IWeb site > FTP client > 123 reg-hosted domain > 403 Forbidden?

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Question I have... IWeb site > FTP client > 123 reg-hosted domain > 403 Forbidden? Thanks in advance for any answer. Another question... Yes you are right, the auth code can get by admin only, me too believed untill happend this illegal transaction. Now, what I believe this transaction cannot be happened without registrar support..

Otherwise, how they got the code and who unlocked the domain..


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you an answer..

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I find myself with unlocked domains all the time... It only occurs when I buy a HostGator from someone and they are under the mistaken impression that they need to unlock it in order to be able to push the domain... I just assume they would not make this mistake. I learn as I go.

It's impossible for the HostGator to be transfered if it is locked without you giving someone the AUTH code. If this did in fact happen as you state, I would be very angry as well. Unfortunately you're not coming across very clearly and I imagine any contact between yourself and Sedo and NetworkSolutions will be equally unclear to them. Perhaps your best option would be to get a friend who speaks better English to write emails for you to both Sedo and NetSol..

I'm not sure why everyone is bashing him for wanting to back out of the sale. If things did go down how he explained, I'd probably be extremely leary about continuing a relationship with either company. At this point, all he knows is that payment hasn't been sent and the HostGator is no longer in his account. I'd be freaking out as well..

But I digress, because thats a big IF. I imagine there is more to this story than whats been said...

Comment #2

If I'm reading this correctly, it sounds as if the name is now in the possession of Sedo. That should be fine as Sedo won't release it to the buyer until they are in possession of the buyer's money, at which point Sedo will pay you..

So there shouldn't be anything to worry about..

On the other hand, I still don't understand how Sedo can get possession of your name without you authorizing it. And they certainly couldn't have done it without the help of Netsol. (As an aside, my opinion of Netsol is that they are the lowest of the low, the absolute scum of the earth, the Satan of the HostGator world. Just in case you wanted my opinion...)..

Comment #3

I think the question that needs to be answered though... If a company did this to you... Would you trust them with your domain? I can't say that I would..

Lets put this in real life terms. Say you owned a stereo. You had a really good friend named Sedo. Sedo had a friend (who you didn't know), who wanted to buy your stereo. So you agree to sell and one night while you're out to dinner, Sedo breaks into your home and takes your stereo. Then he says, "don't worry, I'll just hold onto your stereo until the guy pays for it." Are you going to trust him?..

Comment #4

I agree. That's why my 3rd paragraph begins with "On the other hand..."..

And let's not forget that Sedo had help breaking into my home. It was Netsol that jimmied the lock on my front door and invited Sedo inside...

Comment #5

This is a quite confusing story from Amma. What really happened? Clutching at straws.. did Amma change the registrant info to his own after he received the domain?..

Comment #6

It is not required when we acquire a HostGator name from because they will transfer the HostGator name with the registrant information in our account with them, also once we received the HostGator name we will never forget to check the HostGator whois or registrant information to confirm whether HostGator received or not because, we are paying high amount to them..

As you said, the auctioning company should be entered by back door while closed the front door. This cannot happen without support of the registrar..

I'm 100% sure I closed the front door when I acquired from SnapNames..

Hello Ronald Regging,.

I'm too much angry with those two companies that is why wanted to start this thread and taking openions to show my anger. But, I need wait some more time...

Hope, someone will threat them very soon for their illegal operations..

You could think why I did not agree to transfer the HostGator when they ask, I did not transfer the HostGator to escrow service because of I need to update my bank account with the auctioning company, otherwise the money can go to wrong place. I cannot open a bank acount immediately because I'm not in my own country, so it took some time to get an account...

Comment #7

I still don't understand why you want to get out of the sale....


Comment #8

You mean you haven't "talked" to Netsol or Sedo about this? Or if you have,.

What have they answered so far?..

Comment #9

Try to contact your registrar and the auction company for more information...

Comment #10


You said:.

When you say "resend" we understand that you received an email from sedo before the transfer request arrived..

What was that email? Can you copy it here?.

How did you respond to that email?.

Some people thought the HostGator is now in sedo's account. This is incorrect. Because the email send from nsol to amma we understand that it was a transfer and not push. Sedo does not transfer domains into their accounts. They forward the information to buyer and buyer requests a transfer...

Comment #11

For an example you are selling a demanded item for cheap price in your shop, you got a buyer on daytime, he said you “I will purchase the item so, please do not sell to anyone” you promised him “Ok, I’ll never sell to anyone, it is reserved for you”..

Next day morning your getting a phone call or email from the buyer he says “Last night I came to your shop it has been closed so, I entered inside your shop by using my tech/influence and got the item. Today I’ll pay you the amount..

Will you not feel angry with him for doing so? You will say return my item immediately I don’t want any more deals with you..

Same feeling here..

Comment #12

Saying you are.

'100% sure'.

Is not the same thing as saying that you physically checked if it was locked. A belief is not the same thing as testing/validation. You may have 100% believed it was locked but actually maybe it wasn't. I suspect that there is some missing checking here and that this accounts for the ambiguity of replies...

Comment #13

But that isn't the situation that you have here..

The "buyer" has done nothing wrong, and merely the service that.


Use to sell domains has done wrong according to.


The buyer has not "entered your shop" or caused anything untoward to happen, and instead if you back out you will only be hurting the buyer of the domain, and your own reputation here..

Kick and scream about Sedo all you want, but backing out of the sale is not the correct course of action..


Comment #14

Yes, I agree with your comment. The buyer should not treated for the fault of auctioning conpany..

I think the buyer got the HostGator name. The current status says.

"The transaction has been successfully concluded. ".

I did not see any transfer process, everything has gone under table..

Yes, I sent emails to both parties asking the description of the procedures you used to transfer the HostGator name without my authorization..

I wrote my ID and HostGator name to the registrar but, they said.

"We apologize for the inconvenience. With regard to your concern, please be informed that you were not able to renew the HostGator name on time that is why it has been registered by another registrant.".

MY HostGator WILL EXPIRE ONLY JANUARY 2008. Again I wote to them with their reply as.

My HostGator name will expire only January 2008. Still I'm waiting for your correct answer..

They said.

"Regarding your concern, it is true that the HostGator name (domain) is valid until 01-09-2008. however the HostGator name has been registered by another Network Solutions customer. if you will be doing a WHOIS look up, you may be able to view the current registrant of the HostGator name".

I'm really tired with these contacts. Again I ask them.


Their reply below.

"Regarding your concern, multiple expiration notices were sent to you by (their company name) prior to, and after the HostGator name registration expired. When we did not receive your renewal fee by the expiration date, your HostGator name registration services were deactivated. However, rather than delete the HostGator name at that point, we sent additional renewal notices and provided a grace period of more than 30 days. Because we did not receive your renewal fees by the end of the grace period, your HostGator name services were terminated in accordance with our Service Agreement and the HostGator name was registered by another registrant.".


The procedure is we want to transfer to the auctioning company's account with the registrar then the auctioning company will transfer to the buyer...

Comment #15

What they're saying is basically that you missed renewing your HostGator in January this year, (6 months ago), and that the HostGator later dropped and was taken by somebody else..

Are you completely sure this isn't the case? What is the.


Date shown in the whois now?..

Comment #16

You are being given the overworked support runaround. They're not reading your emails. Call them if possible or write to Netsol again quoting both emails and asking them how it is possible for an unexpired HostGator to be registered by somebody else...

Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.