Medifast Diet - does phase one cause depression?

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My question is Medifast Diet - does phase one cause depression? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another question I got... A few of my friends, hopefully about 5 of them, will be started in the next couple of weeks. Just wanted to have a place where we could check in. If you're starting soon or you just started, please join us...

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I'm stumped. I'm not so sure what is the answer to that question. I'll do some poking around and get back to you if I discover an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

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Hi Roxy!.

Hi Kristi!.

Im thinking I need a new ticker for part two of my journey. But, I like seeing the progress I have made. lol...

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I want in! I started on tuesday. Im super excited and my first weigh in is two days!!.

Oh yah by the way Im Stephanie!..

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I don't have my food yet, but the tracker says it is supposed to arrive on Monday. I figure I'll start on Sept. 1...

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Hey girls! I'm getting ready for a restart, Erin I may start a new one too, although I do love seeing my progress already...

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Hi All.

I'm here & getting ready to order my food..

I think I even talked my hubby into joining too (though you most likely won't see him on the message boards)..

Can't wait to stop carrying around a whole extra person...

Comment #6


Holy moly ****..

Your after pic is what I would KILL to look like..

I might even print it out and use it for my inspiration..

I am so happy to be here!.

8 days til I start!..

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Erin, I was also wondering if you could tell me more about your frozen bag o' lean and green meals..

I don't like shrimp or fish, but I do like chicken and turkey..

I don't like those ready strips of chicken..

I was thinking I could grill a big batch of chicken, slice it up and then make those freezer bags ahead of time, but I need some guidance about what I can put in there, what kinds of condiments, etc you use - anything you can tell me to help me get what I need from the store to get started...

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Hi ladies! Thanks for starting this Kristi! I got off plan for my birthday in Vegas and I was afraid it would be hard for me to get back on track. With so many friends here though, it will make it much easier..

My new official start date is going to be the day after labor day!..

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Count me in too! I would like to be a part of this. I have been struggling lately and both giving and receiving support is what I believe, part of reaching success..

Can we do introductions and say a little bit about ourselves?.

I am a 37 year old single mother of a super active 4 year old boy. I am have been a single mother since my first month of pregnancy, at which point I packed on over 60 pounds! I have struggled being a single mother. It is very lonely. I used food to both comfort me and isolate. I'm employed full-time and work with abuse children. I start my mornings off after getting myself ready, getting my kid ready, drop him off at his daycare center/preschool, work all day, after work communte almost one hour to daycare, come home, and while I want to sit down an relax, I can't.

So I fix dinner and give my son my attention until pretty much it is time for his bed. then I go to bed and do it all over againI am exhausted..

However, I have noticed that when I have been OP for a couple of weeks, I have more energy. On the weekends when I am eating junk food, I want to stay on the couch all day because I am sooo tired. however, when I am OP, I have more energy to take my son on outings..

I know the more weight I lose, the more active I will be, thus, my son will be happier cause we will be doing more outings..

Looking forward to learn more about others in this clubhouse...

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Hi old friends and new friends. I'm so excited to see everyone here..

April one piece of advice for your meal planning. I personally don't use deli meat or rotisserie chicken because of the high sodium...

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Wow, thanks for the tip..

So if you wanted to put turkey on a salad, what would you buy?.

I do usually have the deli slice something thick that I then julienne for salad..

I wonder if I can find a low sodium deli meat...

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I am starting tomorrow because I'd like to do my first 28 days in the month of September. Wish me luck! I look forward to succeeding with all of you!.


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If I were to eat it on a salad I would try to limit it to once a week. Can you eat grilled chicken on it instead..

Go to the menu planner on here and plug in a day's worth of food. Grab your turkey from the fridge and plug it in and see how much it raises your numbers. Use that scale I gave you at the end of the sheet to see if you're within range or how much turkey you can have to stay in range...

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Oh introductions!.

Hi, I'm Nora. Am a mom to five, ranging from kindergarten to middle school. It's my first time starting Medifast, and I hope tomorrow will be Day 1 for me. I have packed on weight since marriage and pregnancies and just can't seem to lose it. Most importantly, I want to be healthy for my kids and have more energy!.

I look forward to getting to know you and succeeding with you!.


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This thread has lots of good information. Enjoy!..

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I ordered my food tonight. My husband is going to do it with me. I am really excited to start taking care of myself. I need to lose a lot of weight (a LOT ... 115 pounds) but I know I can do it. I have to.

I want to play with them, run with them, SWIM with them .... So here I am..

