Medifast Diet- phase 1- Will I get enough vitamins?

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First question I got is Medifast Diet- phase 1- Will I get enough vitamins? Thanks for any answer. Another quick question... WELCOME to the Can Do Crew where TOGETHER we CAN DO IT! Whether you are a veteran or new to this healthy lifestyle you'll find encouragement, friendship, accountability, support and laughter. So jump in and join the happenings!.

Here is the code for our Can Do Crew banner... remember to remove the *'s before saving.


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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the right answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably could give you help..

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Here is a link to the new introduction thread, where we can introduce ourselves and get to know each other better, and newbies have a link to get to know us as well!!!..

Comment #2

Good morning everyone. I hope you all had a great week. If you didn't, it's a new day and a new week..

Last week's stats:.

On plan: 7/7.

Water: 7/7.

Exercise: 150 minute goal met plus 20 minutes.

Weight 138.

Loving life in maintenance!.

Water banner for those who drank 1 ounce for every two pounds last week. Don't forget to remove the ***.


Comment #3

The blogger got into me today. May want to check it out. Imagine yourself..............

Comment #4

Barb, fish gotta swim, and he did!.

Thanks for the banner!.


Comment #5

Woo hoo Kitty! She is swimming along in the water! That is one banner I am very excited to see!!!!!..

Comment #6

Barb, LOL! I didn't even make the connection between my fish in the water and the drinking of the water & the banner! That fishie is not swimming in the sea, she's in swimming in fresh bottled water!!!!!!.


Comment #7

LOL....I am always swimming in my water. That banner looks SO good on you! Flushing it away...

Comment #8

OK, another word play, not play exactly, but true. I used to live in a place named Flushing!!..

Comment #9

We have a Flushing in Michigan - and we're all doing alot of that, too!.

Dh and I just got back form exercising together - well, sort of, we were in the same location. I tried an elliptical for the first time, any tips I should know?.


OP yes.

Water yes.

Exercise yes.


OP yes.

Water yes.

Exercise yes.

Still working hard to get these extra lbs. off from the holidays and my lapses in judgment..

Feelig SO good after exercising, and now I'm off to clean out a bathroom cupboard that holds all of my toiletries and travel bags, etc. It's a mess and we have to pack up again for next weekend. I'm back to packing all of my 'mad scientist' equipment: measuring cups, shaker cups, whisk, etc. Even my friend gave me a small plastic very cute measuring cup for Christmas! She was commenting that every time she would be here, I was using those things to create my Medifast meals. This one has a snap on lid and very handy..

Stay warm everyone and have a good rest of the weekend. January is half over and from someone in the North - WOOHOOOOOOOO..


Comment #10

Kitty.....Flushing NY? I know where that is. I certainly would rather be in Florida....well at least for most of the year...

Comment #11

Barb + elliptical = awkward. Ok, so I do it to burn calories, but for the life of me, it doesn't feel right...

Comment #12

I thought maybe I was doing something wrong, just felt like a moving treadmill, but didn't hurt my knees - yet. Looking forward to tomorrow's a.m. pool stretching/aerobics class..


Comment #13

Debbie: Elliptical is easy on the knees. Also I love that you can go backwards..

Barb: Yep, Flushing, NY..

Sunday: OP: yes Water: yes Exercise: yes.

For the week:.

OP: 7.

Water: 7.

Exercise: 1..

Comment #14

Debbie, I ditto the backwards thing on the elliptical. actually feels easier to me. Go figure. I was allowed to do it when I was "banned" from running before my surgery. Dr. said it would be fine..


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes......Ok so the truth is I went out to run because I just needed to. Somehwere I heard it was going to be 40 degrees. So out I went. Now those of you that have been around a while know that I am not suppose to run below 40 degrees due to cold air induced asthma. It was actually 32 degrees. Had a full blown asthma attack when I got home.

When will I ever learn. The good news is that it was a good run. We have steps at the new school, so I ran up and down them many times. Good for the you know what. Calories in the bank! Ah....what more can a girl ask for? Maybe some of the Florida warmth...

