of the time. Start day making breakfast for kids, off to work (15 minute drive), day finished at work at 4:30, work out at YMCA after work until 5:30, home to make dinner for kids again, most evenings homework (both mine and kids) or house & cleaning duties. Most weekends right now are spent watching both of them play basketball on Friday and Saturday nights. Ahhh ... the simple life..

Angelica, I can relate to food fantasies. I remember taking trips and being so excited and planning the trip around where we would be eating while we were gone. That seemed to bring more excitement than the reason we were going..

Still loving book and got my workbook yesterday so planning to look through workbook later today..

Headed to doctor later this morning, have had sinus issues going on but thinking now also my have bronchitis. Just time to get meds and get feeling better..

Hope you all have a great day!.


Comment #52

DeAnna ~ Its amazing how you feel being OP completely and able to pass up all the everyday temptations. I have found that I am not even tempted anymore. Last night I made dinner for the family, of which I made some whole wheat noodles. I couldn't tell if they were done, so I put one in my mouth and bit down, then spit it out.. I don't want even that lil extra carb in my system. So, congrats on your first complete OP day and keep up the good work..

Angelica ~ so understand about being in control of food, emotions, and my life. I've never felt in control before. I love not thinking about food like it was heaven on earth. So many more exciting things are in my future and I actually feel like I'm going to accomplish them..

I need to get the Beck Book, it sounds interesting. Have to wait until next pay day. I will catch up after that...

Comment #53

Ahhh *sigh*... you gals are so far ahead of me! I still have a problem focusing on foods. I think about my next meal many times and plan my days out sometimes around my foods... not healthy I know. I'm not completely obsessed with it, but it's a big part of my life! Even though I've done the best I have EVER done on ANY diet, I know that I'm going to have to retrain my brain and put food into the right perspective and prioritize some things... I'm so happy for all of you! I do have more control and don't feel bound by my temptations anymore, but I'm very well aware that I can slip at any moment! That's why I'm excited about the Beck books...

You have all been such a very big help to me and I'm so grateful for each of you!.

Way to go DeAnna!! Keep to it and the results will follow!.

Getting ready to go do my 3rd and final treadmill exercise of the week! I'll drop by later..


Comment #54

Lisa I do the same thing! It isn't good I guess but maybe it will lessen after a while. At least I am hoping. Terrific that you are doing the treadmill! I have decided to go to the gym MWF instead of every day. We'll see how this works out..

Today I went and had my photo taken with my 20 month old daughter. She refused to smile and had a tantrum but we got a couple of good photos I guess! It was in celebration of me getting to my pre-pregnancy weight before her..

Comment #55

Kelley- You should be very proud of your accomplishments! You've reached a major goal in your book and I'm glad you took the time to celebrate and build a memory that you can share when she's older.....

It was very hard to get on the treadmill today.... I'm sooooo sore!! But I did it! And to think, Monday I thought it was easy!! Weigh in is tomorrow and I want to do all I can so I can proudly proclaim that I reached ONE-derland!!.

I'll try and get back on the boards later tonight, but have a busy night ahead so might not.... hope everyone is having a great Thursday!.


Comment #56

I had the Beck book but ordered the workbook today. should have by the weekend so I can do that too..

Today is Epiphany - the 12th Day of Christmas in the church year. Always been a special day for my husband and I and the day that he decided to formally and romantically ask me to marry him. So this is our engagement anniversary - 28 years ago tonight. And our daughter got engaged this year so it feels full circle in a special way. We decided to use a gift card I received for a very, very nice steakhouse in neighboring town tonight. So I have been careful to stay on plan today.

I confess I might have a glass of white wine. It is a special occasion! I think the romance is growing a bit stronger in my marriage as I feel better about myself. And my husband likes that too...

Comment #57


~ That is absolutely super that you are feeling good about where you are at in your journey.. what do you have planned this weekend? Anything special?.


~ WooHoo girl, good for you for having a completely OP day! Isn't it empowering, don't you love the feeling! Keep it up DeAnna!!! Enjoy those special times of running around, being hectic and just overwhelmed with kids. The time flies by and soon you'll be watching them drive away off to college.. believe me it happens much too fast.. so cuddle, kiss and enjoy them while you can!!! Hope the doc was able to tell you what was up with your sinus issues??.


~ Hope you pick up the Beck book and can follow along with us... we start Monday with the work book.. altho' it wouldn't be difficult to catch up with us if it doesn't come until next week. Think about it, we're all pretty enthusiastic about it after reading the intro..


