Medifast Diet first week question.... ?

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Quick question: Medifast Diet first week question.... ? Hoping for any response. 2nd question I got is.. 1 DOWN 2 TO GO !!!.

Here we are heading to Thanksgiving ... now this one and Christmas are the big ones for me. I do all the cooking in my family. But this year my sister in law wants us to spend Thanksgiving at her house. I really don't want to go, she doesn't cook, she only makes reservations or orders food from a local Supermarket or restaurant!?!.

I love the smell of homemade food. Besides, I know exactly what goes in the food I'm eating!.

I am planning to cheat just a little, I'm planning to have 1/2 plain Yam/Sweet Potato with my turkey and some greens. But that's all I want!.

Anyway, this is our new thread for November. We have 9 weeks (weigh ins) before the end of this year. How many pounds would you like to lose by then!?! Are we all on target!?! Remember, 2 pounds a week we'll be 18 pounds lighter. I want to lose 28. And for that to happen, I'll need to lose 3.1 or 3.2 a week. Then I'll be officially in the "Onederland"!.

Anybody else wants to do this with me!?! The race is on, my friends!!!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

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It's november!! Isn't amazing that time passes whether we're on Medifast or not, whether we ate off plan or on planAngelica I'm looking forward to getting on the scale Tuesday morning,dont know if I can realistically have a goal of hitting the one hundreds but i'll come as close as possible!!.

We're heading home today, it's been a wonderful week with my boys....

Looking forward to reading e everyones posts. Loving angies angels!!..

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Weigh in at 232.8 today! Woo hoo! Thats 25.2 in 6 weeks, and I'm only .6 away from that first 10%!..

Comment #3

Angels thanks for all the support about my cheat last week. It was definitely helpful and encouraging. However I don't feel quite like my self yet. I don't even know what that means exactly. It's just that I don't feel like myself how I was like two weeks ago. I guess I'm not as hopeful as I used to be.

I just wish that I had better progress. I tend to go through this type of period for a few days and then something helps me to snap out of it...I'm waiting for that pick me up. I have not cheated again. The scale isn't moving and I don't think I'll make many of the goals I have planned. This Wed.

Plus I'm already part of an Xmas challenge that I joined before Angelica created this group. The goal was to lose 40lbs by Christmas (100 days/14 weeks) I probably set that goal too high. In any case it just sucks that I'm a slow loser I see people with less weight to lose than me losing it faster. I always thought that bigger people lost weight quicker. Some days I just feel so exasperated with the process.

Sometimes I just don't feel like I can take it. I just have to keep remembering that these feelings will pass..

Since no one has created a QOTD I thought I'd write one of the ones I've been thinking about. Something positive to perk my mood up..


What are some of the things that you can't wait to do when you hit goal and why?.


Honestly, I can't wait to have better clothing/shopping experiences and the reason goes without saying, especially Victoria's Secret. Also I feel like I might be ready to move to a new job. Part of me is nervous about interviewing at my current size due to other people's perceptions of overweight people. Plus I don't want to go to a new job this way...I want my new coworkers to only know me as a slim person. I got my current job through a the interview process was a not a real interview process. So really I haven't done much interviewing ever.

The last time I did that was in 2001. I'm ready to travel and be comfortable in airplane seats..

Thanks Angels...

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Hi, Angels! So glad to find November's thread in our new home!.

QOTD Answer:.

I can't wait to go CLOTHES SHOPPING! I have always loved clothes but have never felt like I could wear what I wanted. Now, I'm getting to where I can and I love it! I can't wait for a GOAL SHOPPING SPREE!.

I can't wait to go to the beach and NOT be miserable for a change!.

And I can't wait to go CLOTHES SHOPPING! Wait, did I already say that?..

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Good morning everyone!.

Honestly, I've been so focused on just staying OP I haven't given it much more thought other than a shopping spree when I reach goal. Most of what I'd like to do, I've already been planning to start even BEFORE I reach goal... like dance lessons (still working on DH to join me), or running. Those are part of my rewards for reaching my mini goals... Other than that, maybe just becoming more active. I've even thought about purchasing bikes for my DH and I so we can join our kids on some bike riding.


Comment #6


It's always hard during the holidays... my mother-in-law is like that... she will either buy a ready made turkey dinner or we end up having something really unusual like a 4th of July type barbecue, lasagna, make your own sand tray... LOL Hearts in the right place. My issue is that I'm the baker in the family and will be making.


The pies, homemade breads, and any sweet thing that is off-plan you can think of... For some reason, I don't seem to be worried about it. Oh!! my starting weight is 243... not 343... lol just noticed the mistake and wanted to let you know. I've also decided to just go ahead and change my official weigh-in day to Friday's...


Don't worry about the slip up. We can't change the past so look to today and tomorrow. Still try and reach your goal by Christmas, but just be in the mind frame that from this point on you're going to do the very best you can! I have a really high weight loss goal to reach before the end of the year too (27 lbs.), but when I set it I knew that even being OP it was going to be hard to reach. What I've done was make any # goal I have a secondary goal... my main goal/concern for the rest of the year is staying OP 100%. I can't control what the scale says at the end of the year.

I have faith in you! I believe that you'll do the best you can and will reach your goal, even if it's a little later than you'd hoped..

Lodgemom, Elainewithfour, & Angelica140-.

That's my focus too... getting as close to Onederland as possible. If I don't make it, that's alright. I have to lose 27 pounds..


I know we can do this. Whatever our plan is for this holiday season, as long as we are true to our plan (either staying completely OP, cheating a little, or having a few days off) I truly believe that we'll be able to make our goals. It's when we make too high of an expectation on ourselves that we have to deal with condemnation and guilt..


Comment #7

Don't you girls love our new home!?! I love to start fresh!!! When I was in school, I loved to write in a new notebook ... I just love new things, new beginnings!!! Have you noticed that life is about changing!?! Everything changes, even we change, thank goodness!!! LOL.

Jessekeith, Michellemrussell and silkhair, "Congratulations" on your weight loss this week!.

Sue, 4.6 is amazing for a 9th week on the program. But did you notice that last week you lost 1.8!?! This program is like that, sometimes our bodies need to readjust the weight and we don't lose much in one week, but on the next we have a big woosh like that!!! It's amazing, huh!?!.

I have a request for you girls: Coul you please, post your weight again on Friday for our WEEKLY REPORT!?! You don't have to weigh in again if you don't want to. But it sure will make my work much easier if you report again this coming Friday! Thank you!!!.

I'm glad you found our new thread in here ... we would hate to lose any of you!.

Ronnie, thank you so much for posting the correct link for our new Thread in here! I don't know what really happened!?!.

Regarding your weight loss, you need to go back to your program and see if you are doing this 100% on the program. It's all about chemistry, one tiny little bite will change the chemistry in our bodies and we won't lose as much. This program is very strict. And if we play with it we won't have the same results as those who are doing it according to the book. Do you weigh/measure your foods!?! Did you know that it will take one week if not 3 for our bodies to get rid of the sugar in peanut butter, or bites of cheese here and there!?! Lisa is absolutely right, we can only control what goes into our mouths, not what will show up on the scale by the end of the week. But this program, like any other, will only work if we work it..

Try doing the program for one week as clean as a whistle, and see what happens. We won't be eating like this for ever, you know!?! Remember, when we go on transition, will replace one Medifast Meal for another Lean and Green, and then another and then another until we reverse it and have 5 lean and greens and 1 Medifast meal. When we get to Maintenance, we'll add fruits, back to our diet, more vegetables, like a baked potato twice a week, 1/3 cup of brown rice once a day, and low carb breads, etc ....

We cannot go back to eating sugar, white flour, and starches like we used to. 'Cause if we keep doing the same old stuff guess what, we'll get the same old results. We'll be fat again. And in my own opinion, "nothing" tastes better than thin/healthy feels to me!.

