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My first question is Looking for a copy of the old Medifast Diet exchange program? Many thanks for any comment. Another question I got... I have started and ongoing 2010 thread instead of a monthly thread to keep the Junebugs together and have a place for anyone to check in..

Please check in often!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Day 1 for me....again. I'm going to do my best..

Susan: good luck with DD tomorrow..

Here's how exciting my life is....I bought a new vacuum and I am excited to use it. Yee-Ha! I worked till 7:30 last night so I am taking today off. I think. I may actually go in later or I may not. Plus I am working all day Monday, which is a holiday for most people. Having some people over for a BBQ on Sunday because we can watch the town's fireworks show from my backyard. Other than that, cleaning, bills, laundry, know, the glamorous stuff...

Comment #2

Ellen, welcome back! I am glad to see you back OP and I am sending you strength! Let me know how your plan goes, how you modify it, etc. I hope to check in today from time to time from the hospital..


Comment #3

Susan: Thinking of you all day today. Please let us know how the procedure goes!.

Day One went ok, but I have a massive headache...most of yesterday, all night, and still this morning. Here's to day 2 and making it work this go-round..

Have a great water filled day!..

Comment #4

Hi Ellen and Sue! I'm glad to see that the Junebugs are still in existence!!.

I've had a lot of changes in my life since I was here last. I've been through a divorce, became a real empty-nester (Andrea graduated from college last month), met a new man, fell in love, and moved in with him. Just a couple of life changes, you could say..

My new man, Tony, is 100% Sicilian and a great cook. Can we say challenging when it comes to weight maintenance? Im back on Medifast and being coached by our Kelly..

I hope that you all are having a fabulous summer and great success!..

Comment #5

Hi Maggie! Wow, it is great to see you. I am sorry about your divorce but it seems like it all worked out great. Congratulations on your new relationship! What is Andrea doing now? I am glad you have come back to MF. You do have a big challenge with a relationship with an Italian cook!!.


Comment #6

Maggie! Great to see you. As you can see, many of us are back to finish what we, Susan, Kim, Kelly, Tracey, Julie, and every now and then Heidi and Renee stop by..

Sorry to hear about how your life has changed, but it sounds like you are where you are meant to be. Andrea graduated? I can remember when you first went apartment hunting. Boy does time fly!.

Susan: How did things go with DD yesterday?.

What are your plans for the holiday weekend? I had a patriotic concert tonight with dinner out beforehand, but it will be a quick dinner as the show starts at 6:30, so just time for a healthy salad and an Medifast meal before bed. Tomorrow is a BBQ here and everyone is on a diet or diabetic or both so all the food will be healthy. We can see the city fireworks from our backyard, so I don't have to go anywhere.

Just have to cook and lean. Monday is a work day for me although everyone at home will be off and I will be the only one in the building at work. But I am so busy that I cannot really take the day off. Oh well. I'll have music to keep me company..

Gonna be a hot weekend here so I'll be chugging water for sure. Have a great day...

Comment #7

Hello. We are at the park right now. There is a spray ground, play ground and the kids brought playdough to play with. So far, I've had reports from dd8 of people smoking, littering, there are bee's and fire ants around and mean boys and cars with their music too loud. My girls are just not big on the outdoors. PANDAS really messes with you!.

Dd8 did well with her procedure yesterday and today but she is falling apart as we speak so I better get going and I'll try to write more later..


Comment #8

Hiya Bugs. I think I may be headed towards the dreaded 2nd week where I don't lose any weight. That's what happened the first time for me, I think people say it's the 3rd week that is common but for me it may be the 2nd week. I think I am mid-monthly cycle which is not a good time for me and my scale. I am up 3 lbs tonight and it's not making me happy! I have been drinking TONS of water but so far, it's not helping. Also, my smooth move tea is not helping either..

But if I don't lose this week, it's OK. I will keep on keeping on. I've got my head in the right place right now..


Comment #9

I hate the amount of salt they use in restaurants!! You can be good and STILL gain weight!.

Susan: I am sorry that the DDs are having problems right now. Here's hoping that a quiet day at home does the trick..

I hear you about the weight. BUT, we are here for the long run and we WILL conquer this. Off to prepare everything for the BBQ here tonight. Have a safe and sane 4th...

Comment #10

Hi Ellen and any other Junebugs out there. Today was a good day for the most part. dd8 seems to be a little better today. Fingers crossed!.

I cooked a lot for the kids, lots of stuff I can freeze. I have my meat ready for my lunches this week. I did not lose anything this week. That happened in my 2nd week the first time around 2 yrs ago. I hope that is all it is. I do know I am having major constipation.

Hope you are all having a good day. Did everyone have the day off?.


Comment #11

Hi Bugs! Back from vacation. What a great time...Michigan was awesome. Lots of water time for the girls, Mackinac Island, fireworks over the bay, geocaching, I could go on and on. It was challenging food-wise. I wasn't fully OP but when I was off I chose to be off. I admit I took a few bites of Mackinac fudge, some licks of Kilwins ice cream, a couple handfuls of wonderful fresh sweet cherries and a bite of cherry pie.

Food experiences are part of life. Michigan is cherries; Mackinac Island is fudge; summer vacation is ice cream. Tomorrow is back to regrets...

Comment #12

Hi Alice! I missed your post since there are so few Bugs posting. I'm glad you are back and that you had a great vacation! Welcome back and good for you for getting back OP!.


