Medifast Diet or slimming world for fast but safe weight loss?

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Question I have... Medifast Diet or slimming world for fast but safe weight loss? Looking forward for any response. My 2nd question... WELCOME to the Can Do Crew where TOGETHER we CAN DO IT! Whether you are a veteran or new to this healthy lifestyle you'll find encouragement, friendship, accountability, support and laughter. So jump in and join the happenings!.

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Comments (67)

Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to your question. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I find an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could answer your Medifast question..

Comment #1

Here is a link to the new introduction thread, where we can introduce ourselves and get to know each other better, and newbies have a link to get to know us as well!!!.

Old intro thread:.

New intro thread:..

Comment #2

Hi Diana! Thanks for starting us off. Those flowers look gorgeous! Can't wait for the real ones. It's 40 & dreary here. Roads are slippery from the packed snow melting. March is around the corner....

Had a great workout on the treadmill today - it's getting so 3.5 is feeling slow.

Maybe by the time the roads & weather are OK for outdoor workouts, I can start jogging....

Having a great Sunday....hope you all are, too...

Comment #3

Hi, Everyone -.

JAN - I'm alone most of this week, so if you have an evening, Mon., Wed. or THurs., give me a call. You are a treadmill queen, I hate what it does to my knees, so it's off my radar. THe elliptical is my friend..

BARB - Woohoo- I hope you really dialed it down today and just relaxed. I know WWonka was a great success and I know you did well at the cast party, too, am I right??? Congrats..

BOBBI - glad to hear that you are going to online courses for a while, nice break. I haven't tried them yet but I will soon. In the meantime, I'm checking out a French conversation group in 2 weeks, my friend and I are promising to go together, but I'll go even if she can't. I do love studying and love hearing about yours. Good for you!.

DIANA - Hi there, thanks for the beautiful Spring-y graphic. Very cool. Miss ya'.

CHRISTINE - so glad your sister is still doing MF, she must be a very good support for you and vice-versa. I love the idea of l-o-n-g light days, but right now I am SO happy for the fact that it's nearly 6:30 before it gets dark. How long did it take you to adjust to the extremes in Alaska?..

Comment #4

I'm weighing in tomorrow and I just know I am going to have a shocker - it will be worse than I imagined. I thought I could do 4 & 2, but I don't think it's working, my jeans are tight and that's not good. It's the exercise- not nearly enough. SO, after tomorrow weigh-in, I'm posting for the challenge, just like we all used to do. I sure need that accountability and to go back to watching it every hour and not just trying to justify the good in every day and ignoring the not so good..

Had a nice walk today - well nice, in that I did it, but it was SO damp and slushy around that it was a difficult to find clear sidewalks/streets. The dogs are pooped and so am I, we.

Have had a busy week. DH is traveling all week, which should make my journey easier, I have been trying to eat like he does. I cook lean, but he eats more variety than I do usually and that's been a problem for me. ANyway, enough excuses and I will post the down and dirty truth tomorrow..

Happy Sunday evening everyone!.


Comment #5

Waving to Christine! {{{waving}}}.

For the week:.

OP: 6.

Water: 6.

Exercise: 1.

Weight: 163..

Comment #6

Just a quick shout out to all of you. Will have to catch up tomorrow..

Felt a little better today so we went out on the canoe & fished. I paddled hubby around so I would get the exercise & he could catch all the fish..

Then I came home and did my 10K training run even though I didnt feel up to it. I am so glad I did though..

Hope you are all OP & watered. I had orange roughy tonight for the first time. It was yummy..

Salmon for tomorrow night..

Big Much.


Comment #7

Go Kitty!!!!!!!!!!! 8 lbs - piece of - Medifast brownie!..

Comment #8

Shari! Just read again about your day of rock!! BTW, this is my first note to you, welcome!..

Comment #9

Happy Monday, all!!.

Quick fly by on the tail end of my lunch. Weekly stats:.


155.6 - down 1.6.

I'm a daily weigher and it was 157.2 ALL WEEK so I about fell of the scale this morning. I stepped back on and it was still 155.6!.






: 3.


- DH has meetings most nights this week. Wed or Thurs work best for me for L&G @ RT.

Waving to the entire crew! Have a FABULOUS Monday - OP!!..

