Medifast Diet? Good? no Good? AH HELP?

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Question I have... Medifast Diet? Good? no Good? AH HELP? Thanks for any answer. Another question... Hello, if you are reading this, it is THE MELT AWAY'S new thread moved from the 100 pounds or more section to here since we our now a collective group of awesomeness! So you found us! I believe we are starting one every Wednesday. So far we seem to be a group of newcomers mostly starting or restarting in Nov-Dec 2010, and Jan-Feb 2011. New folks are always welcome!.

Well, today is my weigh-in day. I've lost a total of three pounds this week, although I've been peaking and updating my ticker every so often. I'm having ticker woes as it had put a double ticker on my last post so I'll see how it goes..

I just wanted to say, I have really enjoyed chatting with yawl so far. We seem to be a proactive, OP, losing weight kinda bunch..

Nicole, again congrats on your weightloss! Take care everybody!.


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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an anything. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

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I found it! Thanks for setting up Dietwalker! And congrats on your loss, too! Do you update your ticker each time you get on the scale? I was thinking of doing that too just for motivation. DO you know if you have to create your ticket each time you update it? If not, I'm doing something wrong..

Nkrn04 - A loss is a loss! Congrats! Aren't you amazed by the amount of inches that are melting away??? Helps to see that when the numbers on the scale don't move to much. LOL.

Welcome new members and what's with all the Yankee fans??? I'm from Cleveland, so I have no team to be proud of unfortunately since Lebron took his butt down to Miami. So yeah not a big sports fan when there is no one to root for - I'll root for this team right here!.

Favorite Foods (so far).

Scrambled Eggs.


Bars - I like them all so far!.

Chicken and Wild Rice Soup.

Banana Pudding and Shake.

Not so much.....

OATMEAL - I call it gruel.

Have a great day everyone!..

Comment #2

Thanks for the new thread Tracy..

Congratulations to the losers - Nicole, Tracy and Denise!.

Well first weigh in was this morning. -5.2 lbs. Right on track for what Medifast will do. I know it's not a large amount that many loose their first week, but I am not going to look at it that way, I am taking it from another view and say WOW I did it!!!!! (This I get from the help of the book/workbook I am reading and working on -.

The Beck Diet Solution - how to think as a thin person.".

Interesting how one of us likes one food and someone else will think it totally gross. I was going to order the honey mustard pretzels (I love crunchie stuff) so hoping they work for me..

My son-in-law had a flat tire this morning and was close to our home, so I was out at 6:00 AM in -9 degrees. bbbrrrrrrrrrrrr..

Have a great day OP!!!!..

Comment #3

I drank lots of water (like a gallon a day) and little Diet Coke this week and lost 6.5 lbs. In the past 2 weeks I have lost 2 lbs. each. I would never have thought those two changes would make this much of a difference. Yay! I received the advice about water from another MFer. The folks who have been here awhile really have good suggestions. Thank you ;]..

Comment #4

Denise, Dove, and Mercy congrats on your weight losses! Everybody is rolling along just great!.

KellieB: Yes, oatmeal = gruel. Ha, ha! I like that name. I have only three packs of blueberry gruel left. Yes, the medifast ticker has to be changed everytime you want to put in a new weight and mine always gets messed up when I change it. It shows two tickers or takes a day to show up on boards even though I cut and paste to the boards everytime I change it..

Mercy: I know changing tires in the cold is horrible. Being broke down in weather like that has got to be no fun! We're expecting snow tonight, but only a couple of inches. I live on the coast of NC and this will be the 4th time this year. It's unheard of in this neck of the woods..

I GOT MY FOOD! I just put a wild rice and chicken soup in my bowl to soak for before I eat it for lunch. My free week pack included NO gruel!!! I got the strawberry creme shake, the dark chocolate antioxidant shake (which is more expensive so yay to me), regular pancakes, vanilla pudding, and hot cocoa. I'm pretty happy with it. Those are things I've been wanting to try...

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Hi Melters!.

I am going to try to up my water it made such a huge difference for Dove I want to see if it will "perk up" my progress. Only problem is...schoolteacher...3 minutes between classes and not supposed to leave kids unattended....HMMMMM....may have to do some creative water chugging a certain time before our lunch at 10:30 am, and again before dismissal at 3.....

After being sick and eating so many carbs (crackers, toast) today has proven to be challenging. I hope I can get past all the cravings quickly!!.

Dietwalkerenjoy your new is so much fun to try new items. I have found quite a few that I actually like!.

Have a nice day everyone...

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Well, we have finally found a new home!!.

JoMarieI hear you about those three minutes. I plan all my water drinking around when I am able to get to the bathroom!! Today I wasn't able to between 12:15 and 3:30 and let me tell you, by the time I was leaving, I thought I would burst...and I held backso of course now I feel behind on the water..

Tracy-Thanks for moving us on over here. And congrats on your three pounds!! How terrific!! It seems that everyone is getting snow this much for global warming huh?.

Denise-Congrats on your loss as well..

Nicole-Holy inches, Batman!! Nice job!.

Kellie-What happened to the Indians? What kind of Ohioan are you?? I see eggs are one of your favorites. I am reluctant to try them as eggs are on my list of three foods I normally won't eat because I don't like them.

I am going to try them though and basically try to eat the box...but after that I don't see the UPS man delivering them anytime soon. lol.

MercyCongrats on your first week's loss. 5.2 pounds is GREAT!! BRRRRR!!!! -9 degrees!! What else do you say to that?? lol.

Dovethat is a lot of water! I can get down about 12 a day...Congrats to you!! '.

What's on the menu for dinner tonight? DH and DS are having pasta (that's obviously out for me). I think I will be having two veggie burgers, some salad, and some green beans!..

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Denise, Dove, and Mercy- Congratulations on your weight loss..

Jomarie-I can definitely relate to planning your water drinking. I have the same problem. I don't get my first break until almost 12. I have a hard time drinking enough water..

Melissa- I had veggie burger for the first time today. I have decided I don't care for them too Maybe they will grow on me..

I made the oatemeal into cookies today and it wasn't too bad. A heck of a lot better than eating it as oatmeal...yuck!.

Have a great evening everyone..


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Tracy, Nicole, Denise, Mercy, Barb - WOO HOO! Congratulations on your weight melting away!.

I weighed myself this morning and am down 2 lbs... technically I don't weigh in until tomorrow but I'm thrilled that the scale actually moved!!! YAY! I've been strictly OP for three days now since my little setback over the weekend. I'm determined it's not going to happen again this weekend. I am staying strictly OP, even if we do go out on a date..

Thanks for all the encouragement and support. You all are GREAT!.



Comment #9

I teach kindergarten and drink water all day secret is "Depends" pads. There, I said it outloud!..

Comment #10

Super WOW guys!!.

Thanks for the move, 'Walker!.

Mercy! I'm so proud of you! That was a seriously awesome weigh-in buttkick! We had a high temperature today of 9.. that's plus nine. It was a warm day! God bless New England!.

Kellie, I'm trying to bring some of the Yankee-fans in away from the dark side, but it seems we may just have to love them for who they are.

