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First question I have is Looking for vegan and vegetarian Medifast recipes? Hoping for any response. Another quick question... Does anyone take a chewable multivitamin your happy with?.

I've been taking a big pill regular multi but having trouble lately with swallowing pills..



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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you an answer..

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I take opurity..order online from unjury..the are not bad, pretty big but only have to take one a day!..

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I also do Opurity chewables.. big but one time per day is worth it...

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If you want to try a few of the best... these three bariatric vitamin brands offer FREE SAMPLES... here's a link.


~Michelle "Shelly"..

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Try the mandarin Orange Celebrate Chewable, with the sample link Shelly provided..

It is like a glass of orange juice with breakfast! I look forward to it!.


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I use the Celebrate grape. They are good! The hospital started me with Bariatric Fusion vitamins but I couldn't stomach the taste. Follow Shelly (Eggface) link to get the free samples...

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Thanks for the recommendations. I just ordered samples of the Celebrate product..

I've tried the bariatric advantage and thought it tasted like dust..



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What do you all use for all the vitamins? I need to take the multivitamin with minerals and.



Vitamin b.

Complex with extra b-12 and the.


Citrate +d, that's why I was going to try the bariatric fusion that my Drs office provides. I don't want to be taking all these different pills...

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I'm not sure what Bariatric Fusion is, but I know that different supplements need to be taken at different times and in different combinations to be absorbed right. Also, my D and.


Are prescription...

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Trader Joe's High Potency Chewables was what my surgeon recommended when I couldn't stand the ground up TJ's Prenatal he had first wanted. I'm back on the prenatal now, but I can swallow them whole. The clerk looks at at this gray-haired old lady a little strangly - but at least I no longer look pregnant..


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Does anyone take a chewable multivitamin your happy with?.

I've been taking a big pill regular multi but having trouble lately with swallowing pills..



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I too changed to Opurity...get it from Amazon with free shipping...It is big and chalky but for only once a day it is worth it!..

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Didn't care for bariatric advantage nor TJoe's... Wasn't too sure about the regular 'centrum' types because of our malabsorption and well, I didn't do as well as others initially so I felt 'safer' using a vitamin specifically for those for gastric bypass..

I really like my chewable vitamins from Celebrate and the calium by Calcet. My numbers are a lot better and although I'd prefer to swallow 'em I'm going to just keep chewing since it's working :).

Best of luck,.


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My doctor told me to take Flintstones.


Chewables twice a day. Yes, I felt a little silly at first taking children's vitamins, but he said the content is the same...

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I do one a day gummies I love them..

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I have always used the Centrum chewables.. they are awesome .. 2 a day!..

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I take a woman's one a day, a pre-natal, a B12, Biotin and a.

Vitamin D.

..My blood wook came back with no problems..thumbs up...Dr said what ever I am doing to keep doing...

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For those of you taking Children's vitamins... be careful they have all the levels you need of each vitamin & mineral... the ASBMS actually says to.


Children's formulations as they may not be complete..


And always remember NOT to take.


With your.



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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.