Comment #10


What kind of salmon? Can't wait until June when the Kings are running. Love to pull them out of the river and put them on the grill. Somehow eating salmon at a restaurant after having it fresh is a bit of a let down. Do you guys have the Atlantic kind down there? IM if you want some good recipies..

Hi Debbie,.

I'm still not totally acclimated to the extremes, although it is easier to sleep in the summer light after 11 years. We go-go-go all summer and crash when we get a chance. Probably the hardest time is Novemeber when the darkness lasts later and later and later in the morning and sometimes I jsut don't want to get up. But the dogs have to be fed so they demand me to come outside. Love the summer though because I can read outside in the hot tub and use that time to catch up on magazines, etc..

Have a good week CREW!!!.


Comment #11


I would LOVE the info for your sisters nutritionist! I ran 8.5 yesterday and I had a 180 cal breakfast and then didn't eat anything until 4pm. I know I was woefully under on calories but I was sick to my stomach and can't eat after my big run. 6 weeks until my half! I can't wait to start planning OUR half!.

OP 7 I guess but under calories.

Exercise 6.

Water Oh yes.

Weight 130..

Comment #12


, you have got to eat! Carbs early. Enough said. You won't be able to run if you don't!!!!!..

Comment #13 I got that out of my system. Hi everyone!.


On plan: 7.

Water: 7.

Exercise: not sure....didn't log it..... Yikes.....although I did exercise.

Weight: Unchanged.....maintaining 138..

Comment #14

Thank you, fellow crewsers, for the encouragement and for setting good examples yourselves. On the way home from work I was thinking how nice it is that we get to set our own weight goal and that it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with ending up looking like a stick, or a praying mantis. Plus we get to help each other all along the way. Pretty nice, yes?.


OP: yes.

Water: yes.

Exercise: yes. Surprised ya!.


Comment #15

Willy Wonka is over! YEAH!!! Slowly but surely I will get back to normal. I think it will take about a week of sleep. Of course my graduate class starts back up this week. No rest for the weary. Thursday night is an on-line class though, so I can teach in my jammies in my comfy chair. Gotta love on-line learning..


Fish is swimming to the point where the numbers don't show. I remember how exciting that was. Woo hoo!.


Jogging for the spring. I love it. My runners magazine just had an article about how the Biggest Loser contestant that do a good jub of keeping it off run. That scale is a moving!.


Love fish for dinner! Yummy..


Don't wait for the scale to tell you what to do. Trust the plan and you will do fine..


Thanks for getting us started..


I hope it is getting a little warmer..

Have a great day everyone...

Comment #16


, I never really thought about the fact that I had set my own goal weight. You are right, every other time someone told me what to weigh...

Comment #17


WAHHH! But I don't wanna eat carbs early! Okay sorry had to get my whining out of my system. I will try and be better. I feel like I'm eating a lot but I know it's just the frequency of my eating that makes me think that because I still eat my small meals every 2-3hrs. I feel like I just got slapped like.


Did last week! I am expecting my slap text from you any mintue! LOL!..

Comment #18


... SLAP! Girl friend, you have to eat. Period. Fuel for the body. I am sending you the information for my sister's nutritionist...

Comment #19

Good evening everyone! Now that I am done slapping Melissa, I can continue..

Back into the old routine. An easy running week to recover from the last few weeks and then I start to up the milage again. Spring is around the corner. Right? Well wishful thinking on my part I am sure..


On plan: Yes.

Exercise: Yes.

Water: Yes....that's the easy one!.

I'm going to get my biggest loser fix tonight. Missed it the last two weeks. Time to get caught up..

Have a great evening everyone!..

Comment #20


OP: yes.

Water: no. DARN. These early morning appointments kill me. It was impossible to catch up..

Exercise: no..


Comment #21

JAN - Thursday works for me, how about you? I'll call your cell tomorrow..

BARB - you are right, the scale does not need to tell me what to do. Also, I love the part about setting our own weight goal - never thought about it that way..

CHRISTINE - The hot tub and reading - wow, can't wait for summer whether it's there or here..

Hugs to all of you Crewsers and I'll weigh in again tomorrow - I was dressed and had breakfast both days before remembering to weigh in , so tomorrow is it..

Go Crew!!!.


Comment #22

Evening Crew! I shared this over on the TL thread, but I'm still this in my email from my @ work @5 a.m. friend..what a way to start the day!.