Comment #13

Any Bugs out there? I lost 4.2 lbs this week for a total of 10 (maybe 11?) lbs this time around. yay!..

Comment #14

Awesome losses Sue!!.

You are doing it... melting away... YAY!!!.

Welcome back Maggie! So good to see you. Sorry to hear of all the difficult changes, but it seems that you've landed in a good place. Come back soon and keep us updated on your journey....

Ellen, hope your week is going well....

Hugs to all my Buggie friends~..

Comment #15

Great loss Sue! I've had a good week too...5.6. It's been hard for me to check in home from vacation and job was over so been looking for a new one. i'm a contract attorney so I work when someone needs me and I guess no one needs me right now. I'll check in when I can....later bugs!....Alice..

Comment #16

Great job Alice! Keep up the good work!!.


Comment #17

Hi Bugs,.

I am back on plan. (OK, how many times is a person allowed to recommit before they kick her out of MF?? LOL!!) I've got a lot going on, but I hope to check in here more often. Just like the old days. Hope to see some other Bugs posting here too!.


Thanks for keeping things rolling here on the Junebugs board! Great loss!.


Great loss for you too! Check in whenever you can! I'm glad you joined our little family. Nice to have you w/ us..


Good to see you again. You are our role model re: how to do Transition & Maintenance the RIGHT way! Keep up the great work!.


Haven't seen you in a while. Hope you are doing OK..


You OK? Check in when you can. I want to hear your man stories..

Cheryl, Julie, Tracey, Maggie, Linda, Reneee, and all the rest of the Bugs.

Thinking about you guys......

Oh, and one more thing Day 1 is kicking my butt. Just so you know. :).


Comment #18

Hi Kim! I think I speak for all the bugs when I say there are never too many times to come back. Your/Our health is so important... I'm sending you extra willpower to get through today and the next few. YOU CAN DO IT! If you need some encouragement, feel free to email me....

Sue, how's it goin girl? Hope your week is off to an awesome start!.

Hugs to all my Buggie friends~..

Comment #19

Thanks for the encouragement,.


Your kindness is much appreciated! Day 1 is almost over and I made it! :).


Comment #20

< is doin' the happy dance for Kim!! Day 1 down... whoot whoot!!..

Comment #21

Kim, welcome back! This is day 2 for you right? Great job girl!.

Heidi, always good to see you too!.

I'm doing fine. Lost 12 lbs so far. Today was a hard day but I have made it through still OP. Lots of stress at home and work but I'm in the Medifast zone so I'm OK. Just feeling impatient to get back to goal..

TOM is here to that is always crummy..


Comment #22

Hi everyone!.

I am back as well..again...

It's going to be a BUSY day in the lab, but I just wanted to say HI and I am on Day 3. Really getting tired of always being on a day 1 or 3..grrr. This yo-yoing has resulted in me gaining back almost half my weight. I feel terrible about it since I did so good. That being said, I have done it before, so I need to trust in myself that I can do it again..

I will be back later and I need to update my ticker.


Comment #23

Hi Nina! I am glad you are back but sorry you are on the up and down cycle. I hope this is it for you. I have been OP now for a month and it really feels good..

How is Mr. T? How is everything else?.


Comment #24

Kim, are you still OP?.

Ellen, what's up with you?.

I wish we'd hear from Greenlee!.

Heidi, I'm feeling impatient! But I'm hanging in there. TOM will be gone in a few days and I expect to see the scale move..


Comment #25

Did someone say they wish they would hear from GREENLEEE???????????.

Hi Sue, I'm granting your wish!!!!!!! It's so good to be home here with the bugs, I missed all of you... It's been hard and I figured out my problem.. I'm a man-whore, a playa.yes you heard it here first. I've gained about 50lbs because of these stupid jerks, and today I finally got my act together. When I got one guy, another came and then another and it was so hard to chose and they all wanted to take me out to dinner. I never said "NO", so trust me I've eaten at every restaurant there is and yes I could have gotten the lean and green meal but when you don't have to pay for it, there is something enticing about ordering the lobster and

Sue- I hope everything is going well with you. How are the yellow jackets. And how are your precious dd's. I miss there updates...

Ellen- How was Russia? Was it everything you thought it would be...

Kim- How's dd's leg? Is she still playing basketball? How's the job, etc....

Ok, bugs it's the end of Day 1 for me, I wasn't going to post until I made it through a week but oh well. I hope I can make it through Day 2.... wish me luck.....

Comment #26

Greenlee!!! It is great to see you. I have to say I was worried about you. How fun with the guys but you are right, it's not worth it if you aren't taking care of yourself at the same time. Then you will end up being unhappy. Congrats on day 1 and keep on going! I swear I'm in the zone this time, finally. But the weight just isn't coming off as fast as before.

It's still coming off. I need to start weighing my lean to be sure I'm getting enough..

The girls, well, they are OK. It's good and bad. dd8 (less than a month and she becomes dd9!) is getting her 3rd IVIG in a couple of weeks. She does fine during the day but the mornings and evenings have been hard. dd7 had a seizure which told me that the gluten has been creeping back into our diets so I have had to tighten back up on that. We've been doing swim team and staying super busy.

Oh yeah, no yellow jackets this year! At least not many. My efforts must be paying off!.