Comment #15

BARB - I read your blog and I have to say that it sure made me think about this past year. Have I changed my image? I didn't think about it until I hit goal. I was enjoying being goal weight so much and buying clothes I have not been able to wear for years. I felt changed and I believe that I did change my image. That was end of Summer or early Fall. At Thanksgiving, I was able to stick right to my own Maintenance plan and I was proud of that.

Than I wanted to be above that goal..

I realized the other day that I am, again, thinking about my weight ALL THE TIME..

This is exactly what I appreciated about being on Medifast 5 & 1 - no thinking, just doing and feeling proud of myself. I knew I was taking care of business and I didn't have to beat myself up..

Barb, your blog made me think about that again and re-evaluate a bit how I am feeling now. The only way I want to feel is the same way I felt about 2 months ago - healthy!! While I know that I look and feel better - make that 100 times better - than I did a year ago, I find I'm beating myself up about where I'm at, not unexpected, but not truly realized until now. WOW, I sure am glad I read your blog - I needed to think about this at some length. I'm struggling to get back to where I feel the best, but I need to work harder than I did this past week or so..

Today we started our exercise routine, DH & I - he walks most mornings, but I have slacked off alot. Tomorrow is a day off for MLK Day, so I am going over to the early water aerobics class. Of course, I have to get my mind around doing this before work out during the week. I will, for sure..

So, I know in there the image of a happy and healthy me is still right there just barely underneath the surface and it's waiting to bust out once again. I refuse to let temporary setbacks derail me, after all I have a healthy image to maintain!.

CREW - I am SO thankful for all of you, for your friendship and support, for always being here and continuing to inspire with good advice, good tips and lots of laughs!!.

By the way, I realized this week that Jan. 6 was my one year anniversary on Medifast and I am SO glad I reached my goal and continue to hang out right here with you!.

I guess the blog bug got me, too, Barb - lol.

Happy OP Monday everyone!.


Comment #16

Sorry, I tried to copy and paste that long post into my blog site, but then the Administrator 'told' me I couldn't do it......anyway, sorry to make you read that long post that should have been on my own blog. I'll get it right next time...

Comment #17

Morning Crew. Monday again, but that is a good thing for me. I seem to start fresh on Monday's and have a better routine when I am at work. I love, love, love my weekends with DH and family, but I am like an ole dog when it comes to schedules and routines. I fell off the wagon sometime this weekend and the darn thing landed on top of me and stayed for 3 days. I started off each day with good behavior and good intentions, but my head and heart were not in the game.

The good thing is my guilt caused me to exercise more, and I got in LOTS of water. I am leaving on Thurday for a 4 day cruise. I have my workout clothes, a pair of tennis shoes, dancing shoes, and a case of water packed. So, although I will not be 100%, I will continue exercising and drinking my water..


You are so imprtant to my success!!! I have noticed that when I am not here, I am behaving badly. So, my goal is to be here more. I am starting to think that I need a data plan on my cell phone so I can check in more often. But, for now I will check in from work every chance I get..

Barb and Debbie.

, With you on the elliptical!! I bought one off of craigslist. A real nice Nordic Track, used it for about 1 minutes everyday, then went straight to the treadmill. At Christmas when we moved it out of the living room to the back patio, I knew it would not be coming back in, so I sold it on craigslist and got my money back. It just never felt right to me. I LOVE my treadmill so much that if I had room I would have a backup treadmill in case this one breaks, LOL crazy isn't it?.


WOW!!! What an amazing adventure. I can't even begin to imagine the challanges of nature in Alaska. (I'm a wimpy kid) Thanks for sharing your stoy with us. We were cheering you on the entire time. Congratulations on finishing the race, you are amazing!.


, I missed the link to the new banner somehow, can you post it again. When is the start date for the new challange? I really need a challange.... and a goal. I did but new capris the other day a size too small. That is how I challange myself, cause I love new clothes.... especially smaller ones!.


