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Quick question... Losing weight with Medifast Diet!!? Thanks in advance for any answer. My other question... This is a club dedicated to the Betty Pages of the Medifast world. The rock-a-billy harlets, the va-va-vixen starlets, and anyone else who wants to connect with their inner vixen are welcome here..

Now, the pin up girl is HOTT; She loves herself completely, body and soul; She stops the most stern and otherwise un-noticing men in their tracks, and she melts the hearts of those lovestruck boys with the sensual sway of her body..

As members of The Pin Up Girls, we are Vixens In Progress. We are 100% committed to MF, each other, and above all, ourselves. We are sisters in stilettos, the hottest of the fiery femme, we are here to ask and answer the questions that make the cheeks turn red..

The Pin Up Girls are here to support each other in becoming the sexiest diva we can possibly be, inside and out. We are determined to maintain the highest confidence and nothing builds confidence in the Medifast world more than staying 100% OP. We brag because we can, we boast because it's fun, and we build each other up to succeed..

Join our community by stating your cause and desire to be a Medifast Pin UP Girl and you will be welcomed with open arms!.

But before you do, you better know that a Vixen doesn't give up, not on herself and not on anyone else. 100% OP at all times is a must for the sexy seductress' that wish to be members here..

So get in gear and strap on the sexiest pair of heels you can get your hands on. Good luck to all and never forget to lean on your new sisters for support..

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Last weeks thread:..

Comments (86)

I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

Comment #1

Good Monday morning everyone & happy 2nd day of spring, LOL sounds funny to say that since it's been snowing at my house, we have had much on the ground but it was snowing yesterday and last night. I am feeling so much better and catching up on my sleep, I am planning to re-start Medifast tomorrow when my Hubby is back to work, I went off plan because of my stomach bug and could only eat a piece of toast for days, we decided not to go visit my Grandparents because I still wasnt feeling well and really did not want them to get sick. Friday night we went out to dinner and then saw Rango as a family, the movie is super funny we all loved it, then Sat. we just stayed home and Sunday we took the kids to the High Desert Museum, it's between us & Bend and was alot of fun, we ended up buying a year pass so we are excited to go back when the weather is warmer..

Comment #2

Morning Ladies!.


Thanks for starting the thread. Uggh about the snow. We are getting lots of rain and sleet but at least it's not snow. It was 75 on Friday!.

Your weekend sounded great. Rango didn't look good to me but I'm glad to hear it was. I love getting annual passes to museums and stuff. Miss those days!.

Sheila.. Congratulations!!!!!!!.

Wow that is so exciting but I'm not surprised! You are definitely on your path and on your way!.





That is so scary about your daughter. I hope she's ok. What wedding did you go to? I want to go check out the pix...

Comment #3

Morning Ladies,.

I hope this week goes smoother than last week. Last week was just endless work and meetings. So far in the first 5 hours of my work day I have gotten more done than I did most of last week. Which is pretty pathetic..

I had a decent weekend. I was off for compressed work schedule on Friday and spent most of the day outside. I went out to lunch with a friend and bathed horses the rest of the day. Very soothing when having a bad week. My own horse got a bath and he was very pleased with himself for looking pretty..

I finally bought a new helmet Saturday. I spent WAY more than I planned on but it fits me like a glove and there will be no more helmet falling over my face. The old one was falling over face and smelled kind of nasty. This one doesn't make me look like I have a bowl on my head. It also is adjustable so when the foam gets shaped around my head I can tigthen it. I rode my friends horse on Saturday and he didn't try to buck me off this time..

Sunday I took the poodle up to a horse show to watch a couple of people ride. It was a drama fest from the time I got up there. I should have left Poodle at home so I could have done more..

I am now done with the antibiotics so I can finally maybe lose weight agian...

Comment #4


What are IB classes for Tanner? It's good he's taking the harder classes, it's better to do it this way, if it's too much for him, he can drop down but I think it's harder to move up, ya know? I hope you win that Biggest Loser challenge!!!..

Comment #5

Morning Heather & Katie.

I know what you mean Heather the Rango trailer really doesnt tell you much about the movie but it's good & funny both your girls would like it, I was laughing the whole time..

Comment #6

That sounds good.


!! The BK commercials make me crazy though...

Comment #7



!! What happend w/ the poodle? Drama? lol!!!..

Comment #8

We had a fun weekend. Isabel finished up bowling on Friday and I took Ri prom dress shopping and we found one. yay!.

Saturday Riley had to cheer (again..the b'ball team was in the top 8 in the state)..and the game was 3.5 hours away. So that took up her whole dayThey won so now they are in the final 4 and have another game on WEd. night. If they win that, they play the finals on Saturday and then Ri's banquet is Sunday. It will be OVER!! Yay!! We went to a get together (fiesta themed). It was really nice.