My official start day will be the day after Labor Day. So, Tuesday will be my weigh in day..

Oh, for those who don't know me ...

I'm Sara, 34, married mother to 4 kids ages 2-15. I put on about 65 pounds in the last 2 years since quitting smoking & adding life stress...

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That's under the "my plan" tab and then "log meals.".

Let me know if you need help. You should be able to find your turkey brand in there, you just have to do it in a roundabout way...

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Sara that's so exciting that your husband is doing it with you. It'll make it so much easier to do it with someone and have the support..

My husband started it with me about 3 months into it. It was great..

Go around the board, especially the success stories and look and people who have lost over 100 pounds. Super inspirational!..

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My intro..

I'm Kristi, mom of 3, married for 11 years..

I started Medifast in the beginning of January and by mid May I had lost 50 pounds..

In June I had a little nip and tuck and I went off the diet for the surgery and recovery..

Then I went on a few vacations this summer and gained about 10 back so I'm back on now to lose that plus the rest of what I want to lose..

I absolutely love this diet. It's the first thing that's ever worked for me...

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Skagrl, nip and tuck, what did you have done and how much did it cost? My stomach is so flabby I am interested in a tummy tuck after reaching goal. Not sure of the cost, and recovery time...

Comment #21

I had a breast reduction..

I'm considering a tummy tuck for next summer..

Not sure of the price..

My recovery was really fast...

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I'm Roxana. Mom of three active boys. I have struggle with my weight all my life. It has not been a bad thing i'm pretty happy with myself. Over the years I have maintain the weight but I need a jumpstart to get this 35 lbs out of my system..

If my food arrive tomorrow i'll strat on tuesday...

Comment #23

Kristi or anyone who knows....

What's our sodium intake supposed to be? or even better, for veteran MF'ers (tee, hee) how much sodium are you consuming when you're seeing your success?.

I have read around online and it looks like we're supposed to stay under 2400mg? that seems high so I wanted to check...

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Thanks for the links Kristi. I read many of them and am ready to start at 8:00 am!!!.


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Daily nutritional value ranges.

800-1000 calories a day.

80 to less than 100 grams total carbs.

At least 72 grams of protein.

Minimum of 10 grams total fat ranging to 34 grams total fat.

Less than 2300 mg of sodium.

With the sodium that's already in the Medifast meals it doesn't give you a lot to play around with in your lean meal..

It's amazing how much just a tsp of salt raises your daily totals..

Don't forget to add your soda sodium...

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Good luck Nora..

The first 3 days are the hardest and then it's pretty smooth sailing from there...

Comment #27

It looks like a lot of us are starting or restarting then. I'm going on an overnight with my mom and sister on Labor day then plan on starting the day after.

So exciting to have all of us here!..

Comment #28

You are going to love it Sara! I know you can do this. That is awesome that dh is going to do it too, will make it easier on you...

Comment #29

I'm Amber mama to Hannah who is six and Bryson who is 2. I started Medifast back at the end of May and dropped 25 pounds in the first couple of months. I have been off plan for over a month celebrating all kinds of things but still exercising, drinking my water, and trying to make smarter choices. I go up and down in the 3-4 pound range and i'm honestly maintaining pretty well. I want to finish my journey and get to my goal of 130. I plan on restarting the day after Labor day. So glad to see all of you that I know and to meet new friends...

Comment #30

Hey everyone old and new..

This is the first thing that has ever worked for me also. Love it! I have been off plan since beginning of July though and want to finish what I started. Im getting comfortable where Im at!.

April- Im sure you could precook chicken or beef. I just use the strips with no stuff on them. I need super easy. I eat a ton of shrimp -for volume it cant be beat! but I know others dont like it as much. You could try other fish, I dont have the list in front of me, but I know there are alot of choices that would work..

As for sodium, when I first got the puffs, I ate those and pretzels and found the sodium intake to affect me way more than I thought it would. Im not great about drinking water. I need to be better and notice a dif when I am...

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So glad to see everyone here and I hope everyone has as much success as I did or more, since I kinda fell of the wagon! Im back though and have been on plan for three days now..

I have a 2 yr old and a 5 yr old. I run 4 times a week and am training for a half marathon in three weeks, so sometimes you will see me on that thread. I work maddening hours but still check in here a ton, probably more than I should...

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I just re-read the original post and realized it's for newbies starting in September. I am new to Medifast but almost a week into it. Is it ok to still be apart of the September group?.