Waving to you~~~.

~~~~~HAPPY DAY~~~~..

Comment #18

Good Morning Crew - just a note, the treadmill really whacks my knees, so I think I will prefer the elliptical, should I ever get the hang of it.......recumbent bike is always good, too. I was going to the water aerobics class this a.m. bright and early, but for some reason I was wide awake all night - until 6:00 a.m. Talked to DH, he was shocked, but then fell asleep so soundly that I slept through both of our alarms..

Heading over to the gym as soon as my driveway is open again, DH has some guys here doing some outside work (yes, in this 0 degree weather) and they have a big stake truck that is blocking me in. They are taking down Christmas lights from a huge pine tree and have equipment running. SO, off to the gym a little later. Anyway, gotta put it out there so I am accountable. So far OP and water..

I have cabin fever and am busy rearranging furniture, knick-knacks, etc. Also, gathering the odds and ends of 'collections' I have spread around: good old marbles, good old jacks (with a few red rubber balls) and my favorite collection, roller skate keys. I have found most of them on eBay, they are usually very cheap and I only make one bid and then leave it to chance. DH cringes when I show them to him - I think if I was collecting football memorabilia or bicycle parts he'd appreciate it more.....

Who loved jacks? Who loved to roller skate? Who played marbles or watched the neighborhood boys play? I had my own marbles and loved the peewees and blue/green swirlies... Need to slap myself around and get off the computer and make the most of this day off..

Happy Day, CREW! You are all the greatest!.


Comment #19

Morning, crew. Missed my check-in yesterday, but was online & reading sporadically. Usually Sunday is a LAZY day, but today is going to be that. Seems like I've hardly worked this month between holiday vacation and sick days. But this is the last holiday til Memorial vacation is before then, even!.


- nice to see you again. I hear you on the constant mental battle to stay OP. I'm fighting the good fight and doing WAY better this time. The new challenge doesn't really have any's just sorta ongoing from the last one, but we needed a new banner. I'm starting the 'tally' fresh with the weekly summary, though. I've been horrible with stat keeping, so I'm just going to say that periodically, I'll post our results.

And that's the important part for you guys (IMO). Anyway, here's the banner - I'll work up a little blurb for the opening post like I did for the last one..


Remember to delete the ***..


- I think I'm going to copy & paste your post into.


Blog ;p I'm right there with you. I'm at a weight where I still get compliments, people call me skinny, etc., etc., most of my clothes fit, but it just doesn't.


Right. I'm not comfortable at this weight, although a little over a year ago when I was at this weight, I was thinking of changing my goal. I also know that I won't be comfortable in my summer clothes - some of them may not even fit - and I AM NOT buying larger sizes!! I'll need them for our cruise this May, so that helps with my determination and commitment..


- Look at those stats!!.


Loved all the fishy/swimming talk, too..


- I'm going to go read your blog right now..

Happy Monday, all!! BBL..

Comment #20


, Thanks for the banner!!.

Today I am happy to report that I am 3 for 3 and have 48 oz water in..

Once I am back from my cruise I will be ON TRACK and get to goal by my birthday in March. That is my goal!!!! I have never set a date because I am happy doing what I'm doing. But now, I want it... I want to get to my goal...

Comment #21

Happy Monday everyone. I got off work early today after an emergency dental visit. I've been nursing this bad root canal/infection for a while. This morning when I woke up in pain and with this big thing back on the roof of my mouth. I decided I couldn't wait any longer. So now I'm fixed and on some pretty heavy duty antibiotics.

I was in so much pain from my tooth, that I figured either the run would take my mind off my tooth, or my tooth would take my mind off of my run. The good news is that the run took my mind off my tooth! I think, just maybe, that might make me a runner..


, thanks for posting and letting us read that. No need to put it in your blog only. I for one really appreciate reading the good blogs where people think about where they are and where they are going. These are the most helpful for me. I am trying to change a mindset and my lifestyle. To do that, I need to understand where I've been and where I'm going.

I was thinking about not thinking about my weight. I wonder if that will ever happen? I am happy with my body where it is, but I'm always thinking about what I eat. I am so afraid not to. When I don't think about what I eat, I overeat. I know this and finally acknowledge this about myself. I wish I didn't have to think about it. That's a part of 5+1 that I miss...

