Medifast Diet? is it possible to lose a stone in month?

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My question is Medifast Diet? is it possible to lose a stone in month? Thanks for any answer. My other question... Morning!!.

I swear Patti you cracked me up with this statement " I am so bloated, too many carbs, I swear it's like I put a tire pump up my kazoo and pumped away! ".


Here's to a new week in the new year. Off to Columbus midday today for a meeting then back to the work gig tomorrow. Tonight the Total Body "hit" at the gym begins....I'm really not looking forward to it but then again what else do I have to do?!.

Have a great day girls!!..

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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Morning Girls! RED!!!! So good to see you! So glad that you are coming back with us daily to chat!.

Charly you know you love that's in your blood. I've come to the conclusion that unless I at least walk a few miles a day, I'm doomed. Did show a loss on the scale this morning, so that's a good thing. As long as it's moving down and not up again..

It's freezing here, frost on the snow though! Thank you Lord!.

Well, I'm outta here for now! Have a good one, stay safe and warm..Patti stay cool! Monica you are a warm/cool person. LOL Never know with that NM weather..

Talk with you all later......

Comment #2

Morning RED!! Morning Ali!!.

Well here WE ARE!!!.

WOOHOO - I seen this quote this morning and it so suits all of us: "No one can go back and make a brand new start. Anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.".

Red - I've done nothing but clean/organize for the last couple of weeks. It's all put together and put away (I do disgust myself). I've nothing more to do today then to go to my meeting and to get my bootie kicked at the gym..

Ali - Cardio is huge for me as well and a big piece of the picture. However I have learned that cardio alone for me doesn't work and that just makes me wanna grind my teeth. I did prove you wrong though, you never seen me come on here in the last 2 weeks and tell you I was bored....seems there was always something to do (LOL).

So.......time for breakfast, shower/powder and puff, get my snacks ready for the road. I dislike these meetings. I was trying to remember the last time I was in the office and you know it's been a year!!! (LOL) so love the "I do the work, you leave me alone and you drop that check in my account BUT if you shoot me a bonus be sure to let me know that via phone" (ROFL).

Wow, looks like I got that 'babble' flow rolling(LOL)..

Comment #3

((((RED)))) Great to see you again, you have been missed.

Nothing much here, just cold as a witch's boobie in a brass bra, bosses water is frozen, but will have to wait for a thaw to see if any lines are busted. At least he is out of town for now..

It's a whooping 26 here now, but the wind is blowing and I forgot my coat.

I thought I had a jean jacket in the car but apparently I took it out, so will have to survive the day with my heavy duty flannel jacket at least I have that which is almost like a light coat. I wore it over my tshirt today because BD class is usually freezing till we get good and warmed up..

And that's pretty much as exciting as my life will be today LOL..

Comment #4

Heya Monica!! Good to see you too! And Ali! I love you guys!.

It got chilly willy this morning here too.. it was in the 60's yesterday! go figure.. just in time for the kids to wait outside for the bus. LOL!.

The pups is all nice clean and de-haired..LOL! I need to run to the commissary here soon and get more L&G foods. all my chicken is frozen so something not so rock hard will do for tonight..LOL!!!.

Monica, I hope you stay warm today... you cracked me up with the witches boobie in a brass bra bit..ha ha ha!.

Ali.. yay for your loss! And I am glad it didn't snow over there. =D. to get the goods!..

Comment #5

Happy Monday Friends!!!.

Charly - Send a little of that exercise mojo my way please!!! Good luck with the meeting!.

Red - So nice to see the photo of you and "The Pea" when I logged on today!.

Monica - Thank heavens for flannel... Hope you warm up soon!!!.

Ali - Congrats on the loss!.

Patti -Wavin at you!.

NA - Hope you and Roger are both well!.

Mom & I just got home from the hair salon...It's amazing what a good haircut & dye job does to give you a lift!...Mom's holding her own...using the oxygen a bit more but otherwise unchanged..

I too am tired of my clothes not fitting...I bit the on the scale...I've gained 27 lbs since my lowest weight.

...I'm not sure if I'll do Medifast again...I joined WW online...I haven't started yet...just getting acquainted with the plan...while I purge the house!.

Looking forward to getting back in the swing of things again!...xoxo..

Comment #6

((((SANDY)))) ((((SANDY"S MOM))))) Good to see you too sweetie. May have to check out the WW myself, let us know how it goes. I'm bound and determined to lose 20 more but nothing I do seems to make a difference. But looking at it I guess I can not complain too much about holding my own for the last almost 3 years.

Not getting much done today, it's going to be hard to work a full week LOL..

Comment #7

Holy SH**!! Just got back from the gym a bit ago......class is called Total Body "HIT" and I'll be danged "HIT" is putting it mildly..........will most likely be installing bars on either side of the toilet so I have something to help me sit down and stand up..............totally confused...I've done this, have been doing this...........large aspirin bottle in my future.........

Hi Sandy!! Love you!!..

Comment #8

LOL Charly! I'm sorry for your future pain.. it's gonna hurt to even think about sitting on the toilet, I'm sure! HA HA! But I am stoked for the results it will bring! =D.

Sandy, good to see you! Love to you and your mom!!.

I am ready for bed! see you all in the morning!.


Comment #9

Hi Dear Friends...I am finally back to my good people..

I have been to Seattle, Boston, Seattle, home and busy busy. Sorry I have not been around..

I pray that you all have wonderful Christmas times and a great New Years..

We have a new puppy as you all know and I am as tired as a new mother. LOL This was a lot easier at 35 than it is at 70, but so worth the loss of sleep..

Here are pictures of Sage. You don't have to be on FaceBook to see them either..

Http:// a.

Cora has been here with us, actually she got here 5 days before I got home. She helped Roger decorate the tree and get things moved around to make the house safe for a silly puppy. She leaved tomorrow night (Tuesday) and I sure will miss her..

I didn't get any Christas Cards out this year, having to leave much earlier than I expected...but I appreciate the ones I got from you..

Kellie and I had a good time in Boston but it was so blasted cold and windy, we didn't do much outside. We did get to the Wayside Inn for a nice lunch and then took a train into Boston one day and rode one of the tour trolly busses to see the sights. We both think going back in the early Summer would be a good idea, lots to see and do when the weather is warmer..

Sage did great on the trip home....10 hour on planes, over night in motel in Seattle, 7 hour drive part way home and another motel, then final leg home. She was so tired she slept ALL night that first night..from 10 PM to 3 AM, potty time and then back to sleep until almost 7 AM..

But it has been down at 11 PM, up at 3 and then up again for the day at 5 ever since. Somehow I have to change her time clock...5 is just too early for me. LOL.

Nothing much else to tell you. We have had lots of snow and it was a beautiful White Christmas for us all. We had freezing fog today and all the trees were covered with hoar frost and it is like a fairy tale land when that happens..

I'll go back and catch up with all the missed posts and be back in form..

Hugs, NA.


Comment #10

RED - is so good to see you back here. I have so missed your bright and fun notes and hearing about 'The Pea'. And look at how good you are doing on the don't have much further to goal. Good for you..

Prayers for Ryan and his safety and that of his buddies too. And thanks for being a great military wife and supporting him. The military families serve just like those away..

CHARLY - I love that saying and it is so true. I am going to type this out and put on my and Roger's mirrors..

