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My first question is Medifast Diet, did it work for you? Thanks for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. Hello Team...I filled in my weekend happenings (Santa Land and Size 8's....I'm still on cloud nine.

) on Sunday, so I thought I would just say let's keep up the great work guys, we're all doing so well!.

I figured since we're not getting a ton of posting anymore as times are hectic, busy, full of family, friends, new adventures, changing times and unexplored territory opening up for all as our weight is decreasing and we're becoming more confident and happy with ourselves......that we would just leave this as an open thread until we ALL reach our goals AND beyond! This way we can always keep in touch with the past, present and future posts of our great team!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I bump into an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Good morning Becca! I read about your new size 8 SEVEN jeans! How very exciting! Isn't it wonderful to be able to wear what you dream of in a single digit size??? Hooray, girl! You done good! Pictures???.

I am happy to report that I have finally broken through 150 am now 148.5 and heading toward 145! I am awaiting the other dress to compare sizes. I can get the size 8 on and it does fit well in most areas (except it's tight around the ribcage.) The next size may be too big, so I've hung on to the smaller one for now. I still have this whole week before the party. I found a great beaded clutch purse at an antique store this weekend as well as a lovely garnet and marcasite cocktail ring (Garnet is my birthstone and is about the color of my dress!)..

I got my mom's x-rays back. She has a bunch of bone spurs and degenerative disc disease. Not a huge surprise! She's 83. She seems to be feeling better and is getting out to play cards with her lady friends again, so that a good sign..

Tonight we have the sports banquet at the high school for DS. I hope I can stay awake...I'm up at 0400 this morning to be at work early. Several parties this week, in fact. Should be fun and hectic!.

Hope everyone is well and plugging along toward their goals..

Take care,.

Carol Ann..

Comment #2

OH Carol Ann.

...that dress sounds like a dream (I hope the 8 fits perfect in a week and you never know, it probably will)....... and THAT purse (I love antique purses - they are always so gorgeous). I bet you're gonna look just like Cinderella!!!!! You're just going to sparkle my dear.

I am glad that your mom is feeling better and is able to get out with "the girls". Independence is such a wonderful thing.

Your week sounds exciting...wish I was there to see you in your dress the moment you put it on! Have fun!!!.

You are doing so well my friend and I am so proud of you girl....REALLY PROUD!.

Oh...and no pics of me yet...not until my "goal" photoshoot on my ATV in my daisy dukes. That's my BIG reward to myself..

Comment #3

Good Afternoon Team Indy,.

I am down another 1.5 this past week..



, size 8. I need to try those SEVEN jeans. The sizes are so different with the different brands. I am between a 10 and 12 in Lee Riders jeans. I would love to be wearing an 8..

Carol Ann.

, you are going to look fabulous in your size 8 dress..

Hope everyone has a great week...

Comment #4

Trini.... are doing so awesome! Only 25 lbs to go for you. I am so glad that you checked in today...I was thinking about you over the weekend..

I used to wear the Lee Rider jeans, but then (where I buy them), they only offered the stretch ones and I didn't want I had to find another alternative. When I was in the 12's, the regular Lee's were the same size. I haven't tried the regular Lee's in the 8's yet as I've become addicted to the look of the SEVEN brand..

Comment #5

Hi Team,.

Carole ... I went to your blog to check out the dress and bag pics ... alas no joy! Not like you to not have a pic posted. Can't wait to see the OUTFIT ... Either way, I know you will look great in your little 140s body. Congratulations! Your lowered goal is so close ....

Becca - Thanks for posting the thread. I hate to see it fall off and am hoping after the first of the year, people will be back more often when things are not so busy..

Joy - Love the avatar pic ... Good to catch up with you this weekend..

Trini - Good for you with your continued loss ... I had a 0 loss this week and not totally sure what that was about. I overdosed on the sodium and jumped 2 LBS in one day but I was thinking that was mostly water ... We'll see what happens tomorrow..

Megs - Thanks for the PM ... look forward to us staying in touch. Twins separated at birth and all that ....

How are you all doing with all the Christmas goodies around? Me - so far so good - but I do notice that I'm getting bored with my usual L & G ... Need some variety. Anyone wanna share your favorites ... remember EASY not a lot of ingredients ...


Ps - Just heard on a commercial that most people gain 11 pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas Makes me happy I"m on program this season ....


Comment #6


Tonight I was feeling like tuna noodle casserole, so here's one of my recipes and it's yummy.


2 cans Tuna - (in water), drained, will be 6 oz.

1-1/2 cups frozen whole green beans (steamed in the microwave first to pre-cook).

2 tsp Chipotle Mustard - portion of 1 condiment.

2 Tbsp Low carb BBQ sauce (found one that is great and only 1 carb per Tbsp) - 2 condiments.

1 Tbsp Miracle Whip Light (for fat allowances).

Spices of your choice to taste, but don't really need any.

1 oz LF Mozzarella cheese (grated for topping).

Mix all ingredients together.

Spray oven safe bowl with Pam, spoon in mixture and top with grated mozzarella.

Bake at 375 degrees for 30-40 minutes or bake for 30 minutes and broil for last few minutes (I like the top browned for a little crunch.


It's delicious!..

Comment #7

Today is my Monday weigh-in folks and I'm down 4 pounds..

Hard to believe such a large number for me this late into the plan.(slow loser on a good week!) I also did 141 push-ups this morning and I'm down 37.5 inches. I hope to be in the cute new velvet black slacks with black jewels on the pockets; I purchased for a New Year's eve event. They are a size 6..

Becca you are gonna make it sooner rather than later, I just feel it in my bones. And my bones are able to be felt as I get the fat out of the way!.

Sure been fun doing this with you all and Becca's idea for our thread is good, given all the busy-ness of the season upon us..

Don't want to lose touch tho, cause I've come to care about you all and am looking forward to celebrating with each of you as we one by one hit our goals...

Comment #8

OH Chatty.....

That is a WONDERFUL week girl! That outfit sounds adorable! AND I bet you're gonna look HOT in it or "sparkly" with the jewels.

Isn't it great that we can buy something smaller "knowing" that we WILL fit into it?.

Simply amazing how far we've ALL come!..

Comment #9

OH...I forgot to tell you guys.

I wore my 8's to work today and one of the guys I work with said.....

"WOW, you've got a cute butt".

I think I blushed!..

Comment #10

Happy Tuesday! Think about how good we're all gonna look when we reach our Goals!.

Skinny thoughts today everyone..

Comment #11

Morning!! I'm so happy to see that everyone is doing so well! Keep up the GREAT work you skinny minnies!!.


Comment #12

Morning Team!.

I may not have mentioned but my party is this coming Saturday the 15th, Everything is coming together outfit-wise, so will post a pic either taken the evening of the party or before if I can get it done ahead of time. Either way, one will be there soon! Kind of exciting. You, too, Chatty...want to see you looking fabulous for the holiday parties! You outfit sounds beautiful..

Becca, congrats on the compliment. Isn't if fun what people say now? I had a very small woman refer to me as "tiny" yesterday. So strange to hear, as I've never considered myself to be "tiny.".

There were too many temptations at the football awards banquet. I blew it by having dessert. Ugh! Today is another day, though. It was a fun time, though. My kiddo is sad that his HS football "career" is over. It made him a better person for the experience..

