Medifast Diet or weight watchers?

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Quick question: Medifast Diet or weight watchers? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another quick question... Welcome to a new year and a new decade! It's time to SHAKE IT UP! It's a chance for a new you!.

Whether it's to get healthy, to get sexy, to get back to the you that you used to be, it's definitely time to make it happen!.

February is here, and it's time to get FIRED UP!.

What at you fired up about? What is your personal focus for this month to keep you moving steadily towards your end goal?.

Who we are: We are the Shaker Sisters!.

We came together because we found that drinking more or all shakes helped us lose faster or break a stall, but stayed together because we all believe in being supportive, empowering, and drama-free. We believe that self-appreciation is important and so is learning healthy new behaviors. We also tend to be very pro-exercise in whatever capacity fits your goals..

Join us!.

We're a tight-knit group, but we love new friends who believe in the same things! Whether you drink 1 shake or 150 shakes this month, you are welcome to join in on the fun!..

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Good question... I dunno what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

Hi Aerielle! Good Feb. theme! I'm trying to be fired up about exercising too. Right now, I'm not very active, but I know I need to change that. I'm also fired up about staying OP this month and not wasting anymore time or money by cheating and gaining and losing the same 4 pounds. I'm going to an indoor water park over Spring Break in March, so I want to be able to go bathing suit shopping without going into a major depression in the dressing room..

Comment #2



, thanks for the new thread. I am fired up about getting back down to my goal weight soon. I have been doing good with the exercise portion but my eating needs to be much more controlled!! I love how I felt at the end of summer and I will be back there soon..



, you are so close to goal, great job. I'm sure bathing suit shopping will be much more fun this year!..

Comment #3

Good morning!.

I love the theme! I'm fired up about getting back in shape mentally and physically:-) I wish it weren't so cold (1 today!), I would like to start the C25K, I don't have a treadmill, and running in place at home just seems wrong..

Well, off to the day, I'll catch up later!..

Comment #4

Yay, thanks Aerielle! I totally forgot it was a new month... love the panda.

I applaud all of you for being so fired up about fitness - and I really will get there at one point, I swear, but right now, since I am getting back in the swing, my goal is to stay fired up about Medifast! I know exercising and dieting is the complete package - but right now, I really don't want to do anything that could potentially slow me down! I'm not a couch potato, so I don't feel too bad about it... but I know I need to work on it, really, I do! Perhaps that will be my goal in March! For now, my goal is to keep being motivated and excited about Medifast and to stay completely OP =).





.. they're making Chicago out to be apocalyptic on the news? Are you guys okay?.

Speaking of that, it's Groundhog Day! And the Groundhog saw his shadow... if memory serves me correctly, for the past several years, the prediction has always been the long winter... so it's exciting to know that maybe spring will really come early this time!.

Well, hubby is going to be gone all day and I have (what else) homework/research to do. I'll be around! Have a great day everyone!..

Comment #5

Good Morning!.


...Thanks for the new thread! I am not fired up yet but trying hard to get fired up to finally get to goal! This on and off business is burning me out! So today was supposed to be day 1 and it didn't happen. ( forgot to grab Medifast to take to work with me). Tonight I am packing a week worth to keep at the office and pre-making my L&G for tomorrow so that all I have to do is go through the motion..

Anyway, here's to February!.

Hi Tami, Sony, Kelsey, Suzie, heather, sarah ann and all the shakester sisters! xo..

Comment #6

HOLY COW LADIES!!!!! We got OVER 3 feet of snow overnight. ALL the roads are closed. ALL businesses are closed. It LOOKS like a freakin apocalypse! We went outside yesterday in the tornado snowstorm, it was only danny and I walking around what looked like an abandoned world you'd see in the movies. it is SO redic! words and pictures and videos do NO justice just how crazy this is!!!!!!!..

Comment #7

However, you should definitely take some pics Kristin! We know you're good at it.

And then share them!.

Nelly..... be back here tomorrow ma'am! I mean it!! ((hugs))..

Comment #8

You guys!!!!!!?!?!?.

I have an informal job interview at 4pm today for my dream job. This all literally happened overnight..

I am so nervous right now and of course it's time for me to eat my meal!.

I will be back with all the details and how it goes. I'm afraid to say any more at the risk of jinxing myself!..

Comment #9

Wow Kristin! I can't imagine that much snow, though it happens here in Indiana occasionally. Luckily, the temps stayed up over freezing here, so all we got was rain and an dusting of snow today. I have a friend that is supposed to by flying in to Chicago this weekend from Jordan. I told him he better call ahead before he gets on the plane!.

Sarah, I'm totally with you on not really wanting to work out during MF. I am not much of an exerciser anyway, but I'm scared to slow my weight loss. However, I know that for health reasons, I need to get my butt moving. My resting heart rate is super high, even with the 40lb weight loss so far. Heart disease runs in my fam. too, so I need to get myself in the exercising habit.

My back has been hurting a lot too, so I think I need to strengthen my "core"...

Comment #10


Thank you so much for moving us to a new thread! The panda bear is A-dor-ABLE! <3.

Haha yes, was crazy! Thundersnows (yeah, a first for me too?!) and crazy amounts of snow! I don't live too far from Kristin and we got hit pretty hard too! Here are a few pics....

(taken from the inside of our garage @ 6:45am this morning).

(the backyard!)..

Comment #11


I am.




A HUGE downfall to this crazy snowstorm happening yesterday was that I had no full L&G's in the house. I know that's a horrible excuse, but I just decided to eat what we had instead of going outside. official re-start will have to be tomorrow. Maybe.



You and I can do this together too?.



CONGRATS on getting the interview! What is this dream job? Good luck with the interview!.


Welcome to our awesome group!!.

I finished C25K not that long ago and it's awesome! You feel a little silly in the beginning but it's amazing at how quickly it builds up your endurance! I never thought I'd be able to run 30 min straight on a treadmill w/o stopping, much less anything over a few seconds, haha! If you have an itouch or iphone, there is a great app for it by Cool Runnings- definitely download that!!.


I hear you on the not wasting anymore money! I forget how expensive these small white packets are and hwo much money I'm throwing away if I don't follow the plan. We can do this and you WILL get into an awesome swimsuit for spring break!.


I hope you're doing okay over there!!.

Our driveway is totally cleared out now (I put more pix on Facebook) but our neighbor's driveways are still totally full! Everything is closed by us- only Walgreens is open and I'm scared to venture over there!! :P..

Comment #12

Yup civil emergency still underway, everything is closed, all roads all everythings. Did you see LSD? holy cow, the poor people that had to stay in their cars overnight!..

Comment #13

You know what sucks... when a MF-er that you're not particularly fond of decides to lower their goal... I want everyone to succeed, I just want some to succeed faster than others so they will get the heck off the board..


The interview.....

I saw a prof yesterday who I took a class from last semester. He told me to email him about a job, so I did. They are opening a new school here and he is on the board, so he had me email the principal. We had an informal, over the phone interview! Then she told me to email her my resume and a cover letter, which I am still working on. My SIL is going to come over and take a quick look at them before I send it - she is a HR genius. Anyway, I have a REAL interview in a few weeks.

NO PRESSURE, right?! Being a part of a new school (it's K-2) would be pretty much my dream, it's a charter school, so it's much different, but in a way that makes it my dream job. I'm half excited that I even got an interview, half terrified about the interview!.

Here's the best part, though - she said b/c my prof spoke so highly of me - I can teach there before I graduate, on provisional condition that I get my license within the year. I mean, I never expected to get a job before I graduate, let alone at my dream school..