So, Total Body Hit is worse than Boot Camp? Wow, it must be totally Baaaad. But I know you are up to it and will shine...

Comment #11

SANDY, my first message got lost so I'll try again..

I am so glad to see you online and want you to know that you and your Mom have been in my prayers daily..

Let us know how the WW goes...they are a good program and pretty easy to follow from what I hear. NA..

Comment #12

MONICA - I hope the water is turned OFF at the bosses house....I can just see flooding all over the place..

How are the BD classes going? Are you still enjoying them? How are the puppers and kitties?..

Comment #13

Week of 12/27 to Jan 2.

MONICA - Thank you for posting Sage's picture for me..

ALI - She will be well loved but not spoiled. I have been a dog trainer for 45 years, so she will be so good she could visit the White House. LOL.

I'll have to read further back to find out why our car need repairs. I assume you are OK and not hurt..

I hope your insurance company is successful in their subrogation and you get your deductible back..

PATTI - I so hear you on fancy phones. I want simple and fast. No texting, no apps, just plain phone calls thank you. LOL.

FEDEX VS UPS: I am cracking up here with this discussion. FedEx hates to come out here, so they are a little surely when they arrive. But sometimes they get busy and rent little vans and hire extra people. The lady who does our area is a kick and she loves the country deliveries...she likes to look at the crops and animals..

But I LOVE my UPS guy. He has been OUR GUY for ever and he has a standing order from us, in writing, that he can leave things in our pump house if we are not home. He puts a little "sorry I missed you" note on our door and no one knows that he didn't take the package back with him, but that lets us know we have something in the pump house..

NEW YEAR'S EVE: Well, we all stayed up until midnight.....NYC time. LOL We watched the ball drop, had a glass of sparkling cider and went to bed...

Comment #14

I cannot seem to get any further than the end of the year on the IF anything earth shaking happened between the 15th and the 27th, let me know. NA..

Comment #15

Morning Girls!.

NA, so glad to see you safely back at home! It's always so much "fun" when a new pet arrives. LOL Those early hour "I need to go" trips are the best! We were so lucky that our dog never wanted to go out or even get up until he heard footsteps and then he was waiting at the bottom of the stairs into the rec. room. We had him trained to stay in the downstairs part of the house. He was such a wonderful pet!.

Monica...put the coat back in the car before you end up with pneumonia! Have you gotten that phone back up and running yet?.

Sandy, I'm doing the Points much different than the old points system. I just have to watch how many carbs I put in my mouth. Couldn't get over the fact that you don't have to count fruit any longer. I love WW but it's a very slow process..slow but sure!.

It's so nice to see you back posting again..we have missed you!.

Red, so nice to see you back online with us. Always love the stories about Natty and school. She's grown so much..

Patti hope you're staying cool with your warmer temps, wish we had some of that up here..

Well the car was supposed to go in yesterday for the repair didn't. Seems they are having a tiny issue finding a replacement liftgate that is in better shape than the one I have on there. Because my car is 6 years old, they don't manufacture new ones so they can only get them from a junk yard. Nice huh? Pay all that money for car insurance to be hit by someone with crap insurance and I end up with junk yard parts. LOL Oh and in yesterday's mail I get an advertisement from a "ambulance" chasing law firm about my accident. Wanting to know if I wanted to hire them to get what I had coming with my injuries.

I took the letter into my insurance co yesterday and my agent said it was the first time in 32 years of selling insurance that one of his clients ever came in with one of those letters. Only me!.

OMG, what a windbag I am this morning.. Charly you tire me out just thinking about what you do at the gym. If I did 1/4 of what you did, my derriere would fit in my pants better..

Have a great day later!..

Comment #16


Ali - ok, I'm with you on them finding parts at the junk yard, how odd, guess I never realized that would be the path they would have to take. I'd be in the same position with my Jeep as it's an '03'..

NA - glad to see you back and feel your pain with the odd hours of the new pup. Little Charlie is doing well and enjoyed Christmas tremendously. Yesterday was the very 1st time that he had been crated during the day while I was away from the house. He spent 6 hours there, no accidents and was rip/raring to go all evening yesterday..

Morning Red, Sandy and Patti!.

So I get up out of bed this morning and NO PAIN!! Isn't that awesome of course I'm not crazy enough to think I'm out of the woods, it's still well within the 24-48 hr time frame for that to show up. Food went well yesterday (day 4) so I'm well on my way again......

Back to work for me today and that's a good thing as I cannot clean/organize anymore around here.........time to put the New Year into full drive and bring it to total life..

Have a good day..........xo..

Comment #17

Good Morning.

NA I never rally wanted much from a phone either, then I got texting and was amazed at how easy it made things (not too good on the text typing though lol) then the boss gave me this phone and I'm loving it, swyping is the ONLY way to text LOL (you don't type the letters you just move your finger from letter to letter and lift it for a different word) plus having the internet on it made it easy to see just what happened at the train station (it was running on a weekend schedule so we were a little early for the train and the depot wasn't open).

I'm sure Sage will be a very well behaved spoiled baby.

I saw all those toys..

My babies are all doing very well, need to get little ones fixed soon though. Dexter is just a trip, nothing gets to that cat, I think he is 6 months now and already a good10 pounds, he's going to be a monster.

BD is gong OK, but I'm not sure how much longer I can continue. I can't seem to do anything without hurting myself. ie the arthritis in my back and my right hip which has given me problems for years. When I first started they seemed to loosen up, but now it hurts to do some moves. We are trying to loosen me up but I don't know. I'll continue until the summer at least, we have a couple of small programs going right now..

OK best get moving.

HUGGS to all..

Comment #18

Good Morning Ladies!!.

I am tired this morning! I did NOT want to get out of bed.. and I could tell it was the same for the Pea too...the first week back to school is always like this.. getting back in to the swing of things takes some time. I am happy to say that at least her schoolwork is not suffering, it seems like it may have revved her up yay for that!.

It's frosty and icy out this morning, and I am enjoying a second cup of coffee. My beloved Golden French Toast flavor is back in stock (seasonal coffee flavor) so I'll be loading up the pantry with cases of it to last me through out the year. YIPPEE!.

NA, glad to see you too!! Sage sure is a cutie pie! My sister had a puppy golden retriever and Sage reminds me of him. I love how they look like little polar bears when they are little.. hee hee! Say hi to Kellie for me, and I am glad you are back and everyone is getting back into their routine.. sounds like a really fun trip you had..but I don't envy all the driving..

Ali, what a frustrating situation! As if just having the accident isn't a pain in itself. I don't know about that ambulance chaser law firm... I had a friend go through one of those before, all promises and she had to beg for money. I don't know if it ever got taken care of completely. If they don't have insurance in the first place, there's a good chance they don't have money for anything else. Even if a court "makes" them pay.

(lol!) In any case...I hope that your car gets fixed soon!.

Monica, LOL about the texting and swyping. swiping? LOL...I've seen but haven't tried it.. and the people I know that have it love it. I have to say I was pretty damn happy when I FINALLY got a phone with a full QWERTY. Although it took me at least a week to stop texting"222...3...44...88...777" LOL!!! I'm sure you know what I mean! And then I had to build up my thumb muscles and dexterity to keep up.. HA HA!!! And for the life of me I have been trying to figure out what BD if you don't mind..maybe you can solve that mystery for me..