Im Stephanie, mother to 4, married 6 years. I have never struggled with being over weight until I had kids and got married. I was very thin through school. Now I am at my largest ever. I have alot to lose but this program is practially fool proof. I am trying to lose enough weight by October to fit into a dress I bought last year comfortably for my husbands business dinner for work.

So that was my inspiration to start this plan and continue long term...

Comment #33

Way to go on 3 days Erin! You are just about back to the smooth sailing phase!..

Comment #34

I am ready to go and stay 100% OP. Thank you again for the support. It means a lot to me..

Comment #35

This is cool to see many of us eager for Sept. 1st..

Comment #36

I would really like to be a part of this group. I will be restarting my Medifast journey on 9/1/2010..

I am Francine. I am married and have a 12 year old son who is very active in sports. Several years ago I tried Medifast for the first time and it worked better than anything I have ever tried. I lost 30 lbs and then something got me away from finishing. It's funny back then I didn't have 60 lbs to lose, you'd think I would've stuck to it...Hmmmm! Anyway, I have to say the several times since that I have tried to get back on plan have not gone well, but I truly believe that I put everyone and everything before me and my health and this time I need to change my priorities. Let's face it, if momma's not happy......usually nobody is!!.

I also know that being part of a group going through the same things is a huge help in staying OP!.

I hope you all don't mind if I join in!..

Comment #37

Glad you're joining us Francine, or do you prefer Frannie..

You can totally stay on plan, especially now that you're putting yourself first...

Comment #38

Ok, my turn for introductions!.

I'm april, mom to 5 year old emily and 3 year old jake..

I lost about 37 pounds 3 years ago and then gained at least 25 pounds of it back over the course of the past 16 months. boo to that..

My life is upside down right now as my family is working on moving to colorado from NJ. i'm in colorado with my kids living with friends while my husband is still back in NJ. it's been challenging to say the least, but we're hoping to all be together in an apt here very soon while we wait for our house to sell. hopefully I can manage the plan while our lives are still upside down and then it will get easier as my life settles down..

I'm officially starting on 9/7 after labor day so I will be a tuesday weigher..

I'm anxious to start and so happy to be here!..

Comment #39

Im rereading this "I first got the puffs" and laughing. My kids call farts puffs. I meant the snacks, but, just wait til you all get the Medifast "puffs", otherwise known as medifarts. :giggle...

Comment #40

I got my food so i'll start tomorrow..

I'm just reading everything on the board. I decided not to wait until Labor Day because i'll always find an excuse. For example next week is my son's 13th birthday and the next one is my husband..

So I decided that tomorrow is a great day to start the program.....

Comment #41

April, one thing I have really liked about Medifast is the control it brings. When everything else is ca-razy, I know exactly what I need to do to be in control of my food. This has helped me immensely with peice of mind on many occasion......

Comment #42

I think that is an awesome attitude! Good luck! I have been to barbecues, birthdays, happy hours, etc without drinking or eating cake or going off plan. Just PLAN AHEAD. what will you eat/drink? I take a tumbler of one of the drinks (tea, shake or fruit punch) and drink that while others are drinking alcohol. It kinda looks like a mixed drink. Plan your L & G and take a bar just in case...

Comment #43

Ill check in later. Have a good day everyone !..

Comment #44

I like the control too - I'll know what I'm eating and at what time. We can all do this!..

Comment #45

Ok, so who has already started and who will be starting tomorrow Sept 1st ? I am on Day 2 and weighed in this morning! 2 lbs. lost (maybe water weight) but it's great to see a result!.

Come on everyone, we can do this!!!!..

Comment #46

Good morning everyone..

Nora, water weight shmaterweight..

Who cares, you're losing..

I love the first week's loss..

Roxy check in today and tell us what you think of the food...

Comment #47

Good morning everyone, I hade my first weigh in this morning for week 1. I am down 11lbs. I am so excited!! Especially since mid way through the week my TOM appeared. I am excited for week two!! I really increased my water this week. I started out only drinking about 64oz then went to 80oz. Now for the last few days I am drinking about 135oz a water a day..

Nora, Congrats on your loss this week!! Any loss is a loss! Keep up the good work..

To all the rest of our group have a great day and in less than 24hrs we will all be in this together!!..

Comment #48

I'd like to join this group for September. I actually started the 23rd of August, but I'd like to get to know more people on the forums and have a better support group. Hope that's OK. I actually did lose 11 lbs, and it was great to see the scale dipping down. Can't wait to lose that first size in clothes!..