So please really think happy thoughts for me you guys!!!!..

Comment #14

Oh WOW Sarah! That is such an amazing opportunity!! I will certainly keep the positivethoughts flowing your way!.

OMgosh!! 3 feet of snow?? That isaninsane amount of overnight snow!! I live in Utah, and we usually have pretty intense winters, but so far thisone has been very mild. I remember one year we got two feet overnight. That's the most snow I've ever seen in one fail swoop..

I for one wish I was back in Florida where the sun shines. I love sunshine:-)..

Comment #15

Suzie - I think you're gonna have a tough time deciding between which cute suit you like better.

43 pounds down is so awesome, and adding in some toning will make you even hawter!.

Tami - You totally inspire me with your exercise! Have you figured out what your weak point is for food? Sometimes talking it out helps me figure out what I can do to be stronger..

Heather - It was -20 here today!.

Nelly - it will be easier to get fired up when you're actually feeling good again!.

Kristin and Kelsey - holy cow!! 3 feet is NUTS! Glad you're both safe and warm. I cannot even imagine having to sleep in a car in that type of weather!.

Sarah - Congrats on an awesome opportunity!! You will rock the interview and lesson. Have fun with it! That does indeed sound like a dream opportunity and job!.

Did a super long workout today - 50 minutes on the elliptical stepper (said I burned 650 calories?!) and then spent an hour doing weight machines and the stretching. And I saw the cutest thing too. Right outside the window were some bushes with a bit of a snow drift on the other side, so there was a hollow around the bushes. This huge fat bunny was sitting in the bush, eating branches. He'd gnaw off a twig, and then chow down on it. It was totally amusing to watch, since I was about 2 feet away from it, on the other side of the glass..

So I made today a 4-2 day because of the workout. Dentist went fine, although I have pricey redos of fillings in my future, since they are getting old..

Time to get that last meal in..

Comment #16



, you are rocking the exercise for sure!!.


, where do you live in Utah? I went to St. George on vaca about 4 years ago - with my mom. We had SUCH a good time, when I think about it, I get emotional! I wish we could go back soon but we can't, for a lot of reasons..

You guys, I just had a rough L&G experience. I haven't left the house today with all of this last minute interview stuff. Hubby was out of town all morning/day and didn't get back until late. I am totally out of stuff for the green part of my L&G.. so we decided to run through the drive thru at McD's b/c it was the only thing open. I got a southwest salad - I never have bothered to try their salads b/c I assumed they were topped with stuff I couldn't have.

When it was all said and done, it was practically nothing. I'm so upset about that b/c I'm on a pretty fixed income and that $5 could have bought me some lettuce from the store that would have lasted me for a few good days! Grrr. Oh well, I won't let myself get in that situation again!..

Comment #17

/hugs! I keep a bunch of frozen veggies and canned veggies around, just for that reason. And remember that you can ask for what you want or need when it comes to restaurants, even McD's. If they need to make it fresh, they will. Most of them will accomodate you, or at least tell you what would better fit what you need (like you ending up with a "caesar" salad, but give you salsa instead of the caesar dressing and not giving you the crouton packet)..

Sleepy morning! Hope you are all having a fabulous, WARM, OP day!..

Comment #18

Good Morning Shaker Sisters!.

It seems like so many of us are coming back and re-starting right now (me included) so lets give each other as much support as possible- we CAN do it! Im loving the Fired up for February theme too- thanks Aerielle for the thread..

Ive been sick and just feeling BLAH- I think this weather has a lot to do with it. Its cold and gray everyday and Ive felt like poo. I had no appetite and didnt stay OP- nothing horrible but definitely not getting 5 meals in, etc..

But Im feeling better and ready to rock it! I went shopping last night and got some Shiritaki noodles- going to try those later today. Im up 6 lbs- isnt it amazing how quickly that can happen? My gosh, some of that has to be water weight right?- I hope. So well see how this weeks weigh in changes that gain..

Is everybody ready to rock it the rest of winter and look sexy come Summer?!!!!.


- you are an exercising champ! Go go go! With as much time as your devoting to working out, maybe 4 &2 would be better for you. If you burned 650 on the elliptical alone and your daily calorie intake is still so low on 5&1, your body might be in starvation mode. I cant imagine not being super hungry after all that exercise on 5&1- you are awesome!.


-I also need to get motivation to work out on MF. Im a little scared because even though I enjoy exercise, It makes me extra hungry- I dont want it to have an adverse affect on hunger, cravings, etc so I think Im going to start slowly too..


- Yay for getting fired up for exercise and sticking to healthy eating! Im getting back on track too..


Hello hello! Ive been MIA and sick so I havent had a chance to say Hi and welcome!.


- Congratulations on the job interview! That is so exciting to have an opportunity like this before you graduate! I will send good vibes your way and think happy thoughts!.


- How are you doing? Hanging in there I hope? How is getting started going? Im back on as of this morning after being sick- you can do this!.


- Wow- I cant believe what Ive been seeing/hearing about the massive blizzard in Chicago- please stay safe out there..


- Im sorry to hear about all of the stress going on in your personal life lately. I know this is corny- but sometimes things have a way of working themselves out on their own and the right things just fall into place. Just hang in there and see where life takes you..

Love to all!..

Comment #19

Driving by super in... my ride for lunch is about to pull up in my driveway quick!.

I sent the lady my resume and cover letter and she called me at 7am to ask me to call her. I call her, no answer. So I left a message and emailed her. UGH!!! the waiting game! I think this means something horrible of course, and my husband is trying to convince me that she probably just wants clarification about something on the resume, which is more logical, but me being a worrywart and all.... *shakes head* So I will keep you posted..

I'm running errands and I'm off to school! Talk to yall later..

Comment #20

She probably wants to move up your interview or something positive.

Danielle - Glad you are feeling better! You will drop those pounds quickly as you get back on plan. What are you going to do with the shirataki noodles? And are they the yam or tofu ones?..

Comment #21

Sooo apparently Shiritaki Noodles are super delicious!!!!! I made them with zucchini, tomato, & shrimp and used LC cheese to make a sauce- YUMM!.

I hope everyone is having a good evening!!!!..

Comment #22

Heya ladies, thanks.


For moving us all into a new month!!! Like some of the ladies here I too am fired up on keeping on track on Medifast for the time being!!!.

Kelsey & Kristin,.

Thats a tons of loads of snow you guys got there!!! If it makes you guys feel any better we are under this subzero-less-than-Alaskan kindda temps spell since last couple days!!! I have never seen the school closures here in my neighborhood even on a blizzardy snow storm like conditions previously but both tues. & wednesday the schools were closed cuz of danger of frost bite!!! It was minus 22 with windchills of minus 50.

We were going into the backyard on the deck for like literally 10 seconds and throwing cups of hot water in the air to see it turning into vapors!!! It was that biting cold!!! Anyways kids were having fun of not having to go to school & DH was working from home!!! Its miserable & crazy for me in here, heheeee......


, I soo wish & pray for you that you get this job! FYI both of my boys go to Charter school !!! Its an excellent school and the faculty is awesome and I am so lucky enough to get both of the boys admitted, usually there's a few yrs of waiting list in there so I consider myself anf my boys lucky!!! My 6 YO even got thru with the testings in the Challenge school too but unfortunately still on the waiting list!!! I'm soo curious to know what that lady wanted to tell you at 7 am!!!..