I'm sorry that though that you are still having trouble with being hurt..

Charly.. LOL.. girl, it's waiting in the wings...I swear I can almost feel it coming on. LOL!!I sincerely hope not, though. hee hee!.

Hope everyone has a great day today! It's quiet here..going to enjoy the silence.=)..

Comment #19

ALI - In most states, the accident reports are public knowledge and these types of law firms have someone on staff whose job it is to ferret out possible clients..

Glad you like the WW. I know a lot of people who have been very successful with it. I was going to do WW when Kellie asked me to do Medifast with her. And I might start WW myself. It is one method that is easy to use when traveling and you don't have to find places for months of packets either...

Comment #20

LOL Red I was ecstatic when I got a qwerty keyboard, that's when I really started texting, it wasn't much fun with the #'s and I never really got the hang of it. I really really like the touch phone and free is always a plus (work provided phone, but he does want me to pay 20 a month LOL maybe maybe not.


BD is Belly Dancing I took it up a little over a year ago. I love it and the other girls are great, but the last few months my body is not liking it at all. My teach is trying to help with the pain, but it seems to me it's the repetitiveness of the movements that is causing me problems. So along with the fact that I'm not really good at BD I've been in a funk with it for awhile. We are doing drumming now which I can do OK (at least the base rhythms) so I can still participate. Teach is talking about quiting after this year and I don't think I will continue, I have no desire to preform but I don't mind the working up to it...

Comment #21

Monica, I'm with you I hated texting when it was just the #'s...and I couldn't stand my friends that always sent me texts...LOL!!! Then I got a QWERTY and all was right in the phone/texting world again. LOL!!! Belly Dancing sounds fun and I'm sure a good workout. That's too bad it is not doing good for your bones..

Drumming sounds really fun though! I hope you find something to get you in your rhythm again! =D..

Comment #22

What is happening 'round here??? Just a bit of tenderness at the hip-flexors and that's about it, nothing happy..

Heading out for the hellforsaken cardio on the road. Too cold/windy for it but it's better than driving all the way to town. Nothing 80lbs of warm clothing can't take care of. May take a bit longer too with all that extra clothing but I've nothing else on my calendar. My Ohio State Buckeyes play in the Sugar Bowl tonight and though I've no intention of seeing the entire game (I need my beauty rest) at least it will be some entertainment for the evening (as if dodging cars on the road out here isn't entertainment enough!!)).


Comment #23

Go Charly!! so how r the buckeyes doing so far?..

Comment #24

As Fat Albert used to say " HEY, HEY, HEY!" LOL.

Well AOL just about put me on the Funny Farm, could not sign on for the last.

2 days, well I could sign on but I kept getting a message I didn't have access.

To most sights, finallly I shut it all down, fooled around with the controls, uninstalled..

Reinstalled, and here I am,,,,,Lordy, I am too old for this nonsense! LOL.











Comment #25

Morning girls!!.

The Buckeyes brought in the victory. I only know this because Rob left me a post it note by the coffee pot telling me. I awoke at 11:00p and did a score check, and it was looking good (during 3rd quarter). I snuggled back into bed, said a little prayer for them and was back asleep in no time. We win, 31-26 WOOHOO!!.

Patti - sorry to hear about the ankle. Amazing how horrible it can make you feel when one part of your body doesn't want to play anymore. Feel better and keep an ice rotation on it..

Morning to all of you, Ali, Sandy, Monica, Red, Ms. Natty and NA..

Calf muscles are tight this morning, cold air on muscles is tough to take at times but I'm not much of a 'stretcher' before starting anything (LOL) like I don't have time or something (LOL). A friend of mine called yesterday, blast from the past, I really enjoyed talking to him. We were very close at one time, back in the day I wanted his life cause. Sure brought back a lot of memories.........a lot of memories. 'Nuf said...........

Yesterday's return to work wasn't hateful, wonder why???? hope today is a pleasant repeat!!.


Comment #26

Morning Girls!.

Ewwww, Charly....

You run in the cold, freezing weather and I can't even run when it's 70 outside. I'm just pathetic with that stuff! I can run on the Wii Fit! LOL Wish I could run but that dang leg with the artificial hip is almost and inch shorter than my other leg and it just knocks my entire balance off. Doesn't help with the limp either..

Patti..Carbs are my enemy and the new WW plan is more geared toward MF. You just have to decide if you want to use more points for a carb infused food. I know it will be a slower loss but half of my problem with Medifast was the flippen restrictions of not being able to eat the things that I missed. When I did start to eat them, I couldn't stop, hence the wieght gain..AGAIN! Sandy you are not alone on that one. Don't get me wrong, I love MF, and I love my results but this yo yo thing I have going on with it has to end. I lose 45, I gain 40, I lose 44, I gain...20! I always thought I was a bread and potato person..turns out I'm a sweet person.

Other than that..Hello Monica, Red, Sandy, Mom and Natty too! Have a great day's a cold one here and they are talking snow. Arrgghhh!.

Be back later.....

Comment #27

Good Morning Ladies!!.

The Buckeyes won! Charly, I was so excited for you when I saw that this morning. =D.

Glad you aren't feeling too sore.. you crack me up with the no time for stretching! Happy you enjoyed your blast form the past phone call... Those are nice to get every once in awhile..

Patti! =D Good to see you!!! The horse show sounds fun! Although Boo to the ankle! That's no good. LOL thank goodness you got the AOL working right again..

Ali, hope you don't get the snow again! I've been thinking about your shorter leg due to the arti. seems counter productive to me that they would let it be like that...wouldn't that make it harder on your hip to be ...well, lopsided? I mean if you aren't walking evenly..doesn't your hip have to go up and down too? I'm just thinking about the injustice of that....

As for me, it's cold and frosty out...and it's a short school day for the Pea... they get out early on Wednesdays. So I better get to it. I don't like to run errands after she gets home..

Have a great day everyone!!..

Comment #28

Translates to 'I don't want to take her with me on errands'.


Comment #29


Red - I was happy about their win as well, too cool! Seems as if it was truly a last minute game..

Ali - I'm with Red, 'explain it to me'.

Monica - Sandy - Patti - NA............where you girls at???.

Me? Headed out the door to do my miles while not becoming road kill fodder and yeah, I think I'll give me a good stretch beforehand (LOL)..

Comment #30

I just made a brownie, and I added a 1/2 TBSP of PB2 (dry) and only cooked for 1 min. I have to say.. pretty damn delicious. Like a real brownie, although I didn't really taste the PB. damn good though. =D.

I waiting on my chicken to finish cooking...I boil the split breasts until the meat falls off the bone and then I shred for meals for the next few tasty! tonight is stir fry!! my FAVORITE! I can't wait!!.

The Pea is playing wii with a friend from down the street and I am doing was a.

Good day... even got to get my favorite coffee today.. limited edition.. it's only out for 2 I have to stock up. yippee!!.

Charly.. glad you are stretching!! And be careful out there! Say, have you ever used one of those foam rollers?.

Hurts so good!!..

Comment #31

Hey Red - Cngrats on snagging the coffee!! I chicken is one of my faves. I gotta have a 'chunk' to get in a good chew (LOL) Never heard of the foam roller.......enlighten me please. Heading out the door now and will be back..........still daylight and gotta grab that plus do this before Rob gets home. He gets his dander up when I use the road outside...I tell him not to worry that I'm good at giving the universal sign of love when someone gets to close to me in a car (note, I am ALWAYS on the opposite side of the road but the seem to wanna make a game of it).............