Sunday was piano and otherwise lazy. We had some friends over last night for pizza...

Comment #9

Wow Heather, your such a busy Momma. I bet you are ready for a little break..

Comment #10

OH poodle was a GOOD boy!! It was the coach that was working with my friend's kid that was causing drama. She was really rude to the 13 year old girl, and the girl's confidence got shook. The girl is a very senstive girl and takes things to heart. The coach should have known that and not said what she did. I got there and the mom was like I should have just had you come up and paid you. I am like umm..what happened.

It was cold and the horse could be relaxing in her stall eating..

Barn Drama.

The girl that has been not around the last 3 weeks and boards for free showed up with her mom yesterday to get her horse. She has not called anyone for weeks. No one knew what was going on with her. She had been living with my trainer and her family for months now. She works off her board, and has *rules* that needed to be followed. Taking her bi-polar meds, working, not hanging on the internet all night, and not drinking alone.

So last night on her facebook she was whining about the fact that my ttranier isn't talking to her. UM..she has been TRYING to talk to you for weeks and you have blown everyone off..

Yeah over that drama and this impacts me directly since she is my house/dog sitter...

Comment #11

Oh Katie glad poodle was a good boy! Drama seems to be everywhere, doesn't it..

Yes Amy I am SO ready for a break. Isabel's soccer finishes up on Friday and Riley finishes up cheer on Sunday (I hope!) And bowling is done now too. I'm going to get busy w/ the Memory book and start taking photos next week but that will be mornings and recess...

Comment #12

Yeah my kids and I are off all week, my Hubby took some vacation days so he only works Tues & wed this week and then goes back to work regular on Sunday. So it's nice to have some days off with the family..

Comment #13

Hey girls! I hope you all are having a good day!.

Not much to say today...sorry.

Just one of those days that everyone is getting on my nerves.

I don't like feeling like this..

Charla, thanks for the giveaway entry! You're the only one so you just might win!..

Comment #14

Morning! Wow.


Awesome on Ri!!!!!! I want to see a pic of the prom dress! How exciting!.

The IB is the international baccalaureate program.. it starts as a freshman here to obtain the diploma- he has 5 set courses to take to prepare him- It's alot with the intense sports training he has for football and wrestling, but we are going to try it.. he wants to..





Okay on to backread more......

Comment #15

Hi, Charla!.

Heather, does Ri's school have Prom on Friday? I think that is the craziest thing. The high schools here have Prom on Fridays. My high school didn't. It had always been on Saturday. I think that is almost equivalent to a wedding day for high school girls, ya know?! All the preparation (hair, nails, getting ready with friends, etc.) and to have a Prom on a Friday just sucks!..

Comment #16

Her prom is on a Friday in April...yep but they get off that day so they can prepare. Which reminds me I have to make her a hair appt. It seems like most proms around this area are on Friday nights now that I think of it. I wonder why......

Comment #17


That sounds so impressive about Tanner's IB! If his teachers think he can do it, I wouldn't worry too much..

We just got an email from Ri's coach that they've been invited to go stay over night along with the basketball team in the town where the game is being held so they get excused from school for the game! It's far away so this will help the girls. They've gotten really close w/ the basket ball team now too {all girls school, people!} so it should also be a lot of fun. I'm SO excited for them all!..

Comment #18

Hey ladies! Starting to backread, just wanted to say HI first!..

Comment #19

Hi Merz.

LOL Heather your not a thread killer, I just finished catching up..

Comment #20

Friday proms- probably because Fridays are cheaper than Saturdays to rent a hall? I know that from wedding planning..

How was everyone's weekend?.

Mine was nice- visit with LB went well, helping at the derby bout was fun, got a massage (with my Groupon, so it was $25 off.

), went to an open skate and had markable improvement, and had a nice meal at church after worship..

Work is busy busy because my boss is on vacation until Monday, so that means I have no buffer between him and his boss (the VP I've vented about here before). Also, it's forecast time. I have a meeting in a couple minutes. Hoping I get out on time, I am meeting my parents at the halfway point between us for dinner at Texas Roadhouse!..

Comment #21

Brrrr it's cold outside, my Hubby is going out to cut some wood and I should probably help but it's freeeezing.

Sounds yummy Merz, have a nice visit..

Comment #22

I think you are right about that.


For the proms. Sorry you're so busy and can't play with us..

Texas Roadhouse sounds so good. I'm going to make steak tomorrow night 'cuz Ri won't be home..


It's cold here too. I made a fire yesterday and I might tonight too...

Comment #23

Yeah, I see you, Heather! Got you locked in, girl!.

