Medifast Diet Phase 1 - Breakfast Ideas?

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First question I got is Medifast Diet Phase 1 - Breakfast Ideas? Hoping for any response. My other question... Other topics will be discussed that may not be appropriate for the easily offended..

Please discontinue reading Tough Love threads if they are going to cause you to become upset..


Medifast is a wonderful program with many different types of support and a fabulous community. We understand that everyone is an adult and this is not a "mean" group. For some of us, we thrive on this program if we have a place where we are held accountable, where we commit to the program 100% and where we have a place to chat with others who feel the same..

What we believe:1. Cheating on Medifast is NOT a strategy to get us out of our fat suits.

2. The only way for us to learn about our problems with food is to take the word "choice" out of the equation when it comes to Medifast. Our only "choice" is 5 packets and 1 weighed and measured lean and green a day.

3. We look to those who have been successful with this strategy to continuously remind us about why this way, for us, is the way to go.

4. We believe that, even though we are completely committed, knowing that we have a group that holds us accountable for our actions is both useful and important.

We commit to:1. Remove the word "choice" from our vocabularies.

2. Follow the Medifast plan as written, including transition and maintenance.

3. Tell our "inner brat" to shut the H-E-** up and quiet him or her through abstinence from off plan foods.

4. Give and receive tough love without complaining or calling each other "mean".

5. Cheerlead fellow group members as they follow the path to thinness.

6. Make Medifast the LAST diet we ever go on.

7. Check in with the group as often as our schedule reasonably allows.

8. Be honest with ourselves and our Medifast family and to stay 100% OP at all times. We also swear that WHEN (not if) we are having a tough time and feel like we may eat SLUDGE, to come to our Medifast family first and ask for support and help to get us through the struggle..

Getting the banner:.

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2. Click on the "Edit Profile/Settings" link at the top of this page.

3. Click on the "Edit Signature" link on the left of the page.

4. Place your cursor in the "Edit Signature" area (looks like a mini version of Microsoft Word) and paste the text you copied using your favorite method.

5. Remove the two asterisks (*) from the text you just pasted.

6. Click "preview signature". You should now see the banner in the Preview area (above where you are editing)!!!.

7. Click the "Save Signature" button. If you do not, all this will have been for naught! So make SURE you save this after you are all set!.

Anyone can start the thread. If youre the first one here in the morning, copy this opening post and create a post for the new day. Anyone is welcome to join, and if folks have additional ideas on how we can commit, we are happy to hear them!..

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could help you..

Comment #1

PENNY - WOW - Way to go!!!!! I'm so happy for you - great job. And thanks for the New Decade Blend - it ROCKS!!!!!!! I'm happy to be a part of your journey - nothing feels better than success... and I want that! Have a great day floating around!.

It's another Monday. I'm off to work in a few minutes.... wearing my "tight" 18s that didn't fit me 2 weeks ago! I love how the NSVs are flying around at TL 100% Works! NSVs? We got 'em!.

Good morning to all who follow, I'll check back later from work..


Comment #2

Good Morning TLer's..

I could smell the coffee! Thanks, Penny! Good Morning to you! Well, here I am fresh faced and back from my second starring role as the DubahMamma on the scale hidden under the bed. It had some good news for me this morning (I am happy to report). I, Keri, the former Prednisone/carbohydrate Queen am down a whole -7.2 pounds!..

Comment #3


CONGRATS!!!!! Thanks for the coffee!.


Awesome on the new pants!.



Today is my WI day and I'm down 2.8! I'm happy about that. Hoping to reach my new decade in the next two weeks but if I don't that's ok too..

Yesterday I ordered my food for my trip and had it send to my dh.

Today is volunteer day for me so I'll check in from my phone, but don't think I'll post much, that keyboard is tiny !..

Comment #4

Woo HOO! Look at us getting all skinny and stuff! I feel a sweater dress day in the works! I haven't worn a dress or a skirt since October...

Comment #5

Good morining all... Thanks for the coffee and a big woo hoo to you Penny.. I missed you guys.. haven't been on the boards for a few days but it's soooo good to see how great everyone is doing.. Hectic week again... Going to drive so to school and hopefully can catch up before leaving for work...


Comment #6

Whoa! Ya'll are knockin' my socks off! Look at all the weight just p*ssin' away!!!!.

I'm so happy for you Penny, Keri, and Anna! (Melissa, your nsv deserves a shout out too!).

I LOVE seeing the result that walkin' the 100% walk brings!.

I have to get off to class....see ya'll later!..

Comment #7

Good morning all..

Today is my weigh-in day also, and I'm down 1.2. 1.2 is fine by me!.

Penny, that's a megaloss, congrats!.

Melissa, congrats on the change in pants size..

Keri - Congratulations to you too on your great loss..

Cindy, hi, good to see you..

I love getting to type posts that are full of congratulations. OK, I have to go make a pancake and get dressed for work...

Comment #8

Oh (new) friends, today feels like a kickin' butt and taking names day. Who's in? Anyone? There is room for all. I feel like if anyone stomps on this mood today (Chances are pretty good for that, I mean it.


Monday) I will be sharing a knuckle sandwich. Heck, I'll make it for them fresh on the spot! LOL.

Well, I (unfortunately) hear Sponge Bob, which means my 5 yo has (fortunately) stirred from his man cave in the making without prodding from me! Off to get him off of the boob tube and ready for school!.