Comment #32

Foam roller is about 2-3 feet long and oh.. 8 inches wide maybe.. it's kinda hard, but it squishes slightly... anyhow.. you use it to roll out your muscles.. get the knots out...

I made Ryan do it once, and I swear he almost cried. HA HA.. but he NEVER stretches. Naughty boy! But now, after reading all the good news about stretching from his CrossFit buddies, he stretches regularly, AND he bought his own foam roller.. HA HA!.

Anyhow..sometimes you have knots you didn't know you had, this thing finds them and gets them out. I use it on my back on the time. Cheap substitute for a deep tissue massage. LOL!..

Comment #33

Ok my post for this morning must still be sitting on my computer at home LOL I'm so easily distracted..

Nothing much going on here, same ole, boss on a tear , no money yada yada LOL.

Red that roller sounds interesting.

Ok back at it, kiddo and I are doing taco salads tonight, not strictly OP but close enough as I"m almost done will all my food and have been transitioning off, with a grand total weight loss of...............................................n ada.

Once again grains took me back up to 187 but guess I'll be happy hangin there, at least I know I can maintain this weight LOL.

Probably time to check out WW myself see what it's about..

Have fun ladies..

Comment #34

That roller gig sounds interesting but you know what, I wouldn't use it, I know me...........

Red - have you tried buffalo burgers yet? I hooked into those and OMG I love them!! There is a buffalo ranch about 10miles from here and she has a store........pricey but worth it. Of course I'm hoarding them because they are expensive and I don't have to share with Rob cause he wants no part of it...........go figure (LOL)..

I'm back and done with my busted. Rob came home from the direction I go, he must have been spying on me, he won't admit to that though. Gave some lame excuse for coming home that way...

Comment #35

Monica.. taco salads sound delish!! I do a version with chicken or steak and use crushed san marzano tomatoes (from the can) with cubed cucumber and shredded lettuce. MMM MMM! no shell but, it's all the same. LOL! Let me know how you like the WW. I am interested in everyone's points of view..

Charly.. you are cracking me up! Yes, buffalo burgers are sooooo good! unfortunately they are on the more expensive side, so they are a treat.. same with elk burgers! HAve you tried those? oh man. I could live on elk and never eat a cow again. I'd have to move back to Montana for that though. lol!.

Well look or inquire about the foam roller at your gym..just to try it out..

Hee hee!..

Comment #36

Evening Ladies!.

All is well here, ankle is much better, I did the ice, elevated and then wore this compression sock, can actually walk like a normal person again..

I like turkey burgers, even ate a black bean burger over the holidays..

Haven't touched red meat in 10 years so I would have to pass on the.

Buff. burgers, but I have heard they are tasty..

I watched 4 espisodes of NCIS today, addicted to that show! LOL.

I need a life. I am not much on TV watching, they all irritate me..

Glad everyone is doing well, moving along into January..

We had great weather today but cold weather is coming back.


Got dishes to do, be good, sleep well everyone!..

Comment #37

Hey Patti - glad to hear the ankle is feeling better! Hey you can be a tv junkie once in a while, I like to watch it too sometimes and totally zone out!!.

Red - I'll ask them at the gym and see if they are aware of it, I've not seen anything like that there. Never had it as pricey as the buffalo burger?..

Comment #38

I'm honestly not sure. I would assume yes. We've either had some given to us (it's a lot of meat when you hunt for it yourself) or at our local Fuddruckers, they have elk burgers. Also Buffalo and Ostrich. All good! But they are like 7 or 8 bucks for the burger..

So it's definitely a treat..

Patti, glad to hear the ankle is doing better!!..

Comment #39

OMG! What in the hell happened in here? CHATTY CHATTY! It hasn't been this busy in months.....know that that means??? RED YOU WERE MISSED! LOL.

Now my hip...make a long story short (no pun) I won't let them operate again to fix it. It would involve another replacement and there is a chance that when they go to take the original prosthesis out they could break off my leg bone farther down. I had this hip replaced 25 years ago, they only guaranteed it would last 10-15 as it was a new procedure. At the 10 year mark I started having problems and was given the option of having a revision or holding out. My ortho said if it were him he would hold out until I couldn't stand the pain, so that's what I'm doing. He would know too as he has an artificial hip like me.

I said I would die with this one in me, I "ain't" ever having that surgery again..

Well's nighty nite for me...butt is dragging. I've been up since 3am and I can't keep my eyes open. Have a good night, see you all in the morning...

Comment #40

Morning girls!!.

Ali - wow, that's a crazy story, bless your heart and hard headedness!!.

Thursday........nothing special about that (LOL). Let's see ,the gym tonite for my 'hit' class and that's all thats happening here!..

Comment #41

Morning Girls!.

Like Charly..."nothing" special happening here either. Waiting for some lake effect snow that is supposed to hit. The nephew is supposed to leave tomorrow for CA to see his friends, should be interesting on crutches. Already set it up with Southwest to wheelchair him from the gates and of course we couldn't get him a nonstop out to CA so he has to change planes in Phoenix. Glad it's not me!.

Other than that..nothing else is new! Talk to you all later! Have a great one!..

Comment #42

I love elk even better then buffalo, antelope is the only wild game I don't really care for, it tends to be more gamy as they are scrub eaters..

Patti good to hear your ankle is doing better, good luck with your riding this weekend we need more pics of you and Peanut..

Ali so sorry about the hip, I understand how you feel, but the surgery now is much better then it used to be, my BIL had double hip replacement done, his recovery time was like 3 weeks, my Dad who had just one replaced 5 years before that was 6 weeks..

Red hope you and the Pea enjoyed your day yesterday.

OK off and running..

Comment #43

Nothing much better then pre boards Ali, hope he has a good trip and no problems..

Comment #44

Good Morning Ladies,.

Ali - My neighbor had the new and improved.

Hip replacement surgery, she is a good bit older than you and did very well, she rides her bike constantly passed my house..

I hate hospitals and surgery so I totally see your side of it. You will know when the time is right. Best wishes and fingers crossed for a safe journey and no delays for your nephew's return flight. Bless his heart, he has been through it!.

Charly - My favorite channel is TMC, old movie channel, love the old Hitchcock movies and the black and white movies. New stuff seems like nonsense to me. Hope your day goes well!.

Monica - I was that way about venison back in my meat eating days, I could eat most any meat but deer, it just didn't set right with me. Oh dear! LOL.

Red - Hope you and Pea have a wonderful day! How is your weather? It is pouring cats and dogs here in sunny FL. Guess we need it!.

NA - What are you up to now that you are back home safe and sound?.

Thanks for the well wishes for the ankle, seems good to go today. Guess I am not going to the stable today. Pouring rain. Must do laundry, ugh, but today is the perfect gray day to get something done inside the house..

Later, be good and be happy!..

Comment #45

Good Morning Girls!...Quick drive-by for me this morning...Eddie and I are off to meet friends for breakfast...then grocery shopping...I made a menu for the coming week from the ww is almost purged...I like to have a few goodies around for mom...I would tell her to hide them from me...but she wouldn't remember where she put off to order new furniture for living room..

Hope you all have a great day...BBL!..