Comment #23


, that dish looks scrumptious!!! I never had good experiences with those noodles, infact I still have few packs left in my refrigerator in the garage, maybe I should give those a try ones again using your recipe!!!..

Comment #24

Danielle, that looks so good! I really don't like the texture of the noodles, but I'd like to try that with spag squash or something!.

Sony and Aerielle, thanks for your support! Sony, that is so cool that your kids go to charter schools - they're not *all* successful, but the ones with a strong faculty and charter usually blow the competition out of the water! I really want to be a part of something like that, so keeping my fingers crossed!.

Um, so I NEVER talked to the lady today, you guys! I emailed her and told her I would be at work and school for the rest of the evening and I'd be happy to address anything via email if I could. No response. and no phone call! I guess I'll call her tomorrow... trying not to be worried... except I totally am! ahh!.

I had an awkward day on plan..

L&G >>4 hrs later>>bar>>3 hours later>>soup>>3 hours later>>hot cocoa>>30 minutes later>>cherry pom/brownie cookies (2 meals).

Sometimes being at school can really screw stuff up. There are certain times in class where I cannot whip out a snack and go to town! My class tonight is very interactive, with groupwork and lots of moving around the room so... blah. Hopefully the scale will play nice tomorrow morning!.

I have a very busy weekend ahead, I'm actually working tomorrow and Sunday and I have class all day Saturday... I'll check in though! I swear!.

Hope everyone has a nice Friday!..

Comment #25


Your question is a good one to ponder. My weak point with food is the thought of it, not actually being hungry. Sometimes just seeing it makes me want it. I feel like a child just because you see something does not mean you can have it. I did great all day yesterday and then last night gave in to the idea of overeating. I'm driving myself crazy because I know what to do to be healthy and happy and I am doing the opposite. I'm still exercising but without the added benefit of eating properly it's not nearly as good...

Comment #26


Your dream job sounds awesome I hope all goes well with the interview. I'm sure the lady just got busy with her work she will get back to you..


We have had a ton of days off school too. In fact all our snow days are used now they take from the vacation in April..

Hi to.

Kelsey, Nelly, Dani, Kristen, Suzie and Heather.

Hope you are all well..

Everyone keep thinking warm thoughts and maybe Spring will come super early!!..

Comment #27

Quick check in before weigh in, just wanted to post a new challenge I am starting if anyone wants to join! I NEED SOME TONED ARMS!..

Comment #28

Kristin - nice challenge! I am nowhere near ready to do 45 yet, but I pledge to work my way up to it! I also added in the dips that are supposed to help with toning the batwings.

Tami - have you ever looked at Eat This, Not That? It's one of those photo food guides for helping to make better food choices..


It's not 5-1 friendly, but it's one of those brain books that helps you look at bad for you stuff, like a sundae, and then showing you a beautiful fruit, yogurt and whipped cream option, or something that just looks delicious and is much lighter and healthier..

Honestly, sometimes, just looking at food porn like that helps me get through the cravings. I know it's a trigger for others, but then it gets me off fixating on one thing, and thinking about alternatives..

Sarah - Maybe bringing RTDs would help? I can suck one of those down in less than a minute :P.

Sony - is Challenge a gifted school? It is so awesome that you've got your kids in a school you really like!.

Danielle - Wow, that dinner looks awesome. Are they tofu noodles? I've heard they are much better than the yam-based rubbery ones. I really need to hunt them down..

Sooo happy today is Friday! I need some relaxing weekend time!..

Comment #29

Ya Aerielle I just did 20 and my arms are like jello. gunna wait a few minutes and attempt to finish em off. YOWZA!..

Comment #30

Hi Ladies....just a quick check in. I'm soooo glad it's Friday!!! Just trying to get through this day and relax this weekend with my girls. Kristin, your challenge will be ummm "challenging" for me since I prob can't do even one push-up, but I vow to join you and try!.

Have a good day everyone!..

Comment #31

I'm in Kristen. Awsome challenge. I posted the best way to work up to real push ups, and am off to start!.

Well, have to take off. DD has a figureskating competition today, so I will be running around all day for that..

Have a great day, and I will catch you later!..

Comment #32


Thanks for the link I looked at the book and I might order one. It makes sense, I just need to apply it each and every day and I will be fine..


I too will go over and join your challenge. I already do some push-ups with Jillian but I will add these. I'm fine with having some envious arms by spring!!!..

Comment #33

Hi ladies!.

I joined the.

Pushup Challenge!.

WOOT WOOT! Gotta add that siggy to my banner! Does it matter when we start?.

I am getting MORE food in the mail from eBay (7 hot chocolates) and a bunch of food from a girlfriend who tried Medifast but ended up being allergic to soy or she's sending her food to me!! I should hopefully get it all by Monday, so then I'm just cleaning out the house this wkend and starting fresh. I did that the first time I started and it really pushed me to succeed. I'm also stocking up on Lean & Green foods! I am sick of playing around, especially so close to goal. I WANT TO DO THIS!!.

Oh and guess what? I caved in and bought the panda bear speaker for my iTouch! The total? Like under $10! I LOVE eBAY!.

I just hope it works...haha!.

Be back later!!..

Comment #34

I'm about to do total inventory of all the Medifast I have, including some hot chocolate I got off ebay!.

Hopefully it's a lot!..

Comment #35

68 days of food, woot! Come Monday, it's 68 days of on-plan eating and the scale will go down, down, down! I'm also starting the 45 days of push ups on Monday too!! <3..

Comment #36

Just did my 45 push-ups, man my wrists are killing me. I must be doing something wrong because I can't seem to get the banner for it. Help!?..

Comment #37

Heather - thanks for the tips on the pushups! I totally need to work on them! Oi, sad and shaky arms!.

Kelsey - Have fun with the Panda! Ebay is so dangerous when I'm just poking around looking for cute stuff.

Here you go Tami! Glad you liked the book link. I find stuff that helps retrain my brain to be interesting, and if nothing else, the pics give me cravings for healthier stuff.

[IMG ][/IMG].

Copy the line above line..

Go into Edit Profile/Settings up on the orange bar, and select Edit Signature on the left menu..

Paste the line above into your signature, and then remove the extra space after IMG in the first brackets. Click Preview, and it should now display, then click Save...

Comment #38

Heather I love your suggestion I'm gunna try it!..

Comment #39



For the banner info. I have one more question, I went to ticker factory to make a 10 pound ticker and it won't let me. How did you guys get it to allow it? It keeps saying I need to enter 100 pounds or more. I think I am computer challenged lateley?!!!..

Comment #40

Never mind I figured it out. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Be careful at any super bowl parties...

Comment #41

Hey y'all, I'm here... kind of!.

Friday, I worked all day and we had shoplifters galore. Theft is just a part of retail, but these were people who were being stupid and bold about it - like getting their merchandise rung up and then just grabbing it and running. I don't know what it was. My boss got so mad he chased one of them about half a mile. It was insane. and exhausting.

Which was this morning. I had class for 3.5 hours, then I worked on a group project for 6 flipping hours at school. I feel like a zombie. And I'm working tomorrow morning. So I'm going to hurry up and eat my L&G....... and hit the hay. I'll be back when I'm not so flipping exhausted.....

Comment #42

Good lord Sarah! People are crazy. Actually, so is your manager for chasing someone that far!.