~ Oh I fully agree with you that I can slip at ANY moment, I'm constantly on guard. Don't feel that you are alone in that emotion Lisa.. we didn't get to be the weight we all are by being able to control ourselves, ha.... I think that with Medifast we are required to eat certain amount at a certain time... it's teaching us control. I have a long way to go too..


~ Your new profile pic is adorable. What a great goal gift, one that you'll never forget. Kids always pick the perfect times for those tantrums don't they... Great that you are heading to the gym on MWF.. how did you do yesterday?.


~ I'm so excited and anxious to get on the scale in the morning.. so nervous that it won't say 19_... I'll be very disappointed and whine quite a bit... are you on the east or west coast? Came home this evening and went right to the treadmill and did 30 min @3.2.. thank you, thank you for your encouragement in this exercise, I really would not be doing it if it were not for you..


~ Congratulations girl.. have a wonderful evening on the town and enjoy that yummy steak. Super cool that you and your husband are loving each other.

>> NSV alert>> So I wore a favorite jacket today to work, it was way too big but thought that it was OK. Went home @ 11 to change after coming to the conclusion that it was not a very good example to others that we require to look good... I have NO clothes to wear- except jeans that I've been buying in 1 and 2 sizes smaller... I'm heading to Atlanta this next week... may have to head over the mountain and buy some 2nd hand clothes to get me thru' the next couple months. Tough problem to have.. Love it!!..

Comment #58

Angelica- You are a true hostess. I don't know you how you keep the schedule you do and keep up with all of us. Thanks for all you do!.

Deanna- Congrats! Now string those OP days together. I hope you get to feeling better.

Lisa- Our Journey is never over. Pat yourself on the back for getting on that treadmill! That means you DO have the power..

Jan- Thanks so much for sharing that story it warmed my heart. I hope you had a wonderful evening..

Janine- Isn't that such a great problem to have! I can't wait to see your ticker.

-Night Ya'll.

From Austin.


Comment #59

It's almost 3:00 a.m. and I just got to bed ... I promise I'll write to all of you tomorrow ... need to get some sleep tonight..

Janine, my friend, I'm throwing a baby shower for a friend this Saturday morning. So tomorrow, I'm cooking all day ....

Lisa, my darling, don't feel bad ... I still miss some of my favorite foods, but I'm just training myself to think that they don't taste "that good" anymore and am strengthening my resistance muscles (I guess they are located in my brain) LOL But I don't forget that we are just one bite away from losing control ... been there done that before ... the difference now is that I choose not to eat certain foods that will give me temporary pleasures ... for a few seconds or minutes and then I'll suffer for hours, days, weeks, months and years of feeling miserably ....

Barbara, please, do buy both the book and workbook ... you'll love it ... it will help you so much ... I'm already feeling free from the food addiction ... and I love this feeling ....

Jan, my friend, today was also my 15th Anniversary ... actually we had 3 different dates ... 1st is on 12/27 when we got married at the "City Hall", 2nd is on 01/06 when we had a non religious ceremony and big reception and the 3rd is on 07/07/07 when we got Sealed in the Temple for "Time and all Eternity" ... And since my honey is a General Surgeon, we celebrate it on the nights he's not on call ... he doesn't even sleep home when he's on call, like tonight ... But I hope you enjoyed your steak, veggies and your 1 glass of white wine!.

And of course, each other's company!!!.

DeAnna, doesn't it feel great to be OP 100% clean!?! I just love that feeling, it's a feeling of great accomplishment for me at the end of the day!.

Karan, my friend, how sweet of you!!! Thank you for your love and support! And remember, I'm doing this also for myself and my sanity ... I want so badly to get this weight off of me once and for all ... that I'm willing to pay the price ....

I know I'm not hitting "Onederland" as of yet, but I had a NSV today ... I ordered a size 14 skirt to wear on Valentine's Day (planning on a special date with DH) and I just got the skirt yesterday and I tried it on and guess what!?! It fits ... it's still a little snug but it closed ... would you guys like to see it!?! This is a preview of what I'll look like next month ....

Since hubby is on call tonight, I didn't have anybody to take my pic ... so, here I am in the mirror with my new skirt for Valentine's Date! :love: By then the skirt should be much looser, but I promise to take a new picture on that day ... with my high heels on, make up, hair do ... I think it will be very nice! I got a beautiful Red lipstick at Mac today ... and then some nice earrings too! This is just a preview:.

Oh, my, it's 3:33 a.m. I really gotta go to bed now, good night Y'all!!!..

Comment #60

Angelica! Love the skirt! You look fabulous!!!.

I am really happy with my weight today. 252.6 Down 2.4lbs for the week. Back to essentially what I was before the cruise!..