You need to make peace with your choices and stick with them. It's all about choices ... We have to want this so badly that we are willing to do whatever it takes. Go to your bath, fill it up with water and stick your head under the water. Stay there until you can't take it anymore ... and when you come back up gasping for air, this is how much you need to want to be skinny, sexy, healthy, beautiful, graceful in order to do whatever it takes for you to get there..

I'm so sick and tired of being sick and tired of being fat, that I'm willing to do this 100% OP. I have so many beautiful clothes that don't fit me anymore ... I just need to get my body back to what it used to be before. And this time I want to be the best that I can be..

On that note, and answering your question, once I get to my goal weight, I want to go to Europe with my husband. I want to spend 2 to 3 weeks over there ... going on all kind of tours, walking without getting tired or feeling any pain and enjoying life to the fullest! When my hubby retires, we are panning to go on a Cruise around the world for 6 months and wake up everyday in a different country!.

Angeldaae, we get that you wanna go on a shopping spree very badly ... LOL you are so funny, my girl!!!.

Michelle, 25.2 pounds lost in 6 weeks it's an average of 4.2 every week. And that's wonderful!!! If you keep going like that, you can lose 37.8 by New Year's Eve. And you know what that means, right!?! You'll be in "Onederland", my girl ... WOOHOO!!!.

Lodgemom, welcome back home!!! Can't wait to hear how you did this week and hearing more from you!.

Elaine, I am drinking my water and I have already drunk 1/2 gallon so far. 1/2 to go ....

Did you all know we have to drink 1/2 of our weight in oz of water daily!?! For example, I'm 227 lbs / 2 = 113.5 oz of water. I am drinking 128 ounces, just because I love drinking water ... and did you know that fat does not evaporate!?! We need to flush it out of our system either by water or going # 2!?! ... I drink and pee the whole day ... LOL.

Ronnie, or anybody out there, who would like to get some recipes from me and some tips on this program, please, send me your e-mail in a private message and I'll send them to you. I got them from my coach and another friend..

Have a great Day ON THE PROGRAM today! It pays off, I promise you!!!..

Comment #8

I'd like to lose 27lbs by then (added to the 18 I've lost will be a total of 45lbs.

We are going on a cruise for Christmas..

I'd love to lose another 10 by Thanksgiving. My family (well, Father and siblings) don't even know I am trying to lose weight. So I'd like there to be a visable difference when we all get together..

Comment #9

Good Evening Angels.

It always feels so good to be home the first thing I did was make up some shakes and put them in the freezer I love shakes that have been frozen then defrosted and re-blended, theyre thick and full of flavor. So we spent 5 days in Seattle, it was beautiful weather. My 18 year old son flew in on Thursday afternoon so we had the entire family for 4 days; this angel was in heaven! Every day we would go out and get fresh fish from Fishermans Terminal and bbq it, paired with fresh veggies and a good salad it was all I could ask for..

I didnt eat off plan but did have a problem with eating at regular times and twice didnt eat all 5 of the Medifast meals. Itll be interesting to see what the scale says in the morning..

QOTD: Clothes, clothes, clothes. We travel quite a bit and it will be fun to be packing smaller sizes and being able to carry more in my suitcase..

Ronnie~ Im sending love and hugs your way. Im also on the Christmas Challenge and had a 40 pound goal.. Its not going to happen but thats ok, well just do the best job we can and take it. Look at how much youve lost and where youll be next April/May.. look at the big picture girlfriend, youve lost 35.8 pounds!!!! Did you hear that 35.8 pounds, go to the grocery store and put that much into a shopping cart, it's amazing how well youve done!!! I know it would be great to wake up a size 5, but it's not going to happen, lol.

Angelica~ I do love our new home! You are a sweetheart for keeping all our stats in order and agree with anything that will make your job easier. I love your goals of traveling to Europe and a six month cruise.. that sounds wonderful! And it also sounds like a great incentive to accomplish your goals. I appreciate that you are looking down the road at T&M, it's something that all of us, regardless of where we are in our weight loss journey should take a look at..

Angeldaae~ so there with you on the shopping at goal!! What type of clothes do you like? Im thinking that Ill re-invent myself.. go for a more edgy / artsy look.. going to take my time and look for great pieces. I love hand dyed, hand painted clothing and thinking that Id love some jackets that are art pieces..

Lisa~ I talked my DH into taking Latin dancing last winter it was a hoot, I loved it.. he humored me and went. Good luck with getting the DH to go.

Racergal~ Unless your family is blind they will see a BIG difference by Thanksgiving. Would love to see their faces when you walk thru the door and take off your coat, makes me smile just thinking about that!.

Have a good evening girls..

Comment #10

I want to be very tailored, polished and classic. I love clothes with structure and that timeless feeling. Things like great-fitting pants, a menswear-style button-up shirt and some killer heels with great accessories. I think my dream/goal outfit might be a high-waisted pencil skirt with a silk blouse. FIERCE!..

Comment #11

That does sound fierce!!.

Classic is always the way to go. Even now, being heavy- I have a suit with a classic cut. It is very flattering to the figure..

Oh! Don't forget some killer heals...

Comment #12


Racergal~ Unless your family is blind they will see a BIG difference by Thanksgiving. Would love to see their faces when you walk thru the door and take off your coat, makes me smile just thinking about that!.


Soooooo true! I just hope my Dad doesn't get on my younger brother's back. He has some weight to lose too. Well, I'll suggest he pay for his Medifast LOL..

Comment #13

Totally the SAME answer I would give! But I'm going to add, a great pair of Jeans and nice Medium size Tee shirt! Al-la Lorali Gilmore on Gilmore Girls, sooooo loved that show, I aspire to look as good as her!..

Comment #14

AngelDaae~ Thank you for the reminder... I went shopping in my closet this evening and guess what I found.. a "timeless" black blazer and wonderful wide leg wool suit from Talbots, as well as a couple L/S shirts all in my 'goal' weight size. Also found a dark blue pair of pants and an 8 gore skirt... holy smokes I'm so excited!!!! It'll be next year before I'm into them.. thank goodness I had the forethought not to toss them when I gained weight.

This is so cool... did I mention that I'm excited?..

Comment #15

Quote from Angelica:.

Jan, my darling, are you in HB!?! Why didn't you say that before. We need to get together, my girl. How about you and I and Kim go out for a Lean and Green together soon!?!.

Now you are confusing me ... please, reread your post and check the last thing you wrote to me ... are you 239.2 or 229.2 !?! LOL.

Congratulations on keeping your BP at normal range. And good luck with your blood work next week..


Sorry I haven't had time to post back about your note. then I had to find it on the older thread before we moved to this new thread location..

Yes, I do live in HB and would love to meet you and Kim for a lean and green meal..

What kind of schedule works for the two of you. I work many hours but have some flexibilty in what I do. I would be happy to drive to wherever the two of you are..

My weight when I posted last Friday should have been 229.2. As I have been losing weight, I find that I have to really think what the current number is because it keeps changing so fast! Since I now have two groups where I track my weight on Fridays (here and the 100 Days to Christmas challenge) I am going to move my official weigh in day to Friday instead of Tuesdays to make it all easier. I will post on Fridays but this week I will get a bonus of 3 extra days!.

I really like all the folks who are Angie's Angels. It is a great group..

Clothing: I want to get a new white robe. I will explain that another day!!..

Comment #16

I haven't been through my old things in years!! I threw most of them away years ago- never saw them coming back in style (tapered jeans), but some of the classics or my absolute favorites I kept... was looking through a catalog the other day and guess what's back in style?.

Now I'm getting excited to reach my goal weight too...

Comment #17

Just got home 2 hour ago and walked for about 3 hours ... I'm so sleepy and tired now that I'm going straight to bed ... zzzZZZZ Tomorrow I'll read everybody's post and will reply accordingly! Thanks!!!.

