Medifast Diet advice needed please?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Medifast Diet advice needed please? Hoping for any answer. Second question of mine... HAPPY FREAKIN' SWAGGERIN' MONDAY - WEDNESDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




Comments (81)

I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could assist you..

Comment #1

Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing...

Comment #2

Morning Peeps!.

I was up at 3:00 am so at 5:00 I decided to go downstairs (my apartment has a small gym room) and start the Couch to 5K plan. It was the first time in my life I have run on a treadmill and I didn't fall and/or lose my balance!! It was actually pretty "easy", which I guess is the point as it eases you into it. I liked it too! There is absoulutely no reason why I can't do this 20-30 minutes a day 3 times a week....remind me of that when I get lazy....

For those of you who have done this or similiar, what speeds do you usually alternate between when you run/jog?.

I didn't download any of the programs yet, just used the timer to alternate. Are there ones that are better than others?.

Sandy to answer yoru question from yesterday, I am an aspiring kept woman, but in the meantime I am like a play therpaist for kids in teh hospital, we are consulting on the development of a new children's hospital in Qatar. It is a 5 year contract of which year one is about to end, so I will likely be going back a few times a year during the course of it all..

Ok, have a great Monday all!! Peace!!..

Comment #3

Oh and umm, Lori, how much money are we talking about in yoru winnings?!?!!?..

Comment #4

I warm up at like 3.4 then step it up a bit and then I alternate at different speeds. 3.8 or 3.9 with a 4.3-4.5 increase and then back down to 3.8/3.9 at a 10 incline was alaways what made me feel good (by good, I mean like throwing my TM out the effing window)...

Comment #5

I guess by the time the food and drinks (and tips for drinks) was covered it was a couple of hundred extra..

Not enough to not have to go back to work, which we all know is what I was hoping for...

Comment #6

Well, then I am definetely easing into it!!! I was afraid to go too fast given I would fall...I am thankful that this room is completely empty when I am in it!!!..

Comment #7

That's not where I started and absolutely not what I could do now..

No way..

Baby steps fo' sho'...

Comment #8

I'm heading in to the shower and on to the scale..

My prediction today is 143...

Comment #9

Morning Capt- that is better than 143! You've got this, you always do. Congrats on the winnings even if it's not enough to not go back to work..

Toni- I had to slow myself into it and then was never able to get past about a 10 minutes run. Don't remember the speeds because my mom's TM isn't right. Just adjusted to my comfort level. I need to start that program again myself..

Last day off work but have things on the calendar for tonight- too many actually and unless I am able to clone myself I won't be in two places at the same time. ODD needs to study for a test and I need to go start the C25K again at mom's. I'll check in more today I promise (unless mom finds things for us to do) Have a great OP day...

Comment #10

Good morning fellow shammies.... so great to sleep in on a day off..

Lori... wtg, capt. 139 rocks!.

Hi ang and toni.. all this TM talk makes me want to get on one... NOT! only joking. I did my wii fit alot this week and thats progress for me..

Hey lara... enjoy day at your mom's..

Oldest ds returning from church trip at 11:30 PM last night. yawn... need to meet my parents half way to pick up little ds, work on homework, and then they are off to their dad's house. I'm going to go to work to pick up my laptop and plan to do some work at home. we are expected bad weather tomm, so who knows.....

Comment #11

Hi everyone! I'm down 6 pounds. Yay!.

Toni - glad to hear you didn't fall off the treadmill. :-) I tried doing the couch to 5k, but my knees hurt so bad that I had to stop (which also prompted my start on the diet...). I liked the first 2 weeks of it, though! haha.

Lori - congrats on the winnings and on the weigh-in!.

Andrea - wii-fit sounds good to me..

Have good days everyone!..

Comment #12

Good Morning Everyone!.

I have plans to start the c25k next week. It has been my plan all along. I just wanted to wait my 3 weeks out first. Years ago I ran the Bolder Boulder which is a huge 10K race in Boulder Co. It was so much fun. I have wanted to do it again for years.

The one I have now is Techno music and I am not liking it so much!.

