Medifast Diet for small weight loss?

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Got a question... Medifast Diet for small weight loss? Many thanks for any comment. Second question.. Other topics will be discussed that may not be appropriate for the easily offended..

Please discontinue reading Tough Love threads if they are going to cause you to become upset..


Medifast is a wonderful program with many different types of support and a fabulous community. We understand that everyone is an adult and this is not a "mean" group. For some of us, we thrive on this program if we have a place where we are held accountable, where we commit to the program 100% and where we have a place to chat with others who feel the same..

What we believe:.

1. Cheating on Medifast is NOT a strategy to get us out of our fat suits.

2. The only way for us to learn about our problems with food is to take the word "choice" out of the equation when it comes to Medifast. Our only "choice" is 5 packets and 1 weighed and measured lean and green a day.

3. We look to those who have been successful with this strategy to continuously remind us about why this way, for us, is the way to go.

4. We believe that, even though we are completely committed, knowing that we have a group that holds us accountable for our actions is both useful and important.

We commit to:.

1. Remove the word "choice" from our vocabularies.

2. Follow the Medifast plan as written, including transition and maintenance.

3. Tell our "inner brat" to shut the H-E-** up and quiet him or her through abstenance from off plan foods.

4. Give and receive tough love without complaining or calling each other "mean".

5. Cheerlead fellow group members as they follow the path to thinness.

6. Make Medifast the LAST diet we ever go on.

7. Check in with the group as often as our schedule reasonably allows.

8. Be honest with ourselves and our Medifast family and to stay 100% OP at all times. We also swear that WHEN (not if) we are having a tough time and feel like we may eat SLUDGE, to come to our Medifast family first and ask for support and help to get us through the struggle..

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4. Place your cursor in the "Edit Signature" area (looks like a mini version of Microsoft Word) and paste the text you copied using your favorite method.

5. Remove the two asterisks (*) from the text you just pasted.

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7. Click the "Save Signature" button. If you do not, all this will have been for naught! So make SURE you save this after you are all set!.

Anyone can start the thread. If youre the first one here in the morning, copy this opening post and create a post for the new day. Anyone is welcome to join, and if folks have additional ideas on how we can commit, we are happy to hear them!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably know..

Comment #1

Nan have fun!!! Good Morning everyone.

Our lunch with friends went great..

Today I am thinking of going out to buy an outfit for my dh's homecoming. My oldest spent the night down the street, but once he's home I can run out w/o kids. The weather here in coastal NC is finally back to normal, the lowest high this week is 52, with most in the 60s,normal Feb beach weather.

Have a great one....

And I want a handcuff bear too!..

Comment #2

Good morning all!.


I agree with the others on the filet. It is actually one of the lowest fat cuts of beef, high in some nutrients and relatively low in calories and fat. A 3 oz serving has roughly 185 calories and 9 grams of fat. If you are finding those kind of calories on a menu then they are wrapping it in bacon, cooking it in butter and putting some kind of sauce on it..

Also, you said something about kicking up the exercise due to you not losing very much last week. I don't know how much you are exercising, but my first reaction would be to cut out the exercise for a week and see what happens..

I wear a body bugg which shows me how many calories I burn in a day and I found out that I happen to be a person that burns a lot of calories without even trying. I have a desk job, so I sit a LOT. On days where I don't get any exercise at all I easily burn 2500 calories a day. On days where I'm doing a lot of house cleaning or when I exercise I try to eat a higher calorie lean and get my calories as close to 1000 as I can...

Comment #3

Have fun picking out an outfit.


!! We are finally having some nice weather here this weekend too..

Congrats on the great reaction.


! Was he shocked at all?..

Comment #4

Morning all. Hugging the coffee pot at the moment. Had a great afternoon yesterday. My plan is to make today another great day...

Comment #5

Chickie, I'm really curious about the Bodybugg. Congratulations on having a well-functioning metabolism. That devcie rprovides you with constant reinforcement. When you have time, I'd appreciate any info and anecdotes you'd care to share..

I have to take my pre-everything morning meds, then I hav a cuppa..

Enjoy the start of your day, Tlers!.

Anna, knock it outta the park on your shopping trip. You Dh will be thrilled anyway, but go over the top just to make sure..


Comment #6


I also agree with cutting down on exercise if you're doing a lot already.


Always nice to see you up and smiling in the am.



I forgot that the friend I saw yesterday hadn't seen me (well once but I was layered and in the movie theater) in awhile and she noticed right away. Hopefully my husband will also..

Comment #7

Exercise is up to you. Many do none until T&M, others do it all along. If you choose to do exercise I would suggest you keep it within the Medifast recommended range of no more than 45 minutes a day. None for the first three weeks..

*Quoted from yesterday's thread...

Comment #8

Sending healing thoughts your mom's way. Great job staying OP!.

*Quoted from yesterday's thread...