Comment #46

Good Morning Everyone!.


Thanks! After reading that, I'd be in the same mind set as you. I'm unfortunately a pessimist about certain things, and I'd be sure, I'd be the one person that got screwed. LOL It still sucks that your leg is shorter, but I know you're using what you got and doing what you can with it, and in the end.. that's what matters. Good travels to your nephew and I agree with Monica, pre-boards are awesome! I flew as much as I could when the Pea was in the special age range to pre-board. Of course, now she's a traveling champ, so it's no big deal.

Charly.. good luck in HIT tonight!!.

Monica.. I've had antelope before, but it was a burger and I am sure they mixed it with something.. I didn't notice anything..gamey..but venison.. BLEH! They can keep all the Bambi they want!.

Elk would be my game of choice for sure..

Sandy.. Have a great breakfast with your friends!!! That is always a good time! Very smart making the menu for the week. Go you! LOL.. your mom hiding the goodies.. LOL I just picture you finding something months from now.. like a lost easter egg found in fall..

It's warmer here today but that is because of the sprinkling rain we've been getting. I'll take it! It's been so chilly willy here lately. I have to admit, I miss my mild boring San Diego weather, but I also know the grass is greener, so I'll be quiet. LOL! Speaking of venison, we've had quite a few families of deer come through, and in the middle of the day no less!! They like the bird seed and peanuts I leave for the Jays..and the Pea saw some this morning, and I am SURE they were eating the carrots I threw out in the side yard! (more on that later) But I didn't say anything to the Pea about it..LOL They are calling for snow again maybe over the weekend, but we rarely get any being so close to the ocean. The last bit we got was only a couple of inches. The good part is it is great for snowballs and snowmen! And the birds LOVE it! I fill my feeders as soon as the snow starts, and they come from all over to my yard...If it wasn't freezing out, I'd be sitting in a rocking chair out front watching and feeding them.

Ok so real quick about the carrots in the side yard.. today (Jan 6) is the Epiphany, when the 3 kings came to see baby Jesus. In Mexico, my dad told us the kids celebrate it by putting their shoes out by the door with carrots and hay for the camels and the Three Kings leave little sweets and coins in the kids shoes. So we do the same thing.. minus the hay...and Natty had carrots in a baggy in her last night I didn't want to eat them.. and thinking about it now, I should have just put them in back where she got them, but I was tired and though, oh..

LOL.. so yay for the camels! I mean deer!! HA HA!..

Comment #47

Patti, I love TCM too!!! The little rascals have been on lately, and that's been fun. Do you have Fox Movie Channel? Sometimes they have some of Fox's old movies on there too. Kind of like AMC used to do when they were good. Now they are all commercial (although I do love Mad Men) I'll be finishing laundry here too and doing the floors today. woo. hoo..


Comment #48

Hey's snowing!.

Anyone a fan of the show "Ruby"? I really love that show..well she fell into the same rut as most of us. I just saw her facebook page stating she gained back 60 pounds since the show went on hiatus and she's out of control with her eating. OMG, that's the amount of weight I want to lose and she gained that much back. She was doing so good. Something is going on with that aggravating boyfriend of hers...Denny! Can't stand that guy..

Well, that's it for now..BBL!..

Comment #49

We <3 RUBY!! I was just thinking the other day shouldn't there be a new season soon? I wish she would go on biggest loser. I can't stand Denny either. And I think she should get hypnotized to find out what is lurking in her past. It's weird that she can't remember a period of her life like that. Be careful in the snow!..

Comment #50

Sno / ice made the trip to the gym fun but oh so worth it!! woohoo 'rockn the HIT'..

Comment #51

Hi Ladies,.

Sounds like everyone is doing well, now that's a good thing..

On my way to bed, seems the day just slipped by..

Can't believe tomorrow is Friday!.

Sleep tight everyone!..

Comment #52

Morning Girls!.

Friday already...where did the week go? We are supposed to get more snow the next three days..yuck! Everything was clear and green now it's going back to white and icy..

Driving the nephew to the airport this morning. What a flippen hard head he is. He hasn't flown since the 3oz. rule went into effect. Finally I just walked out on him before I slapped him. Told him when he got to the security line they would be taking everything that was over 3 oz..didn't matter if it was a 5 oz bottle, half gone...they can't see into the bottle.

After the airport it's to my Mom's to take down the Christmas decorations so that they aren't broken again this year by my brother-in-law. Arrggghhh!! Should make for an exciting afternoon..

Be safe out there, stay warm and have a great day!..

Comment #53

Good Morning Ali and ladies,.

Safe trip for your nephew today! Good luck with your mom and the tree business..

Cold outside here in FL, in the 40's, brrr for us..

Told P his gym shirts were in the dryer, it would be 10-15 more minutes before they were ready. He goes in the LR, opens the door and sticks his hand in. I say what the heck are you doing, "Uh, didn't you say they were ready?" Hello??? This is how I start many days, with Jughead! LOL.

Off to the barn in a bit, getting a much needed manicure and then paying some bills due on the 15th that need to get paid..

Enjoy your FRIDAY LADIES!!!.

Stay warm and be good!..

Comment #54

Good morning ladies! Yay for Friday! The week has flown by!.

Patti, hope you slept well and have a great day today!.

Ali, sounds like you nephew is going to have a "lovely" time at the airport..LOL.. hey.. you warned him, right?.

The Pea wants tog et her ears pierced and she has saved enough money to pay for it herself. Of course I am freaking the hell out, but only because of my personal past experiences with pierced ears. (they don't like me) I was up too late last night researching. the only good that came out of that was I found a better method of after care than the way they told me. I'm sure she'll be like most other people that don't have a problem. I'm waiting to hear back from Ryan..

LOL.. we will see..

Hope everyone has an awesome Friday!..

Comment #55

Hope this works Patti came to me as a slide show.

Miss P and her ribbons.

Took a bit but got it..

Comment #56

Red the first time I took the child was when she was 6, she wanted it done. Went to Claries in the mall, worst mistake there ever was..could never, ever keep earrings in for longer than a few days. Doctor said to take them out and let the holes close up. The best place to have them done, really...a tattoo parlor. When she was 19 she went and had them redone, along with a second hole and a hole in the top, the cartilage part..YUCKO, never had a problem and it's been 6 years. Research tattoo parlors for piercings..they are really good!.

Monica...what's wrong?..

Comment #57

Ewww..Miss Patti love the ribbons and you look wonderful! Great job!..

Comment #58

WTG Patti!!! Lookin Good too!!!.

Monica.. hope it goes good for you today!.

Ali.. yah, I got mine done when I was 11, 15 and 25. They never took. Tried every metal there was at the time except for titanium and surgical steel. I think I have fat earlobes and the damn things never heal. I did research going to the tattoo/piercing shops, and I agree, for 1.

They are making an actual hole, and not just ripping through skin..

The only thing is, I know her and there is NO WAY she will agree to someone putting a needle through.. although she has fully accepted the gun as it is quick as a getting a shot..

I know if I get mine done again, I will definitely go to a tattoo piercing shop..

We may just make her wait a few more years. I'm still undecided..

Meaning, I need to talk to her in depth more about it. But I am leaning towards the "professional" piercers, as opposed to the mall piercers. Thanks for your input Ali!! After all this research, I am thinking I may finally be able to wear earrings! =D..

