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My question is Looking for a good, cheap iPage web host? Hoping for any comment. Second question.. For some odd reason my tax rates are being added together when it comes time to confirm my order in the shopping cart. For example this is the result of having set up a 6.5% zone and a 7% zone:.

Here are the settings I have:.






Can somebody show me what I am doing wrong? Here is what the deal is: Ohio has passed a law that all items purchased online inside of Ohio must be charged sales tax based on where the item is being shipped to..

For example we are based in Jackson County and if somebody from Washington State orders they are tax exempt. However, if somebody from Butler County Ohio orders then they need to be charged 6.5% sales tax. What I was trying to do is set it up so each county is as follows:.


Instead of just regular Ohio and this approach is causing me fits. I have tried to install a contribution for this problem but could not get it to install properly so I rolled it back..

Any help would be hot as I need to get this thing working ASAP. Thanks guys, I appreciate your help..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an decent answer. You should email the people at iPage as they probably could give you an answer..

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From what I can see, these are very busy boards with 1000's of members and even more posts..

Please be patient and wait for people to read your post. Once seen and digested by the right person, you and everyone else will get an answer to your query..

I personally am unable to help you, but would be keen to discover the solution. Hang in there dude and all will be well...

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I have read a few of your prior posts, and dont get a warm fuzzy feeling from them, I see negative stuff from you. we are not here to hold your hand. this is an all volunteer forum..

For your tax problem there are many anweres in contributions of how to resolve the problem the state of new york has made people do this in the past, thus there is a complete contribution of how it works for there and all you have to do is copy that format from the contribution and apply it to the state of ohio..

In fact I did this for a customer awhile back and it was fairly simple, just time consuming..

Be nice and positive and you get the same respect given...

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Could someone help me? I'm having no luck setting up the taxes for the different provinces of Canada. I've read the Knowledge Base on this topic as well as the related article that gives Quebec as an example. Does anyone have the time to give me a step by step on how to set up taxes as I am close to going insane!.



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Setting up tax rates by county doesn't appear to be the answer to the Ohio problem. The sales tax rates are not consistent within counties or within zip codes, or even within cities. I gave up trying to come up with a practical solution that works the way the Ohio legislature thinks it should. How that scheme makes Ohio merchants competitive with out-of-state merchants who don't have to collect any sales tax is beyond me. As near as I can tell, the solution is to (i) stop shipping to Ohio addresses, (ii) provide a pick-up only option for Ohio residents, or (iii) charge a flat rate and "adjust" the selling price after you manually determine what the correct tax is based on the actual shipping address. I'm using the third option for now, but if it becomes a hassle, I'm going to the first or second option..

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