Just purchased my domain, whats the easiest iPage web host for someone new?

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My question is Just purchased my domain, whats the easiest iPage web host for someone new? Many thanks for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... Home product.


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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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It is just a way to separate the individual items. In includes/header.php, find this code.

<td class="headerNavigation">&nbsp;&nbsp;<?php echo $breadcrumb->trail(' &raquo; '); ?></td>.

And remove, or replace, the &raquo.


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You would think that, but I did it, and it didn't change anything, I was trying to locate where this change would be... But I did change it, and it was still there, I even replaced &raquo; with &trade; to get a trade mark symbol instead, but no go....

It must be stored some where else?..

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No, that's the place. Unless you have changed your shop somehow. Try removing that whole line of code. Does the breadcrumb go away completely?.


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   <td class="headerNavigation">&nbsp;&nbsp;<?php echo $breadcrumb->trail(' &raquo; '); ?></td>.

In catalog/includes/header.php I deleted that line, saved to server, refreshed and it's still there, it didn't go away at all `_o, hmm.....

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Blah, with STS it's in.

Sts_display_output ( DUH! ) My mistake.

 $template['breadcrumbs'] = $breadcrumb->trail(' &raquo; ');..

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On the back of this, I have moved my store to the root of my server and now want to remove the 'catalog' from the breadcrumb..

Can somewhere advise me where I can do this. I have had a look at breadcrumb.php and am still unsure..


S'ok, I just found it in.

This thread.


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: 31 October 2004, 21:45..

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Look in the includes/languages/english.php file. Do a search for: HEADER_TITLE_CATALOG and change it to say Home..

Define('HEADER_TITLE_CATALOG', 'Home');.

Then you'll want to go into includes/application_top.php and.

Remove $breadcrumb->add(HEADER_TITLE_TOP, HTTP_SERVER);..


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Ok, so now I have done this, how do I remove the leading &raquo; ? .

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: 01 November 2004, 20:49..

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Add this to the bottom of includes/application_bottom.php above the tep_session_close() method:.

If ( $_GET['breadcrumb'] == '1' ) {.

Echo '<pre>';.


Echo '</pre>';.


This will output the contents of the array that used in the trail() method. Ultimately, it will help us get to the bottom of it..

To see the output just append ?breadcrumb=1 in the URL that you want to check. Tell us what is contained in the array.....

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