Comment #22


I just do that elliptical thing when I can't run. It just doesn't feel right to me. But it did keep my cardio up when I wasn't suppose to run..


Congrats on your one year Medifast anniversary!.


Hope you are swimming!.


I think I am going to change my picture back to the zorb ball!.

So far so good. I have gotta say that it is a good thing I have some Medifast hot cocoa around. I am not feeling very hungry and don't want to chew. So I'll finish up my day with a yogurt (worried about the antibiotic) and some Medifast hot cocoa...

Comment #23


Yes running with a tooth ache like you had 100% makes you a runner! Although I've been thinking you were a runner for awhile now!.


Yay for being back OP!.

Thank you all for the congrats on my 1 year starting Medifast anniversary. I can't wait to celebrate my goal anniversary though. So my posting may be light in the coming weeks but I will be thinking about all of you even if I'm not here!.

Weekly stats.

OP 7.

Water 7.

Exercise 6 Ran 15miles this week!.

Weight 128..

Comment #24


....woo hoo 15 miles! Lifting my water bottle to you!..

Comment #25

Question for maintainers such as Barb (sorry, I'm not up on who else is maintaining): do you still use packets every day? If so, how many?.


Comment #26

My husband is finally going to have surgery on his ankle tomorrow..

I am watching Dr Oz right now, on food addiction. Wow, they are talking about me. I have got to get this under control, before my health suffers. It's just been so crazy, so stressful..

Barb had a great idea! A new intro thread for the new year:..

Comment #27


My packets vary from 0 to 4. Admittedly, most days it is 1 for a quick breakfast. When I am super busy though, I have a tendency to use a few more, as they keep me feeling full until I get a real meal..


I didn't see Dr. Oz today, but I can say that I have a food addiction. It took me 30 years of dieting to admit this and deal with it properly. We have to have food in our lives. I just don't need to eat a bag of Reese's PB cups. There is a difference.

Thanks for starting the new intro blog. I think it is a good idea to update where we all are!.

Fight on!..

Comment #28

Hey Crew,.

Wow are we having a cold snap up here. 15 below in Anchorage in my yard this morning. Still no new snow. Trails are icy and fast. It's been a good week to let the dogs rest and work on plotting my next race..

Snow in the forecast later this week, along with a little warm up..

I must admit I have been out of control eating lately. I came home "making up" for deficient calories and let that go on through the weekend, which it certainly didn't need to. I am refocusing back OP until the next race..

Hi Sherry. Glad to hear from you. Have fun on the cruise..

Barb, sorry about your tooth. Mouth pain can be so brutal. Glad you are on your antibiotics..

Melissa, wow, so many miles. Run girl run..

Hi Debbie, Hi Jan..


Comment #29

Hello all! I am just swinging by and catching up. I see the new banner but what does the initials mean? Just curious.

My life has changed drastically since one of my daughters broke her ankle in several places. Its kind of like having a newborn again, I dont mean that in a meanlike way but she had surgery to put in pins and plates and she is kind of helpless right now. It will take a long time for her to heal - we have a check up tomorrow so I can find out more. I havent been op much. I have not been eating in horrible ways but I just dont have the time to do much......

Good to hear that there is another challenge on. I will try to get it together this week to get serious again. One thing is certain, the pounds just find their way back on to me.....

Good reading all the posts..


Comment #30


SO GOOD to see you!! I've been missing you! You've been on my mind all day and here you are.

The new challenge is pretty loose, but the same format as our holiday one - daily reporting for accountability with a weekly summary. I'm going to track weight, OP days and water. Folks are reporting exercise, too, but that's hard to really track/compare because it's so different for everyone. WWBD is our nod to Barb and her inspirations. MOre than one of us has mentioned hearing Barb in our heads when we're contemplating an off-plan moment, so....








O? Having broken my foot, and badly sprained my ankle in the last 4 years, I know just how helpless one is when the use of their foot is gone. I'll keep you all in my prayers. P.S. take the *** out of the banner link..


Sorry about your tooth - I remember that pain well and it's no fun. Mouth/tooth/jaw pain is the worst. Heal up! Glad you have some nice HC to sip..


