Medifast Diet for a 65 year old women with many medical problems?

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My 1st question is: Medifast Diet for a 65 year old women with many medical problems? Many thanks for any response. Another quick question... Morning!!.

I can hear the sno plow go by but too dark outside to see what he's dealing with on the roads..

Nothing to report from here, nothing.............

Have a good day!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I bump into an good answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

Comment #1

Good Morning Ladies.

I woke up this morning thinking another day and same ole thing..

The only new and exciting thing is I had money this month for the bills, how bad is that LOL.

Ok off to get ready..

Comment #2

Morning Girls! Well it snowed again last night! Decided to shovel it this morning for the exercise instead of snowblowing it. Actually felt good. It's cold out there but not as bad as it has been. Jumped on the scale this morning...down 1.4 so it's slowy moving downwards. Praise Jesus!.

The Bears? OMG! They were horrible! As much as I'm not a Packer fan, the Bears certainly didn't play like a Super Bowl bound team. It was just a crap game! I'm really not a football person, more of a hockey girl and of course....NASCAR!! Go 88!!! LOL.

Anywho..that's about it from here. Heading off to the college today for my ID and books. Looked at the web cam of the campus this morning..the parking lots are a mess so I might hold off on that one until this afternoon..

Have a great day girls!..

Comment #3

Ali.. I forgot to mention good luck in college and congrats on getting the classes. Sorry you didn't get the program you wanted and shame to NN! We shall see who prevails here!.

Congrats on the loss! And you know.. I really enjoyed shoveling snow when I lived in Montana. It was great exercise, and instant gratification! ha ha! Much better than shoveling dirt! LOL.

Monica, money to pay bills is great! No money to pay bills is much worse..

Off to the treadmill!..

Comment #4

Afternoon Ladies!.

Red - love it that Natty "works out" on the treadmill - too cute and good for her too!.

Enjoy your day today..

Monica - hey you had money, now that's a good thing!.

Charly - FB was just weird yesterday, Bears and Jets both looked awful. I loose interest if the Saints or Cowboys are not in it to win it. My neighbors are all Steeler fans, I have to pretend to like them! LOL I don't really care at this point, let the best team win!.

Ali - Good luck with school, how exciting. I was in my 40's when I went back for a MA, I really enjoyed it, very hectic as I had 2 boys at home and worked part time. But it was something I wanted for me, I know you will rock the course..

Congrats on the weight loss. I may have to look into WW, I don't think I ever did it, went to a meeting once but didn't join. I need to do something, tight jeans are a misery!.

Keep up the good work!.

Hi NA, where are you now?? Did your friends get over their "bug" - how is pupper feeling?.

Peanut 'threw a shoe" this morning, no biggie, better now than at the horse show this weekend..

Hi Sandy- Just remembered you are a big Steeler fan, Okay, Go Steelers! LOL.

Hope all is well with you and your mom, please update us when you can..

Later Gators!..

Comment #5

Red, don't be too disappointed if your scholar does not turn athletic...I know a lot do, but Kellie has never really ejoyed athletics much, although she did try gymnastics until she damaged her knee. NA..

Comment #6

Monica, glad you were able to get the bills paid. I can remember sweating the farmers paying us so we could pay our bills, but I always had a cushion in a savings account for major money droughts. Too bad your boss can't do the same. NA..

Comment #7

Ali, when do classes start. I am so excited for you. We all are here for you for when you get frustrated with the profs and 'kids' in class. LOL.

I have not caught up with last week, did you get your car back?..

Comment #8

Patti - Hope there was no damaged hoof with the thrown shoe..

We are in Glendale with our friends. Marti still has an awful cough, but went back to work today after being off two weeks. She is well, just the tail end of junk..

Sage is having a ball here with the two big dogs...but oh my, she has learned to dig holes. I blame it on Dixie, the German Short Hair. LOL We can now go to China without taking a plane or boat..

She will get some shots tomorrow so I assume she will feel a little punky for a couple of days..

Where is your show this weekend? NA..

Comment #9


Catching up.............

Natty being the next Olympic runner bringing home the gold.

NA heading to China with no passport or airfare.

Patt throwing shoes at poor little peanut (LOL) and being bored by FB.

