Medifast Diet point question?

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Got a question, hope someone can answer... Medifast Diet point question? Thanks for any response. Another quick question... HAPPY FREAKIN' SASSY SEXY SWAGGERIN' MONDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that.

New members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of.








, and.



We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the right answer. I'll do some research in Google and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Success seems to be connected with action. Successful women keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit..


Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes..


So go ahead and make mistakes.Make all you can.Because that's where you will find success. On the far side of failure...

Comment #2

Good Morning Sexy, Sassy, Swaggerin Shamrockers.

Need to go waggle...and lift.


Comment #3

I put a few pictures of Ocean City up last night in case any one would like to see. They're on yesterday's thread...

Comment #4

Was looking at pix as you were starting us out, looks like fun!.

Morning shammies, today is the day I start 5-1 again! I'm nervous about being able to get back on plan but know that it is something I must do. Since we all know this is mostly z mental game I need to make sure my head is on right and get a going. Can't wait formu order to get here today because then I'll at least have a variety of food. I also will update my ticker later as I can't figure it out on the iPhone..

Hope everyone has a great op day. Capt are you starting today too?..

Comment #5

Good morning. I never got on the internet after first thing in the morning yesterday. Hope to catch up from work later..

Sick, sick sick...yuck..

Comment #6


- Good morning!.


- Yes, I am. Going to 5/1 for maybe a week and then a quick transition and back to the gym..


- Hope you feel better!!!..

Comment #7

I'm exhausted and fat as hell and my coffee tastes like butt and I can NOT believe it's Monday..


Will check back from work!.

Mad love...

Comment #8

Top o the Mornin.




Got to go wake up Paul....bbl..

Comment #9

Monday Morning Madness to all of you,.

Lori, loved the pix last night. Looks like you guys had lots of fun. It's raining pretty hard here this morningI'm getting tired of it. Really high winds are coming in the next couple days. Good thing I don't have to cross the Mackinac Bridge till Sat. My sister would totally freak. Want to go read todays posts so I'll bbl...

Comment #10

Lara, I'm starting back today too so we can buddy up. I did this 2 weeks ago and lost about 6 lbs. in a week and then blew it last week. Hopefully my head's on straighter now. Like you said, it's all a mental game and my brain usually tricks me into eating the wrong things. Guess I'll shake it up a bit and it will be so confused it will start working with me instead of against me...

Comment #11

Good morning all....

Lori... love your posts when you tell it like it is. cant believe it's monday too!.

Ang.. so sorry you are still sick. that bites..

Lara.. wtg on the plan. you can do this. we know you can..

Barb... same for you, sista. hope it doesnt get too windy there. we are having yucky weather in NY too..

Doing ok today. kinda tired. second guessing my idea to cook my kids food that I cant have. I like to bake something italian to it tastes good the next day and my kids can just heat and eat. was really tempted last night when it was out of oven. even began picking on it, which I never do.


Comment #12

Good morning all,.

Lori ~ You look wonderful! I loved the pics. You guys look like you were having a blast. Loved the "pasta"...too funny..

Ang ~ I'm so sorry you're so sick (and REALLY sorry you have to work when you're sick). How is everyone else in the family? How'd the sleepover go?.

Barb and Miss Lara ~ I've been afraid to step on the scale. I've not been eating crap, but have slowed down on my water and am swollen like "I don't know what". My right side still hurts so bad I haven't been able to exercise. So...I'll meet you on the 5 & 1 train..

Much love to y'all. I'll check back later..

Jo ~ How are the kids holding up?..

Comment #13

Good morning sandy and lauri when you get here....

Hey Jo.. sorry if forgot ya. hows your family doing?..

Comment #14

Hi lauri... yuck on the bloated feeling. I have been that way this weekend. could TOM be around the corner? of course because BF are going away this weekend...

