Medifast Diet Phase 1 Food ideas ? ?

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First of all Medifast Diet Phase 1 Food ideas ? ? Looking forward for any answer. Another question I got... Other topics will be discussed that may not be appropriate for the easily offended..

Please discontinue reading Tough Love threads if they are going to cause you to become upset.



Medifast is a wonderful program with many different types of support and a fabulous community. We understand that everyone is an adult and this is not a "mean" group. For some of us, we thrive on this program if we have a place where we are held accountable, where we commit to the program 100% and where we have a place to chat with others who feel the same..

What we believe:.

1. Cheating on Medifast is NOT a strategy to get us out of our fat suits.

2. The only way for us to learn about our problems with food is to take the word "choice" out of the equation when it comes to Medifast. Our only "choice" is 5 packets and 1 weighed and measured lean and green a day.

3. We look to those who have been successful with this strategy to continuously remind us about why this way, for us, is the way to go.

4. We believe that, even though we are completely committed, knowing that we have a group that holds us accountable for our actions is both useful and important.

We commit to:.

1. Remove the word "choice" from our vocabularies.

2. Follow the Medifast plan as written, including transition and maintenance.

3. Tell our "inner brat" to shut the H-E-** up and quiet him or her through abstenance from off plan foods.

4. Give and receive tough love without complaining or calling each other "mean".

5. Cheerlead fellow group members as they follow the path to thinness.

6. Make Medifast the LAST diet we ever go on.

7. Check in with the group as often as our schedule reasonably allows.

Getting the banner:.

1. Copy the following text using your favorite method:.


2. Click on the "Edit Profile/Settings" link at the top of this page.

3. Click on the "Edit Signature" link on the left of the page.

4. Place your cursor in the "Edit Signature" area (looks like a mini version of Microsoft Word) and paste the text you copied using your favorite method.

5. Remove the two asterisks (*) from the text you just pasted.

6. Click "preview signature". You should now see the banner in the Preview area (above where you are editing)!!!.

7. Click the "Save Signature" button. If you do not, all this will have been for naught! So make SURE you save this after you are all set!.

Anyone can start the thread. If youre the first one here in the morning, copy this opening post and create a post for the new day. Anyone is welcome to join, and if folks have additional ideas on how we can commit, we are happy to hear them!..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

Morning my lovelies..

Karen thanks for starting us off..

I need to go find a coffee pot.... will catch you all later when I'm awake...

Comment #2

Morning Karen!! Congrats on the loss and so glad your doggie made it home.


I am also down this am to 201.5; 3.1 lbs from last week!!! here's hoping next week that number begins with a 1.

We went to the beach yesterday to play, couldn't let the dog run free b/c the whole town was there with their dogs. It was nice though, it's raining now so I'm glad we ate it up while we had the chance...

Comment #3

Good Morning!.

Karen - we have a rescue too and he does the same thing - although he usually stays near the house b/c he is afraid to go too far. But if you try to catch him, he just runs farther away. Even the neighbors are trained now not to "help" us by chasing him!.

Cali - great loss! You are so close, you will see a 1 this week, I know it!..

Comment #4

Good morning, all. My scale is exactly the same this morning, which I guess I should be thankful for. This week is also my "ladies' days" week. Even though I don't get TOM any more, I still get achy, cranky and even bloated. Next week's weigh-in is going to be phenomenal! I'm still happy to finish my first month down 15 1/2 pounds..

Karen, it was the plain PB2 that got me, oddly. I was surprised to see that it's alost half carbs. Some are fiber, but if memory serves me correctly, in a 12g serving, 5g were carbs with 2 of those being fiber. So glad your doggy found his way home and got that wanderlust out of his system. Bet he appreciates being home..

It's so weird to have DD still asleep and DH in the kitchen making me coffee this morning. DD has a day off from school (conference day). It waqs nice to sleep an extra hour, too. Now, let's hope for a quiet day at the office. I never found those 11x17 things I talked about and I'm not looking forward to breaking that news to the boss. He's a great guy, but I don't like being the one to tell him there's something that I can't "make happen."..

