Later this afternoon I have an interview at Nutrisystem..?

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Got a question... Later this afternoon I have an interview at Nutrisystem..? Looking forward for any comment. Another quick question... I have been on the road a minimum of 4 days a week for the last 4 years. I want to work at home... sleep in my own bed...

I had my 2nd interview yesterday with a local company and thought that it went really well..

Got the call today that it's not going to happen... I didn't get the position..

After the sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach came all the triggers to just eat....

Thought I would post here..

Lock my wallet in the safe..

Put the cash in the drawer..

Go for a long walk until I can't feel my legs..

Then enjoy Nutrisystem Lasagna...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could answer your Nutrisystem question..

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I too know the feeling. I know that I've turned to food for comfort when I've been stressed or feeling depressed for whatever reason. Now I deal with those feelings in a better way by hitting the gym or going for a walk/jog..

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Acoustic, sorry to hear that. Hang in there! We got your back!..

Comment #3

Sorry to hear that acoustic. don't let your crutch be food or drink tho - talk it out with someone and think about your next interview or plan of attack!..

Comment #4 the brief time here have been impressed by your humor and heart and wit. Too bad the interviewer didn't see that! But you got good stuff, man! It's a crap shoot. Gotta take your shots to get anywhere.....

Comment #5

Thanks for the support..

I survived the day... all is good. It was a tough one, but I'm taking everything this year as a challenge to see how mentally tough I am..

It's my life and I'm going to live it well, regardless of situation and circumstance..

100% Every Day..

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GREAT way to GO, Acoustic! Many have found that coupled with the weight loss, there is an amazing increase in engergy, enthusiasm, and general demeanor that seems to spell "winner" on your forehead. This has been followed by many job and carreer upgrades amongst us Losers. It's just part of the package! Your turn is coming!.


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Good work, Acoustic. I was having a similar issue last night myself, except I succumbed and have absolutely no memory of it. haha.


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Acoustic: You did the right thing. You stayed away from the food. We have to change our habits when we get stressed we need to turn to exercise rather than food. You are down 10. You are downing great! Keep up the good work...

Comment #9

Ummmm.... wow... posted a few questions for you, Greg over on that thread...

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Acoustic, I too stress eat. Great job diverting your thoughts and getting away from it..

It is great to have a website with people just like yourself to go to when this happens!.

Keep pluggin away at the job search, Each interview gets easier and more of yourself will come out!.

THey dont know what they are missing out on and you will end up in a better place!.

Good luck man!..

Comment #11

I can really relate to the stress eating, I've also noticed that I "anger" eat. Try to think of the job interview as practice for the next one. One job I didn't get a year ago had me wondering "why not?" so I called the interviewer back and ask what was missing that would have made me a better fit for the job. His reply was that they simply found someone who had done the very same job somewhere else: experience won out. Many companies also post jobs that they already know who will fill them, but because that person is a relative of the boss etc. they post the job as to not show favoritism...

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You have to change your mind set. I remember when I first started this was said a lot: Use food to Live not live for Food!..

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