I've registered my domain name for my website at 123, whats next?

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Question I have... I've registered my domain name for my website at 123, whats next? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... Just been browsing the recent sales today & found that has sold for $4k today as reported on Namebio & DNSaleprice. Honestly, I can't see it worth that much. It's not even a site, just a parked page.

Maybe it's time to start looking at 4 word domains!..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you help..

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But basing it on the market "standards", it's not worth 4k at all!..

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The honest truth is, especially in the high dollar market, there isnt a whole lot left to brand. Im sure the buyer is banking on the HUGE amount of foreclosures that are coming and I believe mhdoc has hit the nail on the head. Did the guy over pay for this domain? Honestly, he got the name he wanted at a higher price that a reseller would, but lets be honest - we've all seen domains with less value go for much more..


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Not if it was bought by a domainer but for "a man with a plan" those keywords.

May be.

Absolutely perfect for their needs ? .

I've seen alot worse names sell for more.


So very true !.


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The buyer got a cool slogan that describes what is going to be a very big market in the growing property squeeze. If you went to a.


Firm and asked them to come up with a slogan like that they'd charge a bomb, $4K is chump change for what they got, I'm surprised the domainer didn't recognise what they were selling and to who, imagine the kind of capital a vulture fund has to play with, 4K is lunch to them!..

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Moped got it right, it's most likely a slogan of theirs (or now will be). I've seen businesses use their slogans more and more for HostGator names for a few different reasons. I myself have because that is a slogan for one of my businesses...

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It always puzzles me when people look at a HostGator & say how can that be worth $xx when it's 4 words or whatever.... can't they think outside the box & use personal judgement.... 'webuyhousesfast' that pretty much sums the business up.... easy to remember, no ph number required....

'webuyhouses' is shorter but doesn't really say much.... I mean, we all buy houses don't we?.

'buyhousesfaster' is shorter but that throws the emphasis on enabling the reader to buy a house faster..... the opposite of whats intended..

'webuyfaster'....... bit vague that one.

As are 'webuy' 'buyfaster' (in fact, a bit too vague for anything?).

As for 'housesfaster' - nitrous kits for RV's perhaps? ;-).

The HostGator is worth what someone is happy (in fact, maybe not happy; but prepared to) pay for it.....

I think it was a good price for the buyer......

Ronseal type domains are excellent.... because the site contains just what it says on the tin!.



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Ive been offerd 3,500.00 us $'s for, but the sites slated for development and I am passing..and 200.00 smakers for, I keep all my tv's.....

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If things work that way, I keep my hope to sell "" as a kind of auction site for about $3k or $4k %-P..

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You're not understanding the real estate market..

With that name, if he BUYS 1 home, (lets say a $100k house, fix it up, spend 25k in repairs, and sells that home for $175k = $50k profit).

Now repeat that monthly for the next 5yrs.......

Now 4k dont sound so bad..

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I think we all seem to be missing a key point. It may not apply specifically here, but you can never underestimate the selling potential of a non-domainer. I know this first hand just from making offers on domains via email..

Essentially, we as domainers have a basic understanding of what a HostGator is worth. Would we ever ask $4k for such a domain? Probably not... On the other hand, there are people out there who are not domainers, yet still happen to own a domain. If they registered the HostGator for personal reasons or planned to develop it, they may have no real intention of selling. They may have never considered the idea as it's really not why they registered it in the first place. So they get an email from someone interested in buying it.

Whether they sell or not, they probably don't care, so they have absolutely nothing to lose by asking a high price. And while this isn't going to work every day, occassionally, I'm sure that inquiring party might want it at any reasonable cost..

I've inquired about pronouncable CVCV.coms and received replies in the range of 50k-1 million. Was the person seriously expecting to sell it at this price from a logical perspective? No... But they probably don't want to sell it. And if someone is willing to pay a million bucks for it, than they'll let it go.

I'm sure this isn't the norm, but I imagine it's happened more than a few times...

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If you notice advertisements on TV they often use a web site HostGator with a few words that describe the service or product...

Comment #12 is also available if anyone's interested, but has already been taken..

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I wishy there were more buyers like that. It would not be tough to think up a few of those names...

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Just what are the "standards"? Overture?.

I don't see a problem with 4k for this particular name. In fact it's an extraordinarily small price to pay if you have a business and you want a very memorable name for a real estate business that buys houses. It's very specific to a particular type of service and obviously has value in that segment of the marketplace..

I think too many sale prices today are driven by the Overture key word thing (Google/Alexa included). I personally think the Overture thing is overrated and I think Domainers are blinded by Overture etc. Domainers have let themselves be locked into a situation where scores dictate every sale. Even the auctions today are unrealistic in that they are all being driven by traffic (a la Moniker's Traffic auctions) and not by a name's possibilities..

I take the view that in the longer term marketing and branding will become far more important considerations, especially with the ongoing release of TLDs and the clutter of shit names that are being registered. Names that are easily understood, easily remembered and which have strong recognition value will become very important for businesses wanting to stand out from the crowd. Long after the romance with Overture is over good branding and marketing type names will be the names bringing big prices. I believe this will happen quickly when non-domainers start coming into the aftersales marketplace..

I think the most puzzling thing is why more names of this type aren't selling for higher prices than they do at this point in time. I picked up the following as drop-offs:.

These will all be very saleable names one day because businesses will want names that stand out and which have appeal. And the beauty of all these names is that they can be used for a multitude of purposes..

But .... none of them have an Overture score worth talking about. Somehow I'm not going to lose sleep over that. :-)..

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Agreed. I frequently see threads where someone is proudly announcing the registration of a name that leaves me shaking my head and asking who would ever be able to use it..

I built a content 123 reg website in 1999 on a subject I am reasonably knowledgeable about and it gets way more traffic than overture would suggest..

A long time ago I registered and expect someone will want it one of these days..

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Or maybe, WeAlreadySoldYourHouseButWeDidntTellYouAndWereKeep

More seriously, referring to the OP, "We Buy Houses Faster" sounds like one of those trademarkable phrases that companies like to use. Chances are some big estate agent will turn up with the phrase as their slogan in a few months time (and they'll be the ones who bought the domain, of course). $4,000 isn't alot of money for a big company. Which just goes to show, you never know what a HostGator is worth, if someone takes a liking to it...

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Good post Rodash. I agree. A HostGator that brings a little pocket change with parking and search isn't neccessarily going to be worth a large amount in the future. But a good HostGator name that can make a rememberable web site can we worth a larger amount...

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