When I went out to let the dogs in their kennel this morning I slipped on a small patch of ice and biffed it good. I landed on my right arm and now it hurts like a !@$#!@%!%! Need to take some advil and hope it gets not want to have to go to the Dr.!!.

I will check back later with some shout-outs! I am in too much pain to keep typing - yikes!..

Comment #13

Hey Hookers,.

Please no congrats on 139..

I told Toni in an email a little while ago that it might as well be 159, because that's what it looks like and that's what it feels like..

Jess - WTG on your loss this week. Nice job. Keep up the good work..

Andrea - When do you WI?.

Lara - Are you still all amped and killing 5/1?.

Sorry for anyone I didn't shout out to right now. Crazy here this morning..

Oh...I forgot to tell ya'll that Dickbag called my cell phone when I was driving home on Friday afternoon. Just when I thought I could not be any more disgusted with him...I was wrong..

Okay - gots to go....there's a RTD shake calling my name..

Mad love...

Comment #14

Melissa -.



Hope it stops hurting soon...

Comment #15

Melissa-Hope you didn't break anything. My MIL slipped on ice and broke her ankle in 3 spots and her elbow. 8 pins later and almost 6 weeks out- she can't wait to get the cast off. If it's still hurts tommorrow you may need to go get it checked out. Be careful out in that stuff..

Jessica- WTG on your weight loss this week. Told you you had nothing to worry about! Keep up the great work..

Andrea- Keep on the Wii this week like it's your J-O-B. You are getting so close to goal!..

Comment #16

Capt- I had a little slip this week but yes I'm 5/1 and gonna kill it again this week. Not gonna let a little slip bring me down. I kicked my own **** after I did it, so onward and downward I go...

Comment #17

Ang- Don't your bosses know that today is a holiday and that you are not suppose to work You are suppose to be here chatting with us?..

Comment #18

WTG on the huge weight loss Jelizabeth. WTG on bringing some money home, Lori. I sure hope I can do that next time. At least if nothing else, you can to play in a beautiful casino. Ours up here are very small and all Indian owned so they're mostly independent casinos or they may own a couple more in the area. However, I still like them and it's my fave pastime..

Not sure what's on the agenda today. Still debating whether to go to TN in a couple weeks. Weather has been so bad thru OH, KY (right, Lara) and TN and that's the states I drive thru. I'll just wait till another week and map out the weather and make my decision. Otherwise I'll wait till around till April cuz with my knee replacement surgery on the 15th of next month, I want to be able to get around and do things...

Comment #19

Capt- Its about that time that I'm ready to start looking at the upcoming Aruba trip, so if you could PM me information on things we should do, places we should go and restaurants we should eat- I'd greatly appreciate it. Also what do you think about renting a car on the part of the island we are staying? Thanks - you are my Aruba guru!..

Comment #20

Barb- the weather has sucked here in KY but at least in my area the roads have been pretty good. I have heard that the expressways out in other counties aren't cleared near as well as ours though. So yeah I'd wait to see what the weather is bringing in a couple weeks...

Comment #21

Morning shammies,.

Today is piano lesson and get golf league stuff ready for game tomorrow. I am going to stop at Chico's. they have a cute beach top that has my name on it..

No more falling on ice..

Love the WIs..

Lori - I do not remember your goal range. Seems like you are close, just need to get your fitness program back..

Time for coffee...

Comment #22

Sandy have fun shopping. I bought a cute top for the summer yesterday. Wishful thinking for all this cold weather to go away...

Comment #23

Hey shammies!.

I am getting a bit later start to my day today. Kind of laid around and was lazy for awhile...sipping coffee, watching reviews of the "attire" at the Golden Globes. I am enjoying my extra day off..

I did get out to do my errands yesterday. I even made time for mani/pedi. That seems to be my one "treat" for me that I really try to make time for. It was nice...sat in the massage chair, sipping my americano with SF vanilla syrup. Mmmm!.

We are getting snow today...guess shoveling may be some added exercise for me today!.

Hope everyone has a GREAT day! BBL for some shout outs!..

Comment #24

And we are due to get some tonight/tomorrow..