Comment #9

Good morning peeps.

Mt... enjoy your coffee.. I'm on cup 2...

Anna... have fun shopping you are going to look great in march when you see your dh.

I am having a great weekend... made it thru dinner friday nite and a fund raiser dinner party last nite.. I am feeling great.... Just wish I would stop dreaming about sludge!!!!.


Comment #10

Good morning everyone. Survived a beautiful Valentine's Day dinner with DH on my eating plan. Of course, it helped that I spent 10 hours at the theater yesterday burning a boat load of calories. Calories in = calories out. Water in = water out..

Anna, have fun shopping for a new outfit!..

Comment #11

Cindy, the sludge dreams get fewer and farther between. But, oh did I have them when I was on 5+1. I had lots of dreams of being off plan, only to wake up and have that ketosis taste in my mouth. I loved that taste!..

Comment #12

MT....please fill my cup! Another long day at the theater...

Comment #13

Chickie.....I've seen the body bugg, but haven't really investigated it. How accurate is it? Do you still write down everything you eat? Can you program what you eat into the body bugg? I worry about not writing things down. For me, my success is from being accountable by writing things down. As soon as I get away from that, I eat more calories than I should. I've learned that about myself. I do find that I underestimate the calories I am burning most days.

Those of you that use the body bugg or something similar....can you pm me and let me know what you think? I'm afraid if you post it hear, I may not catch up with it over the next two weeks, due to the show..


Comment #14

Good morning Beth!.

Nan, thanks for getting us started this morning..

Have a great day everyone! I am here in spirit...

Comment #15

Morning kids..

MT - Pass that coffee my way. No need to hog the whole pot!.

Anna - Oh, your hubby will notice, no fear of that!.

Nan - Thanks for starting us out this morning..

Morning Beth, Barb, Cindy and Chickie!.

Back when I'm caffiened up!..

Comment #16

Oh I hope you all left some coffee for me. Day 2 of morning headache. When the weather changes it messes with my allergies..

Happy sunday all..

Anna have a great time shopping for an outfit or maybe even more...

Comment #17

Good morning all!.

Snow showers here but it's supposed to warm up out of this deep freeze later in the week..

I've been having sludge dreams too, must be all of the Valentine's sludge talk. It only disturbs me when I wake up, as in WHY did I dream that??? I would never eat like that in "real" life even pre-MF!!!.

I registered Cocoa for the first dock diving competition of the year. We can't wait! And "mommy" will look good on the dock this year too! She does the doggie long jump, last year her best was 18'2", which was 3 feet better than the previous year. Let's see what this year brings!.

Off for some coffee then chores *yawn snore*.

Have a great OP day all!..

Comment #18

We are on our way to the zoo, but I will come back later today and fill you in on the Body Bugg facts and also my opinions..

Fuzzy, whatever I put in here I will c/p and pm it to you..

Everyone have a fantastic Sunday, on purpose...

Comment #19

Chickie, yes, he was shocked! That smile really summed it up! I'd like to hear about the BodyBugg, too. I have a habit of overanalyzing MF, but it might be helpful to know exactly how many calories I'm burning..

It was nice to sleep in this morning. Today we're going to take Emma to see that Justin Bieber 3D movie and then Marc is taking Emma to do some Valentine's shopping at the mall. Not sure what I'll do during that time, but it will be something relaxing...

Comment #20

Morning TLers. Pass the coffee please..

Penny - Glad it went well. He looks mighty pleased in the picture!.

Chickie - I'd love to hear more about the body bugg too..

Another sunny day here in So Cal. Going to help the little one do his valentines, run some errands, and then we are going out for a family Valentines Dinner tonight. Good stuff..

Off to find the elusive coffee... it is hiding in the kitchen somewhere...

Comment #21

From yesterday's thread:.

Thanks nyckitty. I know I've heard people refer to TSFL and Health Coaches, but I don't know how one goes about getting a health coach, becoming a health coach, etc. Nice concept though! I also noticed there are Medifast Centers in certain areas. We don't have any of that here in OK. I just order everything from online and come here for support..

Morning - De, Anna, MT, Beth, Chickie, angelts, Mia, Fuzzy, and Cindy. Yes indeed, this is like Romper Room (for those of us old enough to remember it)..

Fuzzy - the Body Bugg doesn't keep track of your calories in. You have to go to their web site and put the food in the food log. The web site also charges a monthly fee (I believe under $10). Its that monthly fee that turns me off of the thing. I mean, I paid like $300 for the device, and the display (which you can wear like a watch or hooked onto a belt or in a pocket to get feedback from the device anytime you want). I also found that the food log wasn't very intuitive.

I often think of firing it back up but just haven't done it yet - and I'm sure it's the monthly web site fee that keeps me from it..

