Just bought my domain name at 123 reg, now what?

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Question I have... Just bought my domain name at 123 reg, now what? Many thanks for any answer. Second question.. EDIT!.

Still up for ideas..



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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

But they started using it for file sharing first? Won't there be any complications?..

Comment #2

Great namae !! Make it a financial news site or something !..

Comment #3

The TM problem comes in when a site causes CONFUSION....

So users to my site would be confused and think they have landed.

At the site they intended..

That's the problem....

PLUS, they can prove they USED the site for file hosting.

Before I would..

SO again, I dont want to do anything remotely.


But obviously, BLOGGING was a bad idea.

Funny you say that,.

My other good name. might turn into that,.

Since many visitors are looking for or

(forex information)..

Comment #4

Looking at the threads created by XF.COM I kinda start getting it why he keeps insisting with his names ....

I'm off this thread...

Comment #5

Why not create a wiki out of it great way to get content throw some adsense up boom. 1000 pages in the first month gauranteed. Throw it on autopilot and watch the coin pile up..

Maybe not that easy but, I think this would be perfect for a wiki...

Comment #6

UHM, OK....

Just looking for ideas..

Thanks to those who have sent in REAL help and advice so far..

Comment #7

Such as??.

Site directory you mean?.

Targeted to a specific industry?.

Expound on that..

Comment #8

Yes public site directory.

If most of your visitors are uploaders .. then they should be webmasters or at least bloggers...

You can run AdSense , affiliates , some other paid futures...

Comment #9

Stock trading platform - or something similar to a

Affiliate arrangements for stocks/etrade/scotttrade/sharebuilder pay well also..

Great name; great traffic..

Don't leave it as a blog any longer than it needs to be, as you're just going to piss off anyone who starts a blog there only to have you delete it.


Comment #10

I agree.

ALSO, I know the "share" would be good for stocks,.

But the traffic now aren't the investment kind....

I dont think..

Comment #11

But even if 1 out of 1,000 was, you'd still have 40 solid leads a month...1% isn't a horrible conversion ratio..


Comment #12

Your visitors came there to upload and share files, so they are not visitors who look a place for simply writing blogs. you should offer them a place to share something, since it can't be a file sharing server,.

You may try a youtube type video sharing community, or you may try something like myspace where they can share many things..

And another idea, what type of people upload files to zshare, if they are guys who like film downloading, putting warez ebooks, these type of visitors may like something like a dating site, when they once dropped in and be attracted no one cares your HostGator is having a type name.

Anyway that's my 2cents, best luck for converting that huge traffic to money..

Comment #13

Thanks for the reply..

I thought the BLOG site would let them SHARE their ideas and thoughts....

I was wrong.

"share more".

That gave me an idea....

Maybe a site to show personal photo galleries (like snapfish).

YA KNOW, i'd like to think of a SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE service, not too complex, for these people..

(since I dont have deep pockets to spend on developing)..

Comment #14

I would either suggest a photo sharing site (as you said above) or try an affiliate program that your traffic might be interested in. You never know..

I have had good experiences with affiliate programs...

Comment #15

To get a little more revenue than the basic parking page, you may want to consider making a review page for applicable software with affiliate programs..

Photo Editing.

Image Editing.

File compression/decompression.


Also, people may get tired of free file hosting, so offering them free trials with some hosting companies might get you a few referrals..

Another idea: an in depth firesharing review site with a web2.0 interface. There's one site that reviews all of the free sharing sites, and it's always first on the SERPs, but their interface is horrible. Making lists of services that can be sorted and reviewed and you'll get even more traffic from search engines..

Finally, if you are confident zshare .net can't come after the name, you can always offer it to them. If the .com is getting that much traffic, I can't imagine how much the actual site, and therefore revenue, the actual site is getting. They can definitely afford to make a nice offer for your name..

Good luck!..

Comment #16

Either redirect it to a client like.

And earn refferal clicks, or I suggest giving people what their actually looking for when searching for zShare. Which is most probobly warez downloads (hence UseNext^)..

But hey, my opinion, if I owned...

Good luck...

Comment #17

Lol, as for this name, no service is better than warez site......

Comment #18

"SO, I need to know the ONE STOP to get all the shareware affiliate links.".

I sent you a PM with a link to a big one...

Comment #19

I think I need to sell a product or.

An affiliate product..

At just a 2% conversion rate,.

That is still.

800 sales per month!.

And, if the product is $40, that would be.

$32,000 per month in sales/profit..

I think I need to sell something... like software...

Comment #20

Well, how are the aff links you have up performing so far?.

Are they converting @ 2% right now? You certainly have enough traffic daily to see what the performance is in a couple of days..

Added: also, try a different affiliate every two days (or even every week) to judge who's performing better...

Comment #21

I just put up those freebie links this morning....

So we'll see..

I think it would convert much better if.

There was an entire site devoted to.

A product (as opposed to text links on the side).

But like you said,.

I'm going to see if these text links convert to anything at all.

In the next few days....

And then I'm going to get serious about what to do with the site..

Comment #22

A good antivirus affiliate could help with sales as well.....

Comment #23

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