Comment #5

Morning all!.

Karen, same issue with ice cream (back to the ugly old sugar and fat thing!). When I stopped using Medifast shakes, I substituted protein powder, almond milk, and ice. Watch out for the calories! I use half the recommended protein powder, add stuff for flavor - vanilla, sometimes fruit if it's my whole breakfast, sometimes even veggies like spinach, etc. The ice in the blender gives it enough of an ice creamy consistency to feel good, but keeps the calories down...

Comment #6

Good morning everybody. I'm kind of worried that I'm going to have to remove the Tough Love banner and get smacked a bit.

I apparently didn't do Medifast "right" for the first 2 weeks. I didn't get anywhere near the 80 grams of carbs I'm supposed to have...they were always in the high 60's low 70's (i had lettuce, cucumber, tomato, and shrimp in all the right portions but it doesn't compute to that carb mark) I did get the ammount of protein I needed to so I have no do I get smacked?..

Comment #7

Alucas -.

Are you logging your food? that will help you keep track. You don't need to do it forever, but in the beginning it will really help you learn what kinds of things have an impact..

I had a few days when my carbs were lower than recommended, but in general had to work harder at keeping them low instead of getting them up..

Try logging for a week or so, and include everything you put in your mouth. If you're still low and you're worried about it, it's a fairly simple thing to pick a salad dressing with a few carbs, or add a condiment in, whatever..

I wouldn't stress over it. Just be sure you're counting right, and adjust a little if you need to...

Comment #8

Well, we're gearing up for some fairly serious weather over the next couple of days. I hadn't seen the news or a weather report all weekend, so was shocked in the gym this morning to see them talking about blizzard warnings here! As much as 20" over the next three days, plus blowing and drifting snow. Oh Boy. Well, we'll see how well the internet access holds up. Fortunately our power lines are buried, so that shouldn't be a big problem, but our cable goes out during heavy summer dews, so I suspect a blizzard may do us in...

Comment #9

Morning all you TLres! Busy entertaining since last Wed with out of state guests but am STILL managing to stay OPexcept for not enough water drinking one day when I didn't want to ask everyone to stop & let me use the bathroom 100 times in an hr!! But I made up for that the next day with extra hydration..

Caught up on the posts from last few daysgee all this talk about ice cream, eating 1/2 jars of peanut butter, etc,.....I just don't know what to say....this place used to be so hard core.......

Comment #10

Morning kids.

Alucas - I have often had my carbs below 80. If you eat lower carb veggies this can happen. As Steph suggested, make sure you are logging your food and weigh/measure to be extra sure. It's not off plan to have less than 80 carbs unless you are skipping meals to do it..

Penny - You got lucky girl!.

Nan - I know it's tough sometimes getting all the water in, but you still need to do it. Making it up the next day doesn't count any more than trying to make up for either eating too much or not enough and "making it up" the next day..

Cali and Karen - Great losses!! WOOT..

Waving at Steph, MT and Sugar..

Start of a new invoicing cycle so I'm going to be busy today. I'll pop in as I can...

Comment #11

I didn't skip any meals and I had the portions I was supposed to. So no slaps? Yay!.

*Whew* I was really worried I had screwed up big time...I guess I should probably do higher carb veggies with the 'leanest' meats instead of my salad. It really didn't occur to me that I might be off until I saw how much carbs I had with cauliflower and I thought it was too much. Well I shall be more diligent with logging meals now instead of just following what I can have with the 'quick start guide' - Amanda..

Comment #12

I hear you on the importance of water, De. It actually showed up on the scale the next day as 1/2 lb heavier than the day before...

Comment #13

I rarely have 80g of carbs, I'm low almost every day. Day when I have an infuser or two are the only days I make it over 80. Also, check to make sure you're logging all your servings, the first week I didn't realize it automatically just put one serving not three when you logged...