Comment #27

Wow Sue, you have been busy. Sorry it's been so hard for dd81/2 at nights and mornings. I will keep both of them in my prayers at night. The pool sounds great!!! I could use that right now. I know the weight isn't coming off as easy as it did the first time, it just melted off of me, now it's a struggle every day. I guess I cheated because I knew I could get back to those little white packets anytime I wanted, I wish there was a warning label that said "caution don't go off because it's hard to get back on track."""lol..

Sowhat are your plans for dd8 b-day????..

Comment #28

Ok ya'll since I'm back you don't have to be soooo quiet!!!!!lol Where are ya'll!!!..

Comment #29

Hey Greenlee. Don't be too surprised, there are hardly any Junebugs online posting any more. Stick around a little, maybe it will pick up. I'll be here to post with you but I usually only check once a day now. Sometimes I forget all together since it's so quiet..

We are thinking of a pool party for dd8. She says the only time she feels really good is in the water so I figured we could just have fun at the pool. The main trouble is how would I get the GF pizza there since it's all the way across town. Otherwise, it seems pretty easy to pull together!.

I'm starving tonight. Can't wait for my last Medifast meal!.


Comment #30

I woke up in the middle of the night with a hurting neck and arm. I got up to use the bathroom and almost passed out. It was very bad. I can't stand now without getting sick to my stomach. The pain is awful. I've called my Uncle (doctor) and my chiropractor (in case he listens to his messages on the weekend).

I can't drive anywhere to get anything to help, although I don't now what will help. Right now just lying around and wondering where I can send the kids today. Not the way I wanted to start this weekend!.


Comment #31

OH Sue, I hope you are better.. You don't have anyone close to you that can just come over and sit and watch the girls for a while. I hate that type of pain. Instant prayer going out for you right now......Let us know....

Comment #32

Sue I hope you are feeling better!! Just thinking of you,,,,,..

Comment #33

Thanks Greenlee. It's still bad but I am not getting sick any more and I was able to take the kids to the pool and get to the grocery store. I can't find anyone around today who can help. The kids are board but at least they got to swim. The drive there almost did me in. I've taken some pain pills and I'll just continue resting as much as I can..

How are you today? What are you up to? Is today day 2?.

What are you going to do about Men and Food and MF? You need to find a high fitness guy who wants to work out and eat healthy!!.


Comment #34

That's good Sue, so glad you are not nauseous anymore. I was really worried about you. At least the girls went to swim today, I know that was a task just driving them. Just relax , (if you can) and try to get some sleep. Please update me with how you are doing though..

PSyes I need to get a fitness type man instead of these out of

Comment #35

Greenlee, not well today at all. Can't be on plan the pain is so bad but not very hungry anyway so I think I'll be OK weight wise. I hope it's feeling better tomorrow. Today has been very bad. Tomorrow I'll go to the doc and the chiropractor..


Comment #36

Sue don't worry about being OP just take care of yourself.. Please that's the most important thing. Once you go to the Chiropractor you will be just fine. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers today, please let me know..

Comment #37

Hi ladies!.


Oh no I sure hope you will feel better soon! take care of yourself.


Great to see you here again as well. You are so funny, but yes, you need to start dating men who are all about the fitness.

So far I am doing ok. Weight loss is a bit slower than before, but we were so busy this weekend and I think all the painting burned a lot of calories, so hopefully the scale will show it tomorrow..

Have a great day!.


Comment #38

So great to hear and see you Nina... it's been a long time. How is Mr. T doing these days/.

Sue-let us hear from you when you are able....

Off to Zumba....


Comment #39

Hi Nina! I am glad you are doing fine on Medifast even if it's being a little slow. Let's stick together and we can get to goal!.

Greenlee, how are you feeling? When is weigh in?.

I went to the chiropractor and doctor today. They both say I need an MRI. I'm on 6 days of tapering steriods, hydrocodone and muscle relaxers. They think it's a pinched nerve and we just have to find out how bad it is in there. Hopefully not bad. MRI is not until Thurday am.

I could not get an xray because I would get sick if I kept my head upright. I did better today at times but not well right now so I'm just resting the rest of the night, if possible. I'm to stay away from work for 2-4 more days..

Not doing too badly off plan considering, but still, there will be some damage control to do..


Comment #40

Sue- Just don't worry about being OP right now. Wait until Thursday, drink plenty of water. Whose taking care of the girls. Poor thing, I wish there was something I could do. Hurry up Thursday......

Comment #41

Morning ladies!!.

How are we doing? Hope you are feeling better Susan!.

Have a great day!.


Comment #42

Thanks Nina for checking in while Sue is recovering,,,,,,,,.

We have to keep these Junebugs alive lol.

Hope you're having a good day...

Comment #43

Hi Bugs. Thanks for being here! I worked from home today but too much and over did it. I'm going to try hard not to log in at all tomorrow and just relax. Waiting for the MRI. I can't believe this has been going on for 4 days already. The prednisone is starting to mess with me, irritated, hot and hungry.

How weird is that?.

Anyway, I miss you bugs and I miss feeling good. Soon I hope..


Comment #44

Hey guys!.

Been on vacation for about a week. Got back last night. Before that crazy busy trying to get ready to go on vacation. Sorry haven't checked in..

Sue - MRI today? Hope they figure out what is wrong and you're on the road to recovery quickly!.

HI! Nina & Greenlee.