Had a great day yesterday. We did some shopping, and hubby got me a Blendtec for my birthday. We're also going to see a vitamix display at costco next week, and debate on which we like better. But omg this thing is amazing. I had a blender, a smoothie maker, and a Magic Bullet, all of which sucked badly for crushing ice and making smooth smoothies. The Blendtec so fast and pulls everything down from the top, even pulling powder off the sides of the container!.

Also had a family dinner out to celebrate as well, which was really nice. Had a lovely steak dinner with salad and green beans.

And no cake, at my request. Well, they could have had one, but I said up front to please not be offended if I don't eat a bite if you get one, so they refrained. My MIL is very cool about stuff like that. She knows how hard it is for me to lose weight, and goes out of her way to make it easier for me to stay on plan, even if there are others who don't understand. Hubby is also doing the same for me, which is very nice..

Today I will be rooting for the Pack.

Hope you all have a fabulously on plan day!..

Comment #43

Hi ladies, i'm here plugging along, I tried being OP all day yesterday with a lot of mental struggle and gave in for a bit of desert at night:-( it felt like all of that hard work all day long was mere waste by giving in to that freaking stupid desert!!!! Anyways i'm up and all dusted and here again rooting for hopefully a better day today!!!! We turned down 3 of the superbowl parties today, just hanging around the house with my boys and hubby and they're not doing any fancy keeping me in mind, ohhh I soo love them very much, they're sweethearts!!!!!.


, that Belndtec sounds awesome!!! I've never heard of that before!!! That is awesome if that pulls down everything from top while blending, my MB doesn't do that so maybe I should shop around for one too!!! BTW yes challenge schools are gifted schools and the one we've here is considered one of the best!!!! So keeping my fingers crossed to hopefully get my son in within next couple years or so, still on waiting list for now!!! But i'm glad he is thru with the testing cuz thats considered that toughest of all!!! Man those testing questions are sooo tricky and difficult for me and DH too!!!.

You are soo lucky to have such a supportive MIL, she sounds like a darling!!!.

Sarah, awww that sounds scary!!! Few yrs ago I used to work at sears in jewelry as part timer for few months goshhh it was crazy in there, we always used to call the security cuz someone or the other were lifting the watches or the perfumes etc., it's like u've to keep your eyes open all around watching!!!..

Comment #44

Hey ladies!.

Hope you're all surviving the Superbowl parties! I'm not watching the game this year...watching the PUPPY BOWL instead!.

Love it!.

I'm officially re-starting for the last freaking time...tomorrow morning. I counted my Medifast meals, I stocked up on L&G foods...I have no excuses. I am hoping the weight will come off faster for the first week because my body hasn't been used to Medifast for a few weeks. Maybe it'll be the *shock* it needs to get back on track! *CROSSES FINGERS* I'm also going to be a big stickler for details this time...I'm going to actually count my condiments, etc..

Hope you're all doing well! <3..

Comment #45

Hi Everyone Hi Nelly, Sony, Kelsey!!! How are all of you?? I have been so busy working I haven't checked in at all!.

I'm hoping to restart again, i've mostly just been doing 4 shakes and 2 lean and greens because I had so much hunger on the 5 and 1. How has everyone been doing? Looks like Kelsey got a heap of snow!!.

Talk to you all soon..

Comment #46

Welcome back Becca.

Kelsey, you can do it! And I did watch the game, rooting for the Pack. It was a really great game.

Sony - hope today was a better day! Post up if you're feeling frustrated or tempted! Might help you talk yourself out of it <3.


Blending an iPhone.

And yeah, testing for gifted can be crazy. I'm really glad he passed and is on the waiting list!.

[lol education rant begins here, don't say I didn't warn ya!].

I've been in gifted and taught ASP, so on a professional side, I have major issues with how selection is often done for gifted and how there are often waiting lists and crap to get in. We fund SPED so heavily, and yet often ignore the kids at the other end of the spectrum. Sorry, this is one of my big hot buttons.

I'm a big believer in teaching to the potential of kids, and yet gifted kids are so often ignored and their potential is often neglected (parenting is huge here), leaving them bored and disconnected with their learning. Much of which is often done outside of the classroom, because they already know that which is being taught in the class, and nothing extra is provided to stimulate them. This is more true than ever, with many gift programs being cut due to the budget crisis that school districts are facing..

Anyway, I just want to say that it's awesome that you are pushing to get him tested and in. Your involvement in his education is one of the biggest keys to his success, and it's pretty clear what a great mom you are!..

Comment #47


That is so funny because this was a huge debate in my class last year. One of my classmates has a highly gifted son and she has basically hopped from place to place to try to get him an education that's worth a darn. She always talked about how there is a bell curve and there's all this emphasis only on the left side of it, even though there are just as many on the right..

I have a personal connection to this as well. I was in the gifted program when I was younger - I started it in 3rd grade and continued in it until I was in 7th grade. My 7th grade year, the teachers in my gen ed classes did not make going to gifted classes easy on me. If I missed their class, it was essentially treated as an absence - meaning I had to make up all of the work I missed plus my gifted assignments. I guess there is this twisted methodology that gifted students can do an ungodly amount of work, or maybe they didn't care about me... I don't know.

Knowing what I know now, I'd put my foot down on behalf of my 12-year-old self. But I just assumed that's how things would always be and took myself out of the equation. Ah well..

So yes, Aerielle, I'm right there with you..

Comment #48

Hey everyone! Well I'm half awake but I wanted to say hi.

Yes, my boss is usually a mild-mannered man and we are taught NOT TO CHASE SHOPLIFTERS, b/c once they go out the door a) you could get hurt b) the company technically doesn't have to defend you if something insane happens or if you do something to harm the person... but I don't know. For those of you who work in retail, it gets really hard day in and day out to see people steal things, and it comes out of my boss's paycheck the most, so... whew! Oh well. Today was very calm at work, thank goodness..

I watched the Super Bowl.. I want those few hours of my life back. The commercials suck, the game itself was anticlimatic...

So I have been sitting right on 170 for the past three days. WHAT IS UP WITH THIS? But my eating timing has been off.. Today it was much better and I was able to drink more water, so... fingers crossed!.

I have more to tell yall, but I'm so tired.. I will be back in the morning!..

Comment #49

It amazes me how bold and brazen some of those thieves are. I can totally understand the frustrations, though..

With regard to Gifted, yeah, that's often the experience kids have. MORE work is not what's needed. Different work that actually engages their brain is what they need. We're not trying to get gifted kids to be workhorses, we're trying to teach them to be more well-rounded, critical thinkers and to broaden their knowledge and engage their brains. Making them just DO MORE particularly of stuff that they already know (busy work) is ridiculous and makes many of them hate school..


Interesting article on the subject..

Anyway, I'm having a super sleepy morning! I need to wake up!..

Comment #50

Hi ladies!!.

Hope you all stayed strong during Superbowl....I am going to admit I didn't but it's okay because.


There it is, for you all to see!.

I'm going to actually take my ticker off, as well as hide my scale.

...I want this to be about how I feel and look...rather than a stupid number. And maybe I'll weigh in after a week or two, but I can't do this daily weighing thing without wanting to throw my scale out the window!! I hope I can resist the temptation to weigh!.

I'm almost done w/my first meal of the day- a chocolate shake...and 24 oz of water is down already..

Here's my.


Chocolate Shake.

PB Crunch Bar.

Chocolate Shake.

Soft Serve (PB?).

Blueberry Oatmeal (I think it'd be a nice warm night-time meal!).

And for my.


Most likely chicken & green beans or MSF patties. I bought a package of the new SPICY ones but haven't tried it yet! Have any of you?.