Off to get ready for another day of work..

Everyone take care and keep up the good work!.

Congrats on your successes!!! I'm proud of you!.

Carol Ann..

Comment #13

Carol Ann.....

Blew it?...Remember this a learning experience and part of the journey that will help us later in life.

This new way of living is preparing us for the rest of our lives, so blew it, probably not....will keep doing it, probably it every now and again, probably so.......learned from it........yes.

You've come so far girl! AND you're looking amazing!.

Now focus on that last 3.5 lbs - you're gonna be at goal really soon - you can do it!..

Comment #14

Oh my goodness team, have I got something to tell you.....

Tonight I went to my nephew's Christmas Choir program and the very last song they sang was "Reindeer Twist"..

Well, right at about the end of the song, about 10 students (including my nephew) came down from the stage and wanted volunteers (as they pointed at you) to come up on stage and do the "Reindeer Twist" with them - in front of the whole audience. guessed it! He pointed at me so I said "OK, I'll go".

I was the only adult that went up on stage, there were also a few kids (probably brothers and sisters) that went up to.

So there I was...on stage and doing the "twist" in front of about 500 people.

I would have never done that with the old me, but the new me was "OK" with it.

Of course, now I'll have to lose an extra 10 lbs to allow for the camcorder/camera.

What a night!..

Comment #15

Too funny, Becca! I hope someone recorded it and will post it to You Tube!!! The reindeer twist sounds like good exercise! Glad you did it and had a fun time..

Off and running this morning...busy week at work, but a good one so far..

Another Christmas potluck dinner tonight (for the Flying Samaritans). I'm making Cabo Avo soup...chicken, shrimp, jalapeno, lime, rice, celery, onions, and avocado in chicken broth. Can top with some tortilla chips, and/or cheese if they want. Reasonably healthy, I guess, and very tasty!.

Have a great day Team!.

Carol Ann..

Comment #16

Good Wednesday morning Indies!.

Yesterday, I wrote out this fairly long post to all of you and I lost it! Dang, I was so angry that I just walked away from the p/c right afterwards. Here goes nothing....

My new job is interesting BUT at times very slow, so I think I like it (most of the time). I'm standing for the full 8 hrs (still getting used to this). My hours are 3-11 and by the time I fall asleep it's about 12:30am (my usual bedtime was 10:30) I wake up at 6 so I get to see my 15 yr old b4 school, otherwise I wouldn't see him. My body is feeling a bit sleep deprived at this point, but as I gain confidence on the job, I tell myself that I'll feel better. Those snug slacks are working out ok, I now can at least bend down to retrive a pen from the floor without worrying if I'll split a seam. I only work 24 hrs a week right now, but I'm hoping for 32 so I'll be recognized as full time.

All in all, I think I like it..

Becca.. Congratulations on your new size 8 SEVEN jeans!! You are the poster child for being a success on the Medifast program.

I bet you did blush when that guy from work told you how cute your butt was, that is too funny! Were you wearing those new jeans when your nephew asked you to join him in doing the twist up on stage? It just shows you how proud he is of his Aunt! BTW, thank you for the tuna recipe. I don't usually care for tuna but I just may give this one a try..

Carol Ann.. Your new dress with matching ring & purse sound beautiful! I love the new jewel tones for the season and garnet is one of my favorites. So glad that your mom is back doing the things that she enjoys and doing them with the people that she cares for..

Trini.. Only 25 pounds to go! congratulations on this weeks weight loss.

Kim.. I can relate to becoming bored by the same ole L&G menus. I need to check out some of the recipes that other members have posted and maybe a trip to Trader Joe's is in order for the week. You've hit the 50 pound mark, you must be so proud! I am so happy for you and hope to make it there myself this week or at the very least, next week. At least we won't have to worry about packing on 11#'s between Thanksgiving & New Years, but in the days before Medifast I'm sure I could have gained 11 pounds in just one month's time..

Chatty...Down another 4 for the week plus a total of 37.5 inches... WowZaa! Those black velvet slacks will look awesome on you at the New Years party! Please take pictures to show us how thin & beautiful you are!.

Hope all of you have a wonderful day,.


Comment #17

HI everyone!.


That is such a visual, you dancing in your size 8 jeans! That boy was showing you off! I'm so glad that the new you is taking chances, having fun and letting go! What a great pressie to yourself!.


Told you i'd be back! You my twin!.

As for me, I'm down for the count for a bit- found out for sure that I tore the ACL in my (L) knee and have to sit still until I can see the specialist. (my inner athlete was breaking out of this fat, middle aged housewife body!) Then, hopefully, on to rehab. I'll avoid surgery at all cost but DH is screaming to do whatever it takes so that I'll be recovered by Hawaii in March. I hear Madrye is taking me hiking! LOL! Never thought I'd miss walking soooo much! But it messed up my Team Ruby Challenge too. Such is life!.

Luv all your skinny bums!.

Amo Te! Meg..

Comment #18

Hey Team,.

Just got done with my Small Group tonight - our last meeting of the year. Tomorrow I'm having Lasik Surgery ... did I tell you all that? Kind of excited about it - maybe a little nervous. The doc said I'll have the eyes of a 30 year old ... and I said, "how about the body?" He said ... "I think you're working on that aren't you?".

LOL ... he noticed..

I've got a long way to go to that 30 year old body. I didn't have a great weight loss this week but I've been on plan (maybe a little excess portions) but all in all, I think it's going well and I'm pleased..

I am racing Missy to the next decade .... how you doin' Missy?.

So Ed, has the weight loss slowed. I'm hoping so ... know you are concerned. So what's your favorite transition moment so far?.

Becca dancin in her size 8 jeans ... WHOO HOO! I agree your nephew is proud..

Meg - BUMMER on the knee ... but think about it, as you keep shrinking the recovery should be so much easier compared to where we were before, right? And just in case you forget my dear TWIN .. STAY OFF THE LEG!!!!.

Worked out really hard last night as I'm missing one of my sessions this week due to the surgery. The exercise is going well ....

Got an email from a freind of mine who turned 74 today and thought I'd share it with you if you don't mind ... it's great advice at this time of year! SO - Happy Birthday BOB ... wherever you are ....


This morning I was thanking God for all his Blessings Indeed! I realized that should he Bless me with another day that tomorrow I would be 74...It went by in a wink! My mother died at 52 and my dad at 75.....I added those together and divided by 2 and found that a good guess at my lifespan .....63.....Yes God has blessed me indeed with 11 years already...I've loved deeply and been loved deeply. I have wonderful kids and grandkids that I am so very proud of. I have friends and relatives around the country that have added meaning to my life..

As in the movie, "Meet Joe Black" I'm like Anthony Hopkins who on his 65th birthday told his friends and family the following: "I HOPE FOR ALL OF YOU THAT SOMEDAY YOU WAKE AS I DID TODAY AND SAID, I DON'T WANT OR NEED ANYTHING MORE"...That too is my wish for you today..

Please don't respond or send me a card or gift........Please do this for me.....

Find someone in greater need than them a RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS.....and should you talk with them, tell them that Bob wants them to have a Good Day.....

Tight in His Grip,.