I'm sure I'll check in here and there through out the day!.

Great job on the losses all! Isn't it funny that all our(weight) losses are truly (personal)gains in disguise? (Random thought)..

Comment #9

Good morning, everyone! The new decade coffee is great,.


Congrats on the awesome loss!.


, have a great trip! How soon do you leave? Is it the permanent move this time or a visit? Either way, have a great time and hope the wildfires are further tamped out now that we've had more rain here in NC (or at least my part of NC...we are drowning this morning!).


, Whoo HOO on the new pants! I'm wearing some today, too and it feels GREAT!.


, have a great class!.


, what a fabulous loss! I'm sure you feel great. I know that when I first started conquering those carb cravings, I felt like a million bucks! How nice to have a great loss to go along with it!.

Morning, Cindy.

! Nice to see you!.

Off early this morning for my weekly drive to occupational therapy with the twins. The best place in our area is in Mooresville, a good hour from my house. That plus two hours of speech/OT is how we'll spend our morning! Afternoon school once again. Should get results of testing from last week to see if DS9 needs to join us there. Hopefully, he'll just turn out to be the quirky kid I expect him to be and we can focus on his dental work in Chapel Hill instead..

DSS29 gets here this afternoon! If you are the praying type, pray that he's safe driving through the mountain pass in Asheville during the rain. He's been going all night in a big ole truck! Ah, has been years since I'd have tried TX to NC alone at night. I sound like an old lady at 43, don't I? Just a whiney driver, that's all. Medifast is giving me my youth back!..

Comment #10



Congrats to you on the loss, too! That's great...

Comment #11


I'm just going for a week to help him pick a rental and to see him and my best friend.

We'll move for good mid to late June after the kids are done with school, youngest doesn't get out until June 17th.


I hope your ss makes it to you safely and you too all the driving around you need to do. We've had some rain but not a ton although I think the fire is out.







Yay on your loss..

Comment #12

Good morning my friends!.

Penny, thanks for getting us started and congrats on the great loss this week!!.

Melissa, yay on the pants size!!! Doesn't that feel so good???.

Keri, that is a wonderful loss! Congratulations!.

Cindy... hey, girl! Missed you!.

Good morning, pretty Pittie!!.

Zoe... down is down is down... 1.2 is so much better than most diets ever pull, so I agree with your choice to enjoy it!!.

Jennifer... good luck with all the testing/therapy. It's so worth it to get those issues addressed as young as possible.. our oldest son has been continuously "upgraded" along the autistic spectrum from full blown autism at age 2, through Asperger's disorder and sensory integration disorder in early childhood until now, if you didn't know, you wouldn't know... you'd just think he had a unique take on the world (which he does!!!).

3 more hours of night shift and then I'm FREE... FREE I tell you!!! Have had some crazy stuff this weekend. My supervisor talked to the supervisor of the girl who was giving me such trouble last weekend and she is livid about it and will be talking to her about needing to build her communication skills. This week has to be a heavy STUDY week for me. I'd like to review two major texts on pediatric nursing between when I leave this morning and when I come back next Friday so I have just a light review to do between then and the twelfth of April when I take my GULP peds specialist certification exam! But I also want to get some seedlings started for the garden and have some fun with my kiddos!!.

I am LOVING wearing this pair of pants that I haven't been able to fit into in ages! I was GOING to just get rid of the elastic waist scrub pants that were too big... keeping the ones with the waist that tied (since I could cinch them smaller) BUT, I'm going to go through all of the scrubs I packed away as "too small" and if I have enough for a decent wardrobe ALL the too big scrub pants are going BYE BYE! I feel teensy and I don't feel like my thighs are rubbing together when I walk!..

Comment #13

Thanks Penny: WOW what a great loss- 30 lbs......AWESOME!!!.

Keri- What a great first week- keeps you motivated huh? I love your attitude..

Melissa, I love wearing smaller pants...hehe congratulations.

Morning Anna- GREAT LOSS! you keep having those- congrats!!.

Hi Cindy- I just got back from dropping off to school- My DD is in a mimes troupe- Oh the FUN!!.

Good morning, Pittie! how is the basement reno going? I know you must be so happy with the indoor plumbing.

Zoe- Oh Yes 1.2 is 1.2 take it girl!! it is a loss.

Jennifer Good luck with all you have going on today- I hope you get the best results for DS9! I will be praying for DSS29 in his travels- I HATE DRIVING IN THE MOUNTAINS!!!.

Morning Ella- so happy for you and your pants...THROW the bigger ones OUT!! you will NOT be needing them!..

Comment #14

Not due to size, no NEVER AGAIN... but no $$ for new ones, so I have to make sure I have enough to make it until at least one more payday! I'm not even going to bat an eye ... I'll run them through the laundry, iron them, and then run them down to the town consignment shop!.

I've been plunging my "spare" cash into my Beachbody business (and it's already paying off)... once my exam is over, going to put more effort into that, too. I'd like to work because I like it, not because I "have to"......

Comment #15

I know what you mean about working because you WANT to! I love my job and DO NOT get paid enough.

None of my teachers do really- we are there because we love the children. I have a teacher out today so I get to teach the 2 year old class- I am pretty excited about that..

Beachbody business? tell me more.....good luck on your exam!..