I really, REALLY want to be much lower by my birthday. I don't think I'm going to be bikini-body ready by April 17th, but I do believe that I can be at goal! We shall see....

I'm actually going into work for the first time in a week...the insane snow plus my boss had some family issues = me not working! I've been going stir-crazy! It's going to be good to get away from the FOOD and what not, so YAY!.

Be back soon! I'm going to be SUPER INSANELY ACTIVE now that I'm back on the Medifast wagon!.

<3 <3 <3..

Comment #51


Can one of you do me a favor and look at my page and tell me if my ticker is visible or not? I clicked the box to not show it, but when I look at my own page, it's still there? :P..

Comment #52

Good morning Ladies! Hope you all had a good weekend. Mine was pretty uneventful. I did get some house cleaning done yesterday, so I feel good about that. I am really struggling with my health issues this morning. I am in soooo much pain that it's hard to focus on work or anything else. I go in for another infusion treatment on Thurs and Friday, so hopefully I will have some relief soon.

I haven't weighed in awhile, so I am planning on having a good surprise this weekend after a good week this week..

Have a good day everyone!..

Comment #53

Kelsey- I don't see a ticker on your page. Good luck on your final Re-start!!!..

Comment #54

U can do it Kelsey! Watching my scale every day has definitely been pissin me off too.. but my sizes are changing! So it really probably is best when you are that close to just go by that instead! the winter challenge will help..

Comment #55

You can do this Kelsey!! And you know I'm right there with you in regards to the ticker/scale thing... I feel better about it now, but there are times when you just have to keep pushing and not base your entire success/feelings for the day on that one number..

Which makes what I'm about to say sound really hypocritical, and I'm sorry for that...

I finally dropped under 170 today!.

So now I'm in the 160s. I don't know if you remember this, but Nelly and I (speaking of... Nelly???? Hope you're here today!) had a conversation on these boards about the weight you'd have to be to actually start feeling like you were really being successful - b/c just being in Onderland wasn't exciting. Well the 160s are it. I have not been inside this decade since I was in college, which was over 5 years ago! Although I have to say that since I said that, my feelings have changed a little. I'm excited about it for sure, but it's just another step in the path ....

I'm hoping I will go through the 60s faster than I did the 70s.. it seems like I'm in every other decade for a long time... Does that happen to anyone else?.

Alright, Im off from work and school today so I'm going to lay around and also do a bunch of homework. =)..

Comment #56

Hey hi.


, good to see ya it's been a while since we'll heard from you, so how is it going scale wise??? Some of us(including me) are back restarting again so hop on and join us back again!!!..

Comment #57

Good Morning!.

Way to go Sarah!!.

Good Luck Kelsey! Just remember (works for me, cause I like my money) that everytime you cheat, you basically throw the money you spent on medifast out the window. I don't mean that in a tough love sort of way at all. I'll be the last to critisize fall off, get back on, cause I've done that, A LOT. Just the thing I am keeping in the back of my mind (like ALL DAY yesterday!) that keeps me from falling off. Yeah I know, day 11, big deal.... Just know that's what keeps me on, thinking about all the money I wasted in the past.

I hope everyone had a good weekend..

I agree about the superbowl & commercials. I want the time back lol. There were a couple of good commercials. The kid and I LOVED the Bridgestone beaver one lol. Some of the Pepsi ones made me laugh. Coke needs to FIRE their entire advertising and start over BLAH.

I only remember the Tibet Groupon which kind of offended me (hard to do), but everyone is saying the groupons were great?? Ummm Tibet's oppressed, save 50% at a Tibet resteraunt? Okay. No. FAIL.

Just my two cents lol, I don't know Jack. (I dated his brother once, and he was a REAL JERK) (sorry, bad joke)..

Comment #58

Wow thanks.

Aerielle & Sarah.

For such an insight on those gifted and talented schools!!! Though i've to show off and boast off about the one we've in my area, most of my best friends' children go to that challenge school and hence I got to know more abt it, so what I heard from them and also met few of the teachers is that it's an excellent school and they work one-on-one with each and every student!!!.

And it seems depending on the quality/capacity of the student they only give that much of assignments/projects etc., and also more or less of homeworks depending on the demands of the parents....and also they work along with parents/students together which makes it much easier...and since me being an active parent, yes I poke my nose even in my lil' one's prek too, yes I like to know everythnig and anything that they are learning at achool etc., so I feel it's really great with all that interaction, and also I tutor my kiddos at home too apart from all that they learn at school so it'll be an interesting challenge for topmost priority is to excel my boys in math and science, the rest they'll learn eventually but I can already see my 6 YO doing math of almost a second grader which really amazes me!!!!.

So anyway thanks for sharing your thoughts/experiences!!!..

Comment #59


I'm with you I too took my ticker off for now. I will put it back on when I am closer to goal. I don't feel like I deserve to see it right now. Instead I made a goal ticker. I did my final restart on Saturday, which makes today day 3!! I need to always remember how much better I feel eating properly. You can do this too..


Sorry to hear you still aren't feeling well, I hope you are better soon..


Congrats on a new decade. I agree about the closer you get to goal the longer you stay in a certain decade. Keep up the great job you are so close to goal..

I was not very interested in the Super Bowl this year, I did hang out with hubby but did my 45 push-ups and played solitaire..


Sony, Nelly, Kristin, Becca, Aerielle.

And all the other shakers!! Have a great night, I'm off to work soon...

Comment #60

Good morning Sisters!.

/hugs Suzie for the pain. Hope that your treatments make you feel better! It's going to be a great week! One on plan day at a time!.

Kristin - hope you are enjoying Vegas and that your food came!.

Kelsey - It's -11 here today, not including windchill!! Hope Chicago is warmer!.

Woot woot Sarah!! Congrats on being in the 160s!!.

I wish I'd have a fast decade :P Mine are all going at the rate of 5 slow weeks, then 1 big week. Exercise or no exercise. It's bizarre. But I'll take losing every week to nothing or gaining.

My big Rubicon was getting back under 200. That for me was where I felt like OMG SUCCESS! since it was so hard for me to lose on every other diet. My next big goal is getting under 180, for being just overweight, and then under 170, which is where I was at the end of being a teacher prior to moving to MN. I'm really tying my mini loss goals to points in my life and what I weighed then..

Heather, that is one of the big considerations for me too. Knowing that if I fall off the wagon, it'll not just be the days of off plan that I'd be wasting, but also the amount of time spend re-losing that gets added on, plus the horrors that can accompany getting back into Ketosis..

On other plans, I'd definitely have let my self have particular days off the plan. All the holidays, birthdays, celebration days. I wouldn't have batted an eye about doing Thanksgiving with the full feast, saying tomorrow I'll get back on the wagon. And I think it's as much my commitment to GET THIS DONE ONCE AND FOR ALL, as it is knowing that one slip is more than just a slip on this plan. There are consequences. So that's my mindset.

And that Tibet/Groupon commercial made me go W-T-Eff too..

Sony - you are giving your kids a major advantage in life. Seriously, nothing is as effective in getting kids to do better in school than what you are doing. And that school sounds like a gem. I really hope your son gets in!.

Tami - Grats on 3 days on plan! Keep it up! You can definitely do this and watch that ticker move closer to goal!.

I'm down 1.6 for the week for an even 193. It was 192 yesterday, but I swear, weigh in days are evil! I always seem to go up. Oh well. Happy to lose anything with as much as I've been exercising.