I figured out why I'm fat! The shampoo I use in the shower that runs down my body says "for extra volume and body". Going to start using Dawn dish washing soap. It says "dissolves fat that is otherwise difficult to remove.. ".

I guess I'll just wash my way to goal.

Can't remember if reported Monday's stats, so Yes to all 3!.


OP: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: No.

My sleep cycle is all screwed up - I exercised in the evening Sunday & Monday and then I'm still awake at 11 when I'm usually fast asleep. Add getting up every couple hours to pee and I haven't been getting good rest. So I sleep in in the morning, don't have time to exercise and I'm caught in a vicious cycle. SO I'm skipping my workout tonight and getting up in the morning. Especially after reading what Barb wrote about morning exercisers. I think I was using the excuse that it's not good to exercise on an empty stomach.

Debbie - I'll put Thurs on my calendar & talk to you tomorrow..

See y'all tomorrow!..

Comment #23

Barb10 below at the house this morning. Spring fever is around the corner, though, with the longer days. At least it's in the 20's during the afternoon. Daylight saving next weekend will push daylight back to 8 pm. That's when Spring fever really hits. Already planning my long bike rides this summer..


Comment #24

Good evening everyone. 10 below? Yikes. 54 outside today, so I took to the streets and got a good run in. I am feeling the spring. Lets hope the weather holds on. I would love to try to run a 5K on the first weekend in April.

I'm not sure I will be ready. I guess I just have to sign up for it and then do it..


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes.

Wednesday should be the same. So far so good!.


, that line really made me laugh..

Hmmmm.....I wonder if I know.


Well enough to just pour a bottle or two of water down her throat? But, do to the fact that your fish doesn't have a number under it.....and I think that is a great thing....I'll hold back..


Isn't it weird to be in control? I think Melissa and I are going through some of that now. We need to fuel our bodies, but being in control makes that difficult..

This journey is so much about paradigm shifts. First I had to realize that I can eat 5 Medifast meals and a L&G and not starve to death. Then I had to learn how to drink lots of water. Next I learned to get moving a little more each day. Clothes became big and I had to learn to shop in a Misses department or store and look for new styles that didn't cover my 246 pounds. I learned to love this new healthy body.

Then I had to learn how to eat in transition and maintenance. Every step of the way I had to learn, try, winning some and failing at some others. Every step of the way I had to look at food and my weight in different eyes..

Well it is time again. Now I must learn to look at food as fuel, not as a way to lose weight. I need to learn to eat a proper balance to fuel my body if I want to add more milage and repair my muscles when I am done. I have to learn to eat carbs to restore my glycogen levels..

I'm afraid of this. I know what carbs can do. The question is, can I find a healthy balance? Lets hope this works...

Comment #25

Barb, very interesting post about all that you have learned and are learning..

Jan, we gotta turn you from being a night owl to being an early bird! Are you able to exercise first thing in the a.m. instead of last thing in the p.m.?.

Tired. So glad tomorrow is my day off so I can play catch-up around the house..


OP, yes..

Water, water everywhere and lots of drops to drink. Water, yes..

Exercise, no..


Comment #26

Morning, crew! I guess I never checked in yesterday....

OP - yes.

Water - yes.

Exercise - no.


, I'm normally an early bird - alarm goes off at 5:15 and I'm on the treadmill by 5:30-5:45. Off to bed at 9.....


I like my morning exercise! But, I like my sleep, too. Work has been nuts - get home late, eat late, bed late. If I have a little time, I'll squeeze in the TM if I missed it in the a.m. But evening exercise or no, I just haven't been sleeping well. Gotta get back on schedule! Like, I should be leaving for work NOW...get in late, leave late...another bad cycle..

Spring? Did I hear spring? It's been sunny here these last few days, but certainly not warm....


Laughs when I say a balmy 34.

We're supposed to get more 'wintry mix' weather tonight - freezing rain mixed with snow, then into the 40's tomorrow.

I'm off to work. Having dinner with Deb tonight - a yummy OP L&G shared with a fellow Crewser - what fun! Last time we sat outside....won't be doin' that tonight!.

Have a great OP Day everyone!!..

Comment #27

Good evening everyone! Great day. On plan, water and exercise..


I keep wondering if I will ever stop having to learn on this journey..


54 yesterday and 35 today. Go figure. I want spring!..