- it's so hard to reign ourselves back in once we've been off-plan eating 'real' food. You expend so much extra energy with your racing activities, it's gotta be tough for you. You'll get back OP, though, I can hear your commitment..

I'm happy to report 3 for 3 today.

OP - YES, Water - YES, Exercise - YES YES YES!! I did 2.5 miles on the treadmill, getting up to 3.5 mph for a while. I wanted to go faster, but it's still scary to run on that thing. I'm getting so 3 mph is a nice, restful pace. YAY! Today is weigh-in day for me and I'm down 4.8 lbs..

I haven't adjusted my ticker because I haven't adjusted my ticker....meaning I weigh more than it says - I didn't adjust it when I put on a few pounds after Christmas.

I'm sure the loss is mostly water as I was eating way too much sodium, so I should be back to ticker weight next week..

Had a lovely day off today. Got a lot of electronic puttering done. Did all my 'chores' on Saturday & Sunday, so it was nice to just do what I wanted. We're supposed to get some of the winter mix weather, but for me, that means I'll most likely get to go to the backup center instead of HQ (16 miles instead of 60), so bring it on!!.

Waving good night to the whole crew!!..

Comment #31

Thanks jan for filling me in on the challenge and the initials. That makes perfect sense, what would barb do.....

I didnt want to take out the ***s until I knew what the initials were.....

Yes, having no foot is a hard thing. I am really curious how much hardware they put in her foot. I couldnt seem to be at the hospital when the docs were there so I couldnt question them. Tomorrow it is..

Like I said I havent been op but I will be soon enough..

I am going to bed now. Hope you all have a wonderful night..

Comment #32

Happy Tuesday everyone! 2 hour delay this morning. Great day to sleep in a bit and "nurse" my tooth. The pus filled sac in my mouth is much smaller. I may actually feel like eating again! Still a little sore, but feeling so much better..


I have missed you! Glad to see you back again. Are you taking classes this semester? The WWBD kind of scares me a little. I look at a piece of candy and realize no way. Can't let down the crew. Talk about keeping me accountable! Next time it should be WWMD for what would Melissa do?.


Thanks. I put a little SF Raspberry syrup in my HC. Yummy. I drank 2 yesterday and 2 today. Only a few left though..


On plan: Yes.

Water: yes.

Exercise: Yes (ran a 5K!).

Have a great evening all!..

Comment #33

LOL! But that gives me an idea....yet another change to the banner. I did make one with your rock, but I didn't like it. I'll send it to you to see what you think. But I digress...since the main focus of the challenge is OP and water, we could have BOTH initials and I could put a water reference in there....I'm on it!!..

Comment #34

Hi all, I had an all day meeting and had some errands to run after work. So, just now getting the chance to check in. Very tired.... I'll be back tomorrow...

Comment #35



Exercise: no.

Water: No, darn it. I had a morning meeting which involved going to a lawyer's office and I knew I'd never make it there, back or through the meeting if I finished my first 50 ounces before noon, as is my habit. I did the best I could later in the day but never completely caught up. Thursday will likely be the same or worse as there is another, longer meeting that day..


Comment #36

Good Morning, Crew! Yesterday was a WAY CRAZY BUSY day at work and baredly got to post.



Happens - if you don't see me, I'm usually hiding behind my monitor (I have 4 at HQ, 2 at the backup center.

) Got home, caught up, then WHAM, my 'puter spontaneously turned itself off - so no post from me last night- too late & tired to go post from one of the other 3 available 'puters in the house..

Had lunch with DH yesterday, rare occasion, which gave me an opportunity to explain all my 'puter woes. It's been spontaneously turning off for a few days now, but yesterday morning was the first time I got a scary screen when I rebooted (all black with words like 'FAILURE'...'CONNECTION'. Computer's are DH's hobby , he builds them, collects them, gives them to folks in the community who would otherwise not have a computer (seniors, etc.) So looks like he's going to upgrade wouldn't stay on this morning, either, so I'm posting from his. Looks like I did my backup just in the nick of time on Monday <sigh of relief>..

All my years of dieting and reading labels and interpreting menus paid off. We had lunch at TGI Friday's. I didn't have a chance to check their menu on-line before I went but their site doesn't post much nutrition info anyway. Possibly because there's not a large selection of healthy choices. I looked up my choice when I got back (Key West Shrimp - it's grilled with Cajun spices & a ginger-lime dressing (on the side for me.