Greenlee - don't you just love Zumba???? I've missed it while I was on vacation! Back to class tonight. If my hours ever change at work I'm screwed. Class is at 4:30 on most nights. I race home, change, grab water bottle & heart rate monitor, then race to the gym. I try to get there a little early so I can get "my spot"..

I hate being at the back! No one wants to be in the front and it's so crowded!!!.

Got to get back in the swing of things. Back to work tomorrow. Figured it would be easier to fix things on Friday instead of Monday..


Comment #45

Hi Ladies. Hope everyone is doing well. I have been MIA a long time so there is no hope of me catching up..

I am off MF. There was no way I could give up all the great summer fruits and vegies, so I am doing a modified South Beach Diet until the fruits and vegie season is over and then it will be back to MF. I have been doing this for 8 days and am amazed that I do not crave carbs anymore..

I modified the SB program to fit me and not the other way around. I gave up all the breads and pastas and starches that you are supposed to give up, but I allow myself one non-fat cup of yogurt per day and a little bit of fruit. I lost 5 pounds the first week and hope to lose maybe three this week..

So, I am still in the weight loss journey with you, but not on the same program..

Has anyone tried the ice cream r pancakes? Are they worth it? I never did try the brownies..

I'll try to stop in more regularly...

Comment #46

Hi Ellen! So good to see you! Glad to hear you have found a way to keep the weight down until you decide (if you decide) to come back to MF. Please keep posting so we can see your progress..

Hi Renee! Where did you go on vacation?.

Greenlee, how are you today?.

Nina, are you around too?.

Had my MRI today and should find the results tomorrow. 3 more days of prednisone. I'm scared he will prescribe more since it's not getting better. Hopefully physical therapy, maybe some accupunture or chiropractor stuff. I don't know what to expect. I'm starting my 7th day of pain tomorrow..

It has derailed me, maybe not as bad as it could be but I am struggling. I know I will get right back to it as soon as I can and it won't be long..

DD8 is having some trouble with one of her camp counselors. I'll have to be the big mama bear tomorrow and go have a talk with the head teachers. I'm not too happy about what's going on at their new camp but luckily it's only one person, hopefully they will listen to me..


Comment #47

Hi Bugs,.

I got the MRI results back. I have 2 disc's that are bulging into the interior along with some bone spurs (arthritis). They call it mild and should be able to take care of it with physical therapy and some cortisone shots into the space (no surgery). I think my chiropractor will be able to start adjustments on Monday too so I hope that will help. In the mean time, pain pills and rest. I am glad to know what is going on and that there is a plan.

I sort of broke down with the emotional eating after the appt and have been eating junk all day. I really don't want to get derailed after being so good so I will try hard to pull it back together. Almost off the prednisone, just 3 more days of very low doses. I am hoping that knowing what is going on now will help me deal with it all better. I need some Bug support to get back on track.

Oh, but my doc said if I need to, he recommends working from home for 2 weeks. That is going to be so hard to stay OP all that time if I am not getting out and gong to work. Why did this have to happen now?!.


Comment #48

Hi everyone!.


Ouch! I am glad they at least found something and that it can be fixed! Hang in there, and try to stay OP as much as you can. I know it's hard, but you are doing so good..

Hope everyone else is doing well. My mom is coming tomorrow for a visit. yeah!!.



Comment #49

Nina, have a great visit with your Mom! I wish my Mom could come to help me right now..

Only 2 more days of prednisone, can't wait to be off of that. But the pain pills and muscle relaxers are still messing with me. I'm hanging in there though. I know I'll have to adjust my ticker.

It's OK though I will make it through..

Greenlee, Kim, Ellen, Renee, how are you guys doing?.

Linda, tracey, are you out there? Any other Bugs lurking around?.


Comment #50

Hey Guys!.

Susan - At least you know what it is. Hope the shots and chiropractor (sp?) take care of it. I know what you mean about being at home and staying OP. It's a lot easier at work!.

Well, just know that no matter how long you've been at this (weight issues) the old habits still rear their ugly heads. Last three weeks have been rough. My stress level finally hit it's limit. The upside to it though, is that is wasn't near as bad as it would have been in the past, I was aware of it as it was happening, and I've made a conscious decision to stop it. Tomorrow I start new exercise programs - 2nd round of P90X and 1st round of Turbo Fire. Back to basics on eating - lots of protein and veggies and a ton of water!.

Gotta go, but will check in later..

Susan, take care of yourself and don't over do it. I know that's hard not to do with young kids, but try. Especially with disc issues...

Comment #51

Renee, good for you for recognizing what was going on and doing something about it. You've come a long way and I am proud of you!.

After I get my neck back in shape, I need to start a program to keep my spine strong. I don't like to exercise but I don't like this pain so I want to make some changes that I can live with to keep this body going!.

I'm off to bed, talk to you later..


Comment #52

Hi, gained 8 lbs.

I know 1/2 at least is water weight. I'll try not to get too depressed. I went a little nuts over the weekend and was completely off plan. The medicine makes me feel so weird. I'm going to try hard to pull it together this week. I have a few more weeks of the pain medicine I think so I can't just fall apart..


Comment #53

Hi Bugs,.

Sorry to be MIA for so long. Trying to get my mind straightened around. Being off plan doesn't work for me, I gain weight. Being half on plan doens't work for me, I gain weight. The only time I don't gain weight is when I am on plan. Do I feel like eating veggie burgers for the rest of my life? Nooooo......