Comment #28

Evening, all! I had a Crewsing time tonight. Dinner with Deb @RT - OP from their 'secret' menu.

Talked to Melissa on the way home cuz I missed her on chat today. She was out running! Yes, we gabbed for 15 minutes - she ran me home - me driving her running...I'm.


Smiling about it.


54, I'm envious, but back to the 30's, eh? Michigan does that a lot too. I, too am READY for spring!.


- swim, fishy,'re almost there!.

Waving to.


Up there in the dark....

Hi to the rest of the Crew....where ever you are!!..

Comment #29

Morning, crewsers. Yesterday I had such a nice day at home, catching up on all the little stuff at home that piles up when you are working. The weather was beautiful. My kitties love my day off b/c I let them spend the whole day out on the lanai. The hubs mostly keeps them inside. This morning I am in Starbucks, waiting out the traffic until I continue the rest of the way to work.


OP: yes.

Water: yes.

Exercise: no.


Comment #30

Ah, beautiful sunny Friday with temps in the 20's. Still a bit below zero overnight but days are getting so nice, relatively speaking..

Drinking my water. Lots of it. Getting plenty of exercise, although less than during the heart of the mushing season. Still struggling to stay exactly OP but getting back into the swing of things. Had house guests last weekend, have some more this weekend, and yet some more next weekend. All good friends with kids, which means snacks around the kitchen that tempt me to BLT.

I will get it back.

35 little pounds to goal. I've never been so close, yet so far..

In the words of our beloved Barb,.

Fight the good fight!!.

Hope everyone has a great weekend..


Comment #31

Friday....weigh in....drum change! Loving this plan..

Have a great weekend everyone. I will be cleaning up the stage on Saturday morning, cantoring Mass on Saturday night and enjoying a weekend with DD, who is home from DC and DH. What more can a girl ask for? Well maybe no rain so I can run?..

Comment #32


OP: yes.

Water: yes.

Exercise: no.



Comment #33


On plan: Yes.

Exercise: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Have a great day everyone!..

Comment #34


Am I still abale to join this challenge/team? I recommited to Medifast two weeks ago after great success in 2009, I have made the decission to get back on plan and get healthy once and for all. Please let me know if I can join...

Comment #35

Good morning everyone!.

Weekly stats:.

On plan 7/7.

Water 7/7.

Exercise: About 200 minutes. I think......

Have a great day...

Comment #36 hasn't rained this hard in a very long time here. I think I'm going to float away! Hope you all had a great day. On plan, exercised and watered..

Loving life!..

Comment #37

Evening, all! We got more snow.

I'm really wanting some of those higher temps!!.

Busy weekend - had a challenging event last night, but made it through OP. It's a yearly fund-raiser that includes dinner which is always the same menu: prime rib, chicken, salad, vegetable, (potatoes, rolls & desert). Easy to stay OP. In years past, they always had steamed green beans. This year it was broccoli in what was supposed to be cheese sauce - YUCK! So I doubled up on the salad, but I was disappointed not to have my nice, clean beans. DH had 3 desserts.

Mostly, they didn't tempt me because they were fruit laden, which I don't like. Bit he came back once with a chocolate one. That's when I pulled out my chocolate mint gum. I also brought my own brownie, which I had later on in the evening..

So, I'm happy to report for the week:.

OP: 7.

Water: 7.

Exercise: 3.

I'll report my weight tomorrow for my official weigh-in, but I've been inching downwards all week.

Welcome Shanette! We make it a habit to report daily on our water, exercise and OPness, with a weekly summary on Sunday. It's just a personal challenge to keep us accountable. Jump on in!!.

Have a good evening, all!..

Comment #38

Jan: Chocolate mint gum, eh? Well I'll do you one better with chocolate soup! Not really, LOL. It's a soft serve made the wrong way, w/o ice..

Hi, crewsers. For the week:.

OP: 7.

Water: 6.

Exercise: 1.

Weight: 163.


Comment #39

Hi everyone! Hope you had a great Monday. I know spring is on it's way. I ran outside today without hand warmers in my gloves..

Woo hoo Kitty! Swim fishy swim! You are rocking this plan. I am so excited to have you join me in transition and maintenance..

Jan, glad you stayed OP. I must admit, there are times when I chew a lot of gum. Keeps me in maintenance though. That's all that matters..