Comment #19

Becca, Kim, All.

Hi Team. Matcha and I are still here. My transitioning is going fine; I've added fruit and vegetables. Next week is dairy and then grains. I've upped my vegetables portions by one and didn't cut back on Medifast to 4/day - trying to avoid loosing more. I'm staying at about 173 which is good..

Matcha is down to about 111 lbs which puts her 1 lbs from goal! She really is noticeably thinner (24 lbs thinner). She should start transitioning this Friday or next. She and I both reduced our Medifast Autoship orders since in Transition and Maintenance you reduce Medifast foods to 3/day..

We are also being careful about everything we buy. Reading all labels; experimenting with new 'healthy' food for the us (soon) and the kids (now). Matcha can make lots of stuff from scratch - like granola cereal - so we focus on good ingredients for all..

MF really is wonderful; we really have a better life because of it. I am a different and happy/happier person..

Keep at it all...

Comment #20

Kim- Can you see me now? Wait wrong commercial. I hope you procedure went great and that you can see like a 30 year old. As for racing you to the next decade thats another thing altogether. I am not on plan. I am hoping to maintain through Christmas and then get back on a very strict regimen. I have not weighed lately but I know I am up a little. I will definitely be your loudest cheerleader when you hit the 240's...

Comment #21

Hello Team Indy!!! I have been away for a while and am checking on everybody. Sounds like everyone is doing great. Still maintaining what I lost and hoping to get back on Medifast after the first of the year. Not much different herework, home, work again!! DS still doing the soccer thing every weekend. Hoping they take a break for a couple of weeks for Christmas but who knows what they will do..

Beccasize 8!! You go girlfriend!!.

Edyou did amazing. Good luck with transition..

Kimlet me know how the lasix goes. Having mine done Jan 11. I am so excited. I want to wake up in the mornings and actually see the clock...

Comment #22

Hello to my fellow Indies!.

Wow, things are so crazy these days I find myself spending less and less time on the computer (which I guess is good in a way). But I think of you all ALL THE TIME and I want to make sure you know I'm still around, although like Missy not on the plan. I messed up during my vacation and now I'm no where near what my ticker says..I just haven't had the heart to change it..

I'm up about 7 pounds and although every part of my being knows that I need to get back on, I just can't do it. I'm trying to drum up the willpower I had when I first began I know it's there somewhere!.

I'm leaving tomorrow night for Oahu and I'll be there for 3 weeks. I'll do my best to stay in touch I'll have to fight with my mom's dinosaur computer but you all are worth it!.

Ta ta for now!.


Comment #23

Hi All,.

This is me typing on my laptop with NO GLASSES ....

Actually this little guys glasses looks a lot like I had to wear home from the surgery ... My friend who had Lasik about six months ago said his advice was "when they offer you drugs say yes" ... so between the valium (5 mg) before the surgery, the sleeping and pain pill after, I am good to go tonight. Surgery was at 9:30 and my friend drove me home aroung 10:45 ... I took the sleeping pills and slept till about 4 this afternoon. Had to have "breakfast this morning" to take the medicine before surgery so had some eggs and sausage from McD's and then had a salad this evening so not exactly on plan but all in all not a bad day.

I will keep you posted, but no pain and certainly my near vision is much better than it was..

SO SO SO HAPPY to see.

Laurie and Fletch and Missy.

Check in .... I hope that if not sooner, then maybe after January you will be back in touch with us and on plan. I am pleased that I have continued my journey downward toward goal. Truthfully, I'll be glad when the food temptations of the holidays are over. Seems like food is just everywhere - the neighborhood brunch this weekend, our company party on Sat night, I'm cooking Christams dinner for 10 - 12 people, my Son and his fiance will be here for 12 days.

And then I have a New Year's Eve party every year that grows and grows and this year there were over 50 on the list .. that's cocktails and heavy hors douevres ... BUT my plan, is to stay on plan - maybe 4 and 2 some days but I will be staying the course. I still have a LONG way to go to goal ... but realized today I am close to having less than 100 pounds to lose until I have lost half my body weight ... and that my friends will be pretty cool don't you think.

As I want you to know when I reach goal ... pictures included..

Ed ...glad to see the weight has stabilized and you and Matcha are really doing awesome. Can't wait to see Matcha's goal pic too. I bet she is looking GREAT and you all will make a stunning couple!.

Joy - Glad the job is going well. Sounds like you are doing great..

Carole - Can't wait to see the party pic from tomorrow..

Becca - Haven't tried the Tuna Casserole yet, but plan too. I know you have got to be looking HOT in those size 8's ... Can't wait to see your daisy dukes ... How's the exercise going?.

I'm wearing a black velvet outfit tomorrow myself ... but I'm still waiting a while until I post my pic ... Maybe when I get half way ....

Take care my friends ... Loving this no glasses thing so far ....


Comment #24

Morning team -.

[This was cross-posted to 'Transition Check-in'].

My first 'Transition Check-In'!.

Today is my official weigh-in; I start 'dairy week'. So far veggies and fruit have gone smoothly. My weight has pretty much stabilized at about 173. As I am fearful of getting to 170 I added an extra vegetable and fruit for the first two weeks of transition and kept my Medifast meals at 5/day. Today I'll drop down to the recommended 4 Medifast meals and add some low-fat plain yogurt..

So interesting how Medifast changed my tastes. My kids complain that plain yogurt is not sweet enough but to me it is wonderful. And peas, I'm loving peas..

My wife, Matcha, starts transition this week - 134 lbs to 110 lbs!..

Comment #25

HI everyone!.

Kim- so glad the surg seems to have gone well. You're braver than I am. I've worn glasses since 2nd grade, but too scared that I'd lose my sight with the surgery. Maybe you can tell me different. I'm sticking with you, as best as I can on plan for the holidays. Not even planning to go off on Christmas.

But you and I are neck and neck with about 100 pounds left to go, so we're a different story than some of those skinnier bums out there!.

Madrye- will miss you the next three weeks. Enjoy time with Mom..

Love and holiday blessings to all! May we all turn 74 one day (Okay, BOB- I picked up another ticket off the wishing tree at work, just for you!).

Amo Te!.


Comment #26

Goal for me this week.


134 to 110 lbs in 16 weeks - a bit slower than Ed but I'll take it. My official weigh-in today was a bit higher than goal but I'll take it from yesterday's weigh-in. Besides now I can transition and can enjoy some of the foods that Ed has been adding!.

I lost 18.5 inches overall with 7.5 of them coming off my waist - just where I needed it most..

I don't post so much but I enjoy reading everybody's comments and have gotten support from all of you!.

Photos, somehow, soon...

Comment #27

OH matcha...YOU MADE IT! It wasn't slower...Ed was just in a hurry.

We love you girl!.

Here are some beautiful roses for a VERY beautiful woman!.

Keep us posted on your transition...I just know that you are gonna go through it with flying colors!..

Comment #28


Did you get a chance to try the tuna recipe yet? Im glad that confidence is something that youre gaining from the new job. Confidence opens up so many new doors for us. Oh, I hope you get to go full-time; benefits are always a plus to have. I bet your uniform is fitting better and better each day or by now, probably getting a little loose? You are doing so well Joy and Im so VERY proud of you..forming a new body, confidence and stamina. Youre an amazing woman!.