Comment #61

Morning all hoping I perk up a bit later today. So tired I can't see straight..

Weight 210.4 so awful..

I'm sure everyone assumes I'm off plan but the frustrating part is that I'm NOT!!! though I am admittedly shaky on the water the last week..

So - I'm down less than 1/2 pound - I'm exhausted and have a headache working behind my eyes. A pain killer and then boys to school I'm going to try to get a nap after I get home and then back to school for the 3rd grade culture fairI'm bringing falafel b/c my son's country is Saudi Arabia..

I'll take my .4 pounds and remember that in the past I would have thrown in the the towel and undone all my work for the past weeks. This time, though, I'm just going to accept that I'm having a slow few weeks - but that I am continuing DOWN - and that is a success regardless..

So - I wish you all well on your weigh in today Janine and Lisa, I'll be checking in later today to celebrate you guys arrival in Onederland! Can't wait!..

Comment #62

Oh My Gosh!!.


Woo Hoo!!! I am so doing a happy dance!!! I wasn't sure if I was going to make it this week... been bloated and retaining water all week......


Okay... can you tell I'm a little shocked and excited.....

Comment #63

WOWOWOWOWOW... Lisa and Janine.. congrats on Onderland.. SO AWESOME...

Elaine ~ down is down.. it all counts.. it's all good.

Keep up the good work!!!.

Angie ~ such a beautiful skirt.. you look amazing.. it may actually be to big in a month...

Kelly ~ 2.4 lbs.. doesn't it feel good to be back on track...

Again.. an inspiring day!..

Comment #64

SUPER Congrats to our newest members of ONDERLAND LISA and JANINE you rock girls..

My results not so glamorous this week.

-.9 to 229.2 but I'm not phased Victory will be mine!.

I will check in later when I am not at work Tee Hee..

Comment #65

I checked in first this morning on the Spring into new Challenge and saw that Janine had reached Onederland. I just smiled and laughed out loud and celebrated. then I got teary because I was just so happy for you, Janine! Then when I come to our angels board I see Lisa made it too! Double blessing. I can picture the two of you holding hands and walking into Onederland together. Now I'm getting teary again. So, so excited for you as it is a new and lowered threshold that we all know means so much if we've been living in twoderville for a while or a longgggg while.

Thanks for staying the course and teaching us that we can all do it!!.

Angelica - you look great. Such a sophisticed and beautiful outfit. With your heels, makeup etc. you will look like a star. You're already a star to us! Just don't know how you stay up so late but then yesterday I was up at 4 so I think we sometimes pass each other in the night!.

Elaine - I lost nothing two weeks ago and finally down 2 pounds this week so it will come. down is down. and sometimes we have to be as content as possible with how our body wants to work this plan. it isn't all our willpower but our bodies too. I often say to myself about a lot of things: be at at peace....

Off to late start to work today.... have a great weekend everybody..

Oh, had super dinner with DH last night. super steak, asparagus (hold the butter on both), salad with little dressing and one small glass of red wine. it was fabulous and I felt so good today to go down on the scale. We can still have great meals without pigging out!..

Comment #66

Lisa and Janine You did it!!!! So happy for you!!! Celebrate with an extra green bean today!!!.

Planning to follow you there in a few weeks is it like we all remember?..

Comment #67

Congratulations Janine and Lisa!!! WOOHOO.

Just checking in quick and wow lots to catch up on just since yesterday. Angelica, I could never keep up with you and your hours. Makes me tired just to see the times..

Went to doc yesterday and found out I have mycoplasma so have to back off exercise and hard to want to get liquids down but trying..

Been easy to stay OP anyway. Will get weight into you next week. After being off plan 2-3 weeks I'm hoping to be back to 242. Sad what so few days can do to the weight loss..


Comment #68

DeAnna - glad you got diagnosed early this way you can be treated at home. If it goes too long before you realize you have walking pneumonia, you end up in the hospital!!!.

Lots of rest, antibiotics, and breathing treatments you'll be back to yourself in no time!!..

Comment #69

Angelica, You look FANTASTIC!!!!.

Lisa: YOU GO GIRL!!!!.

Janine: YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!.

Elaine, it's frustrating, but a loss IS a loss....make this your mantra. My other one is: no loss is better than some gain..

Weigh in: 185lbs. Didn't lose anything for 2 weeks but I did this week.

And yes, staying OP feels groovy!!!!..

Comment #70 much to cheer about...great job!! I apologize but I just briefly skimmed thru am starving and need to eat before I do something I shouldn' will be back later to post..

Down 1.2 lbs this week. to 266..

Talk soon..