Day 1. Again. God I hate seeing Day 1 again. But I have no other choice. I'm only 14 pounds away from my starting weight on MF, and that sucks..

Susan I just read all the posts I've missed. I'm so sorry for your pain. I wish I lived closer, I would have taken the kids to my house so you could rest. Hang in there..

Ellen Glad to see modified SBD is working for you. Hope you'll keep checking in..

Nina Nice to see you again. Let's do this thing together, OK?.

Greenlee So glad you are back. Missed you!! You will have to start looking for dudes at the gym. I think you already belong to a gym, but if you don't, now is the time!! Maybe in the 6:00pm time frame, so hopefully it's a muscle bound dude w/ a J-O-B. HA!! Beware of guys at the gym during the middle of the day, unless they are working out on their lunch break!! LOL. We can do this.............Thanks for asking about DD14's ankle. It took 5 months(!!), but it is 100% healed.

Thank God. She's trying out for the JV team at the HS this fall (she's going in the 9th grade). She's back to playing basketball almost every day. DD11 has started horseback riding. She loves it and loves caring for the horses (including mucking the poop out of their stalls yuck!!).

My babies are not babies any more!!!!.

Renee You're doing great staying the course. Really. If it was easy, EVERYBODY would be skinny, right? You are a great success story for all the Bugs..

I think I gave a shout out to everyone who has been posting recently. I'll start checking in daily. I need to be here. We all need to be here. Happy Monday, Bugs!!.


Comment #54

Hi ladies!.

Oh it is so nice having my mom here. My dad will come west next week. He is still traveling overseas..

So far I am OP, but we are eating at out or ordering out way too much this week and I can feel the water retention from the salt. Not getting on scale since TOM started as well, so I will just keep drinking water..


Ooohh you summed it up perfectly. I need to stay 100% OP or I gain. It's just a matter of fact. It is so hard to get back on when we go off. This time around, I am not even thiking about the actual weight. My focus is on my health.

SO depressing. I just think that if I stay OP, that feeling will get better and eventually go away. I haven't even taken Mr T to the pool, because I don't want to wear a bathing sad is that? So, this is my motivation to at least get where I was last year..170lbs.

Have a great day ladies!.


Comment #55

Kim, it is really great to have you back! Good luck with your first 3 days. You will be back on track before you know it. Thanks for your sympathy and support regarding my current pain situation! I sure hope it goes fast. I am really struggling staying OP with all the pain meds and I don't want to start all over again. Shoot!.

Nina, glad you are still OP too. Drink your water and you will keep losing! TOM will be gone soon and you will be glad you stayed OP!.

My arm is still very bad, saw the chiropractor today so that is good. Getting something going and hopefully will get to physical therapy this week..


Comment #56

Morning Guys!.

Susan - You know most of you're weight is from retaining water & the meds. Don't let that derail you!!!! You can do it!!.

Nina - Eating out? I hate to now. Everything always had way too much salt. Since it's been over 100 here getting enough water isn't a issue right now. Health is the reason I started Medifast. My hips hurt so bad, I couldn't even sit on the floor and play with my dogs!.

I know not everyone likes to exercise - but don't give up on it! I used to hate doing anything. Walking was about all that I would do and not very much of that. Now? If I miss a day I feel like something is missing. Keep trying stuff until you find something you like. Zumba, some sort of DVD, class at the Y or gym, or just walking. Get an accountability partner.

For me right now my accountability partners are all on-line. No one around here is consistent enough for me to count on..

Kim - You can do it!!!! Ready for the madness of school????.

Better get back to work...

Comment #57

Hi Sweet Bugs! Medifast Pancakes get two thumbs up as far as I'm concerned!.

Got new medication from the pain specialist yesterday and I had a great night's sleep. I hope I continue to see improvement. He said this will be a longer recovery than I was hoping to hear. Trying to stay positive..


Comment #58

They have pancake now????.

Susan - I am sorry you are still having pain. Try to look on the bright side - even if recovery is longer than you thought, you aren't getting worse. I know it's hard. Hang in there...

Comment #59

Renee, pancakes and ice cream! I'm trying all flavors!.


Comment #60

Morning ladies!.

Pancakes are YUMMY!!! I also love the ice cream. I add a 1/2 tsp of PB to the PB soft serve...can you say delicious???.

Have a great weekend ladies!.



Comment #61

Struggling, struggling, struggling.......

Here's a quote I snatched from another Medifast poster.....

"I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed." Michael Jordan.


Comment #62

Kim {{{hugs}}}. I wish we lived near each other, we need some support. I've gained it all back since I hurt my neck and arm. I will have to start all over..

My plan (you know I have to have a plan) is to eat fruits and veggies and yogurt and low inflammatory foods until I get better. Hopefully this will keep me away from the bad foods that I have been drawn to since I started my pain. I'm just on too many medications to handle the low calorie of Medifast right now. I will add Medifast to the other good things I'm adding and I hope that will do it for me. Just know I'm thinking about you and I hope you find things easier soon. PM or email me if you need someone to talk to..


Comment #63

Hi Bugs. Not too many around right now.....

I'm still in a critical mode with my shoulder but I am feeling better. I've cleaned up my eating some and will continue to do that until I can get back to Medifast full time. I see an accupuncturist this afternoon and I'm looking for a back support pillow. My next dr appt with the pain specialist is not until the 23rd where I get more testing done..