Comment #14

Good morning TLer's..

Monday - so not my favorite day. Mr. Sunny doesn't work on Monday's so he lazes around in bed while I'm up at O'dark 30..

I made tofu last night for the first time. It was pretty good. I actually really liked it. I may have to get more recipes..

Good losses reported so far this morning..

I hope everyone has a great OP day. I like what Glenn posted yesterday: "What doesn't kill you makes you leaner". I'm going to keep that with me today...

Comment #15

Anna - Congrats on getting SO CLOSE. Hang in there, I bet it will happen any day now!.

Karen - I was thinking about the "treats" issue about the second or third week OP. At first I had a sort of negative slant - "how can this work if it is just reinforcing all the things I love to binge on: brownies, shakes, chips, etc." Then I realized, that this is probably one of the big reasons this program will work while others eventually failed. I get to keep having all that stuff, just healthier versions. And with a frequency that a binge isn't really called for. In that moment I also realized that I would be purchasing Medifast products the rest of my life. Fine with me!!.

I am SO happy with this program. It caters to ALL the issues I have with food (types, portions, frequency, you name it)..

I've got to run on to work this morning. Hope everyone has a fantastic day!..

Comment #16

Morning TL'ers...Great and productive weekend. We got almost the entire basement finished....Just have to get the laminate floored layed and the last couple pieces of trim made (we will do that tonight) excited to think about the next leg of our journey...

Everyone is having great losses.......Congratualtions.

I totally know when I don't get my water in. I can actually feel my insides dehydrate and I get almost a hung over feeling..

Same on the ice cream, I actually found a local place that has a 32 calorie frozen yogurt, ff and 7 grams of carbs with hundreds of flavors and it is on the bike trail we walk. So in maintenance over the summer that works great for me. Right now trying to get into a lower comfort level, I am loving the Medifast frosty again...

Comment #17

I think that's a very individual thing. The shakes, chips, even the puddings were ok for me - but I have to stay away from the brownies and the ice cream. I know they're nutritionally equivalent to other Medifast meals, but in my head, they're too "treaty" and make me start thinking about bad bad things. Apparently even thinking about white sugar is bad for me. lol Weak minded, I know..

What this points out, though, is that while one of the strengths of 5&1 is the auto pilot thing, if we pay attention to our cravings and how they relate to what we eat, we can learn a lot that will help us in maint!..

Comment #18

Good point, Steph. I do know that I only allow myself pancakes, puffs, and brownie only once a day each. I think it would be really out of whack for me to just eat brownies 5 times a day. The brownie is always my after dinner treat. Of course in the old days I could have eaten 20 of them at a time, but now, I just tell myself that I can have another one tomorrow. So far so good.

THAT was dangerous! Now I eat it plain..

Maintenance is definitely a worry for me. I've lost 80 pounds or more several times in my life but never got to goal and never kept it off more than a few months to a year. I know a lot of that is emotional stuff but I am already nervous about re-introducing "real" foods into my diet. Right now I'm thinking the only new food I should introduce would be fruit. I worry about the bread and pasta and fear ever eating real junk foods again..

That's why I'm soaking up every word from those of you who are walking the walk. I hope I can learn through you so I'll be well prepared with the time comes...

Comment #19

Good morning everyone! I haven't had time to read anything yet, but just wanted to check in quick and will catch up later today..

My weigh in day is today and I lost 2.4 lbs..

HOWEVER, I really debated even posting that because I don't want peeps lurking thinking that it's ok to cheat..

So this is my disclaimer.....

Yes, I lost 2.4 lbs, but I am a daily weigher and so I know I was going to have a 4 lb. loss this week, but cheated myself out of it. Plus I had a horrible headache for 2 days straight and I'm still fighting the hunger pains..