The kids here have to go to school that day of their Proms here (Friday) which completely sucks!! I would be *****d!.

Hey Mer!!!..

Comment #24

That's not right Sheila! I think I got a half day for my senior prom so that helped...

Comment #25

Hey everyone : ) I hope you all had a great Monday. Mine was pretty busy I had a job interview for my dream job working in the cardiac ICU and really hope I hear back from them soon. Then I went to look at cars, I have a feeling my 96' Breeze isnt long for this world..

Merrzie-I think roller derby sounds like such an amazing amount of fun, getting some skates is one of my planned rewards when I get closer to my goal. I can't wait to give it a try, even though I am a little scared of the whole thing too...

Comment #26

Morning ladies! My day hasn't gotten too crazy yet, but I know it's coming!.

Heatherlea- don't be scared. Most derby girls are SUPER helpful and will work with you. Also, you don't have to know everything about derby when you first start..

For my league, we first had "boot camp" 2 evenings to practice the skills for our initial skills test. On it was basic non-derby skills, like weaving, skating on one foot, stopping, etc. After you passed that (I technically didn't but they were kind enough to let me stay), you are called "Fresh Meat". You have 3 months of practice 2 nights a week where they teach you derby skills (hitting, blocking, whipping, etc.). Then you have a written test and another skills test. Once you pass those, then you are eligible to compete in bouts..

That's how my league does it, and I know other leagues have similar programs. Also, you MUST wear helmets, mouth guards, elbow and knee pads, and wrist guards every time you step on the practice floor..

If you are looking for skates, is AWESOME. But call them instead of ordering online so you don't get the wrong thing...

Comment #27

Hi Heather!.

Argh- thank goodness I have coworkers I can vent to about other coworkers!..

Comment #28

Sorry I haven't be around much things have been pretty crazy around here since....well my birthday. I had a super awesome birthday with my good friends and it was the best! But then everything changed at work: my department got taken over by the crazy marketing director that I've mentioned before. She is our new supervisor. It was an emotional few week dealing with her and sorting things out, but I think things are fairly normal. On another note, Angie, my best friend and cubemate has moved down the hall into the registrar's office so now I'm by myself in here with the others. That just happened so getting used to it.

I've been off plan for about 2 weeks. It sucks because I was doing really well for awhile there. I'm disappointed in myself and I can't understand why I do the things I do. So here, I am, back again. Missed you girls but I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do with myself..

Comment #29

Hey Girls! Back from my mini Vacation. I actually got back yesterday at 12 pm but was swamped with work. Had tons of fun with LS. Off to backread! Full disclosure I was off plan while on vaccay but I am back today and doing good...

Comment #30

Hello, laaaaaaadies!.



CONGRATS on fashion week!!!!.

That is so, so exciting!.


, welcome back! hope vacation was gloriously relaxing..


, i'm in a sort of funk myself. don't know what's up, either. more on that in a bit... (((((huggles))))) for your struggles!!!..

Comment #31

So, yeah. things are funked up around here, and i'm not quite sure why. vacation was so super relaxing, then work smacked me in the face WWF-style last week. I worked almost 60 hours and still didn't even get started on this report that was supposed to be finished by friday 5pm. so I said i'd finish it over the weekend... and then I slept all weekend.

We went on a 2-hour or so bike ride on saturday evening, which was great... then I ate half a pizza. WHAT?! was back OP for about four days last week then crumbled over the weekend..

My body feels like crap, I have that sharp pain in my stomach that I was dealing with last summer (which i've now concluded is due to stress...), and i'm just generally lackadaisical..

On sunday night, after not even touching the report I was supposed to do, I woke up at 3am in a panic, couldn't go back to sleep, e-mailed my boss and said I was working from home for the day because I felt like crap. which was true, and still is..

Back at work today, but feeling stress creeping in again... and I STILL haven't finished my report. these were self-imposed deadlines, so it's not like someone's pounding their fists on a table over this, but it still drives me nuts to not meet a deadline (this is the first one i've missed)..

Blah blah blah. thanks for listening, gals. if you did...

Comment #32

Poor Tay. I feel your pain, big time. I went through the exact same thing with school when all this stuff started going down. I was missing assignments; I even had a complete breakdown and told my husband I was going to quit. Mind you, I'm in the last few weeks of the last class for my master's. That would be ridonk.

Woe is me...

Comment #33

Hey Amy!.

I'm off to lunch now. Going to enjoy my Cranberry Mango shake. See you guys in a bit...

Comment #34


, yes, that would be redonk! you're kickin' A and I can't wait to celebrate with you when you finish. but yeah, the worst part is not being able to put my finger on exactly what's going on... because then when i'm acting all funky, I can't really explain it to people..