Good night my sweet Angels!!!..

Comment #18

When I cleaned out my closet and purged all my too-big clothes, I basically got rid of EVERYTHING..

I don't have anything to "get back into" because the last time I was at this weight was probably 8-9 years ago... my junior or senior year of HIGH SCHOOL!.

Needless to say, even if I DID have those clothes waiting for me, there's no way I'd wear them! A 26-year old professional does not belong in an 17-year old's clothes!..

Comment #19

Im so upset, I wrote a long message, replying to everyones posts and then I lost everything ... ugh.

Ill summerize it:.

Racer, youre on my girl, 10 lbs to Thanksgiving!!! Love the new picture!.

Janine, welcome back home and Im glad to hear you had a great time in Seattle with your family! Thank you very much for your kind words. Please, let me know if you got my e-mail with the recipes. Tomorrow Ill send you some tips for the program..

Angel, I really like that Fierce Look, highwaist pencil skirt with a silk blouse ... ooo la la!!! You go my girl! Ill do what you did, Im also giving all my big sizes clothes away. This time if I regain some of the weight Ill be naked ... LOL What a sight that would be, huh!?! LOL.

Lisa, I corrected my mistake. Please, everyone, double check your numbers and names and Ill make all the necessaries corrections!?!.

Date:........................ 10/15 ........... 10/22 ......... 10/29.

01 AngelDaae ........... 194.1 ............ 191.5 ........ 190.7.

02 KarBrown ............. 223.0 .............................. 209.6.

03 Greyflower ........... 243.0 .............................. 226.4.

03 Angelica .............. 237.0 ............ 232.0 ......... 228.0.

04 LodgeMom .......... 235.3 ............ 231.6 ......... 229.0.

05 Knittinma ................................................... 229.0.

06 butterfly53 .......... 232.4 ............ 231.6 ......... 229.2.

07 Silkhair ................ 241.0 ........... 234.2 .......... 232.4.

08 Vanitystar ............ 239.8 ........... 237.6 .......... 234.2.

09 Michellemr ........... 240.6 ........... 237.0 .......... 236.0.

10 Elaine .................. 254.6 ........... 245.2 ......... 239.2.

11 Cartifbrie .................................. 247.0 .......... 245.0.

12 Cindyrap ............. 248.0 ............ 248.0 ......... 245.8.

13 Mommuse ........... 271.0 ............ 262.3 ......... 261.2.

14 Racergal22 .......... 269.0 ............ 266.0 ......... 262.8.

15 Momtogeorgie ..... 276.0 ............ 276.0 .......... 271.0.

16 Cinderelly132 ...... 301.4 ............ 290.0 .......... 290.0.

17 Myturn2lose ........ 290.0 ............ 285.5 .......... 282.3.

18 Myturn2lose .............................. 290.0 .......... 285.5.

19 ivysmom ................................... 312.6 .......... 298.9.

Jan and Kim, how does next Tuesday looks like for us to get together either for lunch or dinner!?! My niece is craving RedLobster lately, they are having a promotion all you can eat shrimp, and she loves that. Please, let me know if you girls could get together then. If that day doesnt work, Im very flexible too. Thanks for moving your weight in day to Fridays, it will make my work so much easier ... I really appreciate that! Now explain to me what's with the White Robe!?! LOL Im very curious now ....

Good night ladies!!!..

Comment #20

Good morning, Angels..

I am having a very, very hard week and have only been about 60% OP because of it. I can't get my mind back on track..

My SIL/BIL lost their full-term pregnancy on Monday (I blogged about it) and my family is shattered. I just can't pull myself back together..

The funeral is tomorrow and I hope we can all start healing then. I will try to weigh-in in the morning (it is my regular WI day) but I can't promise I will remember to do so, considering the circumstances. I will probably see a gain but that is honestly the last thing on my mind right now...

Comment #21

AngelDaae~ I'm so sorry for the loss of loss of their baby. Prayers for all of you will be said. Take care of yourself...

Comment #22

What a horrible week... I couldn't imagine losing a child or niece/nephew. I'm so sorry for your family's loss. You will be in my prayers and thoughts. Remember we're here for you if you need us...

Comment #23

AngelDaae...I am so sorry to hear of your family's loss. I will keep you all in my prayers. We will be here for you when this is over, so please come back..



Comment #24

Good Evening Angels.

I'm still here and on plan, Im on a business trip and I finally found a moment to log on..

AngelDaae...I am so sorry for you and your family's loss. I shall keep you and yours in my thoughts and prayers..

Everyone else I hope you are all having a great week, staying on plan and losing..

Have a Wonderful On Plan Evening Everyone!..

Comment #25

OK my official WI in tomorrow morning, but I'm not sure when I'll be able to get back on so I just weighed myself down 3.6 for week #3 and it officially brings my bellow 275...I love MF!..

Comment #26

[quote=AngelDaae]Good morning, Angels..

I am having a very, very hard week and have only been about 60% OP because of it. I can't get my mind back on track..

My SIL/BIL lost their full-term pregnancy on Monday (I blogged about it) and my family is shattered. I just can't pull myself back together..


I am so sorry for the loss of the baby and all that means. It is devastating for everyone and you have to take care of yourself as best you can each day. I add my prayers to others who ask strength and comfort for all of you during these difficult days...

Comment #27


I would be able to have lunch on Tuesday if you and Kim can. What time and where? It will be fun to meet you both! Jan..

Comment #28

OMG AngelDaae, I'm so sorry to hear about that ... When I lost my baby, I was devastated ... I got so angry at God that I even stopped going to church and praying for about a month or so. I have a very nice husband and a beautiful house ... and we were not Blessed with a child. My heart goes out to you and your family.

One day they will be reunited with their little "Angel"! This is just a temporary separation. Their baby had a soul so pure that just needed to get a physical body and depart ... The baby didn't even need to go through any challenges of life! Remember, they will be reunited again some day, families can be together forever!!!.

We are here for you, Angel!!! Don't even bother with weighing in tomorrow. I'll just repeat your numbers ... Go be with your family, they need you to be strong for them!.

Victoria, great job my girl, 3.6 is awesome!!! Almost 4 pounds ... WOW!.

Jan, let's wait and hear from what Kim has to say about it. My schedule is very flexibleI need to be home by 1:00p.m..

Goog night ladies!!!..

Comment #29

AngelDaae my heart is breaking for you and yours...I will pray you all can find a way to move forward and smile again. Be well in your heart and soul the rest will follow when you're ready..

I am moving my WI day to friday this week normally I'm a weds. weigher my friday weigh in is 235.4 which is down 3.8 for the past 9 days..

I will be out of touch for a couple more days....OP though - and hubby has been doing this with me since Monday...

Comment #30

Angeldaae, I commented on your blog entry, but I am so sorry to hear of the loss in your family. The devastation I just can't imagine..


Today is my weigh in date. Down 1.2 lbs and pretty bummed about that. I had a couple pieces of candy Sunday so I should be thankful I lost anything I suppose.

But that brings me to 261.6 and so close to the 50's! Hopefully next week. My total now is 19.4 lbs. I'm hoping the problem wasn't the addition of Medifast pancakes and bars and 1 Medifast soy puff a day. I didn't feel hungry eating those and the shakes only can drive you batty..

Anyway, hope everyone has a nice day!..

Comment #31

Good Morning Everyone,.

I am really sorry to have been away from the group. Angeldaae, My prayers are with you and your family. I can not even imagine what you are going thru. I will go read your blog. Today will be a hard day so so sorry..

I have been busy and I have been struggling. I have been working at a shop in Tustin merchandising it for Christmas. I also put some things in it of mine on consignment. So I have been a little busy and still stressed. Wed. night I went off program and I can not believe how hard it has been to get back on.