Nice to meet you Dove, I find when I drink tons of water, that I end up with what I call a fat flush. It sounds so yucky, but it makes the scale do such beautiful things. I've never been a classroom teacher, but I worked in SPED and can relate to evil bladder restrictions that you amazing teachers have..

Jomarie, nice to meet you too! I hope you're feeling better and good luck with the water..

Melissa, nice to meet you. What veggie burgers do you like in particular? I don't think I like the morningstar ones. I maybe haven't had the "good ones." I've had one kind by Boca that I thought was good I think it was called "grilled" or "really, we promise it tastes kinda like a burger!?" Point me in the right direction? Eating two of something sounds bulkier than eating one. That's my kind of logix!!.

Hi Denise, Is there a recipe for making the oatmeal into cookies or I've seen it used as a muffin? Wow show of hands of everyone that can spot the new girl a thousand miles away?.

I'll take your loss, Cara! Way to make that scale move!.

Thank you so much for all of your help! I know if I ever know something helpful, I'll share it in abundance! Love & Rockets, k...

Comment #11

Kellyann-They were one of the Boca burger ones opGrilled Vegetable Burgers. They are not horrible, but if you think it is going to be like a burger, think again. I guess they grow on you. I haven't eaten red meat for probably the last 20 years or more. So turkey burgers and veggie burgers are just something I have gotten used to. I totally understand though for those of you that don't like them..

QuestionDoes anyone know the ins and outs of logging your food. I don't know how to split food. For example, last night I had half of a serving of do you do that? When you go to log the good it auto. puts it in as a whole serving. Any help here would be appreciated!.


Comment #12

Melissa, I looked all thru it and tried going all thru the tools and I couldn't see where you could break up meals. Probably they don't want you customizing things that much and giving you that much leeway to "interpret" the program?! This is obv. only my opinion. I'm hopeful someone with more experience will come along and prove me wrong. The other option would be for you to journal outside of the website and do your own calculations as if you were on weight watchers...

Comment #13

Kellyann- The recipe for the oatmeal cookies is on the side of the box..

Have a good night everyone!..

Comment #14

Hey everyone, sounds like we have many awesome "losers" here...WAY TO GO!!!.

I survived day 3 and I'm feeling better. I think I may be heading into ketosis from my breath, thirst, and frequent urination....YAY! LOL I have found that I don't like the vanilla shakes so I will be searching for a recipe to make it tolerable. I have been drinking over a gallon of water a day, and my skin is starting to look much better..

I'm looking forward to my weigh-in as I've been completely OP. I'm so excited and proud of myself for making it this far, a big step for me..


Comment #15

Hi everyone!.

After I put the food item in I right click and I get an edit button so that I can change the amount..

I like the oatmeal made into a pancake. Found the recipe on the recipe boards and then I use some of the sugar free syrup. Yummy..

Depends!! That is what I call dedication for drinking water!! Fun!!.

Hang tough gets better soon..

Have a great day all you losers!!..

Comment #16

JomarieI suspect we will have to live in the bathroom! My sons already tease me about all the pit stops I need to make; it's only gonna get worse ;]. However, when the scale keeps going down regularly, I will definitely make the time available somewhere. I've been really hungry the last couple of days. I wonder if the extra water makes my digestion go faster...Does anybody know?..

Comment #17

I figured it out. When you go to add a food, click on the tabPrivate List or something like that. At the bottom there is a link to add a private food. You enter all the NI in and voila, there it is!! Just thought you all would like to know!!..

Comment #18


When you log in your cheese it will give you the total amount like you stated. Then you have the option of clicking on it and it gives you a drop down box. One of the choices is Edit. You then can edit the amount and it usually gives you options of ounces, grams and what not. Let me know if this helps. The same thing happens when you log in say, cooked broccoli.

But, if you eat it as your three servings you have to go back in and edit to say 1 1/2 cups..

KellyAnn hit the nail on the head, if you want to break up Medifast meals like half a pancake and half a pudding, it doesn't appear to allow it. I know alot of recipes mix meals. I haven't tried any yet..

Sharon- I think there are shake cake recipes. You can probably search under the Recipe sections. I haven't tried them, but some seem to love them. One of us said that they mix their vanilla shake with a diet cream soda. That sounds good, or maybe a diet root beer..

Well, we had a two hour delay, for a little freezing rain. The kids were happy. Yesterday, I spent most of the day reviewing an essay for a scholarship my son's applying for, then we were off to dental appts. I've been probing the internet for non-need based academic scholarships. The oldest will be heading off to college next year..

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday! And..........DON'T FORGET TO DRINK YOUR WATER!..

Comment #19

My ticker hates me...

My new one shows up when I cut and paste it, but the old one shows up. Then the new one doesn't save, even though it saves on my page. Does anyone have any suggestions for the technically challenged?..

Comment #20

Okay Meltastics. My food is "in transit" and roaming around the streets as we read. At any moment Or maybe later in the afternoon, I will have a buttload of Medifast food in my kitchen screaming at me to start tomorrow. Hold my breath 'cause here comes the cold water. On one hand, it makes me wanna eat something like a 'last supper,' kind of meal, but ever since I got home from my dr's on Monday, I've been non-program-on-program if that makes any sense. I came home, ordered my food and then prepared for the lifestyle change.

I'm scared. But I feel prepared. I never got so serious about losing weight. I know this is the time. I just may tackle the UPS guy when he comes. I just may be lookin' at a lawsuit! Better cut back on the caffeine!! I think this is a good thing, best to start on a weekend when I can whine to my husband about being hungry if that's the case.

That'll suck. At least he'll come and bring my meals! I may have to go with this brilliant plan. I shall go now and do some more dance, dance revolution on my wii to kill some time and show my 12-year-old that her mom still has mad dance skillz and work out the nervous energy that comes with the anticipation of starting the program. Wish me flowers and bunnies!..

Comment #21

Gulp, gulp, gulp drinking away! I am managing to drink more water than I ever have in my life! I am concentrating on the water to help relieve the bathroom or lack of bathroom issues. I will refrain from details here. But let's put it this way, I need to get things moving, if you catch my drift..

I am one of those that "must" have their bran every morning to keep things on track, so this has caused a few issues. Thus a possible reason I didn't see a larger drop the first week. But all things will pass..

That's why I have added having a bar with my coffee each morning, so let's see if that works..

Tracy I mix the shake with the diet vanilla cream soda with crushed ice. OMG, it's so good! Last night I made the.

Cinnamon/Apple Oatmeal.

Into cookies (recipe on the box). It was a nice treat, nothing like the Brownie, but I am a sweet eater, so curbs my desire..

I am working on my next order even though I am beginning my 2nd week, can't wait to try some different stuff. I found another recipe for Chocolate Candy Drops on someone's blog last night along with a way to turn my.

Hot Cocoa.

(that I can't stomach) into a frozen chocolate treat. Man sweet snacking is very obvious, eh? But if I can do it using Medifast this is going to make me a happy camper.......loser I mean!.

Have a Great, Positive, OP Day all you Meltaways!!!!!! Spring is coming - just think of the pounds that we can leave behind by then!!! That excites me...

Comment #22

My box arrived yesterday and I started this morning. I know how you feel about being excited but, this time I am not afraid. I am commited 100%...

