Just bought a website domain on now what do I do?
My question is Just bought a website domain on now what do I do? Hoping for any comment. Second question.. Do you agree or disagree? I've always used my yahoo address for everything I do. I never gave this any thought, until I got denied membership to another forum the other day because I had a "free email address". So I got to thinking...if I'm trying to sell a HostGator name outside of a forum, would having a free email address look unprofessional enough to hurt my sales?.

So...who better to ask than the pros at, um, namepros!..

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could give you an answer..

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Ok, let's say I use my HostGator name...., and make my email address jorge ~at~ upstateNY dot us. So all email going to that address will be forwarded to my yahoo account. Well, what if I need to reply to that person? Is there a way to mask what your real email address is? I remember there being an option like this...

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Yahoo mail... um, I don't know of any feature at Yahoo that does that...

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I know GoDaddy doesn't let you have a free email address when you register. I think you can change the address after you've signed up though..

EDIT: I thought this would get auto-merged with my last post... promise, not trying to spam..

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I also agree that free email addresses look extremely unprofessional..

I wouldnt ask someone to do me a job with "" as their contact email....

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I also agree on that it is unprofessional..

I have e-mail forwarders set up on different HostGator names I own and I give the e-mail adress that fits for that person/circumstances. All the e-mails are then forwarded to my hotmail so I get alerted as soon I get a mail. Works very well except that I cannot mask which I would like to do...

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It's unprofessional IMHO. If you're going to conduct business you need to appear serious and signing up for a free email account from Yahoo or Hotmail doesn't cost you a thing. It can easily be a faked email that one abandons soon as they are done scamming you. Your own email at a HostGator you own comes off much more professional because you're actually putting money into something...

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No way any one could stop people from using free mails.

Cuz they could register free like on gmail is not on your block list.


Its up to you I use my tk email for 5 years and I never faced any problem..

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Rcep, it's really just a matter of finding the least reliable and cheatable, so to speak, email addresses. For example, with Dodgeit, ANYBODY can read your mail! The idea with my restriction feature is not to stop people from using free email. They can use free email ALL THEY WANT! But when it comes to signing up at Flonds, only reliable email providers are allowed and those on the lists are some of the worst. Gmail is highly reliable, considering it's a Google product, has continually increasing space and nothing ever has to be deleted. See what I mean?..

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CompuXP I agree with on my boards I do get spam posts from made HostGator names.

Basicly I rarly see spammers from the names you did list.

In my situation iwhen I notice someone tring to spam just I suspend when so they can register anymore in other emails.

The list up I never get from it spamemr I get from emails such us and from

That is what I get.

Basicly now I am using the suspention method it's the simplests and fastests and I am not loosing any more users..

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When I want to display an email address it is always a gmail address.

Any that is not spam is forwarded to my Mailbox at my business email address.

Which is.

Looks Professional..

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I faced my first problem as a matter of fact with my yahoo e-mail address today when I was trying to get a chat room installed today to my site. but luckily on with my GoDaddy site I get a free e-mail address I used that and they did not mind...

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Get about 300+ emails per day ( the ones that pass the spam filtering ).

Emails sent from free mail services and a weak subject are always on the verge of being dumped without glancing at content..

After being online since 1996 these addresses are automatically rated 'low end importance'..

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My GoDaddy site e-mail address is the low key one which I do not use that often usually around 5 to 10 e-mails per weak the yahoo one gets around that in a day but a couple of months I was subscribed to a bbc breaking news alert which usually snt me around 10 e-mails per day then I had extra for forums updates and my family and friend now I have signed of that not many e-mails so far keeping awya from spam...

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I think that hotmail and yahoo addresses are lame, but gmail and some others are ok...

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Do you think the services themselves are lame or just the addresses?.

If it's the addresses you are criticizing, how does gmail sound any better? I've always thought gmail sounded like a gangsta email service...

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Gmail are useless ,i have hundreds I can't give away.

I actually pay to keep an email address from old isp internet account..

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I bought simply to use for e-mail. I have different e-mails for different things, though they all forward to gmail..

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I do not think free email will hurt sale! It is only a tool! I think it is depend on your HostGator name quality and selling skills!..

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Still, I like josh's idea of registering your

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Email me at dunderhill at

Or barefoottech at

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I was thinking more like:.

Email me at domainsales at

Or graphicdesign at


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Agree with all of it, you can't get big projects with just a free mail..

As BFT wrote send him some mail..

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