Comment #16

Thanks Penny for the New Decade coffee. It's the best way to start this wonderful week!.

You've lost 30lbs! Congratualtions!.

I am so proud of all the Chopped Tofu on board already today..

Enjoy your days..

Ella: good luck with those exams in April. We're behind you..


Comment #17

Bobbie... you have a PM!! I love love love 2 year olds. They're so inquisitive!.

Thanks, Beth... I need to take the same TL approach to studying that I do to Medifast and I'll do great! I can't imagine trying to make it through this feeling fat and eating sludge and not having you guys in my life!!!..

Comment #18

Good morning Tough Loves!.

What a GREAT Monday! Keri - fabulous loss, good work, keep it going!.

Hi and thank you Anna!.

Hi Cindy!.

Hi and thank you Pittiekisses!.

Hi and great job Zoe!!!!.

Hi Jennifer!.

Good mornin' Ella - isn't it wonderful? You're plowing through those scrubs, way to go!.

Hi Beth!.

Waving hello to all that follow!.


Comment #19

Hopefully you can now really see these gorgeous earring Penny made (Thank you Penny for all your help on this!!!):..

Comment #20

Wait, one more! :-) Now you can see the plane (complete with drying dishes in the background!) charm:..

Comment #21

Good morning Tough Chicks...

Thanks for the new decade blend Penny! It hits the spot!.

Great losses today everyone. Such a lovely bunch of losers. And yay for those wearing new sizes today. Nothing better than fitting into a new size. Love it!.

Sounds like everyone has a busy day. We're all awake here... getting ready for work, family, kids, life..

I'm off to awaken the beast (okay, 5 year old). Monday's are so not his favorite day. As he tells me every single Monday morning..

Have a good morning everyone. I will check in later from work. Well, when I'm on my break. Really. Only breaktime. He he...

Comment #22

Thanks for the coffee Penny and congratulations on such a big number and a smaller you!.

Melissa, woohoo for the 18s and nice earrings!.

Keri, that's a huge loss! Yea!.

Anna, congrats on your weight lass as well. I hope you have an excellent trip! I know you have got to be soooo looking forward to it..

Hi Cindy and Pittie!.

Zoe, way to go on you 1.2!.

Jennifer, I hope the tests for DS9 go well and I will definitely pray for DSS29!.

Ella, nice job on your pants!.

Bobbie, have fun with the two year olds! I would be out of my mind, but it's awesome that you actually enjoy it..

Hi Beth, and Cheri, and whoever is probably typing at the same time as I am to everyone else who joins us!.

Wow, that was LONG!.

Almost forgot to add, today is day four of Chantix. Dreams weren't all that horrible last night..

I gained .4 overnight after going out to eat. I did my best to meausre and drank water. I'm praying it was only the salt!..

Comment #23

Thanks to everyone for the congratulations! I realized after I got dressed that this must be one of those weeks I've heard rumored about where my weight loss wasn't extreme, but my body kind of rearranged itself. I.


Better than I have in ages. That 1.2 pounds seems like it was strategically liposuctioned off my trouble zones! So. Weird..

Hi Pittiekisses, I missed you in my first post, we must have both been typing at the same time..

Jennifer, have fun seeing (and surprising) your stepson..

Ella- I'm supposed to study a lot for my job too, I'm a programmer, so I have to stay on top of new technologies. I just wrapped up my MS this winter, so 'continuing education' has not been at the top of my want-to-do list. So, I feel ya. Congrats on the pants downsizing..

Hi Bobbie. When's your weigh-in day? I'm sick of seeing that .4 lb to go!.

And quick hellos to Beth, Melissa, Cheri, and Kris- I've got a meeting to attend, and I'm running out of time...

Comment #24

I was wrong! Today is day five. Running out of time to smoke! Three days including today. I am so scared but I think y'all will be a big help. Please hold me accountable!..

Comment #25

Here's the new hair, Tough Lovelies! Not the greatest, but the best I could do with my Droid at my desk without being seen or heard!..

Comment #26

Good Morning Everyone!!.

Wow today hasn't been the best of mornings and I come on here and it's a whole different story and has instantly brightened the day! WOW - what a bunch of losers we have here!!.

Penny - that's AMAZING! A new decade, over 30lbs lost, 3.6lbs down for the week - can you send some of that good fortune my way?! And I <3 the earrings refusetoquit is wearing - so beautiful. I'm heading to Etsy now - maybe a new pair of earrings will be my (dare I say it) - GOAL treat!.

Keri - 7.2lbs is ASTONISHING!! Way to go!.

Anna - another big loser you are - yay on the 2.8lbs!.

Anony - the list keeps growing - congrats on the 1.2lb loss!.

Refusetoquit - love the earrings! I'm thinking of picking up a different pair for myself! Teehee!.

Kris - don't sweat it. It most likely is the salt. Drink lots of water today and I'm sure you'll pee it right out of you! LOL.

As for me, after a huge internal debate for weeks now I decided to raise my goal weight from 140 to 145. My body and I have been having a war in the 150's. It seems more than happy here, but after last week, the scale finally moved. I think another 8lbs and I'll be happy - heck, I'm actually content where my body is but I have the internal fear that I'm just giving up. So my new goal is 145, which means I have less than 10lbs to go! If at 145 I decide to go for 140, I'll decide then or I'll transition and see what happens. On April 15th, it'll be my Mediversary - I can't believe how time has flown ...