Comment #49

Thanks Kristi! I know I can get through this first week, as hard as it may be...

Comment #50

Hello ladies!!!! Just checking in because the tropical storm was hitting our side. Anyway... I'm here! I started with a shake, had my chicken soup and later on is the meal. I thought I was going to be very anxious but i'm not. I'm hungry but not desperate..

So far I have drink around 70onz. I'm aiming to 100..

I do have a question. Kids are at home because of the weather and I had my first meal at 9am. I don't think i'm going to be up 'till 12. Do I combine two meals or just do 4 and 1?..

Comment #51

Great losses! I weigh in for week 1 of this go round on Thursday, Im excited to see how I do..

Roxy, Medifast reccomends you eat all 5, since they have nutritional supplements and because you dont want to go into starvation mode where your body hangs onto the weight. So, I sometimes combine a drink/bar, or soup with pudding for desert, pudding with a bar cut into it when I need to catch up. You get the idea..

BUT, I know others have had success with skipping it. I would decide what tomorrow looks like- will you have a long day? have youexercised? If you think you are going to need those calories, I would try and be sure to get them in. You dont want to crash...

Comment #52

Hi all! I'll join in with you. I started at the end of July, but I want to look at each new month as a reminder to stay on track (which I have been doing with no problem now).

I am a 42 mom of three Joey 8, Abbi 7 and Nigel 4. I do not work outside the home and do a lot of volunteer work with the schools mostly in the Library. I started packing on the pounds about 20 years ago after graduating college. It has been a slow and steady gain. I have maintained (or at least fall naturally back to) my starting weight of 210..

Anyway, I am loving this plan. It took me about 2 weeks to really get into the swing of things and now I am in the groove!.

I look forward to being with you bunch of losers!..

Comment #53

Hi! I'm Chickie and I have a 5 year old little boy..

I will try to be on here as much as I can, but I don't get on any non-work related sites when I'm at work and that's a good part of the week..

MF is the best diet that ever happened to me. I feel like it's given me my life back. I did go off plan for my 40th birthday last week, but I'm going to restart the day after labor day. I'm tempted to start sooner though because all of you are already motivating me and I feel so bloated and gross...

Comment #54

Oh, also!!!!.

There are 3 gyms at my work. I've been working at this job since April of this year and I keep saying I'm going to work out at lunch, but never have..

Well, I signed up for a 12 week boot camp program and it started yesterday. It is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during my lunch hour. I LOVE IT!!!!!.

This is huge for me because I'm not an excersizer, AT ALL. (I can't even spell it) LOL!.

I really hope I can make this a new routine for me...

Comment #55

April, did you get my message about Walden Farms?.

Do you know what you're going to order?..

Comment #56

April, here is a good walden farms / thread..

Comment #57

And another one....

I'm going through my subscribed threads and found these in there..

Comment #58

Chickie that's awesome! Something I have found about working out is the more I do it the more I like it! Crazy but it's true. I hope that happens for you too! You are on hawt mama..

Comment #59

I start tomorrow. I'm excited and kind of scared..

I'm single, no children. I do have a dog. One of the big challenges I have is being a stress eater...

Comment #60

You can do this! When stress or cravings come along - just keep busy doing something. Stay out of the kitchen and have your next meal planned. It will work! Good luck!..

Comment #61

I am an emotional eater so I know the feeling. Just try to get away from food. Istarted yesterday and so far I have adjusted..

Good luck!..

Comment #62

I got an email that my food will be here tomorrow. Yay!!.

Hubs and I are all set to start on Tuesday. We're going to weigh in Tuesday morning and do measurments..

I'm not really ready to share my weight but I will share what I lose each week..

What I'd really like are actual recipes for the L&G meals. I am NOT good at "just throw x,y&z together...." I need ingredients, spices, etc......

Comment #63

Sappy - Hi! Take pictures too! Some of the B4 & After shots are amazing. There is a recipe forum if you have not found it yet. Good luck!..

Comment #64

I thought this was funny and had to share. I woke up very hungry this morning, and today is my first day! I had a pretty solid meal last night, and I'm never hungry for the first hour or so that I wake up. It's totally psychological hunger..

So far, doing good. Mocha shake in my coffee, cheese puff for midmorning snack. Added hot sauce to the chili. Stomach is upset, but it's the "nervous" kind of upset because it keeps running through my head that maybe I can't do this or it won't work. I've been overweight most of my adult life, and I'm 38...

Comment #65

I know what you mean - I started two days ago and those same thoughts were running through my head. Now I'm on day 3 and those thoughts are gone! Why?.