Monica has money.

Ali our team scholar.

Sandy rooting for her Steelers no doubt...we did too, hope to see Steelers beat the nonsense of that other team in the SB.

I'm caught up now and not later in the week. All is good here, lots to say but not worthy of writing (ROFL). Doing well, hanging tough on all fronts.............

Have a good Tuesday!..

Comment #10

Good Morning Ladies!.

Patti.. I know what you meant, but the term "threw a shoe" just cracks me up! I have a cartoonish imagination, I can't help but see it in that way..LOL! =D Hope your week is going good so far..

NA... awww Sage! Ugh, it's frustrating when they pick up bad habits from other dogs. So like children sometimes. OUr dog never used to bark at people or when the doorbell rang. But 3 years hanging around my sisters dog, who barks if he hears a fly outside (it's enough to scare the bejeezies out of you) and now she does it too. Glad your friend is feeling better.

I'm glad I'm finally over that one. So are you in Glendale, CA? If you are, enjoy the lovely weather they've been having. I'm quite jealous..

Ali and Charly, I hope you ladies are warming up over there..

Charly, LOL @your post. =D Love ya girl!.

Have a great day everyone!..

Comment #11

Morning Ladies.

Good to see you NA.

Sorry I'm being so bad about shout outs.

Just checkin in..

Comment #12

Morning girls!!.

Dang, bright-eyed bushy-tailed @ 5:10a has to mean insanity is lurking somewhere in this day..

Finally went and got my mani/pedi last night, after tax it was $44 plus change and that didn't include the tip. I don't think that's too bad, my feet sure appreciated/needed it. So to heck with how cold it was, I remote started the Jeep and only had a short walk to get to my Jeep in flip flops (LOL). The little gal that did them was very sweet so it was a good time for me to sit back/relax and zone out. My Dad called while I was there, I didn't answer the phone I was like 'Uh-uh, no way, not during my me time am I answering that phone'. I called him right after and all is/was well so no worries..

I've been using the 'my plan' thing here to track my intake and am coming up just shy of 1000cal a day and staying within the parameters, I'm pretty pleased with that..

Have a good day girls, stay warm if you are somewhere cold and if it's not cold where you are be sure to use sunscreen.......'jus say'n..............

Comment #13

Morning Girls!.

Nothing new to report here! Same old thing with the weather! Picked the nephew up from the airport last night, got to my Mom's to get his truck and it wouldn't start. Dummie left his iphone charger plugged in and it drained his battery. Thank goodness when I shut my car off, it also shuts my chargers off. So we had to jump his truck with my car and waited it out inside my Mom's visiting with her. In a time span of maybe 15 minutes she asked my nephew literally 25 times if he had a good time. She is getting worse as the days go by..

Went to school and got my ID and books, and wouldn't you know that the one book comes with an access code to load the terms onto and iPod or iPhone so that you can listen to the proper way to pronounce them...well the access code won't work when I feed it into the website. Now I'll have to take all the books back to the bookstore and get new ones. Guess the code only works once. I'm betting someone bought the books and brought them back when they dropped the class but had already used the access code online. ARRRRGGHHH!!.

Other than that, hope everyone is having a good day. Need to take the car back to the body shop. Opened the liftgate the other day to load in some groceries and I could hear something rattling around and there is already paint chipped off and rust showing. At least it's on the inside of the liftgate but I am not a happy camper. It's the size of a dime but with time, it will just's flaking!.

That's me for the day! Be safe..have fun with whatever you're doing and stay warm!..

Comment #14

Morning ladies!.

Charly, glad you got to have your me time and enjoy your mani pedi! 44 is pretty good for both I'd say..

Ali, that flaking is bad news.. sounds like they didn't prep and prime properly when they repainted the car. GRRRRR!!!.

And I think you are spot on with what happened to the access code. I hope you can get a new one today. That sucks about the charger draining the battery. hmmm.. it's a good thing you didn't need to use his truck, but at the same time, you could have found about it earlier too... oh well it's taken care of..

Dark gloomy day here .. rained all yesterday and supposed to rain more today. I've been so tired lately, not sleeping well. And then Natty (the ghost) wakes me up at like 2 am. and Scares me to death! I am pretty sure I even screamed. LOL.