I don't deserve any congratulations, so please don't give me any. I'm just looking at this as a lesson learned so that it will not happen again...

Comment #20

On another note before I run. We are getting another horrible winter storm today through Wednesday so I am at work today wrapping up everything I can and packing my bag so I can work at home for the next couple of days..

Winter in the Midwest sucks!.

Hope everyone has a great day! I will check back in later..

Comment #21

Alright Chicky, no congrats, but I will say that I admire your honesty, and I know that the lessons learned here, by all of us, will serve you well in the future!.

In more lighthearted news, I have a cat on my lap that is scared of the trash truck, and I'm not sure how I'm going to get to the shower this morning!!..

Comment #22

Confession Monday:.

I survived going out to dinner without having a drink. I ate a fantastic smoked salmon salad. I did not survive having a tortilla chip and guacamole. (start the smacking now) My friend was awesome and told me if I had another chip and dip she was gonna smack me so I was limited to 1..

But I realized my friends provide too much temptation for me when food is involved. I'm not ready to sit around socializing with food. The great thing is we are going to find other things to do beside going out for dinner and drinks. So I'm lucky to have such supportive friends..

But that 1 slip was an eye opener, it really played with my mind. For so long when you overeat, you tell yourself you might as well keep eating more, or "cheating", because you've already ruined your day and you can start again the next day. But then the next day is Sunday, and since you've ruined the weekend, might as well wait til Monday, etc.. etc.. So I found myself thinking all that with a piece of bread in hand. 1 bite and I realized what I was doing.

All the time and money I put in the last 2 weeks for myself to stay on play and the good feelings that go along with having the will power to say no, I sacrificed for what? A momentary food high? Low low moment for me..

So, long story short... Bad me. Lesson learned, disappointed me...

Comment #23

You may not be ready, but it has nothing to do with your friends. Or the restaurant, bakery or lady down the street frying bacon. Only one person has anything to do with your hand lifting food to your mouth..

I used to love saying this in the chat room: Unless Sumo Wrestlers are sitting on you cramming food down your throat....

That's all for now...

Comment #24

Ugh. That's the punch in the gut I needed..

It is me. Not them and the temptation. Me. Didn't even realize I had subconsciously added my friends to the problem...

Comment #25

Steph in AZ -.

*SMACK* - on 2 counts:.

First, what's the point of ONE chip? If you had the will power to stop after one, you had the will power to avoid the first one. Why didn't you?.

What on earth were you thinking, anyway? What you had was fat topped with more fat, and a bunch of salt. What's in that crap that you wanted to begin with? Get this picture in your mind: solid Crisco with more Crisco lumped on top, sprinkled with salt. That's what you ate..

Second, don't blame this on your friends. The world is full of food, everywhere you turn, and it's going to be there no matter where you go or who you're with. Part of this whole experience is about learning to say NO THANK YOU. Period. Losing the weight is really pretty simple, but if you want to succeed you have to do two things - learn to say no, and learn to say no...

Comment #26

Good morning TLers! Man, I'm just halfway through my 2nd cup of coffee and y'all have already posted 3 pages.

I had a good/bad weekend. Good because my sister moved to town, bad because the guy who I thought was interested did a 180 and wouldn't give me the time of day, good because I stayed on plan even though I was really social..

Now it's Monday, a new week, and happily on plan!..

Comment #27

And that's the difference between being a victim of circumstance and the creator of your future! Good for you!!..

Comment #28

Yeah, it can be hard to socialize and stay on plan but you can do it.

If you want to.

I realized this last night as I stayed for dinner at a friend's house and they all had hashbrown/bean tacos (um, yuck) and I asked if I could use the condiments to make a salad. Lettuce, tomato, salsa and a little rf cheddar and I was able to stay on plan. I came home and ate meat to get my lean in..

It was only hard before I said anything to my friend and her roomies...

Comment #29

Karen: congrats on being a big loser! And so glad puppy made it back home..