Comment #23

Kellyann, look me in the eyes. Pretend. You only have to follow the program today. This doesn't mean you will never have a yummy meal again. Just today. Today..

Mercy, personally I am fond of Benefiber. I mix it with my coffee or whatever each day. I come from the family with colon cancer genes, so I gotta be sure to get lots of fiber. And I love anything chocolate. All Medifast chocolate items are in my house even as we speak..

Dietwalker, that weight ticker gives me fits, too. I have to reenter a few times before I hit the right combination (kinda like how even a blind pig finds an acorn once in a while)..

Have a blessed, OP day everybody!..

Comment #24

Kellyann!! Do you like DDR on the Wii? I have my own Wii (which I share with my kids from time to time if they are nice to me; actually they like their X-Box 360 better). Anyway, I do some WiiFit. So? DDR sounds like fun; I am only interested in fun exercise. At my age, I'm done with boring, painful stuff!..

Comment #25

Thanks Mercy and All. I forgot to delete my old ticker under QuickLinks. I might change over to Ticker Factory though..

KellyAnn and Dove, my son and I have done Wii Active, the old version. I want to try dance revolution. The old Wii Active apparently is more cumbersome than the new version where they have fixed the issues with the leg strap. We love the boxing part though..

Mercy, I just tried the hot cocoa today and I like it. I made it into a paste first like the cappuccino then added the rest of the water. I mixed some black coffee in too; tasted like a mocha coffee. I'm going to have to put a diet cream soda in my shake..

Welcome, Giant Trainer. I wish you absolute OP success!..

Comment #26

Yes, Ms Dove I do very much like DDR for the Wii. There is actually a workout mode for it where you put in your weight and height and it tells you what you're burning for calories, etc. I know you can log your excercise here, but it tells you per song how you're doing. It's neat for me I really love instant gratification! Ooh! 35 calories in one song! That's like... a bite of something!.

Dietwalker - I also have a game called Wii Fitness, it doesn't use the whole Wii Fit thing that comes with the balance board or anything. It's like having a personal trainer in your living room. You enter your weight, height, measurements, etc. and then it basically puts you through a fitness test like they would do at a gym with how many crunches can you do, can you do push ups, etc. If you can't do something it tells you to skip it and move on (why, thank you game, I shall) Then it comes up with a program that you should be able to do and you can set it to do 15,30, etc minutes how many times a week you want to do it. You pick the day and it will wait on you.

It's very individualized and it's old enough now that you could get it used at Gamestop stores for less than $20 I'm sure..

Maybe give it a try and if some of us have the same games we can check in with each other and see how we're doing? Maybe help out with technical difficulties?..

Comment #27

What is DDR?? I have a Wii and am looking for fun stuff to do...

Comment #28

Thanks everyone for the tech support. I think I have it all figured out..

TracyI have heard that a lot of people have had trouble with the Medifast tickers, it may be time to switch over to the other website to get your ticker. Thanks for the help with the portions. I have been entering in a vegetable 3x if I eat more than one serving. Much easier now...thanks!.

KellyAnn-Let us know how your UPS man makes it. It seems like you have a bery supportive DH. You are makes it so much easier..

Sharon-Good luck with your weigh in. Let us know how you do it. You had a great week!!.

Mercyhope all that water helps you out!! Am I the only one that has been happening the opposite effect of the binding of Medifast that happen so many people? I wish I was actually running to the bathroom all the time (and not just to pee all the time.


Weigh in for me on Sat and I am really excited to happened this week! At work we usually out for pizza each week. I am going to miss it week that one piece of weekend that is the best pizza I have eaten, but I can't go right now. Sitting while a sip a shake and everyone eat pizza is pretty much torture for me right now. Not that I would cheat...I am not worried of that, but why I would put myself through that, kwim?..

Comment #29

Giant Trainer: It's called Dance, Dance Revolution and it's a game that comes with a floor mat that plugs into your wii. It's a little like foot-twister set to music, only not that scary. You have to step on arrows facing front, back, left, and right in tune to music and you have beginner to advanced levels so you don't have to be captain coordinated when you first start! See if someone you know has it and try to borrow it first if you can. I thankfully borrowed it from a friend from church I had to let the young women WATCH me borrow it, but small price to pay to try before buying! Now I just look the fool in my own living room!..

Comment #30

Happy Friday everyone. The weekend is almost here. Tomorrow is my second weigh in and I feel a little nervous about it. I don't think I lost the amount of weight I had hoped for. I guess I will see for sure tomorrow morning..

Have a great day everyone...

Comment #31

Good morning,.

Just dropping in to wish everyone a great day. I have been toying with the idea of getting a WII for a while. I almost asked for one for Christmas but decided to ask for a new NICE set of non-stick pots and pans (much more expensive!).

Hubby bought me a great set. My Medifast pancake just slipped right out this morning! I will have to start saving up for one, they sound like fun!.

Have a good day all!..

Comment #32

Sorry, I haven't posted much. I work a full time job from 8-5 and then come home and do a contract job so my evenings and weekends are full. Just did my second week weigh in. Not as much as I had hoped for, but 2.5 pounds gone this week. On to week 3 - Good luck to everyone on their weigh ins this week -..

Comment #33

Be proud at 2.5 pounds!!! I've been stalled on the scale for almost four days. It hasn't moved. I've been weight training so I'm hoping it's that heavier muscle than fat scenario that's making it so. My carbs were still in range yesterday, but I'm trying to keep them in the 80-85 super fat burning range. I think I'm going to cut out eating the Medifast garden veggie crackers everyday with my soup and only eat them once in a while. I've been going over 64 oz.

And know I need to drink four or more of them..

Denise: don't be scared of the scale. I think to myself, if I don't lose any this week, there's always next week..

Happy Friday everyone! The hubs is coming back early from his work trip, so I'm delighted to get to see him this evening!..

Comment #34

Happy Friday Everyone!.

I have a Wii and I love it! I don't own DDR, but there are several dance games out there you can purchase. I own Just Dance, Michael Jackson The Experience, and Gold Gym's Dance Workout. The really get your heat pumping. None of these need any extra equipment add ons - just hold the controller and TRY to mimic what is happening on the screen. I tend to do this when no one else is around since I have NO RHYTHM and imagine I look like an over-stuffed scarecrow having a seizure..

I changed my weigh in day from Monday to Saturday. Weekends are HARD - I'm hoping this will help me keep in check and motivate me over the weekend. I'm really worried since I am heading into my bottomless pit PMS stage! I want to eat everything in sight when I hit this time of the month. The worse it is the more I want it! I'll have to keep busy or I see a hulk like scene where I rip the house apart looking for goodies to soothe the savage beast. Anyone else get like this during their TOM? Any suggestions to get through it? Speaking of TOM, I kept seeing this on the boards and thought who the heck is this Tom character everyone is yammering about? I'm slow. LOL.

Have a great day everyone!..

Comment #35

TGIF to the Melt Always. Sending good melting vibes to all who weigh in this weekend..

Just remember any amount gone, no matter the number is a positive move in the right direction. Even a stale - it means the scale isn't going up and we are doing the right things for our bodies and our health..

