Is www.123 down? I can not enter this site.?

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My first question is Is www.123 down? I can not enter this site.? Many thanks for any response. Another question I got... How convient is it for HostGator name tasters to simply reg and drop a name, because it doesn't produce traffic, It is very simple, because they get a refund of names they don't decide to keep, personally, I think it stinks, Why a refund? They are just tasting the name to see if gets any traffic, The refund policy is pure crap, and delays drops, I don't think HostGator names where made for test driving-LOL.....So say...the big drop catchers register up all the daily drops, which they usually do, they keep the names that produce traffic and ect, and then they get a nice refund for all the HostGator names they want to keep, In turn putting the names they did keep on auction, and make you pay a minimum fee just to begin bidding on names they picked up for reg fee, Is that not catering to the big drop guys? And with the auctions, alot of times a bidding war takes place, making them millions of dollars a year, It really stinks imo...

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Ye, but you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm this as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you call the 123 reg guys because they can give you an answer better...

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X, you make a good arguement, although it's nice to have an option to return unwanted names, but I agree there should be some kind of cap rule as Justin has mentioned...

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I have "tasted"..

I love it and wish I could take advantage of it more..





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Screw any refund policy...don't grant one period. Even if you manage to typo a name when registering it, it's $7! Live with it! I just think as long as there's any kind of refund policy, even if it's just partial, there will be ways for people with money to abuse it and get richer and people without money to suffer from it...

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Actually there is, The big drop catchers, you know who they are, register almost the complete drop list daily, taste them, then you can find them available in a couple to few days, why would I want to taste a domain, that has already been tasted? And they are able to refunded thousands of dollars a day, for domains they do no want, They aren't spending hardley anything, reg fee for names they auction off at a min of amount of dollars, They are making millions, and spending very little, just reg fee per HostGator name...

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$7 is a very small loss compared to the common $XXXX+ marketing loss by the previous owners of the domain. Good topic!..

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Most people who make a mistake only do so on one or a few domains. If they limited refunds to say 10 per day per registrant, it would put up a fairly good roadblock to the large tasters..

Vigilante approach - If a hacker group would create a program to send some false traffic to all new registered domains for about the first 5 days, the tasters wouldn't be able to determine which to keep or drop and would spend all their money keeping domains worth nothing..

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Last I checked, one of ICANN's committees has already prepared a report on.

This subject. Time will tell what'll happen next..

IMHO it won't completely stop all those who are into "domain tasting" even if.

Some kind of fee is finally imposed, especially those who have "perfected" this.


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