Comment #71

I HATE WHEN THIS HAPPENS ... I wrote such a nice message with our Weekly Report and everything and I addressed everyone in here, I even did the "Happy Dance" for.




... and when I clicked on preview message, I lost every thing ... uuuggghhh I swear I will never write another message in here before doing it in my "Pages" (Word Processing) ... ugh, I'm furious now ....

But here we go again:.



, you guys did together ... you walked into "ONEDERLAND" TOGETHER ... That's just AWESOME!!! WOOHOO, we are all applauding you two!!! I cant wait to join you girls ... we still have three weeks before the end of this month and if I lose 1 or 2 lbs a week, Ill be there too before the end of this month!!! I cant wait to get out of the Twoderville LOL ....

Its past 3:30 p.m. and I still havent heard from.


Yet ... also.




Have disappeared on us again ....

Congratulations to all the losers of this week!.


, 2.4 is great!!! Keep going, my friend!!!.


, last week you were at 211.6 ... youve lost 1.2 this week ... and thats not so bad ... cheer up, my girl, next week youll do better!.


, good to hear from you, hon!!!.


, youre out to the house of the 30s ... and thats great!!! Last week you lost 4.2 ... so now your new body needs some time to readjust itself for a few days! Hank in there, my friend! Youre doing great!!!.


, you almost made me cry ... great posting my friend!!! And congratulations on losing 2 pounds this week ... even though you had a Super Juicy Steak with Asparagus, a Salad and a glass of Red Wine ... woohoo, you go girl!!! Dont you love this food plan!?!.


, hope youre feeling better, my friend!!! Ill keep you in my prayers ... I feel I need to give you a little coaching in here, my friend ... and I hope I have your permission to do that in here ... courage, my friend, and step on that scale today ... we all have been there and done that before ... were doing this together and there is no need to hide from the scale or from us until you reach your weight before the days off plan..

Im saying this not only to you, but also to all the others who are missing in action. The danger is right there ... sometimes we want to hide until we gain control of things again and if the weight doenst come off it wont matter because nobody knows where we are at anyways .... and we just feel so ashamed, weak and out of control ... then we stop posting and it's that spiral downward ....

We are not here to judge anyone ... we are here to support each other ... so come out of your shell and come play with us ... Accountability is very important in order to reach our goals! We love you and are rooting for you to succeed in here with us!.

Im fried ... went to bed at 4:00 and got up at 9:30 a.m... need to set up tables, decorate, get platters, pitchers and start cooking for the Baby Shower tomorrow ... will have about 60 ladies in here tomorrow!!! Dear Lord, please, give me strength!!!.

Ive gotta run now ... have lots to do today ... maybe Ill take a nap too ... zzzzZZZZZZZZ.




, I am doing the {{{HAPPY DANCE}}} for the two of you ... Im so happy for you ... woohoo, Onederland here I come ... I can even see the light at the end of the tunnel, you guys have left the door opened for us ... YEAH! YEAH!.

Ooops, almost forgot to post our Weekly Report:.

Date: ..................12/31 ... 01/07 ... 01/14 ... 01/21 ... 12/28.

01 NTLWnow ...... 188.0 ... 185.0.

02 LodgeMom ..... 201.0 ... 199.2.

03 Greyflower ..... 202.8 ... 199.7.

04 Angelica ......... 208.0 ... 204.6.

05 butterfly53 ..... 210.8 ... 208.8.

06 Elaine ............ 211.6 ... 210.4.

07 Mommuse ...... 230.1 ... 229.2.

08 Racergal22 ..... 255.0 ... 252.6.

09 mrsbdowell .................. 256.0.

10 Mom2georgie259.0.

11 Cinderelly132267.2 .... 266.0..

Comment #72

Thank you all for caring so much and.


, what a wonderful post! I was picturing Janine and us walking through the door all morning, crossing my fingers that she made it, and than she posted her good news! I'm so happy for all our losses and there are so many of us getting back on track! We are going to have a great year... with all the support in here I truly believe that....

DeAnne- Take care of yourself and feel better! We are all thinking of and praying for you...

Elaine- I think.

It's better.

Than I remember, because I didn't appreciate being in the 100's ... always complained about my weight until I ate myself into oblivion... look were it brought me... all of us? We have so many of you that are almost here... I can't wait for you all to join me!!.

Angelica- I'm grateful for your impute and totally agree with you... anytime I veer off plan, I tend to ignore the scale or don't want to tell anyone... and it has been a stumbling block in the past- One of the first steps is to own up to our mistakes and than it's easier to move on... I'm not sure if that happens with anyone else, but with me... yep. Oh! love the skirt...