It'll be fitting if I could reach goal by then, but most likely I think around May it'll happen..

Off to drink another cup of joe - hope everyone is having a FABULOUS Monday! From the sounds of it, I think so.



Comment #27

I also thought I'd share a photo - I know it's not the best quality of me down 55lbs. It was from my big work event the other week - that's me in the middle in the purple dress.

Hopefully I attached it right!..

Comment #28

Lisa, you are SMOKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!! And I love your hair and dress!..

Comment #29

Good morning everyone and thanks for the coffee. Penny your hair is so cute. congrats to everyone for their losses..

I lost two pounds this week!! I have my struggles but I do believe in 100% and am glad that you guys are here to hold me accountable. I dont need "aww it's ok, you'll do better next time". I find that enabling..


Comment #30

Melissa- LOVE the earrings and charm!.

Lisa- BEAUTIFUL, both you and your dress!.

Penny- LOVE the hair, so cute..

Kris way to go- DAY 5.

Hi Mia.

Ha ha Cheri, I am sure your 5 yo is a dream..

Comment #31

Lisa, Kris, Megan, Bobbie, thanks for the nice words on the hair! I got a little scared this morning when I was getting ready for work. It was just too easy!.

Lisa, what a great picture! Love that dress! Nice job, girly! See you over on Etsy! I was looking at all the stuff I've sold and I need to re-up my stock of similar items! I'll be a busy girl this week!..

Comment #32

De must be sleeping in today as she starts her week off!..

Comment #33



! That's a great loss!!! Congrats, sistah, and thanks for the New Decade Blend. Yum! I loooove your hair! I used to wear mine just like that and always felt so sassy..


, you are rawkin' those 18s!.


, WOWZA, 7.2 isn't awful at all, is it?.

I used to know my little man was up by the sounds of Spongebob. Now it's the sound of Halo drifting in that alerts me to his awakening. I sort of miss that goofy sponge!.

I am so, so, so proud of my.


! (She was mine before you all knew her, nah nah nah.) Your losses continue to amaze me, girl. And the fact that you are 100% and seeing that kind of progress is what gave me the final push to just do this right..


, 1.2 is 1.2 less than you were carrying around this time last week. It's a very respectable number and added to what you've already done, it's getting you where you're headed! Good job!.





, good luck today with the testing..


, rock those smaller scrubs, girl!.








, I'm sure that jump is just sodium. Fear not and chug-a-lug!.


, You have to listen to your body. If it's telling you 145, then get there and see how you feel. Besides, you are SMOKIN'!! Yowza..


, congrats on -2!!..

Comment #34

Wowzers! Lots of great posts so early in the morning!.

What a great big bunch of losers we have here!!! love it!! Congratulations all!!.

Penny, love the hair!.

Music Gal! super hawt!.

As for me, I wasn't able to check in at all this weekend, but I'm happy to report a 2 lb loss for the week..

I've decided to increase my goal weight 4 lbs., so my goal weight is now 134 instead of 130. I thought long and hard about it and going by how thin I look now at 151 and many other things, I think that 130 was too low for my height and frame. I kept telling myself that I would wait until I got closer to 130 before I made the decision, but I was afraid I would always think that I changed my goal weight because I couldn't stay in the game for those last few pounds. At least this way I'm still far from my goal weight and know I still have quite a bit of work to do. If I get to 134 and feel like I should go lower I can always change it back...

Comment #35

Aww! Thanks everyone for such sweet compliments!! Sorry if the pic is monstrously large for some reason. That body is thanks to Medifast (mom/dad/God can take.


Credit I suppose haha). And even if it's taken me longer than most, the end result is still the same!.

BTW - the hair was a simple BUN that took me .5 seconds haha and the dress was a find at JCPenny - off the rack! I never shop there and voila - hidden treasures in unexpected places! And VERY affordable.

Megan, that's amazing!!! 2 POUNDS! All these losses are sure adding up this morning, where's a BL challenge if I ever saw one?!.

Penny, I'm drooling over here at your jewelry! I'm going to see what you re-upload, but right now my eyes are on some pretty emerald green drop earrings with the copper/gold wire.



Comment #36

I managed to squelch my inner brat last night, thanks to this group. Thank you thank you thank you a million times over!!.

Today DS is out of school so no work for me either (I'm subbing right now) and we have baseball practice tonight, so I've got about 8 hours to get some things accomplished here at home. I need to figure out what I'm putting in the crock pot for DH and DS so there's a meal ready after practice...

Comment #37

WOW!! You guys have been busy this morning. Busy posting and busy losing weight..

It makes me want to go out to my storage unit and grab my scale to see if I'm part of the loser crowd. I'll wait until Thursday though since that's the deal I made with myself..

Penny, I LOVE LOVE the hair. The color is awesome..

Congrats to everyone who saw losses and the NSVs too...

Comment #38

Good morning Tough Lovelies! Congrats on all the losses! It's so motivating to wake up on a Monday morning to good news after good news of weight loss and clothing NSVs..

Penny, I hear ya on the sweater dress thing. One of the things I'm most excited about is wearing spring/summer skirts and dresses. This winter I started wearing skirts and dresses again and was able to because of tights. Now I can actually cross my legs without flashing anyone AND my thighs don't create a fire, so I'm super excited about sundresses..

