Looking for drop-down menus similar to the ones on the front page of 123

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Quick question... Looking for drop-down menus similar to the ones on the front page of 123 Looking forward for any response. My other question... I have been eyeing a HostGator for very long. I missed it in the aftermarket, then it went into redemption. Then pending delete.

I was confident that nobody will bid on this name and true enough, the auction ended without any bids. So I thought Snapnames will take advantage of the "5 day refund" policy and release this HostGator back into public for registration..

Today, I checked, it was released and was immediately snapped up by another one of Snapnames registrar. I can see now that Snapnames will keep registering and releasing and register and release and register and release for an infinite amount of times. I will not have the chance to reg this domain..

I hope ICANN can remove the "5 day full refund" policy. Or implement a "70% refund only" policy. Then Snapnames will not be able to pull this kind of tricks and depriving us of regging truly dropped names...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could answer your 123 reg question..

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Its not the registrars who are registering these domains. The HostGator went through Snap and then dropped for real. Once it dropped, some taster snatched it up, tested it for a few days than let it drop. Then a completely different taster snatched it up... There is no grand conspiracy amongst the registrars. These are just independent domainers who are tasting... Sure, you may not agree with tasting, but at present, it's not against ICANN's policies...

Comment #2

How sure are you know it's the tasters? Are you 100% sure it's not the registrars themselves, or the person controlling this group of registrar?.

Who would want to taste a name All the other extensions are available. Google query yields only 2,000 search results...

Comment #3

Possibilities are endless. But again, good luck trying to prove there's a grand.

Conspiracy as you say..

BTW, ICANN did request for comments on the subject:.



The keywords are statistical and empirical...

Comment #4

One of my HostGator was registered by 5 different registrars in 1 month, from snapnames to enom clubdrop.

Good luck..

Comment #5

Is this HostGator still doing it's rounds, or has it fully dropped and available in the public pool?.

This is a plain and simple case of HostGator hoarding by the registrar. Who in their right mind would pick up a HostGator for tasting that has been dropped 4 times by HostGator tasters? If the ROI wasn't good for the first 4 tasters (if the first 4 are tasters at all) to warrant keeping the domain, then why would a you, a smart taster, want to pickup this HostGator for tasting?..

Comment #6

One man's meat is another man's poison.

It depends what your minimum traffic threshold is. Moreover, some names may be registered just for the keyword(s), regardless of traffic...

Comment #7

Tasting is never going to be regulated, there's too much involved in it right now. Maybe if something was done about it at a much earlier point in time, but imo it's way too late to even think about it...

Comment #8

Fully dropped.

It was mine and I (regret to) let it dropped.

So glad it's mine (again)..

Comment #9

I don't think you understand how some of the bigger tasters operate. They don't sit there and analyze the domains. It's all automated and random. They probably have a script that allows them to set a threshold number of domains to reg and the script just regs thousands of random domains from the pool of domains that drop that day....

If any make money, they keep them, if not, they drop them and someone else's script randomly picks them up as well...

Comment #10

I understand the frustration you are experiencing..

In the case of.

It seems the HostGator was NOT picked up by.

A HostGator Taster again on Aug 27..

If you check the Who Is.

,on Aug 27

Was regged by an Italian fellow and is parking it at

Let's see if it drops soon- I suspect it won't..


Comment #11

RR is giving you good information. Understand what he is saying. Can you prove it's a different SnapNames registrar picking up the HostGator each time. I doubt it. How sure can he be that it's being tasted? About as sure as eggs are eggs. It fit's the exact pattern of being tasted.

Just be patient. Never visit the HostGator and only visit the whois once every 6 days. Any more and you run the risk of the taster thinking it might be worth something. How sure am I it will eventually drop? As sure as eggs are eggs..

Comment #12

I'll just wait and see. Thanks for all the infos...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.