Is weight watcher better then Nutrisystem?

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My first question is Is weight watcher better then Nutrisystem? Hoping for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. I just got my second shipment of Nutrisystem food. As of today, I've dropped 27 pounds since January 6. Anyway, in this shipment, there was a purple bear with a 20 on it. I gather that this is for losting 20 pounds.

Do I need to by a shelf for all my bears?!.

Anyway, just wondering...

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Of course! but... you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm my answer as I am not confident. Better yet, why don't you contact the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you help better...

Comment #1

Yeah! Way to go! Call for your 10lb bear. You DESERVE it!! You'll really appreciate it when you get all the bears up to 100 lbs. and then the GOAL bear!! Yeah! Teddies 'r Us..


Comment #2

Actually, the bear just means that the distribution manager has a crush on you. I hear he's not a bad guy. Take it as a compliment...

Comment #3

Sorry, but that was too funny for me to not post in the locker room...

Comment #4

Yeah, I got this fuzzy little red 10 pound bear with my last box. I'm thinking, what the he**, I'm a man. I don't need no stinking girlie bear to motivate me. I told the kids that they better not touch that bear... not that I care...

Comment #5

If you gain 10 lbs they send this in the mail - and he's not cuddly..

Comment #6

Great! Thanks, everyone. Do I have to call for the 10 pound bear? I'd rather email. I'm not sure I'm comfortable enough in my manliness to actually talk to some one about sending me a teddy bear!.

I thought it was odd at first, but the collector/geek in me wants to get the 10 pounder too!..

Comment #7

Still the best fullback to ever play the game..

Comment #8

You guys crack me up!.

Yes! Email them. I did the same when they forgot one of mine...

Comment #9

I see this thread as an opportunity to show off my bear collection. Here they are!!!..

Comment #10

Wow! Man, that is awesome! Way to go! You should totally build a bear shelf!..

Comment #11

So how do you post the pics of the little bears in your signature and also other pictures?..

Comment #12

Wow, Jonah! I had forgotten you got the 150 bear!! Way to go, dude. Serious success story. Love it!.


Comment #13


Put that teddy bear in your bed with you!..

Comment #14

Amy made a lot of bears for us. Look around there are a lot of different kinds..


I just copy and paste them..

If that doesn't work for you, right click on the bear you want,left click ''save as'' to your computer.

Download it to photo bucket.

Copy IMG code and paste it to your signature.

Other pictures are done the same way through Photo Bucket...

Comment #15

I've done all my Nutrisystem shopping via the Costco program. So we don't get Bears, although they did send them to us with our 2nd order, on accident. Seems kind of lame that those of us who found Nutrisystem through Costco miss this incentive....

Oh well, at least I got thin..

Comment #16

Just thought I would let everyone know that I emailed CS about my 10lb Bear (thanks Shellidian) and it shipped today. So all is well with the world and I will have my rightful two bears...

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