What are you all excited about in the next few months?..

Comment #39

Thanks, Susan! It's great to be done with my hair in 5 minutes! I haven't done any blonde/gold stuff to my hair in about 20 years, but I love the gold highlights with the dark red..

Lisa, I really thought those earrings would have sold for St. Patrick's Day! I even added "St. Patrick" as a tag and had to take it out after it passed! Take a look in the stuff listed in the SOLD section, too, and know that I do "on-demand" work, too! Right, Melissa? LOL!..

Comment #40

Sassy, I'm super stoked about wearing this sweater dress today. It's chilly here, so I'm also rocking brown cable tights and brown patent croc boots. With my red and gold blister pearl necklace!.

I'm also excited about wearing my cute, small summer wardrobe again. I love wearing dresses in the summer and that's one thing that I didn't give away because I was sure I'd be small again by summer...

Comment #41

Cindy: Hey, good morning. I'm sorry it's another hectic week for you...this too shall pass!.

Zoe: Your'e right, we were probably typing simultaneously. I was thinking about the weeks where I have only lost about a you have this week...and I realized that by volume a pound is still a lot. Have you ever seen a representation of the volume of a pound of human fat? We had a silicone "pound of fat" always sitting at the weigh-in desk when I did WW, and I'm telling ya, a pound by volume is pretty good size..

Jennifer: Class was usual. We hold class from 6:30-7:25 every school day and I'm telling is the greatest start to a day EVER!.

Ella: Ah, ya went and made me blush 'cause ya called me "pretty Pittie". I hope it won't embarrass you to hear that I respect you SO MUCH...the work you do, plus the continuing education, plus the "mom to 7 kids" aspect. (I'm still workin' out the kinks in just 4 kids and it's nearly killin' me!) How DO YOU DO IT? ( that the P90X thing?).

Bobbie: Yup, SO happy to throw out that chamber pot! LOL. My insurance agent was all freaked out that we didn't go to a hotel because insurance would cover it, but you know how hard it is to find a hotel that will take 3 dogs (much less one of them being a breed that is highly discriminated against-my poor loveable pit bull boy)?.

Mornin' Beth: It's always an inspiration to see you!.

Melissa: LOVE the earrings on you! You are so beautiful, btw, just as I knew you would be..

Cheri: Good morning to you! I love the "tough chicks" monicker! (and the "Jedi Cheri" too.).

Kris: It's the salt. Truly, it is amazing how much sodium effects water retention. I have to say that I really respect your determination to tackle 2 addictions at once. Good luck to you...and you know we are all here for you!.

Hey Mia: Your posts always remind me to drink my water! (Can't miss that lime green!) I love it isn't hard for me...but I love the reminder..

Penny: The hair is fantastic!.

Lisa: I agree that a year on Medifast flies by so much faster than we think it will. I'm so proud of you for sticking with it. AND GIRL, that picture might be a bit blurry, but you look FANTASTIC! You are gorgeous, woman! Kris is right, "smokin' HOT!".

Megan: Congratulations! (We both lost 2 pounds this week!) I'm so glad you are taking advantage of the "being held accountable" aspect of our group!.

Hiya right back atya, Jasmine. Btw, I just go by Pittie (or Pittiekisses) on this thread because my name is Barb and it is less confusing because I'm not the only Barb....

Chickie: Yay for the 2 pounds! I think it's funny that you are doing this "adjusting your goal upward" thing. I've been thinking of adjusting my goal down to 130 because I'm only 5'4" and I might be happier there...but then I'm 55 and if I get too skinny it will just make me look I'm not touching it until I get to 135 and then we'll see. I'm just glad we have options. Honestly...until I discovered MF, I thought my ONLY option was to be fat...

Comment #42

I'm excited to not be super hot and sweaty all summer. I'm excited to be able to wear tank tops and not freak out about my gigantic, bumpy upper arms. I'm excited to be able to road bike and bike faster and also be more comfortable in spandex..

It's cold and rainy here in Portland. I'm trying to lift my mood by thinking of sunshine..

Comment #43

Ahhhh, goal adjusting. In my first go-round with MF, my doctor told me not to go lower than 160. I chose 158 since I started my weight loss at 258 (already down from 265). My original goal was 145 because I'd never weighed less than 147 as an adult (still haven't). Anyway, when I stalled at 160-ish for weeks on end, I decided to call it GOAL at 160. I seriously believe that, had I hung on for a couple weeks longer and made it to 158, I would have accomplished MY goal (not my doctor's) and I wouldn't have gained again.

My husband asked me this morning about when I'm going to think about transition. I guess I will just wait until my smallest clothes fit well and my losses stall or stop...

Comment #44

Good morning Lovely (and I totally mean that) ladies!!!!.

Love the pics. What a bunch of hotties..

I've been out and about a bit. Went to Buzz Berry for some organic coffee then had to go and grab CC and get her to school since DH had to work early. I did weigh this morning, and wish that I hadn't hehe, but I KNEW that this was how my body works. Holding on to water from all the strenuous stuff I did yesterday. This is why I weighed in on Saturday. I'm starting to think I may just switch my regular WI to then as I almost always seem to get smaller numbers.

Absolutely NO way I'm going to catch up right now so no chopped tofu from me, EVER!.


