Ive just bought a 123 domain, can I host it with 1and1?

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First question I got is Ive just bought a 123 domain, can I host it with 1and1? Hoping for any response. Another question I got...

Britannia is the female personification of Great Britain BTW. The name was associated with an online casino that was using World Gaming software. World Gaming's auditor was found guilty of securities fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, racketeering, conspiracy and racketeering conspiracy, and was sentenced to 108 months (9 years) in a federal penitentiary. The HostGator is on a few casino blacklist sites..

Still... it's a good looking name and it gets around 50 uniques per month on average since June, 2006..

Should I let it go for $120?..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an useful answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

You say you need the 120 dollar..

Than you should take it..

You can make a counter offer of $ 300, most likely the buyer is going to accept that immediately..

Good luck..

Comment #2

Agree with nmr86,.

If you need money NOW, and fast, then accept the $120..

If you are okay, sort of need money, but not hurting, then counter with $300..

Or else,.

Follows Justin's tactic here -.


Good luck..

Comment #3

Me too, considering it is listed on sedo for $60 + a quick search in Google brings up reports of scams, blacklistings etc for those two keywords..

I would spend 1/2 hr and check google results for those keywords and other extensions out before making any decisions..

The same name in is owned by Casiopea Group Ltd, Cyprus and was Registered on: 22-May-2007.

......could be them ? .

(PM me if you want me to remove any of the above.



Comment #4

Well based on my experiences, I would offer low xxx when I expect within low xxxx range of counter offers. If they don't want to pay much, many people offer the minimal aka $60 on sedo. And he offered $120 instead. This means this buyer expects the name is at least worth in low xxx range. I think it is quite possible he will accept your $300 counter-offer right away, which is not a loss but you might get more who knows..

That's why I suggest a $1200 counter-offer with.

A wisely thought comment.


But anyway, if you want to get rid of this name as fast as possible then low $xxx counter-offer followed by an auction is also a good choice...

Comment #5

The below seals the deal for me - not a penny less than $1,200 (You've had the name for a while, yes?)..

Hell, if I was feeling froggy at the moment, my counter would be $4,300..

Also, if you're getting 50 uniques a month but only making $5 a year in parking (600 uniques a year, say 20% conversion, 120 clicks, that's around a nickel a click... big assumptions, I know) you need to rethink your parking.

The name was registered in the only a few days ago... don't you dare sell it for $120.

(Even though the was reg'd by an Australian and the site is just an affiliate nameserver redirect).

Just my .02.


Comment #6

It's too much of a coincidence that the was just registered. Also, I'd bear in mind Justin's thread about his sale. You always are expected to haggle. I'd counter with $2000. Send them a real response, not one of those one-liners. This offer is probably the only buyer you are ever going to get for this domain.

I agree you need to look at your parking arrangements for your domains...

Comment #7

I agree with Allen here. I can't see anyone really being interested in that HostGator unless they are a motivated end user. I'd probably counter with $4995 and see where it goes. Look at it this way. If $120 would be nice, $5000 would be a lot nicer.

If they want it, they'll counter with an offer that is at least more than $120, so you win either way. If they dont counter, well, then you're out $120, but I'm the poorest person I know, and I $120 wouldn't really make that much of a difference in my life, but $5000 would..

Comment #8

Thanks for all the advice fellas. Rep has been left for everyone..

Let me elaborate a little further... the initial offer at Sedo was $60. I countered with $120 in haste (it was early in the am and I was drowsy). He sent a counter of $100 back asking me to justify my selling price. I ignored the offer because I didn't want to sell the name for $100 and I then started thinking my $120 counter was probably to low. When I didn't get back to him within 24 hours or so, he bumped up his offer to $120.

BTW, I received a $200 offer with a 24 hour deadline via PM yesterday (after Allan's rather well thought-out post)...

Comment #9

Aren't you now bound to sell for $200 if you countered at $120?..

Comment #10

The $200 offer was via Namepros PM..

At Sedo....

His initial offer was $60..

I countered with $120..

He countered with $100..

He later bumped his offer up to $120..

Even though he sort of met my counter-offer, I'm not obligated to sell for $120 since he didn't agree to buy when I made that particular offer...

Comment #11

Any update on this? did you sell it yet?..

Comment #12

I didn't sell yet. After all the "don't sell for cheap" comments here, I don't think I should. The potential buyer at Sedo seems set on $120 BTW. I'm going to make my third counter-offer now...

Comment #13

If you have put 120$ when you posted, then go ahead and sell it. But if you have put like "Accepting Offers" then counter offer something around 300$...

Comment #14

He cancelled negotiations... oh well, I didn't want to sell it for cheap anyway...

Comment #15

OK... this is getting juicy. I'll post here when I have an update...

Comment #16

Cool, we like Juicy !.

6 offers so far eh ! looking promising.

Good luck.


Comment #17

I was just reading this (trying to learn ...).

Could we all know what he status is?.

Did you make a low to mid $xxxx?.

Good Luck..

Comment #18

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