Have you seen the specialist yet? Wondering how your knee is doing. Did you guys ever decide on the teen Medifast program? Oh and how are the language lessons coming? Are you getting fluent yet?.


That 30 year body is not as far off as you think! How are the eyes today..getting better? Doctor visit go ok? Give us some good news girl. I just know that you are going to make wise choices during your many temptations these next few weeks. You have come so far and are doing so well my friend! I bet you are really looking forward to your son and his fiance coming. That sounds really exciting! And you know that he is the most proud of you of everyone. You are truly one inspirational woman and I bet you look wonderful in that black velvet outfit. OH the exercise is going well.

I do 2 sessions a day (morning and evening) for no more than 45 minutes total..


Sounds like you are dong well so far with Transition (as I knew you would - your dedication has been AWESOME!). Please let us know if you guys find any good healthy foods, as I would like to start preparing now. I often find myself reading every single label on a whole row of products to find just the right onetrying to get myself in the habit now. I never really realized how many products are out there that are actually healthy for us and taste good as well..


Let me know if theres anything I can do for you to help you maintain through the holidays. We will be here for you, just give us a shout and youll be back on plan before you know it. Use what youve learned so far. and I just know that youll come through Christmas with flying colors.


I hope that everything goes your way so that you can jump back on after the new year. I sure miss you girl! I am SO PROUD of you for maintaining while youve had to be away. That just goes to show that the learning experience of Medifast is priceless. Big hug Shana!.


Dont worrythat heart will come back when it's ready. Youve got such incredible perseverance that I have no doubt that youll be back in no time. The desire is there, always has been, just need the excitement back. And when the first few pounds after returning are gone, youll be raring to go again I promise! Have a safe trip and Ill be thinking of you..

Comment #29

I can't believe it.

This late into the journey and I lost 5 lbs this past week.

AND the best part......

I am now into the 20 lbs to go category.


I might just make my mini-goal by Christmas Day instead of New Year's Day.

Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC weekend!..

Comment #30

Way to go Becca. You are truly an inspiration to all of us here on the Team. Looks like you will be in your daisey dukes long before summer get here...

Comment #31

Good morning everyone!.

Hope all is well. It sounds like our Team just continues to rock! Way to go! We have much to be thankful for, namely our health. It seems like we are all getting out more and having alot of fun in the process. Livin' life to the fullest!.

I posted some Holiday party pics to my blog. I had a blast! Danced for hours. So glad I went and, if I may so, I looked good! Ha! Take a peek....

Enjoy your and relax..

Carol Ann..

Comment #32

Kimkeep me posted on the eyes. Sorta excited/nervous about having it done but want to be glasses/contact free very soon..

Sounds like everybody has had a good week. Becca you are my inspiration. Gonna be in the daisy dukes before you know it. Has anybody heard from Karen(blue)?.

Just wanted to let yall know I missed you guys while I was gone. Hope to be checking in more often and will be back 100% after the new year I hope..


Comment #33

Carol ann- You look absolutley gorgeous in your dress. It was the perfect dress. I loved the handbag too...

Comment #34


I hope I get into them before summer.

AND girl you're gonna be coming up right behind me. Stay strong through the holidays, then back away ya go! You're already doing so wonderfully! I need my bud!.

Carol Ann....

Can you say....Sizzle! Dang girl, you ARE hot! I took that peek and had to step back from the heat 'cause you are on fire! I bet you looked just like Ginger Rogers on the dance floor, graceful and full of life!.


We are missing you as well! I am so glad that you're able to check in with us and will be back soon (see I'm confident you'll be back 100% after the new year.

) Can't wait for those daisy dukes and I think I'll even get a "Dukes of Hazzard" Horn to put on the 'ol ATV as well..

Comment #35

Ok...I have to admit it.

I had my picture taken with Santa and he WANTED me to sit on his lap.

Donation to the Children's Miracle Network that I couldn't pass up.

You donate and then they take your picture..

I told him...for Christmas, I wanted to lose the last 20+ pounds.

He giggled and pinched my butt.

Naughty Santa.........

Comment #36

Just a fly by late tonight ... Surgery is good. Typing on the laptop with NO GLASSES ... YIPPEE!! Lost 2 LBS this week but down another pants size. Christmas parties - did WELL ... exercise is going well.

If I could just get this darn shopping and wrapping done ....

Write more tomorrow ... it's bed time ....

Good job Matcha ... 18.5 inches off that already small body is AWESOME....

Love y'all..

Comment #37

Good Monday Morning Team. continue to be a great source of inspiration to all of us!! You are the BEST team leader EVER!! I haven't yet tried your tuna recipe but I'll be sure and do so this week, and will let you know how it turned out..

Kim...can you see me?? LOL, Glad your surgery went well.

To those on our team who are struggling, I'm sure it has to do with the general stress of the season. I agree that come January you will be back on the losing track. I know I could be doing better op then I currently am..

It feels so weird not baking cookies & spice breads for gift giving this year, but I believe this is best for me..

Work is going well and I'm staying away from the fresh baked cookies and pretty hard candies that are right in front of me each night I'm working. I was just informed that our hotel will be completely renovated by 2009. This will be exciting not to mention hectic..

I hope everyone has a great week,.

Hugs to all.


Comment #38

I haven't checked in in forever, sorry! I am in Santa Barbara for training and I cannot get used to this west coast time thing. I keep waking up at 2:20 AM even though I am trying to go to bed at my "normal" time. Boy, will I be screwed up by the time I return home. At any rate, hello to everyone and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!..

Comment #39

Happy Monday Team,.

I am down .5 this week..

This week is going to be really busy at work trying to get things wrapped up before I go on vacation on Friday. I will try to check in before I go on vacation. I plan to stay away from the computer as much as possible while on vacation..

Looks like everyone is doing great..

This team is just the best..

Carol Ann.

- WOW. You look amazing in that dress. The color is gorgeous on you. I am so proud of you so close to goal...

Comment #40

Happy Monday Team! 8 days and counting to Christmas for me, and my shopping is woefully behind. only a 3 day work week, then blessed vacation until next year!.

Carol Ann- you do look Gorgeous, Dahrling! Radiationgirl was right, you look like Jennifer Garner! Brilliant!.

Matcha- congrats on 18+ inches. What a change that must feel like..

Becca- what kinda drugs you doing to drop 5 pounds in a week!! I want some and do they come from Walmart? (Oh, yea! Medifast is our medicine, right!).

I"ve been struggling, not with what I'm eating, just seems like the weight stalled. Either a normal plateau or a response to the sudden drop off in exercise. I see the knee specialist on Wednesday afternoon, and I'll beg to get back to walking. Something tells me "no" because I walked 1/4 mile on the treader Saturday, and hobbled the rest of the day. Patience is a virtue, right? ugh, I need some virtue..

DH may be starting Medifast on 12/26 if he can't break his own plateau- I would think with 12 miles on foot every day, plus another 3-5 on the treader, he drop the weight but the scale is stuck for him, too. But DD2 decided not to join, at least not yet. I'll get them on Team Indy if they do, for support!.

Luv ya all! talk soon, later in the week. Will let you know what the surgeon says....