Dietwalker -Your stale could easily be from the exercise you are doing, that's not a bad thing, lean, tight muscles look awesome!.

Ckinella, you do sound like a busy woman. Keep your focus and drop in when you can. We will always be here for each other..

I am facing 3 restaurant eatings in the next week starting tomorrow night. I have already checked the menu on line and will get either the steak or salmon. The weight of it will be a problem, but will do my best to get it right. I will also ask for a doggie bag to be brought with the meal and cut off what I can't eat and put it in there so I don't overeat!.

Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail.

- these are times for my motto!!! The couple we are meeting will make it easy to stay OP - he's been on Medifast since August and has lost 80lbs!.

Drink, Eat and be Merry with MF!!!!!! Don't ever forget the reason you invested in Medifast and what you want; it won't happen in Week 1, 2, 3......we need to still be here with each other in Months, 1, 2, 3!!!!.


Comment #36

LOL Kellie on TOM! That's too funny! (We were posting at the same time earlier) I am still laughing on who this TOM fellow is..

I am one of those lucky ones - I will be 58 next week who said getting old is bad, I am loving some of the wonderful things we have to give up...

Comment #37

Kellie, which game is your favorite? I see really good consumer reviews for Just Dance 2. I'd like to try one. I belly dance some already, so my ocean gets in motion pretty well. ;]..

Comment #38

Hi Dove -.

I would go with Just Dance 2. Just Dance was the first one that I bought and it is alot of fun and has different levels of difficutly based on the speed of the song. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. Bust a move girl!..

Comment #39

Dove -.

I forgot to mention - I always wanted to try belly dancing, but of course umm didn't think it would be a very pretty sight! Did you go to a class or have a DVD you can recommend for me to try (with the blinds closed and the door locked)?.


Comment #40

Ugh, so it has been a long 24 hours. last night in the middle of dinner I had the feeling I was going to get a migraine. So I excused myself to get up and take something. I left my dinner half eaten on my plate and had to go upstairs and lie down. I ended up falling asleep and getting up at 5:20 this morning to get ready for work. I am glad I got the sleep (missed dinner and a Medifast meal last night), but my migraines are only caused by stressnot so good.

The past few days I have been on and off dizzy. I had the nurse at work take my bp today....didn't know it was supposed to go up while I am op...I was hoping to be off the meds, not need more! What I don't understand is that I am eating such low sodium??!?!?! I don't get it. She said in about a month I will likely be able to lower again, but that the stress at work is not helping with things right now..

I am looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow. If I don't see a change on the scale this week I am ok because my pants are not only too big, but almost too big to wear.

I am off to read and respond to everyone's posts now...hope you all had a great day...

Comment #41

KellieB you crackin me up with your stuffed scarecrow comment..

Melissa, your pants are too big! That's great. I wouldn't even care what the heck the scale said..

Today has been the first day Ive been really hungry all day. Usually, I might have a little hunger and then it would be time for another meal. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day..

I hope everyone has a great evening!..

Comment #42

When we listed our favorite foods and our worse I listed Hot Cocoa. Well that as ALL changed. I just made the greatest chocolate treat. Mixed the Hot Cocoa with 3 T water then added 1 tsp peanut butter. Dropped onto parchment paper on a plate into little dollops, so they were like bon bons!.

Okay I died and went to heaven!!!!..

Comment #43

Hi Everyone! I just had my second weigh in and I lost 3.8 pounds. 12.8 pounds in two weeks. I feel prettty good about that. I am going to try and get some exercise in this weekend..

I hope you feel better soon Melissa..

I am going to have to try ant Hot Cocoa now, Mercy. It sounds good the way you made it..

Have a great weekend everyone!..

Comment #44

Morning!! Hope you are going to have a great Medifast Saturday..

Melissa I hope you are feeling better..

Dietwalker, I know just what you mean about a Hungry day. I was teaching a class the other day with my stomach rumbling so loud the kids said something!.

Denise...great loss this week! whoohoo..

I am in South Carolina and we are supposed to have nice weather the next 5 days or so....I am ready for some sunshine and spring like weathereven if it does not last..

Have a great OP day...

Comment #45

Hello everyone!.

I missed a few days of posting but I have great news. I had my first week weigh in on Thursday and I lost 10 lbs..

Yeah! I think I can keep going. I have some water retention because of "that time of the month", but I will not be discouraged..

I'm glad to see everyone's successes and overcoming challenges. Thanks for posting it keeps me inspired and believing I can do it..

Have a great weekend, everyone...

Comment #46

Denise - Way to Go!!!!!! That is a great loss for 2 weeks..

Jomarie, enjoy the warm weather, I think this entire country is ready after this winter. Here in the midwest we are suppose to hit 54 by mid week, really unheard of in Feb. But we'll take it..

Medi - Congratulations. That's great news for you!!!!!.

I left one part off the Hot Cocoa bon bons. Once you put on the plate you need to freeze for an hour. OPPS. It's important step..

Another restaurant challenge tonight. But I have looked up their menu on line and have my plan in place..

I am a daily weigher and I just don't see big drops, so I am accepting that if I loose at least 3 lbs each week, I am going to be satisfied. Even though it's not the 6-7 that some experience slow and steady will be my route. It's going down and that is all that matters!.

I am worried we lost some of the Melt Aways when we moved! Calling all Melt Aways to join us!!!!..

Comment #47


I'm still stalled. However, my hubs has been gone for a week and when he came back he noticed a difference without me saying anything. He said, "You're wasting away!" And then, he grabbed my waist. I was happy..

I'm truly thankful for him. When I started gaining weight I tried to get rid of all my thinner clothes. He told me to keep them, that he knew I would get back to those some day. I think it might have had something to do with a few short skirts he liked in the pile, but nonetheless, I'm glad he did. I have five Rubbermaid containers in my garage. One box of size 12 with a couple of 10s thrown in there, Three boxes of size 14, and a box of size 16.

I remember in 2007 when I was losing weight, that I wouldn't buy anything new until I got down to where I wanted to be. I bought a lot of consignment and discount clothes and an once in a while a really nice dress. I was also lucky b/c my neighbor was working out with me and she was a size smaller. So when we'd both lose weight, I got the clothes that were too big for her. I didn't mind especially b/c she had good taste.

I'm excited to see those most!.

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you have something that motivates you!..

Comment #48

Good Morning Melters!.

Well I had my first OP day yesterday and it was very interesting. I rubbed hands like a mad scientist deciding what to try first and then second.. and then third. I'll blog all about it. Needless to say when I was done for the day, I was a happy girl. Now, I'm starting day 2 and I'm psyched as I could be.

Congrats on the losses and don't let the scale get you down! As we slide through the first month, we'll be taking measurements and takin' names. Those don't lie as the scale may torture with teeny numbers. I believe we can do it. Every bite tastes like summertime!..

Comment #49

I see we found a new home! Nice!.

Hi "Meltastics!" - Ladycroft, I'm lovin that..

I had much less loss this week, just 2.8 lbs. I'm thinking it may be because I.

Missed a Medifast meal.

Almost every day. Yikes! Watch out for that, everyone..

I've also heard that a good.

Night's sleep.