I am really sad because I know to get to my goal I need to stay the course and for me slipping up is what I have done all the other times on diets so this is scary. For me I must not do this again!.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and that there are many losses. I will be watching and cheering you all on..

Angelica and Jan Tuesday will not work for me as I have an interview that day and also on Wed. So this coming up week will be a little hard. Also I find that lunch for me is better with a Medifast meal and keep my L&G for night time. That was part of my slipping. But if I can get some time at the end of the week or you guys can I am up for it! I can always have a bar and coffee for lunch and am up for dinner anytime! Can't wait to meet you Jan.....


Comment #32

AngelDaae - I continue to hold you and your entire family in prayer today. There are no words to take away the pain and the loss of the reality and the dreams for that baby. We can't be with you but we can walk beside you. We are here. And God is with you in all things - even this. God will provide support and care and all of us hope we can be part of the healing that never mends completely but slowly brings you to a place of healing and love..

My own beloved niece is being induced next Friday with her first baby because there is some concern about liver issues that my niece has experienced in the last trimester. Niece is not at risk but baby has a higher risk for possibly life threatening issues so they will not let her go quite to full term. Would appreciate prayers for baby girl Taylor..

Now on to pounds and ounces that don't seem quite so terribly important on this day but will report anyway. Lost 2.4 this week for a current weight of 226.8..

Kim and Angelica: I could meet Monday night, November 8 for dinner if that works better for Kim. Let me know where and when. Look forward to meeting you both!..

Comment #33

Good Morning Angels!.

I cant wait to see everyone's success this week. After a rough 2nd week I lost 6.1 in week 3 I am down to 255.9. My First 5K for breast cancer is Sunday!.

Wishing everyone a fabulaous OP weekend!..

Comment #34

Morning Angels....

I'm down 1.8 so 288.2.

Will up date my ticker later, I have company here now...

Have a great day!.


Comment #35

Morning everyone... won't be posting for a few days- have some really important state paperwork I have to finish so I'll be busy the entire weekend..

Wanted to stop by real quick and give my weight... 223.3 (So close to the 20 lbs! ).


Comment #36


I haven't gone anywhere, but for about 10 days was battling both the flu and bronchitis at the same time. I am feeling much better now, and just need to focus on getting back OP. I was so sick that I barely ate for the past week and a half, and the scale shows it. I didn't go off plan in the sense of eating carbs, but I wasn't able to get all my meals in and stay hydrated. I must admit that I really craved (REAL) chicken noodle soup, but was proud of myself for refraining..

I feel like I've been gone from the boards forever. I will hopefully catch up this weekend..

I just wanted to get my weight posted for today - 305.2 lbs...

Comment #37

Hey Angels..

Congratulations to all with the our losses! Great or small, we are still going d o w n..

Jan I hope all goes well with your neice ad baby Taylor. Will keep you all in my prayers for sure..

Kim I am sorry to hear about your struggles this week. I know for me the hardest thing is to forgive myself and get back at it. We just need to try to remember what the real goal is here and realise we are not perfect human beings. We will struggle and sometimes fall, but we have to remember to pick ourself back up at the very next meal and move forward. I wish you must success hugsss.

DannaBanana...Welcome back to the boards....I am sorry to hear that you were so sick, but glad you are feeling better. Have a better week!.

Have a great night and hugs to all.


Comment #38


01 AngelDaae ........... 190.7 ........ 190.7.

02 KarBrown ............. 209.6.

03 Greyflower ........... 226.4 ........ 223.3.

03 Angelica ............... 228.0 ........ 224.0.

04 LodgeMom ........... 229.0 ........ 225.9.

05 Knittinma ............. 229.0.

06 butterfly53 ........... 229.2 ........ 226.8.

07 Silkhair ................ 232.4.

08 Vanitystar ............ 234.2.

09 Michellemr ........... 236.0 ........ 232.2.

10 Elaine .................. 239.2 ........ 235.4.

11 Cartifbrie ............. 245.0.

12 Cindyrap ............. 245.8.

13 Mommuse ........... 261.2 ........ 255.9.

14 Racergal22 .......... 262.8 ........ 261.6.

15 Momtogeorgie ..... 271.0 ........ 271.0.

16 Myturn2lose ........ 282.3 ........ 274.2.

17 Cinderelly132 ...... 290.0 ........ 288.2.

18 ivysmom ............. 298.9.

19 20 DannaBanana ................... 305.2.

Michelle and Elaine, congratulations!!! Youre doing great, almost 4 pounds, WOW!!! And thanks for reporting on Fridays, I really appreciate it!!!.

Racergal, the smallest, tinniest bite will take us out of Ketosis and we wont lose much. You see, when we eat the refined carbs (Flour, Sugar, Grains (rice, etc.) and startchy veggies, like corn, potato, peas, carrots, etc., and legumes such as beans, lentils, etc. will changes the whole chemistry in our bodies and we wont lose as fast, if any. Im sure youll do better next week! And No more candy ... Halloween is over, my friend! LOL.

Janine, WOW, my girl ... you did it -4 pounds in one week!!! (I did that too, Yeah! Yeah!!!).

Kim, things will get better for you. But dont let that affect how you choose to handle your food. This one thing you can have control over. The rest, we just handle them as they come ... come on my girl, just jump right back on the wagon and next week, which starts right now for all of us, will be a much better one! And just stop jumping off the wagon. Or I know where you live and Im coming over to give it to you, huh!?! Do you hear me, my friend!?!.

Jan, congrats on losing 2.4. thats great too! Im so sorry to hear about your niece! My prayers are with her and her baby Taylor! Everything is going to be alright ... Just hang in there ... we are here for you too! I can do dinner on Monday, what about you Kim!?! I just cant do it on Wednesdays. The rest of the week Im pretty open! Or we could meet for a cup of Hot Cocoa or Chai Latte and one chocolate bar for lunch! Sometimes I sleep in and I enjoy having both together! As I said before, Im open and flexible on my schedule. We have a lot to talk about!.

Mommuse, congratulations, youre officially out of the house of the 60s ... Yeah! Yeah!!! Thats awesome!!!.

Joanne, you are doing great, my girl!!! Keep it up!!! Now you are officially out of the house of the 90s ... Fantastic!!!.

Lisa, thanks for letting us know youll be busy and not missing in action over here! Please, as soon as youre done with the State Papperwork, come back to us! Well be here waiting for you! And congratulations on your weight loss this week!!!.

DannaBanana, Welcome back!!! I was wondering what had happened to you!?! We missed you, my girl! Next time, just drop us a quick note so we dont worry to death over here. Thanks!!! Hey, pretty soon youll be once and for all out of the house of the 300s ... WOOHOO!!!.

AngelDaae, our prayers are still with you and your family!!!.

What happened to the rest of your team this week!?! There are a bunch of you who did not report yesterday ... I waited until now ... and it's 5:30 A.M. California Time!.

Hey everybody, we have less than 3 weeks to Thanksgiving ... what is your goal until then!?!.

Good night ladies, gotta get some sleepy now ... I have about 12 girls sleeping downstairs ... it's a sleep over for some of the girls from my church ... pretty soon Ill have to serve them breakfast!.

Good night, or shall I say, good morning!?!..

Comment #39

I am having a hard time learning where to post but I'll try to keep Up I would love to lose an additional 30 puonds by the new year. I don't think Ill make Onderland but it will be in sight. Not sure if you got my weigh in but I am at 255.9 down -6.1 for last week. Holla!.

Once I hit goal weight I want to go horseback riding on a beach! Can't wait to tell you guys about my race tommorow...

Comment #40

Good Morning to all you Angels,.

