Looking for a good and reputable iPage hosting service?

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My 1st question is: Looking for a good and reputable iPage hosting service? Thanks for any comment. My 2nd question... Has anyone been able to get any of these image resizing contributions to work successfully?.

I need Product Images resized to standardized sized thumbnails and the original image to show up as it's normal size when customer selects "click to enlarge"!.

NetPBM, GD, Thumbnail Creator, Image Resizing, PHP Image Resample... I'll be damned if I have tried installing each one at one point or another, and I have NEVER been unable to get any of them to work. Never! I've tried them all..

Please, I really need someones help who has successfully installed one of the image resizing contribs. I'm working on a client project that requires this functionality..



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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could help you..

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Just make the big image proportional to the thumb size specified in the admin tool..

Should do the trick!..

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If this doesn't work, do it the old fashioned way and have the images come up in new windows...pretty sure you could dynamically add a link in there. :wink:..

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Which snapshot are you using? I have Ian's loaded version and it has 2 image mods added in, 3 images and MoPics. I added the php resize and it worked beautifully. There is a test in the install doc that you can run to see if your version (or rather the clients) has the right GD installed..


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Thanks for the responses!.

The snapshop I am using is from 2/11/2003. This Server is running RedHat Linux v7.2 with Ensim WebAppliance. The Server also has GD installed, but it's GD v1.6.2. Unfortunately, the PHP Image Resample contributaion requires GD v2.0 or higher. Since this particualr Server hosts many of my iPage hosting clients, I cannot just upgrade it on the fly..

I think the furthest I got was with the Image Resize v1.0 contrib. When creating a new product, the original image would upload to the images/images_big directory, which is correct, but it would not create the thumbnail and put it in the images directory. The error I would receive is "Unable to create: in .../image)resize.php".

I'll try it again and see if I missed something..


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I have reinstalled the Image Resize v1.0 contrib and I'm gettiung the same error that I received before....

The original image is uploaded to the images_big directory, but no thumbnail image! It looks like it can't find the default Images directory, which is where the thumbnails are supposed to be stored. I have set permissions to 777 on both the /CATALOG/IMAGES and /CATALOG/IMAGES/IMAGES_BIG directories..

Any ideas? Thanks!.


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There are advantages to old versions of GD - they support GIFs..

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I'm happy to use the older version of GD... if I could get it to work with the associated contrib. What has to be changed in the contrib to make it work with the older version of GD?.

Thanks for you help..


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Version 1.6 removed GIF support and added PNG support. Two years ago my host used to run an old version of GD 'between 1.3 and 1.6.1' in order to have GIF support. JPEG support came in later versions. Your host should be able to tell you what formats it's GD supports. Maybe they also have a version which still supported GIF. I can't think of any other reason for keeping such an old version. Best if they upgrade...

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I am the Host! :roll:.

I would really like to upgrade, but since I have many other paying clients being hosted on this Server, I cannot just upgrade anytime for fear that there may be other issues created by upgrading..

The version of GD that is on this server is the version that is loaded when installing RedHat Linux v7.2 and Ensim WebAppliance..

You brought up a good item though... I was attempting to upload a JPG image. According to your last post, JPG wasn't supported with the version that I'm using. Maybe I should try uploading a GIF image and see if that works..


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As is the way on this forum I realised out you were the host as soon as I sent it!..

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Have you tried the Big Images contribution?.

I am using this one and it works well for me. I created a 90x90 pix box that I use for all my small images so I can just take the fullsized image for each item, resize it to fit in the small box, and save it in my images folder with the same name as the fullsize image with a _t appended to the name. It works fine with both .gif and .jpg (and possibly other types)..

I also hacked it a bit so when I go to a product_info page, there's no screwing around with a small image and a popup - it just shows the fullsize image...

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My client has a very large number of products and I would rather not have to resize each and every one of them by hand. If there were 10 items, sure, I could do it manually. But not with this many items..

Each of the Product images that I have to choose from (one image per product) all have different Width and Height dimensions. A few are smaller than the configured thumbnail size of 135x135 (Small Image Width and Height), but 95% of the original Product images are much larger with varying widths and heights..

Here's my goal....

I would like to create dynamic product thumbnail images from the original product images, while maintaining a size consistency. The original Images need to be resized to the Small Image Width and Height, but, at the same time, to also keep the image proportional and to do it dynamically. The original product image would only be shown when "click to enlarge" has be selected..

My Small Image Width and Height is configured for 135x135, which I will refer to also as a "thumbnail box". I would like for the image to stay proportional within the box..

For example....

The original product image is 300x600 (tall image). The thumbnail that would be created would fit in the "thumbnail box" (which is 135x135). The actual image displayed within the "box" would be 68x135. Basically, the image would be resized proportionately to fit in the "box". The unused area of the "box", in this case it would be on both sides of the actual image, would then have a colored background (or transparent or white. I'm not greedy.) Just as long as it keeps the entire contents of the "thumbnail box" as 135x135..

The same would go for an original image of 600x300 (wide image). The proportional thumbnail image created that fits in the "thumbnail box" would be 135x68. In this case, the top and bottom of the image would show a background color..

In both cases, the 135x135 "thumbnail box" proportion is maintained and stays consistent..

Any ideas?.


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I don't think any of the contributions can do the 135x135 with a colored background for the empty space. Do you have any Adobe programs? What are the file types for the photos? Adobe photoshop elements wil batch resize an entire directory of photos at once. What size and resolution are the originals?.

What type of products are they? I have other ideas, depending on what the purpose is, you can email me privately if you like at.


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Oh yes they can. The background colour is set here:.

$background_color = imagecolorallocate ($dstim, 255, 255, 255);..

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Hmm, lets' see if I can say what I mean.

I'm using snapshot Feb 3, 2003 with Linda's Quantity Controller 5.1 (which has multiple image uploads). What I noticed is that when I just upload 1 image (the large one), the preview in "Admin" looks perfect! (right small size/proportions)..

Question 1: What makes the images "smaller" yet correctly proportioned in the Admin (when uploading),.

Question 2: Is there a "fast" way to copy these attributes to my frontpage/default.php? (So images are small yet proportional dynamically?).

Just looking for a "quick" fix without having "big" and "small" images uploaded to my site..

Thanks in advance for your replies (and hope I made sense)...

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My Automatic Thumbnail Creator.


If it works for you is really simple to install and should do the job - give it a try...

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I'm somewhat reluctant to post this, but it seems to be constantly overlooked as a quick, "stop-gap" measure for solving the image resizing issue... You can set either width or height to "0", while keeping the other at some default size, and osC will resize the image proportionally. Actually, it's nothing to do with osC, but rather a browser rendering thing. IE: set width to "64" and height to "0", and you will have all images at 64xN, where N is the proportionally resized height..

Now, the reason I don't like to post this is that people should not really be using this method to display images, since the whole image is downloaded before being displayed... waste of time/bandwidth, IMO. It's far better to "fix" this issue by installing a relevant contrib, but this method at least gets things working on some level. I've used it on dev stores to get a common width without scrunching the image to fit some defined box... of course, I don't always get around to fixing my own stop-gaps, but that's another story..

Do as I say, not as I do. :/..

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That works, but not if he wants all images to be max 135x135, you can set one or the other to 135, but not both. That's why I didn't make the suggestion...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.