Lots of people here are using a very similar device called GoWearFit (I think that's it), and it apparently also keeps track of your sleep and how restful it was. Keep in mind that none of these products work in the water in case swimming is your thing. But they are great for keeping track of steps (like a pedometer) or calories burned in an exercise routine. The thing I liked best about it at first was that you wear it in your sleep to get a baseline of how many calories you burn during sleep. I think this was the first time that I "got" the concept that we burn calories 24/7. I liked that I got "credit" for every caloried burned in a day - not just the ones when I was exercising.

Neither of these devices track heart rate, and I understand from some professional folks that the heart rate monitor is really the thing we need to care about most. Because heart rate is something unique to every individual, with a heart rate monitor you know when you're in YOUR target zone. So, for example, if you line up 10 people on a track and tell them all to strive for a 5 minute mile - well that will work just fine for some, but would send others into a heart attack. I don't yet have a heart rate monitor but very much like the concept. Then you are doing what's right for YOU and not striving to achieve some group standard..

Polar fitness makes quite a few products - heart rate monitor, activity monitor (similar to body bugg), etc. so you might want to take a look at those before you decide..

Okay ladies it is supposed to be 69 degrees here today. That's right!! 69 degrees!! I WILL get out and do some walking - maybe at the nature park or maybe at the lake, but I am gonna soak up the sunshine!! Wheee!!.

Anna - He WILL notice. He will notice so many things that no one else will. He loves you and he'll be thrilled. So happy for you to be able to give him the gift of a healthier bride!.


Comment #22

Oh YES! PENNY!! Great job last night!! I adored that smile. You guys are gonna have so much fun!.

And good morning Cheri. I'm going to feel like I'm in So.Cal. today with our beautiful weather. Oh for the palm trees and rolling waves though (sigh)..

By the way if anyone wants a gently used body bugg and display, I'm willing to talk about that offline. I'd love to use the funds for a heart rate monitor...

Comment #23

Penny - So glad the hubs was as thrilled as you wanted him to be..

Morning Chickie and Sunny and anyone else I may have missed earlier..

Another gorgeous day here. Going to get out and make the most of it...

Comment #24

TKD, email me at the address in my signature - I might be interested in the BodyBugg thing. I'd at the very least like to learn more. I have a Polar RSX300 or something like that. I love it, but I haven't worn it in awhile. I think, if memory serves me correctly, that it tracks calories, but I wouldn't want to wear the chest strap all day..

Morning, De! Nice ticker!..

Comment #25

Oh, this starts getting really hard so close to the end, my darlings! (As I'm sure many of you experienced as well...) It is HARD keeping my head in the game. I feel like I'm back to 7 months ago, when it was a struggle, and not at all like the last 4-5 months which have been pretty peaceful..

I'm tempted by fried food on menus, by the pizza in the car with me the other night, etc. I'm having food dreams. I had one where I ate a couple bites of some desserty thing, and I was like "maybe I should just transition if I'm going to get all sloppy like this." Last night I dreamed I ate a strawberry and drank half a full-sugar Coke. I was just feeling a big ole "screw it" in my heart..

3 pounds to goal. I think part of why it's hard is I don't know if it's going to take 10 days or 6 weeks to get there. You know, how much my body/brain will resist this. I am totally as scared to get there as I am annoyed that I'm not there yet. This journey has been FAST and completely life-changing. Part of me wants brakes.

Part of me is already sad that soon I will stop hearing every day from people how amazing I look. What will I do when the constant stream of praise stops? Take up stripping? Kick the cat?.

Morty booked us dinner reservations at a bistro for Valentines Day Observed on Wed. Yay!.

I'll probably eat pate on baguette and deep fried oreos. Okay, no, I won't, but gah! It's hard realizing I have to fight a mental battle again with this, when I had been just in the groove for so long!!!!!.

Big hugs!..

Comment #26

Freya, I totally get where you are coming from. The last couple of pounds, in 2009, drove me crazy for weeks on end. I finally just transitioned and regretted it since. I never made it to MY goal of 158, but stopped at my doctor's goal of 160. A wise woman here recently said to "Just live 5+1" and the rest will happen..

Easier said than done, especially when you are so close. I know. But get to where you want to be, or even a little below, before you transition. Some people (me) don't continue to lose in transition. I was 160 for about 2 hours...

Comment #27

Freya - Remember what I told you a while back about not stressing over the last few lbs? Time to start taking that advice my dear. Sad as it is, your body is ultimately going to decide when it's done. While yes the number is a big deal to us, it's not so much to your body or the scale. In the big scheme of things, is 3 lbs going to make you lose another inch somewhere? Probably not. It will most likely not affect the size you are now, or how healthy you are. It's just going to make your brain feel better..

Give it a little more time, maybe a week or 2, and see where you are then. If there's been no change, then perhaps it's time to consider transition. Who knows? Starting to increase your carbs/calories might just to the trick. I think you just need to make a plan and stick to it. Set a date. On this day I will start transition.