She has this real ghostly quiet way of coming in the room and up right next to you..and I can totally feel a presence is right there but I can't see when I first wake up..


Comment #15

Morning Girls!.

Still dark outside and it's almost 7am! Glad I don't live on the east coast, they are sure getting hit this year with snow. It's cold here, they are saying it's going to get down to 5 below zero and that's without the windchill in a few days. You can just tell how cold it is by the car exhaust. All of a sudden you pull away from a stop light, look in your mirror and it's all white..

Got the school book thing fixed. Opened a ticket on the website where the book was published and they fixed it for me. Seems the book was the brand new edition and wasn't even listed yet on the website. Who knew, but they fixed it and sent me the instructions on how to find the new website page..

All is good there, downloaded the medical terms to my iPhone so I'm set to go..

Other than that...have a great day everyone. Stay warm! Talk to you all later!..

Comment #16

Ali, awesome news about the book, I'm glad it all worked out. Take care, you and Charly are really getting it this winter with the cold and snow..

Well the sun came out this morning! I haven't seen it in a few days.. it was beginning to get really gloomy gus around here..

Nothing to report...i wish it was spring..

Have a good day everyone!..

Comment #17

ARRRRGGGHHH! Watching the Weather Channel...seems we are supposed to get hit with a snow storm this afternoon, three inches by dinner. Guess I'll be heading to my Mom's house and going to school from there as she is only a two miles away and I'm eight..

Be safe, stay warm everyone! Red, glad the sun finally came's still "hiding" here.!..

Comment #18

Morning Ladies.

Quiet here.

I'm recovering from the flu so much fun. Starting to break up now so will hope I don't end up with bronchitis.

Other then that nothing much here, oh I did have to turn the AC on in my car yesterday, weather is crazy here we need more snow really really bad..

OK sick or not boss is out of town so need to get moving, but at least I have an easy day of filing..

Have a good one..

Comment #19


Sorry you got the flu, I hope you don't get bronchitis either, hopefully this will go by quickly! I agree.. the weather has gone insane.. you guys are having summer, and we (well mostly up north) is turning into the north pole!.

Sounds like today will be a peaceful one filing, and possibly listening to you books on your ipod?.

Have a great end of your week Monica!.

Charly, Ali... if you see Santa setting up shop with the elves, let me know..would ya?.

It's Friday! End of the week, practically end of the month, and I'm happy! Also the sun is shining so that always helps!.

I'm making bread old recipe of a friend of my mom's she got from nuns at a convent. it's a kind of honey wheat bread, it's sooo good. And great arm and core exercise kneading that sucker! TWICE! LOL So that's my excitement. woo! LOL.

Ok, have a great day everyone!..

Comment #20

Morning Girls!.

Bracing for the next wave of snow! Supposed to be an artic blast too! Oh well, that's what it's like living in Chicago.

School was crazy last night! There are about 5 of us out of 25 that are over the age of "20"! LOL I think a majority of them are nursing students. Teacher is a hoot! The girl sitting next to me actually has the same name as me, spelled different but it's not a normal thing to have two people in the same class with my name. Wish I was as old as her and had her teeny body. LOL Ah, to be young again. You couldn't believe the amount of kids texting away on their phones, to the point that the teacher said.."hope you're taking notes on that thing, because you will never pass this class if your not." They never even flinched!.

Monica hope you feel better...Red, try a bread machine to do that kneading! My Mom used to work so hard on "sticky buns" until we redid her recipe so that she could use it in the bread machine for the dough making. Made it so much easier..

Well, that's it from here. Have a great day everyone! Be back later!..

Comment #21

Ali, I can't believe it isn't normal to have more than one with your name in school, there were always at least 4 Ali(s) (choose your spelling) in any given class. And the same with Jennifer(s). And in high school, there were 3 Sarah(s).. of course I was the only one with MY spelling, which means I was the best..

ROFL Awesome you have a good teacher.. it makes a HUGE difference! You know Ali, I was just talking to my dad about that very thing, with the kids texting and who knows, maybe they were taking notes!! It's starting to really freak me out seeing the world change so fast. And I can't tell if it's because I'm getting older, or because it really is changing that fast. But I also think it's a perspective thing. ??? Either way.. it freaks me out sometimes.