Is very important to the process? Can anyone confirm that has been true for them? I've been getting to bed late. Will have to try to hone my dieting sword this week!.

You guys have convinced me to go buy a.


Fit and all the exercise related products! Thanks for sharing your joys. I need to start doing something, besides watching Netflicks on my Wii..

Have a great OP week, all!..

Comment #50

Good Morning MELTASTICS! And yes it's still morning here in the Great Northwest....

So yesterday dh and I went out on our Valentine's date and I am proud to report I stayed completely OP! WOO HOO! I had Chili Cheesepuffs at the movie and we shared a diet coke, then at the restaurant we splurged and had Lobster and I had veggies with mine and iced tea. No dessert of course! So I made it!!! WOOO HOO!.

Jennifer - YES! I have noticed a big difference when I don't get enough sleep. If I get less than 8 hours I don't lose weight, and sometimes even gain a bit. However if I get enough sleep the next night then it evens out and I'll lose a little more than average..

Must go for now... kids need me, I'll have to come back and read through all the other msgs..



Comment #51

Cara- Good job on your Valentine's date. It is always a challenge when we go out to eat..

Jennifer- Congratulations on your weight loss. you did great. I do believe a good night's sleep is important to weight loss. I found myself skipping meals this week too. I need to do better with that and with my water..

Kellyann- You are so right. We can't let the scale get us down. I have to stop weighing myself so often because if I don't see the scale move I am afraid I might lose my motivation...

Comment #52

So glad to hear everyone is doing so well with the losses.

And to all with little losses or's okay and remember you're doing great!!.

I just finished day 6, and I'm feeling really good physically and mentally. I do have a question though.....should I weigh myself tomorrow or on Monday since I started on Feb. 7 (a Monday) How is everyone else doing it?.


Comment #53

This is not a rant, I repeat not a rant! Can anyone explain to me in small, understandable words why spices are limited? I honestly have never been sitting around with my girlfriends after a big binge eat at Chili's or something and said.

"Dang Sarah, I knew once I got into the parsley ya'll would never be able to get me back out.. why didn't you pull me back out? You KNOW my weakness is Oregano!".

Ain't nobody ever got fat on garlic.. Really?..

Comment #54

Here you are! I found this group once when exploring the website, asked to join, and then couldn't find it again. Is there a way to mark this spot? I'm technologically challenged...what is a thread, anyway?..

Comment #55

Fear not Fellow Melters I have not fallen off the face of the earth!.

I have been pretty busy to say the least. My car has been on the blitz and I had to use my mom's car for work this week, however that meant I had to take her to work first before I could start my day and end my day by picking her up from work. Don't get me wrong, I am thankful for the transporation, but it totally wore me out. My mom works 30 minutes from where I work. My friend came to check out my car today and thank goodness only needs to a tune up. He will be back Monday AM to due the tune up.

Last night I was pretty much out all night with a pt and family. Got home at 615am and fell in the bed. I didn't see the light of day until 1230pm this afternoon. The weather here in St Louis was gorgeous. 52 DEGREES!! Yes I am loving.

I am looking forward to my weigh in on Monday and too see what the good ole scale will say. I will tell you that I put on my jeans this afternoon and they are big in the waist and legs. Now thats a Great thing!.


: Good job with being OP for six days. You are doing AWESOME and it sounds like your reaping the benefits! My vote... Weigh on Monday..


: I have a WII as well as the DDR. I think it is a Blast. It definitely gives you a great workout. Give it a try. Just be careful, you might get addicted!.


: Good job with the weight loss this week of 2.8lb.


: Great job! 2.5 lbs gone is nothing to shake a stick at. I totally understand about not having a lot of time to post on the discussion boards. It sounds like your life is busy. Just remember that we are here for you..


: High Five on the 10lb weightloss. Way to go!!.


: Great job on the 3.8lbs that are gone Forever!.


: I have been wondering how your friend is that went to the ER? I hope he is doing better and is on the mend..


: How goes the increase in the water? Have you seen results on the scale due to this intervention?.


: Down 5.2lbs YIPEE!! Way to Rock the Scale. How did the eating out go tonight? Sounds like you have it under control with your planning ahead. Great job!.


: Way to go with the 3lb weightloss! Hang in there and don't get discouraged. I am sure the stale is do to your exercise. Just hang there and be patient. I am sure the scale will starting trending downward soon..


: How Exciting a New Home! Will you stay in the area you are presently living in or will the New Home relocate you to another state? I don't think your increase of BP is due to the Medifast plan. It sounds like the stress your under could be the culprit. I pray that the stress is lifted from you very soon and that God's peace would fill those stressful areas!.


: YAY... 2lbs gone FOREVER. Way to Go Girl!! I hope you were successful staying OP this weekend..

Giant Trainer.

: Welcome to our group!.


: Great job on getting through the first two days successfully OP! I hope it continues to go well for you. Remember to just take one day at a time and one moment at a time. You can do this!..

Comment #56


- Right?! I wondered the same thing about the spices. And the portions are so small! If I'm guilty of going off plan, it's probably with spices. I've been known to add onion powder, garlic powder, and pepper ALL to a single hunk of meat! Yikes! I wonder if it's the carb count? Or maybe it's just a way to keep us thinking about everything we add to our food and know that everything counts..


- Wasn't that a great feeling with the loose pants?! Buttoning my pants was my #1 goal (met on Thursday), and fitting into older pants is my next goal. Good luck with your weigh-in tomorrow. Sounds like you've already acheived some success!.

Look at.


The "losers" we've accumulated! Or sould I say "melters?".

Congrats to.


On their losses!!!..

Comment #57

Congrats to all the.


This week! Never thought I would be so happy to refer to myself as a big loser lol. I got on the scale yesterday and saw a.


-5.4 loss. I CAN do this!!.

I have been trying to get my bp under control. My Dr. changed my meds, but I am still having bouts of dizzinessalthough they are MUCH less. I will have the nurse check me again tomorrow and see what is going on..

I had a fantastic.

NSV last night.

We went out to eatit was even my suggestion. I read over on the eating out board that Outback Steakhouse was an easy place to tackle as they have lots of great L&G options. I had the salmon with steamed broccoli. It ended up being 5.3 ounces of salmon and about 4 ounces of broccoliYes I brought my scale with me, I know, I am a dork. I also had a side salad with Tangy Tomato dressing on the side, no croutons or cheese on the salad.

I am proud of myself. I don't usually like Outback, and will try this same meal at another restaurant!.


-Glad to see you back! Sorry you had a hectic week. Car issues can be tough. We were with one car for months and it was brutal. How has your friend been doing? I have been keeping him in my prayers..


-I agree. And someone will probably give me the evil eye for this, but I have not been counting condiments. The 10 drops of hot sauce (vs. the serving size of 3 Tbs!) or clove of garlic (that I don't actually eat) to cook my veggies in is not exactly what got me fat.

I will watch soy sauce and if I were eating ketchup, BBQ sauce or cocktail sauce I would probably be more worried because when I use ketchup I use A LOT....1/2 tsp would be enough for one bite!! Yikes, guess I will just stay away from it for now..

Ok, now I am off to read all the older posts from the weekend...will check back in later :0..