Spend your time and energy on Morty, not on what the scale tells you. Once I did that, stopped stressing, I found that by my date, I had reached my goal...

Comment #28

And isn't this just how life is, eh? Simulpost of 2 excellent strategies, which are in complete conflict with each other. I love you guys..

De, I don't *think* I'm stressing about it too much, by which I mean it's not in my conscious thoughts too much of the day. But I *know* I'm stressing about it because of the dreams and the cravings. So not sure what to do about that, besides stay OP and maybe go see my shrink if it gets out of hand..

Focusing on Morty is a great idea, and I'm doing as much of that as I can. Of course, it also means watching him eat man-sized (fat-girl-sized) plates of the most amazing sludge, which brings us back to the cravings. Just can't win!.

I'll make it, I will. Chris has informed me that she WILL hunt me down and hurt me if I don't make goal. So failure is not an option, because really, how could I live with myself if I disappointed Chris????.

Penny, thank you for sharing your experience. I'm going to stay on 4&2 (or 5&1 if this stops working) until I reach that magic century mark. I need to achieve that number to know I achieved what I set out to. And I don't think I'll be happy if I end up maintaining at 140ish. I feel like I'd be happy at 133-138. Of course those are just numbers in my head, but there is definitely still 3 pounds of fat to find to get rid of, and I'm going to do it...

Comment #29

Penny - check your email..

Freya - Thank you so much for honestly sharing what's going on for you right now. For the first time in my life I believe with my whole heart that I will get to a goal weight with Medifast (and this team), but I have such high anxiety over goal, transition, and maintenance - mostly because of the emotions. I need to learn all I can, so thank you!!!!.

I've got no experience with this, mind you, but I noticed that transition doesn't look like much changes for a long time. If I remember correctly all you do for the first week is add a couple of servings of veggies. And then progress from there. So, maybe it would help to keep that in mind. It's not like you're going to reach your magic number and then be shot out into the junk food wasteland. It will be a slow, calculated, true transition.

DeYoda and other veterans will guide you through the jungle. Just THANK YOU for sharing, I KNOW you'll dominate this thing, and take it easy..


Comment #30

Freya -.

I went through exactly that as I got close to goal, and finally just moved my goal up and called it good. I've regretted it ever since, to be honest. There was no good reason to except for impatience, and in my mind it was a defeat. I've managed to maintain despite that, but man, 3 pounds! Don't let the beast get in one last victory over you, even if it's temporary...

Comment #31

Freya - I actually completely agree with Penny and getting it off now rather than later. However, I am also speaking from experience here. I think you ARE stressing about it, just go back and read your post..

I think that you HAVE to stop focusing on the number and start thinking about something else. Remember. Stalled 1.2 lbs from goal for WEEKS. It wasn't until I made a future plan to start transition and let the scale just go away until that time that I lost those straggling lbs. We get to a point where the end is in sight, but we just can't seem to make it to the finish line. You HAVE to stop looking at that finish line.

Stick to your guns and stay away from the scale..

And just remember that the weight YOU think you can maintain and the weight your BODY thinks it can maintain may well be very different. Again, talking from personal experience here. I could have technically set my goal to be 140-145, but I didn't for 2 reasons. One - I start to look unhealthy if I drop below 145, and two - I didn't think I could maintain it...

Comment #32

Thank you for your faith in me!.

Yeah, transition starts slow. But within a few weeks you're eating bread again, and dairy, and FRUIT HOW WEIRD WILL THAT BE ZOMG, and beets!!! BEETS! I can't tell if I'm actually excited about eating those things or scared of the walls of my cage going away. I've gotten very used to the very small box. Bigger box = more freedom = more choices = more room to screw it all up. *sigh*.

And figuring out where I maintain is a little intimidating. Trying to sort out what's the right food plan for me, and keep adjusting it for activity levels, etc. The individual trial-and-error thing also sounds way more fraught with potential to screw it all up than the regimented PLAN..

It'll come, I'll walk through it, and one way or another I'll figure it out. I'm just askeered, and excited, and committed, and tired of being so damn committed, and pretty happy with my skinny body especially in clothes, and horribly fat, and in general just a big human mess of conflict inside. What else is new? *laughing*.

One thing I can tell you is I will never be 235 again. Ever...

Comment #33


I just want to say I went to your page and looked at your pics and you look amazing! Be proud of what you already done I hope to be at that point this summer. Keep it up! Isn't it crazy how the numbers drive us nuts......

Comment #34

Oh, I'm not disagreeing. I think I'm FREAKING OUT. I am just not doing it consciously most of the time. Which makes it even harder to control..

You have convinced me. For the first time on this diet, I am going to put the scale away. I will not weigh for 2 weeks. It will probably kill me. Someone come adopt my cats before they have to eat me, mkay?.