Comment #41

Joy - Yes I can see you and did I mention the new eyes have the ability to see through things ....

The surgery was really a breeze. I was in and out in an hour. Eyesight is good and everything is as expected for 4 days post surgery.Eyes are a little dry - for which I have drops. Some halo/glare at night surrounding lights etc. - told me to expect it for a short time. Vision is currently 20/30.


Lost 2 pounds this week - I'm OK with that. I would have liked to be below 250 for Christmas and less than 100 LBS to lose but I'll take 53 pounds down since July ... It's all good..

Loving the holidays. Can't wait for my Son and his fiance to get here. Lots of wrapping left to do ....

Carol - You look AMAZING in your pictures. I love the wrap ... and the dress and the bag ... and my favorite part ... your collarbones!! I WANT SOME OF THOSE..

Meg - I HATE HATE HATE it about your knee but pardon me for being the one to tell a nurse with a bum knee to STAY OFF THE TREADMILL.

- Aren't nurses just the worst patients? Exciting about hubby maybe joining the plan but I am guessing they will recommend 4 & 2 since he gets so much exercise..

And speaking of exercise, I get measured by the Trainer next week - which is not bad in and of itself - but excuse me I digress. Looking forward to that number ....

Gotta run ... Lost track of time ....


Comment #42

Kim- I'm so glad your procedure went well and congrats on the 2 lbs!..

Comment #43

Yes, Kim. I know....

Bad nurse..

So, you're eyes are doing okay? no pain? Tell me again a week from now how things are..

Have a fun time with DS and soon to be DDIL. Christmas will just be a kickoff to the party coming in June. We'll regroup after the holidays and get you to Onderland by the wedding!..

Comment #44


- Glad your surgery went well. Congrats on the son and soon to be DIL...

Comment #45

Good Thursday Morning Team,.

I wanted to check in before my Christmas vacation since I know it is not likely I will be back on the boards until after the holidays..

Wishing Happy and Safe Holidays to all..

I will be back in the New Year to catch up with everyone...

Comment #46

Welcome to Friday Team. Hope everybody is well and progressing on their weight loss and lifestyle goals..

I'm ready to start my 4th week of transition - the 'adding grain' week. Last week was the 'adding dairy' week which went okay. I felt a greater urge to eat and snack and I didn't fully resist which has me a little worried. For example, I was on business trip and had half of a bagel (dry, whole wheat). Not on the transition diet, not part of "Ed's Rules" - was it a breakdown on a slippery slope - next is 1 full bagel, next is bagel with butter, next is bagel with cream cheese? Also found myself each more fruit and, one evening, way too much grilled chicken. So I am worried..

Probably as a result, I'm up 1 lbs this week - this puts me at 173.8. Not bad actually given that on Monday I was at 171.5 and getting really scared about seeing 170.x on the scale. Maybe the breakdown were good..

This week's addition will be some Trader Joe's whole wheat bread with mustard and some deli meat. In week four, meats are also increased w/ an additional 4 ozs of lean..

Matcha starts 'fruit' week in her transition. As I got out of bed a few minutes ago she was half dreaming and said sleepily "This week is fruit!".

Try to keep the holiday stress down!..

Comment #47

Hey Team! I'm having a bad day...I don't want to be here and it's going by so s-l-o-w. I still have an hour and a half to go....hope I can make it without falling asleep!.

Scale went down .5 this morning...still up 2.5....cut back on the exercise a little but did 7 miles this morning....couldn't help it I was on a roll. Won't be able to do any tonight so it will even out. Need to find where I really need to be to keep steady...

Comment #48


I think youre doing well!! You already recognize the potential of slipping into habits; however, you didnt. You might have had a few temptations and not resist some of them, but you definitely did not go overboard. I think that our bodies AND minds have to come to an understanding with each other to work together to achieve the healthy lifestyle that we are all striving for. We are human and those urges and temptations will always be there. We will be stronger I thinknow that weve gotten the knowledge of healthy eating. We know how to cope with the little indulgences as well as how to compensate with exercise.

So Im very confident that you WILL succeed in anything and everything that you do. Rememberyou are KING ED and Im so proud of you!!!.


I hope you made it through.

Unlike for you, my day went by way to fast. You are doing Wonderful in transition. How much further do you have to go until Maintenance? Exercise is addicting. I can see why you love to do it!..

Comment #49

Well gang......


Size 6 jeans - YIPPEE!!!!!!!.

From size 24W to size 6 in 5-1/2 months. Who would have thought!.

This is where I'll stay until my loose skin tightens up. My hubby says that most of my fat is gone, but I do have quite a bit of loose skin all when it finally decides to tighten up and I finish losing the fat that needs to go away......Then I'm gonna go for size 4's..

Comment #50

Becca Wow! What an amazing loss and transformation to size 6. You really are the best!..

Comment #51

Way to go, Becca! Size 6's feel great, don't they??? Keep up the wonderful enthusiasm for Medifast and life in general that you have always shown to us! It's infectious..

Happy Holidays to the entire Team,.

Carol Ann..

Comment #52

Hiya gang!.

Checking in to say "hello" and WAY TO GO BECCA! You must be really tall size 6 jeans?? That's AWESOME! You have really come a long way in 5 1/2 months!.

Hello to all my other friends Kim, glad the surgery went well. My DH says that Lasik surgery is the best thing he has ever done for himself. He wore glasses for over 25 years and now has 20/20 vision..

Missy, Meg, Carol Ann( I have to check out your blog for new pictures!), Chatty, Joy, Trini, Ed and Matcha (congrats on reaching goal!), Kelly... and everyone else out there in Indy land!.

Ta ta for now!.


Comment #53

Becca, I'm already in maintainence....I ate a lot yesterday, but I'm going to let myself do that once a year. My sister didn't have any salad or veggies (except the snacks veggies). If I had known I would have brought some. I'll just work it off this week and it will be fine. My food will get here Friday and I'll go back on for 2 weeks to make sure it comes will help me get my mind back into healthy eating. This is why I went below my target so I could have a little "wiggle" room..

Hope everyone has a nice christmas!!..

Comment #54


I am 5'5" tall. I hope you are having some fun over the holidays. Everything else going ok? I'm glad you were able to check in while you're away. We miss ya girl!.

Carol Ann.....

The size 6's feel WONDERFUL! I will NEVER forget that feeling when I put them on. It will stay with me forever...LOL! I wore them out yesterday and I felt like a whole new woman.

How are the holidays going for you? I have to tell you again that you just look ABSOLUTELY amazing! You have done so well. Any one moment stick out in your mind that you'll remember forever?.


Oh, thanks for clearing that up for me...I thought you were still in the final weeks of Transition. Man, you have come so far and look so WONDERFUL! Did you ever try on the size 4's? Sounds like you have a plan for the rest of your life that will keep you healthy.

I am so glad that you are a part of this team. Our first Maintenance success story! Congrats girl, I am so proud of you!..

Comment #55

I'm just checking in to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!.

Becca- Way to go!!!!!..

Comment #56

Hey Team ... I HAVE MISSED YOU ... I'm having a great time with my Son and future Daughter in Law ... they are great fun and so good to each other. It's really nice to spend time with both of them this season..