Can I get everyone's opinion on something?.

With this whole i-keep-going-off-plan thing... in the past, i've been against telling everyone around me that i'm on a "plan" and that this is why i'm passing on chocolate cake, sandwiches, etc. I guess at the time, I had enough inner willpower to just say, "no thanks, i'm good!" and that was that..

NOW, I feel like every time I turn around, i'm eating things that aren't OP, when I literally re-committed 12 hours earlier. what is up with that? so, (1) I have the urge to tell people who don't know, that i'm on Medifast and therefore not eating _________, and (2) I have the urge to tell people who DO know (esp ryan), to STOP me when i'm about to go off! that's not really fair, though. it's not their responsibility, it's mine. i'm just feeling like a complete child lately! sheesh..

Thoughts? tell me i'm not the only one who's experienced this... :-/..

Comment #35

Im sorry Taylor I really have no good advice because Ive been the same exact way, I will go all week or all day being OP and then when it comes time for dinner or the weekend I eat all the bad stuff.

I lost 65lbs in 2009 and have gained every bit of it back, it sucks so bad, I was doing really good until I got a stomach bug last week and had to go off plan yet again uggg I feel like I cant win this battle..

Comment #36


, we CAN win this battle we know it because we've DONE it! i'm just trying to conjure up that whatever-it-was that I had last year when I lost 70 pounds. we can do this!!!! funny how my absence from the boards coincides with going off plan... hmm... must mean I need my pin-ups!!!..

Comment #37

From Backreading.


- YAY for being social. I am kind of a hermit so I need to work on that too..






- Welcome to the group. I'm Tiffany, 28 yrs old, single, live in Orlando, FL, no kids, one crazy dog and I am an accountant..


- You are always so crazy busy. Glad several of the sports are coming to an end.

You need the rest..



! I miss spring break.

Hope you have a wonderful relaxing time with the Fam..


- Boo to the Barn Drama. Hope your work week is smoother this time around..


- Been missing you. Sorry things are so crazy and bad right now. I am really bad about the emotional eating as well. ((Hugs)).


- oh no you too! Sorry your in a funk. I yelled at my boss today which is bad but I kind of just snapped..

With the eating thing I am really bad about that too, however since January, with exception of this weekend, I have been OP. I don't know how to describe it but it was different. I KNEW I was good to go. This weekend I did eat off plan but I ate good foods and ate them because I would never get the chance again, and it is rare that me and LS like each other's company. We enjoyed ourselfs but really didnt go crazy and stuff ourselves..

Today I am OP again, it sucks and I am craving like a mo fo, but I am trying. I did a week or two of self hypnosis awhile back and it REALLY helped. For me, I know I can only afford this plan for 3 more months. Thats it so I HAVE to get my butt on plan and stay there. This weekend was calculated and I do not regret it, but I also know that not a sip, lick or bite can pass my lips today or until Mantinace. I just felt different when I restarted in January.

Sorry I cant be more helpful but I really think my prayers about this and the hypnosis helped. It gave me confidence. I can send you the hypnosis cds if you want. Just PM me...

Comment #38

Yowza, I have been super busy..

Saturday was my midterm in deaf/hard of hearing class. Then Sunday I visited with my parents awhile and then was on the road and so tired. Yesterday we had about 11 classes in the library. Today we only have 5 so I have a tad more time..

Off to backread .....

Comment #39

Hi Ladies,.

Things will go better this week with the barn stuff. I am going to ride tonight and just tune them out. My riding time is the hour or so that I have to myself that I have zero demands. That is why I ride, it is my time. I have been enjoying my new schedule of coming in early and leaving early. It does keep me from beating people who aggravate me..

On the radio this morning I heard the dj who is losing weight say that people who are dieting tend to be crankier. Because all our patience is used resisting the evil food that is in our environment. I believe that, today I am very cranky and short of patience. I am listening to my IPOD to counter act that mood. I am in my own music world..

I SO need to buy new gym clothes this weekend and a GOOD bra for the gym. All my sweats when I start running start to head south..

OH I put on shorts this weekend to see if a pair fit. Pretty much they do legs are as white as the shorts. Yeah..nice..

I understand the struggling part. I had non sugar free cough drops while I was sick because of the side effects of real cough drops. It isn't like I ate 50 pieces of chocolate or something. I am getting back into fat burning mode and it is HARD. the last few days health wise I feel better than I have in 3 weeks so I just need to white knuckle it through the next couple of days...

Comment #40

Good Morning...

Tiff- I want to see pics of your vaca you too Taylor! I am on FB Charla Hanson Bend OR...

If you guys are!.

Hi Christina- welcome back!.