Anna: fingers crossed for Onederland!!!.

Penny: epic month's losses yay!!!.

Alucas: I have always gone by the plan guidelines as my rules: 5-7 ounces of lean, 3 servings of green, 5 Medifast meals, 0-2 healthy fats. (You should print out all the PDFs at Success Tools: Eat Right, rather than rely on the Quick Start Guide. You need lean, green, meatless, condiments, and snacks.).

Sometimes the carbs come out lower than 80, sometimes closer to 100 if I'm having a maintenance bar or something. I have never ever gotten my pie chart to look anything at all like what they say in terms of fat/carbs/protein breakdown. So I ignore all of the numbers and just weigh/measure my L&G and eat 5 meals. For me, I figure that if I start trying to fiddle my food around to fit the "numbers," then I'll just be gaming it like it's weight watchers. I mean, you see people all the time talking about how they had a little extra of this or that because they had room for it and still stayed under 1000 calories. Well, that's not how this diet is written and it's not how I follow it..

So I would say you're doing great. If you find that you're not losing as fast as you want to, you have a thing you can adjust - by choosing higher carb veggies for your green and higher carb Medifast meals - but still OP. If you're losing fine, then it seems to be working great. In general I think it's good to vary the veggies and meats you choose just to give your body varied nutrition, but that isn't stopping me from pretty much eating nothing but broccoli 2x/day all week this week. (I'm on 4&2 now.).

Chickie - not congratulating you on your losses. I am congratulating you on being OP today..

Sassy: sorry about the boy, but girl - you know it's a good thing to be ready to flirt even if you don't get to. NEXT!!!..

Comment #30

I love that. This journey is one big play of the mind...

Comment #31

Greetings - I wish to join this group - my kind of people! Thank you for starting it. I have gained weight since my lowest last spring - I will weigh tomorrow and get back in the saddle. Thanks for the tough love!.


Comment #32

Absolutely about not 'playing' the plan like WW! I think this is why I stalled after losing 60 pounds on WW-I tried wiggling too many things and the plan stopped working for me..

And thank you about the boy thing.

One of the great things about losing so much weight and feeling prettier is that I have hope there's more fish out there in that dang sea! I'm grumpy this morning about that stupid boy but I'm not depressed. Hey, a NSV!..

Comment #33

I was worried when I first started too about not getting to 80 carbs. I rarely do. But like Freya said, I follow the plan as it's intended and don't worry so much about the numbers...

Comment #34

OMG, I remember back in the early 90's doing WW and deciding that a FF frozen yoghurt could count as a fruit since it had about the same calories! (this was back before points). LOL!! Of course, I wanted to get from 125 to 115 for my HS reunion, so...go figure!!..

Comment #35

Yay!!! I just wanted to get back out into the world after being in my fat depressed sofa-hole for so damn long. Once I was feeling it, I just started asking boys out left and right - basically a numbers game. My official criteria for asking someone out was "they don't actively make me want to vomit on myself." It worked - some of them said no, some of them said yes, and then before you know it I was out on dates and having a fantastic time!.

Waiting for some perfect lightening bolt from God seems to me to be part of the "all or nothing" mentality Chris talks about. I didn't need to know from the first glance that a guy was "The One." What I needed was to have some FUN, get out of my house, and get to know some new people. And by asking people out at the "no vomit" threshold, instead of at the "omg I'm so totally crushed out I'm so into this guy oh he could be EVERYTHING TO ME" stage > if they said no I wasn't heartbroken. It was just one guy of many who didn't make me vomit. No worries. NEXT!..

Comment #36

YES! This is great. when I was heavier I felt like so few men looked at me that if one did, then he was The One for me. I know a lot of people get upset that men look at them more after losing weight, but for me I think it opens the door to have more men to say "next!" to and actually be able to weed through the vomitous frogs...

Comment #37

Freya, I was drinking when I read your post and almost lost my laptopt.