Janine- Isn't that a great feeling! I'm on the last of my bigger clothes before I have to go shopping and actually buy a wardrobe of everything... no more shopping in the back of my closet... I don't think it's that much of a burden to go shopping, do you? LOL.

Congrats on all our losses ladies... no matter how small!!.

Hi Barbara.


Comment #73

Hello Dear Angels.

Angelica what a great accomplishment regarding your change in attitude to food. Isn't that feeling of control the most wonderful high? You have accomplished so much in regards to your choices and mindset. That must make you just smile. hugs.

Barbara glad you will be joining us with Beck! It will be a good investment..enjoy..

Kelly..congrats on reaching your mini goal..with your loss this week! Baby steps will get us there. Keep up the good work..

Jan sweet to have the romance become stronger in your relationship! Hope you and DH had a lovely dinner last night!.

Angelica...Love the skirt!! You look fabulous fabulous fabulous!!.

Elaine I love your attitude! Good for you, as hard as it sometimes is you have the right idea!! Won't do us one bit of good throwing in the towel now....good job gf!.

Lisa & Janine SUPER DUPER CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU BOTH!!! I am so happy for you both my dear Angel friends. Enjoy the feeling and I hope it is as wonderful as you remembered..

Jan..well said to Lisa and Janine on reaching their fantastic goal! I too felt the emotions and I just love this group and sharing we do. Congrats with your 2 lb loss after a dinner out to boot!.

Deanna..sorry to hear you have pnuemonia..take care of yourself and get well soon!.

Vilma...Glad you are back on the loosing end of things!!.

One more thing Angelica..You hit the nail on the head re: accountability. That is all so true. I've been there, done that so many many times that I can't even count them. Thank you for your insight!.

Well even though my loss was "only" 1.2 lbs it is still a loss and I am learning to be grateful for small losses as well. God is working in me for sure. On the other hand I am happy to report I have NSV. I too went "shopping in my closet"! What incentive when you fit back into your smaller jeans, tops etc. I am so happy, and yes still have more "shopping" I can do there yet! the near future I hope. dear friend...missing your smiling face gf. Hope all is well..

Hope I haven't forgotten anyone..please forgive me if I have,,,it definately wasn't intentional..

Love to you all.


Comment #74

Thanks for the congrat's friends... it's been a good day! Running tonight but will catch up Sat night...

Loves to you all!.

OP/45 min on treadmill..

Comment #75

Seeking refuge in here this am! My kids are driving me insane. DH is on 6 day work weeks and Cedar Fever has me acting like 5 of the 7 dwarves, when all I really just want to be Sleeping Beauty. Can you guess which 2 dwarfs I am not today? Down another pound this am something to brighten my morning. Fly Angels Fly!..

Comment #76

Was so tired last night, didn't get a chance to say hello to all my buddies... in fact fell asleep at the computer. Heading out to the 'city' this am but will catch up later. Have a good one girls.. stay OP and drink that water up!!..

Comment #77

Joanne- very positive attitude!! You been snowed in up there or are you able to get out and about enough?.

I have a busy Saturday so I'll check in again this evening and read everyone's post... just wanted to stop by and say howdy....



Comment #78

OK weight is frustrating but for my NSV I am posting this in my size 14 jeans14Tall admittedly - but still they are actually pretty comfy now....a smidge tight in the waist (which was never a problem pre-kids) - but so it goes......

AnyhooI'm focusing on smaller pants this week and will hope to see more weight loss over the next few days!!!.

Off to a soccer game with my 8 year old wish us luck it's a new team- and they haven't even met yet!!!..

Comment #79

I had a good whoosh this morning and went down over a pound since yesterday. Hope I can add to it this week. I am posting in my size 14 jeans! I haven't been in anything 14 for ... well...feels like forever. Very fun to just start to be in this size though most of what I'm wearing are 16's..

I went out today for an hour to try on some dresses at macy's to begin to see what size I am in dresses so that I can start thinking about what I want to wear to daughter's wedding in May. Dresses fit more to the body than separates. I could get in some 16's but they don't look good at all. I am glad I have 5 more months till the wedding. I obviously need to lose more before I even think about finding the right dress..

The news out of Tucson is so depressing. Though we don't know why all this happened, somehow we need to learn how to disagree and still respect one another and human life. So tragic. really hurts the heart..

Take care of yourselves. kiss your loved ones. offer prayers for peace...

Comment #80

CONGRATS Elaine! Size smaller and they feel great is that!!.

Lisa ..Thanks gf!..and yes we have had about 7 inches here in total...a bit thurs, yesterday some more and today a fair bit in a short while..making roads greasy....but not snowed in yet..