I have been back on program now and past the dreaded three day marker. I feel really much better and while I don't want to post my weight loss yet there is a tiny bit of movement there! I can not wait till next Friday. Yesterday I really had a battle with wanting to eat the entire world I walked around looking for something pacing talking to myself.....Then I poured a glass of diet soda and that was it! I felt so much better about sticking to the plan. That was my third day after the "incident" and I think now that I am over the hump I should be OK. I even went out to a party last night and they had all sorts of goodies and while everyone was snarfing down lemon bars, banana cake, and really good looking fruit, I ate my cinnamon pretzels and had a cup of coffee. It was divine! Not one person asked about my food! I liked that!.

Angelica and Jan I am up for Monday night. I would love to meet you guys somewhere in the middle? Main Place? Or really anywhere you want. I am really looking forward to meeting you Jan and I really love any time spent with Angelica!.

Joanne, Thanks for the encouraging words. It is so nice to have you guys here rooting me on. I will be on Medifast for five Months on the 15th of this month. Almost every day OP and I am happy with my progress. I am not going to focus on the bad day but on all the days I have been doing well and staying the course. I think having you guys here made me fess up and move on much faster than if I was on my own.

Congrats to all you losers this week! There are some impressive numbers that you have achieved. I am really happy for all of you and hope to join you next week. Glad to see Danna back, Mommuse too. Lisa we will miss you but come back soon. Janine You are ON FIRE! Way to go. Vanity hope to hear from you soon!!!.

Have a great OP day everyone and check in often............


Comment #41

Happy Saturday Angels!.

Kim I am so delighted to hear you are back on track and fully in control. Isn't that the most wonderful feeling? Way to go!.

Has anyone heard from Ronnie/vanitystar? I think the last she posted was on Monday. I have sent her a private msg a few days ago and also posted on her "my page" but haven't heard anything. I hope everything is ok, I am a little worried about her. Maybe she is just under the weather, there are so many bugs going around..

Well I am working this weekend, so not sure how much I will post, but I will for sure be reading all yours..

I am so glad to be part of this group!.

Have a great weekend ladies!.


Comment #42

Mommuse, have you subscribed to the thread yet!?! If not, you need to do that first. Then just got to your "Mypage" scroll down on the right side and click on "My Board Posts". Before it takes you there, it's going to ask you for your User name and password and then continue ... Then it will bring you to you Community. Click on MyPage and then "View MyPage", scroll down to your "My Board Posts". And the you'll find our thread there.

Kim and Jan, Tuesday would be better for me, my husband will be on call that night and I don't have to cook dinner. But if you guys can't do dinner Tue, we need to do an early dinner on Monday. I would need to be home by 7:30 and 8:00 P.M. when he comes home for dinner. Could we meet at 4:30 or 5:00 p.m. at the Cheese Cake Factory Restaurant.

How does that sound to you!?!.

Kim, when we cheat, it will take us 1 whole week to get back to where we were before ... It's like wasting our Medifast foods for that week of the (cheating) + another week on program to even it out ... it's really not worth it ... At least for me it is like that. And when I eat things that are not on the program, I crave more the wrong foods and I get hungrier ... When I'm OP eating every 2 to 3 hours, I never get hungry.

Joanne, you are such a sweetheart ... I love reading your posts ... it shows how much you care for all the girls in here. I don't know what happened to Ronnie, she and many others disappeared ... we miss them when they don't post. Let's wait and see what they have to say ....

I'm very glad you are in our thread too! You sure are a "special Angel"!.

Remember to adjust your clocks at the house 1 hour back before going to bed tonight! We "Fall Back" tonight! And I love it ... I get to sleep one hour extra, YEAH! YEAH!!!.

Have a great weekend ladies!..

Comment #43

Great Job Losers! Am I right in thinking that Turkey Day is only 3 weeks away? I would love to be at 140 by Turkey Day thats another 15 pounds. May be agressive but what do I have to lose?..

Comment #44

I'm so glad I found you all again! I weigh in on Saturdays. Here are my stats:.

Starting weight: 222lbs..

Goal: 120lbs.

Week 1 loss: 12 lbs.

Week 2 loss: 2.5lbs.

I have officially started Week 3. Looking forward to losing another 3 pounds. Although I don't like to use weight as a goal, I really would like to be in Onederland by Thanksgiving. Let's see what happens.....

I will stay 100% OP this week. I take it one day at a time. I find that by setting out my foods the night before I stick to the plan..

Good luck all, and see you soon!.


Comment #45

I love reading everyones successes! I feel like I lurk more than I should, but I can't post consistantly, just ask the Flirts. Lol..

Went out last night for a night out in tokyo! Cool clubs, and for me lots of dancing and walking. I had some of the infusers with me, and got lots of drinks handed to me, but I just passed them on to another person. Also found some GUYS that do Zumba (if you don't know what that is, then you should look up a class for it, it'll change your life!) so we busted some of those moves out on the dance floor..

As of today I am.


, updating the ticker here in a bit!!..

Comment #46

IT WOULD TAKE FOR YOU TO LOSE 116.0 LBS in 3 weeks ... I don't think it's doable ... LOL..

Comment #47

Over in Seattle again this weekend.. it's a beautiful morning with the sun shining thru the windows. I never get tired of this view....

Glad to hear of all the losses this week... keep to it Angels and we'll all get to our wonderful goal..

Drink up that water!!..

Comment #48

So great that you girls are meeting up! How fun.....

Comment #49

It's awfully quite in here this weekend! Where is everybody!?! I bet you're all sleeping in today, huh!?!?.

Mommuse, I hope you understood I was just teasing you because you wrote you wanted to be at 140 instead of 240 within 3 weeks ... I just thought it was funny ... I also wish that were possible!!! LOL.

NTLWnow, I'm glad you found us again. Please, book mark this page so you don't lose us again! Our weigh in is on Friday mornings, will that be a problem for you!?! Just report your weigh in that morning and then weigh in again on Saturday for yourself. And congratulations on your weight loss! You're doing great!!! Welcome back!.

Hey, Katbrown, good to hear from you again. If you can't post consistently, that's OK, we just won't add you to the WEEKLY REPORT CHART, but you can still visit with us from time to time! I liked Tokyo very much, a lot of fun, but I would not live there. I prefer small towns. I'm glad you danced and had a great time! Keep burning those extra calories!!!.

Janine, did you noticed we're only 2 years apart!?! I also love Seattle!!! We are about the same weight and have the same goal weight. Let's race, be OP 100% this week and see who gets there first!?! Are you up for this challenge!?! It's a positive competition, don't you think so!?! Where do you live that you're always in Seattle!?! I live in Fullerton, Orange County - California! And I just love it here!!! The weather is perfect!!!.

Need to get ready for church! Have a great day OP, ladies!!!..

Comment #50

Thank you for welcoming me again. I will weigh in on Fridays. I hope everyone has a beautiful day!!!..

Comment #51

To Angelica and Kim:.

I am sorry but I have a meeting on Tuesday night. I could meet for early dinner on Monday. Either a restaurant or AngeLica's house is fine with me. Kim, what works best for you?..

Comment #52

I visited Japan a few times! (We lived in Guam) LOVED Tokyo! ALSO the 100 Yen Stores... but I digress! Ah, Memories!.

Sounds like you had fun exercising and that's what it's all about..

Comment #53

Angelica~ I live on the east side of the Cascade Mtns. Nov is a slow month for us so we go over to our boat in Seattle every weekend. I love Seattle and enjoy our relaxing weekends shopping, sightseeing and spending time with friends and YES, I'd love to accept your challenge of staying OP until we reach our goal... I have to admit this week will be a new learning experience, heading down to LA for business and there's no access to a microwave, that's where having bars is going to be my salvation!!!!..

Comment #54

Janine, are you coming to Los Angeles this week!?! Could we meet!?! Bring your cold shakes and your bullet blender. You can even do them in the bathrooms! But I'd love to meet with you, my girl!?!.