Excellent point. I'm 5'2", and 135 is ONE TINY POUND inside the "healthy" weight BMI range for me. Also it's a doctor-approved goal. I don't think I'm looking too thin yet, and I still have a lot of available belly fat. The Medifast site suggested 118 as a goal for me, as the mid-range of healthy BMI. So I don't think it's too aggressive..

Okay, putting the scale in the closet and marking the date on the calendar. Wish me luck with the death and all...

Comment #35

Steph, this was my experience, exactly. Not gonna happen again. Like De, I have a point where I just start to look gaunt. At 165 people were concerned that I was too skinny! Imagine that. But, looking back, I was pretty thin at 165! I'l love to maintain in the 150s. Considering that I have much more muscle definition now than I did in 2009, I don't think I'll look skinny...

Comment #36

Yep - I absolutely have faith in you! And what you've said about about choices, and room to screw up, hits the nail ont he head. I've actually already been reading about transition and maintenance to try to help me make it "real" in my mind. I always do better if I know where I'm going..

A couple of things that I noticed that helped calm my (already) anxiety about it:.

1) I'll likely be using Medifast products the rest of my life. I'm always going to want and need to eat the five or six small meals a day, and the Medifast products are just tastey and easy. I'm always going to need easy. Call me crazy but I like the notion of that as a sort of security blanket..

2) I've noticed that planning ahead for my L&G has really helped me so far. Instead of being hungry and winging it. So I figure I'll need to remember that and make a daily plan for my "real" food in transition and maintenance - and not allow a spontaneous choice most days or at all (not sure about the most days part)..

3) Almost all my trigger foods are taken care of with a Medifast product I like, so when I want a trigger food, I think I'll try to turn to the Medifast version instead. I truly may never eat real sugar again. I'm an alcoholic with sugar..

So, structure, a commitment to that structure, continuing to use the Medifast products, and not allowing spontaneous choices seem like they might help make it manageable for me. I'd be interested in what the veterans think of this and what they did..

And Freya - did you ever tell Morty about your weight in the past? He sounds so loving that I can only imagine if he knew about it, he would try to be supportive and not eat a lot of SLUDGE in front of you all the time or keep it in the house routinely, etc. I'm no expert at weight loss but I am about smoking cessation and I know that when married people both smoke and one tries to quit, it is almost impossible if the other spouse is smoking around them all the time. Even if the smoking spouse just goes outside, and never smokes in the house or the car, it helps immeasureably! I'll bet Morty would do something similar for you. It's a loving thing..

Freya - YOU ROCK!! and you'll continue to ROCK!..

Comment #37

Sorry, not part of the team here, but I've experienced this absolute focus and determination to force my body to lose THREE MORE POUNDS. I spent weeks wanting this with intense frustation when I originally lost weight 10 years ago. I've done it a few times since. What I truly believe is that when we get so intense about MAKING this last thing happen the pressure and focus ends up shutting down our bodies. As much as we like separating the power of our minds from our bodies in western culture, my experience is that our minds control a whole bunch of physical actions within our bodies. Trying to force this last three pounds is going to backfire..

Here's the best, if a little kooky, strategy I've found for this: Sit yourself down and have a talk with your body, I'm not kidding, imagine your body is a little girl that needs comforting, or a scared puppy or something. But soothe yourself, tell your body you are proud of it, how pretty it is, how much you love it no matter what happens, how you will take care of it and everything is going to be ok. I know, I know, weird, but what do you have to lose other than feeling a little silly? Keep this image of care and nurturing in your mind as much as possible..

Then, get rid of the scale for two weeks, give yourself a total break from the frustration of not seeing results. Instead put up a chart with 14 blocks to mark off. Everyday you eat right and take care of yourself (try to stop saying "stay on the diet") mark off another block. Look at it as the end no matter what your body does. Its a compromise between giving up and holding on no matter what. If your body just can't lose three pounds in that time then perhaps it is telling you the truth. I have a feeling, though, if you really can take the pressure off, really take it off, you will most likely get there...

Comment #38

Hello Chickadee..

Started back up 5 days ago..

Hello everyone. Can I join you?..

Comment #39

Thank you so much! Yes, I do think I'll use some Medifast foods, and I do plan to have a plan. Planning has made this possible to be OP all the time. Not planning = failing, really..

I have told Morty about where I was and where I am. He would do what I asked him if I needed to ask, but I don't feel like I do. It's not like I'm going to spend the rest of my life not sitting at a table with people eating food that's not on my plan. Usually I just enjoy the smell of off plan foods and call it good. Right now, it's hard, but that's because of where I'm at, not because of what he's eating, you know? Looking at the menu is hard, and it's not like I'm going to insist we never eat out...

Comment #40

That's a totally sweet idea, and absolutely something I would do. I'm just that kind of kooky. Body and I will have a little talk and affirm the luuurv...