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HI everyone!.

At work, so just wanted to say HI!!!.


So sorry to hear you are still in so much pain.

Hang in there.


HUGS!! It is a struggle isn't it? I still hope that old initial excitement will come back for me. It really is hard, but I HAVE to do it. I just can't do this yo-yoing to my body anymore..


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Thanks Nina! How are you doing?.

Kim, check in, how are you today?.

My shoulder/neck/arm situation finally improved a little today. I think it may be turning for the better. I'm going to try to get of the hard pain pills over the next couple of days. Still on some other stuff, probably will have to stick with those for a while longer. Lots of doctor appts, etc. But I can lift my arm almost straight out, well, not really but it's getting there.


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Good morning Bugs!.

Susan I am very sorry for all the pain you have been through!! How are you doing now?......You are the one Bug who has been here from the very beginning and still tries to post on our board almost daily. I appreciate you so much. Just wanted you to know that..

Nina Nice to see that you are still here. Looks like you are almost half way to your goal weight. I have to think that the losing, then gaining, that we have done is going to help us come to our senses somehow....

What in the world happened to all of our dear Bugs?? I should come to the boards every day just like I did in the beginning. The struggles, the triumphs, they are similar to my own. I never fail to be encouraged by the stories of the people I find on these boards, and their stories make me want to hop right back OP.......Money is VERY tight (always!). But I have ordered some more Medifast foods anyway and they are right there in the cabinet.....waiting on me....waiting on my 100% recommitment, which I feel will be coming very soon.....


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Hi Bugs,.

Come out, come out, wherever you are!!.

I have started back OP. Yesterday was Day 1 for me. Not easy!! I thought I would get back OP yesterday, but didn't want to say anything in case I didn't make it. But I made it!.

Today I got up at 5:00am (like I always do), but this time did Wii Fit Plus instead of just puttering around the house doing things. I let the program set up the workout for me, rather than just picking the exercise games I like (i.e., the ones that aren't physically challenging!!). Lemme just tell you, I got a good workout! 34 minutes and 165 calories burned. That's OK for before 6:00am!.

Hope to see some friends stopping by & checking in..... I can't get on here during the day at work (computer can't always load the website), but I'll be back as soon as I can!.

Hope you all have a great day!.


Comment #68

Uh oh.....someone scared away all the Junebugs.....could it be that I am the only one left?? Say it isn't so!!.

I am having a good Day 2! I did the Wii Fit Plus workout that I talked about this morning AND I just got back from walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes at the gym. I can't tell you the last DECADE I did 2 workouts in one day. Yay me! (echo, echo, echo.....).


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Hi Kim! I don't check in too often now as there is no one left and it's too depressing. If you will be checking in I will too!.

I am not yet back OP but I hope to be soon. I finally have a diagnosis on my arm/shoulder situation and it's a good prognosis overall although it could take a few years to recover! Hopefully that will not be the case for me. I am off the major pain pills now and so hopefully that will help me get back OP. I need it badly..

I HAVE to get my exercise program going. There is no way to know why this happened to me, they don't know the cause, but I believe I need to have a strong spine to help so that is my goal now. I hope to get better enough that I will be able to bounce on the mini tramp and jump rope again. I would love to exercise that way!.

You are doing a great job getting back OP! What are we going to do without the Junebugs posting? Last time I posted, there was over a week with no response posts. It was too sad for me to keep posting to myself so I know how you feel!.


Comment #70


You're here!! YAY!!.

Last night when I came on here to post, I saw that no one had posted all day. I know folks come & go, and I know everyone is very busy with summer ending & school starting & just LIFE in general. But I felt genuinely SAD that none of the Bugs had stopped by to chat!! So I know EXACTLY how you feel!!.

I looked at my Medifast Friends list, and almost every single person who started around the same time I did (and who I felt close to) is now GONE from Medifast, or they haven't posted in a month or two. There are 1 or 2 people on my Friends list who actually met goal and are still posting regularly. It's so silly, but I felt such a sense of loss when I realized how many people have left, never to be heard from on here again! I do see some of those folks occasionally on Facebook (now that DD14 has a page, I had to get much more familiar with Facebook! LOL!), but it is not the same for me as the good ole days when there were a zillion Bugs and everyone was rocking the program & feeling so great..

After seeing that so many of my Friends have left MF, I started looking around at different groups on the Medifast boards, thinking I need to join up w/ a new group. But I realized that I just don't have the energy or the inclination right now to start all over again w/ another group (even though I know there are lots of fabulous groups out there w/ lots of fabulous members in them)!! I do still post w/ the Marathoners, because I have been a part of that group from the beginning too. There are lots of new people there, but I think that's cool and it keeps things fresh & interesting..

So suffice it to say that I am very happy that you will be checking in here regularly!! I am planning to do the same. I think we can be a good source of support for each other, and for anyone else who might want to join us!!.

I hope you have a great day!!.


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Hi Kim! It is good to see you and hopefully you can give me the push I need to get back. I know I can work up to it very soon. I may not be able to check in until the evenings because work/school/doc's visits are crazy right now but if you are here, I will check in too..

Keep it up, Medifast works, we know it and we can do it!.


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Hey Kim... Im not a Bug... but Im still on plan....again... fell off for 10 days but have been going strong since the 15th. I still come on and read once and awhile but theres no one left on the boards that I use to talk to. So I never post.