Had a long workout yesterday, but didn't feel so great towards the end. I think I'm going to mix it up today, and try the treadmill or track and make it an easier day..

Hope you are all having a fabulous, on plan day! WRU Nelly, Bella, Amy, Danielle, Becca, Mel, Brandy (I think that's everyone else! Sorry if I missed anyone!)..

Comment #61

Hi Ladies....just checkin in. I'm back at work, just trying to make it through. I still feel pretty crappy. Hopefully the day will go by quickly. I'm going out to dinner with my girlfriends this evening, so I have something to look forward too..

I'm right with you girls on having sloooow decades. I've been stuck bouncing between the 160's and 150's for over a month, mostly because I've been screwing around and being off plan. I hope to be solidly in the 150's by the end of the week. I can't wait to get the 150's over with!!.

Have a great day everyone!!..

Comment #62

I just bought a Groupon today (15$ for 50$ at some online photo book/car spot) and from the website I gather that wasn't the point of the Tibet commercial, I'll have to watch it again. I guess the've teamed up with some celebs to create four charities you can donate to (maybe Tibet is one?). Anyway, I guess I better rewatch the commercial, because I wasn't really paying attention :-)..

Comment #63

Hey Shakesters!!!!.

Sorry if I have been quiet! I have been scanning in the background because well....I didn't think it would be fair to whine and complain everyday about how I can't seem to get back on MF. How I make it for half a day and then binge off plan for several more day! Yeah....the last 2 months are not working out for me and my weight is way up etc....

Anyway...I won't bore anyone with my personal battle...soon or will kick in and I will finally head toward goal!.

So yesterday was my first day totally 100% OP in a good 2 months! I am working on making this second day 100% OP..

So that's all the news on my end. I am proud of all of you!.

Aerielle and Sarah-Ann.

For your strength and consistency!.

Kelsey, Sony, Tami.

For your perseverance! And everyone for being great Shaker sisters!.

As this restarts sticks, I'll be more and more on the board. Right now I feel like I need to focus on really sticking to this. So wish me luck on this day 2 as I attempt one more 100% OP day. I will let you know tomorrow how this day went!.

You girls are rock stars...don't ever change! Ill be back tomorrow! One thing is sure though!! DON'T count me out yet! LOL...This battle is not lost yet!.


Comment #64

Oh my gosh! I didn't see that one, but I saw one last night about whales and how endangered they are - then it cuts to a party whale-watching ship that you could get tickets for through Groupon. My hubby and I were like ***?!?!?..

Comment #65

Hello everyone!.

I hope everyone is having a great day... glad to see everyone posting.


I LOVE being a daily weigher - 170 this morning. HAH! Whatever, I'm totally in the 160s now. The scale can't stop me =) Maybe this means tomorrow I will weigh 168. That's usually what happens... silly scale games..

I don't really have much to say today, just getting some work together and getting ready to head to campus..

See y'all tonight!..

Comment #66

Welcome back Nelly! A few of us are recent "re-starters", so you def aren't alone. I know we all can do this!!!.

And, you ladies aren't the only ones confused by the Groupon commercial. I saw the Tibet one during the SB and totally thought it was inappropriate. Maybe I missed the true intent?..

Comment #67

Heya ladies hope everyone is having fab OP day!.

Last night thru today morning we had almost a foot of snow with -12 temps, the schools were on delayed starts but went ahead and decided to finally keep my boys home nice and warm, it's crazy outside with blizzard like conditions!!!.



Soo soo glad to see you back! I Wish you all the luck and I KNOW you can totally rock this day 2! Don't even dare to even think abt leaving us allright??? I'm in the same boat as yours on n off etc so lets see how my day goes!!!.


U r definitely in 160's just kick that scale's butt and stick on to your number.


, (((hugs)))hope you feel allright soon!!!.


, I know what you mean by minus temps, you stay warm ok.....


, where ru?.



, how is your day 3-4 onplan going on so far???.

Hi to everyone else!.

Whats for L&G tonight ladies??? I need some ideas to grab from everyone's l&g's.....

Comment #68


Soooooo glad to hear from you. Let the past 2 months go, don't think about them they are over and done. I too went through a phase where I thought everything I saw sounded good and needed to be ingested!!! Big mistake however I restarted on Saturday and have successfully made it through 3 days today makes 4. I will keep going and do maintenance RIGHT!!!!! I love how good I feel and that the scale is going down and my clothes are fitting better. Instead of doing Jillian today I did 31 mins on treadmill run/walk routine..


We had no school today also! But are temps are warmer than yours. Have fun with the boys!.


Hey have fun at campus. Not much to say either...

Comment #69

Ok where did everyone go? I think we are all much better when it's warmer. Keep thinking spring!!.

The sun is out here today but still very cold. I have to work this morning and then housework at my house. Yay me!! LOL.

Have a great day, I will check in later...

Comment #70

Hi all!.

I agree, Tami. I think the motivation is upped when the weather is nicer!!.

So much for my 100% week...Monday was 100% but Tuesday....more like 30%. SO. Today I'm just counting as DAY 1 (AGAIN) but this time, I'm starting with another MF'er who is also my age and hopefully through texting and stuff, we can keep tabs on eachother- and keep eachother motivated. I've got you ladies too, so I'm set!.

I'm about to drink my first shake of the day. I'm going to try and do two all-shake days and see what happens. I still haven't weighed in since last week and I have a feeling it's probably even higher, UGH...but you know, as long as it goes back down, I'll be happy..

Hope you're all doin gwell. <3..

Comment #71

Good morning Ladies. Well, I finally peeked at the scale and am happy to report that I'm back down to my lowest, 157. Sooo, hopefully I'll have a real loss by my real weigh in day. That was some good motivation to stay OP. I am DONE with going up and down the same few pounds..

I had a nice OP dinner out with my best friend last night. That has lifted my spirits some. I go to the hospital for the next 2 days for my infusion (boo), so I pray that I have some relief from my disease soon. It's really depressing to feel and look crappy all the time. My kinda fiance is STILL out of the country and has really begun slacking on calling/emailing me. I'm about ready to give up and move on....

Hope everyone has a good day and to hear from more of you ladies!!..

Comment #72

Lol regarding the groupon - if everyone misunderstands the commercial, then I don't think it's us that has the problem. Their ad sucked and was inappropriate. They shot for funny and bullseyed inappropriate and insensitive. They over-reached with picking on human rights issues etc..

Suzie - hope you had a great girl's night out! And I hope you're feeling better today! Grats on being at your lowest! 157 is awesome! Goal will be even better!.

Nelly - Hope yesterday was a great day2 for you! Take it one day at a time. You can do this!.

Sony - Stay warm! Blizzard conditions suck (unless I get to stay in by a warm fire, drink hot cocoa (on plan Medifast meal, of course), and can admire it through the window, knowing I don't have to go anywhere..

Tonight's L&G is tilapia and green beans. Last night I had grilled chicken and fresh mozzarella with spinach, cucumbers and tomatoes drizzled with balsamic vinegar and fresh cracked pepper and basil..

Tami - grats on 4 days back on plan! Stay strong, you can do this! And just remember, we do this so we can look good when we're in summer weather clothes! I know I'm looking forward to toned arms and legs and wearing cute shorts!.

I'm doing fine on plan, but I need to hold off on the exercise. I had a really bad flare up yesterday with my skin disease, and I feel like someone lit my neck and face on fire. Meds that are usually soothing felt like I'd poured alcohol on an open wound. Hopefully it will go away soon, and that my face isn't visibly affected. It's easy to bear it when it's not on such a visible location..

