I've registered a Godaddy domain name with Do I own that name?
Question I have... I've registered a Godaddy domain name with Do I own that name? Thanks for any answer. Another question... Uh oh....


This heralds the death of most porn .COM sites. No wonder .XXX was approved by the DoC...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could help you..

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Yes you have a point there. US laws only apply to websites that are hosted in the US? Like there is heaps of warez websites hosted in china and sweeden becuase the laws arnt as "tough" as in the US...

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Agreed, it's just shifting the problem... I dont know why they even try IMO... :\..

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Porn sites are going to end up like warez sites, illegal, underground and very shady..

If they just leave it then everyone would be happy, the sites would just end up running illegal in the end if they just ban it altogether.


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Thats true, we are going to have a lot of adult sites popping up here and there illegally.... and dissapearing before the authorities can get to them......

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Its the sad truth the law wont see, they know it's the truth, they know it will happen, but they are just ignorant, and think pretend like it wont happen..

Man, these days the cyber crime worlds are just getting too big..


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Yep, we are just going to see a shift in ownership to Russian and eastern european countries IMO.... and whats betting many of the information provided in WhoIs will be false, and the authorities wont check up on it?..

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The authorities are just plain thick at times, 5 15 yr old kids in this forum could plan and do it better than they could..

IMO, they should spend more time catching real thives in the street etc or hackers and closing down warez sites than porn sites..


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Yeah, Warez is illegal yet simply searching in google, the first page is full of warez, To make a porn GoDaddy site all I would need is a server out side the US. I dont use porn lol but I still dont think they should ba able to do this, this is going to ruin the lives of many people, people that work in the industry, people who have huge established sites hosted in the US, they shouldnt be allowed to do this IMO, another stupid american law (are they all stupid?)..

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I guess I wont be getting anymore votes at

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Lol, ratemyboner anit classed as a porn GoDaddy site as such is it though?.


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Well, just thinking about it, you think .com porn sites will be in jepordy? Think of what .us porn sites will be like!..

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Rooster rating sites, yeah, that’s what we need to see more of...

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There are loads of rate my... sites, which are just lame really..


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Well, the appraisal forum is really a (which is available) don’t you think?..

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The one I saw that I thought was wierd was.

Rate my Afro.


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Just going back to this point;.

I think they need to be sorting out warez / hacking sites BEFORE they try to sort out porn sites.....

They are trying to take on the whole world, without the amount of resources they need to do so.....

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TBH, without taking out warez sites before porn, porn would still be avalible on warez sites, so they need to get rid of warez before the porn really..


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As said;.

If you cant do something PROPERLY dont do it at all..

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I'm an affiliate of many adult sites and they just had to make a few changes to meet the requirments, so porn is still going strong, it just weeded out the not so on the up and up sites...

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If this is meaning that sites have to GAURENTEE that all models are 18+, doesnt this mean, that each model will have to sign a contract or something?..

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I believe so Sabre, but I'm sure most Adult sites had these release forms before all this happened or at least those which I am affiliated with had them on hand...

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Why do you do anything then Sabre.

Lol, you take that attitude to french dont you.


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All depends EXACTLY what the law is that is passed IMO......

Slight variations can make all the difference.....

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Did anyone actually read the article?.

This seems like a really great example of biased media..

The title, "US rules all porn is child porn" is actually an incorrect statement of the events that occured..

"All pornography in the US is now.


Classified as child pornography,.

Unless providers can prove the ages of everyone taking part.


The US did not rule that all porn is child porn. Firstly, because this is not a court case. This was a modification to a law. Congress is not a court. Secondly, what actually happened is, they made a decision to expand a long standing law that required the creators of the porn to keep records on all of the actors who took part in their films, to cover online porn as well..

If anyone is interested in reading the actual law, it is available.


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Right; this one of of the reasons that the law is open to interpretation by the judicial system, so hopefully the government will win a few cases if anyone sues..

Maybe IE7 and upcoming editions of FireFox and Opera etc will block .xxx sites by default..

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I doubt theyll block a whole HostGator extension.....

Too much opposition will be in place IMO....

However companies like AOL might give people permissions to turn the extension ON and OFF for their kids.....

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Browsers might come with .xxx domains blocked by default and you can/have to set to allow..


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I doubt that'll happen - there is a reason for the .xxx domains to be around, and if MS, Netscape, FF or Opera block the .xxx HostGator ppl will be changing browsers fast (unless there is an option to remove the block)..

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What a pain in the ass the government is being..

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If firefox does block it, it will have an option to unblock it, if not, someone will just grab the code and do it themselfs.

<3 Open source.


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Vicious, how dare you bring facts into this!.

Thanks for the link, AND the clarification. While "hype" does sell, getting back to what is actually true of the matter at hand is key..

Thanks, vicious.


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Interesting that this thread has more views and replies than any other started this morning..

Apparently, sex really does sell...

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Good point.

Gotta love the open source stuff he he..

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Or it could mean that folks saw the BS in the OP and got turned off....

The article you linked to states at the very beginning....

This is old stuff. US law requires all adult content makers (aka pornographers) to keep files and model releases of all models participating in the adult material being made. Again, this is nothing new and there is nothing wrong with that law nor is there anything to "worry" about or be "shocked" by..