I dont know if Ive told you guys this before or not, but I just discoverred I am allergic to Shrimp and Hard Shellfish ... I had clams on a very nice Restaurant at the South Coast Plaza (Seasons 52) last week and in the evening my legs were itching like crazy ... had to take some kind of Benadryl ... Then Friday, I went to a Fashion show on Brea and then went to have dinner at the Red Lobster, all you can eat shrimp ... and I had an attach of giant hives that drove me crazy that night ... so no more hard shellfish for me.

I think I'm also allergic to soy ... and I have a ton of Shakes. I need to switch them to the Hot drinks, like Cocoa and Chai Latte. Anybody would like to switch them with me!?! I have Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry shakes. About 5 or 4 boxes of each..

You're welcome NTLWnow ... and thanks for being willing to weigh in on Fridays, at a girl!!!.

Jan, I'm good either way. Kim what is best for you!?!.

Good night ladies!..

Comment #55

This is week 3 for me and I am down 3.4 lbs this week. Congratulations to everyone on this weeks journey and loses...

Comment #56

Hello all - I'm sorry that I've been sporadic posting. I ready - but seldom take time to write..

I will continue to be MIA for a few days my 4 year old has strep so we're off the the doctor this morning..

And - our 10 1/2 year old mastiff may have to be put down today she just survived major surgery, followed by recovery from being hit by a car leaving our driveway (she sleeps in the sun in front of cars) - now just as she is beginning this recovery, she has suffered a mild stroke. There is treatment - but it is temporary and she has to be treated like a baby durin treatment and recovery and helping a 100 pound dog get up and to the bathroom several times a day, plus hand feeding her and trying to force crushed pills down her throat (she fights the medicine) it may be more than is possible. We must talk at length to the vet. And I have to tell my children to say goodbye this morning before school in case she doesn't get better..

How awful am I - to tell them to say goodbye and then pack them off to school....sigh.......A very long day and maybe more ahead of me. I will be strong because that's what Moms do - right?.

Hoping all is well with you...

Comment #57

Good Monday morning, Angels..

I am back at work this morning after a very, very difficult end to last week..

I will post (probably blog) more about it later, but for this morning I just wanted to say "hello" and that I'm so thankful to each of you who has been holding my family in your prayers for the past several days..

Have a great OP week, everyone...

Comment #58


I guess that was a subliminal message or wishful thinking. I guess I will settle for 240. I just found out how low your BMI had to get to not be considered obese. I have about 100 pounds to go. ugh..

Comment #59

AngelDaae, you and your family are still in my prayers. Glad to hear you're going to make some jewelry!?! Can't wait so see some of your final products!!!.

Mommuse, I know, and that's why I need to change my goal weight from 165 to 152. At 165 I would still be considered overweight. Can you believe that!?! I still need to lose 72 pounds to be considered a "NORMAL" person! I googled "BMI normal" and chose the first option there and then clicked on standard and put some numbers and got some different results. I'm 5'.51/2" or 5'.6".

Here is The Standards:.

Underweight = <18.5.

Normal weight = 18.524.9.

Overweight = 2529.9.

Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater.

Now it's your turn, ladies, to play with some numbers! I know I do look good at 168 or 165, but I would still be considered overweight. So, my first goal is to reach 165 and then, get down to my ultimate goal of 152...

Comment #60

Jenn, congratulations on losing 3.4 this week for you. Could you be so kind to just remind me of that on Friday morning for our Weekly Report Chart!?! So I don't have to read all the post looking for it again. You can weigh in again Friday and that can add to more weight loss for you. But if you don't want to weigh in on Friday mornings, then just post that again for me, will you!?! Thank you!.

Elaine, my friend! my heart goes out to you and your kids ... That's a very hard thing to do. But if your pet is suffering that much, please, by all means, take her away from her misery. I had to do all that to my 18 year old Field Spaniel that I loved to pieces (I still love her, she was my first dog here in America) ... and also I did all that, hand fed her, put diapers on her, and carried her to go potty and she was a 50 lbs dog and I was 265 lbs 2 years ago. So, I feel your pain my friend! And I'll keep you and your family in my prayers this week...

Comment #61

Angelica: I don't think we have heard from Kim so I assume we aren't meeting tonight and will continue to look for another date that works for us. Sound right to you?..

Comment #62

Good Evening Angels....

I'm taking a break and sitting down to write my girly friends. Thank you all so much for being active on this board, for offering support, for being honest and for being faithful to the Medifast way. It's nice to get positive feedback and know that their are others on this quest for health and weight loss..

Jan ~ you're doing so well... 23.2 pounds, do you believe it! I see that you bought your Brighton earrings.. which ones did you get?.

Mommuse~ We're all looking forward to being Overweight.. I just hate the word obese. Can't imagine being my right weight. But with each day that passes we'll be that much closer. Just hang in there, next year at this time you'll be sporting a new look!.

AngelDaae~ Can't imagine what your weekend was like.. know that you and your family continue to be in my prayers..

Elaine~ I'm sorry about your Mastif, it's a difficult decision and I'm sure that you've made the right choice. Hug those kiddos for me tonight..

NTLWnow~ welcome and we look forward to seeing you on the board.. post often.

Jenn~ WooHoo 3.4 pounds, that's a great loss. Keep up the terrific work!!.

Angelica~ I am going to be in LA on Wednesday but I have a pretty hectic schedule. Perhaps in January we can plan to get together, I'll be down mid-month.

Thanks for the MB suggestion.. shakes for breakfast and evening snack sound like a perfect fit.. bars mid-day will take care of the rest. Holy smokes; allergic to both shell fish and soy. And you didn't realize it before this week?.

QOTD ~ What is your favorite on the go Medifast meal?.

I carry bars in my purse, at my desk and in my car... Peanut Crunch Bar is my favorite at this time..

Comment #63

I am soooo sorry to hear about your dog. It is so hard, but it has to be hard on the kids to see their pet suffering. Plus it must be extremely hard on you and your dog as well..

Stay strong we are ALL here to support you!..

Comment #64

Surprise of all surprises.....our mastiff did so well this morning, that we opted for at home steriod shots for the next week (thank goodness my hubby worked for a vet in college)....her condition is not reversable, but is controllable (at least temporarily) - and she has not had any further episodes today..

We are cautiously optimistic and the kids were so excited to come home and find her safe with us. The day is coming - but thankfully, not just yet..

She's just eaten two large bowls of dog food mixed with chicken breast and is looking as if she may want more go steroids they'll help her put on weight if nothing else! She's been so skinny since her surgery..

So-after an awful evening and fearful morning - we are looking hopefully forward..

Also - went closet shopping and am able to wear my 18's - though they are tight when I sit down another 10 pounds and they'll be perfect! I'm actually looking forward to 16's for the new year if possible!!!..

Comment #65


Also - went closet shopping and am able to wear my 18's - though they are tight when I sit down another 10 pounds and they'll be perfect! I'm actually looking forward to 16's for the new year if possible!!![/QUOTE].

WooHoo!!! Don't you love closet shopping!!!!..

Comment #66

Howdy mommuse! I understand about the frustration of having soooo much to lose... have you made some mini goals yet? I'm not to much into setting actual dates for my goals because we can't control what the scale says, only what we put in our mouths, but I DO have smaller goals so that I'm not focusing on how long or how much total weight/time it will take... We have about the same amount also... we'll do it together!.


Comment #67

Elaine- I'm so happy to hear that your Mastiff is doing better! And congratulations on your NSV! I'm getting close to my size 18's... Can get them on, but not zipped yet... lol I can't wait till I get out of my closet and into my storage bins! (size 14 and under) I have some very nice outfits- many it's been almost 20 years since I've been in them. I've also noticed that with a few modifications, my 80's/90's clothes can now be worn in today's fashion..

Okay... so this weekend did not go as planned... I'm still working on my state tax info for the business. I'll be up really late tonight trying to get it all done. I can always sleep in tomorrow... ** sigh **.