Hope you had fun Janine...maybe I will curl up with Beck book and read a bunch my plans for tonight fell through due to the weather..

Where is everyone??.

Catch ya all laterrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


Comment #81

Jan...we posted at the same time..congrats on the pound...I am down a pound today too....

I'm havent heard what is going on in Tucson..but prayers I can do as the Lord knows!.


Comment #82


~ Love the dress, I'm sure that you will look wonderful in it! What do you and DH have planned for your date?.


~ WooHoo girl that is super 2.4#!!!.


~ Heavens we don't assume you're off plan girlfriend... there will be plenty of times we all hit a plateau. Good for you for planning what to take to your son's presentation, BTW, did you cook the falafel yourself? One of my past favorite foods. Love your NSV **14T**. How did the soccer game go?.


~ Your dinner out sounds like it went very well.. where did you end up going out to? So glad that my sisters in weight loss take such good care of themselves by getting out on the town. Yes size **14** that totally rocks!!! Terrible about the shooter in Tuscon.. oh my..


~ take care of yourself! Glad you went to the doc and have the results. Plenty of rest and drugs....


~ good to see, missed you lately.. what have you been up to?.


~ yippee 1.2 down.. you go girl! What did you find in your closet.. anything you had forgotten about? You mentioned the weather in your last post.. are you getting another storm?.


~ Still on cloud nine too... hope that you enjoy your shopping extravaganza! I'm heading back over the mountain tomorrow and hitting Nordstrom Rack and several 2nd hand stores. I refuse to buy anything full price right now knowing that in 2/3 months I'll be out of them (except for jeans, can't find talls in 2nd hand stores)..


~ you are hoot, love your comment about the 7 dwarves. Enjoy those kiddos!.

Went over the mountain this am and back in time to see the 2nd half of the Seahawk/Saints game... we won!!!!! (Seahawks). Going back over tomorrow for work and will be back on Monday night.. probably won't post for 2 days, but believe me I'll be OP the entire time..

Stay OP girls and drink up!!..

Comment #83

All... May I join your group? Many of you are on other challenge groups I am on and this one seems so warm spirited. I will be honest, I can't post much cause my life is chaotic, but will try to post when I can. Didn't know if you seek new members. Thanks!..

Comment #84

Hello again Ladies.

I may be off the boards for as much as a week. My 7 year old has "weak lungs" for lack of a better way to put it and as of tonight, he is wheezing like a freight train..

I have begun breathing treatments and have bunked him in my bed so I can hear him. Hubby has traded beds with our son for the time being. He gets very sick, very quickly. My hope is to keep this at bay until Monday so we can see his reg. doctortest for mycoplasmic pneumonia and find out if we need antibiotics to keep us out of the hospital this time..

So....depending on how he does over the next few days - I may or may not be able to get to the computer..

Wish us well and say a prayer for my little trooper. He never complains - it's just how he lives his life and I don't think he even realizes that it's not the same for everyone. I'm packing an emergency Medifast bag of bars and water bottles just in case we have to make a suddent run to the ER with no time to prepare..

You gals are doing great and I will check in as I am able..

Janine the soccer game went well....our guys had them until the last quarter when our goalie (poor baby) was unable to stop a single shot....we went from 4 to1 to 4/4 for the final score....but it's all in fun so no worries....they are only 8-9 years old...not like this is the World Cup..

Comment #85

Elaine~ prayers and Gods mercy for your son.. and your family. Love you Elaine, get plenty of sleep when you can and take care of yourself too...

Comment #86

Lisa~ love to have you on board... post when you can and look forward to getting to know you better on this journey!..

Comment #87

Lisa18..hope you don't mind if I call you that as you probably know we have a Lisa here...I'm in the same other challenge group with Lisa-grey and you.

...Welcome to our group and you have it correct..we are a warm close knit group..don't worry about how often you can post, just come by when you can and find the love and support here..

Janine hope you have a good OP weekend gf..and I have no doubt that you will stay on plan!!....and yes we had some snow the last few days..they say another system is coming through Tuesday night into Wednesday...but we had it pretty good til now...

Elaine I will certainly pray for you and your little one. I hope things go in your favour and he can stay out of the hospital. Take care of yourself as best you how you are planning your meals around this...hugsss to you.


Comment #88

Just a quick note to say hello!!! I'm exhausted ... need to catch up with my sleep ... Baby shower was a great success!!! Everybody loved it!!!.

Elaine, my prayers are with you and your 7 year-old..

Thanks for all the compliments and kind words!!!.

I'm loving the Beck Book!!! When are we starting the discussions!?!.