Tay and Amy- you guys can do it!! And I think telling people helps- my family will stop me and it helps....

Comment #41

Good Morning Carolyn and Katie.. wheres Dawn been?.

Morning Heatherlea!..

Comment #42

This is pretty much where I'm at. I lost all of this weight...and here I have the opportunity to reach my goal, with no health obstacles in the way like last year, and I'm not doing it. Why? I drop off the boards because I feel discouraged and I don't know how to deal with myself let alone try to explain it to other people. I keep going off plan. Just keep doing it to myself. I need to work on this hard.

I need to work something out. I really want to do this......

Comment #43

Hi Christina muffin!.

Sorry about the work craziness.

Hey Tiffany!.

Coming back from vaca is always hard..

Hi Taylor!.


In my opinion- if it will help you stay on plan you should do it. Maybe talk to Ry and see how he would feel if you asked him to say something when you were about to eat off plan? Of course you'll have to promise you won't get defensive..

Hey Amy!.

Hi Carolyn!.

My thoughts on how difficult it can be to stay on plan- note, not singling anyone out or anything, these are just my personal thoughts. Trust me, I've been there too..

It's a mental thing. Medifast is an easy plan to follow, but sticking to it is tough. It requires commitment and willpower. To be successful, you are forced to ignore that little food demon brat inside you screaming "feed me feed me". Everytime you ignore it, the voice gets a little softer. Everytime you give in to it, it gets louder.

You have to make a conscious decision to ignore it. You will not wake up one day and find yourself magically cured and able to always eat "in moderation". We're past that. None of us would be here if we hadn't been at our wit's end and needed a hardcore plan like Medifast..

Which is worse-.

Living the rest of your life giving in to the food demon and being obese? Because it tastes good and you WANT to eat junk? Because it's "easier" that way?.

Or, living the rest of your life ignoring the food demon and reaching a healthy weight and staying there. Because you want to like what you see in the mirror. Because you are tired of having constant mental battles of "should I/shouldn't I. No, I'm not saying you can never have another cookie- but you will ALWAYS need to watch what you eat..

Neither of the above is an easy path- but you have to choose one. You can eat whatever you want or you can be at a healthy weight. You can't have both...

Comment #44

CharlaThanks for the Welcome back. P.S. I am an I.B. graudate, class of 2000. I did marching band, wind ensemble in the winter and managed to get pretty good grades. It's really hard and challenging but if he's up for it, I say do it! The amount of college credit you can earn is way worth it.

Kids: they're used to the rigors of a college schedule before even leaving high school and can do really well in college. Just my 2 cents..

Merz- Thanks for you words of wisdom. I'm fighting a battle with myself right now and I just have to get the good side to win...

Comment #45

Morning Charla & Katie.

Katie the other day I was thinking the same thing, I am getting really white...

Comment #46



I think it's a way awesome program! I never could have done it, but I really think TanMan can! Did you go into it as a freshman to be prepared for your Junior year where it starts counting or did you start your Junior year? I think it seems easier to start as a freshman so you are prepared and still get some fun electives?.


Very good way to put it... so true!..

Comment #47

Hi Amy.. me too, I am thinking of going tanning a little.....

Comment #48

I started as a Freshmen and went through the whole thing. Everything was "pre-IB" or AP 9th and 10th grade. I did take one IB course my sophomore year though. Just depends on the student. Just be prepared for all the commitments he has to make to studying, writing extensive papers and the volunteer work that goes along with it. It's a lot. But as long as knows that going in, he'll be fine...

Comment #49

Charla I havent been tanning since you paid for me to go, When I would watch Tanner while you tanned or got your hair done.

My Daughter and her friends are driving me nuts, I try to be really nice and have these girls over because they are my really good friends daughters but every time I do Sierra and Hailey do nothing but get into stuff and make messes grrr..

Comment #50

Thanks, everyone, for the words of support and wisdom!.


, you're an inspiration! and i'm so happy you and sis had fun and didn't kill each other..

I can only afford a few more months myself. that should be a motivating factor! my mom and I set "holiday goals" with each other i'm going to be DONE (with 5/1 anyway) by july 4th, and she's going to be DONE by thanksgiving. we can do this!!!.


, you make good points. and I know all that deep down, i'm just struggling. one meal at a time, one day at a time. i'm proud to report that i've been OP since 6am this morning! two Medifast meals and i'm enjoying pork chops and spinach as I type. I CAN DO THIS!.

I think I will talk to ry, at the very least, since I share most of my meals with him. he's not an enabler, but when I say I shouldn't eat this or that, he just tells me (very sweetly) that I already look fantastic, i'm fine the way I am, etc. which I love to hear, but... I gotta finish this thang!..