So instead, I focus on what I CAN do, which is stick to the plan!..

Comment #73

Sorry to hear about your flare Aerielle, especially on your face. My disease affects my skin and muscles. So, I have a terrible rash on my back and chest at the moment, but it can pop up anywhere. I know how scary it is to have it on your face. Last year, in my worst flare, the rash and open sores appeared on my neck, ears, and eyelids, as well as over 75% of my body. I actually have scars from some of the sores.

Hope you get some relief soon!..

Comment #74


Sorry to hear you are not feeling well, hope it passes quickly. Great idea focusing on the program..


Sorry you are not finding any relief from your illness. Stay positive and hope you feel well again soon. Is there a cure for what you have?.


Hi glad to see you. Let the past go move forward, it's good to have someone to do the program with. I have that too right now and it does help..

Plus everyone here...

Comment #75

Hey ladies, a late check-in for me!.

Aerielle & Suzie.

, sorry to hear abour your skin rashes!!!.


, ilike your motivation & spirit, staying onplan is the easiest & best part that we can atleast do!.


, no worries these 2 days at hospital with infusion will go smoothly and very soon u'll be painfree!!! Yay for getting back to 157!!!.


Glad you made it thru day seems like almost impossible for me to pass that day 3, i'm losing hope & giving up at the end of day 2 and had to restart all over again!!! I'm praying to somehow give me enough strength and motivation to go thru that 3-day hurdle and ones i'm in it then I bet it'll be easy peasy from there on....


, so this is my day 1 too for me!!! Yesterday was 70% for me so here I go start all over again!!! If somehow I can get thru today, tomorrow and past friday which will be day 3 then from saturday on it'll be on the go!!! I've noticed that ones i'm in it and into ketosis me going offplan into cheating is minimal, it's just that initial start is the hardest!!!.

Tami, if you can give us a gist of how/what you did these past 3-4 days, what you ate etc., maybe that'll give us some hope/motivation???.

Ok ladies, more later.....

Comment #76

So here's what my day looks like:.


Cherrypom shake.

Scrambled eggs.

Chick noodle.

Dark choco.

L&G: 1 cup eb omelette with 1 slice of onion. 3 oz Tyson's grilled chicken strips with lettuce, cucumbers & 2 TB light balsamic vinaigrette..

I pledge to not go over on my condiments, i'll do just 1 sprinkle of s&p on my omelette and 1 on CN soup and THATS ITT!!! I really really need the support and encouragement of my shaker sisters'!!!!.

Currently i'm all out of my hotcocoa which I dearly love in this subzero temps. I'll see how it goes thru saturday and if I finally win on 3 days on Medifast then i'll order more of those plus somemore on sunday....


I'm also starting my Acai cleanse today for 3 days!!! Maybe that will clean up the crap out of me and help jumpstart everything up!!!..

Comment #77

Hello Lovely Shaker Ladies!!!.

@work right now but I wanted to check in quickly for now. yesterday was my second day 100% OP. Phewwww~! And so far today looks like another good day and I hope it will end 100% OP again! Anyway, I will do a roll call when I get home while I prepare my lean ground beef patty plus steamed green beans..

I am feeling much day at a time...little by little I am getting out of my 6 month rut and last 2 month off and on mary-go-round..

Be back later for more while I fix dinner!..

Comment #78



Glad to hear abt your 2nd day of OP.....makes me more inspired &motivated to stick to my plan!!! So far i'm doing pretty 100% OP damn good!!! (keeeping fingers crossed)! I love your new ticker so off I go to put a new date and a new ticker!!!..

Comment #79

Hello dah-lings!.

Aerielle & Suzie.

- I hope you both feel better!!.

Sony, Tami, Kelsey, and Nelly.

- I'm thinking happy, supportive thoughts for you all!.

Well... Weighed in again today = it flashed 170.0 and then kicked up to 170.2. I really feel like the scale is mocking me. Really! I might wait a few more days before I weigh again. I've been 170 for almost a week now except that one day I weighed 169. It's just getting on my nerves...

Oh well... power through, right?.

I'm just tired and not a lot to say lately... I'm working the next few days, so I'll try to check in~..

Comment #80

Thanks everyone for the well-wishes! I am feeling better today..

I am going to hold off on exercising again until it heals up and doesn't hurt. I may try some weights and small stuff I can do at home..

/hugs Suzie! I have something really similiar, except it doesn't affect the muscles like that. I also have scarring and some dark patches where the skin hasn't recovered yet. Mine has so far been in places where I could hide it fairly easily, but not this time. So far, not visible on my face, but my neck is bad, and I can't cover it, because even my hair down is irritating it. Ah well. Power through.

Grats on sticking with it Sony, Nelly, Tami! Let each OP day lead us to the next! We can do this!.

Sarah - definitely power through! Hunger days usually mean a whoosh is coming for me! The scale owes you for the taunting!.

Hope you all have a fabulous, on plan day!..

Comment #81

Good Morning lovely Shakesters!.

I hope all of you are having a great week. So yesterday was a successwell until 1 am that is! LOLI went to bed and could not find sleep. So I crept out and went to the kitchen where I rolled a piece of prosciutto and smacked it on a very small piece of baguette. BUT! My body is still releasing the gazillion lbs of bloat Ive gained from being off of any diet. And the scale did release since yesterday 1.3 lbs of bloat. NOW? That s no excuse for me to repeat my small escapade today.

What it all means is that I think I am back on track..well I hope so. I think everyone is different and though many are able to remain on Medifast for 15 months straightI would have fared much better by dropping a chunk then moving to maintenance and down the line returning when ready for another round. Well you live and you learn..

I know From Mid spring to Summer end is my weak time as well as NOV-JAN. So what it means for me is that I will do my very best to go steady and stay clean until end of May. Then I will transition and maintain through summer and then come back and finish whats left from Sept/October and transition for good. Now? None of this is written in stone! It is possible that I get close enough to goal that I decided to just bite the bullet and go for a straight line to goal. But what matters to me is this: IF I GET BURNED OUT INSTEAD OF GOING OFF I WILL TRANSITION OFF!! Transition, transition, transitionthat is the key here! Had I just transitioned and maintain when I got burned out last summerI would have saved myself so much headaches, frustration and money! I dont know if I am making sense here!.

Anywaytoday looks like another good day on it's way. I really want to remain as focus as I can until end of May and then we will see if I want to transition off or finish the journey and then transition off. What is not an option is going from Medifast to eat whatever. Thats a total waste!.

Well girls, I am at work so I ll sneak in again for a roll call! I know I keep saying thatbut today I willI should have a decent amount of free time later this afternoon..

Ill be back!..

Comment #82

Yahooo......ladies so yesterday was Day 1 success for me I nailed it!!!!! Totally totally 100%......well have to admit though that I tasted the chicken alfredo that I made for my fam, like 1 tsp of the sauce and couple strands of the whole grain linguine but other than that I behaved, so here on for day2, my aim is to keep thru OP till tomorrow day 3 and ones i'm done with these three days that seemed to be the hardest to get thru so far, then I guess i'm all good!!! Got to go pick up the boys i'll be back later with my plan for the day, love y'll ladies!..

Comment #83

I said Id be back and here I am!.


I hope you feel better real soon! Thanks for starting the threads and keeping on. Truly appreciated..


Congrat on the 160s even if the evil scale tries to take it back today! Whatever! As far as I am concerned you are in the 160s!.