Comment #59

Monica, you are a Saint, well maybe not.....LOL But a wonderful friend who has patience with me who is so challenged when it comes to downloading, posting, etc. I am very thankful and one of these days I will sit down and learn how to do it myself. You rock!!.

Ear piercing - OMG - nightmares from all of us! LOL I was in 8th grade and my BFF and I decided to do it ourselves, infection like you can't believe, I thought my mom was going to kill me. LOL Sophmore in HS, another friend's dad was a family doc but did it with some sort of needle in his office, that was in the 70's and still wearing earrings almost every day..

I have heard crying coming out of Claires - ouch! Keep us posted. She is too cute!.

Still in my pjs, didn't sleep worth a darn, ugh, of course I have a list a mile long......

See everyone later!..

Comment #60

LOL Patti! I know people who have pierced gives me the heebs thinking about it..LOL all my nerves stand on end! Ha ha!! Yup, I am more and more convinced that using the needle is the way to go. She is gonna have to suck it up one way or another. I feel bad as she has been saving her money and working up her courage. But in the end, I am the MAMA, and Mama knows best...

Comment #61

Hey where is the runner woman this morning? Oh Lord it's snowing AGAIN! Now I get to drive my smashed up SUV to the airport, rattling along the highway. Can you believe that can't find parts to fix it...maybe they'll have to total it. YAHOOOOOOO!.

Be back later!!..

Comment #62


Chatty group for sure!!.

Patti - laughing @ P and his hearing issue.

Ali - laughing @ your 'know it all' nephew issue.

Red - my two cents............too young, she can wait.

Monica - it's Friday, it will be over soon!!.

Sandy - morning!! say hey to Ma and Eddie for me!.

Sno/ice is again the call of the day but hey, I have to work so as long as it clears by 4p I'll be happy. I have those 'yakker' gigs for my tennis shoes so I can run/walk the road and you know I'm gonna try it, it's how I roll.

Feeling pretty good these last few days. Plus I'm making sure I get a min 1200cals a day, I have to so MF'n and the 5&1 and adding at the 5&1 to clear the deficit of the 1200cals if they aren't there yet. It's not 100% Medifast but it is me and I'll do as I please, that's also how I roll (LOL).

This calories in/calories out thing is a PITA but might as well learn more new stuff..

Have a great day and's now how fast you get there, it's the joy of the journey!!..

Comment #63

No probs here just ready for the weekend LOL.

Patti your very welcome and it's not as problem and really pretty easy, just had to resize the pic this am and haven't worked much with the new computer doing that. It opens pics with an image program that doesn't edit them, I had to go on a search to find the right program to open them with. I need to find out how to change that as I don't like the HP program that the pics open with, sigh guess I had best learn my new computer LOL just winging it now LOL.

I'm the opposite with pierced ears, earlier the better, much easier to keep them clean and they can't mess with them, but I totally agree with a good tattoo parlor or a docs office, a couple of them here will have a nurse do it and it is with the gun, but at least you know it's sterile. I"ve seen some nice jewelry stores that will do it also, they use high end earrings that are pricey though. I know the little girl who did my belly ring, was very professional (except her nails were a bit long to be fastening the tiny little ends lol) she was probably all of 12 LOL Ok maybe 20..

Ok best get to it here or it will be a very loooooong day..

Comment #64

I like that Charly... that's been the lesson I've been learning the past year..and also the doing what's right for "you". Either way... to not give up.. just keep on going..

I finally got to talk to Ryan about it a little and we are gonna have her wait. He and I are both going to talk to her separately about it again. She is very responsible, and I admire her saving for something she wants and getting the courage to do something that is a little scary for something nice in the end. But I still think I would rather have her get it done right the first time.. and I really don't see her agreeing to getting a needle to go through her ear..LOL.. not yet anyway..

Thanks for all your input girls!!..

Comment #65

Hey Girls,.

Just went to the Greek place in the area, had tilapia, yum-bo!.

It was packed, the Sno-Birds are here!.

Patrick said, what's with all the old people. OMG, they were maybe.

In their 60's and 70's, like to slap him upside the head. LOL.

DH turns 60 on 1/11. It's hard for me to believe, he is not taking it well..

I say it's just a number. I refuse to grow up, so there!.

Red - Sounds like a smart "mama" decision, you are doing a great job with Pea..

Charly - be careful out on the ice and snow!.

Ali - I couldn't help but chuckle regarding your description of your car clanging down the road to the airport, you just have to laugh, life throws us some zingers! Hope he got off okay. You did all you could and then some..

Miss Monica - Well it all is way over my head, and thanks a million times again for posting pics for me, you are a good buddy! You have a great weekend..

Sandy - Hugs and hope your weekend goes smoothly..

NA - Waving at you and the pup, hope you are doing great!.

PJ time for me, then the Cotton Bowl, go LSU!!!!..

Comment #66

LOL Patti!!! Your son cracks me up!! Age creeps up on you quick.. My dad and I were just talking about it the other day.. I already can't remember how old I am half the time...after a certain time period or age, it's all the same. And I'm with you Patti.. I refuse to grow up too!.

60 is as young as you want it to be! =D.

Hope everyone is id having a nice Friday, and have a lovely weekend!! Goodnight everyone!.

P.S. talked to the Pea, and yah.. she was not into the whole needle thing.LMAO! She agreed that waiting was a good idea. HA HA! and that she wanted to see someone else get it done first. Looks like I will be trying it once more in the future!!..

Comment #67

It is Red Shirt Friday, my second favorite day of the week..

Sage had a puppy wellness exam today with our vet and she has gained 4 pounds to weigh in at 14 pounds even today. I cannot believe how fast she is growing either...her legs are so very long already. Not much of a puppy puppy anymore..

We are leaving next week for the south. I really would love to stay home, but the warmth is calling Roger. He and cold just don't get along at all, at all..

Patti, sorry about your foot and I hope you don't over do it at the show..

Charly, I used to run when I was younger. But never in the bitter lungs would shut down for sure. But it is warmer here this week...our lowest temp was 17. And that is a lot better than the 2 and 3 last week..

Monica, have you thought of a new hobby when your BD days are over? I think you ought to try agility classes with one of your spry dogs. They give you both exercise of the mind and body. I am eager for Sage to be old enough to do things like that..

Red - How are things going for Ryan since he went back? Prayers continue for him and his group..

Sandy - prayers continue for your family too..

Oh, remember our Jennifer. She said on FB today she had lost 80 pounds...I am so thrilled for her. That is such a wonderful accomplishment..

And, I was supposed to see Jan on my way through Portland, but she was having an MRI that day. I will try again in the spring before they head home again..

Not much new here. Time to take Sage out for potty time, feed her a snack and get to bed. I have been very tired lately....not used to getting up a couple of times a night with a puppy. LOL Hugs, NA..

Comment #68

ALI, that hip problem sure sounds terribly painful. And if one leg is shorter than the other it will throw your back and other body parts out of whack too. Prayers that something new comes along soon that you feel comfortable trying...

Comment #69

Nice thing about SW and Phoenix is all their gates are really close together, ALI. So Nephew should not have too hard of a time. And there is a food court really close to the SW gates too. Kellie and Sage and I were just there on the 22nd. NA..