Comment #51

Thats awesome Christina... thats kinda how it is here too.. he will take 3 honors and 2 IB prep classes.. It will be alot but he really wants to try- I am stressed out! Just the thought of the work! Plus we live far from HS so he has to get on the bus at 6:15 am- then he will have FB or whichever sport it is after school- I will drive in 40 minutes to get him..around 5:30 ish get us home 6:00-6:30 then he has to eat and start homework.. sounds so dang rigourous but worth it! I want him to have all the best readiness for college and chances for scholarships...

OMG! Thats crazy AMY!!!!! Thats been so long ago- we need to take our white butts in their!.

I thought Sis had a buddy over yesterday.. you nice Mama!..

Comment #52


Is your first name Heather?.

Wow, I would LOVE to work in cardiac ICU- good luck! What do you do now? You have my DREAM job... I would love to be a nurse. I have thought of going back to school in the healthcare field. I would love to do ultrasounds or echo's to start. My good friend went back to college part time at 42 and she now is a nurse for the past few years working in oncology and loves it!..

Comment #53

Yeah Charla she has Rosie's 2 girls over, the older of the 2 is a bit over the top and drives me crazy and her and Sierra are always getting into things.

Yes I need to tan my white booty, Troy would probably get mad though..

Comment #54

IF it makes anyone feel better, I live in Florida and the only parts of me that are tan are my forearms. That's completely unintentional...

Comment #55

Im going to shower and run them home since I need to go to the Post Office.

I got my federal tax return so I did all my bills, woohooo..

Comment #56

Yay for Tax money! W00t! Mine was spent on my car and bills. lol...

Comment #57

From back-skimming:.

Amy- My parents always told me that "having friends over is a priveledge, not a right"..

Charla- wow, that makes for a long day for TanMan!.

Hi Ashlee!.

Jason and I are happy that we are getting a refund this year- not much, but better than nothing!.

What's everyone up to tonight?.

I have roller derby practice..

Probably won't be on any more today, have a great night!..

Comment #58




I have a rehearsal tonight. i'm in a show called Tuesday Teen Angst, where every tuesday in april, we're doing an episode of 90210. we're rehearsing for "spring dance," you know... the one where brenda and dylan....

It. is. HILARIOUS. I forgot how seriously everyone on that show took themselves!..

Comment #59

My plans for tonight: making dinner and relaxing with my family. I'm still not well enough to do much of anything as far exercise right now. I'm ready to get back into running but I have to wait until I can walk without getting the bends...

Comment #60

*raises hand reluctantly*.

Me 3!!!!.

I came on to confess my food sins today & I have NO words for how much relief it is to know I am NOT alone. I keep re-starting & re-starting & re-starting. I have NO one to blame but myself and I keep punishing myself but it really only makes the cycle worse. I've tried literally every trick that used to work for my first go around & 100 lb loss with Medifast to no avail..

I've bought self-help books but about eating disorders. I am 100% self diagnosing myself with Binge Eating Disorder. I blacked out for a period of like an hour yesterday when I got home from work & when I looked around me when I "came to" unfathomable amounts of empty wrappers AND an empty medium pizza box!!!!!!!!!!!! W T F. I cry every single day when I get dressed & nothing I want to wear fits..

*huggles* I need help too girls. I wish to everything holy that I had some valid advice to offer you all too, as I can sense you feel as disappointed & desperate as I do...

Comment #61

Christina- Ours is going to a credit card and then savings, but I figured I may as well get my bills sent off and then when payday comes move money around blah I'm tired of bills.

Hiya Ash.

Merz- We have no plans for tonight, my Hubby is working today so we will probably just chill and watch a movie or something..

Comment #62

Heads up - I know that we can talk about our struggles here on the pinups board (which is one of the things that makes it so special and one of the reasons I feel safe here), but I also know that some people are sensitive to talking about certain foods, negative food habits, etc.... so just a heads up that there is talk of binge eating below. I hope i'm not out of line!.


, blackouts? that's so scary! I can't speak to that, but as far as binge eating... you're definitely not alone. I was OP yesterday from the time I woke up until about 6pm. I met up with an old friend, and two margaritas and two baskets of chips later, I was driving through taco bell despite the fact that I was STUFFED. I went months without "sneak eating" and lately, that's how i've eaten most of my meals. it feels awful.

When you feed them, they really do get stronger. the longer I stay OP, the easier it is to avoid temptation, but the SECOND I have something off plan, it's like I can't get enough. i'm so sorry you're struggling, too. I know that each of us is different, but we're in this together, and we have to lean on each other when we need it. i'm always here for you..