Comment #45

It's cold and rainy 50 miles north of you, too. Spring has got to come eventually, doesn't it? At least that's what the daffodils and crocuses are telling me. Maybe we should do a sunshine dance out in the our Spandex and tank tops...

Comment #46

Now ain't that the truth!.

My close friend just finished her first week with a 7 lb loss. She told me that so far everything I'm telling her about how she feels, etc is coming true. I'm so happy for her and that she's able to do this..

She's calling me her own personal health coach. lol!..

Comment #47

Ha! We'd look like a bunch of crazy ladies dancing in the rain in spandex.

Yes, the flowers are whispering that it is spring, but on Friday I wore my winter coat, a scarf, and gloves. Sigh. Time will pass and it will eventually (I think. I hope) stop raining...

Comment #48

Penny, I wanted my hairdresser to do a red in my hair with gold highlights. She pointed out I'd have a hard time touching up red myself (I always do touchups on my own about ever 3 weeks to get rid of gray) so she did my usual nice brown with red lowlights and gold highlights. I like it, but still want to try the reddish all over..

By the way, in the picture you sent us with the before look like you weigh about 115...

Comment #49

That's good to know,.


I wore my earrings Saturday and discovered that I can't wear copper. I'm super allergic/sensitive to a lot of things, so I'm not surprised. I think I'm going to have to stick to silver. I know I can wear that..

Glad you squelched that inner brat.


(btw, I LOVE the way you bold people's names and I'm going to steal the practice from you...if you don't mind.).



: Sticking to your guns on the weigh-in thing, it's important to honor deals like that, even if they are of our own making. (Obviously you know that, so I guess what I'm saying is WTG!).


You cracked me up with the "create a fire" thing!..

Comment #50


This cracked me up. I think it's a much better chart than those list overweight, obese, and the different classes of obesity...

Comment #51

Congrats on the losses to.






Did I miss anyone?.

Yay for wearing new pants,.




, you look gorgey. I'm another one who is unsure about my goal weight. Medifast spit out 118 at me, and I'm a shorty. But I also do serious weight-lifting, which tends to make some people weigh more. Goal is such a long weigh (pun intended) in the future, though and I don't have to worry about it just yet..

My goal for the week is to drink as much peach and raspberry tea as I can possibly stand to get rid of it!!..

Comment #52

Yes, I wanted to go a medium brown and the red wouldn't lift out without stripping my whole head. I didn't want to do that. And 115?! I'm 178! I'm tall and very muscular, though. Got me some bricks in my SH**house!.

Barb, if you want to swap the copper ones out for another pair, shoot me a message. I'll be happy to do the swap for you so you can have something you can actually WEAR!..

Comment #53

Good morning TLers! I'm so thrilled to see all the big fat losers, and the smaller pants, and those who resisted the sludge, and in general I'm just so proud of all of you. Gorgeous women rocking this!!!.

De, I'm still sore from weekend before this one - you're nuts to be making it worse again. Sit down!.

Spent yesterday unpacking, making a cauliflower/shrimp/chicken curry, doing dishes and laundry, and sitting in the bathtub. Didn't talk to a soul. Not a bad day! Now I have the work thing, but on the upside, my new Via Spigas are arriving today. Wheee!..

Comment #54

Cool question!.

Finishing the redo of the guest bedroom..

Getting started painting the rest of the house..

Fresh veggies from the CSA I just joined..

Long walks with the dogs in the springtime afternoons and summer evenings..

Eating outside, on the deck, while the silly feral cats pretend they aren't watching..

Grilling with fire..

Having campfires with friends..

Getting new Keen sandals for summer..

Wearing shorts because I wore nothing but jeans last spring/summer..

My first summer in 3 years that I am not taking summer school night courses!.

Making goal!..

Comment #55

Pittie, HA!! So glad you said that because I was just about to throw in the towel and go get my helped me just smack that brat back into her submissive corner...

Comment #56

Yeah, goal weight... It's a hard thing for me to set in stone because I never, ever have been at a healthy weight as an adult. The closest I got was 169 when I was 19. I'm 5'5" and 150 is the very top of the healthy weight chart for someone my height. I figure I'll just see what I look like when I get there..

Penny, you look so skinny! Where the heck is the weight gonna come from for you to lose more?..

Comment #57

Freya - Yeah, I know, but I have things that need to get done that I have been putting off. Like I said, I'll take today easy and maybe even get in to see the chiro. Actually, since I worked a lot of the lower body muscles last week, my legs are a little achy but no real pain. That's all in my upper body from lifting cinder blocks and bags of top soil. If I don't continue to work the muscles that are sore in some way, that's a sure fire way to end up in some SERIOUS pain. All it would take is a minor fibro flare to find it's way into already sore and inflamed joints or muscles and I will be down for the count.

All sure fire ways to keep the fibro beast at bay...

Comment #58

Quick question: Does anyone know off-hand whether pork tenderloin needs a healthy fat? I'm thinking no but not's a 5 ounce serving. DSS just called and requested one for dinner...he's been eating truck stop food all the way up from TX!..

Comment #59

No healthy fat for pork of any kind..

In general, if it comes up as a 5-ounce serving in the Medifast food tracker, no healthy fat. 6 oz > one. 7 oz > two. This doesn't work with tofu, egg beaters, eggs, cheese, etc, but it's pretty consistent for meat/fish/poultry...