I think shes trying to lose with out it. Not sure how shes doing. Havent talked to her. Ok I need to get in bed. Just wanted to pop in and say that Im still

Comment #73

Hi Alisa, glad you are still OP!.

Kim, thought I'd say hello this morning. Getting the girls to school for their first day back this am. I have to start working from home 1 1/2 hrs a day becuase of the new school schedule. It will be hard. I have got to get back OP. The meds I'm on and my restricted movement/pain made it hard, but maybe that's just an excuse.

I will get my head in the right spot soon or I will grow out of these pants.


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Kim, don't forget to come say Hi to me today! How are you?.

What a day I had. Got the kids on their bus that arrived late. While we were waiting, the car broke down. Had to call a tow truck and spent the day at the shop. Thank goodness for remote access and advanced technology so I was able to stay connected and work all day. Met a lady there who's husband just died and I was able to give her some support.

Car is fixed, $270. dd9 has something wrong with her arm, it is swollen and hurts. A doctor's appt is in our future. Praying for a miracle over night. I used to be bored, now I'm not, staying grateful for everything I have in my life.

Just need more money and a little help..

Time to unwind and relax..


Comment #75



, I was so busy last night I didn't remember that I forgot to post on here! First day of high school for DD14 and first day of middle school for DD11. They had SOOOO many stories to tell, they talked from time they got home until they went to bed!! LOL!! Both of them had very good days, although DD14 got a really upset stomach after lunch.....was late for one of her classes because of it and then had to leave in the middle of that same class for several minutes. Luckily it was an elective, but all classes count!! It must have been something she ate, because I would think that nerves would have caused an upset stomach earlier in the day, rather than in the late afternoon. She seemed to be fine last night though. She doesn't get sick much (neither kid does, thank God).......DD11 was sooooooo nervous about her new school, but she had a great day. Couldn't get her locker open because it was stuck, but she seemed to take it in stride.....I had sooooooo many papers to fill out for school (I tell the kids every year on the first day that I have to do my "homework" and fill them all out), that I never got a chance to get online last night at all.....Hey, PM me your Facebook name & I'll PM you mine!!.


Nice to see you!! You PM me your FB name too!!.......You are still a Bug to me, and we would welcome your company! If you want to come on here & post w/ Susan & me, we'd love to have you!! I know I do better when I have some accountability and some support from others who are going through the same struggles that I am. I figure I waged this fat war alone for MANY MANY years, so it's time to do things differently now and use whatever support I can get...... I'm sorry Debra isn't on Medifast anymore. She was so successful at it. I know the money is an issue it's definitely an issue for me!! This stuff is really expensive, but if I'm DEAD it won't matter that I didn't do Medifast and I saved a few bucks!.

Talk to you guys soon!.


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Kim, LOL on the home work. I have it too. I have not done mine for the night so I'll have to fill in all those forms tomorrow too! Today was a painful day. At least I know what it is now and hopefully can take it in stride too..

Glad it will be the weekend soon. I hope I can get back OP by Monday. I find it so hard when in pain. I'm sure there are people who do it. Eating better will help me feel better I'm sure. Sorry to sound like a broken record.


Comment #77

Hi Sue, Sorry you are in pain. I've been out of the loop and I missed exactly what is wrong w/ your (shoulder?). Can you tell me a little about what's been going on and what it is? Looking forward to having you OP on Monday. It makes me feel more in control when I am using Medifast products and exercising. I don't get so food obsessed. Have a good day!.


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Hey Kim! About my shoulder and neck pain, a month ago, I woke up in horrible pain and over the course of the next couple of days, I could not move my left arm. The doctors said it was a pinched nerve but identify which nerve so I had to wait 3 weeks for the test that would find it so I could get a cortisone shot. I was on all kinds of heavy drugs because the pain was so intense and mean while I could not move my arm. I mean, I could not lift it at all so I could not turn off light switches, do my hair, get dressed, drive, etc. without being able to do it with only one arm!.

Now I can lift it almost 90 degrees but I can't hold it there for more than 2 seconds. My pain is much better but I'm still on pain meds. The doctor did the muscle test and found out that it is not a pinched nerve but I have Parsonage Turner Syndrome. They think it could be autoimmune but they basically don't really know what causes it. The pain will get better and I'll get the use of my arm back but it could take up to 5 years!! But it could be much less too. There's not much to do about it except manage the symptoms.

I actually brought him the idea and he was impressed and said he probably would have misdiagnosed me if I had not recognized it since it is rarely seen..

We've been eating on paper plates to cut down on house work and I've been dumping clean laundry on the back bed because I could not fold any with my arm. Today I folded and put away about a half ton of laundry! That's how much improved I am but now I'm hurting so I'm taking a break. My house is a complete mess as the kids sort of took over the past month since I was just happy if they were happy and playing and I only did any cleaning that was absolutely necessary. So it will take a while to get the place back in order..

Anyway, that was a long explanation of what happened to my arm but it is such a weird thing!.

Whether I can get back OP on Monday will depend on how I feel but I have to do something so my plan is to walk on the treadmill and make some good food choices and use Medifast foods. I don't know if I can get through the first 3 days of ketosis while feeling this way, you know?.

How are you and how is your weekend?.