QOTD? I always have a few bars put aside for on the go. I like most of them, but the oatmeal raisin is my favorite. If I'm out of bars, there's always a brownie...

Comment #68

Angelica- Can you drink the cappuccino? I'm not sure how much I have, but I'm to the point of throwing them out... I can't stand them. If you would like them, have at em'. Let me know and send me your address through private message- I'll be going to the post office sometime this week...

Comment #69

NSV... just got this email from a friend:.

Hey I forgot to tell you that you looked absolutely smashing girl. Healthier than I've seen you look in years - so even though you might have some stress in your life you are handling it will grace..

I have a smile on my face..

Comment #70

My favorite on the go Medifast meal is any of the bars. Even ate on while hiding in the bathroom during Sunday!..

Comment #71

Jan, we still can meet at anytime you want. My in-laws live in Westminster/ GardenGrove/ Hunting Beach area. I live in Fullerton, near Brea. We could meet whenever you want. I'll PM you and send you my phone numbers. Let's talk and set a date! Deal!?!.

QOTD: My favorite Medifast food on the go is a cup of hot cocoa with a chocolate or peanut butter bar!.

Janine, that's perfectly OKAY with me! Just tell me when and where and I'll be there to meet you!.

Elaine, that's a wonderful news!!! You see, our prayers are very powerful! It worked for the best! Remember that we'll be always here for you, my friend! Hey, congratulations on fitting in your size 18 pants ... woohoo, just another week or two and you'll have room to spare in them LOL.

Racergal, I'd like to ask you a big favor: Whenever replying to a message, could you please be so kind to just click on the "Post a Reply" instead of "Quote"!?! The reason is that some people in here have very long signatures, and if everybody wants to quote each other to reply, we would have pages and pages in here of the same subject ... LOL I hope you understand!? Thank you!.

Lisa, my dear, you are such a giver, but I'm willing to exchange any shakes you like! I've sent you my home address and phone numbers too. You can call me at anytime!.

Mommuse, I agree with Lisa in creating some small goals ... they are like a magnetic, the closer they are to the metals (our reality) the more more power/attraction they have. Each small goal is a great victory and they are step stones that will lead us to our ultimate goal!.

NTLWnow, you're too funny, my girl, I can picture you eating your bar in the bathroom of your Church during Sunday service ... you bad girl LOL I also take my bars to church on Sundays, but I don't eat them in the bathroom, I break small pieces and eat them very slowly savoring each bite ... I spend 4 hours in church on Sundays (1 hour Sacrament, 1 hour Sunday School, 1 hour I teaching the Young WomanBeehives ages 12 and 13, and finally 1 hour of Choir practice). I usually take a Chai Latte or Hot Cocoa with me and use the microwave in the Church's kitchen between classes..

Good news, I've dropped another pound today ... 223.

Have we lost some players!?! Where is Kim, Ronnie, and all the others!?!.

Oooops, it's past 12:00 a.m. gotta go to bed right now ... Talk to you all tomorrow!..

Comment #72

Good morning Angels,.

No you have not lost me! I will be here for the duration. My life has been so difficult lately and in a very bad slump which is not like me. I needed to go away to mend myself so as not to poison you all with my depression. I could not meet with you guys had I been around to read the invite anyway because...........................(drum roll).

I GOT A JOB!!!!!!!..

Comment #73

Way to go Kim!!! Congrats on the job now send one my way..

Comment #74

Ok That posted without me even knowing it!!!! Anyway I am not done talking yet!! Not only did I get a job it is a gateway job to getting a permanent career doing something I LOVE!!!!.

I am over the moon!!! Thanks for all your prayers. You guys are great..

Jan and Angelica please invite me to meet up with you soon! I may be working during the day but will be free at night. Also I should be free on Mondays! So please don't count me out! I want to meet you Jan!.

So sorry I was MIA........

Well I must go back and check out all the posts. Yesterday since I was going to be out doing interviews I made Banana bread muffins and they were pretty good! Each one counts as a meal and you use 3 packets of oatmeal, 2 packets of banana pudding, 1 packet of eggs, baking powder, cinnamon, and water. It was an easy make ahead and take along! Try it!.


Comment #75

Kim: that is fantastic news! So happy for you. I am excited to get together. Maybe next Monday? And now you can learn how to celebrate without making it all about food! Another teachable moment for us all..

I am celebrating my niece had her baby girl yesterday and even tho high risk everything went well and baby Taylor is doing great. We are so blessed and Taylor's middle name is Anne named for my mom who died 7 years ago on thanksgiving. We are so thankful to God that Taylor is healthy..

Have a great day everyone!..

Comment #76

Hi, Angels. I'm here, plugging along. I'm trying to take things one day at a time..

I have gained a pound or so. While I saw a fleeting "189.1" on Monday (I think), by Tuesday my weight was back to 191-point-something..

I'm trying to stay OP each day even though it is harder than normal right now with my family stress plus the holidays coming and all the social obligations..

My prayer each day is this... Dear Lord, thank you for the gifts of love and family that have kept me going each day. Please be with my family in their time of grief. Please give me the patience and wisdom and words to comfort them. Please give me the strength to take care of myself as I struggle to care for my family. Amen...

Comment #77

Not a problem Angie! Still figuring this thing out...

Comment #78

Hello Angels.

Kim I am so happy for you with your new job!! That is wonderful and you can use it to refuel your determination to keep true to medifast and healthier eating!!!.

Jan Thanks for sharing that baby Taylor has safely arrived in this world..I am glad all went well..

Angeldaae I really like your daily morning prayer! You are over half way to goal, you must feel so much better and I am sure you have a lot of NSV!! Way to go..

I wish I was half way to goal, but I know I won't get there if I don't keep at it! if I can make sure I remember that at the crucial times!!.

Hope all our Angels are having a great day On Plan!.



Comment #79

Hi everybody! Today was a rough day. Parent-teacher conferences kept me at work until 7:45pm. I then began my 1 1/2 hours commute home. Thank God I am home safe and sound..

On PTC days (held twice a year), the staff gets together and celebrates over wings and beers. It was more than extremely difficult to turn them down. Thankfully they are understanding and respectful of my new health plan. They really are a great bunch of friends..

Needless to say, although I would have LOVED to indulge in hot wings and beer, I did not. I stayed 100% OP!!! YAY!!!.

I hope you all have sweet dreams.


Comment #80

Kim, I'm so happy for you!!! That's great news!!! So what are you doing and where are you working at!?! What time do you leave work!?! And where could we get together next Monday with Jan!?!.

AngelDaae, what a beautiful prayer!!! May our Lord Bless you always with whatever your needs are at these difficult times ... and don't worry about the weight gain. When we are too stressed out our bodies release a hormone that will affect our thyroids ... some people will lose weight others will gain some ... So just hang in there ... this shall also pass!.

Racergal, thank you! I'm also learning as we go ....

Elaine, are you looking for a job!?! What do you like to do!?!.

NTLWnow, today I had 5 wings and some broccoli for dinner! And I still think I'm on program. What's wrong with eating wings!?!.

Joanne, what does NSV stand for!?!.

Jan, we are so glad to hear Taylor has arrived safely and healthy ... my congratulations to your niece and nephew!!! Please, share some pictures later on ....

But I have some good news to share with you guys, I'm down another 2.2 lbs. this morning ... I'm at 221.8 lbs I love Medifast!!!.

Another 2 pounds and I'm out of the house of the 20s ... WOOHOO!!!..

Comment #81

Good Morning Angels,.

I am off later this AM for my day of training before I start my new job. I am working for J Williams Staffing. This is an agency that provides New Home Builders with Real Estate agents to staff their offices when their employees are on days off, sick, or on leave. The great news is you can eventually get placed into a full time perm. position. AND you can pick the builder you want to work with.