Comment #15

I think we have the "change of seasons" thing to deal with. For me, it's always harder to drink water when it's cold out...that's just one of many things. Warm food seems nicer than salads; etc. We can do it just takes a little bit of extra thought...

Comment #16

Of course! The good news're not pregnant (that's a different way to view ToM)..

Sometimes I wish ToM were still visiting me, so I could get rid of the feeling that he was coming (bloated; beotchy; weight gain; etc.)...but he still hasn't come 'round since I started MF. Weird...

Comment #17

[quote=law0909]Of course! The good news're not pregnant (that's a different way to view ToM)..

Good point.... thats a blessing. I hear ya on the warm food thing. loved my crock pot but most recipes are not so lean and green. feel the need to bulk up on food... crazy..

Comment #18

Is there a green soup? I used to make one with a ton of veggies but the broth was tomato soup. I think that would be too much sodium. If we used some broth. I would love that as a change from my salads. If I find anything, I will post..

Morning lovelies..

Angela, sorry to hear that you are sick. Hope it goes away soon..

Wishing a successful Day 1 to Lara, Lori, and Barb. I am impressed..

Lauri - I know you will have a good OP day. You can do this..

JoJo - you are so good with your morning workout routine..

Andrea - like the Capt. said in her quote this morning: mistakes = experience. No more pickin..

Today is piano lesson for me and elliptical. I made it to 45 minutes last week so now it is consistency and pace. When I typed this I typed 445 instead or 45. I think I would need to take my sleeping bag with me for that long...

Comment #19

I posted this on Saturday but thought I would post again today when more are around. Who wants to do the challenge?.

Shammie challenge. I am thinking Oct. 31 to Jan 2. That would be 9 weeks. Angela is helping me with the banner. We think something about Rockstar through the Holidays.

Weight loss or stayed in M range.


Eating on plan (could be weight loss or T or M).


Special (for me the first month special would be spacing; I do not eat by meals or drink my water on 2 - 3 hour intervals. I end up eating and drinking at night to get everything in) I think for this category each challenger would declare their special challenge and then report how they did against their personal challenge. For some it might be measure..

I also thought we would measure on the 31 Oct and again on 2 Jan and report out inches lost. I would award stars in this category as well..

I know we will all be stars..

Comments? Help with spreadsheets or whatever aids others have, please..

I hope someone gets close to the 25 lb. loss during the challenge if we do it. I hope all of our Shammies at goal will M through the Holidaysl..

Comment #20

Hey sandy... I'm good with the challange. sorry I cant help with the spreadsheets due to lack of pc/technical brain. good for you and the workouts. I'm impressed. thanks for the reminder/kick in azz. I'm on it...

Comment #21

Hi lori from Hell. this is andrea from hungry.....

Comment #22

Hi Hungry and Hell..

This should look good on the front page...

Comment #23

Barb I'm all for the buddy system. Maybe we can PM each other each day to check in?..

Comment #24

Gotta run for an interview- my applicant is here. Have a great OP day. I'll be back from home...

Comment #25

Sandy and all shams-I really want a official challenge, especially with you shammys sense of humor and kick butt attitudes. I would be available everyday to help. I have done a excel spreadsheet for addresses and mail merging, but not with putting in formulas for keeping track of real math stuff. The truth is, if it is just our usual numbers of members, I could handle the recording and tabulating for re capping purposes easy. My other lost team- the green gals- had challenges all the time. One important aspect is to log in your numbers everyday-for the day before, except for weight loss-once a week or you will go crazy.

We all have our bug-a-boos that could use focus to do the plan more perfect..

Body measure is great too because sometimes the scale cant tell the whole story. You all know that muscle weighs more than fat and sculpting your body can take the same lbs and move them to better places. Even pants/dress size could be a great measure to note..

I am off to try my Wii fitness for yoga and cardio. It has been a looooong time and I am sure it will yell at me =) anyone have a Wii know what I am talking about?.