Dont feel bad about struggling and re-starting over and over! At least you are not giving up on yourself and thats what matters!! Is.

Miss Amy.

Doing MF? I thought I saw a post from her much earlier about it. Keep your head up! We all can do this!.


YEAH Sony! Glad you came back too and nailed yesterday! So glad to see you!.


Hey lady! I love your sticker! I changed mine too. I just want to stay focus on doing the program right ..


Hey lady! I hope you too feel better soon!.

A Big Hello to Heather, Kristin, Brandy and anyone else I might be missing!..

Comment #84

Hi girls just a quick check in. Today is day 6 for me making good healthy choices. I am not doing Medifast I am doing WW. Hope that does not bother anyone, this is what works for me for the long haul. Which I will always have to watch what I eat carefully or I will gain it all back plus some..

Hope everyone is well..

My weigh in day is Saturday so we will see how I do...

Comment #85

Good Morning Shakesters!.

I hope all is well with everyone! WOW??? Where is everyone?.

I hope the whole crew didn't just fall off the wagon here!.


Come not posting this long is well...sad!.


Are you Ok? I hope you're not going through a rut!.


You must be busy as usual!.


How are you doing? Still on plan?.


I personally don't care which plan you're on. Losing weight is a lifelong battle for some of us..

Heather, Brandi, Kristin,Amy, Suzie and everyone else:.


Comment #86

Good morning everyone!.

Tami - Do what works best for you. If WW can keep you successfully at maintenance weight, then that's what you should be doing. I just hope that you keep posting here! I have a feeling that I might end up doing something similar when I get there..

Sony - keep it up! You can do it! Power through those three days, and you'll get back into the routine of it.

Nelly - by May, you're gonna look so awesome you'll want to finish it just to get it done and be able to move forward as a maintainer..

130 Sexyville awaits!.

Kristin - hope you're having a ball in Vegas!.

Everyone else - Hope you are having a fabulous, on plan day with great weekend plans!..

Comment #87

I'm fine Nelly.

My home computer on the other hand needs a new motherboard ><. Oh well, I have the computer wizard at home to take care of me. But it's gonna cost me $350-400 to get what needs to be fixed...

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Back for more!.

Well, let me tell you....I feel like I'm in a dysfunctional relationship with MF! LOLIts on and Off I cheat on it and run off with the next diet or get lost in the lust of bad food. But then I keep coming back! LOL..

Anywaymy sister and I are on a diet challenge to lose ALL our excess weight this year. Shes on Atkins and I will do MF! We both will be exercising a lot! Starting todaythe worst has finally pass for me(Nov-Jan my slip and fall months). I feel so much better about myself and of course it helps that the scale has let out of my body 6.8 lbs in 3 days. I knowI knowits all bloat and water weight but I dont care cause it's a boost to my mood. The cool thing is that all my best friends are skinny yoga/runners and they too are embarking on a eat clean journey. So I am surrounded by good vibes all around..

2011 Here I come!!!!!!!!!.


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Glad to hear you're well! Sorry about the computer! I am a technotard when it comes to gadgets like computers and all! LOL!.

Oh and thank you for being so encouraging! I feel bad cause I really fell flat and off of Medifast for the last 2-3 months but I am truly BACK!! Even my humor is coming watch out...I might get funny on these threads again! I am soooooo excited to see how much weight I can take off by May 30th 2011!!.

Whatever it is...I know that if I stick carefully to Medifast and my new exercise habit...I will the smallest I have been in a good 6-7 years! I cannot wait!.


I know how this thread get deserted on weekend...I hope you.
















Will drop in? Yeah?.

Come on.....I am feeling Jealous of my sister and her online Atkins friends...she's on her I-phone giggling all the times like a school can't even tell she's a grown A+S+S Attorney! lol....

Well....I will be around....back to work.....


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Hi, I am have never posted on this thread before. I have just a few more to loose, but keep struggling-going on and off plan! Now I am holding pounds of water bloat and am once again determined to keep loosing. This is Feb. Let us get fired up for spring! Claire..

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Welcome Claire! Time to kick it into gear and run for goal! We can definitely do this!.

Nelly - So awesome that you have a fabulous support network around you like that! Competition with your sister will be fantastic motivation and having people to exercise with (and are eating clean so there's less temptation!!) will make it all easier. And you have us to cheer you on!.

I WILL be in maintenance by the end of this year. My only caveat to that is if I get pregnant before then..

Grats on 6.8!! It's amazing how much a good drop can do for getting us motivated. WRU whoosh week? It's time, and I'm ready!.

And I'm also ready for funny Nelly stories!.

Ladies, where the heck are the rest of you? I hope that you're just having an amazing time somewhere and are just too busy to sign in. Otherwise, get your butt in here and posting if you need some love and encouragement <3..

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Oh, I have to mention too -.

Banana shake.

PB soft serve.

Enough ice and water for 2 shakes..


OMG yum!..

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That recipe sounds yummy!.

Still at work and heading home shorty for some R&R and a good workout..

I'll stop by at the very end of the day! Have a lovely afternoon ladies!..

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I'm here i'm here*waves* ladies Aerielle &.


!!!!! LOL Nelly i'm onplan of course yesterday was a good day 2 onplan so here rooting today for day 3, Just that I was caught up with some temporary project work that needs to be done with my ex-employer!!! If some of you remember I was working-from-home and quit back in Aug-Sep cuz it was getting too much on me? But yet still I told my boss back then that if he needs me for some temporary projects I can help out so he called me back on wed to help out this guy for 3 days!!! There were some fixes that needed to be done before it goes on running for testing this evening! Anyways thats my MIA rant......


, yaaahooooooo.......i'm soooo glad that I see MISS Nelly back to her own self again!!! Truly i'm soo happy!!!! It was as if this whole thread was missing that extra hump from Nelly's jokes and toothless creatures and flying elephant stories from work.

Lets go kick those pounds' butt Nelly!!!! Thats so interesting that you and your sister are together in this challenge though on different diets but with same motto!!! I like Atkins and their break-up I think i'll end up doing that ones i'm thru with maintenance but for now it's Medifast baby!!!! Cuz this is the easiest of all!!!!.


, thanks for those supportive words! I've all those packets for that recipe it sounds yumm thats my lunch! Thanks for that kick up in the butt!!!.



We're excited to know more about you!.



????? I'm getting a lil nervous and worried about you!!!! Its not like you missing for so many days/hrs??? Hope all is well and hope to see a post from you soon.


, I am with everyone here, we don't care what program you are in we all just love you and want you to be here and share your successes, experiences! Goodluck for your sunday weigh-in, can't wait!.

Hello to everyone else, hope to see a post from you all!!!!.

I'm off to Walmart/Sams so will be back in a bit...

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I'm here, I'm here!.

Just struggling...of course. I'm trying SO freaaaking hard to get back OP but then I mess it all up. It's so insanely frustrating, being not that far from goal, but getting farther by the day since I keep messing up! I don't know why it's so hard this time. I think it's because now I'm getting positive comments from people, I don't have as much motivation- which is absolutely ridiculous!.

I also just miss food in general and yesterday, I had bi bim bap (a korean dish) and yeah, carbs in the rice = not good. I get so hungry during the day and then usually mess up later. I also want to work out but that makes me even HUNGRIER so I'm not sure what the right choice for me is right now!.

I wish I could just cut out all food except MF...gah!.

*back to work & trying to figure out all this crap...blah*..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.