The only issue that I am having is that I'm not used to having all this FOOD around the house. Last night, as is our tradition, we baked and decorated 6 dozen sugar cookies and tonight it was chocolate covered pretzels and dipped dried apricots that are drying on the counter as I write. Just not something I am used too ... makes me admire those of you that have families and normal food at your houses while youre doing the program..

I have been doing really well on the plan however and have not succumbed to the temptations of the season. I won't be getting my exercise with the Trainer this week but will get my cardio in ....

Ed - The biggest part of losing control is not realizing that it is or how it's happening - not the case with you. This season is a reallly difficult time with the parties and food that is everywhere. You have the knowledge, habits and will power and you WILL continue to succeed..

Matcha - FRUIT is awesome ... I understand completely why you would be thinking of it first thing in the morning ....

Becca - Size 6's is phenomenal ... that really is impressive!.

I hope ALL of you have a GREAT Christmas Eve and Christmas Day ... Enjoy those you will have time with and reflect on this holiest of seasons ....



Comment #57

Becca, no I haven't tried on the 4's yet. The stores have been too crazy. I have to go to Walmart next Saturday to get dog food so I'll try them on then. My family thinks I don't need to get any smaller.....

Here is a picture with my neice and nephew taken on Saturday:.


Well, I'm off to exercise!!.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!!..

Comment #58

Good morning!.

Just back from my first power walk in about a month! Let me tell you, an iPod makes all the difference! I had no idea how deprived I've been all this time until this morning. I got my DD's hand-me-down iPod (she got a new one from Santa). I walked for an hour and a half in the cold blowing winds! It was GREAT and I feel GREAT! You guys are probably way ahead of me on the iPod thing, but if you aren't, treat yourself..

Have a wonderful Holiday!.

Carol Ann..

Comment #59

Well guys...I can tell you that my family have ALL been totally shocked when they've seen me...made me feel really good! These are the family members that I haven't seen since beginning MF. I am so extremely happy. I even started jogging on the treadmill now.

AND totally love it!.

I hope you guys are all having a FABULOUS Christmas!.

I would like to type more, but hubby and I are off today to Arkansas for a 2 week vacation and to see my uncle, aunt, cousins etc... and be in total paradise for 2 weeks..

I will see you guys after the new year!.

LOVE ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!..

Comment #60

Hello Team!.

I thought I would jump on today while on vacation to check up on you guys, but alas, I was the last one that posted 3 days ago.

I'll try back in a few days. Hope you guys ALL had a wonderful Christmas and are gearing up for an even MORE WONDERFUL new year! I know I am. This is going to be the best year ever!.

My aunt, uncle and cousins, friends and others have been so totally shocked. The last time that I saw them was May of this year, so they definitely remember me at my heaviest weight.

They keep asking me where the other half of me is.

I can't even begin to tell you guys how wonderful and happy I am and how incredibly healthy I'm feeling! Our driveway here in Arkansas is 1/2 mile one way, so each morning I've gotten up and walked about 3-5 miles and just love it!.

I'm sitting here typing just looking outside listening to the wind whistle through the tall pine trees and enjoying the "clean, crisp, and fresh" air.

I am more pumped than ever to finish losing this weight and loose skin. Hubby says that mostly what's left on me is the loose skin, so I'm unsure how long it takes for it to elasticize back to tight; but I hope it doesn't take too long.

I've got to get into those 4's ....hehehehehe..

Well hubby needs the computer now so I guess I better get off of here..

Where is the rest of the team?????????????.

I miss you guys and need to know how everyone is doing .....

HUGS to ALL!!!!!!..

Comment #61

I'm here Becca....I'm still up 1.5 but it's slowly coming back off....going back on plan for 2 weeks to see if I can get a little lower....I bought a new top today and it was from the junior's dept. boy that feels good. Also got another pair of jeans and 4 more bras so I now have 6 that actually fit. Just went down to the smootie place and bought a huge jug of soy protien powder. I need more in my diet and the peanut butter is killing me. This has 120 calories but only 1 carb and 25 grams of protien.

Still trying to do 10 miles a day but it's been a lot harder. Didn't work out last night I was so cold and wet (it was snowing/raining/snowing....). Did 5 this morning. I really need help in toning, need to find a good dvd to use for that..

Sounds like you are having a nice vacation!! And yes, you can do this and you will do this!!.

We will.

Get into those 4's......

Comment #62

Hi Becca and Kelly,.

I am also on vacation this week and have been enjoying spending time with my son and his fiance ... yesterday we went to the Georgia Aquarium and Thrashers hockey game. Today we drove up to the North Georgia Mountains (foothills of the Smokey Mountains) ....

We've been having a great time. I took the day off from Medifast on Christmas Day but am back to where I was before that and am feeling good about it. Start back working out tomorrow with the Trainer..

I, like you, am looking forward to 2008 and reaching my goal ....

We're having about 40 people over here for New Year's Eve so it will be a fun evening ... looking forward to it too..



Comment #63

Bad Christmas weight gain for me! I jumped up to 175.8 lbs - nearly 2 lbs in one week, more than 4 lbs since my lowest. Bad food choices, but reasonable amounts. Now I get to see how I adjust and scale back to smaller meals, less calories and achieve some weight loss again. I guess like healthy people do - eat too much then eat less and exercise to remove it before it becomes a problem. 178 lbs was my 5+1 trigger point - desperately need to avoid that. I wasn't keeping up with 64 oz of water - which was probably leaving me hungrier between meals..

Not much action on our thread - all the same I hope people are progressing even if not posting...

Comment #64

Also, Matcha is doing fine. She is into her 'milk week' of transitioning; she too gained some weight over Christmas and, like me, is back over her goal weight but not ready to restart 5+1. Time to take action..

Matcha's sister is visiting and hasn't seen either of us in a while. She was astounded at our change! Positive feedback is good; getting rid of the Christmas lbs better...

Comment #65

I hope our thread picks up after all the Holidays are over. I really miss all of you. I am starting back on plan in the morning. The scale is way up but I am going to wait till after my first week to update my ticker to see how much of it is water weight...

Comment #66

Oh Im so glad that our team is returningBig smiles!.


The junior deptWOW. Thats somewhere Ive never been, but maybe someday. Why is it getting harder to get the exercise in? Is it the weather only or harder as time goes by? Ive really enjoyed my morning walks while on vacation. Just a good thing the driveway is a half mile long so I can keep up with how much Im walking.

I really miss the treadmill though as the walks outside are so cold, gotta get all bundled up just walkhehehehe but it's worth it! AND you darn tootin that WERE gonna get into those 4sIm right there with you on that oneWE CAN and WE WILL!!!!!.


Im so glad that you are having a great time with your son and his fianc. I bet this was one special Holiday season for you guys. And when Christ is with you it makes it even better! New Years Eve tonight sounds like it's going to be a blast at your house. Ill be raising a glass with you as the clock strikes midnight ok?.


Like healthy people do is absolutely right. We are becoming one of those healthy people and now our mindsets have to work like theirs, but just a little harder at it. I know that for the rest of my life Ill have to be conscious of what I put in my mouth, but at least Ill never have the fear of being obese again as now I have the knowledge it takes to stay healthy and it feels wonderful. Keep me posted on your progress. I know that youll be able to beat this thing. A few struggles along the way are what makes us stronger as we are so determined now.