On Chapter 3 "How Thin People Think" I have all the 7 Characteristics ... love what she says on page 41: If you think that you'll be able to return to your old ways of eating after you lose weight, you'll gain the excess weight back." Been there and done that many times ... no more for me! This is the last time I am losing this weight..

Also I love what she says at the end of this chapter: "It doesn't require as much effort to.


Your weight as it does to lose it.

If you learn the skills you need along the way.".

So, that means it will get easier ... LOL.

Good night ladies!!!.

Oooops, almost forgot to "Welcome" HappyLisa18 to our group in here. Of course you can join us. Have you read all our threads/posts!?! We weigh in and report our weight on Friday mornings, regardless if we lose or gain back some. Accountability is very important to us! And we are open to feedback to help us change, grow and be the best that we can be! What other thread do you belong to!?!..

Comment #89

Welcome lisa18. Glad you want to join us!.

Elaine I hope your little guy does well. our son has asthma ( just picked up meds for nebulizer and inhalers today). At 17 he is much better than when he was little. Our last ER trip was a year ago on dec 26th. Hard to have those tough nites. Sounds like you have things all prepared which is truly important - to have a plan for him, for you and for the family. And having an Medifast plan will help you too! Hope you all get some sleep!..

Comment #90

Thanks all! Yes, I don't mind being called Lisa18 at all. 18 is my birthday and somewhat of a lucky number for me, that's why I put it on my name. Love GreyflowerLisa, too!.

Angelica, I'm just on two challenge boards, both "spring into" ones. The only other board I'm on is the 50's board. I turn 50 in 9 days, and I'm a little scared :-) So, those great ladies have been wonderful. I'm very new to that board, too..

I've been on Medifast since July 26 and have read the boards, etc. And all the women on this post, when I've read your postings, are so warm and welcoming and supportive..

I will post when I can... I have an 8 year old daughter and 13 year old son and I work fulltime to support the family with my DH, who is a stay-at-home-dad. So normally, my free time is next to nothing, but the next few months will be even worse, since I foolishly volunteered to create my daughter's elementary school yearbook. I'm a fool. :-).

But through all the chaos, it's so nice to have people like you all to help me breathe and stay on track with MF..



P.S. Elaine, I'll keep you in my prayers, too. Bless your entire family...

Comment #91

Morning all!.

Elaine- Your baby boy will be in my prayers. I hope he gets better soon and there are no signs of infection..

Lisa 18- Hi!! It's so good to see you here..

You'll find all the support you need and accountability in this thread!.

Janine- I'm the same... except mine is in petite (not short!.

) ... lol Have to have.


Undergarments (yuck) and.


Jeans... everything else, I'll take 2nds or hand-me-downs from friends and family... till I reach my goal... Than it's a HUGE shopping spree... DH is already scared... lol.

Karen- Kids are good at driving you crazy... lol.

Jan- What's happening in Tucson? Anyway.... great NSV!! Sometimes those are more encouraging than the scale and it's always great to have one occasionally to lift our spirits..

Well... Sunday is always a busy day for me and It's supposed to be even busier today. At least it keeps me out of the kitchen. I'll check in later..


Comment #92

Angelica..I just want to say again how much inspiration I receive from you!! Everytime I read your posts and your convictions about things like "this being the last time you are losing weight"... just for one example. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Sometimes I feel my journey will be so long and I will be here still losing long after you guys are all done and gone. So thanks again my dear friend!.

Hope all our Angels have had a great weekend!!.


Comment #93

Joanne, my dear, thank you, but please, don't feel discouraged ... I'll be here for a very long time ... remember, for ever 2.2 pounds that we lose we'll have to be on maintenance for a month. I started this at 265 ... When I get down to 152 I'll have lost 113 pounds/2.2= 51.36/12months= 4.2 years on maintenance. So, I'll be here for quite a while ...

This is the true definition of insanity, doing the same old stuff expecting different results!.

Waving a quick hello to all of you girls!!! I need to catch up with my sleep ... didn't sleep at all last night ....

Lisa18, welcome to the club of the 50s ... it's a wonderful decade!!! We're like a good bottle of wine, we just get better with age ....

So, on the 18 we'll sing Happy Birthday to you, OK!?!.

My friend left to Utah yesterday, but on Thursday night I took her out to dinner and we went to California Kitchen Pizza ... and I had to refuse my friend's salad. Its not because it's a salad that it means it's good for us. She ordered a salad and wanted to share it with me, but it was loaded with sugars ... the dressing was very sweet, and it had caramelized pecan/walnuts, sliced apples and dried cramberries ... and she also asked for the bread and butter.

Just one bite of her food would have thrown me out of ketoses (the fat burning chemistry in my body)..