Comment #41

Freya - I'm so glad you told him. And right about not asking everyone around you to manage their food because of you. I live in a household with my DH and two sons ages 18 and 21. There are times when we have a housefull of guys and all the SLUDGE that goes along with those get-togethers. And when we eat out, I've been fine about staying OP and they have all the stuff they want. Maybe it's ketosis but so far it hasn't bothered me..

But around the house, we just don't keep SLUDGE here. If anyone wants SLUDGE, they just go out and get it, and usually a portion that won't last more than a day or two. We never routinely stock that stuff. And all their friends know that they can have a great time here, but unless we're planning for their arrival, there won't be any "good food" here, so they either let us know they're coming or they bring it themselves. At least here at home, everyone is considerate about that for the most part, and they really always have been, as I think about it..

Just know that it IS okay to ask for SOME extra support. Sure you don't want to go overboard and have everyone treat you as though you're living in a bubble, but there are small steps they can take that can make a world of difference for you. And I think most of the time they are HAPPY to be able to be supportive. People generally get a lot of satisfaction out of being able to help others as long as that help isn't draining them..

As we're having this discussion this morning it occurs to me that the thing I'm most afraid of in T&M is being out of ketosis. Ketosis makes it all work for me. Wow - now THAT's something I'm askeered of!!.

Veterans - how is it when you're not in ketosis any more??..

Comment #42


You can so do this, it's go to be tiring though. Put your scale away, hide it in your trunk or something so it's hard to get to!.

I have procured my homecoming outfit a great white and black dress for 15 dollars and I am no going to splurge on knee high black boots (my calves don't get smaller so I have to order wide calf boots)...

Comment #43

Kristi! Good to see you again!.

De they love us... they're just not looking closely!!..

Comment #44

Freya: I was kinda in the same situation as you. The weight wasn't dropping. I had a date to start transition set early in my Medifast journey and didn't quite hit goal by then. I was 2 pounds over, but started transition in order to do it right before a huge backpacking trip. First week of transition - down those nasty 2 pounds. Next week - down 2 more pounds.

And I was at goal..

I really think not caring anymore did it..

And I WAS too thin at 135 (5'2"). Remember, we've got a lot of extra skin hanging on - probably weighing 10-15 pounds all alone. So I believe it is possible to be too "thin" and still be in overweight BMI. Don't care what anyone else thinks..

<ignoring De>..

Comment #45

G'day TLers. Have to jump in here. Keep in mind, a lot of times that gaunt look is not so much the weight & the weight loss. Once you maintain that weight for a while, that look fades...

Comment #46

No, that's not true Coach, especially for women that are getting a little older. I didn't lose the gaunt look until I got pregnant with my youngest son and started putting a bit of weight back on, and then I was in my early 30's. People were beginning to think I was ill. Even at my Medifast goal weight, I was starting to get that gaunt look, but it wasn't enough to make people worry...

Comment #47

I love De and Penny!! There I said it. Will you guys be my Valentines..

Comment #48

Ann!!! great to see you!.

I think stress and pressure on ourselves is The Worst. We forget that the brain manages the metabolism and the body, and doing bad stuff to the brain to make it think the body is understress is just plain counterproductive...

Comment #49

De, I saw it immediately! I thought it was funny. I was just TOO SELF-ABSORBED with my OWN DRAMA INSIDE MY HEAD to say anything..

But yes, you're hilarious. And very creative, finding the exact same ticker-maker. And yes, should I win the lotto between now and then I'm buying SEVERAL of us AT LEAST tix on that darned cruise..

There. Happy now?..

Comment #50

Yes Freya. Now I'm happy! ROFL..

Penny and I have been holding that in for a week or 2 now!..

Comment #51


Kristi!!!!! I've missed you!!!.

You definitely can join us, my friend!!!..

Comment #52

LOL! I noticed right away too..

Believe it or not, I kind of figured that's what you guys were planning, since Penny was so excited about the cruise, you didn't get to go on a cruise, etc..

I hope you all have a blast!!!!..

Comment #53

Ha Ha Ha - I saw the ticker - just didn't READ the darn thing! LMAO..

Comment #54

Darn! And I thought it meant that someone was buying ALLL of us tix and we were all going to crash the cruise!..

Comment #55

LOL You guys are funny! Movie just let out. OMG I heart Justin Bieber...

Comment #56

CC is TOTALLY JEALOUS of Emma right now! LOL..

Comment #57

Should read: "not so much the weight.


The weight loss"..

Comment #58

What I was disputing is that it will fade later Coach...

Comment #59

Penny, how tall are you? I'm thinking about my final goal weight and I'm curious if you were gaunt at 160 if you're a tall gal...

Comment #60

I think it depends on the person - I looked pretty drawn when I started transition, but today, at the same weight, I look like I could stand to lose another 10-20. Part of it is getting used to the new look, of course, but I've got some real body changes too - not so much loose skin as I had, better muscle tone, lower body fat...