And yes I should know better..

I don't envy those of you who are out in the dating world, I am however hoping you all have loads of fun!!!!..

Comment #38

So funny - this is exactly how fat women have to shop for CLOTHES, too! If it fits, you buy it, even if it's kind of awful!.

Totally hilarious. Yes, my dear, it's the time to stop settling for whatever will have us. Time instead to try on an assortment of sizes and styles, and even skip over to the Juniors (cougar) department if we want to, and only keep the things we really like. Even if it means returning some things with the tags still on them...

Comment #39

Or wear them for awhile and then return them. Some stores still accept them...

Comment #40

Just make sure that you don't get THOSE from the clearance rack when you're shopping.....

Comment #41

How about "previously altered"? That seems to be all I find.....

Comment #42

I'm already irregular. I don't need clothes like me...

Comment #43

Hmmm, now I am going to look at DH tonight and wonder if he is off the rack or custom tailored.....LOL..

Comment #44

Ohhhh....That is so true.....How about off the rack with a few alterations........

Comment #45

You guys are so funny! Off the rack, altered! Mine was a throw away, but he is absolutely perfect for me! Amazing what you can find on the internet!!!!.

OK, after a long weekend, I'm happy to report that I am down to 159.6. NO MORE 160's!! I'm still shocked at my rate of loss this time - last time 1 lb or 1/2 lb was a good week!.

Went traveling with my sisters this weekend - they were very respectful of my mode of eating. Even started asking questions about it. They are both overweight. One has an obese daughter. That same one actually had laproscopic surgery a few years ago. She never relearned her old habits unfortunately..

Well, just a fly by here really. I'm off to get my stepson to go to a hockey game - AHL all stars. Woo Hoo! Then preparing for the wintergeddon that is headed this way..

Love you all - you were my inspiration this weekend!!!..

Comment #46

I read somewhere that going off plan (like chips with guacomole) was like wasting $87. The cost of the food for the week and getting back into ketosis. I'm not sure that the math is exact, but it has kept me from MANY temptations! Nothing I eat is worth $87! So the frugel me helps support the food addict!..

Comment #47

I am headed to the gym to rock an upper body workout! I haven't been in the gym in more than a couple of days. This oughtta be interesting. Not looking to powerlift or anything. But I do want to stay strong! If I can lift my hands to type later, I'll check back in!..

Comment #48

Someday I hope I find a man that "fits" but for now I'm happy to try what's trendy for the season..

Thanks for the Tough Love..

Congrat's on reaching the 150's Linda!.

Here's to a day OP and chugging water...

Comment #49

Afternoon all! Checking in from work and *SPEW*ing at Freya's posts as usual..

Can I get some kudos? Had a big fight with the DH last night (everything is fine now, I promise, and it was all my fault) that briefly involved me driving around aimlessly wondering where to go to pass some time. Multiple fast food joints popped into my head as I was heading toward a drive-up ATM to deposit a check I'd been holding onto. The Mexican carbs I've been craving, ice cream with M&Ms, to name a few. I did that for a minute and then I thought, "Okay, really, that's not going to make me feel better. It's going to make me feel like crap and I'll know I lost this battle and omgoodness I'll have to take down my 100% on plan streak.".

And I didn't do it. I stopped at Sonic for a diet Dr Pepper (my real comfort food) and headed on home..

Later I told DH that I had almost gone off of a carb-covered ledge and he told me that while I was out, he was afraid of exactly that. And he was proud of me for not doing it..

I'm proud of me, I can't lie...

Comment #50

Just a fast pop in, had to check to see if Chris had posted an update on her daughter since last night..

I have spent quite awhile reading yesterday's & today's posts. I appreciate all the sharing and advice that everyone brings to this forum (along with the laughs, too). I have been teetering on the edge of whether or not I want to stay on program or give into the stress. Well, as soon as I read Steph's post (replying to my post about how stressful things were here) I gave up my pity party (yes, that is what it was....some stress and a pity party, too). This will work out and it will be okay. DH is not as stressed as I am (or at least he is more peeved - they xxxx'd out what word I used first with $$ signs as ss's - than stressed) so it is just me running around like Chicken Little (the sky is falling, the sky is falling).