It makes it a little easier when you have all those people rootin for ya in your corner and hearing how good you look makes us even more determined to keep it off.Love ya King ED and MATCHA!.


Im with youhope the thread picks up soon. I guess after all these months; it has just gotten comfortable for the team. Hows it going today, harder/easier? Youll be back to the swing of it in no time. Things will return to normal and the weight will start coming off. Just stick to it girl! Were here for you, so you just let us know what we can do to help you along. You can do this, I know you can!.

Well, time for me to jump off of heregotta run over the familys place, smoking a bunch of venison today. We are having such a blast out in the woods. So much wildlife everywhere. Its great to get back to nature! Ill check back again a few days to see how everyone is doing.


Comment #67

Becca, not sure what's going mind wants to workout, it's my muscles are really not happy about it. I really have to push to get it in. I need to find some other things to do so I can vary the routine because I guess my body is sick of the elliptical or something. Doesn't matter what setting I use either. I've been retaining water so that may be part of it. I'll just keep pushing through it!!..

Comment #68

Hey all! Happy New Year! I am on plan and feeling lousy but that is to be expected. I'm just glad to be on the wagon..

Kelly- My mind doesn't even want to workout so you have half the battle won already.

Becca- I hope the thread picks up too. It breaks my heart to find it on the second page when I go looking for it...

Comment #69


Wow, I've missed you guys! Hope everyone is doing well enjoying your vacations!.

Missy I'm with you girl. I'm starting back on plan tomorrow and actually looking forward to it. I know it's going to be hard but I miss how good I felt physically when I was 100%. I feel like poop now..

I'm still at my mom and dad's it's been a LONG three weeks. We've all had a lot of fun though. Plan on going back to the Big Island this weekend since my DD has to start back to school on the 7th..

Have a great day everyone! I'll check back tomorrow! (Hang in there Missy!).


Comment #70

Well, now that the holidays are finally over we can all get back into our routines....I think that's why some of us had troubles...our entire lives get all messed up over the holidays, time off, parties, family. I know I'm a creature of habit and it threw me out of wack. The scale is still up a few pounds. I've cut back some on the exercise, I may have been doing too much and my body wasn't getting time to recover..

It's pouring rain this morning, wish I could crawl back into bed...not looking foward to getting all wet on the way to work. At least we had a couple days that were dry!..

Comment #71

Laurie- I felt like poop to, still do, but hoping that after tomorrow I will feel better. I hope you have a very easy time getting back into the swing of things..

Jeanine- Love the cat!.

Kelly- I hope to one day say that I am doing too much exercise..

Comment #72

Happy New Year everyone..

I am back at work today and feeling sort of strange to be here after the long break - Dec 20th was my last day in the office..

I know that I have gained a couple of pounds during my vacation - I have not weighed during the break, I will weigh again on Saturday. Hoping to get rid of some of what I gained before then..

Hope everyone has a great week...

Comment #73

Hey Team Indy - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! I'm so looking forward to 2008 as I'm sure many of you do too ....

I am sad tonight as I put my kids on the plane this evening. I can not even begin to tell you how much fun we had during their almost two week visit. The last thing Jake said as he left was, "I'm so proud of you Mom." Really made me feel good and all the motivation I need to finish what we have started. I took a couple of days off the plan while they were hear but this morning I was within 2 pounds of my lowest weight so I'm feeling really good about how I handled the holidays and having all the food in the house plus I had about 40 people here for New Years Eve and made all the appetizers, etc. Another fun night ....

I have been getting a lot of exercise by running around with them but I did go back to the Trainer on Saturday ....

I just saw that the People Magazine issue of Half Their Size comes out this week. I hope some of our Medifast friends made the magazine ....

I go back to work tomorrow and am sincerely hoping that my Medifast autoship is waiting for me. I have Medifast food but am missing my RTD shakes ....

Well troops it's COLD here in Atlanta, GA tonight and I have a fire going and am about to take a hot bath and watch the Sooners win the Fiesta Bowl..

I too hope that all our friends will be back on the boards soon ... Missy and Laurie ... good to see you..

Ed - I am confident you and Matcha will be back on target very soon ....

Becca - Can't wait to see you in those Daisy Dukes ... know it won't be long now..


Comment #74


.what other types of exercise do you enjoy doing or have you found anything different yet? I know that it is easy to get bored with the same exercise routine day in and day out. Although I could probably never get tired of walking.

How much have you cut back on the exercise? I think you said you were doing 10 miles a day right? So far Ive limited myself to 2-5 miles per day. Let me know if cutting back your exercise seems to help you out some ok?.


Your mind will get the exercise wants when it gets ready. Just give it a little time and before long youll be doing a little then not wanting to stop. I know I still have to make myself stop and sometimes it's hard to stop. My body has become like the energizer bunny, it keeps going and going and going..hehehehe. Youll feel better in no time, just remind yourself how good youre gonna look and good youre gonna feel when that weights starts melting off again. I have so much confidence in you, girl!.


How did your first day back on plan go? Just like riding a bicycle? I am so glad that you guys are having fun. 3 weeks is a long time, but time goes by so fast, doesnt it?.


Happy New Year to you too girl. How are doing and how were your holidays?.


Going back to work always bites.

Now it's time to play catch up right? How were your holidays and the time off? Did you do anything exciting?.


I knew your son would be so proud of you as we all are! You have done so well so far and just to hear that coming from your son has to be a new found boost of confidence for you. Thanks for the heads up about People Magazine, Ill have to get that issue from the store. Its always so encouraging to see those that had that much weight to lose accomplish their goal. Cheer up though, youll see your son soon enough for the wedding coming up right?.

Well gang, Im still on vacationdont have to go back to work until January 8th. I have had so much fun with my relatives. Ive also had so many compliments that is just seems like a dream to me. Ive been able to borrow other peoples clothing to keep warm and it's so nice to be able to do that and it fit. Ive also taken over quite a few of hubbys pull over stuff and I think Ill keep themhehehehe. But hes happy that I can get into them and still have lots of room left over.

This morning on my walk, I had a pair of boxers on, plus a pair of lounge pants, then another pair of pants on over that.then shirt, and another shirt, then a jacket, then a another pullover. Man it felt good to get all of that on with room to spareits so cold here, but Im not giving up my walks..hehe..

Im gonna jump off of here for now, but will be back again in a couple days..BIG HUG to you ALL!!!!!!!!..

Comment #75


, My holidays were great. I stayed at home and spent time with my Dad and my 3 year old son. Although I did send my son to school for some of the days I like to keep his routine going plus those days that he was at school were really days that I could get stuff done around the house and take some time for myself to just relax..


, Don't you think temps in the teens are just too cold for us here in the south? I am looking forward to warmer temps this weekend...

Comment #76

Trini - I'm freezing ... it's not supposed to be this cold in the SUNNY South ... BRRRRR.

Heym, but maybe it will cause our metabolism to rise? Or is that an old wive's tale?.


Comment #77

Trini & kim- I hear you about the cold weather. I am sitting here freezing right now. I want to crawl in the bed for a while..

Becca- It would be a stretch to even imagine that I will be an energizer bunny...