Comment #63

I'm so happy to be a part of a group that understands how I feel. I'm so so struggling really hard. It's good to hear from everyone that is in the exact same perdicament as me. What can we do as a group to support each other through this? Suggestions?..

Comment #64

Amy, I cannot believe you are still getting snow. Craziness! Enjoy the time with your family. My spring break is not until mid-April..

Heather, youre busy!! Good luck with the cheer stuff..

Katie, too much drama. Ugh..

Sheila, ack I need to enter! What do I do again? I swear, Im so scatterbrained. Its a flaw..

Hi Heatherlea! Welcome..

Christina!!! So glad to see you..

Every time I see IB, I think irritable bowel..

Which is worse-.

Living the rest of your life giving in to the food demon and being obese? Because it tastes good and you WANT to eat junk? Because it's "easier" that way?.

Or, living the rest of your life ignoring the food demon and reaching a healthy weight and staying there. Because you want to like what you see in the mirror. Because you are tired of having constant mental battles of "should I/shouldn't I. No, I'm not saying you can never have another cookie- but you will ALWAYS need to watch what you eat..

Neither of the above is an easy path- but you have to choose one. You can eat whatever you want or you can be at a healthy weight. You can't have both..

I really like what Merz said there. Ive had a hard time these last few months, too. I have to be 100% in MF. I have to be. Any slip derails me for days, weeks, even months. I have to choose the healthy path.

Im slowly killing myself with the way I allow myself to eat when I am not on MF. Thats why Ive been hanging out lately with the Tough Lovers, too. They live it. They do it. And their progress is phenomenal.

Every day. Every second. You know?.

Hugs to you all. Lets do this together! We are a wonderful bunch of women and we all have the strength to get this done. We should do a daily accountabilty thing. I'll even make a chart! Everybody has to check in daily and report whether they have been OP or not? How does that sound?.

Well, I am off to CrossFit!..

Comment #65

I like charts. That would be nice Carolyn. Like Crossfit W.O.D., huh?..

Comment #66

Well, 30 minutes left in the day for me. I'm off for the night. I'm glad to talk to you girls today. <3..

Comment #67



Love the idea of a chart! and you're so right. any little slip will derail me in a big way.... it's true. I have to be 100% because it really doesn't work any other way..


OP for 10 hours and counting.....

Comment #68

Thanks everyone for not pelting me with rotting veggies for my faults..


- I don't actually blackout but it feels that way when I sort of "come to" realizing & thinking "holy crap what the H did I just do??". I didn't eat the whole pizza, it was a pizza my roommate had ordered earlier in the evening. I resisted it for a couple hours and had been 100% OP for like 15 hours but yea I just keep fudging up. I am liking Carolyn's idea! Also, I have the sneak-eating thing down PAT! I wish I weren't so good at it. I have already told every single person I know that if they see me reaching for a off-plan item to please say something on the sly or catch my eye & shake their head. It helps for a while & then I figure out ways around it. *sigh*..

Comment #69

I'm sorry everyone for the challenges you/we are facing.

I like Carolyns idea.. as a matter of fact I do notice that back when we ALL were here for the first time and we were doing the challenges with the other teams.. we all were kicking a** so I think accountability really does help. A L O T!.

WE could even do money on it and make it a contest within our own group? Like everyone pitch in to a biggest loser pool in our own group? Or like Carolyn said a log....

Truly I am more motivated because I am in a contest at Dads work.. it helps me stay op...



10 hrs down.. your play sounds soooo cool, I'd love to act!.

Yeah Carolyn my Mom has IB ( Irritable bowel) So I occasionally think that too.


The challenges( back to that) since I am somewhat competitive as I know alot of us are on here.

Was good.. see I am thinking.. I was told the challenges arent a bifg deal here anymore like it was in 09.......

Comment #70


- it sounds like you are describing the way I eat.. but except for the BLT's lately ( which I have stopped the past few days) I have been on plan- when I am not on plan I am a sneak and stress eater. I got in a fight a week or so ago w/ my Dad and I almost..almost ate cookies and candy and I didnt even realize I was doing it until it was too late... but hen I CAME TO! Like ***?.

I also like the OA stuff... I miss Tinas daily posts.....

Comment #71

I just checked out PB2- wish you didnt hav eto buy so many at a ttme, what if I dont like it?..

Comment #72

Well, I'm happy to do a chart!! Want to start today??.

OP day for me, woot! I'm trying to think of how we can "win." Of course staying OP will be a win, but something extra. A banner, maybe? That only the ones who made it OP each week get to use?..

Comment #73

Taylor, I totally wish I could see your play!!!.

I identify with the "blackout" phenomenon. Most of you know I am a recovering alcoholic, too. My binge eating totally reminds me of my binge drinking. I really think I just switched addictions...