I did not go to Octoberfest yesterday- took a nap instead. I did make it to the nursery to buy plants and cant wait for the ground to dry a bit and get out there and dig..

I am right with all of you re starts of OP today- the challenge timing is perfect..

Timmy is fair today, sick in early morning, but stable now. Same old same old. Awaiting word on his testing results..

Laurie- I agress that L&G is harder with the cooler weather. I have a good soup recipe that I make on Michael Thurmond-low sodium, chicken, onion,cabbage other good veggies..will look for it and share..

BBL- after the little Wii man makes a remark about my long absence. Hugs..

Comment #26

I think we need to find new JOBS for Kori and Lori...

Comment #27

I really just want to leave and never come back...

Comment #28

Lori - you can come an work for me but the pay sucks...

Comment #29

Home and have dd's working on homework- sort of..

Sandy- I'll send the sreadsheet when I get on my other computer..

Darlene- Hope the Wii doesn't yell too much. Glad Timmy is stable- hate that he is feeling so bad..

Lori and Kori- Sorry work is sucking so bad today. Hope you get out soon..

Andrea- I came from a divorced house also. I always like dad's gf but I HATED my stepdad. I think a lot of it was that everything had to be ok'd by him and he was not my dad. He was just plan creepy too!.

I'm missing a ton I know but my brain drowned in the pool this weekend. My Medifast delivery is not here yet so I'm hoping it arrives today. I need to think of my L&G for tonight. May go easy and just do chicken breast and green beans...

Comment #30

Ang- feeling any better? I hope so. Your better than me going to work...

Comment #31

YAY for UPS man..

Darlene - how did WII go? My DIL does that. I have never tried...

Comment #32

Still sick as a are driving me batty and I have no stove and will not get a new stove until Wednesday..

Additionally, if you are not married, make sure that your future inlaws are either dead or live at least 1500 miles away. Trust me on this...

Comment #33

Sorry you're not feeling well and things are going batty, Ang. Hang in there sweetie. Stay strong and healthy. Lori, I'd say just retire but you're too young and like having too much fun with a "big appetite" for nice, expensive thingslol. Put out flyers, you know you're marketable and besidestell them how much fun and sexiness you'd bring to their office. Going back to read my book so I'll check with you guys tomorrow.

Babysitter had to back out so I'll check in tomorrow night if I'm still alive and able to move...

Comment #34

I'm so sorry I haven't had a chance to catch up, again..

I'm so sorry e'thing's so sh!tty for you right now, Ang..

I am over this whole Executive Assistant thing and it's the only thing I've ever done so I really don't know where to go from here..

I have notes out to friends in banks and retail and will start there, I guess..

I'm going to go eat dinner..

Sorry to be such a freakin' Prophet of Doom!..

Comment #35

Hey there.



Dont hate me.....but I love my job..

It is the only relief I get. My family life is in the toilet...except maybe my marriage is not. It just is really stressful all my children (adults) are going through...and since we are so close, geographically and emotionally, what ails them, ails me..

I like the people I work with and I like most of the customers...some are real asshats...but the majority of peeps are nice. No one seems to know how to tip these days though....

I know I am well liked, cuz I have a following that will only come in to eat if I am working, yet the tips are always between 14 and 16%!!.

Should be 20% since they love me so...LOL.

Oh well, just got home about an hour ago and need to start dinner. Mad love Ya'll...

Comment #36

And, guess what???? Tom surprised me at work today!!! Wasn't supposed to be here till Friday..

Imgaine that...huh? LOL..

Comment #37

So sorry about your day!!! I hope you find something you like and with people you like. It makes a world of difference. Really sux hating your job...that is where you have to spend most of your time..

Make a change....I am sure you are well qualified to find something elsewhere...where it is less stressful and you can actually enjoy...

Comment #38

So sorry....I wish there was something I could do for you. If I lived closer I would make you dinner and take your kids for a few hours.....