) with steamed broccoli) and it was TOTALLY within L& G guidelines.

So, soup and salad for dinner to get the rest of my Green in..

Yesterday: OP - YES! Water Yes, exercise - no..

Gotta run...hope to bbl...

Comment #37

Quick drop - in Crew -.

Monday OP yes.

Water yes.

Exercise no.


OP yes so far with meals all packed up for the day..

Water yes.

Exercise yes.

Happy Wednesday, everyone - it's cold here in the Mitten!.


Comment #38


Glad to see you back! Sorry to hear about your daughter's ankle. Hope you get a good report from the doctor..


Thanks for tipping your water cup to me! Don't know how I used to function without running. Wait I know how I did it's called fast food! LOL!.


I don't use any packets I haven't in months. I just cant' for some reason. Everyone is different though. Maintenance means you can use as many or as little packets as works for you! Well as long as your in calorie range!..

Comment #39

Well Crew, managed to have a great Monday OP with water, but no exercise. Was on track for a good Tuesday until evening when my friends were packing all my food for my next race. I sampled a bit..

But totally drinking lots of water and after this packing for the big race is over I have all next week to get back out and enjoy my dogs and some more outdoors activities..

I surprised myself by how much I missed my Medifast packets and am glad to be back OP!!!.

Hope all y'all are staying warm. Just think Spring. It will come fast. The days are already feeling longer up here..


Comment #40

Happy Wednesday crew! Exercise in. 4.1 miles today. Oh yeah. The mileage is coming back. Loving the knee..


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes.


Than answer to what would Melissa do is.......Drink water, and then some more, and some more, and then....just when I would be floating away.....she would drink some more. Biologically speaking, most people are about 70% water. Melissa is 99!.


The best thing is that you are missing your water! A new habit..

Melissa. food! I think we need a new name for fast food, but it isn't going to be very complimentary. Are you still going to run a half in April? You will have to let me know how you up your mileage. I get Runner's World which has lots of ideas. I guess once we decide for sure (DH said Savannah would be ok) I will have to count backwards to figure out how to train. That will be my summer in Maine..


Glad you are back in your Medifast swing..


Did you try anything new at the gym?.

Waving to.

Sherry, Bobbie, Diana, Heidi,.

And the rest of the crew!..

Comment #41

Fast check-in. Couldn't sleep and was still awake at 3 a.m. Am about to keel over now..


OP: yes.

Water: yes.

Exercise: no..

Comment #42

Hey everybody. Don't forget to reintroduce yourself on the new, 2011, intro thread. I thought we should update where we are, so Diana started a new thread...

Comment #43


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes, 50 minutes with 4.1 mile run..

Comment #44

Evening everyone! DH upgraded my computer this afternoon, so I'm back in business - BIG TIME. This thing FLIES!! And, it wasn't a hard drive failure, so he swapped it out to the new box and it's all transparent to.


User - except way faster! I don't know why I wait so long to upgrade....he's always offering..

I overslept this morning, but got my exercise in after work tonight. DH had a meeting, so I didn't have to make him dinner. My dinner was the other half of my L&G and chicken tortilla soup. Just right for this blustery Michigan evening..

Stats for today: OP - Yes, Water - Yes, Exercise YES!!.

I'm back in the groove.

I'm also pooped, so nighty night, all!..

Comment #45

JAN - glad you are back in the groove and back online! It's so crippling when we rely on our little keyboards.....I hate to admit that I am so 'connected' and I can't even fathom what it must feel like to be a teenager these days. The high school kids are texting like mad everytime we see them. What pressure, in my opinion..

KITTY - you were not alone during the night, I was doing the same thing. UGH!.

MELISSA - I had to go back to a couple of packets a day and I feel much more relaxed about my day because I keep those packets and bars handy. Just helps and I've been craving the strawberry/lemonade infusers. I look forward to one a day..

CHRISTINE - I consider the Medifast meals my new 'comfort food.' Know what ya' mean about looking forward to being back OP. I'm still in awe that you finished that race! So cool..

BARB - I will reintroduce myself when I get back in town, unless the iPad is working well tomorrow at the Lake. I am making an overnight there to break up my drive to Chicago on Friday a.m. It's always good to check up on the house in this weather and I'm looking forward to the fireplace and warm jammies. Now, if the ice holds off and I can really leave here tomorrow!.