EW! EW! EW! EW!!!!!.

There has been snow on the ground FOREVER now!!!!!.


Love you, Dawn..

Carry on!..

Comment #25

It was originally 138 but I have maintained at around 129-133..

That's where I'm my most SWAGGERIN'......

Comment #26

Hubbie and I went out to eat- didn't eat OP and regretted it afterwards- wasn't all that good anyways. Would have enjoyed salad or grilled chic better. But one thing I have learned on this journey is 1) I'm definately not perfect. However I do try to learn from my mistakes and analyse why they happen, so that I can change my thought process. 2) I have learned that I try to reason out why it's ok to eat things that I shouldn't and so I have to make a more concious decision to stop that reasoning and instead reason why I should continue to eay healthy. Like I have said before- it's a never ending journey, but one I will continue to take and learn from...

Comment #27

I hate snow also..

My boob are not huge; my stomach is huge. Trade you...

Comment #28

Sand - E'thing I gotz is huge. (Except my boo-tay.).

Lara - I'm not trying to call you out specifically - but I said earlier on that I pushed this stuff so much aside last year and watched e'one fall off plan that I think it really frustrated and discouraged theshitoutofme and - then I feel responsible..

I know that you've been here long enough to know this is a process..

One where you never stop learning..

One that never ends..

I stay here day after day - year after year - so that people see that no matter how much you lose and how long you keep it off - it's never easy..

I was reading a magazine the other night that did an interview with Jennifer Hudson about the weight loss on top of the original weight loss..

She said something along the lines of it being so hard to keep it off and maintain, that it was like a part time job..

I laughed out loud..

I think that just might be the best description I've heard to-date..

You've done a great job, Lara..

And I try to tell you that often but probably don't tell you often enough..

I just get worried that when you (any/all/whatever of you) give yourself that once - you're going to give yourself that twice - and so on..

You (all of you) came back here balls to the effing walls a couple of weeks ago and were hell freakin' bent on sticking with it until it was done..

Where did that go?.

I keep seeing people writing that they slipped and OF COURSE I know that the most important thing when you slip is that you don't fall - and I know you all keep getting back to it and you all keep on keeping on - but I just want everyone to think about it...think about why you did it...why you think it's okay to do it....let other people learn from it..

And all of that happyshit..

I want people to finish what they started and stay there..

That 5% number ain't no joke..

And it really is a head game and a part time job every single day..

Again - this isn't at you - it's not at Barb - it's not at anyone else who slipped up and hasn't admitted it..

It's for anyone/everyone and myself included...

Comment #29

THIS IS GOSPEL TRUTH! Seriously, it is so easy to gain it back. I gained 10 lbs without batting an eyelash. And the smaller you get the HARDER this becomes. And the slip isn't the problem. It's that weak azzed NO muscle we all have. Everytime you stay OP and say NO it gets Stronger and our whiny inner brats get smaller..

Unfortunately, most of us have food issues and what works for those that need to lose 10 or 20 lbs does not work for the majority of us..

I won't go quite as far as saying it's all or nothing - but it can be close..

Finally, I will add, for me at least, carbs beget carbs. What I mean is that when I start cheating and eating carbs, I want to eat everything that is not nailed down..

Hope this doesn't come off as preachy, just well meant...

Comment #30

Hey Peeps!.

Quick drive by from work....teh Maple LEafs are visiting, fun times.....

Congrats on the 6 pounds Jess, I think you just said FU weightwatchers.....

Comment #31

Capt and Ang- You are both so right in what you said. heck I'm saying to myself because as Capt said, I've been here long enough to know. I also am a carb fanatic and once I eat one I want them all. Luckily for me that did not happen this time, mostly because I am concious of what I'm doing since I did slip. For those of you that have been OP and stayed OP to loose and have not yet gotten to maintenance- I hope you learn from each of my/ our mistakes. 5/1 was easy the first time, it gets harder to do again in maintenance once you've screwed up majorly.

That's what I have to work on. I hope that someone out there learns from my mistakes (as well as myself) I do not want to bring this awesome team down, but also want to be honest and true. Ok enough of my rambling, lesson learned this time. My fire is still burning for 5/1 and I will accomplish my new goal...