I had the most delicious arugula salad with a filet of grilled chicken breast, 2 very thin slices of Parmesan cheese and some slivered almonds on top and some extra virgin olive oil on the side for dressing. And it was divine!!! Very filling too!!! I had to ask for extra greens, though. But that was OK..

Let me share some pictures of the Baby Shower ... we had 60 ladies here and there were people climbing my stairways to see her open the presents. But we had so much fun!!!.

Janine, are we starting the "Beck" discussions tomorrow!?! I'm ready ....

Good night ladies!!! I'm hitting the sac now .....

Comment #94

Morning Angels,.

Just a quick note to say I am here, I am on program but am just taking a break from the boards. Dealing with things that have been out of my life for many years and am struggling with feelings about why do I have to do this again???? I love reading about all of you and your success..

Janine and Lisa.......WAY TO GO!!!!!!!! I am soooo happy for the two of you. It must feel like a great accomplishment! We will all follow you there soon!.

Angelica, your skirt is Fabulous. Really pretty. Joanne, love ya girl. Glad you are getting closer and closer to your goal. Sometimes it is a pound at a time. Janine you are on the gift show road.

Have fun even tho it is work,,,,, I know. Elaine hope things are going better with health in your household and a trip to the ER is not required. Jan you are so cute... Really I love the relationship with your hubby and family. Don't worry about your dress when it is time you will find just the right thing.

I think it is coming at just the right time for us..

I will try to be back sooner this time. I am doing well OP and am happy with my commitment that is back in full force. Love to you all and again.......CONGRATULATIONS TO LISA AND JANINE!!!!! YEA!!!!!.


Comment #95

Hi Kim!- You will make it through... we're here for you! Most of us here are asking ?'s like that.... either why do I have to do this again or why do I have to do it at all!! Are you reading the Beck books with us? If not, you might want to consider it... I wasn't going to do it since I'm not really an emotional eater, but I'm glad I bought them. And it has very good resources in it to help you with sabotaging thoughts....

I hope Elaine's son is doing well... lets remember to pray for him!.

Angelica- I'm so proud of you for resisting!!.

Well... I have a very busy week, but I'll be in here as usual... I have some end of the year paperwork I need to complete so I can turn it in to the accountant.. *sigh*.


Okay... about the beck book... have you all started writing your little index cards with reasons? I'll be doing that a little later on today. What I've learned about myself this last week? I'm not an emotional eater(except for the boredom), I don't eat because I care what other's think, and last but not least- I tend to use the excuse "It's not fair" when I want to finally give up! That last one is my biggest problem! As a matter of fact, I'm sitting here reading the book and realizing that this really is going to be a life long commitment to my health... I had a debate with myself cuz I really don't want to have to watch what I eat for my.


... *sigh* I know I need to and I must really be ready to make a choice of being thin, healthy & happy as opposed to being heavy, unhealthy, & mostly happy.... GRRRR I'm so frustrated with this part of my life and realize that I'm a big whiny baby.

... lol Good news is that some of the things she/he talked about I've already been implementing in my life. What thoughts have been going on in your mind? Is there any you feel comfortable sharing?.


Comment #96

Hugs to you Angelica!!!! Great job resisting temptation at the shower and the dinner out. You are getting to be a pro at that! I love how focused you are..

Kim my dear..we have been or are there now are not alone. It comes and go..can be sailing along all fine and feeling great and then hits...AND that's where Beck's will come in immensely helpfull. Glad you are back on the boards and I will hold you in my prayers..

Lisa .I have not written my cards yet...will do that shortly...wanted to get caught up on the boards before I get too far behind again. I can so relate to you about the "I don't wanna do this forever" thoughts. I must admit my mindset on that is a little better this time round, and now with can only get better..

Hope you get the paperwork always feels better when that happens!.

I found just a little bit ago I was a bit "hungry"..but I am thinking it is b/c I was down in my water intake, just the way it worked so far even after this time it still does make a dif..

Elaine..I hope your little one had a better night with no er visits. Will keep you in my prayers..

Ttyl Angels.


Comment #97

Hello all just about to tuck kids into bed...

Son is doing betterhe has a broncial infection and is requiring several breathing treatments a day and at least one during the night along with his allergy meds and cough syrup..

I'm very tired - but so far we are improving and avoiding a lengthy hospital stay. Am still on plan and will hope for a loss this Friday..

Best to everyone and thank you for the kind thoughts and prayers they must be helping because he's improving much faster than usual..

So happy to be able to pop in and find support here..

Stay warm everyone we're even freezing way down here in Texas!!..

Comment #98

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.