Comment #79



, that is awful!! I wish your mom or the older teenaged relative who lives nearby you could come & help you get your house back in order........ About 5 years ago I suddenly strarted having unbearable pain in all of my connective joints hands, wrists, shoulders, etc. The pain was debilitating while I saw doctor after doctor & took meds that didn't nearly touch the pain. My kids learned to take showers on their own and to fold & put away laundry & toys during that time, because there was no way I could do it (and their dad was working late hours so he wasn't here during those all important after school / early evening hours which I call "the bewitching hours"!!). Like you, we did what we had to do to survive at home, and I continued working full time while in constant, hideous pain. As an example, the pain was so bad in my hands and wrists that it hurt to pull a sheet up over myself in the bed at night, my husband had to do it.....

But I do know the level of pain you are talking about. Those who haven't lived through pain like this can't understand how debilitating it can be. And when you have to work & take care of 2 kids, it's unbelievably hard. So I really do sympathize (and empathize!!) w/ you. I am glad you have been diagnosed & hope you can get some permanent relief from the pain.

I had a couple of totally off plan meals this weekend. I am incorporating Medifast foods into a healthy eating plan right now, as I really can't afford to go full tilt on Medifast 100%. I did order some more food on Friday, but like I said, I can't afford to do the program 100% because one month of food is $300+ and I just don't have that money right now. But other than the 2 loony meals this weekend, I'm doing well......eating several times a day, incorporating Medifast foods into my daily food intake, walking on the treadmill at the gym a few times a week, exercising on Wii Fit Plus at home, walking the dog a little more now that it's not so hot, etc. I'm hopeful that while the weight will take longer to get off by doing things this way, perhaps it will actually STAY off this time.....

Have a good day!.


Comment #80

Correction: make that $380 + S&H if I get the snack crackers & drink infusers that I like, not $300+..


Comment #81

Kim, wow, your story sounds a lot like mine! I am sorry you had to go through all that too! The only way I could sleep for 3 weeks was by perching on top of these cushions and let my shoulder hang free since anything touching it was unbearable. Luckily that is over and I can just lay in the bed!.

It sounds like we may be on a similar plan for a while, at least until I can make it through the first 3 days! I bought lean cuisine and other "healthy" frozen dinners so I can just grab something and I will use those with the Medifast meals until I can get back to it. I have a feeling it won't be long. I want to start the treadmill which I don't think will be a problem with my condition. It's still too hot here for walking the dog but she will get on the treadmill with me. Thank you for being here with me as we work on this. We can do it..


Comment #82

Hey Susan, Good morning! Just a fly by because I'm swamped, but I wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you. Maybe someday soon we'll pop on here & be surprised to see the board overflowing w/ Junebugs!! :).

Have a good day!.


Comment #83

Yay for you Kim! Way to go!.

I missed yesterday because my &^%$# car broke again. I had to take it to the shop and my day was hosed up..

Today I dyed my hair and I'm trying to get myself back together. I am really looking bad after a month of not being able to take care of myself. I can finally use the blow dryer again, YAHOO! Time for a hair cut. I got on the treadmill and walked for 10 minutes with the dog. I am feeling much better and I think I can do this..


Comment #84

Kim, I feel much better today. Maybe I'm turning the corner! Medifast for breakfast for me and I'm bringing all my snacks today. Wish me luck!.


Comment #85

Susan I am glad you are feeling better enough to be able to color & blow dry your hair. Yikes, a girl's gotta keep those roots covered. And I'd hate to think about going out in public without using my blow dryer first. EEEEK!!! NO WAY!!!.

Good for you having that Medifast breakfast & taking those snacks w/ you..

I know you can do it. We both can. We will. We ARE!!.


Comment #86

P.S. Susan I just remembered you live in NC. Are you anywhere near the coast (I hope not!!)?? If so, please be safe!!.


Comment #87

Kim, we are not near the coast so we should be OK hopefully!.

Work is insane right now, worked all night. This weekend it will be the same. Big weekend at my work due to the merger. If I'm not here, don't worry, I'll be back!.


Comment #88

That's fine, Susan. You do what you need to do! I'll be here!.


Comment #89

Hi Kim! How are you doing on your plan? I have a night to myself (and the kids of course) no working late tonight so that is good. I forgot to take my pain meds today and I didn't start to hurt until the evening so that is a great sign. I think I can just take advil, etc. now. I've been cleaning up my act and feeling better..

Do you have fun plans for the long weekend?.


Comment #90

Kim, I hope you are doing well and staying OP this weekend! I hope to see you tomorrow. My weekend was busy but not as bad as I thought. Still having car trouble and the usual thing but I'm hanging in there and working my way back to OP. I got a nice PM from someone who was inspired by my sticking in there and trying and I will try to do just that. I won't give up even if it takes me a while to get going again..


Comment #91

Hi Susan,.

I appreciate your stick-to-it-ness too! LOL! I wanted to let you know, I don't think I can do the Medifast thing right now. I REALLY can't afford it, even when I was doing it half way. I friended you on FB, so we can keep in touch there (and I really hope we will!!). I thought at one time I would keep eating the Medifast foods forever, but I know that's not the way the program is intended (or maybe it is, I don't know).... But I am finding that I just can't do that and not go bankrupt..

Keep in touch! I am still here for you every step of the way! Once a Junebug, ALWAYS a Junebug!!.


Comment #92

So glad you guys are still here.........I'm going to re-start soon. Can't imagine not having the Junebugs. How is everyone?..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.