Comment #32

Toni- look our tickers match almost exactly. I forgot to update mine yesterday or they would be exact!..

Comment #33

Ummm...that ain't an honest ticker......

I need a week in before I ain't gonna be pretty.......

Comment #34

I appreciate all the insight. I am really scared of T&M as I have said before. My focus now is to get there...

Comment #35

Time for piano lessons - will be gone for awhile. Any humping going on?..

Comment #36

Amiga - You don't bring ANYONE down. Look - you've basically done this already. You struggle (as I do) but you're not over there putting all of your weight back on. You got there and you caught it before it got away from you. That is HUGE. Don't lose sight of that.

Told you a long time ago I've got mad respect for you - that still remains true...

Comment #37

I swear I have never been so excited to see a chicken breast!!! Starving all day, but that's what happens when your day starts at 3:00 am on Day 2 of 5-1!!!.

Anyways, while we are engaging in this dialogue of on-plan, off-plan, choices, humpies, etc. I would like to follow Lori's lead (sorta) and quote another African-American singer, my girl Missy Elliott. When being praised for her weight-loss (back whenever) she brushed it off and stated, "Whatever, I'd still f-up a twinkie in a heartbeat." I'm with her, I'm always gonna want to f-up the twinkie. And I'm also with Jennifer Hudson this is a part-time job, an exhausting, tedious part-time job. So, some days I am gonna f-up the twinkie (I want to repeat this as many times as I can) because I don't feel like showing up for work. But the key is not to f-up 20 twinkies, or a f-up a twinkie and then a f- up a pizza and so on.

Aren't you glad I came back?!!?!?..

Comment #38

Now, does anyone know how to make a twinkie out of a pudding and/or shake mix?!?!?!.

I'm dying over here......

Comment #39

Stay away from the twinkie!!!!.

I did f-up that chicken breast though, but am trying to ignore the shopping bag full of candy and pre-holiday food gifts that I have packaged up for Rob (he's still not my boyfriend) to pick up...I'll let him f-up the twinkies......

Comment #40

I HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!! I am so glad your back...

Comment #41

BTW- did I mention WTG to you Jess for having a great 1st week?.

AFM, I'm home. Just had a chix burger and french style string beans for dinner. I hate canned veggies b/c of the sodium...but I'm rushing around tonight like a crazy person...

Comment #42

Awwww...I missed you too! When I first read your meal tonight I thought like McChicken (fried chicken filet) and french fries, I was like "Wow, hookah ain't even making any excuses, she f-ed up a value meal!!!.

"But my vision is kind of hazy due to my hunger and the fact I haven't slept....and I'm confused cuz no one has told me how to make an Medifast twinkie......

Comment #43

Dude, I could be all over the fries but unfortunately no..

I keep Bell and Evans Chix Burgers in my freezer for emergencies. They're 160 calories, 3 grams of carbs. They're good in a pinch and no breading to speak of..

Comment #44

I hear you, I have some salmon burgers in my freezer for the same reason and about 450 cans of tuna fish in my cabinet.....

For real, ask Lori.....

And I don't even like fish......

Comment #45

Toni, I'm really glad you're back too hooker. I couldn't even begin to think how to change a shake cake into a twinkie unless you shape it the same and fill with ff cool whip or something like thatlol. Give it a shot. I just ate my grilled chicken breast and green beans and thinking about running out but it's been snowing and they say roads are really slippery. Maybe I'll head out and see how they feel cuz I can always turn around. Have a good night everyone and I'll see ya tomorrow...

Comment #46

This is way wrong advertising, right? A twinkie f-ing up a twinkie......

Comment #47

Hi Barb- Stay safe, no joy riding in the ice/snow....even if it means getting to a casino.....

Comment #48

So, you may be shocked, but when you google Twinkie images a whole bunch of stuff came up that actually has turned me off twinkies. I will spare you the images but think: bacon-wrapped twinkies in the form of Stonehenge, Beef-filled twinkies (definetely lower carb than tarditional ones), grown men dressed as Twinkies, Twinkie cook-books, and Twinkies alligned with cockroaches because they are the only things that will survive an apocalypse....but I think this one is the most distrubing of all so I will share:.