And so, are they even going to have SSN's anymore? I mean, there isn't going to BE any Social Security. And yes they use it for a tax id.. but maybe they will just give out those.. but by that time, maybe they will do fingerprint scans or something technological like that. Pretty soon there will be no paper trail stuff..

And so on and so forth.. see what I mean?!! LOL!.

Anyhow...I hope you are enjoying school..

As for the bread, I rather enjoy the whole doing it myself. There is something cathartic about kneading a massive hunk of dough. LMAO Maybe I will think about my mother and get some stress out..

I do love bread machines though.. they truly are awesome. And fast and you can just dump it and leave it and eat it. OK, I need to get to it or it will be too late.. check in later...

Comment #22


Swinging by to say hey, all is well here, cold as the dickens!!.

Red - suggest you don't put any of that bread out for the deer but then again maybe that would be something to have photos of..

Ali - our many days a week do you go to school?.

Monica - a/c...........hmmmmmmm....we have natural a/c going here :-).

Hey to everyone..

Comment #23

ALI - Oh goodness, talking books with codes....I am so out of it technology wise..

Bummer about your truck paint and rattle. It would be so nice if once, just once, I heard that a company had actually preformed they way they were supposed to. No wonder our nation is in such trouble. How hard is it to paint a car correctly?.

I could not find the post where you talked about not getting the program you can you tell me what you will be studying?..

Comment #24

NA.. Amen to that! too many slackers these days!!!.

*Waving at Charly* lol no bread for the deer. no bread for me either.. I didn't have enough flour and I never made it to the store.. LOL! maybe next week!..

Comment #25

[quote=rednbubba]NA.. Amen to that! too many slackers these days!!!.



Comment #26

Morning Girls! Well it's after midnight! LOL Can't sleep!.

Red, Ali is my "real" name is Allisan. My entire grade school and high school I was the only one and I graduated high school with over 380 kids. It's not one that you hear a lot. It's like Natalie. I went to grade school with one girl and there were only two in high school...the grade school girl was one of them. Sorry about the bread making today..maybe it just wasn't meant to be.

Charly I only go one night a week for 3 hours. It went really fast on Thursday, so we shall see what next week will bring..

NA I didn't get into the gov't grant program because I had no IT or medical terminology background so I am taking the med. terminology class and after it ends in May I will reapply to the college for the gov't grant program for the Health Information Tech. As far as my car..the adjuster is coming here on Monday to look at the car. We shall see!.

Going to try and go to sleep again. See ya in a few hours!..

Comment #27

Hey Girls,.

Sorry to be AWOL, busy with DH and DS. Seems it goes from Monday to Friday in a blink of an eye..

Sorry bout all the cold weather, snow, wind, etc. Not going to mention the 70 degrees we had here yesterday!.

Can't wait for you all to thaw out!.

Monica - hope that dang flu has left the building! Feel better!.

Ali - Enjoy those classes, you are doing something so good for your brain and yourself!.

Hey NA! - I totally agree about "slackers" - nothing works right anymore and no one seems to know how to fix things correctly..

Red - loved your bread situtation, great intentions, LOL Probably for the best, it's hard to resist the smell of baking bread..

Hey Charly - stay warm and safe!.

Hi Sandy! Steelers are on their way to Victory, right?.

I have a very crazy weekend, leaving the house in an hour, doing a quick ride which means less than 2 hours. When it's your horse you do all the grunt work before, after and during the ride. Then home to shower then off to Tampa to see GEORGE STRAIT, REBA AND LEE ANN WOMACK!!! YAHOO!.

Get back home around 1 or later in the morning, get 4-5 hours sleep hopefully, then off to the horse show where I am in the FIRST event. HAVE I LOST MY MIND???.

The show is a long spread out one, local at least so we will be there all day..

Did I mention Tampa is 2.5 hours each way???.

If you don't hear from me again, I am in a coma! LOL.

Have a great weekend ladies!.

Hugs to all!..

Comment #28

I just had a yumm-O bison burger and lovely is GOOD!!..

Comment #29

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.