Comment #70

RED, cute about the carrots. I love all wild game. And if the hunter knows not to run the animal so the muscles get all tight, and it is bled and hung right, it is all very flavorful. The Antelope here eat alfalfa along with the scrub, so they don't taste as gamey as those who eat only scrub. But my favorite is definitely elk...

Comment #71

ALI - They didn't even look at the 3 oz stuff Kellie and I had when we flew. It was strange...

Comment #72

RED, how old is Natty now? Do a lot of her friends have pierced ears?.

I loved my pierced ears and had them for years. All of a sudden I started getting terrible reactions and no amount of cleaning ears and earrings worked. Apparently I had developed an allergy to metal, even gold. So I just stopped trying. But I sure miss them. I had even had my favorite clip on's converted to studs..

If "the Pea" has them done at a reputable place she should be OK. Just don't let her go for the ice cube and needle thing. LOL..

Comment #73

Morning girls!!.

Rise & Shine (LOL)!! Snow all over the place up here. I don't mind it but this freezing cold stuff is for others, not me..

Headed out the door to pilates, giving myself plenty of drive time. Rob put 3 sand tubes in the back of my jeep last night for traction. I guess his thought "I need to do something cause she's not gonna stay home" (LOL). Didn't think I needed it but if it makes him feel better I say 'whatever'. No idea what the day holds after return home from pilates but I'm sure there is dusting/vaccuming in there somewhere.............

Comment #74

Morning Girls!.

Charly you are too active, way too early in the morning. I've been up since 2am..go ahead..ask me what I've done! NOTHING but play on this computer and watch Law & Order and Dr. Who! LOL Snow stopped here but it looks so cold outside. Not much accumulation but they say we are headed for more today and tomorrow..

Nephew got off to CA just fine. He was too funny at the airport when they were doing the "new and improved" pat down. LOL I went through mine in a flash, he on the other hand was getting a good pat down....

Told him now that he has metal in his leg, he better get used to this when flying. Made it to his gate with plenty of time, his connection in PHX was a close one but he made it. Called when he got to Ontario and said it was sooooooo warm. Well anything was better than the 20 degrees here and snow. Oh and he didn't pack anything in his quart zip lock that didn't have a 3oz size on it..

Other than that, it's laundry day here and clean up the mess in my room. I have clothes everywhere....too lazy to put them where they belong. LOL.

Have a nice day, girls! Stay warm if you are in cold weather, cold if you are in warm weather and safe whatever weather you are inLOL.


Comment #75

Good Morning Charly and Ali our 2 early birds,.

Ruby woke me up at 6:15 growling at something. Scared the tar out of me..

It was under the bed, so I got a flash light and prayed big time it wasn't.

One of those huge Florida Wolf spiders. You know me and spiders..

It was a dust bunny, more like a rabbit!.

I really need to clean this.

Bedroom but never seem to want to or have the time. Someone is.

Always calling me from another room to do something else, but this was.

A sign it is way over due for a good cleaning! LOL.

YEAH LSU - Cotton Bowl winners last night. My brother's whole side.

Of the family (wife, son, and brother) all went to LSU, big Tiger fans..

NA- Good Morning - I don't remember Jennifer, but -80 pounds is awesome!.

How is Jan doing? Does she post at all anymore? Is she doing MF?.

Please tell her hello from me, nice lady!.

Red - Enjoy your weekend with Pea, hope you have something fun planned..

Monica and Sandy - Waving and wishing you a great weekend!.

Ali - Sounds like nephew got thru the trip safe and sound! My NYC trip went so smoothly, they didn't even open my suitcase or large purse. I must look lame or tame or something..

Stay warm!.

Charly - stop all the exercising, I am exhausted just reading about it!.

Off to the barn at 10 - packing up the two big transports for tomorrows show in Vero..

Hugs all......

Comment #76

Busy morning.

I was up till 3 finishing my book last night, The girl with the dragoon tattoo, pretty good once you get past the start. It is a bit difficult because she is Swedish and she writes about Swedish stuff LOL. Netflix has the movie on instant view..

Patti Jennifer is Jenny, she seems to be doing OK since her husband passed..

NA I have a problem with a lot metals too, I have to break in my ears for a couple of days if I want to wear earrings. If I wore them on a regular basis I would be OK but only gold, silver and titanium, stainless is a no go..

Ok best get moving need to hit Sam's this AM.

Charly, Red , Ali, Patti, NA, Sandy have a Great Day..

Comment #77

Helloooooooooo ladies (LOL).

Rob is out plowing the sno from the drive and will shovel off the deck (for Charlie) as well. I offered to help but he insisted no so I'll stay right inside here..

Drive to the gym wasn't so bad just had to take my time. Did the pilates and 4mi on the treadmill, stopped @ walmart for veggies and some essentials then here I am. I've just swiffered the floors, started a load of laundry and will dust vaccum after my shower. Funny thing this morning, I stepped on the scale. Mine you have to put pressure on it for the display to come up first. I pressed, pressed and pressed then nothing.


I thought "well there ya go, sounds good to me", I can live with that (ROFLMAO). Needless to say I bought a new battery for it this morning. Now I will wait until next Saturday to try again. It had it's chance and it blew it (lol). I NEVER get on the scale after a work out, that's just stupid for me as I tend to hold water for most of the day after a workout..

I have fresh butchered chicken breasts on the stove cooking they have only been frozen a month or so , my brother bought a lot of butchered hens. Anyway, I've come to the conclusion the last time I cooked a fryer is that I'm a chicken snob. I just cannot stomach the smell of the skin, frozen, cooked, fresh or whatever, I seriously gag.

So, if I can get through this cooking and then bring myself to rid the skin and eat it I'll have made progress. I have latex gloves to wear while I pull the skin off........I may have to find a mask. I know, I know but again, it's how I roll (LOL)..

Comment #78


You gals are cracking me up today!!! Ali with her nephew, Patti's dog growling at the dust bunny and Charly with her aversion to chicken skin... and I thought I was bad.. LOL.. I think we are all in the same boat..

NA, travel safe on your trip next week to warmer weather!! The Pea has one friend that I know of that has earrings.. but she really can be very girly at times and enjoys beautiful things like jewelry. She has the sticker earrings and magnetic ones, and it's hilarious to watch her when she ears them.. you'd think she was the Queen of England.. or she does anyway..LOL!!!.

Ali- Glad to hear the nephew got off ok.. but too funny about the pat down!! Stay warm my friend!.

Patti- that wolf spider gives me the heebs! OH...I didn't tell you girls.. this happened a month ago... I was awakened out of a dream one morning (4 am) by a giant water bug (palmetto bug cockroach.. whatever you want to call it, I call it satan) ON. MY. FACE!!!!!.

In my dream, I slapped it off, and in my dream I consciously thought, I touched legs! I know what that is!!!! And I woke up, threw off the covers and ran to turn on the light.. and it was true. I won't tell you the rest, but I got rid of it. And I couldn't sleep after that. And every night since ( except for when Ryan was home..go figure) I remember it and it takes me a long time to fall asleep. My worst nightmare come true..

So Patti... If the dog growls.. I would be just like you. And I would spray after you clean.. just in case..

Charly- Aww.. Rob is a good hubby!!! I'm sure Charlie appreciates his snow shoveling/plowing too!! Good luck with the chicken! hee hee!!! Now when I cook my chicken I will have a good laugh thinking of you..


