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Quick question... Looking for a free iPage web hosting site? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another question on my mind: I have had some people either click on a link to my iPage site or just type it in and the get a box that wants them to download something. Any idea what is going on?.


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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This is not a new install and I have added a few contribs to it. On my computer it somes up fine so it's hard for me to say what pages work. I emailed my iPage hosting company and they said to remove all in the public_html and the reupload everything. I'll try and see. Any more suggestions would be great!.

Thanks for the reply!.


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Ok...someone help please. I have contacted my iPage hosting and they have put in a test file..


It works fine. They say everything is okay on their end. Soooooo...what could I have in my php files that is causing them to try to download?.

Here is what doesn't work..


And why does it work if I open it in my browser under user owner but not if I use a test user on my computer?.



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: 10 September 2004, 13:42..

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Use an FTP program to re-upload all of the files..

PHP (HTML, CGI, PL etc.) files should be moved back and forth in a ASCII mode and not Binary..

Hope that helps...

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It works on my owner user area of my computer also. But most people for some reason can't open it.....

Comment #5 goes again....

I have removed everything and reuploaded with Ascii..

If you have a minute or two please check and see if it works. It has been working for some people. The majority is has not..

Here is a page my iPage hosting setup for testing the php file..


Here is my store....

Angel Cheeks Diapers.

If this doesn't work then could someone please give any info for what to look for in the files that maybe I deleted or have wrong for it to want to download. My iPage hosting company said to check the files and the to get a hold of my webmaster. That's funny cause I'm both....

Anyway...any help would be great!.



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: 10 September 2004, 16:47..

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The results are in.......

The test file works fine..

Your iPage site doesn't.

Dont know whats going on.......sorry hun, out of ideas!..

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That was fast....

And bad news! Well I guess I'll be checking and maybe replacing files. I'll see if that works...

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Also, make sure when you upload files, your ftp program is not set to change the case of the files. When I first installed OSC I made this mistake and it took me 5 days to figure it out....

Anyways, checking your file to see whats going on...

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Ok, I discovered why your iPage site won't load... what I get when I download your index.php file is a bunch of giberish. When it's being uploaded it's be garbled by something... more likely your ftp program..

What FTP Program are you using?..

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Any ideas from anyone on how to get this to work?..

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Ok...somehow it seems to be working. But just to make sure please try the iPage site if you have a minute or two..





I will change the index if all stays working.....

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Ok, sight seems to be working....

Also, I recommend changing your ftp client... I've had other (non-osc) issues with Coffee cup. I use SmartFTP and it works GREAT. Probably the best ftp program I've ever used..

Anyways, welcome to the osc, we're always here to help..


I take that back, the main part seems ok, but when I click on the link, the store.php file seems all garbled. Dump the coffeecup ftp and try something else... Shoot even use Windows 2000, XP built in ftp program to test to verify..

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: 11 September 2004, 06:39..

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Okay...Here it is after I have installed a test area of osCommerce with SmartFTP. I have put some of my info on the main page but overlook the design for now. Right now I need a iPage site for the advertising that I have paid for....

I am going to slowly edit pages as I go..

Please take a look and make sure the iPage site is loading ok. That way I don't have a bunch of time in it if it doesn't..

Thanks in advance. And thank you to everyone who put suggestions in here. I really, really appreciate it..


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Don't pay any attention to parse errors...I am reloading files....

I just want to make sure that the iPage site is working without the download box..


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I have had some people either click on a link to my iPage site or just type it in and the get a box that wants them to download something. Any idea what is going on?.


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Ok, clicked your www link, got the download message, opened the file and it reads as gobbledigook, which means it hasn't been parsed properly (I think anyway). I then tried your url with /index.php at the end, got the same message, but this time the file said:.


Is this a new install, and if so, what steps have you done so far? Do you have a url that shows pages properly, and if so could you pm it to me so I can take a squint and try to figure this one out......

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