Comment #60

Sassyhope, it's funny that the last ten pounds is ALL boobage on me! Last time I went from a 36c to a 34b and that was the only place that last ten pounds showed!.

Freya, I fell in love with a pair of Via Spigas - maybe some day.....

Comment #61

Hmm, I think I'd keep the extra 10 pounds of boobs!..

Comment #62

What other 47 year old FREAKS a pair of Via Spigas?!..

Comment #63

That's what I thought, Freya. Thanks for the confirmation! I'm running off to the store now for a last minute shop, so wanted to make absolutely sure I got everything right..

This will be a tough week to stay OP as DSS29 will make lots of off-plan requests for dinner. He's a meat and carb-sludge kind of guy! Thankfully, he's not into after dinner sludge varieties, so that will help me. Think I'm going to get some heads of cauli for cauli-rice so I can eat alongside him in peace. He's asking for bbq brisket and carb-sludge tomorrow night! Being raised in TX, this is my FAV thing to eat. Thankfully, I can certainly make the brisket OP just by setting aside a portion for my fav WF bbq sauce!.

Thinking ahead will save me this week...I'll fly in here for support if need be! OP, OP, OP!..

Comment #64

De, please forgive my ignorance, but what do the numbers mean?.

Penny those shoes are HAWT..

I treated myself to a few new pair of open toe shoes for the spring:.

These, in black:.

And these, which I'm glad I got when I did, because now they are sold out!.

I've also found pinning down a goal weight to be difficult. I've been obese since I was 12 years old! Just gotta see how I look as I go down and decide. My Dr. suggested 160, but there's still way too much fat on my frame right now, and I'm certain 5 pounds isn't going to make the difference. I've set 145 as an interim goal and we'll see how I look/feel there. I also may need to consult w/ a plastic surgeon just to get an idea of what's fat and what's skin/tissue..

Now I really do need to quit playing here and do some werk...

Comment #65

You all were busy talking while I was at school..

The pictures of people and shoes are all gorgeous.


Penny I.

Had my hair made read when I got under 200, since I've been doing blonde since 1990 it was quite a process. I loved it but it's almost gone already..


I'm glad I could return the favor, you're the reason I'm here at all.

As for goal weights, I will likely lower mine to 155 or 150 but I need to see my doctor first and she what she has to say, may appointment is May 2. I hope to be nearing in on 165 by then so hopefully she'll have some thoughts...

Comment #66

So it seems I just slapped.


Inner brat...and I didn't even know it!..

Comment #67

Good morning everyone! I'm late checking in, but I was able to read everything earlier. Great job everyone! Wow... amazing losses! I did a sneak peak this morning and it seems like when I have my official weigh-in on Wed, I'll be in another new decade! Yay me!.

I had a super busy weekend and I'm little sore this morning. It's good when you are sore from being active, instead of aches and pains from sitting around all weekend..

Penny- I love your hair! I'm actually cutting mine tomorrow. I have long curly dark hair. I think I'm cutting off enough for Locks of Love. I'm so excited! I'll post before and after pictures..

Talk to you all soon again!..

Comment #68

Those numbers are a countdown for De and Penny's cruise..

I hear ya on the goal weight. We're the same height and I know 160 would be too heavy for me. Do you have a small, med, or large frame?..

Comment #69

There are some seriously hot shoes in this thread. I'm too fat to wear shoes like that just yet. They hurt my feet too much! Part of that is age but most of that is weight...

Comment #70

Jasmine - Penny and I (and our families) are going on a cruise in September. The numbers reflect how many days/hours/minutes we have until departure...

Comment #71

Penny - you go, girl! Yes, you should be FREAKING those shoes for sure!.

Maybe Zappos will put them on sale like mine - at the point they were 1/2 off I was like, DUH!.

Boobage - yes, that's why I'm fighting to hang onto my current weight. I can NOT lose any more boobs. No. Yesterday I weighed and it was flickering between 132.5 and 133, which makes me itchy because 132 is the bottom end of my target maintenance range. Today 133.5 - better. STAY HERE BODY.

Jasmine - I can tell you how to know what's fat and what's skin. Get in the bathtub, and see what floats and how. The fat floats like boobs do. The skin is sort of lifted up by fat under it, but it gets loose and squishable and more like silly putty. You can move it around and it will stay where you put it. The fat will bounce right back up to floating after you move it somewhere.

As for goal weight, I aimed for 1 pound inside the healthy BMI range. Once I got close, it was clear to me that that was as far as I wanted to go. I'm wearing size 6 jeans, have a fair amount of excess skin that won't be lost with losing more pounds, and see "boobage" above...

Comment #72

I will never EVER in my life be able to sear shoes like that again, thanks to years of abuse of my feet and ankles and recent ligament reconstruction. <sigh> It's all good though, cause DH is about the same height as me and he HATES it when I'm taller than he is <snicker>..

Comment #73

Carolyn, the shoe pain was all weight for me. I was wearing custom orthopedic inserts at 235. At 135 I wear 3-4" heels all day every day and I'm fine. Hang in here and I bet you'll be amazed!..