Have a great evening everyone. Enjoy the start of spring. There was snow on the ground this morning, but most of it was gone for my run today...

Comment #40

Good evening, everyone. I had an extremely hectic day at work. Forgot to even gchat with Melissa til about 2 o'clock I went to pee and thought "OMG, I haven't even opened gmail to say Hi to Melissa!" She loved that I remembered her in the bathroom.


I may have to invoke a rule similar to the sludge rule over on TL....all your talk of spring...we just keep getting more snow & cold & nasty weather! It's this time of year that feels like spring will never get to Michigan! And then, there's poor Christine!!.


- thanks for your hello this morning -see above why I didn't reply.

Ditto what Barb said - you're gonna be to goal before you know it. Certainly before all the snow melts here!.

For today:.


- yes,.


TONS!! Having to drink 2 glasses before my blood draw (and no coffee or capp) certainly helped! I think I'll take a cue from Kitty and drink more in the morning before my coffee..


: No (another cue from Kitty.


Waving to all the crew!!..

Comment #41

I just realized, I reported my loss wrong.

I'm down.


- that's on the other side of a half than.


Comment #42

Hope all my Crew friends in the Lower 48 are ok. Heard you guys had some storms again down there..

We've been cold at night, (below 0), 20's and sunny in the day. Supposed to push into the 30's during the day this week..

Took some guests out over the weekend for some sled rides. Everyone who tries it seems to love the experience. Watched a few friends take off on their Iditarod journey. Otherwise taking time to train more puppies to lead and just having fun with the dogs now that the pressure of racing is over this year. Dreaming of next year's races and this summer's biking events..

Welcome Shanette..

Go Kitty go!!!.

Go Jan GO!!!.


Comment #43

Go, Christine, Go!! Stay, Barb, Stay!.

Morning all. Taking DH to the hosp for some routine tests, then off to do battle with the forces of...who knows? It was such a crazy day yesterday, I hope I have a little peace today. Will have my mid-morning at the hosp or on the way home. I guess it's a bar for me today. Usually have an oatmeal muffin or second cuppa capp. That's what I love about MF...there's so many options! I never thought I'd come to love space food.

Have a great day, Crew!!..

Comment #44

Jan, I figured you were up to your eyeballs; hoping you have a better day today..

Christine, you are amazing with all your outdoor activities..

Barb, glub glub glub..

Later today we are driving about an hour to Sarasota to pick up the latest edition to our family...another Ragdoll kitty, named Lulu. This is for hubby's benefit; I tried to say no no no, but he said yes yes yes, and finally I caved..

I do not know how to post pix to my My Page, so unless someone enlightens me, I won't be able to post any pix of Lulu. If someone can explain it to me, please pm me. Jan, if you know how, please gmail me. Make believe you are explaining it to a five-year-old; I'm not very techie..


OP: yes.

Water: yes.

Exercise: no.


Comment #45

Ladies, I am looking for suggestions before I put in my next Medifast order. During the work week I mostly do shakes b/c they fit into my work day better than anything else. Being a chocoholic and a volume girl, I've been sticking with various chocolate shakes, pumping up the volume with cold decaf coffee = a nice big mocha shake. With strawberry and orange shakes I pump it up by adding club soda, but I can't do that more than once a day b/c the soda takes a toll on my, ahem, innards. With the strawberry I've also added leftover Passion iced tea (no sweetener) from visits to Starbucks. Does anyone have any suggestions? I need to stay with shakes for the remainder of my work days (2 more months).

Nor am I an herbal tea lover, although I'm thinking it may be time to cultivate a taste for some of the fruity flavors...any ideas for me?.


Comment #46

Kitty, I'm not sure how you feel about diet sodas but diet root beer and vanilla shakes or vanilla pudding makes a wonderful root beer float. Same with diet Dr. Pepper. And diet cherry pepsi mixed with the chocolate shake is an amazing treat. And I don't use much. One 16 ounce bottle will last 3-4 shakes.

I too have to add more water than 8 ounces or the shakes are way too sweet..

I actually went to the health food store last summer to find some diet sodas of the more "natural" variety, flaovred in orange and grape, to mix with the vanilla shakes. And I still prefer the diet root beer over all of them..

Haven't tried the coffee yet. Surprising since I am a coffee addict. Maybe I will experiment a little with that..