Comment #39

I know it has now arrived. Yeh for the UPS man!!..

Comment #40

Lori- sorry about your job. Hopefully something new and better will come your way..

Ang- sorry you are still feeling so crappy. Stay home tomorrow and rest. Sorry about inlaws to. My MIL is fine and we don't speak to my FIL/ GF/Stepmom (whole other story).

Jo- Glad you like your job but too bad tips are sucking right now. Hope everything goes better for your kids and that you don't suffer. I can only imagine what that's like since mine are little, but I can imagine how hard that is..

Have been 100% OP today so yeah for day 1. Will catch you all in the morning...

Comment #41

We really need some positive energy in here..

And I just can't bring it like I used to..

I'm sorry for that...

Comment #42

Kids are gone now..

Eating my OP L&G Chili I made last night and it is freakin' awesome!.

Have a test in my class tonight..

Need to study, then get to the gym..

Mucho love hookers...

Comment #43

I'm sorry I am sucking so bad myself lately..

I have so much drama going on right now, I feel like the lead in a Broadway play..

Hopefully I will medicate the heck out of myself and feel better in the next few days...

Comment #44

Sweet dreams and only good for a new day tomorrow....let it be better..

See ya'll in the am!! Some Cheer Bears for ya'll..

Comment #45

Hey pat... I was thinkin about you yesterday and here you are. I was on page one and remembered how it was your "goal" to make it on page one. hope you are doing well...

Comment #46

Ang... hope you are feeling better soon.

Lori.. hope your job gets better or you win big and can quit like that jet blue attendant. same to you, kori..

Hey lara... hows your couch?.

Jo.. great to hear about your good job. sorry peeps are bad tippers..

Ugh.. I know it's wrong to vent about this but... my little ds cough is driving me crazy. his asthma has been so bad. he had me up at one am, coughing like crazy. I could have timed it like contractions.

I know it's selfish but I just cant stand the sound anymore. poor kid and I'm complaining. ok I'm done. I'm just tired and cranky and kids are watching annoying football..

Comment #47

Oh no... I'm not so positive. ok.. I'm grateful it is almost time for bed. glee is on tommorrow. got lots of props on my outfit today.

Im getting paid on friday. I have an awsome halloween costume thanks to BF. that all I got right now.....

Comment #48

YaHHH!! Care Bear Stare! =) gotta do some good around here, sure cant hurt. My DD is Strawberry shortcake for Halloween her husband is Waldo. will have to post a pic tomorrow of the whole fam..

I am so sorry for the job suck fest...Hang in there and make a difference or look for a difference..

I would actually be grateful right now for any job that I could actually do, sucky or not...sure need the $$. I am a registered Diagnostic Ultrasonographer with advance practice classifications. Ultrasound Tech for short. 18 years, respected, bought my own practice, was clinical coordiator and taught at my university...workmans comp injury trashed my elbow, double surgeries that were not successful. God's sense of humor brought Tims chronic illness into our lives at about the same time. 9 years now, and not able to do any other type of work because I cannot live Mr.

My DH story is equally as daunting...but we are hanging in there..

Oh man the moon must be in a bad place to propagate the bad vibes huh? No more from me tonight unless fun and positive. I had a great afternoon out in the sun trying to work the garden up for planting. I am going to take Timmy to a drumming concert at Cal State Long Beach tonight...(with earplugs lol).

Had turkey breast and brocolli for dinner yum...and the Wii was kind to me today, so I will play with it again.


Comment #49

PATRICK WAS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Oh- and "sharing is caring" anyone remember? for all you negative nancy's...that is what we are here for! you'll have a better day tomorrow..

As capt'n says- I love you, now love yourselves!.

Get a good night sleep and feel better.

Not sure where all that crap is coming from, but take it!.

Love ya slores!..

Comment #50

OMG!!! JOJO!!!! I love the Care Bears!!!! Thanks for this, it made me smile!..

Comment #51

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.