No more!.

Sticking to program and heading to drink some more water..

Thanks for the Tough Love!..

Comment #51

So many yays for Rachel and Talien staying OP!!!.

And I'm so glad I can keep you laughing, Oh Woman of the Pointy Stick..

I have to say this group helps me stay OP too. I'm so close to goal, and some of those "oh, I'm so close it doesn't matter if I try a bite of the bacon hanging out of Morty's burger when I'm hungry and don't have my L&G with me and what's one bite anyway???" thoughts are in my brain. I tell them to shut up, and that I'm not going to come back here and post a lame-a55 confession for a freakin' bite of bacon, and I am an epic fatty on a SHORT LEASH and that's just how it is..

Just. How. It. IS..

So there. Shut up, inner bratty...

Comment #52

Rachel - GOOD for you!! Man, those things we do in the heat of anger - when we're kind of crazy - I wish I could take back some of them for sure. Im' really proud of you..

Linda - Congrats on the 150's!! Every decade is a huge milestone. Enjoy it!.

Freya - You make dating sound so fun! And this great attitude is what helped you find Morty!.

Chickie - I'm sorry but I am still going to congratulate you on the 2.4 lbs. I think EVERY loss should be celebrated! I'm not celebrating your slip, just the things you did right to get you the 2.4. For me, it would be dangerous territory to start thinking that this loss didn't count or that loss wasn't good enough. You've taken your licks, now march on proudly soldier!..

Comment #53

Hey, I was reading the blogs and it seems many people suffer significant hair loss on MF, to the point of seeing scalp and balding. Has this happened to any of you on MF??..

Comment #54

For the one who asked about chris, she just posted a blog asking for prayers..

You all are what is keeping me from the darn Valentine's Day candy hearts! Well that and seeing my dh in 4 weeks after being apart since late August...

Comment #55

This is not MF-specific. It's related to any rapid weight loss. It grows back once your body stops freaking out that it's starving to death. Taking biotin helps, and I think omega-3s too. Many of us take 5000mcg of biotin every day - it totally helped me with both hair loss and peeling fingernails..

Anna, so glad you get to see DH so soon!!!!..

Comment #56

Ok, thanks. I am a hair snob. I love my hair. If it starts falling out rapidly, I will be in tears...

Comment #57

Yes, well, but would you rather be a sniffly skinny beeyatch with hair that got a little thinner but is growing back, or a fatty with full glossy tresses?.

I made my choice and I'm happy with it...

Comment #58

How about a skinny beeyotch WITH full, glossy tresses? Is that an option?.

I'm heading out to purchase some Biotin right now. I guess now that I'm prepared for it, it won't be such a shock. But I can't promise no crying. Since I'm fat, I tend to hang on to other positive attributes that I hair. fantastic, dirty sense of humor. That's about it..

Thanks Freya...again, I *heart* you!!!!..

Comment #59

I less than three you too, Connor!!! Yes, getcha some biotin. Cry if you have to. But believe me, a former owner of butt-length gorgeous strawberry blond hair that was my pride and joy, being skinny gets you way more attention. *grin*.

It may not happen to you at all, doll. Pretty sure it won't. I have a good feeling about this...

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Are big losers this week..


, I agree with Steph and De, log them. It is hard to be less than 65 g of carbs from your 5 meals. Most average 13 g of carbs. Some are as high as 16 (peach oatmeal) 13 * 5 = 65. If you are having tomato and cucumber you are going to be over 70. A a cup of tomato has 3 g of carbs and a cup of cucumber has 2.