Comment #74

Yes, I'm spending my 5th anniversary on the same cruise ship on which I was married! De had to postpone a wonderful cruise due to a family emergency and it happened that we're ending up on the same cruise! Tough Lovely Meet Up! The Caribbean ain't ready for us! We're bringing the men-folk, too. I'm bringing my little one and De is bringing her grand daughter, who is the same age as my little one. They're pen pals now. But I think we adults are more excited than they are!..

Comment #75

Oh wow..I didn't know the cruise thing was a coinkidinky. I figured Penny had it planned, De said "I wanna go" and Penny said "well OKAY then"..

It's a "meant to be" story. Love it!!..

Comment #76

I'm off to run an errand for the boss, then home to create some awesomeness to replenish my stock! See ya later, Tough Lovelies!..

Comment #77

So true for me too!!!! I love my heels and I'm so happy that I am wearing them now and my feet don't hurt!!.

Plus my hip and knee pain is gone!!! Love, love, love that!!!..

Comment #78

You guys have magical powers because my feet hurt in all heels no matter what, at any weight- and I know I walk right in them because my very fancy mom made me learn how in elementary school!.

I started wearing Keen shoes last year and now I can't buy anything else. They are the comfiest shoes in the world. I'm shorter, sure, but I don't care about my height anymore...

Comment #79

Zoe, well, of course your feet are going to *hurt,* especially by the end of a long day. But do they hurt more than they did walking on them fat? That's my bar. *grin*..

Comment #80

We are an AMAZING group! Just wanted to stop by and say hi..


- I'm having a hungry day and I'm doing the squelching by staying here and reading about how well everyone's doing - it works every time!.


- You make beautiful earrings and yes, ON DEMAND! Because I am also a jewelry brat and want all sorts of different things - you're so wonderful to make them, thank you!!!! And even I like those shoes - and I tend to be somewhat conservative with shoes - those are STUNNING! Someday.....



Great job on the loss!.


Do take it easy and be kind to your poor sore muscles! I agree you should move your WI day - it will make you happy and no one else matters!!!!!.


You are too sweet - I'm coming to Alabama and stealing you. Of course, I've never been to Alabama, so it may take me a while to get there. But you have been warned!!!!.


- I missed your question to us, but I saw one answer, and I would like to join in. The things I am looking forward to doing in the next few months:.

Swimming for the fist time in 15 years. (Yes, I am crying).

Wearing shorts, again for the first time in 15 years..

Wearing summer dresses without sleeves..

Not being embarassed on my Anniversary in August because.


I failed to lose weight..

Not being the "fat one" at my co-worker's wedding at the end of April..

I'm just really glad right now that I have a Medifast meal coming to me in 20 minutes..

Hello to all I missed!!!!.


Comment #81

Ha, love it!.

I can already tell a difference between the 230's and the 280's when it comes to foot health. I was having terrible plantar fasciitis problems in the 280's and haven't had that issue in months (knock on wood)...

Comment #82

Oh, and it is a heckuva lot eaiser to cut my toenails in the 230's than in the 280's!!!!..

Comment #83


My DS (5) lives in Keens! They are fairly indestructable for 5 year old boys! I told DH that I was going to spend the $$ and get myself a pair too! You've now oput that bug back in my ear! Maybe I'll add it to my prize list for goals met! LOL..

Comment #84

Oh yes, definitely my feet will still hurt after wearing them all day or if I have to do a lot of walking, but I was to the point I couldn't even put them on for a little bit at all. It just really hurt to stand..

Also thicker heels are much easier to be in that spiked heels. I have some of both, but usually prefer the thicker width heel. It just gives me more support..

I'm wearing a spikey pair of heels today and I'm so elated because I didn't think I would ever be able to wear them again because they hurt so bad. I've had them on for 6 hours so far today and my feet aren't hurting at all. So happy!..

Comment #85

Thankfully, I won't lose too much boob since mine are fake..

The skinnier I get, the bigger they seem since my belly stops sticking out more than them..

I like all the shoes! I really need to go shoe shopping..

I'm glad the number thingy was clarified because I have been wondering that myself..

Anyway, I just got back from doing week 3 day 2 of couch to 5K. I was shocked that I did it since I have been out since last Monday due to injuring my knee. I was sure I would have to go back a week, but was very pleasantly surprised when I finished it! I can't wait to see the difference when I quit smoking on Thursday. It would be nice to be able to breathe and run at the same time!..

Comment #86

Keri, I converted to them because a friend swore by them, and now I wear nothing but Keens all the time. I have about 40 pair of sad, abandoned shoes, and 3 pair of Keens that are all I put on my feet any more..

With the amount of back pain I have, I'm not willing to have foot pain too!.

They are silly looking shoes, but if I have to be the gal in the office with the nice clothes and the silly shoes, so be it...

Comment #87

No need to knock on wood - stay OP and it'll be gone forever...

Comment #88

Hi guys - been lurking reading your posts for the last couple of days and would love to join you all. spent way too long reading corbie's posts on her blog and was just like "yes this makes sense!". Today is day 12 for me and I honestly feel fantastic. TONS of energy..

Anyhoo - you guys are super inspiring and look forward to continuing this journey with you all..

- teri..

Comment #89


, I want some of your energy. I have felt exhausted since recommitting!! I think it is a combo of my body adjusting and the fact that it is that lovely TOM. Are we allowed to mention the latter here or is it an other taboo???..

Comment #90

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.