Comment #47

Barb, I laughed when you mentioned running with hand warmers in your gloves. My early season (and late season) bike rides will involve hand warmers, snow machine mitts, and toe warmers in my shoes. Haven't figured out how to ride with my big warm boots on yet. Oh yea, and my helmet over a stocking cap and a handkerchief to wipe my nose. Tissues tear and ball up and I'd go through a pack in a couple of rides..

We had bright sunshine and 35 daytime yesterday. Puddles on the streets. We call this season "breakup". And it will be a mess until all the snow melts. For most of the rest of March it will all re-freeze at night and continue to melt during the day. The sunshine helps a lot.

That's when I disappear somewhere else and come home to a bare yard except for big snow berms where the plow pushes the snow. But the paved trails will clear fast and that's when we can bike outdoors again, properly dressed in warm attire, of course. Good thing Costco sells handwarmers by the box. Between mushing and yard chores I go through at least 2 pair a day..

Need to think about running a bit here in the next few weeks. Want to try out the knee at my new lower weight. I ran uphill behind the sled on some hills this year, holding onto the the handlebar, slowly, but haven't tried free running since Christmas. And of course it's different in boots. I've read the tips for slowly increasing steps and distance. Now just gotta make the leap..

Anyone heard from Sherry lately??.


Comment #48

Christine, I will try some of your ideas. I don't care for diet soda but I need to do something different. I tried the diet Coke in a shake once and didn't like it but according to what you suggest, I must have used too much soda. I will try it with more water and just a little soda. I have some vanilla shakes that are languishing b/c I don't much care for them, so trying them with soda might be just the ticket. Thanks!.


Comment #49

Yikes.....sorry I've been absent. It is bring your scientist to the lab week for me. Seriously I've had a scientist in my lab all week, as well as DD, who really is also a scientist. They have kept me moving. We've been working on some biotechnology stuff with my students. Very good opportunity for them, very busy for me.

Sounds like things are going well for everyone..

Kitty, I really don't know what to tell you to do with those shakes. I wasn't a big shake person. When I did drink them, I just mixed them with water, drank them and moved on. I really didn't do much of anything to anything. Sometimes at home I would add crushed ice to make it like a milkshake, but that was about it. Jan is going to have to tell you how to do the pictures.

Jan, I am a little afraid to talk about weather. I keep thinking we have one more snow storm waiting to dump on us!.

Christine, I love my hand warmers. Truth be told, I will wear them a great deal in the spring as I have Raynauds Syndrome. They keep me from losing all the feeling in my hands. It seems to be at it's worst on those mid-temp days. Not cold enough for gloves, too cold for the hands. I'm learning to always have a pair of gloves with me though.

Debbie, Shari, Sherry and Diana....where are you?.

Have a great evening all...

Comment #50

Another nutso day at work with no end in sight. We're short handed and I keep losing more people to illness or family emergencies. My hair's been on fire for a month at least.

I've stayed OP through it all with the exception of chewing way too much gum!!.

It's raining here and supposed to stay that way - no freezing over. Now that I've 'said it out loud', it's bound to snow.


I'll gmail you the instructions, but your pic has to be compressed. Mail it to me and I'll compress it for you. I just compressed Susie Cat for grins...hope you don't mind..

I'm no help with the shakes, either. I make mine with crushed ice and diet soda. Faygo makes a chocolate cream pie that's good with the chocolate or vanilla shakes. I'm not a fruit fan, even fruit flavor, but my cohort at work mixes her vanilla shakes with orange soda for a creamsicle flavor, or red ones. Could even be red pop as opposed to cherry or strawberry..


I remember last year when the scientists were visiting we were going to clone Melissa's bladder....any hope of finishing the job this year?.


We have a big snow burm on our lawn - the driveway will be a muddy mess this spring! Every shopping center around still has snow mountains!.

Wed: Yes Yes Yes for OP, Water and Exercise.

Here's Kitty's kitty:..

Comment #51

Hey Jan, thanks for posting my Susie. Lulu is way tiny compared to Susie! The pix we took last night are not very good. As soon as I get a decent one I will gmail it to you. Thanks!!.


Comment #52

Finally, finally, finally, I get to post an OP day!!!!!.

And water to boot, lots of it. But no exercise yesterday except the normal yard chores..