If you are eating your entire green, it is hard to be less than 75 g of carbs, unless you are eating all lettuce and celery. Log it until you know exactly where you are. While I kept track of everything, I was neurotic about my carbs. I didnt want to get out of ketosis. It was rare for me to be less than 76 grams, even chosing low carb veggies..


, I hope you got a good run in this morning. Gonna be a rough few days..

Water reminder from the science world..water is necessary for burning fat. If you dont have enough, your body wont break down fat. It doesnt want to. It wont make you thirsty for this water, because your body doesnt want to give up fat. It wants to hold on to if for a time when you dont have food. Funny, but we always have plenty of food so this is not a necessary part of our physiology.

Think about that water breaking down fat and flushing it away!.

One thing I noticed about the brownies, is that while they are treaty in nature, they arent in taste. They arent really sweet and dont seem to trigger my sweet tooth. In fact, after eating the Medifast brownies, real ones are too sweet. Ive noticed that about quite a few things. Thank you MF!.

Steph in AZ.

, I know you have heard this, but the fact is, only you put the food in your mouth that made you obese. Only you can stop putting that food in your mouth. Being 100% on plan is about learning how to stop putting off plan food in your mouth..


, they will be looking at you at goal! My DH hasn't had my rings resized yet, and Ive had a few men approach me. Amazing who a healthy body attracts!.

Ok.I am just laughing about DH being off the rack.altered.hmmm. One thing is for sure, he is a perfect fit!.


, have fun tonight! My nephews play for Hershey HS team. They are in York tonight, so Ill be freezing in the rink. I hope you have lots of salt, it's going to be an icy one! Congrats on new numbers!.

Congrats on surviving.



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I just realized I'm out of hot cocoa and didnt put any in my order for this month. Has anyone mixed in the Dark chocolate shake in their coffee? Or swiss mocha? I'm desperate people! I love my coffee and hot cocoa..

And Connor, my first go round on Medifast I lost 70lbs, and none of that was hair. It's possible!!..

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Wow...finally caught up. I thought 2 pages would go much faster. Big storm headed this way. I got a good run in today. I asked the guys who run the weight room (late 20's, football coaches, lean and mean machines) to give me some ab workouts. Well I showed them! They didn't think I could do any of these power crunches that start from a postition below horizontal.

They were shaking there heads. I was thinking.....ahhhhhh the 51 year old woman has got some abs in her!..

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Off to watch my nephews play hockey and then I'll probably be skating home on the roads. UGH... stay warm and dry everyone. I think we are all in for a doozy!..

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THat's fabulous Rachel! You totally just made my day!..

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For the first week I had pretty much the same thing: scrambled eggs, chicken noodle soup, fruit-and-nut crunch bar, mango soft serve, 7oz crab meat, 1 tsp unsalted butter, 1 cup lettuce, cup cucumber, cup tomato, 2 TBSP Newmans Lighten up Italianthat gave me only.


Grams of carbsI dont see anything where I didnt measure correctlytis an enigma. Oh wellI dont have any more crab meat so Ill just stick with shrimp and such for my seafood..

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Congratulations on the win, Rachel! You'll be basking in that glory all the way to goal!.

Connor, if you get biotin, get some razors, too! I had to shave my legs every freaking day when I was using biotin! I'm German, but lordy, gimme a break!.

I spanked those weights this afternoon just like I said I would! Whew! It felt great to feel some strength coursing through my body! I had more strength than I thought I'd have! Pennosh FTW!..

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2 Cups of egg beaters is A LOT! I'm so full. lol!..

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Evening TL'rs..

I guess we are in for another storm. I don't listen to the tv or radio much. The kids are my "live entertainment"..

Busy day and evening..

Have a great evening...

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We are watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs for about the meeeelionth time (life living with a 5yo)..

I'm really glad food doesn't just drop out of the sky. Because for one that's gross and for the second reason, I would have a really time resisting...

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Hi Mia. We are having another storm here too. So glad when winter is over...

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