Comment #61

Yeah, my BFF lost a bunch of weight quickly, and definitely looked drawn for a bit. Then it faded. I could see how it would totally depend on the person..

I am not looking drawn, nor is anyone asking me when I'm going to stop or expressing concern. So I'm not too worried...

Comment #62

Ok, heres my take on the BodyBugg.

If I had to do it over again I probably wouldnt spend the money, but mainly because it's so danged expensive. Since I do have it already (I bought it 14 months ago), I am enjoying using it now. If you buy it new it will run about $200. This will include a 9 month subscription to the Apex site, which you need to download the bodybugg info onto. After your subscription runs out it runs $10 per month, but you can buy a subscription on Ebay for $20 for 6 months. However you have to start a new user profile if you buy the subscription on ebay, which you may not like because you will not have access to your past statistics..

The bodybugg is fun for me now and especially in the beginning when I was able to see how many calories I was burning for the first time in my life. This does not track calories eaten and it is not a heart rate monitor. I download my calories burned from the bodybugg onto the Apex website and then I can also log my food in there and it will give me the difference and a few different kinds of graphs and info as well. Since Im already logging my food into MFs website I havent been logging my food onto the Apex site. I just calculate it myself..

Where I think the bodybugg will really come in handy is when Im in maintenance. You can plug your info into the program and it will tell you how many calories you need to eat vs. burn in order to maintain your weight. It takes into account all of your measurements, etc. Obviously it also tells you how many you need to eat vs. burn if you want to lose as well, but Im not going by that now since Im on MF..

MF is helping me to lose the weight right now, so I dont feel I actually need the bodybugg in the 5/1 phase. However, if I feel like Im having a stall then it is nice for me to be able to see how many calories Im burning vs. eating, because maybe burning too many calories is the problem..

In the 5/1 phase Im doing very little exercise. Its funny because I always thought I had a slow metabolism, but someone who generally burns 2,000 to 2,500 calories per day without doing much of anything cant really be called a slow metabolism, I dont think. This makes me think that a normal metabolism is the reason my highest weight ever was 185 rather than 300. Considering the way I ate and constantly gorged myself in the past for my whole life, I should have been 300..

I will pick up my exercise before Im in transition, but not until Im closer...

Comment #63

My BMI recommended weight is between 115 and 125 or something like that since I have a small frame. I think that's ludicrous actually as I am 5'5 and have big boobies..

When I'm at 140 I probably look the best according to what people say, so I will just wait and see how it's going when I get there. I picked 130 because I know I will still look fine and it will give me a little wiggle room. 130 is definitely a realistic goal for me...

Comment #64

I was just posting MY personal experience as far as looking gaunt. As Steph said, everyone is different..

Penny - Note for the future...Subtly is lost on this group. Next time we should just smack them in the face with any news we want to share. LOL..

Comment #65

Oh, I know you were just talking about you, De..

I was actually just being self absorbed in my own experience. It's kind of annoying that when I get close to 130 people start making negative comments. Although it's been a few years since I've been that low. I guess I look gaunt, idk..

That makes me wonder if I'm not really seeing me, kwim? I don't want to me one of those people that never sees skinny even if they are. I'm far, far from worrying about that now though. lol!..

Comment #66

Ahem, we're not used to subtlety from you De :P..

Comment #67

De, are you taking hubby with you on the cruise or is it just you?..

Comment #68

Yeah, I'm not super worried about setting a final goal weight. My plan is to get to 150 and see how I look. I have never been at a healthy weight as an adult so I have no idea how I'll look at 150. My mom was 130 until menopause but even though we're the same height I have a larger frame than her..

I cannot believe I only have 31 pounds until I hit goal. That's seriously amazing! Thank God for 5.6 pound wooshes!!!..

Comment #69

Chickie - I do think a lot of it is how we see ourselves. What WE think good, may be cause for those we love to be concerned. I have seem people who are in transition that have become addicted to losing weight. They continue to lose and keep going lower and lower just because they can..

It's funny, when I was a teen, I was VERY thin. 115-120 lbs at 5'7. I also had great muscle tone as I was in gymnastics. But my Dr. was in a constant state of OMG because I was so thin. To look back at my school pictures I was very thin, but also very healthy looking.

So, I think age may have impact as well, and let's not forget the medical issues I've had to deal with since then...

Comment #70

OK. I'm doing a Chatty and catching up!.

Taking the hubs and my granddaughter. CC is just a few months older than Penny's girl so they are going to have a BLAST!!! They are currently working on becoming pen pals. Right now, neither of them knows the other is going to be on the cruise...

Comment #71

I don't know how much I'll be around..

Life is crazy..

But I'd love a place to check in..

I've missed you too Chickie!!..

Comment #72

De that sounds so fun! The girls are going to be super stoked when they see each other! What an experience for them!.

Kristi, even if you just check in occasionally I'm glad you are here. I'm never leaving this group now, so you will know where to find me..