Comment #58

Melissa- Congratulations on your fantastic weight loss! You can do this....we all can!! I hope your BP shows improvement tomorrow..

Nicole- Good to see you back. Good luck with your weigh in tomorrow. It is a great feeling when the pants start to get loose..

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone..


Comment #59

Thought I'd put together a list of our most common posters, so we can have an overview of our group. I searched our old and new thread, but couldn't find all the data on some users. If you'll provide it in a post, I'll update the list..






Name, From.



Cathy, TX.



Cara, WA.



Denise, NY.



Denise, FL.



Tracy, __.



Barb, __.



Sharon, __.



Jennifer, TX.



Jomarie, __.



Kellie, OH.



Kellyann, The Dark Side.



___, the South.



Melissa, NJ.



___, the Midwest.



Nicole, MO.

Let me know if I got anybody wrong, and I'll fix ya...

Comment #60

I was looking at my weight lost since I started January 24, 2011. I am happy (Around 20lbs)I have ran into days where the scale tends to slightly move. I will take all the slightlys as long as it's going down!LOL I am very happy for your weight loss Jennifer. Thanks everyone for supportng eachother. We can do this one day at a time! Ciao!..

Comment #61

Lol!! Jennifer, you so crack me up! I didn't want to start a revolution with my march on the ban against spices, but I see and don't see the point. If you're talking about dressings or things that contain sodium or sugar, absolutely I agree. I also agree that we should be 100% mindful about what we put on our food. I *also* agree that if you allow this or allow that, where do you draw the line? So in a way, I understand it. I also see Medifast as a tool and not a solution. Anyway, that was my soapbox..

I'm also from Vermont, though I reign on the dark side and accept applications for acolytes constantly. We can always have more sarcastic like-me's ruling the world!.

At church today, one of my sisters baked a *huge* basket of heart-shaped cookies that were big as your hand outstretched, fingers and all.. I said "I can't" when I should have said "no, thanks" Today's lesson for me was about not looking the part of the martyr. I'm not suffering or dying because I'm consciously making a choice to become healthier. I feel worse (and hungry) when I feel like I'm deprived or depriving myself. When I make peace and feel positive about the change that I am making for myself, my family and my future, I feel full and content. It's seriously not easy.

And I mean ALL day. But, I really, honestly feel less hungry when I change how I think..

Good luck this week. We can do anything we put our minds to. I have first weigh in tomorrow. It's not a full week OP, but I always weigh on Mondays. Cross fingers, toes and eyes for me. I'll report in!.


Comment #62

Hey, Jennifer. Count me in!.

Bloomlk = Sally.

By the by, how do you get your ticker to display here? Also, is there a dictionary of frequently used abbreviations. I think I've figured some out, others are an enigma...

Comment #63

Welcome back BLOOM! Glad you found us!.

KellyAnn: Glad you could put those nasty, no-good-for-you, heart shaped, fat bombs down!.

I hope everyone is having a super Sunday. Last night was my V-day dinner since hubs had to leave again for work. I had tuna and double green beans. And NO cocktails, or wine. You have to understand that I just got back from Chile in July where we shipped back cases upon cases of wine. They are just sitting there.

When I was in Chile it was winter in July. When it became cold here in late October, my jeans that I wore in Chile became too tight! I also had a pair of black pants that I couldn't even pull up. Well, I wore them last night for V-day! And my jeans fit again! I'm happy about that...

Comment #64

Hey, all. Checking in. Glad to see everyone is either hanging in there or doing great. Nice job to those who have successfully navigated date nights/restaurants/early Valentine's Day dinners!.

So far, for we relative newbies, two "holidays" have been (or are being!) navigated (Super Bowl Sunday and V Day!).

I totally agree, LadyCroft, about the condiments (well, the spices). I think the hardest thing for me has been to limit myself to three a day. Especially when we are eating such plain, basic foods for the L&G. I think it has something to do with the carbs..

I seem to be in a bit of a stall that might now be lifting. I have been in a bad space about it and therefore avoiding posting, so as not to be Miss Grumble-butt and bring everyone else down! haha..

Nice NSV's too, guys!! Nothing like clothes feeling too big! (I think my pants are a little baggier, too, in the butt area; also, some blouses that were getting a little tight are roomy now)..

Dietwalker, I too miss drinking wine. I wasn't a huge drinker, but often had a glass or two during the week. I am drinking A LOT more tea..

I might need some support later this week. Emotional stress on my horizon. My only child, my baby boy (okay, well, he is 16 and taller than me), is getting on a plane to go to Arizona for the long weekend. He'll be visiting his grandparents. He is beyond psyched, and is not nervous about the trip at all. He's flown quite a bit, with his aunt and uncle.

I would normally try to comfort myself with some comfort food (read: junk) and I might need a hand to NOT do that!.

I wish you all a week of loose pants, declining scale numbers, no car troubles, and warmer/sunny days!.

Tammy from NY..

Comment #65

Good Morning Melt Aways,.

And Happy Valentine's Day!!! On my page, it says to stay away from those heart shaped boxes, they are only filled with guilt and regret. Did you know that only one piece of bread or one piece of cake can send you out of the fat burning zone and knock you out of ketosis! Would you rather have two itsy bitsy pieces of chocolate or a two piece itsy bitsy bikini???.

Stall is gone. But, like yawl said, I'm trying to not weigh everyday. I'm just looking forward to my Wednesday weigh-in!.

Tammy, I know it's scary to have your teen fly. I can't even see my oldest going to college next year and living on his own..

And he's applied to in-state schools! We are here to support you!.

If I don't get to check back in, I hope you all have a wonderful V-day filled with Medifast meals and non-food treats!..

Comment #66

Hey everyone, just wanted to report my loss before I head off to work. I'm very proud to report I lost 8.8 lbs!! Not as much as others, but great for someone with fibro and hypothyroidism IMO. So, I'm going to continue what I'm doing and let Medifast continue to work for me. Thanks for all the encouragement and support!!!..

Comment #67

8.8 is a great loss imo! If you'd told someone you gained 8.8 pounds, wouldn't they be consoling you right now? I'm celebrating for you, yo!.

So, I changed my ticker to represent what weight I've lost only on MF, even thought I'd lost 11 lbs just before. It looked a bit shady to me considering I'm on day four of MF! lol..

Biggest news? WI this morning. Day 4 for me as I just blabbed, but I weigh on Mondays..

4.5 lbs deleted forever!.

I won't be freaking out like this every week, but considering this is... day what everybody? Ima prance around the house today like the Queen of Sheba. I'm off to blog my wittle heart out...

Comment #68

Happy Valentine's Day - Sending you all a little love today for being here everyday to motivate me with your words of encouragement, stories and struggles. I truely appreciate it!.

Today I have been on Medifast for 2 weeks. I dropped 10 lbs the first and 7.5 this past week! It's working! I'm shrinking and feel absolutely fantastic both mentally and physically. I think finally doing something about my weight has really boosted my whole being. Who knows maybe some day I can get off these anti-anxiety and anti-depressant pills I've been taking for so many years..

