Looking for Medifast recipes that I can make with breaded chicken tenders?

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Got a quick question: Looking for Medifast recipes that I can make with breaded chicken tenders? Thanks for any comment. Another question on my mind: So when I am.


Peoples posts about their post.


Regime that their doctors have them on it has made me very confussed!!.

I met with my GBS doctor almost 2 years ago, he looked me over, explained the.


And that was it. My.


Is finally coming up this december, and I called his office to see if I was needed to come in again, and was told that as long as I didnt gain a bunch of weight then he didnt need tosee me at all..

So why are so many of you told to go on a.

Liquid diet.

Befor hand ( well I guess I know why it's because your training your stomach for what is to come so it's not such a big shock. it's not so much the why but the why am I not told to do the same) , and I'm totally confussed as to what I can and cant eat right after.


.. and is the hospital going to be the only place where I am taught anything... How long after.


Can you eat solid food.. and how much....

I didnt need to meet with a councellor... or a nutritionalist.... (which I am currently looking for) and am kind of going into this blind..

I have researched countless hours on the internet,.


And on here and know what I'm doing is the right decision but sometimes feel as though my GBP doctor does not really care. After this almost 4 year wait and it coming just around the corner I am going to do everything in my power to make this tool work and I want to no... let me rephrase that I HAVE TO succeed.... and will take any advice at all. And I know it's a long shot but has anyone ever see Dr Nohr in Medicine Hat Alberta Canada..

Thanks everyone..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

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I have been on this site for months and months, and I have learned there is a HUGE difference in the way bariatric medicine is practiced in Canada vs the States. That completely explains what you are going through. I know you have no options when it comes to your surgeon, but thankfully you have us and access to all kinds of great info via the Internet. In your case, I disagree with the assessment your surgeon is incompetent. As long as he is good in the operating room, the rest of what you are experiencing is the basic standard of care in Canada. Sorry about that, but please don't let it get you down. Good luck, and lean on your DS friends as much as you want...

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The above is a link to Duke University. They have an online manual about eating after.


It is not as good as.


To a professional, but at least it is from a reputable hospital..

Good luck to you...

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This brings you some peace....

My surgeon is Stanley Rogers at UCSF Medical Center in San Francisco. I picked him based on his surgical skills (he's a awesome surgeon and I've worked with him in the OR/ICU's/emergencies, the kid is excellent..

HOWEVER, what magic he performs with his scapel is not necessarily what how he handles himself at the bedside, pre-operatively, etc. In my opinion it's been a struggle because of my own expectations, lack of truly understanding the post op experience and unforseen complications post op..

He never checked my weight prior to.


And like most, I had a free for all eating spree the month prior to my.


I don't recommend it however, I will not be eating burmese, chinese, thai, indian anymore so I took advantage of it..

BUT, he never had me on a.

Liquid diet.

Pre-op nor did I know to inquire. I have since learned that he may be a talented surgeon but is lax compared to others in the geroup when it comes to all pre/post op stuff. He basically checked my labs, asked me if I had all of my tests completed and told me to schedule the date. Because it's a teaching hospital, you see the fellow or the NP and he just kinda comes in for a quick visit/meeting..

I had a hell of a time postoperatively. I just remember him telling me that I was sooo lucky to have him as my surgeon because my liver was sooo enlarged that they had to make several holes in my abdominal cavity because he had such difficulty maneuvering the instruments, etc. And I had told him just before I went under, "Whatever you do, break a leg trying to do it laproscopically before opening me" so he just took longer to do it via the scopes. I lost several liters of blood two days post op because of all the manipulation, etc. And truthfully, unlike most people I don't do well with my health. Just the way it goes and partly why I decided to have this.


To enhance my health and improve my odds for a longer, better life..

What would I differently? I would've asked him about preop.

Liquid diet.

That a lot people are doing. At which point he probably would've weighed me and saw I was up and possibly not do the case or schedule another time or put me on a.