I'm super jealous about Boston. How can it even be possible that the Boston trip fell on the only weekend of the year I already had a trip planned? dum timing. I really want to go with you girls. If I didn't think I would get in trouble for ditching my stepdaughter's college graduation, I would totally bail. lol!..

Comment #73

Finally back home to check in....

Hope, I'm almost 5'8" and I've always had an athletic build - wide shoulders, strong legs... At 160 I'm a size 4-6. This time around will likely be different because I spent a lot of time lifting weights in 2010..

De, the girls are going to have such fun! Oh, and we're letting them break the news to each other!..

Comment #74

I'm already priming CC that she'll have to tell E all about it in a letter. Hopefully these 2 little girls are quicker on the uptake than THIS TEAM!!..

Comment #75

I would put money on it! I think Emma is more excited about Florida than anyplace else! I'm trying to make her understand that all of Florida isn't Disney World and that we're only going there to get on the boat! She also can't stop talking about swimming with dolphins!.

Wonderfully OP dinner... 5 oz. of pork tenderloin is a decent portion when you have it alongside a cup and a half of whole steamed green beans and a liter and a half of water! Deeeelicious!..

Comment #76

Hi everyone. Got done reading page 1 and decided to chime in on goal..

I set my goal for 158 pounds. I weighed 246 pounds when I started. 158 seemed like an impossible goal. It was the highest weight for my 5'7" body. Truth be known, I really didn't think I'd ever get there. But slowly and surely, my strict dedication to 5+1 got me there.

I lost another 20 pounds in transition. I think that was my body's way of telling me where I should be. Since then I've changed my goal weight to 148. I set my goal as my ceiling weight. If I reach 149 pounds, I will do a 5+1 blitz to figure out why I've gained.

For me today, it is more about my clothes fitting. I am an overeater. I can only maintain my weight by following a plan carefully. Calories in = calories out. No sugar. I firmly believe that if follow your plan, your body will get to where it should be..

I'm glad I stuck it out to my goal. I am also glad that I learned how to have a healthy relationship with food, so my body could figure out where it wants to be. As long as calories in = calories out, my body is maintaining the weight it wants to maintain..

My advice....let your body decide where you will be. It knows best...

Comment #77

Great question. I was scared to death of going out of ketosis. So scared that I kept my carbs under 100 for quite some time after starting transition. I transitioned very very slowly. I made goal on Black Friday, which meant transition during the holidays. For a sugar addict, that was not a good idea.

I kept to the low carb veggies. I didn't add the grains until the very end..

I really don't remember getting "hungry" again until I added some sugar back into my eating plan. I really thought I could handle it. WRONG! Had a little blip with that. Caught it quickly and got right back on track. The thing is, you change so much while you are 100% on plan. Your taste buds change, your outlook to food changes, and the biggest advantage of splitting my lean and green, is that my stomach got so much smaller, that even today, I can't eat a large portion of anything..

My words of wisdom, transition properly and take your time. Take all the time you need to be confident in your new body and eating plan...

Comment #78

De, your post reminded me a bit of my HS days. I was 5'7", very athletic and weighed 123 pounds. My family called me "fat". talk about developing a bad sense of body weight! Today I'm 138 and they say I'm too thin. I just shake my head and think about all the pain of being called "fat" at 123. Go figure...

Comment #79

Last thought.....about looking too thin.......

For over 30 years I was overweight or obese. No one in my adult life saw me at 138 pounds. They all said I was too thin, even though that is a healthy weight..

Go back to my last post....123 I looked fat......138 I look too thin..

I wonder if it isn't all about what we are use to seeing? Kind of like what we are use to eating. We have to change our diet, our mind set and how we look at ourselves..

Those around us have to look at us differently as well. Those who were our "food" friends and enjoyed eating with us when we were overweight or obese are mourning the loss of sharing food with us. Others who were thinner than us and considered us their "fat" friends, must mourn the loss of their "fat" friend..

I weigh what my body thinks is healthy and what my doctor and I are comfortable with. That's what matters...

Comment #80

That it is. Its amazing I ever got to goal...

Comment #81

Dang girl! I hope I'm a size 6 at 160 pounds!!! I'm shorter than you by a few inches so it's highly unlikely.....

Comment #82

This exactly Barb..

Sassy - Even at 153 I was still in an 8! Different frames/body types really make a difference...

Comment #83

That really stinks Chickie..

College graduation/smollage gradulation. Ditch it!!.

We'll miss you...

Comment #84

Every BODY is different. And everybody's weight loss adventure is different. I can 't compare this time to MY last time. This time, 160 might see me in a 2! Holy moly, I am in an 8-10 right NOW and I'm considerably more than 160! Happy with my 8-10, though since on Christmas week I wore my 16s to work....

Thanks ladies, for some real food for thought today. There's some real wisdom in here...

Comment #85

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.