So I had to go out and buy new clothes. NSV (Angelica that is a Non Scale Victory) for me was that I am now in size 20 everything, pants, tops, jackets but it is a little loose on the top half so an 18 is even better! I have been walking around in my 26/28 feeling schlumpy but did not want to buy new clothes so I blew by a couple of sizes! Yea! I have to dress up every day which if you know me is very hard but I got two pairs of dress pants one an 18 one a 20. and two blouses and one sweater. I love to shop now!.

Angeldaae, so good to hear from you still praying, NTLW, way to go! sounds like a very long day with a committed MFaster! Joanne, you are always so great to have here. I am glad to see you here every time you post. Thanks for the encouraging words..

Jan and Angelica, I think it is unlikely that I will be working on Mondays as it is the one day that most sales agents have meetings that they are required to go to so that is why it is pretty safe to say I can meet you that day. However if you need to do another day I will be getting off at approx. 5:30 PM and most of my jobs will be in Irvine. Let me know what you ladies would like to do. Angelica congrats on the two more LBS!.

To all of our Angels those here, and those missing Keep on, Stay strong, Do this for YOU!!!!.


Comment #82

Oh Elaine, I forgot to ask what kind of job are you looking for? We will pray that you can find it. Glad also to hear your beloved dog is doing well. The reason I am Mom to Georgie is because my dog is really my baby since mine are grown and I know what a strong bond you can have with a dog..

Janine, That was such a great thing your friend did for you to encourage and praise your efforts. It makes you smile!!!! Yea!..

Comment #83

Hello all!!!.

Challenging week this week - but tomorrow is weigh in day so ready to start fresh on a new week!!! Numbers are not looking good for the week - but they are down - so I'll take it.....I've had good results, quickly, so I knew the slow down was due still I was hoping to leave the 230's this week and it's not going to next week that will be my goal..

As for a job I'm always open to a job!! Problem is, I was a HR manager for a start-up company and then a large national company.....then I resigned and stayed home to have children for nearly 10 years now.

With 4 kids - 3 would need after school care and one all day care it's tough to find something I would enjoy and that would pay enough to cover child care/commute/taxes/etc....

Right now we are muddling along on one income - which wouldn't be a problem if we could sell our old house (it's been on and off the market for over almost 3 years now). It's like a jinx house we get a tenant, take it off the market, tenant quits paying......then we get an offer to buy, pass up other offers, and at the last minute the sale falls through.....we've had that thing sold no less than 4 times - and have never made it to closing.....But it's drained our savings over the last few years and will make the slow season in real estate (my hubby's business) difficult to get through financially......

So - always looking for a good paying job that doesn't require travel and doesn't mind that I haven't been officially employed for 10 years the nonexistent, dream job!!!.

But no worries - family is healthy and happy, dog is recovering as well as could be hoped (though she had another mild spell last night) seeing extended family in another 10 days for a lengthly visit - and the 220's are within sight all in all, it's a pretty good life. I think I'll keep it.

Good day to all of you guys - it's errand day - I'm off to make returns, exchanges, and essential purchases!!.

Be well and OP!..

Comment #84

Hey, Angels!.

I'm feeling better each and every day. Thank you all so much for your prayers and support..

DH and I are getting a new car today! It will be DH's but I'm sure he'll let me drive it sometimes.....

Comment #85

So good to hear how everyone's doing. Just staying connected and sharing makes a huge difference in our staying motivated..

Kim and Angelica, Monday is my scheduled day off and I am free for lunch or dinner. What would work best for the two of you? I can drive wherever.....


Comment #86

Wow! Everyone has had a busy week... The new job, new cars, new sizes, PTC stress (eek!), etc. etc.... I'm so glad our week is almost over! I.


Completed all my paperwork so next week should be much more relaxed. Just in time for me to start my baking for the holiday's too....

Angelica!- Thanks for the exchange on the food... I'm so happy to be getting rid of those..

(especially the cappuccino) I sneaked a peek at the scale too, but not sure if it will stick till tomorrow so I'm not gonna say a word..

Anybody hear of "Dinner & a Show" performances? Well, for those that have not- It's just like in the olden days (Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, etc.) where there is a performance, usually a play, and you eat dinner and relax while they put on a show. My DH knows I love little things like this and bought us season tickets in June for our anniversary. He's so sweet, but at the time I wasn't doing MF... well tonight is one of our shows and I need you guys to keep myself accountable so I don't go off-plan for our date tonight, especially since tomorrow is weigh in day! ? You think I should skip one of my Medifast meals since I'll be going out ? I don't drink so that's not a problem, but I'm not sure what they are serving....


Comment #87

Hi Lisa,.

All of the discussion posts that I've read throughout the site all say that it is no good to skip and Medifast meals. Today I am sick with no appetite whatsoever. But I forced myself to eat so that all of the accomplishments I have to date do not dissipate. Just try to stick to the plan as much as possible and you will be ok..

Have fun!!!!.


Comment #88

Elaine Does your area have a local SHRM chapter? There maybe some small to mid-size companies that need a consultant. A lot of entrepreneurs may have a business idea but may not have HR expertise. Just a thought that you could do contract work. Have a Great OP weekend..

Comment #89

Hi ladies, I've read all the posts and and glad to hear all the good news!.

Lisa, if I go out and eat more than I should, I skip on of the Medifast meals. I try to ballance it out with the extra calories in the food and I have lost weight doing that!.

Thanks, for the exchange, I don't know if I'll like the Cappuccino, but since you only have 4 of them, I'll try them. I don't drink coffee. But maybe it's only the flavor!.

Jan and Kim, since I live in Fullerton and you guys in Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa and work in Irvine, we could meet half way. I just need to be home by 7:00 p.m. on Monday nights. How about a Restaurant in Orange ... I think they have a Cheesecake Factory Restaurant over there too! Any other suggestions!?! I guess any grill restaurant will do for us, huh!?!.

Sorry, ladies, I need my beauty sleep, otherwise I won't lose weight by tomorrow!.

Good night ladies .....

Comment #90

Field trip day with first grade..

Septic pump is out and needing to get plan from LCRA and get workers out will check in later to see how everyone is doing.

My weight this week is 232.4 - down 3..0 from last week..

Take Care..

Comment #91

Good Morning Angels!.

Yes I am happy thus the exclamation point. I am down to 268.4 for a loss of 2.9 lbs? I think that is it. I am really bad when calculating the .o part. Yes math is not my first love!!!!! But as my mom always told me "at least you are a good reader". Ha!.

Anyway I have had a few really good changes in my eating that has split my L&G into two meals for the day. I really like it much better because I eat every two hours and never eat a big portion. I got a sandwich maker at target and it has changed my life! If you want to learn more about it just search Sandwich maker in the discussion boards. I like Codyjo's recipe's and have felt much better since changing this up. I also discovered making really great coffee in the morning using a vanilla shake with pumpkin pie spice. I have a fancy coffee maker so I make two cups each morning and split the shake between the two and it is like having two lattes! Yea! Perfect for this time of year..

Elaine, sorry to hear about your septic problems. I am not familiar with that here but I bet it is not fun! Hey you beat me on the weight loss WAY TO GO!!!!!! Congrats on your loss. I bet you feel great cos I know I do..

Racer and Michelle congrats also! We are all loosing! Yea!.

I will be back later to see how everyone else is doing. Here is a QOTD. What is your favorite L&G meal? I will be back later to answer.........


Comment #92

Today I am down to 253 Maybe next week I can tell the 250s to take a hike! Hope everyone had a fabulous OP week! Here's to an active weekend. HUbby and I took 2 days off to clean house. I am surely burnin some calories there...

Comment #93

Hey, Angels. I didn't want to weigh in this morning but did it anyway because I need to see the error in my MFing ways..

I am up 1.4 pounds (over two weeks) for a weight of 192.1..

I am OK with this. I will do my best to get back on plan 100% starting RIGHT NOW. Grief is no reason to sabotage myself...

Comment #94

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.