(1) We can do this!!! I'm on my third day with no cheating - you can do it too. If you feel like giving up, walk out of the kitchen, get busy doing something, sip something and trust me, the feeling will go away. The first day I made spaghetti and meatballs for the kids and boy did I want to "taste" my favorite carb. But I did not because I WANT Medifast to work!.

(2) It does work! Look at all the success stories on the board! And in two days my scale went down 3.5 pounds. Looking back, I'll take the 3.5 pounds over spaghetti any day. I know I will get back to pasta one day, but NOT NOW!..

Comment #66

I'm hoping to see some good news from the scale soon. I was doing OK earlier, but I'm really struggling now because I'm used to eating a big evening meal. I came home, and the dog had made a mess, and I can think of a hundred carby and fatty things I want right now..

Today was Good Neighbor Day, and people were giving/getting roses (the free rose thing the flower stores do). I didn't get any, so I went and bought myself some...

Comment #67

WT - sorry to hear you had a mess to come home to from your dog. That is never fun! You will start feeling better soon. Be patient with yourself and your body..

Great job getting yourself some flowers. I had a crummy day a week or so ago, so I picked up some flowers to put in the kitchen to brighten things up a bit. This week I decided I will keep some fresh flowers there all the time as a little boost..

Nora - I am glad you had a great day. Keep up the great attitude and work!.

Night night guys!..

Comment #68

Chickie we're starting and ending at the same weight..

It's going to keep me motivated if you're losing and I'm not...

Comment #69

Good morning everyone, just wanted to say hi and keep up the good work ladies!! Take it one day at a time and we can do this!!..

Comment #70

Dito this..

I've been thinking about you Roxy!.

All you ladies that are on the first week, I promise, promise, promise it will get so much easier. Please hang in there. By day 5 you will feel amazing..

I'm really excited to start next Tuesday. I hope that the exercise I'm doing helps to shape my body this time...

Comment #71

How is everyone doing so far?.

Yes, by Day 5 it gets easier. I feel like I am actually in a routine and will be able to cruise along now. Had a bit of constipation that I had to deal with, but it wasn't as bad as I had read about..

MF really does work!!! So all you newbies like me, let's stick together and DO THIS!..

Comment #72

Hi everyone! Im in cruise control and doing great. I cant believe the weekend is almost here and Im almost ready for week two weigh in. I havent suffered from constipation yet. I had read alot about it so I started taking flax seed oil capsules every night and Ive been going pretty normal. Well normal for me, never been a routine thing before MF. I hid the scale this week so I have no clue how Im doing but I feel great and am 100% OP.

We can do this!!!..

Comment #73

Hello ladies! I'm sorry I have not check in before but things were crazy. Anyway i'm on day 4 and I have stayed 100% on the plan!!!!!! Is not easy but i'm doing it!!!! Day 2 was the hardest for me. Ithought I was getting sick. This week is going to be a challenge because I have 2 birthday parties but i'm really focus on doing it..

So now i'm hoping that I get agood number on tuesday to keep me motivated. Let's do it ladies!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #74

I'm on day 3 and am surprised by how great I feel. Not hungry or tired at all. I had some awesome buffalo for dinner. I had the cappuccino for breakfast, and that was really pleasing. Makes me not miss my lattes so much...

Comment #75

Hi Ladies,.

I'm on Day 8 and during my first week I lost 7.5 lbs. I am very pleased with this number. However, I realize 2 lbs a week from here on out will be the expectation. How is everyone doing on plan? Are you past the headache stage?.


I agree with you. It's nice not to feel hungry or tired. I find myself struggling to eat all the meals but I know if I don't I won't lose..


- When you go to those birthday parties, just think "lean and green". Don't eat anything that isn't "lean and green" and you'll be fine...

Comment #76

Way to go Roxy! I'm glad so many ladies are in the cruise stage!.

I almost started today because I felt so gross yesterday, but I know the places I'm going today I wouldn't be strong enough to have day 1 and I really don't want to waste any of my Medifast food..

I may start tomorrow though. I haven't been on the scale since I got off the diet on August 25th and I'm scared to death to see what the number is. I don't plan on weighing until I've been on the diet for 3 or 4 days, so I can get rid of the water weight and see what the real number is..

Whatever happens, I will be starting on Tuesday for sure..

One thing I'm worried about is Medifast says you shouldn't exercise for the first week or 2 while your body adjusts. However, I just started this boot camp program and I love it. I have no intentions of stopping. I think I will just have to plan on having my L&G at lunch so I don't get too hungry during the day and drink more water than ever...