Comment #78

Hey Missy - How ya doin today? Still sticking with it? I worked out last night and my arms are so sore that I am doing my best not to move them when typing ... tee hee!.

How's everyone else today ... It's still cold here but it's supposed to warm up this weekend (I'm sure so that I can take my Christmas decorations down.).


Comment #79

Kim- Still with it. This is day 4 for me and I feel fine. I took my decorations down a couple of days ago but I didn't have much outside so no biggie. Can you believe this weather?..

Comment #80

Becca, I've cut back to 4-5 miles a day on the machine. I also walk about 3 miles a day (I don't count that because it's just my normal daily walking). I love doing the elliptical so I haven't done anything else. Still just staring at the pilates DVD but haven't put it in the machine yet. I hate anything that I have to get down on the floor....Missy won't leave me alone when I try to do sit-ups so I can't imagine getting through a workout tape. When it warms back up I'll just take longer walks outside. I've had PMS for a week so that's been making me so tired I have had to push myself just to get to 4-5!!..

Comment #81

HEy Missy,.

I hear it's supposed to be 68 on Sunday ... what a switch ...

Glad to hear you are focused and back in the swing of things. Are you in Ketosis yet or were you ever out of it?.

We were racing to 240 last I heard ... Should we start again with weights on Saturday?.

I joined the V-day challenge to get 15 off by Feb 14 ....


Comment #82

Hey gang!.

Missy I'm so proud of you for getting back on track!.

I am embarassed to say that I'm still not back on. I start out great but then by lunch I'm toast everyone always wants to go out to eat. It's just so stinkin hard being away from home. I'm going to just give it up until Sunday when I fly home. Monday morning will be my true beginning. Just wait until I tell you guys my weight.

I feel so yucky. I'm such a loser for allowing myself to get like this..

I'm so proud of my teammates who made it through the holidays STRONG! You guys all rock!! I'm going to get back on thanks to you all. You are all my inspiration for starting again. I'm so thankful, grateful and LUCKY to have you all here..

I'll talk to you all Monday morning!.



Comment #83

Kim- Yes we are on for the race. Yes I was definitley out of ketosis but I am back in now. I will weigh in the morning but I am no where near my ticker weight. I am in the 260's somewhere but I like being the underdog so your on..

Laurie- I think that waiting untill sunday will help. Have you been to matsumotos while you've been there? Yummy! Speaking of yummy I just made the ice cream recipe with choc pudding and it was really good...

Comment #84


I have learned that not being in my environment does make it harder to be consistent ... But I am totally sure that you will get back on target when you get home. You and your family have been through a lot in the last few months so when you are ready - you'll get back on and do well..

Missy - How abnout we race to the next 15 pounds from whenever you start ... Sound Good? Let me know when you are ready ... I was 3 LBS from the 40's this morning and I think tomorrow I will be closer as I worked out hard today and have been pushing the water today so as not to be sore..

I am really glad to have both of you back with us..


Comment #85

Kim- Lets race to the 230's. I think I will be near my ticker weight when I weigh in on tuesday so we will not be that far apart then. May the biggest loser win...

Comment #86

You got it GF ... The race is on ....


Comment #87

HI Becca!.

I've missed you! I'm hoping I'm back until I meet goal this time. I've had some very stressful events since November and I fell off the wagon again! Sooo, I'm back and hopefully will stay. I could really use the support. I see those that I recognize are doing really well! Congratulations!! I gained back 10 of the 20lbs I lost so I guess I'm starting from the beginning. Ugh!! I recommitted on Jan. 2 and have lost 3.5 lbs.

Great to see everyone again!..

Comment #88

Kamlynn- Glad you're back. I feel off the wagon for the holidays so I am trying to relose some previously lost lbs. I restarted on 1-1 and feel pretty good now. I hope you are to that point also. Our thread has dwindled a bit. I think everyone has been busy with the holiday stuff. Becca is on vacation still I think or was she coming home this weekend, anyway she will be posting more soon I'm sure...

Comment #89


Thank you for the warm welcome!.

I can see so many originals have met their goal and left. I will miss them but I am happy for them too! I'm finally past the migraine, feeling like I have the flu type symptoms. I have more energy than I can handle right now. I did start on the treadmill yesterday. Have you done any exercising or do you think it's too soon? Congratulations on your weight loss! You are really moving along!..

Comment #90


Welcome Back ... glad you are checked back in with us! Yes the Team has had a lot of success ... several people have reached goal and are transitioning or maintaining. Ed, Matcha, Kelly, Carol for sure ... maybe others?.

Becca has done phenomenally well - is into a size 6!.

Some of us are still here and working the program and hanging in together ....

Unfortunately, some others have moved on ... either trying different methods of losing weight or determined Medifast was not for them..

Anyway, we're glad you are back and with us!.

I know those first few days are tough ... I would be sure you are through them and once your energy returns full force begin exercising but give your body a few days to adjust!.


Comment #91


Thank you for the warm welcome! The Medifast family is awesome and I can't do it without you ladies! I see you are moving along great with you weight loss! Congratulations!! I'm very happy for Becca. She is an amazing person and so positive! I can't wait for the day when we are all posting our success photos! We can do it!!..

Comment #92

Kamlynn- I'm glad you are feeling better. I am too and yes I have got an energy boost. I can't figure out why I go off of Medifast when I feel soooo much better when I am on plan. I haven't started exercising yet. I need to but I do hate it..

Kim- Hey! I'm checking my schedule for the meet and greet. I will let you know in the next day or two...

Comment #93

WHEWWW...I'm not alone! I'm back from the departed as well.

I spent the days with family, friends & working and eating op <off plan>. Luckily, I was able to loose the extra pounds in a matter of days thanks to mf!.

I'm so glad to see the return of others as well and Becca, you inspire all of us, Miss Size 6!! What a terrific 2008!.

A belated happy New Year to Team Indy..

Comment #94

Missy - There hasn't been a great response - any suggestions?.


Comment #95

Hey Gang!.

Okay, with a very sad heart I have changed my ticker. Before I went to Disneyland I was 175 and now I am 191. I have gained 16 pounds over the last 6 weeks. I take full responsibility though, no excuses for me. I ate like there was no tomorrow and I accept the damage I did..

I'm so angry at myself just think where I would be right now if I hadn't done that! GRRRRR!!!!.

Anyways...BACK ON TRACK NOW! I started yesterday and I gotta say I'm excited again. My body is thanking me today I feel so much better (except for the headaches of course) eating this way..

Welcome back Kamlynn and Joy too! Good job Joy on not gaining too much!.

Kamlynn don't worry about what you've gained. We'll do this together! At least we're back and not giving up, right?.

Hope Becca is having fun! Hi to Kim, Carol Ann (are you at goal yet?), Missy, Ed, Matcha, Kelly, Jeanine, Trini....

Hey, where's Meg?.

Have a great day everyone!.


PS- Missy, I'm embarassed to say I did go to Matsumoto's a couple of times.....

Comment #96

Hey Laurie!!.

Welcome back! Yes, we will do this together and I'm glad we are both on track. No looking back, only forward! We can do this and it will happen in 2008. We'll be ready for that bikini by June!..

Comment #97

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