Looking for a cheap iPage web hosting which offers various options like guestbook,wesite submission

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My first question is Looking for a cheap iPage web hosting which offers various options like guestbook,wesite submission Thanks in advance for any response. Another question... Things have been going along great and I've made no changes to the store for a while, but now this....

I was notificed that a customer created a new account as normal. I then received a transaction notice from my merchant account that that customer had paid. I waited and waited for the "Order Process" email, but none was ever received. I went into the database and was able to figure out from her basket what she ordered. I tried to manually place the order and got the error message that it was a duplicate entry after I'd chosen the customer and confirmed the first screen of information required to create a manual order..

Any ideas on how I can handle this? Has this ever happened to anyone else?..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you help..

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How are you manually entering yours? I can't from the "create order" page because it claims that I'm making a duplicate. Are you doing through the database then? Do you just use the next order number? I have user_tracking so I went to the session and the customer went from checkout_payment.php to checkout_confirmation.php (twice) and then left. Usually, I see the customer order number listed..

I guess I'll just try to figure out how to add the order through the database and then see what's wrong with my manual order entry files and why it won't let me add one from there..


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All I do is enter a manual order with no problems what so ever..

Can anyone shed somemore light on why this is happening..



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If you look in Admin under Configuration/Sessions, do you have Check IP Address True or False? I set mine to True once and had the same problem you're having because the IP goes from the Customer's to the Gateway's. If it's set at False, it works on mine...

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Mine was set to False..

I'm still trying to decide how I want to handle it since I can't create a manual order for this customer. I've had other orders since that have worked, so I think it was just a hiccup in my database, but I need to ship this today and need to get it into the orders table somehow...

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Okay, for those that can't "create order" from the admin side (for whatever reason), I changed the following files in the database using phpMyAdmin inserting rows in the following tables (using the customers_basket table for product identification):.





I still didn't get the "Order Process" email, but I have an order in my admin now and it seems to have done it correctly. Can anyone think of any other tables I should modify?.

I have the Quickbooks contribution installed and this method did not create the .iif order file to import into Quickbooks. So that will also have to be done manually..

Hope this update will help someone else down the road..

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: 19 October 2004, 16:49..

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Not me I'm afraid as I get order process emails and I can manually enter orders..

When running test orders with cheque/money order payment option everything is ok, it looks like it is something to do with the nochex apc module..


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If you have payment by check installed, and you know what the order is, just run it through as a payment by check, and it'll get added to your database. Only takes a few mins..


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