When I started this I thought OMG how am I going to do this? Well guess what? It's not that bad and I actually love coming up with something great to eat for dinner (L&G) and not having to think about my other meals too much. I'm actually using my kitchen instead of just ordering out or getting fast food. I treated myself to few new kitchen gadgets this weekend to help me along the way - new hand blender and super nice indoor grill since I'll use them both pretty much daily going forward..

Congrats to all the losers this week! How great does that feel? Don't you wish they could bottle that? LOL Dietwalker - too true! So not worth it for those little sweets to get knocked out of ketosis! I LOVE sweets and thought I would struggle with that the most of MF, but shockingly no - it's the salty snacks I have been craving most. I need to order some Medifast puffs for those cravings..

Hope you all have an awesome week!..

Comment #69


Here's a critique on a few things I've tried lately:.

I just made my first shake cake. This was out of desperation of not really liking the strawberry creme shakes I received on my free week. I thought the strawberry creme would be like a strawberry shake flavor, but it is more like strawberry bubblegum flavor. I tried the recipe shown under the Strawberry Shake Cake Awesomeness thread, minus all the extra condiments like SF syrups. I also microwaved it for 60 instead of 90 seconds in a ramekin. It does turn into a cupcake with cake-like consistency.

I also tried the dark chocolate antioxidant shake as a shake. It was fantastic. Dark chocolate is usually synonymous with bitter so I didn't know what to expect. However, it's not really like dark chocolate but more of a richer chocolate. I will definitely reorder this one! I also got the lemon bars too which I really enjoy.

The top caramel portion is really tough like hard taffy. And I literally scratched the roof of my mouth trying to pull it apart. The caramel is also a tad to salty for my liking. I decided to order different bars on each order until I tried em' all...

Comment #70

I don't understand why Cupid was chosen to represent Valentine's Day..

When I think about romance, the last thing on my mind is a short,.

Chubby toddler coming at me with a weapon..

Happy Valentine's Day..

Comment #71

Mercy! Always there to crack me up!.

Dietwalker, congrats on the shake cake success. I'm in the minority who likes the strawberry shake, I'm glad you found a way to like it. I had the maple brown sugar oatmeal as cookies last night and literally shoved them down with a gulp of defaf hot tea to get them down. We really do have certain likes and dislikes!!.

Dark chocolate anything sounds awesome, thanks for the heads up. I used to eat lemon bars made by Luna Bars, has anyone had those and had the lemon Medifast bars for comparison? That would be amazing if they were similar. Sooo tasty!.

Kellie, I'm so 100% with you on the meds if I could even decrease my Lamictal, I'd compose a song and dance number and parade around the house. (Basically, if I left the house with it, I'd be in for a psych eval and therefore back on the meds.. no gain there..

) I'll be your support backup on that one!.

As far as Valentine's treats go today, I made myself a brownie and for the super treat part I put a teaspoon of peanut butter on it like it was peanut butter frosting. Was like getting away with something, I tell you. Plus it was extra protein (even if a teeny bit) and I haven't been the little-ist bit hungry since! Possibly psyched myself out, but it's working for me. Happy hearts day, Meltastics...

Comment #72

Congratulations to everyone!! It does feel good to watch the pounds drop, and so motivating to keep going. Last night was the second time since starting Medifast that I ate in the middle of the night after being faithful all day. When I can't stay asleep and I'm tired, I don't make good choices and can't think straight. It was a few soda crackers and a little peanut butter, and after that I finally fell asleep and stayed there. What's up with that? This morning, I was disappointed in myself. So today, it's back to the straight and narrow.


Comment #73

Ugghhhh.....Why do some people try to make things so complicated....I hate uncooperative and selfish coworkers. Phew, now that I got that off my chest....

JenniferThank you for putting together that list! It is such a help!.

Telaynea-Congrats on the 20 pounds!! You are awesome!! And welcome to the group..

Kellyann-Congrats on your 4.5 loss!! What great news!!.

SallyWelcome back to the group!!.

TracyIsn't it great to walk around with loose pants! You must be ecstatic! I hear ya on the wine. I really miss it. My fav time for wine is to have a glass while I am making/eating dinner. I have to say that that is one thing I truly miss.

Tammy-Miss Grumble Pants-don't stay away when that happens again, please?? We can handle it and we are there for you to help you get through it!.

DrewStubbsFanCongrats on your loss as well! -8.8 Wow!!.

Kellie- -17.5 totalAwesome!.

Hope this day gets better....can't get much worse from here..

One small victory though, I have a whole lotta chocolate on my desk right now from the students and I am not tempted to even look at or smell it..

Comment #74

You go, girl!! Thankfully, I only got one small piece of chocolate today. I was going to give it to my (very thin male co-worker) but I'd left it on my computer thingie and it melted it! I didn't think the surface would have gotten that warm. Chocolate melts easy, I suppose. So I just tossed it..

I think someone else just said here recently that it's not really the sweet stuff they miss, but the salty stuff. That's definitely me, too. Not that I would not LOVE to have something sweet and chocolaty, the things that I am having a hard time passing up are the salty and spicy stuff..

The shake cake might be something I should try. I don't mind the dutch chocolate shakes - I usually have two a day. I tried the dark chocolate shake but hated it. Maybe a shake cake would have been better. I sent the strawberry shakes back. I am not big on fruit-flavored anything..

Lady Croft, I thought that perhaps Medifast oatmeal was my cross to bear in this world, lol. I could not wait until it was all gone. I tried to eat it to get rid of it..

I have to say, I LOVE the mint chocolate crunch bars. I hated the two kinds of crunch bars that I tried (peanut butter and oatmeal) but I thought I would give the chocolate mint a try. Boy do I wish I ordered more than one box of those. They are almost gone already!.

Congrats to all those seeing the scale move and/or NSVs. The scale is finally showing me some love again (I really think I might have been out of ketosis for a few days. I didn't have the metallic taste in my mouth at all - and it had been really pronounced before. It's back now and the scale is moving on down. Yay. Just what I needed, too, b/c I was getting bummed about the whole thing..

Hang in there, everyone, to get through the rest of the night. I love the brownies with peanut butter. I usually make it that way (I just put a small dab of peanut butter in with the mix and don't cook it the full time. Yummy!)..

Comment #75

I can totally see that. I was not a big sweets person before MFcould usually turn down cookies and cake, but give me something salty and crunchy....that was my definite weakness.


These days to help with that!! I feel like so many of the Medifast shakes and bars are really sweet-must be why I am not missing that. I actually mix the shakes with double the water because it's just too sweet for me first thing in the morning..

I had my nurse check my BP before, and despite this morning's blow up with a selfish colleague, it was normal. That made me want to do a.

Happy dance.


Happy Valentine's Day All!!.

I am going to try a.

New chicken dish.

Tonight with minimal spices and condiments....will let you know how it comes out later. I figure with a salad and spinach, I am good to go!..

Comment #76

This has been the hardest day. The kids in my class brought me tons of candy. I think I got 5 large hearts and 5 small ones, plus a bunch of other candy. There was also Valentine's Day cookies. I really don't know how I did it, but I did not eat one piece of chocolate. I put everything in a bag and tied a knot in it and brought it home to my 18 yeard old son to share with his girlfriend. I am pretty proud of myself...

Comment #77

Kellie and Drew- great job on your weight loss..