KEEP WARM everyone wherever you are (okay, Sherry, hear it's still in the 70's...) and don't forget that hot tea has o calories!!!! yipeeee..


Comment #46

Here's a good one for ya. Tuesday night I couldn't sleep, so Wednesday I was running on fumes. When I got up I was a zombie. So I make a shake to carry with me instead of making it @ work. Just for convenience. My fave is a chocolate packet in a big cup filled the rest of the way with decaf coffee.

Well, it's nothing but coffee with no shake inside it!! In my zombie state I had poured coffee to the top and not even mixed in a shake! Jeez. Fortunately, I have learned to carry extra packets with me, and I have a mini blender at work, so I was able to blend up a shake and mix it with the coffee. Jeez, Louise, I can barely keep up anymore. This morning I wanted to mix up two shakes to go (scheduling mess-up with visit to lawyer's office for a deposition). So I get everything out and find that I have left my tall insulated cups at work..

Comment #47

If you find a good source for that let me know! ALL sounds like something I'd do...oh wait! I've done all of those things and possibly on the same day.

Hang in there - it's GOTTA get better..

Comment #48

Happy Thursday. It is officially snowing.again. School tomorrow? Not sure. I did bring home everything I need to grade so I can finish my grades for Sunday. Some of the forecasts are for 1 to 3, others 3 to 6. Who knows.

Tomorrow is a running day and I want to have school so I can use the treadmill..

Ok, so this antibiotic the dentist put me on is wreaking havoc with my body. Ive actually lost some weight. Not good. I am just thinking it is all water weight. I will have to wait to see what happens once I am off it. Eating plenty of yogurt though.


, I am glad you are back on plan and online! I hate when my computer doesnt work well..


, have fun at the lake!.


, I hope you got some sleep! Im glad you have a stash of meals. That saved me so many times. Id loan you some brain cells, but mine wont be much help. I think I fried a few this year. I've got 3 high level classes that are just draining me...

Comment #49

Quick fly-by, then off to bed.....

OP - Yes, Water - Yes, Exercise - No.

I keep sleeping in and if I don't exercise in the morning, it's really hard to get it in after work. It's been tough to sneak in some time at work, too. That helps when I can do that. So, my entire routine isn't restored...the work part. It's been exceptionally wacko lately, so I'll just have to double up on the weekend..

My brain is I'm signing off..

It's almost TGIF time.

Night, all!..

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OP: yes Water: no Exercise: no.

The deposition went well, although it certainly was not scheduled for my convenience. And then on top of that they were running over an hour late. But I had with me a shake and pretzels, which I consumed in my car at the appropriate times, so I was able to stay OP. There will be a post-depo meeting sometime soon and then I should be done with this matter..

Rainy this morning, so no walk, and oh, gee, dh already went to the gym w/o me...guess I'll be forced to take it easy today (my day off)...

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Here's another good one. I wanted some decaf, so I set up my little one-cup Mr. Coffee, go put in some laundry and come back a little later to find...............a nice hot empty glass carafe. I'd forgotten to put in any water..

Brain transplant, please!.


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Dont' take mine...I'm right there with you.....

I typically make my oatmeal with 1/4 water nuked in a brownie tray. Makes a nice dense muffin/bar thingy. Halfway through stirring it up, I noticed it was pretty creamy....and it smelled kinda sweet. Uh-oh...not an oatmeal packet. It's a vanilla shake..

I'm at work, so cant' turn it into one of those old shake cakes....remember those before there were brownies? Looked kinda weird.....

I ate it...not too bad. Satisfied the urge to chew, but not the I WANT MY OATMEAL muffin craving. I guess I could wash out my brownie tray,.


And make one for my afternoon snack.....or just add it to my root beer which was my plan for the shake.

I know my lunch is safe - chicken tortilla soup brought from home - yum!..

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Dang you guys,.

I thought I was stressing out here packing for the next event and I don't have anything on y'all. My condolences to all the unsatisfying Medifast non-moments. I have learned I am still an addict and always will be and I have merely shifted my obsession to my Medifast stuff so I still want what I want when I want it. Sounds like I am not alone. Comforting to hear my beloved Crew struggle with the same things..

