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Quick question: Just bought a web site domain from 123 reg? Thanks in advance for any answer. My 2nd question... I am getting some really nice traffic on a few of my domains. There are two that have been getting steady traffic everyday and seem to be increasing in traffic..

Why is this driving me mad?.

Because I'm not getting any offers and I could really use my first $x,xxx or better yet $xx,xxx sale!.

Probably wouldnt do any good, but I'd love to know who is looking at my names.

PS- Check it out,.

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could answer your 123 reg question..

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All set to make offer, had all my names with asking price for a month and still no takers so switched it back to make offer..

Also, my well written emails to possible endusers have all gone unawnsered with the exception of one asking for my price expectation. Decided to awnser with a reasonable price and never heard back..

Needless to say, I'm getting a little frustrated as I really could use some money and been "domaining" for a little over a year now and believe I have atleast 15 very solid names. Mostly .com's.

I have been focusing on deleting my bad names and only buying and keeping what I believe to be good investments for the near and distant future. Total domains I own is 60ish. Trying to keep my renewal fee's every year to a minimum also..

But after a year and not one sale over mid $xxx I'm starting to become impatient. Especially seeing some of the traffic I'm getting with no offers...

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It's definitely a waiting game, but it's great that you are actively marketing to End users!.

I'd say to include traffic stats in those marketing letters, and also perhaps go back to the "Fixed price" on your Sedos ... the minimum you would accept considering everything and Sedo fees, etc..

All the best!.


Comment #3

If you get a good amount of traffic then the one thing you need to do is to find out what these visitors for the majority are looking for..

Point these domains to your own nameserver for a couple of days and us an analytic program like to find out where the incoming traffic comes from, either what type of sites they are coming from or what searches they have been using..

Once you have established this and if there is an option to monetize the domains from the expectations of the visitor then explore the possibilities to give them what they want by supplying them the product or service through an affiliate program..

If the traffic is that good you may even make $x,xxx monthly..

Comment #4

You could list it on namedrive in the section which front-ends traffic stats..

Comment #5

Im sort of in the same boat HasRob. Although I might be a bit more patient. And have had a few good sales..

I also don't mind sitting on a name for 5 years if it means that in 5 years I'll have a nice sale..

My names get hardly any attention on Sedo yet on Afternic I have some with 40+"views of offer" per month .. Yet no offers.. LOL.

I've sold just over 20 names now, as a domainer, and none have been through the main page of Afternic or Sedo.. It's all forums, private sales aftermarkets and ebay!..

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Hi I have an adult HostGator and I need to know how to get some content for it..

Comment #7

***hi I have an adult HostGator and I need to know how to get some content for it***.


Comment #8

People who click links are probably not normally the buyers of you domain, but the potential customers of the HostGator owner. Eventually, a person who wants to sell the product will find it, but most who come across a HostGator are looking to buy the product. Not all bad, but just a waiting game...

Comment #9

I thought as much, hopefully by waiting those good things will come..

Comment #10

I might have missed this in the thread somewhere, but are your traffic domains making any $?..

Comment #11

No, there at sedo getting .06 per click.

Come to think of it, I've been thinking about moving all my domains to afternic or moniker for parking. I dont know that I like the fact that any potential buyers can see the traffic stats on any given name at sedo. Atleast on afternic you can hide this information and if i'm not mistaken, at moniker theres no way to tell. Thoughts?..

Comment #12

Do you want a SedoPRO invite? Really pushes up your RPC ( for US, UK traffic)..

Comment #13

Thanks Duce, but only have roughly 60 ish domains.

Can you hide traffic stats with pro?..

Comment #14

Well I just got done taking my highest traffic name and "minisiting" it over at 1plus with adsense and analytics to see what happens. Fingers crossed!..

Comment #15

Keep us informed of how your research comes out...

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