Liquid diet.

Honestly, I didn't even know about the.

Liquid diet.

Or the importance of keeping my weight down ... I was too busy living in denial and being a pig, drinking and eating ; ).

I would definately have him do my.


Again because of his skill set in the OR. And if I had found this site preop I would've known to ask, or not have pigged out the weeks before, ya know? There's another gal on here who had the same surgeon and she is doing fabulously! I know of two others who NEVER had an issue and had him as a surgeon..

I guess what I'm trying to say is, find out what type of support system they have in place. Call his practice and ask. What happens if you're home and experience pain - - who do you call or who will be handling you postoperatively? Ask them how best to prepare for the.


And mention that you know of someone who had to do a.

Liquid diet.

To help shrink the liver and will you be required to do that OR take.


Citrate as a pre op bowel prep. Not everyone has to do that either btw..

Work in conjunction with your primary dr is my recommendation. It may be just a chop shop meaning that sooo many people are waiting for the.


That the surgeon just does that... the.


And his/her support system is who manages you postoperatively. Chop shops are good in my opinion because the surgeon has a ton of experience based on skill, not a bad thing..

Have your list of questions written down so when you call, you don't miss a thing..

I wish you well on your path and as always (thank goodness) there is a lot of people and support on this site. Tap into everything, as long as it doesn't make you too anxious/nervous..



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So i'm pretty sure my dr is competent, and most around me know what they are doing.. I was wondering the same thing before my op.,,1 week ago.. I didnt have to do anything but turn up:) i'm guessing it all depends on your type of body and how necessary they think you being on liquids is...also depending on your size as there is a high risk for surgeries in obese people.. if you feel confident about you dr, and why not just ask the question and see what he says..i think you will be fine... I didnt see a nutritionist before my op and didnt go on liquids before. but always ask questions, coz you will suddenly have loads as I realized myself...

Good luck .....

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I went thru clasees and training before.


As prerequiste to the.


The nut (nutritionist) also reccommended the book "Weight Loss.


For Dummies". I ordered it online and read it cover to cover. It was very helpful and something that I could/can go back to when I need info. otherwise, this site is wonderful for help from those who have "been there, done that!" good luck..

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My hospital where I had my.


Was recognized nation wide for.

Gastric bypass surgery.

All surgeons are different. I didnt have a pre op diet. However I had lost of work ups done and my liver was fine. I also started solid foods when I got home as long as I chewed them well. I couldn't eat skin from fruit or breads or celery.However could eat about everything else. I did.


My surgeon and he came highly recognized. Who ever you choose just feel comfortable with your decision. Docs. tend to do things different for different reasons. it's doesn't mean it's right or wrong. You could have a.

Liquid diet.

Before and after.


And still have complications and the same holds true for having solids after.


It really depends on the person. My hospital likes to get you a back to normal asap. Just do your.


And feel good with your choice and you will do great...

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Thank you guys so much for all your advice! And I feel very thankful that I found this support group with you people... in a way we all helped each other through our journey..

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Get yourself this book if you don't already have it-Exodus from Obesity by Paula Peck.The guide to long-term success after weightloss.


She was an Rn nurse who had the gastricbypass.


Herself. She can give you a personal record of her experiences through her book and kind of explain what to expect. I found it helpful and still turn to it as a reference book now that I had my.


In January.It's a soft covered bookJust get your self a nutritionist's advice too. Be ready to measure out portions at first when you will start on soft foods. You must learn to tune into the feeling of starting to feel full-not really stuffed and uncomfortable. When you reach stuffed and uncomfortable you've gone too far.and could stretch your new pouch out if you're having Rouen-y like me.I think you will really like the book as I do-Good luck...

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My surgeon did not require me to go on a.

Liquid diet.

Prior to.


He told me to eat high protein, low carb. Medifast diet two weeks prior to.


He did require me to got to two nutrition classes prior to.


The nutritionist did teach me phases that I would need to do after.



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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.