And we all struggle through it with intense jobs and activities that do their best to distract us. Hang in there, hang in there to us all!!!!.

And you guys be safe in your snowy travels..


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OP: yes..

Water: yes, and then some..

Exercise: no...

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Finally Friday. What a week. You would think that with 2 two hour delays it would be easier. Only makes it so much harder..


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes.


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise Yes.


, I write my exercise for the day right in my calendar. No excuses. I love penguins! Thanks for making me laugh today. Now I know why I never tried to do anything except as written on the package. The one time I tried to make cream of soup bread, I nearly burned down my house. Not a pretty sight..


, I'm glad the deposition went well. I forgot to put the lid on the coffee pot this week. Coffee in the pot....a little, but then it ended up everywhere else as well. Maybe we all need some brain cells....or some sun and warmth..


The good news is that the farther out you are, the easier it gets. There are still bumps in the road, but staying healthy and thin means so much more and it is so much easier when you are under control...

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My life has been so chaotic lately, that I feel like it's spiraling out of control. My husband's surgery was a bit more complicated than they had thought. They knew there was more damage than what showed on the MRI, but the surgery took 2 hrs longer than they expected. And the biggest shocker: my 18 year old daughter told me today she thinks she might be pregnant. She is over a week late for her cycle. She is a good kid, was raised right, but sometimes things happen anyway.

Neither can I. Sorry, I don't mean to come to yall with all this, but I can't talk to anyone else right now. Not until we know anything for sure. I am just praying, leaving it in God's hands, trying not to turn to food like I usually do when stressed. Thanks for listening!!!..

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: Do.


Apologize!!!! You are doing the right thing by coming here and allowing us to share your pain!!! Together we can do what we cannot do alone..


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You know we are here for you. You and your family remain in my prayers. Get out that list and start doing a few things on it. In no time you'll feel a little bit better...

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On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes, but only abs. It was suppose to be a day off and I couldn't sit still...

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Good evening, all. First my report:.


OP - Yes, Water- Yes, Exercise - not really.


OP - Yes, Water- Yes, Exercise - You betcha!! 45 min on the treadmill @ 3.5 mph - the Fat Burner light was on the WHOLE time.

Totally surprised me that I was going at that pace for that long. Especially after a lazy week. I guess running around at work does help keep me in shape. I was at the backup center all week, so not a lot of stairs to climb, but I did go up and down a few extra times. Not like the regimented 'stair climb' we do at HQ, but every little bit helps..


- I'll keep you and your family in my prayers. As you said, it's in God's hands. DH is fond of telling me that 'everything happens just the way it's supposed to; otherwise it'd be different'. I don't always understand God's plan for me, and it isn't always.


Plan, but things do have a way of working out - even if we can't see it while we're going through it. Hang in there and no apologies for dumping here - that's what we're here for!! {{{Hugs}}}.


- you're keeping me laughing over on the other thread.

It occurred to me as I was making my brownie tonight that I could have scraped my vanilla not-an-oatmeal-muffin out of the tray, added more water and drank it like shakes were intended - 20/20 hindsight.

I'm too pooped to participate, so good night, all...

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LOL Jan!.

Weekly stats: Oh yeah!!!!.

On Plan: 7/7.

Water: 7/7.

Exercise: 6/7 or a total of 220 minutes.

Weight: no change..

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Sunday: OP, yes; water, yes; exercise, no..

For the week.

OP: 7.

Water: 5.

Exercise: 0.


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Sorry I'm late, I was out of town today. here is the link for the new weekly thread:..

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