Monica, I tried to read that book, but I just could not get into it. I was really bummed too because I like to get invested in a series and I heard so many good things.. but I just couldn't do it..

I sit the american version of the movie? Did that one even release yet? I think they have all 3 of the foreign version done now.. I think I saw them at the redbox..I might try and watch them, I enjoy a good foreign film..

A nice day so far, slept in a little, snuggled with the pea and watched some tv a little, cleaned a little, got the veggies for the next few days and going to get dinner started soon. Maybe play a little wii too. we will see. It's a good day and for that I am glad...

Comment #79

Red - I think those little magnetic earrings are too cute for little girls. She is our own little princess, we need one around here besides myself (ROFLMAO). I successfully cooked the chicken I just need to get the meat off the bone and rid the skin now.....I'm delaying that process. All my chores are done and I'm reviewing my gig that will keep my calories for me and heart rate and yada yada. I've had it for some time (forgot I had it) and dug it out again. These 'general calories burn numbers' that the gym website give me are totally p****** me off and I remembered earlier this morning I had that.

I detest reading directions and he's so much better at it than I am. There are some things about being married I don't care for but this part where he likes to read directions and tell me what I need to know are one thing I do like!!.

Me and Charlie had a nap in the chair......he's as warm as a little blanket when he lays on your legs (LOL).

I'll be back.............

Comment #80

Red if you get past the lesson in Swedish economics or even just gloss over it, the story is very good and worth getting through all that,.

Ok break over washing is calling..

Comment #81

OMG, the thought of what was under the covers will have me searching the bottom of my bed tonight. Maybe I'll just turn the electric blanket on super high and burn whatever might be under there out..


Chicken skin?? What about boneless, skinless chicken breasts from Costco or Sam's Club? Or did you already have these and you are using them up? Hell, I could never cut up a whole fryer, would make me gag...but since I got my new knives..I'm like Ina on the Food Network..give me a good knife and I'll slice it to pieces..

Freezing least we didn't get the snow we were supposed to get. Praise Jesus! Charly are you still digging out?.

Be back later......

Comment #82

Ali - my post said that I had gotten 'fresh butchered chickens' given to me by my brother. I normally buy ALL my boneless/skinless chicken @ Gordon Food Service and about the only kind I can tolerate. I needed to get this out of the freezer I was tired of looking at it. I had 2 whole fryers that were frozen previous and cooked one and gave the other to my neighbor...

Comment #83

Oh..sorry Charly it never even registered when I read the butchered chickens...Dumb brunette that I am. I love GFS, can get some great deal in there..

Well's la la land for me. I just showered, put my "get rid of the wrinkles" cream on my face, took a pain pill for my hip and I'm off to watch some TV in my room. I have not been sleeping well at all this week and it's finally caught up to me. Can barely keep my eyes open..

Have a great night, stay warm and safe. Talk to you all in the morning!..

Comment #84

Hey Ladies!.

Well my Saints lost, boo hiss!.

Watcha going to do? Still love them anyway..

Charly - I am that way with ground meat. Even when I ate meat. I couldn't touch it..

So I would buy a box of those very thin disposable gloves, like the ones that come with hair coloring kits, and make meatloaf with gloves on, my husband thought I was nuts..

Couldn't stand the feel of it. So I HEAR you with chicken skin, ugh!.

Ali - sleep well, hope tonight is a restful one for you!.

Hey Monica - glad you got thru the movie..

Red - Ewww to the waterbug, Palmetto bug story. Growing up in Louisiana they were.

Everywhere, grossed me out quite a few times. One thing good is that they won't bite..

Sounds like you and Natty had a great day together, those are worth a million bucks!.

Spent the day at the barn, one of the horses got injured, vet came out and put in a few stitches. All the horses went quiet, they knew something was wrong when the vet.

Walked in the barn. Smart animals at times..

I have a head cold that just started this afternoon, ugh, going to take some tylenol and hot tea and go to bed, have to be on the road early in the morning..

Hello to Sandy and NA and all of you!..

Comment #85

This is a great big AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW LOL.

She is so pretty Patti.

Red this is Patti's horse Peanut..

Comment #86

AWWWWW!!!! <3 Peanut is soooo beautiful!! Love her!!! Wait until I show the Pea... in one of many lives she wants to be a cowgirl..LOL Thanks for sharing it for me, Monica! =D.

Patti, I hope you can nip that cold in the bud! I finally got rid of mine. and it lasted a good 3 weeks. NASTY! Animals are very smart.. they do know.. I swear they all have ESP with each other. Hope the stitched up horse heals quickly! And Yes, I agree..

You can never have too many of them either..

Charly.. LMAO. you are seriously cracking me up. I wish I lived closer, because I'd come and de-skin/de-fat it for you. LOL! Honestly, when I boil them.. all the gross stuff literally falls off.

Boil and then simmer for like 2 hours. I just forget about it. LOL! I buy the split chicken breasts because they're cheaper, and they have more flavor cooked with the goods. sometimes I bake them but it's harder to get the nasties off that way. bleh! Me and Ali will take care of it..

LOL!!!! =D what are friends for?! ha ha!.

Ali.. my friend.. believe me.. I do the same thing. I think it fell from the ceiling onto my face. Of course I don't know because I was asleep..

But this one surprised us. ICKY! But I do check under my covers and move stuff around occasionally as well. LOL Ok no more bugs talk, I have non stop goosebumps and heebie jeebies now.. LOL!!!.

We got some artic air mass coming through here as well.. we had freezing slushy rain too.. is that sleet? I have no idea.. it looks like slush. We may have some snow tomorrow.or I mean Monday.. but I doubt it.

I think I'll grab another blanket for the bed. I make the kitty sleep next to me so I can keep my nose warm in her fur. LOL!.

Monica.. I will try it again... they have it at the base library.. I'll have to pick it up..

Goodnight all!!..

Comment #87

Good Sunday Morning Girls!.

OMG, can you say COLD!? Ten degrees without the wind chill..too afraid to look to see what it is with it. LOL The snow is heading our way. Gonna get clipped with it on Monday and Tuesday. My friend who is in DC right now visiting her son for the holidays was already warned that I "ain't pickin ya up from the airport" if it's snowing..take the shuttle home and I'll get you from there. She might not even be able to fly in on Tuesday..

Hope everyone has a great Sunday..stay warm and safe. Crazy, crazy weather out there. Oh, jumped on the scale this morning..down 2 more pounds on this new WW thing. I think this was a good transition for me from MF..

Talk to you all later.....

Comment #88

Ditto what Ali says, COLD......temp is @ 8 degrees here..

Congrats on the loss Ali, Hey to the rest of ya!.

Have a good day..........

Comment #89

"Don't blow it, slow down".

I find that I say this in my head.


All day..........every day..........

Comment #90

Morning Ladies.

Couple of days ago my little dog had a poo problem (long hair sometime captures the poo and packs it against their bum) well middle of the night I wasn't into dealing with it very well so I just cut a bunch of her hair off around her bum and sprayed her clean. Her little bum looked kind of cute when I cut all the hair off so yesterday, I cut all her hair off LOL. She looks soooooo different, one of the cats doesn't even recognize her and the 2 of them got into a fight when CC walked next to her and she started slapping at her LOL it's just to funny.

CC's normal look.

Short hair.

With no bangs she is afraid to jump off the bed too, it's been interesting LOL..

Comment #91

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