Combined 2 meals for breakfast, 2 for lunch, and one with L&G dinner to stay true to the Ash Wednesday "rules." And chewed lots of gum. Let's see if I can use this to get over the hump and back where I feel so good and in control..

Barb, I have Reynauld's too. Get's me when I least expect it, those not too cold days, or when I grab something bare handed from the freezer and hold it too long. Have learned to do everything outside in gloves in the winter. Especially if it involves touching metal. Once it starts no telling when it ends. Maybe your scientists could isolate the brain cells causing the addictive behaviors to rule over the healthy behaviors.

More sunshine today. Yeay! Not as warm yesterday but still so nice in the daytime. But we know there is another dump coming. One year 3 feet on St. Patrick's day. Another year 2 feet April 26.

Have a great day Crew..


Comment #53

ALoha all,.

Wanted to stop by...I started the program end of jan. and I'm down 22lbs...looking for a support group..Im a slow loser hope everyone is doing great..


Comment #54

Happy Thursday one and all. I am wondering if I was surrounded by a group of Medifast friends right now, if they would be able to drink all the excess water that is falling on me right now. Thank heavens for treadmills! I got my run in. Isn't that all that matters in life? Ok...maybe not, but very very important to me..


....ah yes....bladder cloning. We haven't made any progress on that yet. This week one of my students was reading the textbook....imagine that....and there was a question about the effect of viagra on plant cells. So I have them do a student designed plan lab every year. She said she wanted to determine if the mechanism that is affected by viagra in animals would help plants to grow faster. Great question.

So it will be viagra and plant growth instead of cloning Melissa's bladder. Sigh.....I really want Melissa's bladder cells. Good to see that butterfly moving!.


.....Cute kitty!.


, Alaska would not be a good place to live for me! So we were looking at the ADH gene this week and EC50 for ethanol and C. elegans worms. Bascially, in two of my classes we were getting worms drunk. I thought that would make great conversation at home at the dinner table. What did you do in school today, oh we got some worms drunk and observed their behavior..

Is it Friday yet? I mean really.....I need Friday!..

Comment #55

Tomorrow, Barb, Tomorrow, and Friday will be yours..

Giggling about the worms..

Comment #56

Hi Carla...

It's a crazy but supportive bunch, this Crew..


Comment #57

Mornin,' friends. Since I've been so wrapped up with my new kitty, Lulu (pix not posted yet) I'm not sure if I reported in for the last couple of days. For both Weds. and Thursday: OP yes, Water yes, Exercise no..

Unlike the first night, when Lulu kept me up with her crying, Lulu slept straight through...and so did I, heheh, apart from three visits to the bathroom..

Since I work every Saturday, Friday doesn't feel like Friday to me, but I do wish y'all a happy Friday and a great weekend!.


Comment #58

Happy Friday.....Happy Scale day....Happy run.....Happy worms.....hmmmm....I wonder if I can get into their ethanol? If only it wasn't denatured..


....great to see all those water days. Ah the bathroom, my favorite room just about everywhere I go!.

Christine. daughter commented about my day....drunk worms, ADH gene gel electrophoresis, AP Biology and vertebrate evolution, a student who want to find out if viagra will inhibit the CGMP binding site in a plant, a pH paper case that administration thought might contain drugs.....and the list goes on. Seriously, I wonder why my brain hurts at the end of the day..


No sludge! Enjoy your birthday on Sunday!!!!! A nice CC pancake for breakfast, Brownie for dessert. I love Medifast chocolate..

Enjoy the day my friends!..

Comment #59

You betcha, Barb - don't forget the pudding!! Chatty suggested an all Medifast chocolate day last month for Valentine's day. Works for me.

My birthday always falls during Lent, so even as a kid, there wasn't a lot of sludge associated with it. How's that for training?.

I'm off for my usual Friday night dinner (OP) with friends, then the birthday festivities begin...water park tomorrow where I won't be embarrassed in my bathing suit and I'll be able to slide down all the slides. Dinner at my favorite fish place on Sunday. I'll be pretty scarce til then..


Comment #60

Happy Birthday Jan. Love the comment about not being embarassed in your bathing suit..

BarbI vaguely remember all that stuff from biochemistry and physiology. Funny how we forget it if we don't use it..