But more importantly, it does not mean the end of porno sites/porn in America. If you go to US based porn sites, you will see that they comply with this law by stating where the records of the actors/models can be found. I have a hard time believing that they merely state the location but never actually keep the rocords. That would be utter death for them, and they know it. Remember, just becasue a business is an adult business, that by no means means that they are stupid. In fact, I would venture to guess that many adult businesses are run more inteligently than non-adult businesses..

So given that US porn sites DO keep records of their actors/models, and given that all the records are truthful, they are not considered child pornographers..

I think you, mole, need to read a little more carefully and actually look into the industry before trying to cause controversy. You and the first phrase of that article are attempting to gain soemthing through shock & controversy, it seems. That in itself is nothing new.

You certainly have this habit of twisting what you read to get a shock out of people and make them worry. To be perfectly honest with you, it is getting rather old...

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As for browsers blosking .xxx HostGator names, I don't think they will, but I would highly expect parental control programs like NetNanny to bring that in, in the next version...

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All that is likely to happen is for website owners and hosting companies to move offshore..

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It isn't "mole" that is creating the controversy here (just perpetuating it). This is typical enflaming crap from the US media. The headline is meant to get people all riled up when, just as was already noted here, it's nothing new, and nothing is likely to be done about it. Sure, legit sites and movie houses are to keep records on the actors/models and some don't, whoopdifrickindoo. It's only a problem if they are trying to get away with using under-age folks and there is no way of knowing this without an investigation anyway..

Headlines like this are about inciting an emotional response and that pisses me off...

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No, it's from the uk media.....

It sometimes amazes me how stupid people make themselves look, and this thread has done nothing but perpetuate that fact. People, READ, that way you don't look so ridiculous when you make statements. I doubt that the majority of you have read the article, even after my last post. I doubt that Mole even read the article, based on his initial post. Most of the statements being made and the discussions that follow those statements, have no basis in the facts of what is going on. They appear to be based on nothing but the title of the thread.

Sorry if this offends anyone, but it's true, and learning from this will make you better people...

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True, true. I guess i'm too used to seeing this sort of thing around here...

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Exactly, it will just make people work harder. Internet pornography believe it or not, makes some sites a large amount of revenue. (I'm talking in the $XXXX a day.) They would have no problem moving to .XXX however. But if they tried to shut all porno sites down, it would cause lots and lots of lawsuits. Just won't happen, I assure you...

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Do they really expect any of those models to post their addresses? What about all of those pornstars in the past who have openly admitted they lied about their age and started doing flicks or dancing in strip clubs underage? Are they going to arrest those filmmakers and club owners due to someone presenting false documents?.

I would be willing to make a bet if we visited any of those lawmakers that voted on this bill's house we could find a stash of dirty magazines and porn videos. I don't believe in the exploitation of underage kids let's get that straight. But let's be real here I personally was under the age of ten when I saw my first nude woman in a dirty magazine. Hell after I figured out how much I loved the female anatomy victoria secrets was the best thing since comics in my teen years and thats a store catalogue!..lmao.

Anyway my point is lawmakers out there and those who enforce it. Get a damn life already. Take a look at yourself past, present, and future when you pass these laws..

Sort of off the subject but somewhat on. I read a cover story on a local weekly paper this week about a gay guy who was in a chatroom looking for some companionship. This guy was chatting with a person and they had a general chat conversation and some time into it the person on the other end brought up the subject of drugs and the gay guy says he has some "amsterdam amyl" which can be bought in stores all around my town and yours most likely. Well apparently the gay guy ends the conversation for whatever reason..

Ten minutes later the other guy (who is a confidential informant) and after consulting with the vice cops he was working for tries to start up a conversation again tells the guy to meet him and bring the amyl (he bought legally). Well to make a long story short he knocks on the door and was ambushed but 4 plain clothes cops. He thinks he's being targeted by a group of haters so ofcourse he freaks. Well apparently it takes four cops and using the stungun "THREE" times to take down a 180lb gay guy..

After all is said and done the cops arrest him for resisting arrest while breaking a law he never broke. The District Attorneys are left trying to figure out what the guy did wrong or make it look like he did do something wrong so the cops don't look bad. Goes to show how the law is using the internet to entrap innocent people. And to top things off the "sting" is just targeting gays. But apparently the police department is publishing a "straight" guide to entrapment. In this case there was no entrapment because he did nothing wrong.

The same people who the laws are being used against..

To top things off the guy has all of his friends numbers in his cellphone which the cops have so he has to call his parents whom don't know he's gay at that point to bail him out...

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It just won't happen I don't think. Trying to switch every porn GoDaddy site over to .XXX will take years,..

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I think having .xxx is better because everyone will know they are porn...

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Pornographers may find ways to get away with the law, but at least this law makes their efforts a little harder...

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If all porn sites have to be .XXX it will make it easier to block porn popups because you can then just block *.xxx (* being a wildcard).

Make my history clean..


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Its a brilliant idea... in concept... but not in actually making it work IMO..

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Like in the case of, it's a trivial matter to access all kinds of thumbnailed porn. Since adult sites are required by law to check and keep model info and release forms, could google be legally liable, since of course they don't have these?..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.