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!..

Comment #78

Boy miss a couple days posting to this active group one can loose site of everything. First off congratulations to all the great losers - Kellie, Kellyann, Telaynea and Sharon. Hopefully, I didn't miss anyone. I apologize if I did. Everyone is melting so fast (just like our snow)!.

Jennifer, thank you so much for the list - this is wonderful. I was trying to keep track myself but was struggling. I guess I should fill in a couple missing blanks on me. My name is Gloria and I am in Iowa. My nickname is more like screaming MERCY I am going to be 58 on Thursday..

Tammy - We will be thinking of you this weekend when your son flies. Once he is settled in there safe and sound you will be calmer and can enjoy some pampering time. Today is they day.....P & C's reported!!!!!!.

Tracey - I so relate to your tubs of clothes. I had so many that I hadn't opened for years. When we recently moved, I got rid of everything! So now I have only what I wear now and a few more clothes of a size down. So it's a big shopping spree for me once the lbs. start dropping..

Cara and Melissa- way to go on eating out! It's a challenge, but you know it's a new life style we are going to adapt so the sooner we learn to make good choices the better we will be. Your both on the right road!.

Bloomlk - maybe if you find you need to eat in the middle of the night you eat a Medifast bar, maybe it won't be a set back for you..

Nicole - glad your car problem will be taken car of. Don't worry about coming all the time to check in, we will be here whenever you find the time..

Denise - way to go on the candy. You rock!.

I hope I am not missing anyone!.

I did eating out 100% again on program Saturday night and was quite proud of myself too. Tomorrow night we are going out again, Thurs I am meeting friends for lunch and Friday my daughter is having a birthday dinner for me. I have a very challenging week ahead, but I put down the ground work on all of the outings so hoping I am survive. When we want something bad enough the decisions are easier!!!!!!.

Keep melting - this warmer temps here are making me think gardening and I want to be able to bend easier!..

Comment #79

Kelli I first took bellydance as a community ed class. It is so fun! I still take a class a couple times a year. It helps with balance and makes me feel very feminine and powerful. It's pretty and you get to wear fun jingly hip wraps. It's more fun as a group than just with a DVD. Give it a try!..

Comment #80

Tammy, I'll have to try the chocolate mint bars next. I did like chocolate ones. Did you have to pay for shipping to send the shakes back? I'm curious, if I choose to send something back..

Sally, today is another day! Stay on plan with us! If you like soda crackers, try the Medifast snack crackers. I like em'!.

Melissa, please let us know what your new chicken recipe is. Always looking for new L and G, even this early in the game..

Queen of Sheba a.k.a. KellyAnn, I need to try PB on my brownie, if I haven't eaten a pickle or snack cracker yet..

I'm glad everyone avoided the chocolate fat bombs today. I told everyone ahead of time, NO CANDY for me. You know what those little conversation hearts should say: SUGAR PILL, I LOVE SUGAR, QT NOT, I HEART CALORIES. Another holiday down, ladies! I dread Easter though. I do love some Easter candy. Must stay away!..

Comment #81

Easter!! OMG! I just bought new Easter baskets too! That just reminded me! I can't wait until the bunny brings me more shakes! Ooh, Bunny thank you! It's soft serve! Hop yer butt outta here quick before I get ahold of you!..

Comment #82

Sitting here eating a plate of Bon Bons ~~~~ Actually made of Hot Cocoa. they are so tasty and if I make a size that I have about 8 of them plus I can get a huge glass of water down with them..

So this chickie doesn't feel deprived this Valentine's Day at All!..

Comment #83

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you. Today was a good day, not just on program but also getting things done around the house that I've been putting off for too long. A good day, and I'm grateful for it!.


Comment #84

Bon Bons, nice. I don't see how anyone feels deprived of chocolate on this diet with several types of chocolate shakes, hot cocoa, 3 bars with chocolate in them, chocolate mint soft serve, brownies, chocolate chip pancakes, and chocolate pudding! Am I forgetting any? Actually, I ordered less chocolate stuff this time..

I hope everyone is having a happy Tuesday! Today, I started off with cappuccino with a splash of black coffee and pancakes mid-morning..

Off to log food and exercise and drink water.....oh, and melt away.......

Comment #85

Good morning all!.

Congrats to everyone that was able to ward off all fat-full chocolate yesterday. I agree with Tracythere are a lot of chocolate options on here..


-COngrats on eating out OP again! I love to eat out and can't wait for a time when we can do it without me worrying the whole time about what I will have, etc. I can't wait to see the garden again as well!.


-so glad you got lots of things done in your house! I need to jump on board with that!.


-I am not going to share the chicken bust IMO.

I ate it, but won't make it again!.

I am SOOOO excited about all the P.


On here. I have to say that I am equally excited about the.


I am starting to see grass poke out in a few areas!! And curbs!! Haven't seen one of those in months now!! I can't wait to be gone with all of this snow and get outside!!..

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Mercy, please tell me about the bon bon recipe. Chocolate is the food of the gods; I don't think I can get too much of it! Thanks!..

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Oh my!!! I had a.


Today!! The.


Are SOOOO much better when cooked in the.


I keep seeing that people really like them but never saw the great attraction...they were just ok to me. Well, I took one to work today and ate it at lunch. We don't have a microwave at home, so I have been cooking them in the toaster oven. Well, I had no idea what I had been missing!!! It was awesome! I added more to my order and will be making them at work form now on.


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Hope everyone had a great Tuesday. I had my annual evaluation today and it went great! I am glad it's over and don't have to worry about another one until next year..

The brownies are one of my favorites, Melissa. I want the bon bon recipe too, Mercy..

Well, I am off to make my and green beans...

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The bon bons are so easy and I love them. I wasn't a fan of the Hot Cocoa until this..

1 pkg. of Hot Cocoa.

3 T water.

1 tsp peanut butter.

Mix water and Hot cocoa add peanut butter. Drop onto wax paper covered plate in dollops. (I try to make about 8, because I am into quantity). Freeze for an hour....

Oh and don't forget to lick the spoon and bowl, can't waste a drop of it!.

Great way to get another big glass of water down too..

Headed out to dinner again tonight. We haven't socialized this much the past 6 months I go on a diet and all of a sudden we have gotten more invites than I really want to deal with. We are going to a steak house that has a fantastic salad bar, so I will be okay. Then home to my vanilla pudding..

Tomorrow is weigh in for me - I am not seeing large numbers, I guess I am going to be one of those slow losers, as long as it is steady I am okay with that. Having weigh in tomorrow will keep me faithful tonight!..

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Ha! Denise, I had fish and green beans for dinner too!.

Melissa, I always microwave mine for 55 minutes instead of the full time. It makes my brownie slightly softer..

Barb, I've enjoyed a couple of belly dancing workouts. It really works the arms too!.

Tomorrow is my weigh day. I am glad we are here supporting each other. I'm pretty impressed with Medifast so far. I think I'm going to try Gloria's vanilla shake with diet creme soda. I bought a six pack of it over the weekend. The teens like the diet creme soda too. Well, I'm off to fold laundry......

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Don't forget, new thread tomorrow....who ever posts first, feel free to start!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.