Comment #49

Ok, so I guess I'm only amusing myself.....

I'm an idiot though cuz I realized I only had 4 Medifast meals all day, 3 between 3 am and wonder I was starving and fantasizing about snack cakes.

Anyways, I just downed a bonus (in my mind) Hot Chocolate!.

My Advil PM just kicked in so I'm off to bed....see you at 3:00 am!!.

Peace Out!!..

Comment #50

Hola chickas ~ Did someone say "Twinkie" ? .

I'm on hour 14 of the day from h&ll. DS#2 had a small outpatient procedure today, and it ended that surgery was delayed by 2 hours from a number of accidents on the freeway this morning (ice in Iowa today, followed by rain, sleet, and soon to be snow...)..

I ate oatmeal before I left, packed a brownie and had the emergency bar along. By 2pm, all of these were gone and I was S.O.L. At 5 pm, we made it to a restaurant with a famished boy. I had salad, some steamed veggies and small steak. Probably over on the greens and steak, unsure. So not I am to fit 2 Medifast meals in before sleep and that doesn't feel like it's happening..

I'm tired and just want to sleep..

So I won't chalk today up to success, but I didn't succomb to the cookies in the surgery waiting room. NSV in my opinion however small..

Gonna find some shut-eye. DS#2 is doing well...

Comment #51

Hi Muffy! What did your son have done? Kids and surgery are kind of my thing...but not in a creepy way.....

Sounds like you did good on your screwed up day.......

Comment #52

Muffy hope your son is doing okay..

As for your 2 Medifast meals...make a brownie and hot choc and eat together.

Hi ya Barb. No playing in the snow!.

AFM, I'm off to night night snack and then bed. They are calling for an ice storm here tonight. Why haven't I moved to New Mexico yet????..

Comment #53

Love this (Twinkie)..

And we've talked about this stuff many times, T..

You know more than anyone how capable I am of effin' up the Twinkie..

And I'll eff up 4 boxes of them with a large pie and a side of fries..

And I'll do it for a weekend or a week or two weeks..

But then it's back to the part-time job..

Has to be...

Comment #54

You are even way mo' funny when you're all assedup from exhaustion...

Comment #55

Or something like that..

Be careful out there, Barb!..

Comment #56

You're yelling at me on email b/c I'm not here but you don't need me here because you are totally amusing theshitz out of yo'self!..

Comment #57

My son had an endoscopy today. He has a condition called eosinophilc esophigitis and they were taking biopsies in his digestive tract to check for eosinophils (white cells that fight allergy). We should have results Thursday. Poor kid has been through much in the last 6 months and has camera footage of every part of his digestive tract...

Comment #58

It's so good to have you back, it's ridiculous..

Get some sleep, hooker!..

Comment #59

I'm glad e'thing is okay w/DS and that you're all safe with the bad driving conditions..

Please (please) stop beating yourself up...some extra green is not the worst thing..

Cookies would have been the worst thing..

You're doing fine..

Get some rest and have a good night..

Mad love...

Comment #60

I think I collected unemployment for too long.....

And yes I will f-up a metaphor too.....

Comment #61

How old is he? Check in with the hospitals Child Life department if he needs help coping and/or understanding, it's what I do....and I do it well, I know you don't know me but my life ain't all Twinkies and one-liners.......

Comment #62

All of my positive energy for you & DS..


Comment #63

Great now I'm over-tired, somebody sing me a lullaby......

Comment #64

He is 14. He's had this procedure 3 times now, and a colonscopy also. He suffers from IBS which they originally diagnosed as Chron's disease (thank Him above that it is not.). That is caused by stress and allergies. He suffers terribly from seasonal allergy (specifically ragweed is worst), with symptoms way beyond normal seasonal allergy symptoms. The esoniphils should never be in the digestive track, and cause his body to react allergically to food.