Comment #77

On day four........and I have stayed 100%OP which is new and different for me!! The headaches are getting better and I have been able to drink at least 101 oz of water every day...two of the days I reached my goal of 135 oz. (135 oz is actually over half my weight in oz of water but I can't see drinking a quarter of a bottle of water and leaving the rest!).

I hope everyone has an awesome Labor Day Weekend!!..

Comment #78

That's a lot of water, Frannie! How do you manage? I'm finding that I have to go to the bathroom all the time with just the 64 ounces...

Comment #79

Great to hear so many of you are doing better. Just stay 100% OP, eat only L&G, and we'll all be losing!!! Enjoy the weekend!!!!..

Comment #80

Hey Ladies!.

I am starting back today, after successfully losing 35 pounds then gaining it all back. Second times the charm!.

I'm excited about changing my life for good this time, and I feel like I am in a much different place than I was last time..

Thanks for starting this group up! I look forward to being motivated by your successes!.


Comment #81

Hi all! Just checking in. I have had a good week. The scale was down .5 on Friday and my clothes are definitely looser! I had a good day Thursday and Friday despite the little demons that come out when I am stressed! I did not feed them!.

I hope all are enjoying your holiday weekend. The weather is beautiful here in Atlanta, finally. We are busy doing some much needed yard work...

Comment #82

Hello ladies!!!.

I went to a birthday party and they had a lot of food. No lean and green. So I took my bar and in the middle of the party I ate my Medifast and drank water. That's it. I'm just so proud of me!!!!.

I love cake and it wasn't that hard to say no. One more birthday tomorrow... I hope is as good as today.....

Comment #83

Today is my day 1..

I was really inspired by what Roxy said about there always being an excuse or party or some reason to wait to start..

I'm getting ready to wake up the hubs to do the official first weigh in, pictures, measurements, etc.....

(I ate a lot of crap yesterday so I feel really icky this morning. Helps with the motivation)..

Comment #84

Great job Roxy!!!! That's the way to do it!..

Comment #85

Just checking in..

Where i'm staying has no wifi so very limited internet for me. boo..

Today is day 2 and i'm having a really difficult time. I feel like i'm starving, but i'm just trying to push through..

I've been drinking plenty of water (140+ oz), but i'm still getting headaches. i'm just focusing on wednesday - I feel like if I can get there, I can make it..

Keep it up everyone!..

Comment #86

Chickie, I forgot to say that I bought the WF ranch and omg, barf. that went straight in the trash..

That's the only kind (besides honey mustard) I could find in my grocery store, so i'll have to order some online when I want to try again...

Comment #87

WeightyThoughts -.

It's more tough during the week when I am at far. I know in the future I am going to have to plan around available bathrooms when I am at my son's baseball games. Right isn't terrible....but believe me I am always making sure I am able to get to a bathroom easily!!..

Comment #88

That's too bad, April..

Remember your taste is going to greatly change, so if you try some of the Medifast foods and you don't like them now, don't throw them out. You might be surprised later that you in fact love them. Once you get all the sugar out of your system everything will be totally different..

I've heard that the walden farms ranch isn't very good. I really love those two I told you about though. If you order them online, the shipping is super fast...

Comment #89

I'm on day 2. I made it through day 1!.

April, if you're around - today I brewed a k-cup and mixed it with a chocolate shake. I'm drinking it over ice now. It's a lot to drink so it's spreading out my meal and I think it tastes a lot better than using the vanilla shake as creamer...

Comment #90

Hi everyone!.

Well, I had an awesome week, then went out of town and found myself without food. So, I gave in and had some things I had not had in months. I debated confessing, because I dont want to derail anyone else, but decided to report just how AWFUL I felt yesterday. I spent the entire day curled up in a ball on my bed or running to the bathroom. Once you "detox" your body of the sugar and stuff, it really messes up your tummy to have it large amounts. well, it does to me..

So, Im ordering again (Im totally out of bars) and starting again...

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April, I didnt answer about an op coffee. I got a bunch of sugar free syrups (Torani I think?) from cost plus warehouse. Hazelnut, rasberry, irish cream, etc. I use those in my coffee, with about half of a sweet and low. I sometimes use sugar free creamer (carnation, hazelnut or seomthing)..

I also do coffee and a vanilla shake blended as a "frappacino"..

I was surprised to really like the Medifast chai latte also. (I have never been a chai person? )..

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