Trained some 4-7 year olds to mush one dog around a quarter mile trail today. They are so cute. They race Saturday and Sunday morning. I am also sponsoring a 14 year old in the 7 dog sprint and the 36 mile mid-distance. And my best friend is in town with her girls, age 4 and 6. They are racing too.

Hope I can report some fun times with the kids and lots of exercise for me..

I can report that Thursday was OP, drank all my water, and did 15 minutes of general conditioning exercises. Tried to ride the spin bike but my knee isn't bending well. Seems like it wasn't that bad last Fall. I'll try to loosen it up over the weekend. I'm a bit worried about my summer plans. May have to get it "cleaned out" so I can have a better range of motion to be able to ride..

And Friday OP as well. Not enough water but some good exercise leading the one-doggers around the track. Will make an effort to drink more water this weekend. Hard to make myself when I'm outside and bathrooms aren't so available..

Kitty, enjoy that new kitty. Aren't you retiring soon? Then no more Saturday's at the office..

Have a great weekend Crew!!!!.


Comment #61

Hope you all had a great day. I did. On plan, check, excercise, no it's a rest day, water, oh yes. Floating away...

Comment #62

Yes, Christine, two more months. When the day comes (May 11) if you hear a joyful noise all the way out there in Alaska, it will be me screaming with happiness..






Comment #63 I am going to try to start a new thread. Wish me luck! Gonna do a March thread I think, unless someone would rather me do it for one week...

Comment #64

Hi Crew!! I've missed you and had to sit still for a minute just to catch up. It's a really nice quiet at-home Sunday and it's rare for us. DH is in the lower level 'dungeon' doing taxes and has only hollered up the stairs once...I just closed the door tighter....

I have been on super-alert for bad behaviors this week and happy to report that I actually got all of my water in the past few days and ejoyed my 4 & 2, though I actually mixed it to 2 packets for each 'meal' and didn't stretch them out the way we are supposed to. However, I did get it all in and kept sane in the process. No exercise this week, but will be getting home earlier all week from work and looking forward to getting out to walk the dogs more. The good news is that I haven't gained any more and, though staying the same isn't ideal at this point, it is actually a win and I know that I am OP, so I'm happy with it. AND - I had forgotten how good I feel when I get ALL the water in EVERY day - just feels good..

We finished one of 3 big events at school on Thursday night -and have a day or two to breathe before a big Career Day event at the high school. We have 79 speakers coming in to talk to the kids in 3 breakout sessions each, so the organizing is gargntuan and I am NOT the organizer of that part, thank goodness. But, it is big and I intend to cruise through Mon and Tuesday if possible...then ramp it up for the rest of the week. Then a nice 3 week breather until our annual Hall of Fame event, but I managed to get the invitations to the printer and mailed out (tomorrow), so I a ahead of the game on that one..

KITTY - new kitty picture is lovely, such a beautiful coat. Counting down the days to retirement - we'll be cheering here in Michigan!.

BARB - I laughed about the whole worm discussion and the rest, well it was and still is Greek to me.....

JAN -.

HAPPY DAY of CELEBRATING to you! - aren't you glad that the snow is making it's way somewhere else? I know we have a few little things to deal with to get through March, but overall 40's are the temps du jour and that's a good thing here in MI...great day to you!!.

CHRISTINE - I'd love to see those great strong puppies of yours and whew, do you get the exercise with them. Have a good time with the little ones - kids and dogs!.

WAVING to SHERRY, SHARI, CARLA (welcome!), BOBBI, MELISSA, and all of you extremely Cool Crewsers. Happy rest of the weekend!.


Comment #65

Here is the link for the new weekly thread:.

I apologize for not starting a new thread last week, I was extremely sick for almost two weeks, and am still not feeling well...

Comment #66

Just a quick fly-by for now. Gorgeous, perfect day here in SW FL. Took a nice walk with the hubs first thing this morning, 40 minutes. Got a little behind on my water drinking so I'm chugging right now. Yesterday I had the first 50 ounces down by 8 a.m., which might be my all-time record so far. Feeling very uplifted by others' blogs and board posts describing their breakthroughs and their successes.



Comment #67

Hi, crewsers, I'm reporting in early even though I have two meals to go yet today. There's no way under the sun that I am not going to be OP for the remainder of today..

OP: 7; Water 7; Exercise 1..


Comment #68

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.