Comment #74

I think that's perfect! Weekly "winner" gets a banner. Maybe we could keep track of our OPness and like water intake for the day and.....minutes of exercise? Then whoever has the best numbers for the week gets a special banner? Just shooting ideas here...

Comment #75

Hello Pin-Ups!!.

I was a member of this group like 6 month ago but I fell off the wagon.

But I am back with a vengeance now so I hope you will except me back?!?!?!..

Comment #76

Hi HollieMae!.

I recently recommitted, too. Welcome back!.

Christina, I'll play around with a banner tomorrow. I'm tired! Time for bed!..

Comment #77

I like the idea of challenges too. I have a much easier time being OP if I know there other people who will know if I cheat. I totally get the sneak eating as well. I haven't done it since starting this plan, but I used to order Taco Bell and bring it home and hide in my room and eat so my roommates wouldn't see. I also want to try the PB2 because I have gotten a little to liberal with the PB as a snack. Charla if you just want to buy one jar you might want to try any health food stores near you, I called two in my area and they both carry it.

Have a great night ladies...

Comment #78

Hi Hollie - - WELCOME :-).

I was just trying to read back....I haven't been on in a couple of days.... Are we doing a challenge of some sort??? Please someone fill me in. I'm game!.

Have a nice evening,.


Comment #79

Oh no I am not. I had a eating meltdown yesterday and I havent done that since December..

Just got mad and frustrated and overwhelmed and stuffed my face. I feel like crap, but have had my Medifast Hot Coco this morning and am ready to go. The IRS just caught me at a bad time yesterday right after I lost it with my boss and yelled at him.

Which is NOT good. Not good at all!!! Then I found out we missed a foriegn interest tax deadline. So yeah...rough day. I also leave tonight on a buisness trip and am not ready so I failed, and I am angery about it..

Good luck on your goals. I am not going to dwell on the fact I messed up. I got TONS of excersise this past weekend, I am OP now and tomorrow I will be getting TONS of exc. again with stock take and climbing shelving..

We can do this!!!..

Comment #80


, a lot of us have been struggling lately and wanted some additional motivation to stay OP, so for those who want to participate, I'm going to make a chart and people report daily whether they were OP or not. At the end of the week, someone "wins" and gets a banner. If there is a tie, everyone gets banners!.

I was thinking 100 points for being OP and 50 points for exercising? I don't think we want to factor in who exercises the most on any given day because that is counterproductive to MF's recommendation of only 45 minutes a day while on the 5 & 1 plan..

OR, we can make a banner for being OP for the week and everyone who was OP for the week gets to use it for the next week. Or maybe everyone who was OP and worked out at least 3 times gets a banner to encourage the exercise?.

I don't want people to feel discouraged if they never "win" because exercise factors too much into the competition. I work out a lot, but I am single and childless and have much more time than most. At the same time, it might motivate people if it is part of the competition?.

What do you all think? We tentatively started yesterday, but if you guys want to set an official start date of this coming Sunday or something, we can do that. I just don't want an official start date to lead to last minute binges. I know my own mentality on that and I imagine some of you have the same problem.....

Comment #81 too!! My neck is red now though as I missed a spot this weekend at Universal Studios so I have tan arms and a spotty red neck..

Comment #82


, when I went to class on Saturday, the first thing my professor said to me was, "You are so hard on yourself." I was like, "You already picked up on that, huh?" Well, it is my turn to say it to you! You are so hard on yourself! You are a wonderful person!! Stop being so hard on yourself!!..

Comment #83

Carolyn - I LOVE YOUR IDEA!!! I really like the idea of maybe one big winner, and then a banner for being food & water OP and one for excercising 3 times. I dont think there would be only one winner banner cause if you are OP all week you should get bragging rights too, ya know. We could have a total points winner banner each week, but I do think we should also have an OP banner as well...

Comment #84

Carolyn - Thanks. I am really trying to just focus today on each meal. I am going to have to eat every 2 hrs and not 3 hrs as I woke up an 1hr and 15 mins late and have to go to bed really early to travel tomorrow. Again thanks so much for the support. I appreciate it.

Off to do web reporting..

Not sure how much I will be on today, depends on how much I have to do for tomorrows trip...

Comment #85

Okay, so do we start with yesterday or today or wait until it is a new week?..

Comment #86

Morning Lovelies!.

I wrote a long post yesterday and lost it grrrh!!!.

I have to get going and I'll try to get back on later and write what I wrote yesterday..

Carolyn...start the challenge today!! It'll keep everybody motivated over the weekend and beyond and strike while the fire's hot..and all that....

We had some snow this morning. Nothing is sticking around thank goodness and where Riley is staying is out the storm's way...

Comment #87

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.