Since snow (no pollen) he has gained 10-15 pounds. He needs a bubble, LOL, but country boys don't like to stay inside. If left untreated, the eosinophils will harden his esophagus and cause food to get stuck and not pass to the stomach..

How's that for gross-you-out-details... LOL..

Comment #65

Thanks.... needed that. I came here to ward off thoughts of sinking into chocolate ice cream. That hug will fight off that weak thought...

Comment #66

I promise you that ice cream ain't gonna help you or him..

I don't know much...but that much I do know...

Comment #67

I can't wait..

And...I don't remember what time my flight is...but, obviously, I can make it earlier now..

BwaaaaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! !!!!!!..

Comment #68

That's it from me for tonight, hookers..

Much mad love...

Comment #69

You guys are funny..

Muffy, I am proud of you today..

Had a good lesson. Time for L&G. Tomorrow is golf league and then my shellac mani. Not sure when I will get here but know I will be OP. Easy to drink water on the golf course...

Comment #70

I'm off to the treadmill. I have been exercising kind of hardcore all along, so I don't think it is an issue to be doing so the first full week back on 5-1. I am on Day 3, so if I make it through today I am golden. And by golden I don't mean luscious golden cake with cream filling......

Comment #71

Where's Kori?.

Kori - I swear if you're not OP and dickingaroundagain I'm gonna fly out there..

As of 3/1, nothing stopping me from doing it..

Just sayin'.. you...

Comment #72

Morning Capt and Toni. had no problem making it to 5:30 when the alarm went off. Loved all the twinkie talk from yesterday. I forgot how much we've missed both of you being around that much. Glad your back, now if I could just find time to be back that much. Anyway I'm running late this morning since the computer is all f-up so gotta get these girls a moving. Will check in from work...

Comment #73

Good morning all. Out shoveling fricking ice from my driveway...back to it now but man this SUCKS...

Comment #74

It sure does, Ang..

It sure does..

Be careful out there...

Comment #75

It's crazy icy out there in Tronto too today and then it is supposed to snow. I f-ing hate the winter......

I did the treadmill, and then made an Medifast "recipe" I found while trolling the boards. Pudding Pie....just half a brownie mix cooked, piled with half a pudding mix mixed(I chose vanilla) and chill....I'm bringing one to work to eat in a couple of hours and am giddy about it!!!!!!..

Comment #76

I've been plowed back in now 3 fricking times. I need to move where there is NO SNOW..

Toni recipe sounds good..

Lori - I can't leave until Ari comes home and he's still at work with a patient. I probably won't get out of here until around 9:30...

Comment #77

Does anyone know how much ground venison you can have? I have like 10 lb of it in my freezer and took some out to make a Bambi flavored meatloaf. I'm going to check Medifast but wondering if anyone knows of the top of your head?..

Comment #78

Morning guys!.

Crazy day yesterday...shoveled 3 times! The last batch had freezing rain mixed weighed a TON! Hurting today! Good exercise though. Off to see the kiddos at school!.

Will try to do a drive by later!..

Comment #79

I checked...for some reason you can have 7 oz of roasted venison but only 5 oz of ground. Doesn't matter much to me as I won't eat more than 5 oz anyway...just curious...

Comment #80

Morning Lovelies!.

Running behind this AM - try to catch you after my post-work work-out... have a great OP day and drink your water..

**rushes off...**..

Comment #81

Morning Everyone!.

Boy it is messy here today....snow...freezing rain....yuk! DH left for work a while ago. One of his salesmen is in from CA and he's picking him up at hotel - we don't dare let him drive in this stuff - he's used to a steady 78-82 degrees. He constantly reminds us of that..

ODD left at 6 am this morning and said roads were terrible..

Staying OP this past week, but Jack is now in the scale will not move. In time.....

Dawn - I hear you about shoveling that heavy snow/freezing rain...I'll be doing that later. I can think of better ways to work out though. I also have to shovel/plow out 3 elderly ladies in our neighborhood. This is usually DS's job, but not this year with shoulder..

Lori - what did you get where you are? Hope your day is better today..

Hi Barb!.

Will check back later..

Hey, does someone have that 2011 shamrock banner link? thx...

Comment #82

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.